Monday, March 31, 2014

Detroit City...Move over, Tombstone...

The Wild West is happening in Detroit?   Well, Detroit sounds like it's become that forlorn, that dangerous, that desperate, so what better place to start another Wild West?    NONE of us wants this happening, but check this out:

DetroitCriminals prowling for victims in Detroit are instead finding armed citizens willing to open fire. A northwest Detroit homeowner on Tuesday fatally shot two men he said were trying to break into his west-side house.
If those shootings are ruled self-defense, they will bring to 10 the number of fatal self-defense shootings in the city since Jan. 1.
Detroit has traditionally had a large percentage of the nation’s justifiable homicides by citizens. In 2012, the last year for which national figures are available, there were 25 justifiable homicides in Detroit, which made up 8 percent of the 310 seen nationwide. Last year, there were 15 justifiable homicides in the city.
“It’s horrific what’s going on in the city, where people have to defend their homes with guns,” said the Rev. Barak Holmes of Diverse Deliverance, who lives near the house where Tuesday’s shootings occurred and heard four shots.“We have to pray for our city.”
Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said the homeowner heard a commotion near his side window at about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday on the 14800 block of Dexter. The man decided to go out the back door to see what was happening in his driveway.
When the resident spotted the two men in their 20s, a fight ensued. The homeowner reached for his handgun and opened fire, killing both.
The homeowner has a concealed pistol license, Woody said. The case is being forwarded to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office to determine if the shooting was justifiable or if charges will be filed. It was unclear if the two suspects were armed.
Woody said police responded to a break-in at the same home on Friday.
Detroit Police Chief James Craig said at a press conference last week that in his 37-year career, he’s never seen as many homeowners defending themselves by shooting intruders. Craig told The News in January he felt the crime rate could be lowered if more “good Americans” were armed, because he said criminals would think twice about attacking.
“It does appear more and more Detroiters are becoming empowered,” Craig said. “More and more Detroiters are getting sick of the violence. I know of no other place where I’ve seen this number of justifiable homicides. It’s interesting that these incidents go across gender lines.”
Among the recent incidents:
■On March 7, a woman in her 50s shot and killed a man trying to break into her home in the 22000 block of Grove Street. She heard noises at her rear window and shot the intruder in the chest.
■At 2 a.m. Feb. 22, two men broke into a house on the city’s southwest side; the homeowner shot both men. A 21-year-old man died and the other man escaped.
■Earlier on Feb. 22, at 12:30 a.m., a woman who was surprised by a gunman when she pulled her car into the garage was able to reach for her own gun and fatally shoot the man.
■A woman on Feb. 17 opened fire on three teens who kicked in her door. The alleged intruders, ages 14, 14 and 15, were caught by police and charged with home invasion.
“People who are faced with a dangerous situation are taking matters into their own hands,” Craig said. “We’re not advocating violence; we’re advocates of not being victims. We’re advocates of self-protection. We want people to be safe.
“This should be a message to those who continue to perpetuate violence on Detroiters that enough is enough. You’ve got to be concerned about good Detroiters who aren’t going to stand for it,” Craig said. “Detroiters are fed up and they are taking action.”
Johnny West, a 63-year-old resident of the city’s east side, is licensed to carry a .40 caliber Glock, and said he’ll use it if need be.
“People have to protect themselves,” West said. “These criminals have no business breaking into people’s houses in the first place. Don’t take what’s not yours, and everything will be OK. If someone’s coming in your house, you don’t have time to call the cops; you’ll end up laying there dead. You got to do what you got to do.” (end of article)

Z: I'm guessing a lot of no-gun advocates will find this situation in Detroit despicable;  "INNOCENT PEOPLE WERE KILLED!"  Please see the reddened text above;  none were killed without having been perpetrators of a crime.  

We have to make sure gun owners/home protectors, if they have the time, can announce they are armed and I hope and pray most of them shoot low, hit a leg, knee....   It'd be my wish not to kill but to put someone in a position where they could not kill my family or me, or steal our belongings.  

How do you feel about all of this defense by homeowners?   Is it a step in the right direction to where criminals will be dissuaded from crime?  Does it just give Obama and his ilk the chance to insist, more and more, that all hand guns are removed from the public?   Your thoughts?



Ed Bonderenka said...

