Friday, December 20, 2013

Obamabiden Caption, anyone?

I'm so sorry there is a caption on this picture.........I'd love YOU to write one, too!  What do YOU think they're laughing about?   Fire away!



Duckys here said...

"It's looking like they really are going to run Cruz."

Duckys here said...

"And then that dumb cracker from Duck Dynasty opens his mouth and bumps the ACA problems off the front page."

Remember Ben Gazi said...

Well lets see ... they can't terminate your health care plan ... they can't raise your rates because of an illness ... they can't put caps on your policy ... they have a standard coverage for all ... I say I wait until Hillary is president and makes even more changes for the common good.

It's a good day!

EzzZee said...

Didn't Republicans say their goal was to make Obama's Presidency a failure even before he was elected? That's exactly what they wanted! It's always the party over the country...

EzzZee said...

Oh, Stop that Old Holier Than Though Routeen. The Racist Right always attacks Obama for acting like a President should! So What Else Is New! That's The Trouble With This Racist Country!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How typically stupid and juvenile of you Ezzee and the other creeps like you ie. the Progressives who banned free Thinke from their blog... !

Our WorldAs We See It said...

Biden: " Barry, If they ever find out that I'M the brains of this administration, I think we're screwed.

The Gallantwarrior said...

Ha ha, ha, Joe, laugh all you want, but you DO know that I'm the next Mandela, don't you!.

Jerry Critter said...

Hey I good a great Idea, lets make Rich kids sweep the floors? That will teach them! the rich are assholes and worthy of hate!

The best solution the party of hate, is to make them look like the Monkeys they are.

By the way, Santa looks just like my father!

Obama, President for life said...

"Damn Joe,…that blonde Babe from Denmark is hot. I think she wants me..of course she wants me. but then again..Who doesn't?"

JonBerg said...

Joe: "Boy we did it again; the FOOLS reelected us!"

B.O.: "Yeah and now we can continue to treat them with the CONTEMPT that they deserve!"

Anonymous said...

Joe: ... and in spite of it all, that Ducky moron continues to champion the merits of communism!

Barack: Yeah! LOL ... what a fkg idiot!

Good News! said...

Hey Joe, those A-holes are eatin up all that BS you and I have sold them. I guess those lefties liberals, progressive, commies will buy anything that we sell.. hey they were stupid enough to re-e;elect us weren't they! Ha, ha, ha

skudrunner said...


And I thought everyone had a right to their own opinion, freedom of speech and all that other constitutional gibberish. Guess that is only is you lean left.

I must have missed the time obama acted like a president and, BTW, the racist crap doesn't work anymore.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

"We'll have all those freeloaders voten Democrat for ev'a."

JonBerg said...


"Obama ... acting like a President should!"

When, if ever, is that going to happen?

Thersites said...

"Now aren't you glad you didn't bring Michelle? My man-crush date dreams couldn't get any better!"

Thersites said...
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Z said...

Ducky, you should fear Cruz and you know it.
As for Duck Dynasty? :) Read what he said again. It's his right to feel how he does, he has no hate. NONE. Sorry to disappoint you.
Why is it leftwingers can slam any conservative and it doesn't worry anybody? We have to put up with your leftwing cultural smut day in and day out, but let a conservative says he's against gay marriage and the world caves? You libs are such freaking hypocrites.


EEEZZ...we're trying! Yes, they didn't quite say that, but what party doesn't want to make a failure of a president they agree with nothing on? We DO hope it fails..this is not against the MAN, though I find him a liar and repugnant even though I wept with emotion when I saw the tears of young black kids at the DNC when he was nominated, I felt they were so touched and it moved even gave ME some hope to see a black guy nominated...but he sure jumped onto the division train a little too fast, and that was it.

"racist country!" God, you poor victim mentalities.
we with Black relatives we love are laughing our bottoms off.
Hey, if it feels better to think there are such horrid racists..go right ahead.

American Soldier; I almost deleted your comment because I've had enough of my OWN certain problems with certain commenters and I have seen the last few days that some of you want to bring some ridiculous fight here.
I won't have it. Please stop.
I just can't find it in me to delete ANY American soldier. And I'm sure your heart's in the right place, but you do NOT know the history HERE. Thanks.

Jerry..........that santa remark is hilarious. Since Santa's black AND white, that's perfect.

By the way, who CARES if Santa was Black? I mean, REALLY...WHO CARES? It was clear Megyn Kelly didn't! She was just talking generalizations. 99.9% of Santa images are white and she gets in trouble for saying so?

