Monday, March 10, 2014

Should they PAY?

What do you think of THIS CASE where an 18 year old New Jersey girl is suing her parents for support and tuition?  I'm sure you've heard of it, but the details in my link are a little more food for thought, considering the laws in that state, etc.

Do you think she's right?   Do you believe her parents should be able to say 'no' to tuition?  Do you believe this could open a door which would have consequences rife with ramifications we never even considered before? 

Let us know your feelings about it......




Ed Bonderenka said...

If her name was Julia, Obama would fund it all, saving us this discussion.

Always On Watch said...

In my view, parents do not have an inherent obligation to pay for their children's college education.

If this young woman so greatly desires a college education, she should choose in-state school and fund her own education.

Always On Watch said...

I note that this young woman wants to attend the University of Delaware. Is that where her boyfriend is?

sue hanes said...

Z - I've never thought about it in this way. I just assumed that parents would pay tuitiion for a student's college fees. But I don't think the student has the right to sue the parents if they don't want to pay.

Impertinent said...

This little leech is in for a rude awakening...called life's rules and regulations. I pity the parents for raising a monster Jap like this...and her future husband.

I can see it now...No Jag? No Ferrari? No 12,000 sq.ft house with a maid and a personal trainer and a chef? No nookie for you Bruce.

Maybe she should try becoming an "escort" where I read another like her is doing.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

You go ahead and spend years of your life investing in your children’s health and education , ...then they grow up with the arrogant attitude that their liberal teachers or professors have taught them and become the same morons as their teachers. So the bottom line is that it’s high time that WE parents have to question the arrogant liberal progressive agenda at these High Schools and College’s. We don’t send our kids to school to be taught Obama’s devastating liberal agenda. I send my kids to school to learn to chose their values, not some stranger’s, and certainly not the values of a president who I despise. If anyone is going to teach MY kids about “values”, as a father, I my purpose may be to pass on my values, not anyone else’s.
As for the 18 year old girl who is suing her parents, it’s obvious that she is being advised by the idiot who is the father of he friend. She's 18 and living with her parents, so. she should either deal with her own obligations by getting a job and moving out on her own, or abide by her parents' wishes if she’s going to continue living under her parents roof. While living under their roof follow their rules, or find her own place to live.
I think she needs to wake up and smell the coffee, she's 18, she’s a big girl, so act like one. Time to grow up, her parents are right.

Always On Watch said...

Debonair Dude typed in:
You go ahead and spend years of your life investing in your children’s health and education , ...then they grow up with the arrogant attitude that their liberal teachers or professors have taught them and become the same morons as their teachers.

Something that I learned last week and proves the above....

A parent whom I personally know requested a conference at the school her daughter is now attending as a 9th grader. The mom's concern was how to help her daughter, whose math grades were on a downward turn -- not yet failing, but still going down.

The guidance counselor told the mom to butt out of her daughter's business. After the parent-counselor conference, the counselor spoke with the child and told the child that a parent has no right "to interfere with" a child's education and suggested to the child that she should call child services and report her mother.


PS: The mother, who had never before requested a conference (her two older children prwviously graduated from that school), was told by the front office: "Teachers are not meeting with parents. Schedule the conference with Guidance."

Again, WTH?

Always On Watch said...

In most states, NJ included, age 18 = independent adult status.

I note that this law suit is predicated upon breach of promise in that the young woman claims that her parents promised her a college education. Pfffffft. One cannot legally enter into a contract with a minor!

Always On Watch said...

The judge ruled against the young woman who brought this case.


Furthermore, the plaintiff should have to pay for the court costs -- all the court costs, including any legal representation that the parents had. If necessary, garnishee the young woman's wages until she reaches age 70.

Emily said...

In regard to that Progressive Troll who called themself Progressive Erections said..., and who is an Lurker from Progressive Eruptions........... Isn’t it funny how they think these stupid mimicking of Republican’s comments are funny! No it’s not funny, it’s childish and idiotic, I guess that they don't have anything else to do with their time except come here and bash us and see who can come up with the more stupid comments? This is really sad. We are supposed to be adults here. Don't you have something more constructive to do with your time, like WORK?
I’ve never met a Liberal/Progressive who defended their politics by bashing Bush, Never.
I never met a Liberal/Progressive who defended Obama with any sort of documentation, but only by saying “well, Bush did it” or “Reagan did it” What is that? Why don’t they ever think more analytically?
When someone has to make their point, by compression, it’s most likely because they don’t have a point to begin with.

