Monday, December 16, 2013

Good cartoons...............from "Imp!"


And I hope you can watch the video in the post below because it is going to cheer you UP!



Always On Watch said...

I love that first one!

Obama and his minions need to cease whining about those who disagree with the present agenda.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh my ass off at these " loyal" Obama fans . They don't give up no matter how stupid he is!

Duckys here said...

Thanks to Megyn Kelly and Faux News we know that Santa should be white.

I guess that's what has him upset.

Good of Faux to cover hard news.

Anonymous said...

While millions of Americans are stuck having their healthcare being canceled on Jan. 1, Omama and the Moocher are off to a 17-day Hawaii vacation.
Leaving the suck suckers. hanging in limbo.

When Americans were dying in Benghazi, he took the night off to rest for a trip to Las Vegas

When his advisers were discussing the Syrian massacres and Obama’s “Red Line” our Nobel Peace prize-winning President ignored them and was playing with his BlackBerry most likely checking Basketball scores. So why should we be surprise now!

Emily said...

Was Jesus a socialist?
Was the Mother of Christ a feminist?

Was Santa Black?

No to all of the above.

By the way, I think Fox news is the Best news on TV.
So what if they bring in a light story once in a while.

Don't be such an ASS over this Ducky, you are often enough.

sue hanes said...

Z - I couldn't get the video for your Sunday Faith blog - just a big white box.

I hope your Sunday was good.

JonBerg said...

"Thanks to Megyn Kelly and Faux News we know that Santa should be white."

Do you mean that you didn't know that, already ? Well, it sounds as if you need to watch FOX more often!

Rational Nation USA said...

Christ was an advocate of what is known as altruism, or self sacrifice either for others or god.

Anti individual, pro collective, Christ personified what is the anti capitalist spirit.

It is almost amusing, were it not so dangerous, that the right is blind to this reality.

Looking at it logically socialists, and especially communists should be huge supporters of Christianity.

They aren't for one one reason, communists simply replace religion with the state. Two masters don't work. Think of it this way, the struggle between the mystics of faith (the church)and the mystics of muscle (the state).

Find more on this by researching and studying Ayn Rand.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas all. And, Good Will to All Individual Women, Men, and Children.

The Gallantwarrior said...

Rational Nation USA, you’re Just Jealous cause Jesus is talking to me is and not to you. Goes to show that Jesus prefers to communicate with conservatives, and not to imbeciles who follow the progressive way if live. We live in the world, which is evil and the prince of the air is in control of those who choose to embrace the ways of the world . It’s clear that you and I choose to embrace a different messiah. Mine is God and yours is anyone that tells you what you want to hear. Rationalism or Empiricism? No fence sitting, no third option!
These Leftwing Liberals/Progressives/Democrats.....who are trying to connect same with communism, Marxism are Guilty as charged.....The talk about Jesus being a revolutionary is pure hogwash. Phd or no Phd, it is garbage and it is a waste of my time talking about this about someone who got a Phd and doesn't know Bible.. You don't start a revolution with turning the other cheek and short swords that are just for self-defense.
Liberalism is popular because of what it gives folks.
Look closely.....what Liberals/Progressives/Democrats give is what Marxism is based on: Materialism.
Note what is not only not given...but what is taken away: accomplishment, the need for hard work, self-respect, spirituality, the can-do attitude that Americans were once famous for.....
That's where conservatism comes in, and thats where progressivism fails..They hide behind the words Liberal/Progressives in order to hide what they really are.
Which is Socialists Marxists. None of them could get elected if they called themselves what they really are.
I don't hate liberals. BTW they are progressives. They just stole the liberal moniker when people realized how nuts progressives were.
I just want them to stop taking my money and interfering in my life. That's all.
The holy grail of progressiveness, visit The Leading Marxist Site on the Net

And by the way, Thanks for your intellectual dishonesty. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas all and to all a Good night.

Mustang said...

Christ was an advocate of what is known as altruism, or self sacrifice either for others or god.

Emphasis on "self-sacrifice" as opposed to the kind of sacrifices imposed on you from a communist or socialist apparatchik. Reaching out to others must come from one's heart, not from inside the beltway.

Z said...'s so right, isn't it!?

Ed...they sure don't.

Ducky...nice deflection. Megyn's not a 'hard news' show. She takes news and discusses it...both sides, always. She was actually covering a liberal Black woman's take on Santa and it had a lot of merit; too bad the leftwing news, so envious of Kelly's success, had to pounce with ridiculous mischaracterization. it was a very worthwhile segment.

My Cons. Thoughts...17 days in Hawaii? I hadn't heard. WOW worries; when Ducky feels he can't address the point, he deflects.

