Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Welfare abuse by Lucy; Enjoy


Joe said...

Lucy is the very source of joy for liberals.

American Jihad said...

Welfare is such a stupid liberal program that I do not even want to debate it. I an so sick and tired of this progressive/socialist logic!
I do not even want to discuss the evil Obama agenda’s. . The idea of social welfare in this country is NOT up for discussion. ! Never!.
The redistribution of wealth the NOT answer to America's problems....it IS the problem.
I am against all government social welfare programs. I believe that it is NOT my duty to provide for anyone other than myself and those I choose to support. No one has the right to take away from me my property and give it to someone else. The redistribution of MY wealth is socialism
The redistribution of wealth is President Obama's answer to America's problem, It is HIS idea and HIS program, so let HIM and HIS Mooching wife pay for these leeches, instead of going on these ridiculous vacations and buying $1300 shoes and eating Caviar, and Lobster and drinking Champagne. If these progressive-socialist’s share in President Obama's dream of redistribution of wealth, then let them pay for it, let them contribute their hard working pay to these leeches, but don’t ask me to. . .
Can anyone morally defend social welfare? Do you think you have the right to someone else’s savings? And who was it that gave this president the right to give my money away? Where did he get that authority? And does that make it moral? If a bank robber does the same thing and they put him in jail for it. So how does the government think it’s any better when they do it for the country. Some things that this president does are terribly disturbing. This is one of 'em. What an unbelievable tragedy for our great nation and for our forefathers, who fought and died to protect our those individual freedoms, rights and liberties. God help us.

Crusader Frank said...

Obama's scheme of wealth redistribution will work about as well as Obamacare has. In other words, ObamaCare is socialist wealth redistribution, but the administration doesn’t like to call it that because they know it would never have made it through Congress if they had.
So, If you like and trust the Lying, Deceiving, Immoral, Non-creditable, Incompetent, Self-anointed, Self-righteous, Despicable obama and his obamaCareLess. Than go ahead and vote for the democrat socialists in Nov. 2014.
But if you feel betrayed by the Abomination obama and his cronie democrats.
Vote ALL of the democrats OUT OF Office in 2014!!
Then the Republicans can repeal Obamacare and the ISLAMIC OBAMA won't be able to do a thing about it.
America needs to face up to the reality of what this president is doing to our country!

Crusader Frank said...

And by the way, 5 Million people got their insurance cancelled.
Why haven't they signed up for Obamacare?
I know my answer I wanted to hear from Obama supporters!

It’s very clear that the White House is inflating the number of ObamaCare enrollees even though the administration’s most vigorous efforts have fallen painfully short.

Mustang said...

Amazing, isn’t it?

After listening to Lucy, who can say that the Leftist Program to enslave Americans to government largesse is not working? Moreover, you know what, she is right. It is free money, so she would be stupid not to take it. Politicians, who understand human behavior perfectly well, do not hesitate to take advantage of this sort of thing. My point is, whom do you think Lucy votes for? Conservatives, who want Lucy to get a job, or Democrats who want her to stay home, take the money, smoke the pot, and vote Democratic?

sue hanes said...

Z - I didn't get anything but a white box on this one. Sorry.

Z said...

Sue, I'm sorry...let me try to get a link.

Z said...


Try this, Sue...or Google "Welfare abuse Lucy" and scroll down and you'll see a video.

I'm off to work..have a great day.

Divine Theatre said...

This makes me sick. I have no words.


Duckys here said...

Lucy's a plant.

Yes sir, I want social policy determined by an anonymous call to rabies radio.

Don't it drag on.

Average American said...

Ducky, you may possibly be right, BUT, that really doesn't matter. There are millions of people that actually ARE just like she portrays herself to be. I give them some blame, but the lion's share goes to the government that allows and PROMOTES this behavior. You can say what you will, but I know you are smart enough to know that this is basically a Democrat scheme to get votes. Doesn't it piss you off just a little bit to see the woman ahead of you at the grocery store using her food stamps or EBT card to buy lobsters and the best cuts of meat? And all the other abuses the various programs foster.

JonBerg said...


"KLBJ (590 AM) is a talk radio station broadcasting from Austin, Texas, USA. It was once owned by the family of Lyndon Baines Johnson"

Oh, the irony! I hope that he is turning around and around on a rotisserie, deep in the bowels of HELL!

Duckys here said...

Well Average American it is definitely true that there is fraud in the system. It would be foolish to argue otherwise.

The question is how much and whenever I hear the lobster/EBT cliche I know I'm dealing with someone who can't advance this any further toward the truth.

I have NEVER seen anyone pay for lobster with an EBT. I have seen them buy soda, chips and assorted crap with one and wish they would improve their diet.

Jack Whyte said...

Yeah, those corporate subsidies are a bitch: Obama phone, cash for clunkers, Obama Care …

Finntann said...

Let's just grant you the $6000 dollar figure for the sake of argument. In 2012 the government ran a $1,089,000,000,000 deficit. Take the 239,271,000 tax filers, eliminate the roughly 46% who pay no federal income tax at all, and that leaves 129,206,340 productive members of society to foot the bill for their share of that Trillion dollars which works out to $8428.39.

Care to explain where that went?

Finntann said...

