Saturday, March 22, 2014

Real Courage, Real Faith, REAL patriotism, REAL, REAL MEN......

Imp sent this to me and advised me to have Kleenex nearby when I watched it.  I advise the same to you.

Imagine men who were tortured and kept imprisoned in Viet Nam were excited to be sitting next to their 'hero' John Wayne?  THEIR HERO? 
They ARE the heroes, aren't they.

Get the Kleenex........these men are astonishing patriots.  You will be glad you devoted the time to watching this video.  Please send it to your high school or college aged relatives...they need to see what made America great.  I hope they'll realize how important and basic it is to honor this courage.

Z (thanks, Imp)


DaBlade said...

Real Patriots and true men indeed Z. It's refreshing to see a love and respect for our country's true heroes. If obama ever gets wing of this "largest dinner ever held at the white House," I'm sure he'll take it as some kind of challenge. I can see the sprawling tents on the south lawn now. They'll be filled with all the REAL brave Americans of today - the Sandra Fluke's, the 'brave' gay athletes who have come out, all of Hollywood, all of the state-controlled press... when these courageous soldiers came home after years of torture in NV prisons, obama was an 11-year old hangin' with his choom gang.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Real Patriots and true men indeed Z. It's refreshing to see a love and respect for our country's true heroes. If obama ever gets wing of this "largest dinner ever held at the white House," I'm sure he'll take it as some kind of challenge. I can see the sprawling tents on the south lawn now. They'll be filled with all the REAL brave Americans of today - the Sandra Fluke's, the 'brave' gay athletes who have come out, all of Hollywood, all of the state-controlled press... when these courageous soldiers came home after years of torture in NV prisons, obama was an 11-year old hangin' with his choom gang.

Because I couldn't say it better.

Thersites said...

John McCain was their Manchurian Candidate.

Sick of the Bullshit said...

Note to Dave Miller, Ducky, Liberalfreak, and the Wicked Witch of the left!

It is NOT illegal to be a racist in this country.

You can think all the nasty things you want to think, you cans ay all the nasty things that you want to say about it BUT, we are allowed to be RACISTS here in the USA if we want to.

Free Speech still exists ever if the Moocher wants to dictate her crapola to the Communist Chinese. which is another Hypocrisy!

If it was illegal, almost every black person would be in jail, as it is they almost are already!

PS: blacks used to be the largest slave traders in the world before whites even knew what salve trading was.

Just Donna said...

I like so many others have become disenchanted with Obama, I voted for him twice. the first time with enthusiasm and for “hope for change”, the second time simply because I thought that he’s be better than Romney. But i have changed my mind. Our president has become the biggest disappointment I have ever seen in my life time. Obama' can't see beyond the color of his skin, and the Double Standard is enormous. And I'll address the point! As for the people who think that if you do not support the President, you are a racist, they can not and will never be convinced, because they are racists themselves. As for me, it has nothing to do with race. I'm white, and I voted for a black man twice!!.

Silverfiddle said...

Awesome post, Z.

I liked the story about them wandering around the White House and stumbling in on President Nixon in his private study. Imagine if it had been the time of the Clinton presidency!

Men and women pay a heavy price for war, and there is no way we can every repay them and their families.

Remember Ben Gazi said...

And “Dave Miller” seriously wants to know why he is not trusted and DISLIKED on these Conservitive blogs? Well if you read the post he made this morning on the progressive Blogs maybe it will explain why!
Some liberals are Bull Crap artists and lie through their teeth,, others are lazy parasites. and some are just Two faced Lying Parasites

This is the post our Token Lib wrote today.

Dave Miller said...
Shaw, where to begin? Clearly the kast couple if posts totally illustrate the GOP problem.
They have a virulent current in their party that not only is actively racist, but celebrates it.
Conservatives can complain all they want about being lumped collectively in this group, but unless and until they start denouncing these folks, and for bloggers, delaying their comments, their complaints will ring hollow.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Those who endure captivity with honor, are indeed hero's......without a doubt.

That's why after Navy SEAL, POW is the most chosen status of poseurs, frauds and fakes.

Rita said...

No one here cares what DM says at Shaw's blog or anywhere else. When will you people get a clue that pasting idiotic comments from other blogs here is a complete waste of time.

That includes the idiotic race baiters posing as anonymous conservatives. We ALL know you are a poser, so what IS the point?

Z and Mustang have been more than clear here that that kind of nonsense isn't tolerated.

Dave Miller said...