And then she only had the segment ON in order to have the black author's excellent piece considered!
At FOX, they can't win. And the people criticizing don't actually watch or HEAR it, they get their info from lefty sites who jump to idiot conclusions.

Impertinent said...

Joe: And then I tell them to shoot through the door or into the air if they hear someone outside!!!

Joe: And then you show up with a photo op...holding a rifle the wrong way!! You mist have spotted Boehner behind a tree, eh?

Joe: Then Feinstein shows up with her finger on the trigger ready to shoot!

Obama: Don't you love how easy it is to get them fired up when I lie like a rug?

Dave Miller said...

Skud... Duck Dynasy exercised his legit right to free speech... Just as A&E did theirs... How did the government infringe upon theses rights?

Ducky was just captioning the photo... I'm guessing the GOP would rather have the ACA issues front and center but Phil's quote changed that...

Duckys here said...

Well Dave, z wanted a critique so I felt obliged.

It is also worthwhile to point out that phil was NOT fired.

A&E has a situation on its hands which might spook the sponsors so they have to finesse it.
He's on hiatus and I feel certain will be back after the PR flacks deal with this. It creates good high paying jobs.

I haven't watched it ever but I believe I read that the show is preparing for a new season. Expect to see him then.
Meanwhile, I wonder if any of the folks complaining about free speech have the real story. It's a little foggy at the moment.

Phil Robertson/Ted Nugent 2016

Our WorldAs We See It said...

The man was ask his opinion in an interview and he gave it. This is Chick-Fil-A Part 2!
Why is it surprising that someone who is a Christian would believe what the Bible says? He was not condemning anyone, he was just explaining his view in a interview of the topic based on his beliefs. If you read the whole interview, you will see that he includes himself in the list of sinners as a recovering alcoholic!
There are no more intolerant, bigoted, hypocritical people on this planet than these , Holier than thou PC Liberal idiots period. The be perfectly honest, I don’t even know what all the fuss is about. Phil Robertson was stating his opinion. Is it a bigoted opinion? I don’t see it that way, but so what if it is! He has a right to have it. But does the A&E Network have the right to suspend him? There is where we differ. Being a “Bigot” is not against the law in this country. PC is alive and well in this country as is the stupidity of those who can’t stand anyone else not having the same opinion as they do. Speak all you want but the are always consequences to ones actions! But Free Speech is Free Speech, with an accent on the word “Free” You can’t pick and choose, no matter what the usual lefty goon suspects say.

Duckys here said...

Debonair Dude --- Phil has a contract with A&E (if he doesn't they can fire his dumb arse at will).

He is governed by contract law (rule of law, you fringe right types dig it, right?). This will all be hashed out and in a way that best pleases the sponsors.

Anonymous said...

From Z at work:

Dave...yes, it's his caption, and as Ducky captioned, we're allowed to respond to the caption...or not, in your opinion?

Ducky, of COURSE this guy'll be back. And he was definitely taken off the show, but not exactly FIRED. He ought to quit and REALLY tick A&E off.
If the GQ interview wasn't a 'trap,' what was it? Anybody think Phil what'shisname is typical GQ interview fodder? Of course not. But people are sure talking about GQ finally, aren't ehy.
People apparently love this guy Phil; but you know all the conservatives are racist and homophobic and bible-banging nuts, as you constantly imply: I'm surprised you haven't called Phil "Calvinist". You're slipping.
I have never seen the show, but I might now.

I like refreshing honesty...I like that he wasn't at all hateful but told HIS feelings and HIS experiences, whether anybody else likes or approves of them.

We have to see Miley Cyrus sticking her butt into Santa's crotch (sorry, but what else can I say to describe?) or her tongue hanging out 6" and we get to hear about every immoral assault to culture on the planet and just SHUT UP. But let a conservative tell HIS truth? The libs just can't take it.

But, you see, you've all painted it over the years as TOLERANT and OPEN MINDED to see disgraceful acts and hear about immorality in our faces every day.
You've even taken SHAME out of our Lexicon and GUILT. And look what's happened.
We owe the left a lot in the downgrading of our country. But, then, we're just bigots for not welcoming children into the world with no dads and no financial support. And we're bigots for suggesting society works better with two-sex marriages and we HATE gays because we support traditional marriage. That's what you've done; labeled in ridiculous ways that the kids have bought in to. Good work. You'll reap what you've sown.

