Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Christie........what do you feel about him?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, in an extensive interview with Fox News, defended his public praise of President Obama in the wake of Superstorm Sandy but made clear he’s no ally of the president – ripping ObamaCare, and saying his foreign policy style has created a “dangerous” vacuum in the world.
The Republican governor, considered a potential 2016 presidential candidate, addressed his complicated relationship with the GOP base, and the president. While his no-nonsense style and victories over powerful unions are what elevated him to the national spotlight, he continues to face conservative skepticism for, among other things, praising Obama for the federal response to Sandy, shortly before the 2012 presidential election.
Christie, speaking with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File,” rejected the notion that this in any way hurt Mitt Romney in the race, citing statements from the GOP nominee himself.
“I’ve seen him publicly say over and over again that it had absolutely no effect or role in the race,” he said. “Secondly, the other thing that Romney said to me at the time was ‘you’re doing your job.’”
The governor noted that he campaigned hard for Romney, and said that in praising the Obama administration’s storm response – at the time, he called the president’s leadership “outstanding” -- he was just being honest. “If I had to do it again I would say the exact same thing,” Christie said.
But the governor did not pull punches when asked about Obama’s leadership on the world stage, and recent polling showing more Americans think the United States is weaker today.

“When we retreat and we pull back, others feel that vacuum. And that’s dangerous for our country and it is sad for people around the world who are yearning to be free,” Christie said. “And so from my perspective, the sense that others around the world have, and I’ve heard this from people around the world, that we’ve pulled back, that we’re not as involved as we used to be.

“I think that’s a problem and I think that’s what buttresses the sense that people have that we’re weaker than we were before,” Christie said.

The governor, who spoke with Fox News on Friday, also said “the jury is still out” on whether Obama is a transformational president, but argued that he’s changed things for the worse on health care.

With the deadline for ObamaCare open enrollment technically hitting on Monday, Christie said the law has been “really, really injurious to the country’s long term economic health and to our health care system.”

Christie has, over the past year and a half, been welcomed back into some parts of the conservative fold. He was invited to the Conservative Political Action Conference this year, after getting snubbed in 2013. And he was invited to address the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas over the weekend, hosted by GOP mega donor Sheldon Adelson.

As for those who’ve taken issue with his friendliness toward Obama after Sandy and aspects of his leadership style, Christie makes no apologies.

“These are the ABCs of me. You ask me a question, I’m gonna give you an honest answer,” he said. “Some days it may serve your political purpose and some days it might not. But in the end, the comfort you should take from it is I’m not changing as the wind blows.”

Christie has tangled with Tea Party-aligned Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., over the past year over the governor’s push for disaster relief funding. Christie, asked about the possibility of Paul running in 2016, said only that he’d be a “credible candidate.” But he did not include Paul when asked to name the top three potential candidates – excluding himself – for 2016.

“I don’t know if I could restrict myself to three but I’ll give you the ones I think are really good,” he told Fox News. “I think [former Florida Gov.] Jeb Bush would be an outstanding candidate for president. I think [Wisconsin Gov.] Scott Walker would be a good candidate for president. I think [Wisconsin Rep.] Paul Ryan would be a good candidate for president.”

As for himself, Christie says he’s still in the “decision-making process.”

Christie discussed 2016 politics on the heels of a report that cleared him in the scandal over the controversial lane closures by the George Washington Bridge last year. The report was conducted by a law firm his office brought in to review the case – other investigations are still ongoing.
Christie indicated the scandal would not impact his decision on whether to run.

“If you don’t have baggage, they’ll create baggage for you. That’s politics in America today. That’s the way it goes,” he said. “In the end, people don’t judge you on that stuff. People look into your eyes and they try to decide what’s in here and that’s how they vote. They vote for what they believe is in your heart.”  (end of article)

Z:   Your thoughts on Chris Christie? 

A.  Does he have a chance?
B.  Do you like his picks for president?
C.  Did he hurt Romney's chances?
D.  Don't you think his suck-up to Obama was overdone during Sandy?



Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ultimately, Christie's shot at being Presidential timber, are in the hands of Republicans, but I'm not a big fan.

It takes no political courage to oppose a blatant federal overreach such as the ACA. He does himself no favors in my opinion by proffering Jeb Bush as a top contender for POTUS, and he's timid on privacy rights. Christie supports Common Core and he's not exactly a 2nd Amendment stalwart.

The siganture quote that turns me away from wanting to support Christie is:

"As a former prosecutor who was appointed by President George W. Bush on Sept. 10, 2001, I just want us to be really cautious, because this strain of libertarianism that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines, I think, is a very dangerous thought."