Detroit Police Chief James Craig defending the lawful use of force was as refreshing as hearing the democratic sheriff of Milwaukee say the same thing at CPAC
It's refreshing for us Detroit Metro area CPL holders to get this support from law enforcement.
I've not talked to a cop here who wasn't supportive.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ed - I also haven't met an LEO that isn't supportive of a citizen's duty to protect oneself and family. But keeping myself schooled on the gun control movement has shown me that they unfortunately, are out there.

Always On Watch said...

I'll be linking to this in my April 12th "Nincompoopery" post.

Impertinent said...

I like this always makes me laugh out loud at the naivete´of it's advocates:

" I hope and pray most of them shoot low, hit a leg, knee...."

If you have a pistol...the best you can hope for in a stressful situation like to shoot for the mass, as all LEO's are trained to do. If you have a shotgun...just pointing in the general direction ought to do it.

But everyone will tell you it's ridiculous to try for an intruders appendages...except the head. You shoot to kill...not to scare or piss him off. So he can sue you in court.

Always On Watch said...

Linked at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Impertinent said...

Another case of a good Samaritan acting in defense. This happens thousands of times a year in America...but you never hear of it...just the Zimmermans for the lame street media or the Piers Morgans of the world.

Impertinent said...

Another real reason for our second amendment:

"Pushed back from the headlines, massive protests against the repressive Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela continue.

So do the killings by the "colectivos." If this group of thugs enforcing Maduoro's Chavista socialist nightmare were instead right-wing paramilitary types, they would long since have been christened "death squads" and garnered international attention.

A story about the colectivos finally appeared in the Associated Press today. While the coverage by Fabiola Sanchez and Frank Bajak was mostly measured, it completely ignored the fact the colectivos can operate without fear of armed resistance because of government curbs on purchases, transfers, and public carrying of guns."

SUAGMEABeet said...
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Frida Van der Wiener said...

It is helpful to remember that Detroit was brought to its knees by LIBERAL DEMOCRATS.

Anonymous said...
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Linda said...

I think every American should be able to have a gun to defend him/herself and family. If 'you' don't want to get shot, don't do anything illegal!

Anonymous said...
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Duckys here said...

As the resident leftist, I have to say that I don't favor serious restrictions on gun in the home.

However, in the interest of fair reporting you should also print those stories of their kid getting hold of the firearm and blowing a friends head off or dad getting laid off and blowing away the family.

Are you more likely to kill an intruder or a friend or family member. Just print the full story.

JonBerg said...

"How do you feel about all of this defense by homeowners?"

Like it or not it's inevitable. Detroit may well be a harbinger for things to come as the disease of Democrat Liberalism spreads. It has been said, to the effect: "The future of America is on display in Detroit"!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ducky - "However, in the interest of fair reporting you should also print those stories of their kid getting hold of the firearm and blowing a friends head off or dad getting laid off and blowing away the family."

Why? The media has those stories well in hand. What they don't cover to nearly the same extent, are these instances of defensive gun use.

JonBerg said...

Just imagine what it would be like if the criminal element had assurance that NO law abiding citizens were armed!

A Pissed Off Irishman said...
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Anonymous said...

And the sad thing about it all is that the media and public put his lies out and the masses bought into them. It is a sad commentary on the intellect of many Americans.

Impertinent said...


"stories of their kid getting hold of the firearm and blowing a friends head off or dad getting laid off and blowing away the family."

Yes I see tragic stories like that from time to time....due to carelessness of an adult gun owner. And about 3 times a week I see the same kids drowning in pools...or riding their bikes and getting run over...or disappearing in the surf off shore.

Then there was the story about the husband losing his business, being in debt...and yes, killed his wife and two daughters. With a knife...he stabbed them all to death. There was another who left the family car running all night in the garage while all were asleep.

Guess what? They're all dead too.

If you want to kill family don't need a gun, do ya Duck?

So....what does one use against an intruder? Their SUV? A kitchen knife? Or a ball peen hammer?

Duckys here said...

What it does Imp is put the discussion on a factual basis.

On one side you have the "ban them all" loons.

On the other you have the "these things solve everything' loons (and they're better than Viagra).

The goal is to get closer to the middle.

Impertinent said...


Well Duck...if you insist on mocking and disparaging the "Viagra" types, as you put it...then lets call the "ban them all"...impotent girly boyz, right?

And I don't need the former Duck...either in a car or a gun. I have it for one purpose and I don't sleep with it either.

Baysider said...

The first good news out of Detroit in a long time - the police chief's comments!