What the libs did to Megyn Kelly was dishonest and stupid but they won because people didn't really listen to what she said, why she'd done that segment at all (giving the black author a platform because Megyn thought she made excellent points, by the way)...

They will always win because they've built themselves up as the KIND ones, the NICE ones (give everybody money, heal everybody, approve of all behavior...etc etc) Who could argue that other than an American who understands the constitution, wants to be free to help who HE decides he wants to help, and who finds immorality repugnant?
Oops...I forgot; 'what is immorality?' :-)
We used to know.. remember?

Bob said...

Ducky's wisdom; "And then that dumb cracker from Duck Dynasty opens his mouth and bumps the ACA problems off the front page."

Once again, I must recognize Ducky's grasp on current events.

The main stream media will find a way to ignore the greatest civilian disaster since Chernobyl (Obamacare) to focus on the entirely forgettable words of a bearded man.

Progressive Disruptions said...

I've always held the position that no one should ever be bullied or ridiculed because they were gay. To that end, I'd certainly step in and come to the defense of a gay person being bullied........but that's where I draw the line. I accept gays. I just don't see a necessity in celebrating them BEING gay
However,as much as I dislike Putin's stance on Gays and LGBT people I don't think that game playing is the answer.
We have no ability or to use a better word “RIGHT ”to force Russia to do anything it doesn't want to do.
I say the USA should NOT Boycott the Olympics, enough with all this PC crap already. It’s their fight, let them do what ever they please to. If you don't like the politics of the host country don't go on Vacation there ... this is about world class athleticism ... not Gay politics! But Lefty always did love Traitors, and Dictators.
And by the way Ducky, you're a fine one to talk you sniveling libtard homo

Bob said...


Barry: "Joe, did you just fart?"

Biden: "Yeah. It was a stinker, but not as bad as the ACA."

skudrunner said...


Contracts always have stipulations that can call for conditions for cancellation. You need to read up on contract law.

This is short lived and nothing can detract for obamadoom. Everyone is focused on the web site and the leftists think once it is fixed everyone will run to sign up. The pain for the middle class is just starting regarding obamacare.

You have posted about the profits the insurance companies make. Obama has paid them back for their support and profits are going to soar. He does support big business and insurance is big business.

Anonymous said...

As Obama ignores public opinion while pushing for full-fledged Obamacare in one fell swoop, and as he insists that he knows best and that the public is too ill-informed to know what is good for it, he directly — as the very symbol of the state — reminds the public of what they distrust about government in the first place and of why they don’t want government interfering in a realm as personal as health care. These feelings are especially fierce because Obama is trying not to change something with which most Americans are dissatisfied, but instead to change (and arguably take away) a system in which some four-fifths of the public remains generally satisfied with their own personal level of care.
For most Americans, Obama doesn’t seem to be giving them something they don’t have, but instead to be taking away something they already value.
Worse, he and the increasingly unpopular Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are doing it while hectoring the public, insulting (at least by implication) the public by belittling the public’s understanding of the issue, and treating opposition as if it is guided by evil motives rather than sincere concerns.
Passage of this health overhaul/takeover under these circumstances would be frightening. The harm it would do the political system would be almost as great as the harm it would cause the health system. The American republic was designed to give a minority a way to slow down major changes buoyed by popular passions. It was not designed to give a minority the power to implement major changes against popular passions.
The Obamites are doing the latter. They are turning American checks and balances on their heads. They are using temporary parliamentary advantages for a permanent power grab. The Obamites are dictating to Americans rather than representing them. Revolutionizing, not just evolving. Ruling, not serving.
And it’s not just on health care. They work against public opinion on matters of criminal justice, terrorist treatment, race preferences, bank bailouts and corporate takeovers, overall spending, domestic welfare requirements, fossil fuel development, missile defenses, advocacy of American interests (and pride!) abroad, and on the whole panoply of oft-unstated attitudes that cohere as American exceptionalism.
This is not the way the system is supposed to work. This is not the American government we grew up with. This is not the national ethos that we love.
Yet Obama pushes on, perfectly cognizant of what he’s doing, intentionally upending the American Way. This is a form of mania — megalo- or otherwise. When our leaders wipe their asses with the constitution It makes me sick, and it make you siks as well. .
Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority known as Progressives,, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end. Traitors to the constitution and the USA.

Impertinent said...


"his dumb arse"

The man has a Masters in Education...and the rest all have college degrees.

Duckys here said...

... and he's dumb.

