Friday, March 28, 2014

$20 can do an awful lot

This is such a touching story.......

Not much more to say, is there.



Impertinent said...

Oh Good Jesus. Just when I've dried my eyes out over the POW story, vets coming home...I need another box of Kleenex.

And I'm not ashamed to admit it either. A kid like this, that I'm sure there are many like him, will more than pay it forward for the rest of us.

And CBS of all places? Are they getting soft? It's very unlike them to do something like this.

sue hanes said...

Z - I wish I could have seen this white box. It sounded like a good one.

Impertinent said...


I've told you 10 times that you need to either update your flash player or allow videos to be played in your browser preferences. Now...either take your PC to a repair center or get a neighbor to help. But please quit whining about the same thing over and over again.'s the link....copy and paste it into your browser address space...if you don't know how to do that....give up. If it doesn't all of the above.

Z said...

Imp, it is fantastic, isn't it.

Sue, Imp's right...he's been trying to help and your problem isn't an unknown or particularly difficult one to solve.
Makes me feel like it's my fault when you write those comments, and it isn't :-)

Impertinent said...


No...I wanted to add that after I posted Ms. Z. It's not your problem or fault. It's EZ to solve....but...if you don't know how...ask someone who does for Gawds sake. Irritating man....irritating.

Bob said...

Sue: You don't have a Mac, to you? Not that they are bad machines, but they don't support Flash.

WomanHonorThyself said...

so touching Z! have an awesome weekend my friend!! xoxox :)

Bob said...

Beautiful story. Beautiful kid. Powerful message. Thanks, Z.

Z said...

Imp; I know that it's not my blog, that Sue's computer isn't allowing it. THanks.
and thanks for linking the YouTube link; Sue should see that, but she doesn't usually come back again; let's see if she does.

Bob, I'm hoping that Sue's situation can be fixed.
She's got adult kids who can help her.

Impertinent said...


Gee Bob...I wonder why my Mac's do then? All four of them.

Lisa said...

I saw this before and can't believe I need Tissues again.

Divine Theatre said...

Gracie and I saw this just two days ago. I am proud to say that she would do the same.

She is the first to run toward veterans to give them thank you cards and shake their hand.

Last year we saw an elderly woman begging by the side of the road. I had about ten singles in my cup holder and I hurried to give them to her. I also gave her my coat so I was in a rush to accomplish this before the light changed.

When we got to the store at the end of that day I asked Gracie if she was excited. She had saved twenty dollars and was going to buy a toy.

"I don't need a toy", she said.

"Why not?" I asked.

My twenty dollars was with the money you gave to that woman. I figured she needed it more than I do".

I have to admit that Gracie has taught me more about love than anyone I have ever known. I pray she never allows anyone to get in the way of that gift.


Bob said...

@Impertinent: "Gee Bob...I wonder why my Mac's do then? All four of them."

I hate it when somebody calls me on something. OK. Maybe the macs will run flash, but certainly IOS does not. At least that was one of Steve Job's last will and testaments.

Strange thing, but I have a Mac owning friend that says he cannot play WAV files on his Mac. Does that sound familiar?

Impertinent said...

@Bob:'s OK. You're right on the IOS devices. But there's not much I can't play or watch on them anyway, If I want. I get live TV on the things!

Wav's? Not that I know of....I have a few that I use from my old Window days as sound effects on one of my Macs. There is a movie format, and I forget which that Mac's don't like. But my Quick Time Player handles just about everything.

And then Bob...there's converters of everything, everywhere.

Impertinent said...


Oh BTW...I think we're up to flash player 11 or something? Mine just auto updates my browser plugin ( Safari ) anyway.

Impertinent said...


I just did a search on my Mac....I have over 100 wav files that play just fine.

Z said...

Imp, you are definitely SOLD on MACS!

Ed Bonderenka said...

It surprises (and disappoints) me that Android can't play flash.

Impertinent said...


Flash can be dangerous to the security of your device.