Saturday, December 14, 2013

Obama's buddy Karl Marx...sign the petition~!

They don't know who KARL MARX is?  But they're obviously Obama voters because they're presented with a pen and a petition which they are told "supports Obama's good friend, Karl Marx!" and  "supports Obama'a communist agenda..."  and they SIGN :-)

I think this is the key to all of our questions like "How could anybody vote for Obama?"   
Hint:  They don't seem to know much or THINK.




Always On Watch said...


Whom should we thank for the dumbing down of America?

Z said...

AOW...I'm not quite sure.
Parents, I think. Mostly.
And teachers who decided demonstrations of putting condoms on bananas and scaring about environmental craziness and teaching unrealistic and conceited self esteem was more important than teaching the basics.
And Parents for not waking their children to the joy of learning and exposing them to what our parents exposed us to; concerts, conversations, encouraging good grades with consequences if not achieved.
I ache for our country; this is the number one downfall of America.

They're not smart enough to know who Karl Marx is. They're not smart enough to know how entitlements rob them of TRUE self esteem, etc.
And those kids are raising kids in even worse shape than THEY are.
Thankfully, I see a LOT of parents who DO care and I see miracles at the school where I'm on staff. MIRACLES in kids who are affected by the astonishing level of talent, caring and education in our teachers. Miracles. In education progress and confidence.

But, then, we're living in a country where some are questioning how anybody could possibly think religion is part of CHRISTMAS, so none of this stupidity is too surprising, is it.
Maybe they think the Christmas STORY is about Rudolph??

Rottweiler said...

The left believes that government is not restricted by the U.S. Constitution and that they have unlimited power for the "good" - like Obamacare (gee.... who does that sound like?!?!). Hitler also believed in unlimited power for the "good" - like exterminating those "evil Jews" who were the cause of all problems in Germany in his mind.

The left detests the individual and believes in the collective (just like Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, etc.).

These are the FACTS - and they are indisputable.

Francis McGrath said...

You ask, "How could anybody vote for Obama?"

Obama knows that his healthcare plan is going to work because he personally tested it in a leper colony, where he healed everyone by shaking hands and kissing babies.

Always On Watch said...

For a long time now, schools have told parents to butt out and leave education to "the experts."

We are seeing the harvest of the policy, and many parents today are themselves dumb as a box of rocks.

Harsh statement on my part?

Consider this....

Two years ago, I presented to my middle school class a unit about Helen Keller. More than one parent didn't even know who Helen Keller was. These parents had college degrees from universities other than Podunk College, too.

This year, I have encountered at least five homeschool moms who never read a Shakespeare play in their entire lives. I'm not kidding! Again, all of these homeschool moms have college degrees.

As for politics, all of these parents have strong views, and most are conservatives. But they don't really have a grasp of politics or ideology. I'm not sure why they consider themselves conservatives, and I'm not sure that I want to know why.

Sad, very sad.

PS: I wonder what would happen were I to survey the parents as to the identity of Karl Marx.

Always On Watch said...

PPS: The homeschool moms from China and South Korea have all ready several Shakespeare plays -- in English.

Z said...

Yes, AOW; but those stats usually are extrapolated as "Chinese are smarter than Americans." and they aren't, according to a bright Chinese exchange student at our school. "No," he says, "they just work harder."

I'll say; 12 hours of instruction, 6 days a week and SOME OF IT's going to sink in.

He also says everyone there is dying to live i America. I found that very interesting.

I'd like you to ask your parents about Karl Marx! :-)

Duckys here said...

I think it's much more o he point to ask how someone can be so far removed that they believe Obama is a Marxist.

If you get into a slugging match about being "dumbed down" be very, very careful.

here have been statements on this board attesting to the veracity of Glenn Beck. Be careful.

Bob said...

Ducky: Anybody advocating the redistribution of wealth advocates Marxism to a degree. I don't understand your reticence to call Obama a Marxist.

Thersites said...

One for the duck.

Duckys here said...

No, the social welfare state is ot Marxism.

Who owns the means of production?

he right's understanding of Marxism is as critically flawed as their understanding of Adam Smith. They should be careful about talking about "dumbed down".

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...
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mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

That video shows just how far the generations have been duped. Things are going to get worse unless the public wakes up from its slumber.

Z said...