A Tea Party Patriot said...

Well in America, the land of First Amendment rights and “Free Speech” Miley Cyrus grabs her crotch on National TV and we call it freedom of expression, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty practices his freedom of speech and religion and he gets banned(fired) from A&E, go figure.

My Conservative Vomit said...

When a Democrat President is in office and he is a weak, cowardly wimp like Obamba is, then I think that it's justified if a Republican were to make the comparison And it's NOT( fawning over Putin), everyone despises the tyrant, it's simply drawing a contrast between their Captain marvel and our Peewee Herman
It’s classic how the Cons make their new hero Putin to be Macho and Obama as a Girly-Boy!

JonBerg said...

What has happened, in our society, that makes such an expectation, in her mind, even seem possible?

Duckys here said...

Her father's a retired cop.
That explains the sense of entitlement.

Impertinent said...


Too bad he didn't lock her up once or twice.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"That explains the sense of entitlement."

Would you be so kind as to walk us down this path of how her fathers status as a retired cop...gave her this sense of entitlement?

Impertinent said...


Children of cops tend to get a pass when they stray from fellow cops. Was that way when I was a kid.

Z said...

Ed, you are just brilliant. AMAZING that you thought of're absolutely right.

AOW...I suspect it's all about the boyfriend.

CI...good luck on getting an answer to that. Boggles the mind, doesn't it? Cops who put their lives on the line every single day are 'entitled?'

I'm deleting Progressive Erections...just tired of that crap.
But I will ask the following question again:


COULD SOMEONE LINK SOMETHING SOMEWHERE WHICH EVEN INFERS THAT? I know it's a tactic of the left to do this type of thing, but THIS? Which there is absolutely no proof of?
Thanks! Kind of humorous, but really??

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Imp - I get the hall pass out of a speeding ticket or such, but this girl's expectations of entitlement go far beyond the wink-wink, nudge-nudge of daddy being a cop.

Impertinent said...


Dunno...maybe Pop was a former Detective or a Chief?

Sam Huntington said...

The story of a pampered, spoiled child whose parents finally wised up. She is entitled to nothing, and would get nothing in my courtroom.

Duckys here said...

Not necessarily, Sam.

The lawyer in this case is , I believe, the father of the family she moved in with.

Just what the dynamics are is unknown. No way to know if she is in fact spoiled or just a kid who heard the "my rules" speech once too often with no recourse.

The dynamics are not known but of course in your courtroom facts or extenuating events would hardly trump your preconceived notions.

Z said...

Sam, thanks...I agree.
There is absolutely no situation where this case should go in her favor; unless maybe her folks had borrowed or stolen from an inheritance she's due at a certain age.

No, this is a case of insanity run amuck and a culture which actually contemplated even discussing it.

She's 18. Case closed.

The hideous things in hideous language which she said to her mother in emails and, then begging to come back in spite of it all, don't leave much to the imagination other than a girl who's a typical teen who didn't give a damn what her folks thought of her boyfriend and was going to keep him while they continued to pay for her.

I'm hoping they can all talk and resolve the family issues and the parents will arrange something to help her out in some way.

What worries me is the type of American young girl like Piers Morgan had on the other night who's putting herself through Duke University 'in the sex industry,' enjoying it and wondering why anybody'd think that's wrong. When we're that far down the rabbit hole, this girl can't be the only one....
and this is what we're raising, folks. Is she the first in 100 years to do porn for money to pay for school? Probably not.
is she the first who'd go on TV bragging about it, like Sandra Fluke who'd appear in CONGRESS whining about having to pay for her own birth control? Ya, probably.

I hope this teen in this case doesn't do anything that bad because we all have heard of young women who've worked 3 jobs to put themselves thru school and none were in the 'sex industry'....
and they never sued their folks.

I guess it's how you're raised and what lawyer put these ideas into her head.

America's certainly not the same strong country of pride and integrity in ourselves...not in general.
That it happens is sad, that people'd make these things public is extremely scary for our nation.

Impertinent said...