Always On Watch said...

A. Does he have a chance? For the nomination -- definitely. For the win in 2016? Doubtful

B. Do you like his picks for president? I say yes to Paul Ryan and Scott Walker, and no to Jeb Bush.

C. Did he hurt Romney's chances? Yes.

D. Don't you think his suck-up to Obama was overdone during Sandy? Yes, but he gave that fuel to the mainstream media.

Always On Watch said...

And then there's this: Christie Defends Appointment Of Muslim Judge At RJC Meeting.

And what is the banner at the above link all about? This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.

League of Angels said...

Obama hasn’t yet figured out diplomacy. Even more alarming, he shows no signs of trying to learn. In the ways of the world, he remains a know-it-all rookie at best.

The view for the future looks very dim. Anything that doesn’t fit the grand plan is dismissed as illegitimate. So while global hot spots multiply and the world grows dangerously unstable, this president still plans to slash the military as well as America.

His trip abroad last week further secured his reputation for historic ineptitude. It wasn’t that the trip was a disaster — it never before had rose to that level. His presence and his promises simply was a complete disaster.

He failed to move the European Union toward a firmer stance on Russia, created bizarre headlines by differing with the Vatican over what he and the pope discussed, and got not-so-veiled threats from the Saudis about Syria and Iran.

He could have stayed home and not done worse, or worse yet he could have joined the “First lady” in china and dne far less damage. But then again he’s be with is Mother in law..
No president can win ’em all, but Obama’s foreign-policy record is unblemished by success. From east to west and north to south, America’s standing and influence have declined universally.

Be it at home or abroad, Obama manages to provoke fury and ridicule wherever he goes. He bullies critics here while shrinking from adversaries over there. He divides the country and unites the world against us, diminishing the nation in both ways. His reign of error can’t end soon enough .

Thank You. And by the way, I really enjoyed reading your wonderful blog. I will post my opinion about Chris Christie shortly.

League of Angels said...

There is nothing here to make me believe or even suggest that Bridgegate is as newsworthy as it is being meant to be, or even that Christie is at blame. And out of fairness, not to mention any evidence.
But I would suggest that the left is keeping this ridicules charge going to keep Obama’s failures out of the news. Especially when there is a Republican who is a possible candidate for the presidency that they can turn into a pinata. This is not unusual, but rather a common trail of the leftist media.

Compared to the unanswered questions, and the cover-up of the deaths of four Americans at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi, Bridgegate is more chaff than wheat. Similarly, compelling evidence that the IRS denied conservative groups equal treatment is a far more important story about government abuse of power than a traffic jam.

Yes, it is true that Christie’s office hired his own lawyers that did the report, but does that make it less credible than the probes being conducted by Jersey Democrats who repeatedly accuse him of lying? No it does not. After all, there hasn’t been ANY reports to the contrary, has there!
So if I can suggest a new name for this non-event, it would be . Water under the Bridgegate.

Crusader Frank said...

If the GOP wants to be liked by Democrats, they'd nominate someone who walks, talks and acts like a Democrat.

I say, No, thanks

Christie was liked, look where it got him!

And this is exactly why I like the idea of Sarah Palin as candidate, ideally Palin and Ben Carson, just because of the hate and spittle the Dems will pour forth 24/7/365. They're so alien to anything the Dems might like they HAVE to be good. Palin would win 55, 56 of the 57 states the Moron in the White House thinks make up the USA

Anonymous said...

It's not about Democrats liking the Republican candidate; who really gives a crap what they think! It's about those in the middle and Independents. They do not like far right conservatives, just like they are not crazy about far left wing liberals. What you conservatives keep missing is that a candidate like Obama is not extremely liberal. He actually isn't much different than Bush. Bush expanded Medicare and Obama pushed through the ACA, which is not socialized healthcare. Obama has not asked for any massive tax increases, and government spending under Obama has been pretty much level since the second year of his administration. If the economy was picking up some, the deficit would pretty much be under control just with the increased tax revenues.

We just can not worry about the Left! Look what the “Left” has done for America. They gave us Obama who is an Alinsky radical. He was elected by a biased media, white guilt, and black pride. He was elected because of his skin color and the fact that the media refused to do a proper vetting of him like they did of every other candidate from either party. Hopefully we will be able to service his 2nd term.

Obama is a Marxist collectivist, read his books, look at his mentors, listen to his early speeches. He hates the history of the USA and its culture, he hates capitalism. Taking over healthcare is step 1 in the Alinsky playbook for radical left wing takeover.