Duckys here said...

whoa Imp, a degree in Phys. Ed. on a football scholarship.

This is an intellect.

T Krabby said...

"We have to see Miley Cyrus sticking her butt into Santa's crotch (sorry, but what else can I say to describe?"...

Well...we're all adults here so lets cut to the chase.

As long as we're in the same geographical area...what's really got the gays ticked off is Phils truthful analysis
about how they have "sex". Now that it's out in the open as 90% of the people don't realize it's anal "sex" just as Miley was imitating and offering Santa, right?

Sore subject?'s the's sodomy that they want legalized period. And it's sodomy that they want people to accept and "normalize" too.

Might as well wait for a rainy day and marry a mud puddle....same thing.

What they do is disgusting to 98% of Americans....seeing as how they're estimated at 2% of the population.

And he's right...any man that choses that over a loving woman....is_______ fill in your own blank.

Impertinent said...

And he was a hell of a ball player too I've found out.

What...his Masters means nothing then? Why..cause it's not in LBGT "studies"?

Sleeping Giant said...

As a straight, white, Christian male who values life at conception, follows Jesus, loves my family and prays to my God, who created me.
I know this isn't the "cool," or popular way to be, but I was born this way, and I won't apologize for it.
I'm tired of the media and government telling me what is acceptable for me to believe and what isn't.
I'm tired of the perverted views of Hollywood and the music industry...I'm tired of the perverted views of our government.

I think it's time for this Liberal PC bullshit to stop, the flagrant attack of these progressive’s views is insane. I personally think, it's time to take to the streets in protest, but we can start with changing channels and go from there. Just the progressive hate-mongers just love to hate . And Like the Progressives the NAACP is just another wing of the communist party.

Duckys here said...

Come on, Imp. This clown puts homosexuality on a continuum with bestiality and you think he's some kind of involved intellect.

Please. He seems talented at shooting ducks. That's about it.

Since he is a fundamentalist his opportunity to use critical thinking is expressly limited.

Impertinent said...


I don't think he equated them Duck. Not from what I've read. And GQ...supposed to be a Mens Esquire and PB right?

Pris said...

My caption:

"We're both Dingbats, and have gotten away with it. HaHa!"

Pris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Huntington said...

I think what Ducky suggests is true; most Americans have limited capacity to consider more than one thing at a time. For example, they can either focus on Commie Care, or they can focus on a reality TV personality who abhors the queer lifestyle —they can’t do both. And perhaps there is no one in America who better exemplifies this than, well … Ducky, who is so narrow-minded in his view that he is singularly incapable of common sense.

As an example of Ducky’s inability think rationally, we have the above conversation. Imp begins with observing that Mr. Robertson is a very well educated person, Ducky counters by commenting that Robertson equates bestiality with homosexuality, and so therefore is dumb. Ducky conveniently, and intentionally omits the fact that bestiality and homosexuality are abnormal, deviant, and detestable behaviors; not according to me, but according to the Bible. Meanwhile, if Ducky wants to suck on pork peckers, no one really cares. We just hope that he keeps such activities to himself and cooks them real good.

Duckys here said...

"Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong. Sin becomes fine," he later added. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men."

You be the judge, Imp.
And if you are ready to bring back Cotton Mather don't be surprised if the majority isn't going for it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

After catching up, I think it's clear we have a winner:
Bob said...
Barry: "Joe, did you just fart?"
Biden: "Yeah. It was a stinker, but not as bad as the ACA."

Ed Bonderenka said...

A lot has been said as to whether Phil equated homosexuality with bestiality.
Phil quoted Scripture.
Sin is sin.
Homosex is sin.
Bestiality is sin.
Murder is sin.
A Haughty Look (Proverbs 6)wins first place.
It's sin.
Is it equal?
Yes. Every last one will send you to hell if you do not clothe yourself in the righteousness offered by Jesus sacrifice on the cross.
As ion most of life, getting into heaven is not what you do, it's Who you know.

Anonymous said...

If Biblical scripture is not sufficiently clear enough about the sins of homosexuality and bestiality, then one only has to look at what happened to Ducky. One picture is worth a thousand scriptures.

Impertinent said...


I'm reading two distinct thoughts...Two different sentences with two separate examples of behavior...each with a period at the end.

Z said...

Progress. Desruption; I'd read your comment again, particularly with your last sentence. WHAT?
And by the way, most of us here have ZIP against homosexuals and I know gay friends who don't find it necessary we 'celebrate' homosexuality any more than we celebrate straight sexuality.