Yes Ben Gazi, I did write that. No foul language and a belief that politics in the US should be devoid of racism.

You see, many in the post 9/11 atmosphere complained that since moderate Muslims did not denounce those of their faith with whom they disagreed, specifically the terrorists, it was evidence of acceptance of and approval of those beliefs.

If we are going to hold one group to that standard, why not another?

A further question might be why anyone feels a need to use foul language and call people names to make their point?

Here are Z's own words... "However, we will delete your comment if it is off topic, insulting, profane, immature, hateful, or inane. We will not tolerate comments about other blogs, owners of blogs, or people who comment at other blogs."

i am not the one who chose to break almost every rule Z tries to abide by. In fact, I chose not to comment on todays thread until a second person went totally off topic.

Z said...

Dave, could you please remind us where anyone said muslims should totally denounce their faith?

My blog has asked repeatedly for signs among them that they denounce the islamists within their faith; never would anybody expect them to denounce their faith; big difference and one i

Z said...

oh, 90% of my post didn't publish....
well...enough said. Let me just add this:

I'm really grateful to have had that quote by Miller's about time we see this thinking.

Not sure what conservatives are racist...not DOnna (see her comment), not anybody else I know at MY blog, nor any conservative friend I have.
We have spoken here MANY times of wanting to vote for Ben Carson or other Black candidates WHO SHARE OUR VALUES..if that's racist, maybe we are.

What's the use... think whatever you want, liberals; it's effective for the 'low information voters' who hear you and your talking heads who blather on TV...thankfully, we have none here. Except liberals who only watch CNN or MSNBC or the networks, that is; they are not getting all the news.

Anonymous said...

Dave is full of it as usual, he's Shaw in drag.

z said...

That's baloney

z said...

I have to admit Dave's comment at another blog bothered me on many levels, but mostly because I thought he was a man of some integrity who just happened to have a different ideology and different feeling about America....
I think Dave knows as well as any of us does that there are racists in every walk of life, including Democrats, and that this stuff is he's slinging is (pardon the expression) utter CRAP.
That really has me sad.

Rita; I SO agree with you about the other blog; odd that NO OTHER BLOGS are mentioned here, isn't it? :-) But not THAT odd now that I'm finally figuring it out.
And yes, the race baiters have arrived in full force trying to make GeeeZ look bad. WHY?
We're all told the libs are the open minded ones and they tell us we are the fascists; who REALLY is the fascist, right?

Open conversation is a necessity, even if it's not pleasant, libs should never squelch it because when you do you're squelching American freedoms and denying yourselves getting information you're not being told.

Baysider said...

I'm sorry we got off topic here. This is a sobering and grateful reminder of real men. Put into a service of their country they never imagined or signed up for, they bring dignity to manhood and shame to the modern metrosexual.

Rita said...

Right Z. It all seemed to start here around the same time. Why would anyone spend their time posting things there's and here. You can tell they are wanting to get some kind of blog fight started. What is this, junior high school?

If it hasn't worked in all this time, why do they think it will work now? No one is taking the bait here. Perhaps they are there, but who really cares anyway?

Perhaps you should start screen capturing their IP address so we can see where the comments are coming from. That might make them stop their silly little girl games.

Impertinent said...


"capturing their IP address.."

What would that do Rita? An IP is an..IP..carrier maybe but not person. Unless they are dedicated or unique. Which is rare for most individuals. Comcast & At&T, Time Warner carry millions under their IP's which are pretty much shared anyway.

Ever notice when your internet speed drops?

Now...serious masking can occur by using spoofing sites that mask IP's and email too. There's plenty to choose from.

Impertinent said...


"I'm sorry we got off topic here.."

Thanks for reminding us of that. I wish we had stuck to the topic today too.

Pris said...

Well, I needed kleenex as I watched this video. Nixon honored these heroes, whom he worked to have them released.

What a wonderful sight when they came home. God Bless them, and let's give Nixon credit for honoring our POW's. They were and are real men, and went though hell. They deserved the celebration at Nixon's huge gathering.

Z said...

I am hoping we get back to the amazing post, but I'm not sorry we deviated; it's important for us to see who others are at other blogs because if there's anything I value it's consistency and kindness and trying to understand others, not spreading lies, etc....I think it's important to have had revealed some things.

There is nothing saying that we can't get back to the post's video, is there.