Obama got elected the second time for the same reasons as the first time----biased media, black pride, white guilt, nothing else..

Dave Miller said...

One of the behaviors we frequently see on some of the conservative blogs we both visit are frequent cut and paste diatribes that have nothing to do at all with the current post.

Many times, the people doing this, are voicing a point of view that is agreed with by the blog "owner."

I do not frequently see much of that here from the more liberal side of the aisle.

Do you?

As best as I can tell, the majority of commenters here are regular people who are known folks

Sam Huntington said...

A. I do not think Christie can win the GOP nomination
B. I do not think Paul or Walker can win the nomination or the election
C. I believe he sandbagged Romney in exchange for Obama (federal) favors
D. Not only was his suck-up to Obama extreme, it turns out that he overstated the usefulness of federal assistance

I believe the big money is pursuing Bush, who is almost the last person I want to see with a GOP nomination. Could he win against Clinton? It would be very close. This country has had enough of the Clintons and the Bush’s. I know there are people here who argue that Christie would be better than Hillary Rotten Clinton, but this is only true in the sense that the danger to America under Clinton would be immediate, while it would take longer for danger created by a Christie administration to manifest itself. Christie is a charlatan who is sucking in funds from Islamic organizations and I personally want nothing to do with him.

Z said...

AOW...that is positively SCARY.
Were I to have weighed in on my own list of questions, my answers would have been verbatim 'vintage AOW'...which is just a plain compliment to myself, of course :-=) (yes, that's a huge compliment to YOU, my erudite and passionate friend!)

CI...I agree with you, too. (argh!) :-)

Crusader Frank; Palin's nomination could be the one thing that could move me back to Paris or Munich within a month. Sorry, but that's how much I couldn't take it.
And, by the way, you CAN see Russia from Alaska, and she became governor, which is a DARN SIGHT more ambitious and difficult than being a liberal in your pajamas in your basement blogging how dumb she really is....
I don't share the 'dumb' thing; I think she's dumb like a FOX.
AND, I'd LOVE to see the lefties flinch and froth over her nomination because it'd scare them to DEATH, but I'd really move to Europe!

Sam..thanks for that surmisal and that information. you're probably right.

Honestly? I think (and I hate to say this and don't necessarily agree with them), but a lot of people will hate his WEIGHT. Also, there could be hypotheses from the left on his health due to his weight and they could make a big stink about how important the Rep. VP candidate is ..just in case anything happened.
You CANNOT be SO out of the mainstream in looks and escape unscathed.

Z said...

League of Angels....I clicked on your name but some odd 'title' came up on my tool bar and the circle kept on turning and wouldn't load; I always check new commenters to see if they have a blog; not having one has started to show me something lately. I suspect it will ramp up before the midterm elections.

Having said that...thanks for your input and thanks for enjoying GeeeZ. I'm glad you do and welcome you.

I pretty much agree on your Obama comment.
About Christie, the oddest and funniest criticism is the law firm. Gibson Dunn is one of the largest law firms in the country, as far as I know (they're very big here in LA and huge in NY, anyway)....the fact that any of their people (and Mastro is one of their best in NY) would deliberately put their report in question for bias is, frankly, silly.
As Christie has said, there is the rare law firm he hasn't dealt with; so what's he supposed to do?
No, that criticism is one the left'll use in desperation...until they think it through. If.

Z said...

Dave Miller; I don't know your point? And I shouldn't even respond till I hear it but these thoughts came to my mind:

The 'cut and pastes' here are generally a new commenter (there are about six whose avatars have never been seen till about the last 2 months and they change but the people are the same...and , if history repeats itself, they'll be much busier right before the midterms) who pose as a more right-wing conservative than me or most of my commenters and they almost always include mention of something at "The progressive blog" which is odd in itself since we're supposed to know which "THE" they mean??
They normally call Obama and/or Michelle names I don't permit here and which I delete from my known commenters and these weird new ones. There's a purpose to it which is becoming better understood by me and some of my readers and that's about all the time I'll honor it with.

I just want to include that I understand many liberal blogs don't allow conservative commenting so I'm more than ever proud of geeez that I do allow them.
I do not censor for content; I censor for profanity, terrible insults to me or my commenters, and just plain ridiculous far left wing stuff that should embarrass the writer; I do him a favor.

You, Ducky, Libmann, Question Man (who just can't comment without really ugly insults and race baiting so I have to delete him too often), Sue..and a few others are regulars here.