Ducky; there you go.
All Christians are Calvinists and THAT'S "BAD"
And ADAM SMITH is as BAD as Karl Marx :-)
That Alinksy stuff you pull isn't flying too high here anymore.

We're in BIG TROUBLE now and your hyperbole gets in the way of decent discussion.

As for Beck; we acknowledge not all of the conservative folks are perfect. He had facts and figures. I don't agree with him all the time, but he's at least as valid and sharp as ANY leftwinger.

We don't bow to the Martin Bashir or Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow gods because "they're one of US!"

We THINK. Time to start yourself, Ducky. No offense.

Bob said...

Duck: Yeah. I keep forgetting that Obama is a Fascist. Still, the originator of Fascism was a Marxist, too. The two are just different gradations of the same slop.

Dave Miller said...

Bob, am I correct to assume from your comment about anyone advocating a redistribution of wealth being, at least to some degree a Marxist, that the Apostle Paul, based on his writings in 2 Cor. would qualify?

I've often felt that the New Testament seems to favor that ideology...

Impertinent said...


Wannna buy a "T"?

Duckys here said...

@z --- And ADAM SMITH is as BAD as Karl Marx :-)
No, you're going to have to move in pretty mysterious ways to show anywhere that I made a value judgement about either.

I merely said that most here have an extremely limited understanding of each. They know as little about Smith as they do Marx.

The right loves to carp on "income distribution, i.e. the taking from the elect and giving to the non elect.
Yet in entire industries a business model has been developed which pays below subsistence wages and depends on the government to supplement those wages.
Now, Smith predicted that was a predictable and dangerous behavior of employers and warned against it while basically advocating for unions. He understood the limits of the market economy he was describing.
Marx developed those limitations further.

So we have this business model affecting workers in fast food, retail, bank tellers ... etc. and the right would just cut these people off rather than change the model.

That's why the poor will always be with us, Dave. Because we lack the will to change the model.
We'd rather give hedge fund managers a tax break on carried interest because they "create jobs" (LMAO).
But if the right accepts what's under their nose their whole world view shatters and they just can't bear to build a new one.

Always On Watch said...

The right loves to carp on "income distribution, i.e. the taking from the elect and giving to the non elect.

Huh? "The elect"?

I'm not a Calvinist per se, but it is my understanding that Calvinists believe that the Lord's kingdom is not of this world. That said, there may be a very small minority of Christians (Dominionists) who take a different view.

All Dominionists may be Calvinists, but not all Calvinists are Dominionists, IMO.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Which is why truly exceptional children will so much MORE stand out from the rest of the herd, and will have easier times accomplishing their goals and taking advantage of those less educated.

It also doesn't help that children are, in some cases, raising children.


Always On Watch said...

BTW, I've never understood prideful Calvinists.

Calvinism as I understand it emphasizes that the saved are receivers of grace and have no reason to boast.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

@Dave Miller:

Ask that question and then now apply Pope Francis. Inquire into his background and history.


JonBerg said...

""How could anybody vote for Obama?""

Obama Phones, of course. It's a lot like explorers of old who bartered with illiterate natives using trinkets to buy their favor!

Dave Miller said...

My question BZ relates to whether redistribution can be argued for from scripture... if it can, then Christians must support it...

Mystere said...

Yup. This video proves there are dummies on the left and the right. It pretty obvious there are far more on the right side of the aisle.

JonBerg said...

Well Dave,

I guess that would, then, make the Bolshevik Revolution sort of an Epiphany!

Kid said...

They haven't been taught anything, least of all how to think.

Government doesn't want that. They only want idiots capable of running the machines and doing the paperwork.

Kid said...

AOW. Kruschev said "our kids would grow up communist." in the late 50's early 60's. We've all seen this right. The commies killed JFK and shifted into high gear with communist subversion and indoctrination in the early 60's.

Z, as you say the parents. They helped a lot, but they were already screwed up in the head themselves. I think you're talking about the main principle that no parent could accept Their Child getting a smaller piece of pie. And they wanted satisfaction rather than telling their kid life ain't perfect and if you want more you have to work harder and suck it up anytime life deals you a 3 instead of an ace.. Communism right there.

Kid said...

AOW. Most conservatives are not conservatives. They want to control too much. They're no better than the communist fascist dems, except they're probably more attractive. How could anyone not be.

Kid said...

duck, I've never seen anyone here mention glen beck outside of you.

Kid said...

