Monday, December 9, 2013

Mandela but not Thatcher?

So, Obama and others are going to the Mandela funeral this week.........He even invited George and Laura Bush along, isn't that nice? :-)  After all, a man as famous as Nelson Mandela should have a country as big and influential as America represented by AMERICA, not one political party, right?

If you follow that logic, it pains me (and did many British and other Americans) that Mr. Obama saw fit to ignore Mrs. Margaret Thatcher's funeral, considering she was famous and instrumental in ending the Cold War and very popular among many.   Her American funeral attendees were former Vice President Dick Cheney and two other veterans of Republican administrations, George P. Shultz, 92, and James A. Baker III, 82.

Sad. I keep wishing America was represented with dignity and class again.  I would have thought that an ex Prime Minister of Britain was as important as a president of South Africa.

Do you share my feelings about this?  I want an American president to represent ME, too.  You know?



Always On Watch said...

Obama should have attended Mrs. Thatcher's funeral -- whether or not he agreed with her views and policies. America's alliance with the UK is a long-standing one, and Mrs. Thatcher was the prime minister of the UK for four years.

Now, I do understand why Obama wants the United States well represented at Nelson Mandela's funeral -- if only because Mr. Mandela served as the president of South Africa for five years.

More to the point: Mrs. Thatcher symbolized something of which Obama doesn't approve whereas Mr. Mandela symbolized something of which Obama clearly approves.

Furthermore, Obama wants to contribute to the canonization of Nelson Mandela. In my view, that canonization is a part of promoting white guilt because the canonization goes beyond any respect that may be due him.

Besides, the ongoing canonization of Nelson Mandela draws attention away from ObamaCare. Please see this recent essay by Steven Brill, recently published in Time Magazine. Concluding paragraphs:

Bungling the Easy Stuff

Obamacare is the President's signature domestic achievement. It's bad enough that the design and launch of its insurance-exchange website was bungled and required emergency treatment. But at least for that there is the excuse, lame though it may be, that building this gargantuan e-commerce platform was hard.

But that they also haven't yet delivered on the easy stuff related to the President's highest priority suggests that the Obama team was so lacking when it came to turning law into reality--better known as governing--that the website never had a chance.

The essay is worth your time.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I look at it this way; a POTUS can either attend ALL funerals of foreign dignitaries - NO funerals of foreign dignitaries - or SOME funerals of foreign dignitaries.

I would vote for SOME, and am not terribly concerned with which ones are chosen, as long as they are/were not sworn enemies of the United States.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, you bet that I share your feelings about this.
And what bugged the hell out of me was that he (Obama) ordered ALL U.S. flags to be flown at half-mast and announced he and the first lady will be attending the funeral services. Why wasn’t the same respect, paid for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? But for a Communist/Terrorist like Nelson Mandela, it’s a totally different story. Maybe it was because she was both White and Conservative!. Margaret Thatcher didn’t have the Blood of innocent people on HER hands like Mandela did.

I say BRAVO and KUDOS for Bill O’Reilly reminding the world that Nelson Mandela was a communist and a terrorist. A lot of you dumbass liberals will probably call him a racist , but he called like it IS! He was a murderer, terrorist, along with being communist. PERIOD.

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

Bill O'Reilly was 100 percent right period. Nelson was a communist and a terrorist as well.. This is very old news ,why are you guys getting so worked up over this. Thought you libs were supposed to be educated. \Nothing like listening or reading to bullshit from a progressive blog is there!
Mandela was a communist. Get over it Libs.

Duckys here said...

Well, maybe he remembered when Reagan and his moll Maggie were active trying to block sanctions to South Africa.
The only time in American history when a foreign policy veto was overridden by Congress. The right wing was down to seeds and stems like Jesse Helms on that one.

Maybe it's just time to accept that the world will honor Mandela's memory more than "There is no society" Thatcher's.

Duckys here said...

Irishman, maybe you didn't get the news.

The POTUS WILL be attending Nelson Mandela's funeral.

Get over it.

The Gallantwarrior said...

Yeah we all heard Dickhead!

Thersites said...

Ducky's just mad that Ron & Maggie won the Cold War!

Thersites said...

...somehow a single country practicing apartheid, but reforming itself, doesn't quite compare to the import of protecting the entire globe from godless communism. ;)

Thersites said...

As Ronnie would often say and the Democrats in Congress would deny... "Yes we CAN defeat godless communism!"

Sam Huntington said...

As is our custom here, we cannot say that Ducky has his history correct about Reagan/Thatcher and Mandela. Despite the well-founded illustration of Mandela’s pro-terrorist, pro-Communist views and behaviors, Ronald Reagan pressed the government of South Africa to bring him into that nation’s politics in a speech delivered on 22 July 1986. Moreover, the actual (as opposed to leftist view) history of Reagan’s South African policy is easily enough researched. Note: MSNBC edited Reagan’s speech down to about six words in order to make their anti-American, anti-Conservative point.

