Tuesday, December 10, 2013

HOW many lies, distortions and corruption?

UPDATE:  Please add THIS to the list linked  below...Seymour Hersh is now informing America that Obama lied regarding Syria.  
Oh, and another update;  To my leftists denying the list, we welcome a list showing the 'truth.'  Thanks.

Commenter and Friend "IMP" sent me THIS PIECE via email.  I couldn't resist posting it.  And I am hoping you'll send it to your friends, conservative and liberal.

It's pretty straightforward, with links proving each incident that they cite is true.

So, if all, or even half, or a third, of these things that show Mr. Obama's lies, corruption or law breaking, what now?

Have you ever heard of any country other than a dictatorship where a leader could pull this stuff off and not get nailed? 

IS there anything Americans can do other than totally worthless congressional hearings, a term I now call "code for doing NOTHING?"

I mean, this is ridiculous.................ISN'T IT?

I don't bring this up just to lather everybody up again, really not...I'm posting this because I'm legitimately curious as to how much he can do before people wake up?  Sure, they're waking up to Obama Care because it's hit their pocketbooks, but what about this other stuff?



Constitutional Insurgent said...

I'd rather work with just the list of actionable instances of lawbreaking and unconstitutional actions.

An epic and meandering list composed mainly of the status quo of politics, isn't terribly useful in convincing leftists of the folly of their vote.

Porter Salasberry said...
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Anonymous said...

The left is just generally unhappy. No matter what they get of what they want, it's never enough. But they really thought that this was it.

Their messiah, utopia, everything they believe in, national health care, you name it. The only thing they haven't gotten is the official sanction of gay marriage and gun control. But pretty much everything else they wanted they got it, or they're on track for it, and they're just as miserable as everybody else. And I would contend to you they're miserable because they're incapable of happiness. I think the ideology, liberalism, does not permit happiness. You have to be mad all the time to be a liberal. You have to see unfairness, injustice, depression, recession, bigotry, racism, homophobia everywhere you look, to be a good liberal. You can't be happy. It's one of the many reasons why I don't think these people should ever be trusted with power.
There's no optimism. There's no good cheer. There's no laughter. There's no happiness, by virtue of who they are. They run around and they talk about all the anger on our side, extremism, and these people, no matter where you look, are enraged. In general they're enraged. But they're really mad now because they're living amidst incontrovertible proof that everything they believe doesn't work.

The left argues that because the Right controls Talk Radio, they can’t get their own messages out to millions of enthusiastic fans, then the least we can do is to stop Limbaugh and colleagues from imparting their dangerous messages to an immense and eager audience. At this point, the critics of the conservative talk medium seem far more concerned with shutting up right-wing voices than with raising left-wing voices as a constructive alternative.
The(Progressive) blogger that attacks Rush on her blog 5 days a week, and writes letters to his sponsors, promotes boycotts on her blog and saying anything she can to try and discredit him and yet somehow, he survives.. LOL good try, but no cigar.

K. E., Atlanta, Georgia said...

It's so nice to see Mr. Obama taking the time out of his busy schedule to commemorate the passing of Mr. Mandela and travel so far to do so!

When he couldn't even take the time here in the USA to meet with his own HHS except once in the last 3 years over his own Signature Legislation Obamacare. 5 million families with sick people lost their HC plans of their choice and Docs they liked, thinking all the while they could keep them because Mr. Obama told us so and lied.Yet he's got plenty of time to spend at Mr. Mandelas funeral.
American soldiers die every day.. Most are white.
Yes. Sadly, many of them in Afghanistan under Mr. Obama's strategy that failed since he put more boots in that country. How is the investigation going on the 17 Navy Seals killed in the chopper incident?

Liberalmann said...

Ah, a wingnut laundry list of BS all in one place. Thanks!

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

The only thing that could stop this would be an objective media. Sadly, most media in America has been bought and paid for by the liberals.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

The only thing that could stop this would be an objective media. Sadly, most media in America has been bought and paid for by the liberals.

Z said...

CI...then I hope you don't post this same article.