But Z, Imp is right - never 'shoot low.' First of all, you'll probably shoot low anyway if you're out of practice. Aim for the center mass - best chance to stop. If you're shooting at an intruder in your home the only legitimate reason is because they have to be compelled by force to immediately stop, and before they get within 7 steps of you. So make your shot count.

Hope I never have to test it. Last time I had an intruder in my home I hid in a locked room while I called the sheriff and let them handle it.

As for accidents with guns ... the stats show many thousands fold more incidents of self-defense than accidents. I'm not unmindful of this, as it happened in my own family. But more people drown in bathtubs.

Z said...

Ed and CI...thanks for that exchange, and the link.

AOW, definitely is that!

Imp; that was my 'naivite''
I'd still aim as low as I could IF I could, as I said.

Frida, that's right.

Linda got the WHOLE POINT "If you don't want to be shot, don't do anything illegal."
That seems so simple, doesn't it?'re brilliant. Thanks.

Ducky, home shootings of innocents isn't this story. This story has enough in it to consider and it's silly to bring up anything that pulls away from a post because you don't like the contents.
Everyone knows guns should be carefully stored; do you think we don't?
CI is right....we hear all ABOUT every possible terrible thing that could go wrong with a gun; TRUST ME. But at my blog, I'm supposed to cover the WHOLE STORY :-)?


Please focus on the point, folks...let's not get off it by bringing up possibilities that support your agenda better. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ARTICLE or I'd not have posted it.

I'm deleting the comments that were so far off topic and a repeat of what we always get here. it's getting a little boring and transparent, folks!
Stop masquerading as irate conservatives blasting everything under the sun; it's silly and very obvious what's going on!!

Not in MY name said...

Does anyone care that the top 10 Violent Crime cities in the USA have liberal Mayors! Any questions?

Z said...

AOW: I'm never sure why Infidel Bloggers Alliance gets so few comments; it should be read much more.

Anonymous said...

"Not on my name " is right, especially New York, and Chicago .

Z said...

And I believe the number of bankrupt cities is run by an even larger number of Democrat mayors.

Duckys here said...

FBI: The Most Dangerous Cities in the United States: Top 10

Camden, New Jersey (GOP Gov.)
Flint, Michigan (GOP Gov.)
Detroit, Michigan (GOP Gov.)
Oakland, California (Dem. Gov.)
St. Louis, Missouri (Dem. Gov.)
Cleveland, Ohio (GOP Gov.)
Gary, Indiana (GOP Gov.)
Newark, New Jersey (GOP Gov.)
Bridgeport, Connecticut (Dem.Gov.)
Birmingham, Alabama (GOP Gov.)

Duckys here said...

... oops Newark's mayor is Dem.

The Dark Knight said...

Ducky , why do you bring that shit from the progressive blog over here? Is that the only thing you can do , cut and past the shit you find there!

Impertinent said...


You and I both know that those cities are predominately "minority", majority black, right? That's an inescapable fact...and since I was a kid, I wouldn't have gone into downtown Newark in broad daylight after Gibson took over after the riots in 68.

Each of the cities have Dem mayors.

The states may have and do, Repub Governors. And you know damn well if they were to call out the National Guard to smother that city with enough armor to shake those cities to it's core and restore law and order....There'd be a shit storm accusing the Governors of being Racist"...even if they know their cities are crap holes, unsafe, un governable and extremely dangerous.

Check out Bill Maher the other night quoting M. Obama....they said it was a racist statement....until Maher attributed the Racist remarks to her...They tried to back pedal it all..."it's a black thing you know? Only blacks can talk about black crime"..and do nothing about it. Racists to the core and lying about their lies....did you hear the hush from the kumquat audience too?

Even old Spike wants his Hood back...all those whites coming in and gentrifying his old hood. Imagine that.

Impertinent said...


"Imp; that was my 'naivite''
I'd still aim as low as I could IF I could, as I said."

Then I hope they have BIG feet...and that it never happens. But if you did...all he'd do would be to trip right onto you. That doesn't guarantee a stop at all...and You'd actually take the time to be that careful with your aim as your adrenaline is rushing through you?

Mine gets pumped up enough when I'm at the range practicing!

Z said...

I think that, in the case of cities, which we were talking about, the MAYOR is slightly more important than the governor, don't you all?