Z said...

"Asked what, in his mind, is sinful, Robertson replied: "Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men."

where's the 'continuum'?
Two different things


Impertinent said...


Thanks for an additional validation.

Liberalmann said...

Face it wingnuts, Bush is rife for blame for some time to come. And deservedly so. He knows it. Why do you think this dry drunk is in his exile painting pictures of birds?

Anonymous said...

Duck , duck you

Bob said...

Liberalmann accosts the world by saying, "Bush is rife for blame for some time to come".

I have heard better reasoning at three o'clock in the morning at a sales meeting with an open bar. The shallow thinkers like Libmann walk among us.

Merry Christmas, Libbermann.I look forward to another year of humor reading your comments if you can escape a frontal lobotomy that long.

Impertinent said...


I'll second that..can we see some hands?

Impertinent said...

"exile painting pictures of birds?"

Don't worry ass clown...butthead will be there soon enough. Selling joints in Hawaii...and Bush is respectful of the office. Nothing like Bubba or Jimmah...who's mouth never shuts up.

Impertinent said...

The first Amendment says you can speak your mind, not that you should mind your speech.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Imp: Thanx.

Kid said...

obama: with obamacare, we've completely destroyed America now. It will implode in the next 20 years and nothing can stop it.

biden: (thinking to himself: I'll just laugh because barry is laughing), then says Can I have some more ice cream ?

Z said...

Bob, why do you suppose the left champions their lefties with drug and drinking problems (the more the better), celebrating their recoveries at various clinics around the country but has it in for Bush, who got dry on his own?

Rhetorical question, of course...
but it shows a LOT, doesn't it.

Kid said...

the left doesn't use logic. They gave up on intelligence a Loooong time ago. It is attack attack attack. Nothing matters. Nothing. Lying, stealing, killing, raping, lying, hypocrisy and more hypocrisy. It Does Not Matter. They are impervious to conscience, guilt, embarrassment, or any other normal human concept.

Look at duck, probably one of the more tolerant and psudo-intelligent of the bunch - in Constant Conflict with himself.
Contradicts himself from one comment to the next. Oblivious, combative, fantasy addicted. Favors decentralized government healthcare, peaceful muslims, no personal liberties with tons of individual freedom and privacy and has no clue how absurd each concept is. If we could get him to write a novel or something, we'd find a thousand other paradoxes in his thoughts and beliefs and it wouldn't even occur to him as he wrote them down.

This is where we're at. The insane children are large and in charge and all the other kids seem to love it while the losers can't afford to care.

Kid said...

See what I'm saying. When an 'issue' comes up, they deflect it with a talking point that ignores it, denies it and/or blames it on their opposition. Doesn't matter they did the same thing 2 seconds ago when every POS on the MSM rags on tea party people or hey, Non-democrats, daily without the slightest consideration to being "PC".
They demand PC only of their opposition. Doesn't apply to their bad self-righteous fascist selves.

Arguing issues with them is useless and meaningless. They neither understand the issue or would lift a finger to react to that issue in away that civilized humans do.

Total waste of time. As a side benefit to them, they enjoy pissing 'you' off.

Z said...

Kid, so sad, but well said.
It's amazing how tolerant the left is until anybody disagrees with them.

It's only tolerance for things that are ruining our society that they champion, I guess.

We've got to be tolerant of 7 yr olds sharing bathrooms at public schools now because one kid might be 7 years old and confused about his sexuality!

We've got to be tolerant and see our tax dollars go to PBS but do they want to pay for Hannity? :-)
We've got to be tolerant because they want us to work hard to support other people who won't work and, if we don't want to but would rather help our own families and friends, we're hateful.

We've got to be tolerant and even admiring of every star celeb who gets over an addiction in the most expensive rehab but sit back and listen to the left slam Bush for getting over the sauce on his own.
I guess we could go ON and on and ON.........

We've got to be tolerant when this president changes bills without congressional oversight...

There are a LOT of more important ones than those, but those just came to my mind......

Duckys here said...

Go tell it to Martin Bashir, z.

And he really got fired.

This guy will be back on Duck Dynasty when the new season starts in Jan. and the PR folks have smoothed it over with the sponsors.

Some clowns just never leave the circus.

JonBerg said...

How about quitting, so much, down on Ducky. The poor guy must be suffering, enough, about the poor choices that he's made, as in supporting Obama. I'll bet he comes back with
something of a retort but that will not hide his Cognitive Dissonance.