Libmann..PLEASE link your information proving each is wrong; We'd LOVE to see that, we really would. What a relief it would be.

Jim...that's exactly right.

THE MEDIA. THE MEDIA would be all over any ONE of these if it was a Republican president. And have been in the past.

Seymour Hersch this morning is telling us Obama also lied about Syria. I have added the link to the post.

Z said...

Junkie..Sorry, I don't know who THE WICKED ONE is and don't want that mentioned here again. Thanks.
Sad, because your comment was a good one but I'm getting tired of constant mentions of someone I'm sure I have no interest in and am not here to advertise. Thanks!

K.E...good points. Or maybe he could have gone to Mrs. Thatcher's funeral, too? (see post below)

Duckys here said...

I couldn't get past No. 4.

"Has close ties to Wall Street".

I swear I nearly got an attack of the vapors. Is that true?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"PLEASE link your information proving each is wrong..."

While Lib is doing that [or not] will anyone come to the defense of the absurdly attributed items on the list? How is it Obama's directive that the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Albany College conducted a study?

The author of this list has taken nearly every action he has found objectionable, and laid claim that each and every one in attributable to the Administration. Sad.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

How is the City of Arlington's 'million dollar bus stop' attributable to the Administration?

It would be a full time job weeding out the true charges [which do exist in the list] and debunking the majority.

Z said...

Ducky, you haven't recognized the kind of deals he's given Wall St Cronies? REALLY? :-)

CI...let's say fifty, or ten, of them is enough to worry about, okay? Maybe there's a link by the one you finally found that you find objectionable?

you see, these posts are made to open eyes to the possibilities that the media's not quite doing its job. Personally, I think it's important. If you both don't...no worries!

Z said...

CI...you go RIGHT ahead.
Also, the red are links...perhaps a little more reading will get your answers? Perhaps they're utter BS and only a bugaboo for the author. Or maybe it's an extrapolation of administration bunk that causes some of these?
Thanks for the reassurance that a lot are true. I needed that.


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - This 'list' is the dumbing down of the electorate, on the right in this instance. I would think that you would want fellow travelers to be informed and educated.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Also, the red are links...perhaps a little more reading will get your answers?"

Those links that actually led to a news source, rather than an OpEd, are exactly where I found that many of these "Lies, Lawbreaking & Corruption".....are utter bunk.

Z said...

CI, I know my readers here ARE informed (at least the conservatives and those liberals who are honest enough to also read both sides), and that no liberal's going to be reading that list and suddenly have a EUREKA MOMENT that Obama's lied.

Sorry you're so unhappy with my post; I think it's very important to remind people of the lies and I think many know that all aren't 100% true.

Does this list take from the lies about Benghazi, F&F, Solyndra, etc etc etc? of course not.


By the way, a new lie is that you can keep your drugs AND that all preexisting conditions are acceptable in the ACA.
They are NOT.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z, I'm not unhappy with your post. I've simply been increasingly disgusted with manufactured outrages and indictments. Many on the right are engaging in the same tactics as the left and trying to laughably pass it off as a stark difference.

I don't mean to take out my ire towards your post.

Duckys here said...

I'm curious why you think this list does anything more than establish him as a politician.
You can make a similar list for any 20th century president.

Why not spend time on SERIOUS issues like TPP?

Liberalmann said...

Winnie Mandela is a babe! Beautiful, smart, enlightened and evolved.

1000 times more delectable than facist Palin. In EVERY way!

Mindy B. said...

Winnie was and is a POS

Anonymous. Anonymous said...

And so is the Moocher!!!!!

Anonymous , Anonymous . Anonymous said...

And so is Hillary, in Spades!

Anonymous said...

Liberalmann must be a 1/2 witted idiot, to put it mildly.

Impertinent said...


"Winnie Mandela is a babe! .."

Maybe she'll gift you a "necklace" to show her appreciation?

She too would recognize pure insanity when she sees you drooling.

Anonymous said...

You Decide! there's no question in MY mind!



Anonymous said...

The Libmanns heroin The PIG Winnie Mandela was know for pitting Tires put over the head of her enemies and gasoline poured into the rim then set afire. Horrible way to die. Winnie is now burning in Hell so now at least he knows now how it feels to those he killed that way.