I learn from my commenters' comments and links and I'm cheered when I hear they learn from geeeeZ.

Impertinent said...

CI beat me to it.

Since christie is one of the gang of 4 or so NE, anti constitution governors of the least free states ( CT, NY, MD, DE ) I'm totally against his nomination or run.

Having to suffer for 8 years throughout the most anti freedom and racist administration in my lifetime, I'm in no mood to vote into office another one.

That goes for Jeb Bush too. I'm tired of the royalty, snobbery and the dynasties that are running the country. The idea that anyone is "owed" the presidency because of their name or connections disgusts me. If out of a country of 300+ million..we can't find another,or an original...we're lost.

Walker and Ryan don't have chance either.

I won't hold my nose if christie is nominated....I just will not vote for him period. He'll just take his lousy policies from one of the most overtaxed and corrupt states in the union with him.

We need a potus from the heartland.

Duckys here said...

Christie's recent faux pas when he went out to kiss Sheldon Adelson's ring gives a pretty good idea of how clumsy this guy is. He's going nowhere except maybe in front of a grand jury.

Ryan is noise. You start peddling that Randoid stuff for real and you clear the room fast.

No the real player here is Walker. He's completely outrageous without getting caught. A superb skill to have. So unless the rubes really want to deal with another Bush ... Walker it is.

Doesn't much matter. We'll all continue to be food for the oligarchs and the right won't make any progress of note in the culture war.
Get used to it for another decade or so.

Duckys here said...

@z --- Dave Miller; I don't know your point? And I shouldn't even respond till I hear it but these thoughts came to my mind:
No avatar. Someone spoofing Dave.
The same individual who posts as radical redneck and other aliases.

However, spoofing a legitimate poster is rather arch.

Z said...

Imp, Ryan does have a chance.
If the media gives him a chance, he's articulate and his budgets put America first. I think that would resonate...as long as he includes free Obama phones in the deal :-) If you get my drift.

This country's ready for someone who says what he means and means what he says and Walker's that type of guy, too.
Anybody ARTICULATE, who's not afraid of the media and even GIVES IT BACK TO THEM, could go far.
This will be all about personality and buzz words. Sadly.

Ducky, the Adelson thing is hilarious; I just read The Nation's take on that.
Apparently, NO billionaires support or fund Democrats, is that the implication? Ya, it is. Even you have to admit THAT is funny. Of course, it gets the fringe left salivating.

And, of course, no dems are 'outrageous without getting caught', either.
Ever wonder if that just COULD be the handywork of your liberal media? :-)

goofy...naïve. You can do MUCH better than this.

If the GOP elitists wanted to, they could support a bunch of the young up and comers...Cruz, Rubio, Ryan, etc...get them all out in the positive limelight and they'd be a big force..HUGE force , because they're young, some are Hispanic, they're all super smart and love this country and SHOW IT.
But Karl Rove won't let them.

The job of the conservative today is to figure out why (and this is mostly rhetorical, of course) and try to change that.

Oh, by the way..I don't think this country HAS "another decade," AS this country, if the left has its way.

Z said...

Ducky, but Dave's name clicks back to his blog....can someone spoof and yet get it to do that?
Let me know, please.
You're right, no avatar today.

and as off topic a comment as I've had here.

Duckys here said...

@Z -- Apparently, NO billionaires support or fund Democrats, is that the implication?
No, as you know I am quite clear in my belief that we are suckers for the oligarchs. Both parties are bought and paid for.

The interesting point in Christie's screw up is what a tin ear the man has. He is extremely clumsy and simply doesn't have the polish for a national campaign.

Impertinent said...


Imp, Ryan does have a chance.

Not anyone who's an "amenista" in my book. Christie included.

Think Detroit is bad? Jersey has three of them..in one tiny state. No wonder they don't have guns.

Z said...

Ducky, you took the time to comment on Miller; you can't take the time to tell me if you can do what I asked as a commenter?

I agree with you on Christie.
My comment about billionaires is on the slant The Nation gave that subject.

Imp; I agree about Ryan.
And I'm certain other New Jersey towns are suffering....Hoboken can't be far behind, by the way. I hear it's always been a tough joint.


JonBerg said...

"Does he have a chance?"

Why yes; the last two Presidential elections have proven that even Alfred E. Newman would have a chance!

Duckys here said...

z, I imagine it is possible.

But Dave has a writing style and that post doesn't come close.

It does resemble "anonymous" who shows up in various guises.

Bob said...