As to attending Mandela’s funeral, what kind of black leader (e.g., corrupt scum) would pass up the opportunity to visit (at someone else’s expense) the home country? In my view, the best honor Obama could have given Thatcher was NOT to attend her funeral. And besides all that, it proves (again) that Obama is a racist.

Political Junky said...

Found on the Web and SO TRUE.

Nelson Mandela was a radical Marxist and a firm advocate of abortion, pornography, homosexuality and legalizing prostitution, according to a prominent Christian missionary who was summoned to the home of the South African president.

Rev. Peter Hammond, founder of Frontline Fellowship and Africa Christian Nation, has worked for nearly 30 years helping persecuted Christians in Africa. As a result of Hammond’s visit with Mandela – in which the missionary laid hands on the president and prayed for him to see abortion for what it really is, the merciless slaughter of innocent human life – Hammond was subjected to a 13-year audit of his organization.

Don’t mourn for Mandela: Joseph Farah says man ‘wasn’t the saintly character portrayed by Morgan Freeman’

TemplarKormac said...

In just one day after the death of Nelson Mandela, Mayor Bloomberg announced that New York named a Black neighborhood High School after Mandela. A man who bombed school buses!!!
A Racist , a terrorist, and a communist. That tells us a lot about where this country is going now that we have a Socialist as our president.

JonBerg said...

I'll be glad when this, ad nauseam, eulogy is over!

JonBerg said...

" I want an American president to represent ME, too."

So do I but that's clearly not going to happen in the foreseeable future!

Always On Watch said...

Mandela had an almost angelic face.

But the old proverb is true: "You can't tell a book by its cover."

BTW, Osama bin Laden often wore angelic expressions. Remember that.

Mustang said...

I personally do not care whether Obama attends Mandela’s funeral. My opinion of him could not possibly be worse than it is today; he is a truncated creature who, as Sam suggests, demonstrates the level of his racial hatred almost on a daily basis. Let us not pretend surprise at Obama’s lack of manners or his lack of diplomatic skill. Instead, let us be grateful that he cannot help but reveal himself for all to see.

sue hanes said...

Z - I think Nelson Mandela was a bit more deserving of president's presence at his funeral than Maragret Thatcher was.

Z said...

AOW: I'm not faulting Obama for attending Mandela's funeral..not at all.
But, point is that Thatcher symbolized something he didn't agree with but at least half of America did; not a good choice on his behalf.

CI...I'm stunned.

My Cons. Thoughts...I have a slightly different view on Mandela since I looked more into it this weekend and saw some interviews.
But, have an American president picking and choosing who HE wants to represent shows that he doesn't understand the position he holds.

Sam, you make good points.

Templar and the rest of you calling Mandela a Terrorist; can you tell us what year he renounced the earlier terrorism? i'm curious.

By the way, NY City has a high school named after an avowed socialist, too, so.......

Sue, that's because you're a Democrat ..but I thought you were fair enough to understand that a president represents US, not just liberals, and that presidents DO go to the funerals of ex Prime Ministers. And he should have attended that one.
Maybe you don't think the end of the Cold War was a good thing, but most of us do, and she helped that.

Mustang and JB...too true.

Liberalmann said...
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Thersites said...

Obama's a Nazi. He should be an aufseherinnen at one of the camps offing republicans, the Middle Class, and white males.

Z said...

Liberalmann, if you found a new home, as you said, please go there. Thanks.

Thersites, how the heck do you know what Aufseherinnen IS? :0)

Z said...

I'm having the hardest time imagining anybody but a crazed leftwinger who could see nothing good in all Thatcher did (by the way, she was elected twice, so let's stop with the BRITS HATED HER nonsense, okay?) finding it okay for Obama to go to Mandela's funeral and not only not go to Thatchers, but SEND NO REPRESENTATIVES.

There was NO ONE from the present administration...........just people who recognized Thatcher's importance and our indebtedness to her: Cheney and Jim Baker and one other Republican with the respect and duty in his heart enough to go ...

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"by the way, she was elected twice, so let's stop with the BRITS HATED HER nonsense, okay?"

Let's throw a little fairness in here, shall we? Obama was elected twice as well, and Thatcher enjoyed similar levels of unpopularity for her policies, such as the Community Charge [Poll Tax] and massive disagreements within her own Tory Party.

Love her or hate her, Britain seemed relatively split evenly on her legacy.

Duckys here said...

It's easy enough to explain why Mandela is honored.