ANC members would take black people and hack off their hands or tie them behind the person’s back with barbed wire. Then a gasoline-filled tire would be set alight around the victim’s (“traitor’s”) neck and they would slowly and very painfully burn to death.

Still think that the Mandela's were Great people?

Well think again you Liberal a-holes.


Anonymous said...

And to think that My country’s flag is at half mast today to honor this terrorist.

It shames me to use my flag like that.
It's Shameful

It's amazing what American politicians will do to impress the blacks..

Anonymous said...

Winnie Mandela's "reputation" was "damaged" by not only inciting people to be burned alive, but by actually ordering it.

Amazing what it takes to destroy a liberal's reputation. They can only "damage" it by driving a car into a lake and leaving a person to drown. They can only "damage" it by ordering people to be burned to death by a tire around their neck with flaming gasoline.

I guess the only way you can irreparably destroy your reputation as a liberal is to do as Paula Deen did, and say something racist.

K. E., Atlanta, Georgia said...

I can hardly wait until Christmas day when the life story of movie of Nellie boy comes out so I can NOT see it. I sincerely hope it’s a huge flop. Do ya think there will be any necklacing scenes in the movie?

Anonymous said...


CI..the thing is this is a far more extensive list of lies than most presidents AND they're more obvious lies.
If 1/20th are real, it's horrible because they're terrifically COSTLY, very unethical lies. You know that.
For goodness sake, EVERY politician lies but this man seems to have taken it to a new low....and a new high in numbers.

Each ONE has a lot of truth in it...and it's not just his admin., I'll grant you that, but leftwing RUBBISH, like limiting salt in restaurants and smaller Coca-Colas...you know.

Today, at the Mandela funeral, he sat with two others, with a phone in their hands either taking a picture of the 3 of them or laughing at something in the phone's screen....this is LOW, to say the least.
Not having sent someone to the Thatcher funeral from this admin. was terrible.

I don't mind a political lie here and there...they ALL DO IT. But the lack of dignity and class and people dying and having lies told about it must stop.

Did you see the new lie even Seymour Hersh has condemned Obama for?..about SYria? it's amazing.

Obama just feels he's the big guy and we're all to believe and follow. He's a very immature man in all ways. That he's president is scary.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "the thing is this is a far more extensive list of lies than most presidents AND they're more obvious lies. If 1/20th are real, it's horrible because they're terrifically COSTLY, very unethical lies."

You know that I am no supporter of Obama, but the list in question contains [by majority count] beefs and offenses that are in no way attributable to Obama. You would vehemently oppose such an absurd list were it proffered for a GOP POTUS, and rightly so. My point is that there already exists more than enough ammunition with which to oppose the Administration, there is simply no need to manufacture outright falsehoods, mis-attributed offenses and pure differences of ideology. Doing so only makes the author look the same level of intellectual maturity as the average leftist.

One either hold's one political wing to a higher standard, or one flails in the gutter with the opposition.

JonBerg said...

"Winnie Mandela's "reputation" was "damaged" by not only inciting people to be burned alive, but by actually ordering it."

Yeah, I guess that intolerant, racist ,sexist Conservatives don't see the honor in acts such as that the way that others, who feel enlightened, do!

Kid said...

oBAMa only tolld the truth about 2 things:
-I'm going to take You're money and give it to losers
-You might (read: will ) have to get by on pain pills

If you turn everything else around that he/the dems have said "You Got It - You Got It - You Got It! (last lyrics of wooly bully by Sam The Sham & Pharaohs. God has a sense of humor.

The repubs are not only useless they're in on it. Lip Service and not at a discount.

Revolution? Right when the man has every form of communication digitized and monitored? Good luck widdat.

Kid said...

PS - The liberals/leftists truly have no more idea what oBAMa is up to than 99% of Germans did of hitler in the 30's and 40's.

Unknown said...

If you folks listened to Democracy Now! you would have heard the entire Sy Hersh report a while ago.

The left wing media keeps on top of this stuff.