DaBlade and Ed; that post (both of yours :-)) ROCKS, DaBlade...
You're right....and, let's face it, Obama can get a LOT more deviants today than he can get people like those Nixon had there, can't he.
Sandra Fluke,
Cindy Sheehan
The gay athletes who find it so important that we all know their sexuality just before the draft picking!
All the muslims who so bravely work in the WH:-)
Dan Rather
All the MSNBC gang
Reality show stars (except Ducky what's it's name, of course)...just the truly immoral ones.
All the sitcom and film writers doing their best to spoil American culture through scripts with such vulgarity and deviance in them (can we say 'deviant' anymore??)
All hip hoppers

come on folks...

add to the Obama LARGEST WHITE HOUSE DINNER EVER HELD can, I know you can.

Pris said...

Oh, excuse me. Not "though hell", but "through hell"!

z said...

Pris, imagine a POW there for 8 1/2 years still regarded John Wayne as HIS HERO!? I'm thinking the Duke couldn't help but feel more humbled than he'd ever felt as he met these real heroes who lived out his scripts (and FAR WORSE) in real life...

I'm hoping one of our liberals acknowledges the utter courage and love of country these men the midst of their grief, missing their families, lousy health, hunger and thirst, intense heat, they're writing a HYMN to AMERICA?


Impertinent said...


"I'm hoping one of our liberals acknowledges the utter courage and love of country these men showed.."

I doubt it...this war was their birth and "awakening" to what we now have today.

They still mock and resent it just as they do Iraq...anywhere.

Rita said...

Last Sunday there was a party at our club house with a DJ/singer. He was probably in his 40's and played great music.

At the end of the evening he asked for a show of hands in the crowd as to who was a veteran. Sometimes Bob is hesitant about getting attention, so I made sure he had his hand raised.

Then the guy had them all come to front while he played God Bless the USA (Bob's absolute favorite song of all time). The guy's son had done two tours of duty in Iraq. As we were leaving, he went up to Bob and said he wanted to give him something.

He reached out his arms and gave him a great big hug and said, "Thank you man, you should have gotten this in the 70's".

Very tearful way to end the evening. And very sweet.

Some do appreciate the sacrifice.

z said...

Imp; sadly, I know you're right.

Rita...that's wonderful! What a fabulous DJ. I'm glad Bob got that big hug :-)

Stephanie said...

It seems as if Michelle Obama, her mother and two daughters have already outstayed their welcome with some of the staff at the $8,350 per night presidential suite in Beijing China.
“We can’t wait for this to be over, to tell you the truth,” the staffer said. “We entertain many important people here, but this has been, I think, very different.”

The front desk clerk said that Moochies mother Marian Robinson has been “barking” at the staff since she the minute that she arrived.

Don’t these “people” understand that they represent our country. When she or any other member of the president’s family acts inappropriately, it makes our country look bad. They should be leading by example. Spending that kind of money alone at a time when we are in such economic strain is just wrong period! .

But these Freeloaders don’t care, nor do they even know any better, they don’t even realize that these people have a different culture, you treat the Chinese people like they are your slaves….they really don’t care who the hell you are.
What an embarrassment this bunch of losers are as representatives of America. Just think that they are fed up with them after only 2 days, how the hell you think we feel here in America!

But us tax payers are picking up this up the tab on the Mooch, her daughters, and Aunt Ester? The 2010 trip to Spain cost taxpayers at least $487,000. A 2011 trip to southern Africa cost at least $424,142. The cost for this one will be astronomical!

Oh Lord do I miss George and Laura Bush.

Z said...

Stephanie, watch the video in MY POST, it'll make you feel better.

And yes, one of the lib sites had said that the only money taxpayers were paying was the security, but I'm hearing that's incorrect now.

Since we are paying for the trip, they should certainly at least allow the kind of interviews Mrs Bush allowed when she traveled. And if the Obama gov't still insists that she's not doing any gov't business so she needn't have much media, I'd suggest they not have her giving talks or meeting with China's president's wife. When she's doing that, she must face the media.

regarding the Mother, I don't put much stock in those types of rumors; she could have asked for something that we all ask for in a hotel that might be above and beyond (particularly when you're staying with a suite that expensive and with a butler as this one apparently does) and America-haters behind the desk will be bitter and talk about it, you know?

Ben Gazi said...

Z said. "regarding the Mother, I don't put much stock in those types of rumors; she could have asked for something that we all ask for in a hotel that might be above and beyond (particularly when you're staying with a suite that expensive and with a butler as this one apparently does) and America-haters behind the desk will be bitter and talk about it, you know?