Dave Miller, why does Conservatism need to intersect with religion?

The founders said freedom of religion which also means freedom from religion.

Yea, I know the media only talks about 'evangelical conservatives'. Doesn't make it truth.

Z said...

Kid, Glenn Beck's not been mentioned here except by Ducky in maybe a year or more.

I'm not sure a redistribution of wealth prompted by any government was anything Jesus or Paul would have advocated. Forced giving seems anathema to the goodness of the New Testament.
From our hearts, Jesus and Paul would be all OVER helping our family and friends.

Who, today, doesn't collect offerings for our loved ones who need it..or strangers?
I don't usually toot my own horn (I even believe talking about any good I do negates the good and also, selfishly, takes my pleasure away), but since I LITERALLY 30 minutes ago, finished wrapping gifts for a Hispanic woman named Ana, someone I've never met, with pretty hefty gift cards (more than I should have, probably) and presents inside, I'd say that's the meaning of the messages in the NT.
I'll never meet her...don't need to.

This Christmas, please ALL help someone out. It doesn't have to be expensive gift cards, ANYTHING is a wonderful surprise to many, many people.

Jesus "Became poor" by giving up Heaven, and living as a pauper, dependent on others.....
How rich He became by the great gifts He gave us.....and still does.

Let's not ever give up on a goal of EQUALITY ...let's not ever forget that it's never ever worked in the annals of history...ever.
Human nature is strong.
Perhaps it's not the 'end game' by which we are judged and loved.
We can do our best. In this modern world, I'm not sure becoming yet another person who has nothing and needs help, by giving all we have up, is the answer or solution.

Z said...

By the way, we sure got off the subject, didn't we?

Everyone went into their definition of Karl Marx, etc.

Please; the video's important.
Try to educate a liberal. We need to do that.

Z said...


KP said...

Merry Christmas, AOW!

Duckys here said...

The Pope also blasted "trickle-down economics," saying the theory "expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power."

He's bringing a lot of folk back to the church.

Bob said...

Dave: Now, I have to go and read II Corinthians. I am not sure of your reference.

Dave Miller said...

Z, I'm not advocating the government make a socialist, or any other system the law of the land perse. It was stated here that anyone who advocates the redistribution of wealth would essentially have to be a socialist.

Clearly people here decry socialism, and as we have seen it practiced by some, with good reason.

However, using the understanding Bob put forth, it is hard to argue that Paul, directly arguing for the redistribution of wealth, would have to be defined as a socialist.

Whether we should adopt those principles as govt policy, is a whole other subject...

Giving from the muzzle of a gun, or forced to by a govt, is not really giving.

But choosing to, as I believe the NT advocates, is another story. What we should not do is deny the claims of Jesus and the NT to deny ourselves, willing provide for others and give up what we have in the face of poverty for others...

At least people professing Christ...

GrouchyFogie said...

Dave, NOT everything is about Religion.....We do NOT run this country to satisfy Religion!
This is NOT the Nation of India, where we have someone like Mahatma Gandhi dictating to us, although sometimes I do feel that way when Obama or Michele opens their mouths. And further more, not all religions teach precisely the same thing. Everyone in this country has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, or not to have any at all if they please. So please get OFF of your Religious Horse and get with it.

I know that you are a Obama supporter and i know where you stand on Religion, but that’s your affair, not all of the rest of us feel the same as you do. . OK, regretfully Obama got another 4 years and the bottom line is that most of the people who voted for for him will regret their votes and when they do I don’t wanna hear the crying of why didn’t I listen to Romney, because he was right! I’m sick of telling people I told you so and so is everyone else so we shall see what happens. Because of your “Hero” Obama we have lost many of the freedom that we had, we are not allowed to say the pledge of allegiance we can’t have bibles or anything in our schools with God or Jesus by we have to allow everyone else the religion and shit us Christians have lost that right. Dave, are you dumb or blind or both? if you don’t want to do it thats on you but the kids and adults that choose to aren’t allowed its bullshit!! Take a look at how everyone has blamed George Bush for everything, something could happen now and Bush could still get the blame for it and he has been in office for four ½ years. It’s like all you people want to do, especially YOU, to talk all about Bush, and still blame him for everything but God forbid we say anything about Obama the first thing people want to say is that we are Racist’s. Well the tables are turning. Even the liberal pollsters say that 65% of Americans do not like or support Obamacare.
The simple truth is that Barack Obama came into office with a socialist agenda. People were so mesmerized by this fast-talkin’ shister, that they voted for him, not knowing anything about him or his true intentions, jut that he was giving free stuff and was going to change from Bush’s policies. . After four years in office, he has divided this country, and has his agenda will destroy the American way of life.