Did I get busted?

Z said...

Imp, I'm not sure why you asked about being 'busted' but I will say I thought your comment about cop's kids isn't fair to most cops or their kids!

My own dad was raised in a very comfortable family in Troy, the point that he got a ticket once and the cop went to my grandfather and Grandpa paid it off. Get this; My dad had so much dignity at 18 that he went to court not knowing about his dad having paid the ticket and wasn't at all happy about it.
He wanted what was coming to him, not for his dad to pay.
Just depends on your character, I guess.
He was one of the richest kids in town and the most humble and well liked. To the day he died, by the way. He never changed.
(neither did Grandpa...! He loved spoiling us all because he'd come out with ZIP from the Armenian massacres in Western Turkey)
So... it takes all kinds.

This girl's not that kind, obviously.

For the first time in their lives, American Conservatives are proud of the Kremlin! said...

From Russia With Love, Conservatives choose Moscow over their own country for summit because they love and admire Putin!
Conservatives are Siding with Putin over Obama,
And also because OBUMMER!
How do I put this politely? You Conservatives are dumb. For the forst time in my adult life, I have never been so ashamed of my country!
The willfully blind and ignorant on conservative blogs still don't believe that their own kind would choose Russia over America, just to spite our American president and to shout to the world that they hate Obama more than they love "America, Apple Pie, and the Flag."
BUT the junkie brain-dead Ted Nugent who belongs in jail, and knows nothing but how to play in a rock band, talks about his country being corrupt, and calling President Obama a subhuman mongrel.
These are the sort of Godly values the "Freedom Loving" Conservatives support against their own country?
I have been reading things like this all over these Conservative blogs, and frankly, I’m damn sick of it. “Putin has done a lot more good for Russia than Obama did for America. This president is an idiot is really a national and international embarrassment”
“Putin is not alone in his contempt of Obama. ”I'd love to see a confrontation between Putin and the little Emperor” "Yay Putin! Boo America!" "Go Tea Party!" “Let Me Show You How Flexible I am Vlad”

For the first time in their lives, American Conservatives are proud of the Kremlin!
Congratulations on that achievement, You Gee-Oh-Pee-ers (GOP’s)! You will make the ex-Soviet head of the KGB and Russians very proud of you!
Amazing, isn't it, where spite, rage, and stupidity can take people:
How does that make you all feel? Better now? Do you feel better now that you have insulted your own country, and our president?
I’ve never met a Conservative/Tea Panty who defended their politics by saying ANYTHING sensible. NEVER!
Yes, If Nugent wants to use vile and vulgar language, that is his right, even towards the President; regardless how distasteful it is. And it’s also MY right to call HIM and everyone of you Conservative’s PIGS who are cheer-leading for Putin over our President. And writing those comment’s on these Blogs. You are all PIG’S.. I'm offended by my own countrymen.

Z said...

I'm not REAL sure how MANY times I need to ask for any link showing Conservatives like Putin!!! (that just cracks me UP!) but I'm just not getting anything but ridiculous silly time-wasting comments like this latest from the lefties who INSIST THEY DO! They just INSIST so it MUST be true! :-)....I'm leaving it up for comic relief. WHat the..?


ya, see you next gosh, what a bunch! but VERY FUNNY! :-)

Z said...

Oh, I just Googled and, you know, there's a smidgen of truth there....
Huff Post and the LA Times both suggest Conservatives admire Putin's toughness in contrast to the remarkable weakness of our president. I have to admit, they do have a point.

But admire Putin or Communism for their actions or ideology?

Anonymous said...

You Conservatives are really pissers,, if Obama gets tough and sends in troop, you call him a warmonger, if he uses diplomacy you say that he’s weak.

What I'd like to know is who is going to pay for this new "Chicken-Hawk" war the right-wing seems to think is so important? Are you “tough” Conservatives ready to your kids to war? Are you ready to do the "patriotic" thing and volunteer for the sake of showing the world how "tough" you and your TeaParty is ?

Typical GOP/Teaterds, whining and complaining, but no guts or balls.