I Googled and found Ducky's list and, RIGHT BELOW that entry on some blog with the name GRANITE in it, the guy goes on to say....

"But more importantly, Let us focus on the leadership running these cities. The first question that comes to mind is, who are the mayors? So, let us have a look.
1.Camden, NJ —Mayor Dana Redd, Democrat
2.Flint MI — Mayor Dayne Walling, Democrat
3.Detroit MI — Mayor Dave Bing/Mike Duggan, Democrat(s)
4.Oakland, CA — Mayor Jean Quan, Democrat
5.St. Louis, MO — Mayor Francis Slay, Democrat
6.Cleveland, OH — Mayor Frank Jackson, Democrat
7.Gary, IN — Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, Democrat
8.Newark NJ — Mayor Corey Booker/Luis Quintana, Democrat(s)
9.Bridgeport, CT — Mayor Bill Finch, Democrat
10.Birmingham, AL — Mayor William A. Bell, Democrat"

Oops, Ducky...ALL the city's mayors, not just Newark's, are DEMOCRATS.

Here's the link:

And let's all be ashamed that ANY city in America is so dangerous and in such trouble in every way, no matter who the gov or mayor are.

Z said...

Dark is it exactly that you and others come and always mention "THE progressive blog"?
You DO know that there are thousands of progressive blogs, and some of them actually get a lot of commenters, right?
Ya...some really do.

Imp: I can only say it again, one more time; if I COULD and had my druthers and was a good shot, I'd always try to hurt someone badly, not kill him.
Your opinion's good, too!
My post says "It would be my wish " that I not kill anyone...that nobody would. And I still feel that way.
Thanks for your input.

The Dark knight said...

But. Ducky knows where he got it from, don't you Ducky!

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: First and foremost.
Thank you for deleting those comments. I don't know why it aggravates me so much, it's not my blog.
Second and foremost.
Center mass.
Keep pulling until loud noises stop.
Scherie's trained to do that, too.

Bob said...

"Last night I went to sleep in Detroit city"

A musical interlude...

The best way to get rid of violence in Detroit is to move-off and leave it.

Impertinent said...


It wasn't a dig. I'm just telling you that even sharpshooting cops go for the mass.

Seals do a double to the chest and the next to the head. Just to make sure.

Impertinent said...


"Oops, Ducky...ALL the city's mayors, not just Newark's, are DEMOCRATS..."

A convenient omission isn't it? But he'll blame it on the Repub Governors that can't be allowed by the dems of the state to take over these cities. All those cities need martial law.

I wouldn't care if they were occupied by the Egyptian army or Putin's.

CnC said...

We dodged a bullit, (sorry) when obamas choice for Surgeon General was determined to be out of the mix. This anti-gun nut would have misused that office like the EPA misuses it's power to forward their radical leftist ideals and agendas.

Kid said...

I truly believe we should send Piers Morgan up there to beg those people to disarm and stop this gun violence.

You know, like in the UK, where, Oh, wait sorry, UK is #1 in Europe for violence and #2 in the world, and they've been disarmed for decades.

Kid said...

Let us ponder how many people and women and not raped and killed because the POS vermin decides against because they don't know if their victim is armed or not.

Remove the doubt and watch what happens. Heck you don't even have to ponder. UK #1 in Europe and #2 in the world for personal violence.

Those darn vermin just don't play nice do they?

The ignorance with libtards is deafening. Their brains never left kindeygarten if they even got that far.

Kid said...

If you look at these cities adn states with non-democrat mayor or governors, they all have majority democratic legislatures. So what is the non-dem supposed to do without support for programs and strategies?

The morons get pounded into submission by the democrat mayor or governor, so every so often they say well let's try a repub mayor or governor. Nothing gets done. Morons say, see it don't matter, they don't do no better.

Morons. This is the subject at hand.

Kid said...

Z, if you hurt someone badly who is in your house and they don't die, chance are they will sue you and win. The country is littered with these stories.

Plus you're not doing their next victim any favors. Respectfully.

Z said...

I understand 100% what's being said about CENTER MASS.
Let me just say again that:

A. it's not going to happen because I don't have a gun

B. I'd still hope that anybody with a gun was a good enough shot to gravely injure and not kill if avoidable.

Unless I'm mistaken, once that person's IN your abode, he's yours, legally. You don't want to shoot someone outside on your doormat!

