Thursday, December 12, 2013

ONE CITY............ can leave tomorrow, all expenses paid, first class, to any city of your choice.

So, what is it? 

Why?  AND...who would you want to RUN that city?  The person doesn't have to be the nationality of the country your city's imaginative!

(I'd post an image of a city to go with the post but I'd hate to influence anybody that way!)

I'm singing this morning...pray all goes well..thanks!



DaBlade said...

OK Z, Here i go nitpicking, but is this an all expenses paid vacation or am I going to live there? If I am just visiting, then a crack smoking mayor won't ruin my vacation. If I'm going to be relocating, then its no city I want. Give me a remote cabin in the woods (with a grocery store a short snowmobile ride away).

Good luck singing! Not that you need it... like an angel you sound!

American Jihad said...

I'd pick New York City, and I'd want Rudy Giuliani to run it, as he did before. He did a brilliant job cleaning it up and making it a great place to live and work in.
I lived there up until 6 years ago.
As for the worst mayors we had there, I'd say they were David Dinkins and John Lindsay, in that order. The city truly bottomed out under Dinkins.
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, will be the destroyer of rhe City as it is today. Just wait and see. Call me a racist or a bigot, if you want to, but I say it as I see it. The crooks and creeps are going to run wild. I have very low expectations for him. He's going to give everyone everything they want to make them happy, kind of like we saw with Obama.

Always On Watch said...

Anywhere in Hawaii except for Honolulu itself. Honolulu is a tourist trap!

I love Kauai and Maui, the latter with wonderful beaches.

Why do I want to go to Hawaii right this very minute?

Because it's warm there!

We have bitter cold here in the D.C. area and more wintry mix probably on the way on Saturday.

sue hanes said...

Z - I would like to go to Paris.
I have no idea who I would want to run that city. My second choice would be Washington,D.C.

Good luck with your singing. I'm sure you will do well.

Duckys here said...

I'm a student of Renaissance art -- Florence.

Duckys here said...

...oh, the leader could be anyone but Berlosconi.

Rita said...

Volterra. Again.

Anonymous said...

Anyone but Obama

Z said...

"Anyone but Obama" made me laugh out loud. Thanks, I needed that!

And thanks for the good wishes on my singing, folks!

Be back later.

Thanks for the interesting to read.

Average American said...

The city doesn't have a name. It is a ten acre island in the tropics having 1 beautiful beach, and only 1 accessible side to it. The fishing and beaching is great. A metal detector finds all the gold needed to pay the bills and there is only 1 estate on it---MINE!!! I am the only owner, the only permanent resident, and the BOSS! I run it all!

Duckys here said...

What was the vocal program, z?


Impertinent said...


We have bitter cold here in the D.C. area.."

You're lots closed to South Florida than you think. Why travel 15+ hours to go to Hawaii?

You could be enjoying 80 degree wx in 2 hours.

Brought to you by the Florida tourism board...!!

Anonymous said...

Ducky, it was a gospel pianist, a male gospel singer and two female gospel singers extraordinaire so it's always a kind of thrill to be asked to participate in this Christmas concert for a very large Bible Study here in Santa Monica.
I freaked out a little because my favorite pianist didn't come, but the guy who came is someone I'm kind of familiar with, too, and once I start O Holy Night, I didn't really even hear him; I just knew he was there and I was keeping on key because of him :)

I have to admit it went extremely's intimidating to hear black singers doing amazing jobs of terrific Christmas spirituals, etc., the Pastor did an O Come, All Ye Faithful that knocked our socks off...but I was the last to sing and started out in my white little way, the first verse, and then just let it rip...I'm very pleased. SOmetimes I don't honestly know where it comes from. Felt good and I had an amazing reception so. I'm relieved it's over and glad it blessed a lot of women. good stuff. Thanks for asking.

Avg American, your metal detector line is hilarious! GOod thinking.

I have to say I think I'd be split between Paris and Munich...
And the leader would be anybody but the French president now and Munich would have someone who understands they're losing their beautiful country due to the threats and actions of immigrants which are not being picked up by the media and which are scaring thinking Germans. Ditto with whoever was heading Paris, too.

It's criminal what's happening in both those marvelous cities; You could eat off the ground in Munich and leave your bicycle on its side near your door and never worry; NOT ANYMORE.
In Paris, people are scared to walk from their car to their home in the suburbs at night.
It's a whole different, uglier world and we're letting it happen.

Ed Bonderenka said...


Kid said...

Z, Like DeBlade it depends on the time horizon, but I'll assume it is for good, or intended anyway.