As far as the list goes, I can't take something that includes Denied Michelle Malkin her health insurance seriously.

So by all means follow Sy Hersh and brush up on topics like the TPP but who gives a rat's butt about Michelle Malkin?

Duckys here said...

Unknown is Ducky.

Kid said...

All you need to do is glance at lib and duck's truly PATHETIC comments to prove my point and illustrate how intellectually lazy, sociopath and pathetic (there's that word again) they are.

And when they are proven wrong by every iota of reality in existence? They'll be gone like yesterday's passed gas. Best to just ignore, but know they will be feeling the pain because if their money IS where their mouth is, they have prepared Zero for upcoming reality.

Kid said...

There Are some funnies in all of this. The libtards hate 'the rich'. The rich write most of the legislation that slimes its way through Congress. Congress hasn't written 2 words of federal tax law in 50 decades ! Lobbyists. The Rich. The rich control government.

And -devil's advocate- if they don't, what happens when the libtards destroy the rich and find nothing on the shelf next week at the supermarket. You gotta laugh.

Duckys here said...

And when they are proven wrong by every iota of reality in existence?


May I suggest a session with Orwell.
He can improve anyone's prose.

You're so disorganized that you think hyperbole will save you.

Z said...

Ducky...so wait, that's your best shot? That the NY Times was late so we didn't see it because we don't listen to DEMOCRACY NOW!? :-)
I'm sure it's all about DEMOCRACY, you little socialist, you :-)

Kid, I worry about that the MOST.

I think of beautiful places like 5th Avenue and Beverly Hills, where there are gorgeous expensive shops and lovely homes.. And the left WILL spoil that with higher and higher taxes, idiot kids trained to think nobody should be rich (Imagine??????????), etc.

Yes, it's not such a stretch when I "tease" Ducky about getting our Mao jackets out.

To destroy beauty and luxury because some don't have it is the most disgusting, abominable thing I can imagine.

To say nothing about how much money those rich give in philanthropy. unreal

Kid said...

As far as oBAMa, he gives both middle fingers to America and Americans every day. Destroyed health care in America, made it incredibly mre expensive. (remember little ones(libtards) all the extra taxes and stuff haven't kicked in yet and the single payer model isn't even on its landlegs yet) and they call it affordable health care.
It is neither.

So there's a couple things on this list that people take valid issue with? so what.

oBAMa has known ties and meetings with radical islam. CAIR has a back office in the WHite House and has visited more than anyone or any other group so the POS has been there.
oBAMa has taken many tens of actions directly attacking Christianity and benefiting islam.

I posted the list a while back.

They're defunding the military, purging had line American military command, giving the green light for iran to build nukes.

923 Executive order in 6 years at last count when past presidents even of 8 years have 8 or 10.

Really what else do people need to know?

BC said...
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BC said...

Liberdouche, you're obviously not sentient enough to know that NOAA/GISS has been "cooking the books" (Read: "adjusting temps like little coked up monkeys trying to fuck a football") in order to get their vaunted Glow Bull Worming to show up through the 20th century. When you're freezing your scrawny ass off in a few years, as the Sun goes into a New & Improved Maunder Minimum, we'll be laughing our asses off and pointing at you as you scratch on our warm, snuggly doors, begging to be let in out of the cold.

Now, don't you have some bald and/or golden eagles to go murder in the name of Progress?

Duckys here said...

The Nation has a good review of the Sy Hersh allegations

Impertinent said...

Ovomit issues an executive order that all flags are flown at half staff for Mandela?

Did he do that for the 22 Seals killed in one shitty helo in Afshitastan where the ROE's didn't allow them to shoot back at their executioners?

Did he order the flags to 1/2 for the Benghazi murdered?

But he shakes another despot and murderers hand? WTF...what rot lies in this man?

Kid said...

IMP, Hence my comment about the 2 finger salute from oBAMa.

No disrespect, but think about it... like hitler (who unlike obama actually Loved Germany), the libtards can't think fast enough to keep up with any of it.

They sit around and watch wolfey blitzkreig's romper room and get their brains realigned when reality threatens them, then go to bed snug in their fantasies.