Ed, I don't blame you....nutty commenters are one thing; this isn't about that. Nobody's fooling us here.
Can you imagine when all these blogless folks come and announce something about "THE" progressive blog? Gee, there are thousands, why is it suddenly ONE they're all talking about? And why do they do it all on one day? :-)

Kid..I'd always heard that England had almost no violence and even their cops didn't have guns; at least not years ago.
I guess it's the muslim influx that's caused the criminality.
That's what's causing it in Germany, BELIEVE me.

But, of course, we can't say that.
And neither can the Germans, by the way

Kid said...

Z, No it's because they are disarmed and these days you don't have to be muslim to be a vermin

Sam Huntington said...

Well, Detroit is no worse off than any African city.

Z said...

Kid, and I'm not saying all muslims are vermin, of course.

I am sticking to the opinion that the influx of Arabs, Pakistanis, Turks, etc., has largely caused the criminality across Western Europe.
My stepson's preparing a piece for GeeeeZ and it should be ready will not believe what's going on in Germany.

Sam, that's scary, isn't it.

Impertinent said...


"But, of course, we can't say that.
And neither can the Germans, by the way.."

My opinion... That's not going to last much longer in Deutschland. The land of my ancestors.This time, the ironies of all's the French that will lead and teach the Germans how to say NO ... emphatically to the crud that's taking her down.

The FN has taken 14 out of 15 seats in their last elections...the socialists are crapping their diapers cause the people...have spoken.

Now..I'm waiting for it to happen here....starting in Dearborn, perhaps. But Arizona would be a good start.

Impertinent said...

Some fun facts...

Dr John Lott found:

"If those states without right-to-carry concealed gun provisions had adopted
them in 1992, county- and state-level data indicate that approximately 1,500
murders would have been avoided yearly.

Similarly, we predict that rapes would have declined by over 4,000, robbery by over 11,000, and aggravated assaults by over 60,000. We also find criminals substituting into property crimes involving stealth, where the probability of contact between the criminal and the victim is minimal. Further, higher arrest and conviction rates consistently reduce crime.

The estimated annual gain from
all remaining states adopting these laws was at least $5.74 billion in 1992.
The annual social benefit from an additional concealed handgun permit is ashigh as $5,000."

Lott also found that if you increase the number of firearms owned by private
individuals by 1 percent and you can expect to see a DECREASE in aggragate
violent crime of 4.1%.Specifically, murder goes down 3.3 %, aggravated
assault down 4.3%, robbery down 4.3%, burglary down 1.6%, Larceny down 1.3%, and auto theft down 3.2%. The only catagory of crime that does not benefit from additional gun ownership rates is rape, which is unchanged. The total costs of crime that victims are saved for EACH 1% INCREASE in gun ownership is $3.1 Billion.

Source: "Crime, Deterence and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handguns," John Lott.

Impertinent said...


There are plenty of failed African city-states on the North American continent....Memphis, Killadelphia, Baltimore, Camden, Newark, Riviera Beach, Jacksonville, Chi-congo, Detoilet, East St. Louis and New Orleans....

Impertinent said...


"Kid, and I'm not saying all muslims are vermin, of course..."

Female genital mutilation on the the US. Isn't that...a despicable, barbaric, muslim thing...that they don't want you to know about.

"Slip Sliding Away, slip sliding away"

Whoah God only knows, God makes his plan..

The information's unavailable to the mortal man

We're workin' our jobs, collect our pay

Believe we're gliding down the highway, when in fact we're slip sliding away ...

Should be the USA National Anthem, I think. And all of Western Civilization being replaced by... insanity.

Impertinent said...

Sign of the times...

" Muslims holding signs which reads: "Behead Those Who Say Islam is Violent"..

Average American said...

I have to disagree Z. If someone breaks into my house or in any way threatens me or my family or our possessions, he/she/they will be shot and I WILL be shooting to kill. There are 2 reasons for this. The first has been covered, the risk of lawsuits. Remember, dead men don't tell lies. The second reason is even more important. If you just wound the perp, when he gets out of jail in a couple of years (because of liberal judges), your life may very well be in jeopardy, especially if you left him in a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

Impertinent said...

"“It does appear more and more Detroiters are becoming empowered,” Craig said. “More and more Detroiters are getting sick of the violence. I know of no other place where I’ve seen this number of justifiable homicides. It’s interesting that these incidents go across gender lines.”

Interestingly's a majority black city...and the majority of crimes committed by blacks on other blacks.