Maybe you can explain Thatcher's achievements.
If she was able to do much but divide a nation, unlike Mandela, tell us about it.

Not much more than a supply sider who helped lay the foundation for our current economic problems.

Duckys here said...
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Impertinent said...

Some gems from dear leader Mandela:

“Yasser Arafat was one of the outstanding freedom fighters of this generation, one who gave his entire life to the cause of the Palestinian people.”

“The cause of communism is the greatest cause in the history of mankind!”

“Those who feel irritated by our friendship with President Khadafy can go jump in the pool.”

“There’s one place where (Fidel Castro’s) Cuba stands out head and shoulders above the rest – that is in its love for human rights and liberty!”

“The victory of socialism in the U.S.S.R., in the People’s Republic of China, in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Rumania, where the living conditions of the people were in many respects similar and even worse than ours, proves that we too can achieve this important goal.”

“Communists everywhere fight to destroy capitalist society and to replace it with socialism, where the masses of the common people, irrespective of race or color, will live in complete equality, freedom and happiness.

They seek to revolutionize society and are thus called revolutionaries. Those who support capitalism with its class divisions and other evils and who oppose our just struggles to end oppression are called counter revolutionaries.”

“In our own country, the struggles of the oppressed people are guided by the South African Communist Party and inspired by its policies. The aim of the S.A.C.P. is to defeat the Nationalist government and to free the people of South Africa from the evils of racial discrimination and exploitation.”

No wonder Obama's going....

TemplarKormac said...

sue hanes said...
" I think Nelson Mandela was a bit more deserving of president's presence at his funeral than Maragret Thatcher was. "

REALLY? Well I don't!, Margaret Thatcher was NOT a COMMIE TERRORIST Like your BOY Mandela was.. But if you want to be brainwashed by your leftwing buddies, then go right ahead..

TemplarKormac said...

Here's a brief history of the Commie Mandela Z, I hope it helps to answer some of your questions.

Mandela and his group the ANC resorted to bombings, and terrorism, sabotage and guerrilla warfare when he was in the South African National Party, he came to power in 1948, and rose to prominence in the South African National Party in 1952 He was an advocate for violent overthrow and armed revolution, and NOT in a peaceful way. For years, Mandela absolutely refused to renounce violence and as a result, he was viewed as a terrorist by many world leaders including Ronald Reagan. In fact, Mandela remained on the United State’s terrorist watch list until 2008.
He was one of the founders of the militant Umkhonto we Sizwe known as (MK) in 1961 with the South African Communist Party, they lead a sabotage campaign against the apartheid government. In 1962, the police captured Mandela, he was arrested, convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the state, and sentenced to life imprison, where he served about 27 years in prison, initially on Robben Island, and later in Pollsmoor Prison. When a international campaign lobbied for his release in 1990.

Liberalmann said...

President Obama sent a delegation of 6 to Margaret Thatcher's funeral so the United States was represented, no he didn't request that flags here be lowered. It is possible the flag was at half staff at the U.S. Embassy in Britain.

But, then half the Councils in Scotland refused to lower their flags, The council in Birmingham, England refused to lower its flag, and one Scottish Council even flew a Burn in H Maggie flag. The fact is, Margaret Thatcher was not loved by all....she was mainly by the well connected and really wealthy. Working people and union workers no....sadly she was a destroyer not a builder.
Many people went so far as to sing "Ding Dong the Evil Witch is Dead'.

Liberalmann said...

Z; There's a loser who goes by Radical Redneck who posts in my name to get me banned. He's been banned at other sites for doing this.

Z said...

CI; I think we all understand that Thatcher wasn't appreciated by the leftwingers any more than Obama is by our Right.

Ducky, why can't liberals understand majority rule until the majority is poor entitlement seekers; then, suddenly, that should be the law of the land?

Z said...

Liberalmann; you're always hateful and disgusting far left so why are you apologizing for someone worse?
I noticed that you have no avatar when you're being your usual nasty self and someone called Liberalmann has a red flag avatar; I figured that's not you.
But you're both very similar, so what's your point?....that you're usually agreeable and ready to at least listen to rightwing opinions?

ya, right.

Liberalmann said...

Z said: "Ducky, why can't liberals understand majority rule until the majority is poor entitlement seekers; then, suddenly, that should be the law of the land"

Why can't the GOP understand the will of the American people?

Anonymous said...

The Reason Why Neither President Obama Nor Vice President Biden Went to Thatcher's Funeral Is Because the British Government Did Not Declare Her Funeral a State Event! That Was the Uk's Call.

And for Good Reason - Even the Brits Hated Her, and Sang "Ding-dong the Witch Is Dead" During Her Funeral! And I Agree!

Big PUZZLEMENT Over! Happy Now You Rightwing Nutjobs!.