Furthermore, illiberalmann your own beloved administration disputes your numbers. For a family earning $50,000 a year with one child, the tax bill is as follows:


Unemployment insurance 0.99% $18.70

Food and nutrition assistance 3.89% $73.48

Housing assistance 1.74% $32.87

Earned income, Making Work Pay, and child tax credits 2.81% $53.08

Child care, foster care, and adoption support 0.57% $10.77

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families 0.61% $11.52

Job training and employment services 0.28% $5.29

Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) 9.44% $178.32

Medicare physician, prescription drug, and other payments 9.84% $185.88

Kid said...

What would we do without these democrat voter breeding stations?

Kid said...

C Frank. The republicans actually won't do anything. In fact,even the great Reagan didn't urn back a single libtard program.

The D's have to go but the R's are no solution.

Anonymous said...

ducky....don't be such an azzhole...you can google thousands of these same examples...on camera...waiting in the gimme mine lines.

Anonymous said...

" wish they would improve their diet..."

They do....PopEyes, KFC and the BK Lounge to feed their diabetes. Which they suffer more from than any other race.

Z said...

I'm sorry, Folks...I'm not tolerating Liberalmann here anymore.
I used to delete everything and made the mistake of engaging yesterday; that's over.

Finntann, I'm really sorry because I'd deleted those comments before I saw you'd responded.
Well, your comments still make sense (as usual)

Ducky; PLEASE link that 'plant' notion. I'd like to see it.
Sadly, if it is a plant, it's pretty emblematic.
Why's it bug you so much? Do you honestly think this isn't happening?...that you lefties haven't emboldened those with little initiative and even rewarded them for it?
Naaaa....you can't not see THAT.
CAN you?


Kid said...

Z, Cool, libgurl is SUCH a waste of time and space.

I often wonder if they're being paid by the DNC to troll or if they really are that stupid and do it for free.

Duck (and many libtards) for example YEARNS for single payer. The thought of someone actually Wanting Nana pelosi and THE IRS AND a clown collection called a 'review board' controlling their freakin Health Care is so mind boggling, there is nothing I can say about it suitable for print here. ya know? Wow.

Anonymous said...





Some more samples of the cheats.

Finntann said...

"I have NEVER seen anyone pay for lobster with an EBT"

I saw a man pay for food with food stamps at the A&P in Sandwich, MA.

Caught up with him in the parking lot, his Mercedes 560 SEL was parked next to me. That was a 75,000 dollar car back in 1990.

Anonymous said...

Guess we can't say "Negro" anymore?

The newest form of slavery of the American Black. Better than the old days, huh folks?

Problem is...they like it that way. This is what 50 years of AA and BS PC have done to America. Stooges, parasites, grifters and baby machines to pit another generation on the plantation.

Let's give it to them...and take away their vote. Parasites shouldn't be allowed to gift themselves from our pockets. That's a price thy should have to pay.

Do I "hate" them? No....but they disgust me none the less. No shame, no character, no contributions...just take. And that's the damn straight truth for all the bleeding hearts...this is out of the mouths of the majority of any parasite.

Z said...

Anonymous..this is MY blog and, no, we don't say Negro here. Not the way you're using it, anyway.
As if you're really 'anonymous' to me, by the way.

Your biggest error is thinking that only black Americans are parasites. No, that's absolutely not true.

Kid...imagine WANTING someone other than you and your doctor in charge of your health care...? Your very LIFE in many cases?
Only a liberal

Anonymous said...

So "Negro" is the new "N" word here?

Since when?

"a member of any of the indigenous peoples of sub-Saharan Africa, or one of their descendants.

"Not the way you're using it, anyway"..

I stated American Negro...which is how many blacks describe each other...so there's another definition I'm not aware of then?

Then whites are no longer Caucasians and Asians no longer Mongoloid as the three races are generally known by?

And no not all are "parasites" just a big percentage compared to their numbers.
Same for the crime stats and the knockout stats.

Why did you put that recording up here then? To generate love, admiration or respect for blacks?

Sure as heck doesn't work for that. Where's the balancing recording for all the grifter crackers?

Z said...

Anonymous...oddly, I didn't even think of her as Black.
And to think of my black friends calling themselves American Negroes is really funny...

And, honestly, you don't really think we all think Black kids knocking people over, or rushing into stores and stealing, and worse, is a good idea, do you?

Have a nice night.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

But she sure as hell didn't sound like she was from Long Island.

Good night to you too.

Anonymous said...

"And, honestly, you don't really think we all think Black kids knocking people over, or rushing into stores and stealing, and worse, is a good idea, do you?"

Just follow Jesse Jacksons advice.

Kid said...

Anon "Why did you put that recording up here then? To generate love, admiration or respect for blacks?
-Sure as heck doesn't work for that. Where's the balancing recording for all the grifter crackers?"

That's an absurdly unfair assessment.
Where is Your balanced reply inclusive of black, white, fat, skinny, rich, poor, red, yellow, lib, conserv, libertarian.

Break it down for us. Show us your balancing act.

Are you black? Tell us about something that happened in YOUR life that's never happened to a white person.

Throw away your crutch man, you'll be happier.

Anonymous said...

"Break it down for us.."

Who the hell are you? This is the internet...doesn't matter what I say....does it.

Just follow Jesse's advice....cross the street.

Kid said...

Anon, so you're not up for a serious discussion? Why didn't you just say so and save everyone's time.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead. I'll be the judge of If want to continue.

Z said...

This might be the internet, but my blog is mostly a bunch of people who know each other and respect each other.

And I'll be the judge.