If that were the case, I doubt if all these newspapers and professional bloggers would be making so much out of it.

Anonymous said...

As Russia Swallows up Crimea…With an Ongoing World Crisis. Michelle Obama and He Bunch of Moochers Go on Another Vacation!
And Barry Goes on a Separate Vacation on Another Plane with Another Encourage to Florida. The Rest of the Country Is Suffering Through a Recession While Michelle Obama Lives High on the Hog .
These People Have No Shame.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

How sad. Z posts an inspirational video, and some people can't help but harp on petty politics. Shows that they have more desire for the game, than the goal.

Rita said...

Back to the post topic:

Adair Funeral Home is coordinating a project called Missing in America. They provide military funeral services for veterans who have no families.

The service was today I believe as fellow blogger Cary Cartter posted it today on his Facebook page. There were hundreds of bikers that turned out to honor these forgotten men.

Rita said...

Agreed CI.

Btw, the event is in Arizona.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Rita, I'm glad to see that happening. Far too many Veterans pass with nobody to mourn them, remember them and celebrate their lives.

Rita said...

Yes. The biker image has certainly been turned around in the last several years from when I was a kid.

There are so many now that make it their duty to honor military and their families. Of course many of them are also veterans.

When they transported a huge piece of the WTC to Indy to erect a memorial, the line of bikers down the interstate was about 20 minutes long.

Great guys.

THEY love this country.

Impertinent said...


God...the hair on the back of my neck just stood up....along with a few bazillion goose bumps.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Rita, I would submit that bikers have long gotten a bad rap. Many of the first bikers were WWII vets. Losers and pop culture have contributed to a poor reputation. My take though, being a Harley rider unaffiliated with any organization.

Impertinent said...


That's why I ride a Yamaha Midnight Virago!!

Z said...


Rita said...

Here's a hug for you too Imp. It makes me sick to think of how you guys were treated. At least many now realize how completely unfair it was for the Vietnam guys.

Z said...


He got me back into my blog :-)
MAn, what a palarva!

Z said...

Ben Gazi, just curious. I see stuff on FreeRepublic and WND and people use that stuff for facts, and I didn't know that Blaze carried it. Will look at that article tonight. THANKS>

One of my close friends rides a Harley....they go on rides for a group that fights child abuse; they get calls and all the riders (not all Harleys) congregate at a house where a teen is scared her dad might come back, etc., and they wait there ALL NIGHT LONG and protect the houses....stuff like that. Great stuff.
BACA is the acronym.

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Impertinent said...


Thanks so much. I didn't get real pissed of until I heard Kerry. I still want to knock him out. But 2004 was good enough for me....and probably to thousands of other vets too.

"Reporting for duty" my butt.

Impertinent said...

OK...I Know...Off Topic but really great news for al those climate truthers...

First off, Investor's Business Daily reports "Earth has gained 19,000 Manhattans of sea ice since this date last year, the largest increase on record. There is more sea ice now than there was in mid-September 1990. Al Gore, call your office."

A 2007 prediction that summer in the North Pole could be "ice-free by 2013" that was cited by former Vice President Al Gore in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech has proven to be off . .. by 920,000 square miles."

Z said...

I thought I read Yamaha Midnight VIAGRA :-)

and yes! I've heard that for as many glaciers are melting, others are growing and growing.

If everybody could just agree that we need to clean things up without destroying everybody's but the Third World's economies, maybe we could actually get things done?
It's like liberals can't WAIT to bring us all down.

During dinner conversation tonight, my stepson told me Merkel went totally Green after fukushima (sp?)...starting to close nuke plants. Electricity is going up, up, up $$ and now they're going to start opening Carbon power plants again! you can't make this UP!

Impertinent said...

@Z: a Midnight V I R A G O...LOL

920CC's..same engine as a Harley too. A real nice "rice rocket" even though is was a Sportster copy.

And Merkel? She's really regretting stopping fracking lately.

So...I wonder when Germany go's dark and cold...will the German Nationals kiss her silly ass? Or will they send her back to Russia...where she learned her stuff?

Sam Huntington said...

You know, the thing is ... democracy is difficult. In fact, it is so difficult that almost all of Europe rejected it between 1900 and 1920 in favor of fascism. After the war, most of Europe opted for soft authoritarianism cloaked as parliamentarian socialism. It works for them ... it is an environment where people can sit back and let politicians run things. They are perfectly happy to give up their “inalienable rights” in exchange for not having to concern themselves with civic responsibility.

