Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bob Costa

Those of you who saw Costa on TV today might agree that he might be THE most disingenuous guy around.   Remember the anti-gun rant he's had going?  Gutfeld suggested that he was being a little hypocritical considering the armed guards who surround him.  What's Costa say?  "Well, I have NEVER had guards around me except at work here at the studios and when I do games and while I was at the Olympics."  Oh, so wait!  It matters who's paying for the guards before Gutfeld is dead RIGHT?

Then he's on how he hates "heat over LIGHT,"  suggesting the 'general tone of FOX' is too much heat and not enough light, as if the left's all over spreading LIGHT?   To be fair, I don't think Costa's a leftwing nut, he at least tries to appear reasoned, but man, was he condescending today.

Then he compares himself with Bernard Goldberg as if Goldberg hasn't completely left the lefties/media sycophants he used to fly with and isn't the conservative he is today? 

"Conservatives would be surprised how much Krauthammer and Wills I read and how much I agree,"  the pandering dope says.   Bob, why in the world would you even read anything conservative if you're so above it all? 

Can you tell his interview got to me? :-)

If you saw it, how'd you feel about it?   Or, being a conservative, maybe you needed a little tutoring before you fully understood Costa's amazing erudite diatribe, as he might suggest?    I tried to be fair while I watched but he just kept digging himself in deeper and my opinion.

Tell me if you think I'm overreacting and why.......I'm open.   He just SO rubbed me the wrong way.



Duckys here said...

He's a sports commentator, who cares.

Not a bad one when he sticks to business. He knows baseball.

George Will on the other hand knows neither politics nor baseball.

Z said...

HAAAAAA~! And if you know baseball, you'd understand that Will and Krauthammer are two of the most knowledgeable around, Ducky. That really made me laugh; thanks.

"Who cares?" Well, apparently, I cared, and Howard Kurtz cared, and everybody who watched and thought about it cares...!!?? Does that bother you?

Ed Bonderenka said...

I personally care not what Costa thinks of anything, sports included, except to the extent that others seem to, for some reason.
So he generates a discussion.
But to suggest Will knows not politics? Or baseball?
Do they also have man made climate change on your planet, Duck?

Kid said...

The problem is that with people in the business of large volume contact with the public, it's hard to know if they are libtards, or if they just act like it because of demographics. Pretend to be brain dead, and more money come in. Might even be in your contract to act and talk that way.

This is how a lot of this garbage snowballs - by giving the impression that celebrities (we all know what genius they all are) are on board with such things as man made global thingabob, or yippeeeeeobama...

Z said...

Ed, the point isn't what COSTA THINKS, the point is that this kind of stuff gets said and people LISTEN, don't you think?
It WAS funny about Ducky's mistake about Wills and bet.

Kid, you're probably right. I'm REAL sure that if Costa said "I'm a rightwinger," he'd definitely NOT keep his job. Good point.