Seriously. Seriously.

Kid said...

and most of the stuff won't become visible for years.

Like a good libtard they'll wake up one day, decide they're unhappy, point to the person in the WH and say - it's their fault!

Impertinent said...

The last time flags were ordered to be flown at half staff for another foreign head of state was for Winston Churchill...who was an honorary US citizen. I think it was LBJ that ordered it?

Well....we'll have to see what happens when Fidel dies, right? Should be soon...unless the beard POS is already is already maggot meat.

Z said...


This is horrible..our president snapping pictures with other presidents....shaking hands with Castro...and his aids say "today he was totally focused on Mandela," as if the fact that he was focused there means he could shake hands with people who have Americans kept prisoner.
I have no more words than that.

but yes..one...disgusting.

Z said...

And here's Ducky who slams any rightwing venue he can get, but recommends THE NATION as a 'good review." :-)

I'm leaving the computer for a while.
See you all later.


Kid said...

Z, Pictures like that don't make into publication by accident. Just like this one

Think that would be there if he didn't want it there? It's the middle fingers pointed to America again.

Impertinent said...

Actually...I read that maybe it was Pope Paul 2nd where we lowered the flag?

Impertinent said...

Meanwhile the Russians are knocking down statues of Lenin and refuting the commie madness.....and we...

Have the LSM now touting socialism... and despite Putin's and Pravda's warnings we are now on the path Ovomit has laid out for us.

And Saudi Arabia now wants to partner with Israel...cause they see what Ovomit has done to the ME with Iran now getting a green lite for our demise.

Z said...

I don't know what I have to "CLICK AND DOWNLOAD" at that blog..?

But you think Obama planned that we'd all see him taking his picture like a teenager?

Impertinent said...


"But you think Obama planned that we'd all see him taking his picture like a teenager?"..

He's "hip" right? No doubt he signed a multi million contract with Apple for them to use it in their print ads?

Kid said...

Z, If you're talking about the link I posted a couple comments above I Know No Thing!"

It's just supposed to be an image of obama and chavez doing the 'bro' handshake right after the 08 election.

If this is correct,just go to google images and type in obama chavez if you want to view the madness. Maybe duck is that guy in the background

Kid said...

Oh, IMP's link. I particularly liked michele scowling off to the side as she usually does at mixed race events.

Z said...

I actually thought Michelle was showing some dignity as she concentrated on the service AND the fact that she had to be reminded she married an immature dope.

Kid said...

You could be right Z.

Duckys here said...

Meanwhile the Russians are knocking down statues of Lenin and refuting the commie madness...
Ukrainians, Imp, Ukrainians.

Big difference.

Z said...

Yes, it is the Ukraine.

Ducky, are you a fan of Lenin's?

Impertinent said...


Well Duck...same thing...why the hell do you think they're rioting against their leaders decision to ally with Russia rather than the EU?

Impertinent said...

Imp...has left the building.

Like Chris Rock would say....Tired, tired, tired!

Duckys here said...

Imp if you had ever called my ті́точка jenny a Russian she would have clocked you.

You didn't mess with her. She was walking to the Ukrainian Orthodox church at Forest Hills one Sunday with another babushka and someone tried to mug them.

They put him in the hospital with a broken elbow.
Tough old country broads.

Duckys here said...

z, why do you assume every leftist is a communist.

I am no more a fan of Lenin (neither was Marx he thought Russia was ill prepared for a worker revolt) than I would have been a fan of the czar.

Average American said...

""But you think Obama planned that we'd all see him taking his picture like a teenager?"

He evidently forgot that Moochelle might see it. Man was she PISSED OFF! Did you also see the picture with her GREAT BIG SMILE, while she had her hand on Clinton's leg? PRICELESS!! Check my blog for the link, you'll be glad you did!

Z said...

Ducky, you have said you're a socialist, have you not? I'd have thought there's a lot to Lenin you like.

JonBerg said...


" Check my blog for the link"

Yes I'm "glad" that I did. Will adults ever return to running things here?

Anonymous said...
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