Sue, I guess my videos just don't work for you! I'll try to remember to send you the link because it is FABULOUS.
My Sunday was fine, thanks..I hope yours was, too.

JonBerg..THAT is FUNNY! Thanks!

Mustang; It's those who don't understand who have to ignore Biblical truths like :
"Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Corinthians 9:7

Socialists/Progressives..they will never understand.
I'm humbled by the fact that Conservatives make less money and give more in philanthropy...good feeling. Because, other than taxes imposed on us, we do give with 'cheerful hearts.'
"From the heart, not from the beltway"..Good point, Mustang.

Duckys here said...

@JonBerg -- Do you mean that you didn't know that, already ? Well, it sounds as if you need to watch FOX more often!
I apologize. I keep forgetting the right is extremely sarcasm challenged.

JonBerg said...

"I apologize. I keep forgetting the right is extremely sarcasm challenged."

Who is?

Rational Nation USA said...

Mr. G... If you knew what you are talking about you would be dangerous.

I am not a progressive. I am a fiscal conservative and social libertarian.

I despise the use of the sword unless in the face of unprovoked aggression.

I have no use for rampant statisim while understanding some form and degree of government is neccessary.

I find 20th century totalitarian communism reprehensible.

Facism of either right wing or left wing varietyis as reprehensible as 20 th century communism.

Why it is certain individuals hide behind platitudes and hyperbole of their liking is common to both left and right. It gives one comfort. You Gallantwarrior IMO for the part nicely.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Fox News just happens to be kicking the arse of the rest of the American Media Maggots, dearest Duck. Many times I choose UK media for real news.


skudrunner said...


How do you define a fictional character. Most rational people would define them as being like themselves.

Kelly made a statement and the leftists are playing it for all it's worth. Good for them because they have little to cheer about.

BTW, do you have any proof Santa was not white, green, purple or black.

Sam Huntington said...

Everyone who knew, deep down inside, that Ducklewitz was the Grinch of Christmas, raise your hand. I see … most people. Was Santa Claus white? Yes. Saint Nicholas (15 March 270 — 6 December 343) (also, Nicolas of Myra) was an actual person and the Bishop of Myra (in modern day Turkey) who is said to have performed many miracles. He started a tradition of secret gift giving, for putting coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him; it was thus that Saint Nicholas became the model for Santa Claus.

In the English colonies, the British and Dutch versions of the gift-giver merged with their notion of Father Christmas. Washington Irving published a History of New York in 1809, and in seeking to make fun of Dutch culture, Irving described “Santa Claus” as a thick-bellied Dutch sailor with a pipe and a green winter coat. This leads me to conclude that Irving may have been an ancestor of Ducklewitz who enjoys making fun of other people who are not communists. This is why Ducky only gets a bag of dog crap on Christmas, which seems to me entirely fair.

The Gallantwarrior said...

Rational Nation USA LOVES the attention.. First of all, I think that Libertarians are Pussies. The Libertarians are stuck in their own little world and will absolutely wither away if they don't start pulling their heads out of their asses. If you are not a progressive, then how come you hang around in that shit hole and agree with every word that retarded author of that crap sandwich says?
Was anyone really expecting to hear a single intelligent well thought out comment come out of your mouth? Are you actually trying to pretend your are intellect? Perhaps your mother dropped you on your head when you were a baby. Your comments are laughable garbage but garbage just the same. Aside from that, you really are entertaining.
I have no interest in anything the Liberals OR the Libertarians have to peddle. Soft libertarianism with a mega-dose of authoritarianism is not my cup of joe.

Thomas Jefferson said...

Mooch Obama working her way through affirmative action college!

Thomas Jefferson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Constitutional Insurgent said...

For some reason many days, this site gets flagged as "sex" [gov/mil facility]. I'm not sure why, so it's kind of frustrating.

I'll refrain from my standard position of Fox v. MSNBC, meh.

I likewise don't care what pigment a commercialized caricature of a greek Saint comes in. I do find it interesting that Jesus is often depicted fairly Caucasian.

But the statement of the day has to be....."Are you actually trying to pretend your are intellect?"


Liberalmann said...

When conservatives say, or sing, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” or say they want a “white” Christmas, they are really talking about Skin Color!

Gotta love those self-righteous conservatives and their alabaster view of the world:
To wit — Santa is white … and so is the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.
Furthermore, Jesus was a white guy … and of course, so is God. You idiots will believe anything.

JonBerg, you are a thoroughly despicable person. I would think Geeeez should just delete your garbage but it is good to see you on display like all the other conservative zombies.

Z said...