Bob said...


It is an interesting thing that many liberals exhibit what amounts to a pathology, a disease in which people fear success and those who are successful.

There's always a plethora of reasons why they don't like somebody, like Phillip Robertson, George W Bush, you or I. It doesn't make any difference how successful you are, as long as you achieved it yourself, you are denigrated.

Liberals don't seem to understand markets, and are thus doomed to perpetual economic ignorance lile Barack Obama.

George W Bush is a leader, and you cannot take that away from him. Also, he is a pretty smart guy. He understands the basics of economics, and he also understands the value of leadership in this world. You can argue about his actions, but you cannot question his patriotism, intent, and ability to make timely and considered decisions.

Believe it or not it was Bush that started the bailout GM, TARP, and other measures that kept the US economy from a total melt down. Barack Obama could only follow up on these predetermined policies.

Bush is a leader. Barack Obama does not understand the concept, and could not lead a cat to a litter box.

Kid said...

Z, yes, on and on. The left has Victims, which are actually Losers. They go to great lengths to get on the gravy train. Sometimes I think they actually work harder at it than if they just got a job, but that's a libtard for you once again.

And make no mistake. obama the non-person is their King. he is King loser. Never worked for anything or achieved anything in his life. Bought and paid for, only talent a telepromter reader.

Kid said...

duck, wake us up when 98% of your media gets fired for their intolerance, lying and unbelievable incompetence. Seriously.

Kid said...

How about biden, donates $200 a year then tells the rest of us it's time to 'be patriotic' 'pay more taxes' etc. etc.
The language doesn't really provide a civilized way of describing such people.

Duckys here said...

duck, wake us up when 98% of your media gets fired for their intolerance, lying and unbelievable incompetence. Seriously.

The word for today, class, is hyperbole .

Now kid, go to the board and write it ten times. Seriously.

Kid said...

duck, see there ya go. How many people in your media talk about non-democrats and call them racist, violent, potential domestic terrorists.

Take yourself, you hate tea party people. Your face probably scrunches up when you type Ted Cruz. Yet this is a person (By description of Conservative) who loves America, American Values, which consist in entirety of protecting Your freedom, Your individual liberty and you hate the guy and the Tea Party.

Call them what you want, Conservatives Love America, have no racism in them and are the most non-violent people in the country.
You'll miss them when and If they're gone, and blame them for it as well. Convince me otherwise.
True Conservatives, like me, are the biggest social liberals in the country. We don't care what people do as long as it's legal or even illegal in some cases, mainly self destructive habits. Want to die of an overdose? I Don't Care.

Write all that on the blackboard 100 times.

Z said...

It's a little silly so I've never posted it but I've rec'd, many times, an email of THE shadiest looking gangsters and murderers and punks in mug shots at various jails across the country who have Tshirts with different versions of OBAMA Tshirts on....obviously, not EVER criminal in a mug shot has one on, but it's sure indicative of a major problem with the left.
who WOULDN'T vote Democrat, after all? Hey, I just got tomorrow's blog idea...whew They usually come easy; I guess my mind was waiting for this awakening :-)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Duck: Oh yeah, Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin got fired.
Was it hours after (like Phil), or days later?
I think I know the answer.
And you're prob right about him coming back.
That has little to do with him being told to leave.
The response is not to an isolated incident, it's to a culture that is going south.

I know gays that I like.
I know drunkards that I like.
They like me.
I still cannot deny the truth of Scripture. It's been proven right on so many issues, that the odds are that it's right on this.

skudrunner said...


Phil did not express an opinion on the air. He was asked and he gave his honest opinion.

How could anyone expect anything different. They close the show in prayer and profess to be Christians. Shocking he would have that opinion.

It would be nice for people to say and do what is right not just what is best for them. Take the current president. His numbers drop because of obamadoom and wham, you can now get just catastrophic coverage.

The side that preaches, can I say preaches on a blog, tolerance is the least tolerant and sorry to say that applies to many who say the are in the ministry.

Kid said...

Skud, this is what the fascist democrats do. That includes most of the media. They stick a microphone in someones face, ask a question that they already know the answer to. A question in the current social issues realm, and then edit it out of context and broadcast it to the world.

It's like a lion playing with a dead mouse. Watch what happens next election cycle. And if they don't get what they want for real, they'll make the shit up. No question. They already make stuff up all day long every day but it's that much sweeter when they actually get someone to say whatever words they want.