We see this attitude reflected by American leftists. In order to convince everyone that their vision for America (and the world) is the right vision, they have to construct cogent arguments that actually makes sense among thinking human beings. Herein lies the nexus of their problem: none of their ideas make sense to a thinking human being. Realizing this, the American left prefers to shut us up—and they do this in a number of ways. They shout us down, they call us racists, and they tell us we hate all Moslems. Whatever it takes to get us to accept their heresy is what they will do.

The American left is a scary reminder that nothing is settled in America about the direction our government should take. I just hope that these leftist scum (and that is what they are) will fail in their mission to silence real Americans.

Impertinent said...


Oh..yea...and it did kind of do that too...LOL

Rita said...

Z said, "Imp!
I thought I read Yamaha Midnight VIAGRA :-)"

That is so funny I thought the same thing!!!! Had to read it twice.

Sorry Imp.

Baysider said...

Z, re: your dinner conversation about energy in Germany. I also read about the difficulties ordinary, middle class folks there are having paying the electric bill now. One man in Berlin said he keeps only one, low-wattage light on in his apartment when he comes home. Yet I understand Germans overwhelmingly favor the policies that cause this. It would be interesting to hear more about it. And if attitudes are changing over the winter.

Baysider said...

PS To the IBD comment. Global warmongers have been wringing hands about loss of sea ice in Anarctica, too. But it turns out there are active under-ice volcanoes. Oops.

Jack Whyte said...

I have often wondered why the left hated Nixon so much. Yes, it is true that he was a flawed man—we are all flawed to some extent. But let us remember that the Democrats got us involved in the Vietnam War, a Republican got us out of it. Well, I guess I can understand the left’s anger after all. Nothing makes them happier than the killing, the suffering, the torture of Americans by their communist cousins.

Just Sayin said...

Sad, CI? I think not, but I do think that you feel gas if you are the ruler of the Blogisphere!
If people feelike commenting on Michelle Obsma, then so be it , don't like it, take a hike!

Rita said...

That's funny. I thought this was Z and Mustang's blog. Did I take a wrong turn? "Just askin".

Rita said...


Most IP addresses I see are static. I can tell who has been to my blog from stat counter. Sure, there are some really techie folk that can mask their IP address, but I'll bet those on here who "mask" their ID aren't smart enough to figure out how to mask their IP address. They are too busy spending their time creating fake profiles and reporting inane comments at various blogs hoping they will get someone riled up.

The Question Man said...

Nincompoopery is reading this blog!!
Wow, who knew having a black man as President was THAT bad for you? It’s offical. You are a racist that can’t accept that a Black man in President!

You mean the N-word in chief, That’s what you REALLY mean you racist, bigoted POS! So, after suing the President, will Republicans start asking him about some unrelated affair he supposedly had, then try to remove him from office over it like they did with Clinton? When they sued the President as a flimsy tactic to try to impeach him?

exactly where were all these nuts when Bush was in office. Oh thats right I seem to forget he could do no wrong . The tea bags are are all dried out and their brains have turned to mush. I am so tired of the severe hatred and disrespect they have for Obama and also the office of the president. They have made it so difficult that should a repub become president that even I would feel sorry for him. They have so divided this nation that It will be a very long time before it can come together as one nation again. They are destroying our beautiful country.

We also know the difference between Communist and socialist, and Obama is neither.

He has been labeled incompetent, unintelligent, and a usurper of the presidency, and Obama is neither. It has been proven and always will be Proven time and time again that Obama is legal to be President. Because he isn’t White, you racists call him non-eligible! We also know what the impeachment process is, and Obama has not committed an impeachable offense.

We don’t outcry because when we tried that (OWS and other movements), the young people were accused of mooching off the system. We are taking up fights that are needed to push us forward, like addressing economic inequality or talking about climate change. We want a better country for our children, and it’s offensive to claim that we don’t want that.

Instead of wasting our energy on deciding who should marry who, we’re trying to solve real problems we face as a country. What are you going to do about it?

Mr. Obama is not the Devil in disguise. He is a man of his own convictions just as all past Presidents were.

Why is Barack Obama destroying America? No, he is not. He is trying to save it, and the middle class, from the devastating effects of the Bush Depression. That is a very, very hard job.

Why is Barack Obama a Dictator? No, he is not. It is the GOP who seeks to put gestapo in my wife’s doctor’s office and dictate medical treatment from the legislature.