Liberalman, DAMN! Imagine if you actually READ my blog and comments? Maybe you could even stop mischaracterizing so stupidly!?? ya think? :-)

Only LIBS care what the hell color Santa's so clear from all these comments AND the ridiculous BIG COVERAGE of Kelly.

Funny, some on the left slam her for having legitimately covered an article by a black woman saying Santa's black (and advocating we pick THE PENGUIN for a neutral-type of Santa..typical lib..) and then carry on and ON about it as if it's a huge news story! :-) Love that!!!

skudrunner; excellent remarks.

Const. ...Santa a GREEK SAINT? Is that what you think? Please read Sam's information because he's `100% correct.


As for Jesus' color/race? I like to think he's the color/race of whoever loves him. Because he loves everyone. Let the children color him black or Asian. Please do! No Christian on this planet I know would care.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Santa a GREEK SAINT? Is that what you think? Please read Sam's information because he's `100% correct."

You DO know the origins of Santa Claus [Νικόλαος ὁ Θαυματουργός], don't you?

Anonymous said...

Obama's liberal/socialist policies are the destruction of america
Why should lazy people get any help with Healthcare when all these lazy girls running around getting knocked up and then sitting around letting their already fat rumps get even fatter while they sleep with every black guy that will stick it to them and their nasty kids will turn out the same way i am sick of all these handouts to the lazy people others just because some people of their color had been slaves ages ago or because they are gay and lazy it is these people that are ruining our country so vote tea party and then we can kill these give-a-way programs, ssi, food stamps, medicare, medicade, obamacare, gay weddings, sex reassignment surgery from female to male and all these other free handouts that these lowlife lazy scum so eagerly take.
A lot of the troubles America is facing such as the national debt, over-whelming entitlement programs, over-populated prisons, are created by our Congress as they liberally spend like "drunken sailors." Sorry, that makes drunken sailors sound bad, at least they quit spending when they run out of money.
We can no longer afford for these policies to remain in place, as they destroy our economy, jobs, affect our national security with arming the drug cartels, endanger the world economy with entitlement spending and new strangling business regulations, and crush our personal freedoms through gun control and forcing government run healthcare and abortion down our throats.
Has Obama been the great uniter? Has he brought the races and political parties together in this country? Maybe, you can help me with some examples there. The only ones I can think of, are that he's brought public labor unions, liberals, green parties, and seeks to unite us with the socialist policies that have brought many EU countries to economic collapse and chaos. As well as, groups like the Muslim Brotherhood all have White house access, while further polarizing American races and political parties.
I can not believe how sorry you takers all are it is gutless sheep like you all that are ruining this country but thank God we have people like Ted Cruz that will stand up for you gutless cowards go ahead and enjoy your free food and medical go ahead and have your halfbreed babies better enjoy your free ride while you can cause when president Cruz takes office you bums freeloading ride is going to be over.

Z said...


I was hoping we adults would less argue over what color Santa or Jesus are and discuss the treatment of Kelly.

By the way..I happened to see her in that interview and thought "Oh, NO!" when she said "Santa's WHITE!"
But, I thought she handled it beautifully afterwards and during the remarks she made two days later. Thank GOD they were not an apology, God bless her.

And, I misspoke in the comment above; she did NOT cover that Black author because the woman said Jesus was Black; she covered the angle of that woman's story which touched her and, may I say, all of us...that the black woman had felt disenfranchised as a child because Santa was portrayed as white...and she apparently really built a good case for her feelings.
Kelly RESPECTED and applauded her thinking..and said so. Think the idiot lib media got THAT? They haven't even mentioned it in the slamming articles...everything BUT THAT.

how pitiful.

Well, I just ordered the frame for my mother's Christmas present which I need to thank Imp for, profusely. I am so excited about her present I can barely control myself for another week!!

Off to thank Imp via email again!

Z said...


Paul Ryan/Ted Cruz,...2016

Young, bright, economics wizard, Hispanic who loves this country,

I don't care HOW MAD the more libertarian Cons are today over Ryan's budget 'deal''s tiny, but it's SOMETHING.

JonBerg said...

@ Liberalmann...

"JonBerg, you are a thoroughly despicable person."

With all due consideration of the source, I'm flattered, indeed!

Thanks, you made my day.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rat’s behind what color Santa is. He is or could be any color you want him to be, as long as he makes the children happy. We have more things to concern ourselves with, in this country than what color Santa is, like unemployment, OBAMACARE, Obama’s budget for example, Obama’s budgets when voted upon in Congress have failed to get ANY votes, zero, zip, nada, even from Democrats!!!! His budgets have failed even to pass the Democrat controlled Senate!
I don’t know if Santa’s white, or black, or yellow, but I know one thing, he’s definitely a Conservative, because he is a nice guy and love, instead of hates as you Liberals/Progressive do.

