Friday, March 28, 2014

Kevin Sorbo

.......has become my new celebrity hero.

Hands down.

If you watch FOX, you'll know why.


Ed Bonderenka said...

A good one:
"What if?"

Z said...

thanks, just added it to my Netflix queue!

DaBlade said...

Z - I caught him on O'Reilly, is that what you mean? The wife and I loved the movie. And yes I agree Kevin Sorbo gets added to the short list of actors to admire.

Ed - I'll have to check that one out. The Mrs and I are always trying to find the gems in the huge pile of trash.

Z said...

Not a knee jerk liberal; said he's been on FOX, THINKS before he votes instead of just voting Left, but seemed to imply it's not the party so much as the person; and he said he's had very very few scripts in comparison to before. Typical.. Fascism of leftists.
And he's not afraid to talk about his faith. Yikes... a double whammy for the left.

I actually think I have seen that "WHAT IF?" but have it on Netflix again and will probably enjoy it's been a while.

Duckys here said...

Poor Kevin.

Take a look on IMDB. He has a dozen projects in post production and 4 filming for this year alone.

Yeah, he sure is blacklisted.
What a pant load.

Duckys here said... the way, expect to see more of this type of ploy.
It worked so well for the Duck Dynasty victim that you can expect more publicity agents to get on the ball.

Z said...

Kevin Sorbo's doing work; never said he isn't.
He said the types of films and the huge amount of scripts he used to get was cut down.

I looked over the IMDB list yesterday and one of his films even budgeted at a roaring $2 million :-)! Some were $500K. Not big budget films.

Oh, and one's a Hobbit sequel, one's his God's Not Dead, one's CONfessions of a Prodigal Son, Soul Surfer, The Santa Suit, Let the Lion Roar.

Mostly faith films these days.

Amazing guy...he had a lot of guts to break from the mold, didn't he!

Z said...

which 'ploy'?
Um..Ducky Dynasty's nearly done.

Do the homework :-)

Duckys here said...

Maybe the market for middle aged action figures has dried up since Xena, z.

Sorbo is a very limited actor and he should be happy he's working.

He has never been a big budget actor.

The Duck Dynasty ploy? Claim discrimination to generate publicity when you're down in the ratings.

Z said...

I understand what some think Dynasty did....they're no heroes of mine, but they have every right to their point of view tiny line in an interview gets that much push back and you think it was a ploy?
ratings are waaay down.
Not because of that, but I think the whole show idea wore itself out.

As for Sorbo, he's never made it big, but he's better than some. And I admire greatly anybody who goes public with how he feels about anything, particularly when it's bucking the establishment leftists.

By the way, I stumbled on the AOW show today, the one from yesterday, and listened to most of your interview. I thought you were gracious and informative and even pleasant, dare I say.
Not the snide, insulting self you present here.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I like Sorbo, he's a decent actor and seems like a pretty personable guy. Hercules was campy but moderately entertaining, and I liked him in Andromeda.

He's never been a box office sensation, so I don't think there's any backlash against him..but I'd certainly have a beer with the guy.

Z said...

No, that's the whole point. There has been backlash and he talked about it last night on FOX.
His agent's told him he used to get many more scripts to read until he appeared the first time on FOX and,somewhere else, admitted he doesn't always vote for the left.

Anonymous said...

well, hello there. a compliment for mr. ducky from Mrs. Z. Go figure.
he doesn't thank her.
Go figure again.