Why Did Barack Obama destroy the best heatlhcare system in the world? LMAO, no he did not. For years medical tourism has been on the rise. Why? Because our healthcare system is screwed up beyond belief. $15 for an aspirin? BTW, want to know where the Death Panels are? They are called Insurance Review Boards.

Why is Barack Obama destroying jobs? No, not happening. Perhaps you read today [or not] that Goldman is preparing an additional, massive offshoring of jobs. Want to know where our jobs are? Ask the GOP CEOs of major “American” corporations. I called AT&T this week – I didn’t get my information because I don’t speak Spanish. Thank the GOP for lost jobs.

Deal with it !

Rita said...

The post stated, " You will be glad you devoted the time to watching this video".

Apparently some people can't read directions.

The Rabbi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Rules for debating a Leftist!
Attack them personally. Tell then that you think they are Marxist, Socialist, and Communist. .
You may notice when arguing with someone on the left that every time you begin to make a point, that leftist begins shouting about George W. Bush. It’s like Leftist Tourette’s Syndrome. “Why did Obama blow out the budget?” “BUUUUUUUSHHHH!!!!!” Don’t be fooled. You don’t need to follow the idiotic rabbit down into his Bushy rabbit hole…Arguing with the left is like attempting to nail jello to the wall. It’s slippery and messy and a waste of resources. You must force them to answer the question. Tell them how much you like Palin, Ryan, and Ted Nugent.

Rita said...

I hear Liza Minnelli singing Send in the Clowns.

Z said...

No, Just Sayin; it's NOT okay to slam michelle Obama here for anything but politics and unethical behavior. Yes, what's happening to the taxpayer while she's in China IS unethical but there are ways we can discuss it without I did above.

Question Man...I only leave your comment here because there isn't a racist amongst us. I am getting, however, Very inflammatory, ugly stuff said about Michelle Obama and I'm deleting them. Because I WANT TO, nothing to do with you race baiters, believe me. I don't go for it; I have Black relatives, and I have amazing Black friends...I don't need YOU coming here and giving ANYBODY lip about being racists here.

How smart can YOU be when we have said for a couple of years now that we'd vote for Alan West, Ben Caron, etc. etc., because they agree with our ideology and yet you still call us racists?
Or do you not consider them Black because they're not liberals. Now who's the racist.

Get're wasting your time here and your ugly accusations are just plain stupid.

have a nice day

Z said...

By the way, Question Man...NONE of those very ugly insulting comments are from MY readers...not ONE of them.
They're all coming from somewhere else, and almost all have no blogs...(except 1, I think)...they're here to make the conservative blogs look bad and, because of my own ethical viewpoints AND my views on race, they're gone the first time I see them...not that I need explain anything to you, that's for sure.

Z said...

My gosh; another email from my health insurance broker of 35 years just came in....he's trying desperately to get Uncertified from the ACA and wrote "you couldn't script a bigger mess if you tried." This from a man of 46 years in the business. Poor guy; took him months to get the certification so he could help his clients deal with it...then one of his clients said "don't worry about your agent, ignore him" and my agent's asking for decertification...he said he feels dirty being part of the ACA and how badly it's going to go for us all when people really do start getting sick and finding out what's REALLY in it... awful.

Z said...

Not to change my own subject, but did you see where Pelosi thinks the term OBAMA CARE is a mocking term people who hate the program are saying because they can't bring themselves to say ACA because of the word Affordable?
Not sure how she'd explain Obama using OBama Care, can you?!!

I heard her the other day; you can't make people like her up, can you. Of course, who'd want to?

Rita said...

Maybe the people can't bring themselves to call it Affordable because it's NOT! This time last year my deductible was $2,500 and my prescriptions were covered BEFORE I met the deductible.

Now my premium is about 40% higher, my deductible is $6,300 and I have to pay my prescriptions out of pocket until the deductible is met and then there is a co-pay.

And my doctor is planning to quit. In fact the surgeon that did my foot last year said a lot of docs are quitting.

It's gonna get bad folks. Hell. It already is bad. But it's going to get worse.

Obamacare isn't collapsing the insurance industry, it's collapsing health CARE.

Anonymous, Anonymous said...

Can someone please shut this Mexican loyalist up? Here we are, broke, 17 trillion in debt and Schumer wants MORE illegal, more people. Isn’t it something how he does not live in a neighborhood flooded with these filthy cockroaches yet so willing to shove them on us?