Z said...

Gallant Warrior...he must be Conservative, indeed :-)

JonBerg; You don't need this from me, but I have to apologize for libdope. Nobody calls a commenter here DESPICABLE. and you are not.

Let's try this on for size as far for the term despicable: Here's a liberal who thinks WHITE CHRISTMAS is a Conservative racist song.
Ya, I think that about deserves despicable, don't you?

JonBerg said...


No problem, I rather enjoyed it and hope it remains for all to see. Keep up the good work!

Remember Ben Gazi said...

The progressive war on Christmas - and on Christianity in general it continues to rage on. The latest example comes from a small town in Kansas that found itself smack dab in the middle of a battle with progressives who were oh-so offended that a cross was on public property!
Not surprising, since Nazis were progressives.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"The progressive war on Christmas"

I've asked the question many times, and never really received an answer. Does faith require government validation. And if government doesn't validate faith through ritual displays, is faith lessened?

skudrunner said...

Liberalmann,, P.J. O'Rourke best summed up the modern liberal

“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”

But of course you wouldn't understand

Always On Watch said...

The story of St Nicholas: the real Santa Claus.


Nicholas was born in a Turkish village to wealthy parents who died when he was young. Having been raised as a devout Christian, he gave away his inheritance to the poor and the needy. Such generous deeds brought him to the attention of church elders and Nicholas was made a Bishop at a very young age....

About Santa Claus:

The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas....

More information at each of the above links.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

To all my friends, my blogging friends. although things in this wonderful country of ours have changed, God's message remained the same. Here's my point, When Christmas rolls around, I still feel the same. I still have the love for my friends and neighbors.
Okay, the hand-writing on the wall thing is bleak, the line in the sand if frightful. I still have a job, my house h\still has air-conditioning when it’s hot outside and a warm furnace when it’s cold outside, my wife and kids still love me and I love them.
So, yes, have a Merry Christmas and make it one designed to be what you want it to be, not what endless messages of holiday cheer make you feel you have to be or do. As for the PC crowd, the Liberals, the Progressives, the Atheists and all the other freakazoids out there, they can all kiss my ass. , Christmas is an incredible time of the year, and I for one feel great about it.
My Christmas wish for you, my friend
Is not a simple one
For I wish you hope and joy and peace
Days filled with warmth and sun
May your journeys be short, your burdens light
May your spirit never grow old
May all your clouds have silver linings
And your rainbows pots of gold.
May all your dreams come true
May you have a Merry Christmas friend
And a happy New Year, too~

Z said...

Const. Insurg:

Nobody needs government to prove or even help with our faith. Why do you frequently suggest that?
It's got nothing to do with the problems secularists are giving Christians about the NATIONAL HOLIDAY OF THIS COUNTRY, Christmas.

Christians never gave a hoot who celebrated and who didn't. I've asked dear Jewish friends if they minded the Christmas holidays.."NO!" is the resounding response I've always had.

Why this sudden push of "happy HOLIDAYS" (which is kind of ridiculous particularly this year since Hanukkah is over so there really is one holiday coming if you don't consider the made up one of Kwanse)? Maybe you're not curious about the fairly sudden hesitance for stores to even mention CHRISTMAS TREES (HOLIDAY TREES, instead) or the rules to clerks not to say MERRY CHRISTMAS, but many of us are. This isn't something we started!

I've been emailed some blogs where the owners, liberals, are bemoaning the fact that Christmas has been made to have religious meaning by 'those nasty old Conservative bloggers' and the mind boggles.

My advice to grinched-out libs and the ACLU...? If you hear MERRY CHRISTMAS, get over it... I get offended DAILY by things I see in our culture, so suck it up and you be offended for a second if it bothers you.

My faith is my faith and I need nothing on the outside to help with that faith but I'm not going to let the beauty of it disappear from the American landscape, either, TRUST ME.....about 78% of Americans espouse Christianity and I'll be damned if I'm going to NOT say Merry Christmas to anyone I don't know for sure is Jewish or Muslim.

Remember Ben Gazi said...

Z Said:
" and I'll be damned if I'm going to NOT say Merry Christmas to anyone I don't know for sure is Jewish or Muslim."

Well Z,I don't know about anyone else, BUT I'm Jewish and I say Merry Christmas every chance that I get.

Rational Nation USA said...

Santa is multicultural.

Kelly has class even when she is wrong

Christ was likely the skin color or shade of those dwelling in his region over 2,000 years ago.

Obvioud questions... Why does anyone care? What does it matter? Assuming God exists, and there is only one, and everyone is his child then would not be the most bi-racial entity in existence?

Just asking.

Z said...