I'll take Sedona, Az and a home off the beaten path. A great home base for many fantastic spots to visit/travel to in the Southwest, in a state that allows persons to openly carry firearms without a license.

Pretty decent food choices and if one wants to chef their own meals, good food can be found easily within or nearby for stocking up. Winters are mild, though some snow can appear in winter so you can enjoy the seasons without living through 3 brutally cold months of no sunshine. Cause, there Is no sunshine when she's gone. And that's no good.

I could also sell my woodworking and sculpture wares down at the shops at tlaquepaque on consignment.

Avoiding the occasional rattlesnake in Oak Creek Canyon is not difficult and I could even get in touch with my inner Native American Spirits. I think it's perfect.

I am part Cherokee and share my heritage with Will Rogers who I admire.

Born William Peen Adair Rogers, a Cherokee-Cowboy, “Will” became best known as an actor, a Vaudvillian, a philanthropist, a social commentator, a comedian, and a presidential candidate. Known as Okalahoma’s favorite son, Rogers was born to a well respected Native American Territory family and learned to ride horses and use a lasso/lariat so well that he was listed in the Guiness Book of World Records for throwing three ropes at once—one around the neck of a horse, another around the rider, and a third around all four legs of the horse. He ultimately traveled around the world several times, made 71 films (50 silent and 21 “talkies”), wrote more than 4,000 nationally-syndicated newspaper columns, and became a world-famous figure. He died in a plane crash in 1935.

I've always been afraid of airplanes but loved them as well and have been on probably a hundred commercial flights over the years.

Anyway. Sedona. Yep.

Kid said...

Ed! A respectable calling for you sir. Get Down !

JonBerg said...

OK Ed,

Then it will be East St. Louis, Illinois with Obama as Mayor for me!

Baysider said...

A small ranch outside San Luis Obispo. I love growing my food, low humidity and the California coast! (I'm pretty attached to my tangerines and bananas :) ) I wouldn't worry so much about who runs the city, as who runs the state. Can I have our old governor back - the one before Jerry Brown, and I don't mean his father! Or 'the Duke' who had the fiscal responsibility to have a rainy day fund when the '94 quake hit the infrastructure.

Z, it was beautiful hearing you this morning. I was turning to make my way over to see you, but got intercepted by a friend with a serious need.

Anonymous said...

From Z of geeeZ:

Kid, you do woodworking, etc? Email me!Good choice, Sedona.

Baysider, was quite a show, wasn't it. I saw Mr. Baysider with the men earlier and was happy he's still attending.
I did the interiors for Twin Cities Hospital and got to spend a lot of time in San Luis Obispo...marvelous ranches and wineries there, etc. GOod choice.

Ed...You're probably the only person who COULD fix Detroit!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Fix it?
Oh. Yeah.

Impertinent said...


Sedona? Good choice..can I go wit ya?

Since I live in a pink city...Sedona wouldn't bother me much.

Kid said...

IMP, Absotively.

But Libtards beware. They burst into flames at the border. Voodoo I think it is.

Impertinent said...


" They burst into flames at the border.."

No...once they get into one of the pink jitneys..

Bob said...

I kinda like where I am, the Atlanta suburbs. No, we don't have the entertainment of a New York City, or the cuisine of a Chicago. We do have a good life, a moderate climate, and and several million good people with which we can socialize.

OK. The real reason is that my grandkids live about two miles from us, almost around the corner.

Life is good.

As far as who should be running things, that is tough. The City of Atlanta is run by a bunch of black crooks who took over about thirty or forty years ago from a bunch of white crooks. I live outside the city, and cannot be bothered by the cost of the Democrat jobs machine the city really is.

We have the Braves and the Falcons, and the Hawks. Not all are in the world class category, but they are good teams.

The symphony is good, too. The nightlife active, and the barbecue OK.

What else could you want?

Duckys here said...

But Libtards beware. They burst into flames at the border. Voodoo I think it is.
Nobody gets that far due to the overwhelming smell of dried urine.

beakerkin said...

I would remain in NYC but have the Great Mr. Beamish as Mayor.

Stop and Frisk is for whimps it will be replaced with catch and release.We can have the homeless build their own housing. We can have prisoners build moire prison space and grow their own food. Unfortunately if some use these new found agricultural skills to develop massive pot farms we can always sieze the pot and sell it to registered medical users. There are probably doctors who will write an rx for pot for hemorrhoids, bunions and so forth.

Duckys here said...

@beak --- moire prison space

Spacial aliasing problem. You need to increase your resolution.

Z said...


Paris :-)