Yet...morons like al sharpless want to take away SYG or self defense from the people who need it most. Those who are exposed to more crime and violence from "their own". In Fladuh..57% of the self defense shootings or SYG are...yup...blacks defending themselves against the predators.

Always On Watch said...

Speaking of Muslims: Islamophobia in action? 'Honor Diaries' screening shut down by CAIR.

Always On Watch said...

A bit uh-oh for this one: FBI, military hunt ex-Army recruit suspected of plotting 'Ft. Hood-inspired jihad'

Always On Watch said...

More information: Hassan’s Facebook page is full of postings about jihad, including this one on March 19:

“Getting ready to be killed in jihad is a HUGE adrenaline rush!! I am so nervous. NOT because I’m scared to die but I am EAGER to meet my lord.”

He said in an earlier post on March 15:

“Oh those of the ummah of the Prophet Muhammad(S). I will soon be leaving you forever so goodbye! I am going to wage jihad and hopes that i die. I want to be with my lord so bad that I cry but I will miss you guys I am not going to lie. I wish I could give you guys more but I am just a guy who is so very poor. I am telling you I am so broke that my pockets are sore:) I cannot wait to go the Prophet Muhammad’s(S) door and prank Isa bin Maryam and party so hard that it will rock Jannah to its core. Only Allah knows what the future has in store so that should make you fear Allah much much more.”

He also shared photos of Osama bin Laden.

Hassan graduated from Topeka West High School and went through the Flint Hills Job Corps center.

Ciccio said...

I am all for a safer world so I had a look at some statistics. Out of 123,706 fatal accidents in a year, 613 were firearm related, in other words 1 in 200. There are yearly some 30,000 domestic electrical accidents involving power tools or small appliance. There are 100,000 hospitalizations for scalding by hot water. So if you just ban electricity and hot water and leave the guns in place your home will be some 95% safer.

Impertinent said...

And therein is the desperation of the gun prohibitionist strategy.

Years ago, one could realistically reason that there were good, well meaning people who promoted gun control simply because they did not understand the overall dynamics of responsibly armed law abiding citizens and a reduction in violent crime.

Most of those people have since been enlightened to the fallacy of gun control and the merits of an armed and responsible citizenry -- especially after a couple of decades of sweeping concealed carry reforms and plunging violent crime.

Unfortunately, there were hard-core progressives, and yes, admitted socialists among them, who will be forever tenacious, unbending and unrepentant in their life long quest for control. Logic means nothing to them.

Reason means nothing to them. Only disarmament, total and complete will do. If they feel compelled to lie and tear on the emotions of grieving survivors, then so be it, because for them, the end justifies the means.

Fortunately now, their quest will be unending and fruitless as long as reason triumphs and truth prevails.

Kid said...

Z, (muslms, vermin) I speak from the point of view that when they breed everyone else out and institute sharia for everyone (they're currently out-breeding everyone by a factor of 4 to 1) it won't matter much which ones have picked up a gun or not. They'll be voting for it to happen. Which is more dangerous.

Z said...

Ciccio...EXCELLENT comment. Thanks for that!

Average American: I'm getting the point of you and the others here. Here's the deal; if anybody broke in HERE, I'd go into such shock and fear that this whole conversation is moot :-) If I HAD a gun, I'd be shaking too hard to pull the trigger!

"French will lead the Germans"..FASCINATING point. I LOVE THAT IDEA!

I just wish Americans were hearing HOW BAD the muslim problem is in Germany....we don't even hear it here. And I believe there's a reason for that. Not a good reason.

Anonymous said...

"How do you feel about all of this defense by homeowners?"

If the bozo wasn't invited, I take him/her out. No questions asked. He/she was stupid to think he had a right to enter my house uninvited. Trouble is, here in California, such a homeowner would be tried in criminal court.

"Is it a step in the right direction to where criminals will be dissuaded from crime? Does it just give Obama and his ilk the chance to insist, more and more, that all hand guns are removed from the public?"

Yes, it ALWAYS had been a step in the right direction... but the progressive mentality of "have pity on these poor misguided people and it's society's fault" is the bane of our country. All Obama and his crony news outlets make a big thing out of that "he could have been my son" killing but nothing much about a bunch of minority hoodlums killing Whites for the fun of it.

We don't have enough LEO's and plus, some of them get reamed by the media if they roughed up a minority. We therefore need to protect ourselves is my opinion.