Remember Ben Gazi...GOOD FOR YOU! I love that. Dennis Prager this morning said the same thing...he says MERRY CHRISTMAS all the time. He knows how Christians are good people and have done so much good for America and for Israel.
I'm glad you're here, RBG.

Radical Nation...I think I, at least, answered your questions in a comment above somewhere..or maybe a few of them?. Who cares, indeed? And, of course, Jesus OR Santa are whatever a child wants to believe they are.
If that isn't the TRUE MEANING of the love of Christ, I don't know what is, come to think of it.
Hey, I love that..thanks for the opportunity for me to put that into words.
And ya, Megyn Kelly is classy, isn't she!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Nobody needs government to prove or even help with our faith. Why do you frequently suggest that?"

Because this time every year, many dredge up the fallacy of a "war on Christmas". Usually centered around the display [or lack of] of ritualistic symbology on government property, or the saying [or lack of] of "merry Christmas, by the very entities that dilute the meaning of the holiday through crass commercialization.

If said symbology doesn't provide a validation of one's faith, why are some so adamant when they don't see enough of it on the property administered by and for Americans of every faith and of none?

dmarks said...

Fox News serves a valuable purpose bring the only major news outlet that is not leftist, is not in lockstep with the President. Dissent is patriotic! Those who want it censored and call it "Faux" are nothing other than bootlickers, enablers of fascism.

Z said...

CI..keep thinking it's a fallacy.
I don't want to go into the many examples of that 'war' again, thanks.
I don't 'own' much of what you said in your comment, but...whatever!

Even the Megyn Kelly thing was no 'war' on Christmas deal....why bring that up now?

Dmarks..the thing is that FOX is always presenting both sides and I'll never understand why leftwingers can't allow that into their thinking.
I watch everything. They apparently just can't.

dmarks said...

Z: Objectively, Fox is little different from its mirror image MSNBC, especially on its bias and how it presents the other side. However, unlike Ducky with his juvenile name calling, I respect the First Amendment and news. The more the merrier. Vigorous and diverse debate from all stations. Those with such an irrational hatred of one channel due to it not lining up with the party line of those in power need an immersive course in our liberties.

And yes, though I agree with Fox content more than that of MSNBC, I am able to view this objectively. And when we have the next Republican president, I will had no problem with MSNBC doing to him/her the same as Fox does to Obama today.

Kid said...

I don't feel anyone is reporting 'the news'.
Someone tell me what really happened in Benghazi.

what's really going on in Afghanistan for 10+ years

how much money has been doled out to unions and other democrat/obama's masters interests

how much the fed gave to the banks that we will have to pay back in tax increases, inflation, real estate depreciation. it was 43 trillion in US treasuries as over a couple years ago. have you heard? the Fed is going to just delete those MBS purchases off the balance sheet and move on one day soon.

why are high performance military commanders really being purged.

what deals are being made with Russia

what is really going to happen to America's health care with a fully implemented obammycare. I know this btw, not pretty.

why does Fox news not force someone like juan williams to produce publicly reported numbers that prove easily there is no economic recovery.

why don't they talk about how with two calculation method changes to the inflation measure since 1980, we'd be reporting 10% a year inflation right now.

Sorry, in my opinion, all we get from any news source at best is shiny fuzzy balls for us cats to focus on until the next shiny fuzzy ball is produced.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I agree with the two preceding posts. There is little difference in the business model used by all of the cable 'news' channels; one that uses sensationalism and divineness as it's currency.

And that we're utterly ill served by our media in general. For straight news, I turn to foreign media sources....who aren't out to propagate the left/right paradigm to turn a buck.

dmarks said...

Const: Good points, aside from what I was saying earlier in which I am alarmed by the idea that a news organization that does completely defer to those in power can be accused in effect of blasphemy.

Duckys here said...

@kid --- it was 43 trillion in US treasuries as over a couple years ago. have you heard?

I'm calling bull.

But it's interesting you can pull up that figure in a post where you complain about no reporting.
Where did you hear it?

Duckys here said...

@kid --- what is really going to happen to America's health care with a fully implemented obammycare. I know this btw, not pretty.
You clairvoyant?

dmarks said...

Ducky: Kid can't even spell the President's name. It makes his numbers rather suspect for accuracy. Just like when you show yourself to be no authority on media when you can't spell "Fox"...

You two are more alike than you think.

Kid said...

Right here Duck

Actually it's Awfully easy to find credible sources for this in financial publications.

Kid said...

Well, that didn't work out too well, but you get the idea.

Kid said...

dmarks. As I said, Easily findable if you're paying attention, reading financial information.

Duckys here said...

kid, the link is to something called SOUNDBIBLE.