I really don't understand you Nuts. Does the GOP really want us to go to war with Russia over this? How is this our business? You bitched and moaned about Lybia and Egypt, and you want us to start sparks flying in Russia? We have managed to stay out of war with Russia for 70 years. Kennedy worked us out of war when war seemed inevitable, when your hero Reagan wanted to look so tough! . And today’s GOP wants to talk war just to make Obama look "weak". Do they understand what happens if we go to war with Russia? Russia is not Iraq. They will start throwing nukes at us. The GOP is certifiable!!

Nothing this president can do to please you incompetent, pathetic, bucket of bolts!

skudrunner said...

It is unlike a conservative to not support the police. I can understand someone like duckman because police enforce the law which is against the beliefs of the true obeliever.

Thinking has done a 180 in the last 50 years. In the 60's the liberals wanted limited government and to make their own decisions. Now the liberals want the government to tell them how to act and what to think.

wright-winger said...

Here you go GeeeeeZ!

Just Asking: when did Ukraine become any of our business!

Impertinent said...


Maybe cause my comment was removed?

And I wasn't talking about other kids either. I was talking about this One and that was my opinion. Just like Ed's or CI's or Ducky's.

What's fair about anything? Certainly not life or what this brat has put her parents through. Do I always gave to guarded about comments that may not seem "fair" to some unknown group all the time?

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Her parents and the judge just gave her the best education she has had in her short life-time.

Z said...

And, if you've got a problem, you email me, okay? Are you kidding me?
And do you know me better than to think I'd delete you with no explanation?

wrightwinger-...I don't really care. I AM SO SORRY, but I don't.

And, I'll just say it again....admire Putin for his single-mindedness, dedication to his country?, cunning? you bet. It's refreshing compared to what we've got ... and he did help out in Syria.
Admire HIM as a man who struts around like an egomaniacal idiot? REALLY? We DO? Wow, that's news! Admire Communist ideology? The Conservatives? Are you kidding?

But, it keeps the leftwing bloggers busy and happy, so I'm happy for them..!

Z said...

Jim, bravo for that comment...well said!

Tracy Mills said...

I am a Republican and a personal attack on Michelle Obama gains nothing. If you disagree with her or her husband about policy or ideology that is one thing. But personally attacking them serves no purpose and is high school. I wish the liberal media would treat Sarah Palin the same. If you dont agree with her that is fine but to personally attack her is not mature or the issue. This is about policy and decision making as to the direction of our county not looks or any other personal characteristics.
There are bigger concerns of what is going on than evaluating the looks of the first lady. Like how are we ever going to get out of the mess that Barrack Obama has been created for us!

Z said...

Tracy, I'm not sure who you're addressing but you will not see posts slamming Mrs. Obama here.
SOme commenters may do this, but I often delete them.

Maybe you might try seeing the very good stuff we get going here at geeeZ?


It's the oddest thing:
Lately, new screen names with no blogs have been showing up telling us off for doing things we have never done or said here.
I think this is an attempt at making conservative blogs look bad. Of course, it only makes the commenters look bad, but check it out. You'll start seeing what I'm talking about..believe me.

This "TRACY" comes by and finds, somewhere, a slam of Michelle Obama? And that's all she can comment on?
Oh, and there's ALWAYS a nod to how awful Obama is or how stupid leftwingers are that they include in the comment to throw us off, too....
these are done quite well, folks. Watch for them.

I think it's all getting ready for the Mid Terms; ; it'll get uglier than you can IMAGINE, folks..wait for it!


busy busy busy!

Kid said...

She should have demanded $3,000 /mo for contraceptive costs. She'd have made out better and in a couple years, she'd be a congresswoman in California.

Kid said...

Well, I think she should have won her suit, purely from the viewpoint that this country needs to hit rock bottom sooner than later. How many people will smell the coffee if it happens next year versus 15-20 years from now. Ya need the shock, IF that's even still possible now.

To get through it we have to go through it. Bring it On Cletus !

Kid said...

Putin is simply used as a leader who acts in his country/communism's interest to contrast against the imbecilic impotence of obama.

Get it libtards? We're using putin to illustrate to you how a leader of a country/system operates.

obama has made the United States a laughing stock since before 2008, and now it's a wonder the rest of the world doesn't die from laughter.

Putin and Medvedev call obama just to hit the mute button for minutes at a time and laugh like hyenas listening to obama talk.

obama is a little yappy dog behind a 6 foot steel fence.