JonBerg said...

@ Dave....

" What we should not do is deny the claims of Jesus and the NT to deny ourselves, willing provide for others and give up what we have in the face of poverty for others..."

Dave, do you pay taxes? I'm just asking.

Z said...

Dave, we are to give "joyfully" not by government mandate.

I could say more about your comment, but I'm going to abstain. I will never ever question your 'profession of Christ,' by the way.

SmilinJackSez said...

Religion and Politics are two separate issues, In America. Religion is, (or should be) about morality, Politics is about economics. If you confuse the two, you end up thinking spending more of other people's money is a good thing and do both considerable harm to both the other and the economy. One of my deepest held convictions is that politics and religion should not be mentioned in the same sentence. They are two different things, one having nothing to do with the other. Both private, both separate. If the church wants to be involved in politics, it should be made to pay taxes.
As for Dave’s comment, leftwingers like him have tried their best to convince people that conservatives that we can no longer win the precedency. Well Dave is way off base (as Usual). I really wish he'd kept his lips zipped. What rubbish!
Religion has no place in politics, and it certainly has no place in the US supreme court.

If a person on the street corner claimed to hear to voice of God you'd think they were out of their freaken mind, but if someone in a nice suit on TV said the same thing, and then promises you “Hope”, would you vote for them? Ah, ha, Obama comes to mind.
As someone here before me said, Socialism is now indoctrinated in our schools. Once indoctrinated to religion a person is religious for life.
If I had been indoctrinated I would be a believer today like all the other leftwing wackos.
If I had been indoctrinated in school to Socialism I would be a wacko for life. A child's brain is the only brain that uncritically accepts the God hypothesis. And when the child becomes a man, God is already settled in his brain, and usually for life.
If I had been indoctrinated I would be a believer today like all the other wackos. I would be a believer today like all the other wackos.
Religion is personal and should remain that way.

JonBerg said...


" Because of your “Hero” Obama we have lost many of the freedom that we had, we are not allowed to say the pledge of allegiance we can’t have bibles or anything in our schools with God or Jesus by we have to allow everyone else"

Yes, oddly, supporting Obama while espousing freedom to express Christian belief seems tantamount to holding two diametrically opposing thoughts, simultaneously, and believing them both!

Our WorldAs We See It said...

I myself have a Grandchild who attends the Public Schools where they are indoctrinated to socialism
They indoctrinate children with the philosophy of socialism. They are dumbed down children.
They indoctrinate our children with the philosophy of Socialism. Globalism, evolution, environmentalism, they re-write history to indoctrinate children to believe in socialism and other collectivist philosophies.
You may want to consider sending you kids to school wearing body and brain armor.
Know how the kids are taught these days, I would think that the teachers today need to be certificated in socialist indoctrination!
Think of our friend Dave here and his wacko leftist philosophy, and the people that HE follows and agrees with.

Emily said...

As an American citizen I have to turn my head in shame knowing that these Iranian savages got the best of us.. I can not honestly defend the leader of the free world.

All of this is courtesy of the Democratic Party.. The President of the United States is a serial liar. We all knew that before, but these scum-balls re-elected him anyway. .

JonBerg said...


"You may want to consider sending you kids to school wearing body and brain armor."

Thankfully I don't have any but, while I have no compunction about paying tax for an educated society,I do, vehemently, oppose paying for the ultimate destruction of our Country. As I've said many times, Socialism is like a serpent trying to sustain itself by consuming its own tail! Keep up the good work, my friend.

Bob said...

Dave: In my perusal of 2nd Corinthians, I could only find the following passage to relate to your comment.

"Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. 7 Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."

Since this has nothing to do with re-distribution of wealth, or socialism, I am left wondering your meaning.

I am not trying to be argumentative, just to understand.

Thomas Jefferson said...

Affirmative Action only paid for so much. Mooch-Helle Ubunga still had to occasionally work throughout college and law school.

She was as effective as she later was at her lucrative no-show job.

Rational Nation USA said...

You are one VERY SICK mother**ker TJ.

Get a life why don'tcha?