I was expecting Barron's, WSJ, The Economist.
Got anything?

dmarks said...

Kid, 43 trillion what exactly? When was it, where, and where did it go to or from?

dmarks said...

AOW said: "Obama and his minions need to cease whining about those who disagree with the present agenda."

Now, I definitely agree. He needs to man up, get a thicker skin. It's not North Korea after all.

dmarks said...

Ducky said: "kid, the link is to something called SOUNDBIBLE."

Well, could have been worse. Could have been SCENTKORAN, or SIGHTPOPULVUH.

I can't get a straight answer out of Kid. What exactly is this $43 trillion figure supposed to be referring to?

Kid said...

dmarks. 1st) I'm not saying there is anything wrong with you. I'm saying there is something wrong with the 'news' media that you and most other people don't know any of this. It's news to the vast majority.

Here it is in a nutshell. You've heard of QE- Quantative Easing? It amounts to the Fed trading perfectly good US Treasuries for perfectly worthless mortgage paper that was the crux of the financial meltdown starting Oct 2007. They're on QE3, after having done QE1 and QE2. The "787 billion bailout" was chump change and misdirection.

It's called MBS - Mortgage Backed Securities, and are no more physically connected to actual real estate than is monopoly money. Also called derivatives.
Aka bets made on the real estate bubble. Net effect is the banks got a do-over courtesy of the Fed and us of course, and countless future generations of our kids.

It's worthless paper because the Fed is simply going to drop it off their balance sheet. They've already said so.

You won't hear it on the news. Hell, if it isn't announced on ESPN, Most people would probably never hear it anyway. Best to ya.

Duckys here said...

787 billion, kid?

That leaves the till short over 42 trillion.
Keep trying.

WomanHonorThyself said...

we could all use a little good news Z~!...xoxoxox

Kid said...

It's called reading comprehension duck. Get ya some.

Kid said...

Well, darn it, maybe I missed a decimal point

search the above for the 3.7 trillion in MBS at the time of writing, slated to become 4.3 trillion in a recent "subscriber only" release I read.

4.3 trillion given to the banks, foreign and domestic btw. A good amount of money. I've read where the total wealth of the world is around 600 trillion, for perspective. And who knows where it ends. Everyone expects the new fed chief Janet Yellen to be quite generous with our money. QE# isn't slated to stop anytime soon, and it is pumping 85 billion a month to our dear friends at the banks.

Z said...

Kid, I couldn't agree with you more.

People here think I'm in love with FOX or something and, trust me, I AM NOT. But, in comparison with CNN and MSNBC? What a relief to have left AND right on ALL the time. I can't stand the arguing, but at least you hear both sides there. And, I don't agree that they're all the same.. Or treated the same. Imagine if a FOX host said anything CLOSE to what Martin Bashir said about Palin? just imagine? That's true ALL the time.

And I'm TIRED of folks confusing editorials like O'Reilly and Hannity with hard news. they NEVER SAY they're hard news..EVER.

But the news is good..straight news. If anybody thinks Shep Smith is conservative, they're not awake, by the way; and he's the chief news giver of the day.

Cavuto is THE BEST and their financial people are very, very good. But, I'm not the fan of FOX people here paint me as..not even close. It's just such a relief from Blitzer and Carol Costello, etc etc. I do like CNN's Don Lemon, by the way. And Anderson Cooper some of the time.

I can't tell you how many times I watch FOX and think "Why don't you remind them........this...or that?" There can be a big argument where a lib shouts a con down and the con doesn't TELL THE TRUTH!! They don't mention so many important things; I wish I could think of an example but I can't right now. But it's usually BIG facts that would SHAME the liberal they're debating and they either don't know or they decide it isn't good to bring the truth up. Why? I don't know. But it happens a LOT.

Anyway, I watch Deutsche Welle whenever I can..German TV...Canada's good in print.. I read it and it's more truthful about US than WE are..much more honest and fair. So are some of the Brit papers.

Dmarks..what are you so ticked at Kid about? And why?

Const. Ins...what "divineness"? ?? what?

dmarks said...

Z: About Kid? Just wondering about some $43 trillion Federal expenditure around 2011 he mentioned. Which is like some ludicrous ransom demand from Dr. Evil in Austin Powers. If it is a typo and really $4.3 trillion, then I will apologize to him. But so far he seems to be insisting it is true.

I know that the Obama administration is grossly irresponsible from a fiscal point of view, and has chosen to rack up far worse debt than Bush. But we really need to stick to what really happened. The reality is bad enough of the near doubling of the debt, $10 trillion Obama is adding. But $43 trillion in one year? Hmmm. no.

Louis H. said...

I see the Kid has said he made an error. If I can see it, then so should everyone else see it. Do you want Kid to drown himself?

