Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Putin/Iran and more fun to follow?..........

Do you think Putin should be allowed to stay in the G8?

What are your thoughts NOW?



Sam Huntington said...

Measured by GDP projected though 2015, Russia's economy is the seventh largest in the world ... using that as a criteria, yes ... they should be part of the G-8.

Obama's notion of sending Russia to a time out is, well, infantile.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I'm not really in favor of it. After all, what would be the point? This is the second time that [post Soviet] Russia has illegally acquired land outside of it's territory, and the second time that we've responded with weak sanctions. In 2008, VP Cheney stated that "Russian aggression must not go unanswered....", as the Russians took possession of USMC equipment and vehicles from the Georgian port of Poti.

We're still waiting to get it back.

At this juncture in the great game......what would be the point.

-FJ said...

Give America another twenty years and you won't be able to tell a difference between the US and Russia.

Z said...

So, I guess we'll just let Russia keep taking more and more land....or whatever they please to take..and support Iran, too.


Robert Sinclair said...

Russia will do what is in Russia’s best interests to do. America should do what is in America’s best interests. Sending Russia to the corner to sulk is not a very effective strategy. What is an effective strategy is to first dismiss Obama as an ineffective clown, and find a president that knows how to deal with the Russian Bear. For example, consider this communiqué: Go ahead and deal with Iran as you think may be appropriate, Russia. But may God have mercy on you both if Iran ever uses a nuclear weapon on another country.

CnC said...

Seeing that Obama draws his red lines with disappearing ink, it does not matter what he threatens Obama with.

T Krabby said...

"It is hard to find any President who has screwed up as many foreign relations situations as Barack Obama.."

No....Kennedy did the same and was another potus that was humiliated by the USSR trying his form of "detente / reset".

This one is getting very bad intel and info from his advisors that feeds his reticency and weakness.

And Oliver Stone says the military will do a coup and take care of the problem like they did with JFK.

Kid said...

Robert Sinclair, along the lines of what I was thinking.

I think anytime the USA mixes "socially" with other countries it can only be for the other country's benefit. (read:socialist parasite)
Given that, why don't we simply state we have Nuclear subs, impossible to track or destroy, and if you want to to be in America's club, then you better tow the line with proper defense spending, freedom for your citizens and social, economic, and strategic rejection of any country unwilling to follow suit.
Oh wait, the USA isn't exactly into personal freedoms or defense spending are we.


Mustang said...



JonBerg said...


"find a president that knows how to deal with the Russian Bear."

I couldn't agree more. Who, however, do you have in mind?

skudrunner said...

Elections have consequences and the re-election of the incompetent incumbent is proving to be a dangerous move.

Even according to the leftist press, Obama does not meet with his advisers nor does he attend security briefings.

He has a specific agenda and at least he was honest about it, the only honest thing he has said. He is all about wealth distribution and nothing else matters. His goal is to destroy the middle class with the unintended consequence of creating more unemployment and increasing government dependence but that is a price he is glad to pay. He knows he cannot hurt the rich even though he claims that is his target.

So far that is the only thing he can call a success and something his legacy will be built around.