Do we want putin for anything? No, we want an intelligent, patriotic, non-racist, all race loving Conservative like the ones who founded the country and wrote that all men are created equal.

Now shut up you ignorant sluts. ;-)

Z said...


BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TS/WS said...

Sandra Fluke was not in a Congress Official Business session.
She and the DemocRats were in a setting of a press conference made up to look like Congress in session.
Same today (last night) with Climate Change - Staring B. Boxer D. Calif.
Just a staged event with the press, made to look like the real deal - for the low information voter.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: I've learned to skim past these spurious comments.
For the most part, I only read the regulars, I don't have time for the nonsense.
I hate off topic diatribes and I hate to see them responded to as it encourages them.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Imp: I can'r believe Z would delete you.
I do know that I've commented from my phone, seen it on there, gotten home and it's gone.
I blame it on my phone's app.

Kid said...

@Z, Donke Shoen baby.. and Thank you.

@TS/WS, the slut is running and who doubts they'll elect that POS.

@ED, that's the way to go. One wonders who reads multi-paragraph brain vomit from libtards.
But if it were my blog and the comment was particularly leftie/spittle-mouthed/offensive, it would be tossed. Probably how libgirl gets by. Takes her a while day to come up with just 2 sentences of toddler speak, followed by an LOL, then she has to recharge for another 24 hours to do it again. Pretty comical really.

Impertinent said...


"Putin and Medvedev call obama just to hit the mute button for minutes at a time and laugh like hyenas listening to obama talk."

Priceless...and the mind picture is that much better.

Impertinent said...


Hmmmmmm....that's possible...I'll have to call my guru to see what the deal is.

Kid said...

Thanks IMP.

"Vladamir? Are you there?"


Impertinent said...

@Kid: is in pics already. I sent the "knock knock" to you and Z. I wish I could post it here though.

I can't imagine why Obama would be delusional enough to think that Putin wouldn't just treat him like a....well....punk?

Impertinent said...


Interesting tid bit....I wonder if they included Putin in this poll..or the Ukraine, or Crimera? Or...Russia?

The New York Times/CBS News poll last month was the latest evidence of what has been a consistent pattern for Obama: His support among independent white men has been dropping steadily. And this is after the president lost white voters by a margin unmatched in history by a winning candidate.

Z said...

Imp, you make such a good point about why Obama would think Putin would treat him any better.
I remember just when the Olympics were starting and Obama made some crack about Putin... You know, you just CRINGE, and that's bad, then you remember he's our president saying those things. ugh

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Impertinent said...


"never on a horse"

But being dragged around the WH lawns by...his dogs. Actually having his dog drag him around and he's clutching his leash and hanging's hilarious.

Baysider said...

It's an abortion of justice that this case ever got to court. For the sake of all the other spoiled sh**heads the judge needs to land HARD on this twit. Make sure the parents don't have to pay their costs and get reimbursed for their time and pain and suffering. One can imagine the scene of her departure from her parent's home ("they forced me out by treating me like a child and making me follow their unfair rules")

Well, you entitled little dips**t, you are ACTING like a child, but you're on your own now (until she gets into the welfare system and we all pay for her). God help us if she votes before she really grows up.

Parents have no obligation whatsoever to pay for college. If yours did, accept it with gratitude.

Kid said...

IMP, I'm not sure of your assessment of Putin.. According to the white house newsspokeswoman (propaganda whore), "The president has given Putin strict instructions and laid out what will not be acceptable" over in the Ukraine and Crimea. In fact UN Hall Monitors are being sent to make sure nothing "bad" happens there.

This kaka actually goes out over the airwaves to millions of people, many of whom actually believe it.

Kid said...

The propagnda whore in question is ann compton... Libgirl probably has a photo of her blown up and plastered to one of his bedroom walls.

Z said...

Kid, I'll just bet that Putin's shaking in his boots over our threats, huh? :-)

Kid said...

Shaking from Laughter !

Z said...

Exactly, Kid!

Baysider, you're right...what ever happened to gratitude?

Not to toot my horn here (not much :-) but I bought my folks a gift when I graduated from felt good to thank them. Instead, most of us want a present from THEM commemorating their laying out of thousands of dollars? (which I got, too, of course :-) ....a gift, not thousands of dollars)