Duckys here said...

And I'm TIRED of folks confusing editorials like O'Reilly and Hannity with hard news.

Anyone who thinks they are hard news shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Pretty much true of anything on cable except The Daily Show.

Sam Huntington said...

Howdy Doody had more credibility than anyone on televised news today. It’s hard to tell which came first: low-information voters, or low-information press.

Duckys here said...

z, not that I ever thought you were a World Socialist Review king of gal but really, can you name and left winger on FOX?

Monica Crowley?
Neil Cavuto?
Gretchen Carlson?
Dana Parino?
Linda Chavez?

... or does Allen Colmes carry the load?

Maybe Bob "We Should Stop Giving Student Visas to Muslims" Beckel?

Z said...

Ducky, why would you name conservatives to a list of liberals you demand of me?

Monica Crowley? Dana Perino? Nope...just really bright, but definitely conservatives.

I don't need to supply a list and can't think of most of the liberal FOX contributors..
but, yes..Beckel, Colmes, Williams, Tamara Holder...You should watch; probably 90% of each subject segment has another liberal FOX contributor on to share his/her opinion. Much more interesting than the "one viewpoint" left's cable TV. Though CNN finally felt pressured enough to take on Jake Tapper, a quasi-conservative, and Gingrich, of all people.

dmarks said...
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dmarks said...

Louis H said: "I see the Kid has said he made an error."

I missed the comment where he did... and I see it now. Sorry about that, Kid. Yes, that is a very real number. Obama revels in such handouts to the rich and corporations, and yes, it is usually opposed by Republicans.

dmarks said...

Ducky: Beckel's a leftist. One religious bigotry statement against Muslims doesn't negate that... it's just different from the much more common leftist religious bigotry against Christians, that's all. There's also Susan Estrich and Juan Williams.

But that doesn't matter to me, just as it doesn't matter that Fox's left-wing mirror might have too few conservatives. My point is that it is good to have major voices in the media that confront and criticize those in power. And as per the cartoon, Obama is rather thin-skinned about it. It makes him look pathetic.

Radical Redneck said...

Duckys here said...Anyone who thinks they are hard news shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Pretty much true of anything on cable except The Daily Show.

So a shamelessly biased comic with a studio of braying idolizing monkeys is the only source of real news for you. Thanks for confirming what we already knew to be true of 99.9% of leftists.

You are a cliche'. A cartoon. A 2 dimensional paper thin comic book character.

dmarks said...

True about Stewart... a hardline ideologue who send to get off from fooling his legions of fans who mistake the stuff he makes up for hard news. Really a lot like Limbaugh does for the right. And rock bottom when it comes to hard news.

Radical Redneck said...

I don't get to hear Limbaugh too often but when I do I inevitably cough out a lung. The other day he was playing that covetous little troll Robert Reich doing his usual blather about increasing taxes to 90% and ending all charity. All during the dreck, Limbaugh was playing the Oompa Loompa song.

This after introducing him as "taking a break from working in Santa's workshop."

My lungs ached the rest of the day. Again, lung coughing out time.

Kid said...

Dmarks. I don't attribute it to obama, though it would be fun to do so. I attribute it to the Federal Reserve, which contrary to likely popular belief is not controlled by America, it is controlled by foreign interests. Though given that so is obama so we can make 'some' connection.

QE still going. 85 bln a month adds to up another trillion in about a year, how long will QE3 go? No one knows. And 4 Trillion is still a lot of money to Give From Us to the banks. Plus they got a good chunk of the 870-whatever billion bailout that we can tag to Bush.

Kid said...

Jon Stewart. Couple years ago, he was being interviewed by someone on another show, and made the statement that he "thought obama would clean up Washington DC"

WHAT???? The guy is old enough to have grey hair and he is THAT stupid?

I easily determined obama was a lying POS in 2006.

Well, that's where we're at I guess, halfway to Idocracy.

Kid said...

Z, There are a few good (Credible) folks associated with FOX. Unfortunately as a whole, it adds up to your typical "talk radio incite the population with talking points" (to get the ratings up) show and the hard facts and conservative education items get lost.

dmarks said...

Kid: Stewart's statement about Obama reads like Democratic Party PR, true. The devoted Left eats it up.

About the banks and Obama being controlled by foreign interests, can you be specific? Who, exactly,?

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Kid - "Unfortunately as a whole, it adds up to your typical "talk radio incite the population with talking points" (to get the ratings up) show and the hard facts and conservative education items get lost."

Concur. This is the business model that Fox and MSNBC have perfected, and CNN either tried and failed or simply stayed out of. Which is why I'm prone to watch CNN if I watch American news at all.

Also unfortunately, the protagonists and antagonists for each cable outlet, use much the same model in debate. They will invariably proclaim that one cannot make accusations of bias toward their chosen channel based on opinion/commentary programming....yet immediately level accusations of bias at the other offending channel, based entirely on it's opinion/commentary programming.

Kid said...

Dmarks One of many references

Google "Who controls the federal reserve" for many more.

I assume you know this sort of information isn't tightly and transparently located in some filing cabinet somewhere. We have to use our life experience and insights to determine what we consider credible.

One thing that comes to mind for me is a question - When has the Congress ever Told the fed what to do. It doesn't, it has an audience with the fed like the Fed is the Wizard of Oz. It may bellyache and put on a dog and pony show, but it never tells the Fed what to do. Hence...

Kid said...

Dmarks. Stewart. I believe he was serious when he said that. That is what is scary. I know plenty more who are older, and have worked in professional venues who believe even more ridiculous things.

Retired P&G upper management person who believes Presidents Never Lie, for example.

Kid said...

CI, Yea, I'd agree CNN doesn't play that gae as hard as the others, it still is connected to the democratic party at the hip and does its bidding. In this case, its biggest failure is how it doesn't inform. Benghazi? Pfffft - fake scandal, not gonna go there. Ooops, thats an interesting question, but Look folks, we're out of time... wolf blitzer's romper room and all.

I will put in my vote that people Don't need to know everything and shouldn't know certain things either - OPSEC in particular, but it's just gotten absurd with the fairy tales and non-information. More non-information than mis-information imo.

dmarks said...

Kid said: "Google "Who controls the federal reserve" for many more.

Cringe. Half of the links in the Google top 10 were full of Neo-Nazi antisemitic "Jews control the banks" crap. The one you linked to was peppered with references to the Rothschilds, a common target, and code-word of the antisemitic fictional bank conspiracy.

Can you do better than this? It's not looking good for your claim... Giving you a chance to support your claim of foreigners controlling Obama and our banks to be something other than a version of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion". I assume that was not your intent...

Kid said...

Well, we all have our biases. I don't think "Jews" in particular when I think banks. Though that's a strong contender. Goldman Sachs for example. Allowed to have a computer within Inches of market exchange computers for the purpose of High Frequency Trading. The constant skimming of profit from the stock market daily action.

These are subjects beyond my ability to explain it to my grandmother. As Einstein used to say "If you can't explain it to your grandmother, you don't understand it"

No I don't have anything better at present.

Can you provide evidence that the American political body controls the Fed or the banks for that matter?

Can you provide content to show that banks ever lose? They don't ever lose. A 3 billion fine here or a 6 billion loss there (JPM) is chump change and misdirection. Congress put Jamie Dimon on the hot seat for a couple days, then they all go out for drinks and hookers. Congress puts the big oil people on the hot seat for a couple days then they all go out for drinks and hookers.

Above My Pay Grade to answer.

Why was Lehman Bros tossed to the curb during the financial meltdown?
Why no one else?

I don't have the answers, but I surely believe they don't exist within the confines of the American political body of moron clowns.
Congress hasn't written tax law for 4 decades or more. Who does? "Lobbyists" Who are the lobbyists? Agents of big money.
Let me know if you end up with a completed jigsaw puzzle and I might do the same depending on the completed picture.

Kid said...

Here is a good article on High Frequency Trading

75% or more volume on Wall Street is Program Trading. Free Markets. Yea.. For the People !

dmarks said...

Kid: That was a lot better than the direction you were headed in. But you really need to find sources that factor out the Rothschilds and stuff that skirts around the Illuminati and the Elders of Zion.

And I know you haven't done it yet, and might not. But once you start serving up Bildeburgers, you are serving up whoppers.

Kid said...

Dmarks. What can I add to "You're not going to find all the answers neatly filed away in a filing cabinet"?

You want those answers from me? Provide me the winning numbers to the MegaMillions tonight in return Ok?

Do you not see you're being raped with a telephone pole from the government and financial interests? Does it matter whether you pin the tail on the donkey?
I don't think so.

So, what do you want from me? And if I don't give it to you, I am somehow Less of [what] ??

You tell Me.

Oh Gosh, I'm sorry I brought up a subject and didn't put all the 1000 puzzle pieces in the right place. Or am I missing something?

Kid said...

Dmarks. PS - Anything known isn't worth knowing. A famous idiom on Wall Street.

So, No, I have no intention of mentioning misdirection nonsense like the bildeburgers.

Let me know what You come up with. K?

dmarks said...

Good kid: someone who questions this stuff, but hasn't brought into the iron dream of socialism or the Bildeburgers, either.