Z: In response to your query, please consider the following.

A. Does he have a chance?

At this point everybody has about the same chance. What we need is a candidate with gravitas and experience. That candidate has to be able to stab people in the back like a Clinton or Obama. That's just politics. Christie, Bush are probably the better candidates right now. You just have to let go of Christie's brain fart when he sucked up to Obama.

B. Do you like his picks for president?

I think it is way too premature to pick candidates, right now. We don't know for sure who the Demo candidate will be. Hillary may get a botox infection, or have a cellulite attack. God forbid if some paparazzi gets a picture of her in shorts. Uggghhh!

C. Did he hurt Romney's chances?

Yes. Christie hurt Romney's chances, but was not the straw that broke the camel's back. Romney was by far the best potential President, having more accomplishments on his lunch hours than Barack Obama scored in his whole life. The big deal is that if you run for President, you have to be ready to go dirty. Real dirty. That succeeds as Clinton and Obama have proven.

D. Don't you think his suck-up to Obama was overdone during Sandy?

Yep, but we weren't there. My friends and family in New Jersey were desperate for help, and Christie is viewed as doing his job. If Christie had to suck up, that's part of politics.

JonBerg said...


"The big deal is that if you run for President, you have to be ready to go dirty. Real dirty. That succeeds as Clinton and Obama have proven."

Spot-On my friend!

Sam Huntington said...

"The big deal is that if you run for President, you have to be ready to go dirty. Real dirty. That succeeds as Clinton and Obama have proven."

Now stop and think: what does that tell you about the American political system, and the American people who strive to maintain it?

Impertinent said...


"Hoboken can't be far behind, by the way. I hear it's always been a tough joint."

Not anymore Z..it's been gentrified and invaded by expatriates...from NYC. It's so overloaded with Yuppies the sidewalks are sticky.

It's Camden, Newark, Jersey City and Trenton that need an invasion, a lockdown and martial law imposed there. A Dusk to dawn curfew.

Z said...

Ducky, I think you're right. But I can't IMAGINE it's possible to get that link to Dave's blog like that???
It doesn't sound like something he'd talk about and he knows better, too, about liberals commenting here. They DO.
I don't see the whole point of the comment, frankly.

Imp: Good to hear about Hoboken, but boy, sounds awful otherwise!

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

I don't know if most people know that Christie is vehemently anti-gun. He will NOT carry the South or the Midwest. He should come of the closet and just start running on the Demoncrat ticket.
And as far as hurting Romney: Romney hurt himself by being a socialist woose.

Z said...

Bob, great answers.
Actually, I believed as you do about the sucking up part but when he did it AGAIN, after funds had still not come, I thought that was beyond necessary. What he should have said then was "Hey, I gave you a hug, where the hell is our dough?" :-)

It think it's early, too, but..it's fun to discuss the various choices we might have.

Loved your line about Hillary in shorts! SO TRUE (YIKES!). I know someone who saw her in person and, apparently, she really hides it well on TV, etc., but the woman's 'heavily built down there,' let's say!
Not that it would make someone less a candidate if I liked her MIND, but you ARE right about the shorts!!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I think he's another RINO that needs to keep his mouth shout.

You stumbled over to our collective blog. My main blog is:

Z said...

Glad you reminded me about what I wanted to say about Romney.
I don't think he hurt himself because I think his socialist woos stuff was working; he was very close to winning but Christie and even HE HIMSELF, blew it.

I think the fact that Romney now says Christie did fine "no problem," is a good illustration of why he lost. You can be a good man but show some spine.
He didn't.

I believe he'd have been a wonderful president. I'm ticked as all get-out for the folks who didn't choose him for being a Mormon, and I'm ticked that he was too nice a guy.

Jeb comes off as a nice guy but I suspect he's steal inside; plus, he's REALLY not as conservative as some think.

I still believe, though I'm not nuts about him anymore, that Marco Rubio (smarts, personality, Hispanic) could win. Maybe with Paul Ryan (really smart, financially smart,etc.)

I remember when someone on TV said "Why doesn't the Romney campaign let Ryan SPEAK?" They finally did, a few days before the actual election. That was a HUUUUUUUUUGE MISTAKE. He should have been more out there talking up a storm.
I swear I think they'd have won.

Z said...

Woodster: Are you part of that alliance with AOW?
Which blog do you mean?
Thanks for pointing that out.
And welcome

viburnum said...

@ Ducky "However, spoofing a legitimate poster is rather arch."
Agreed. As you may have noticed, my own particular pet peeve.

@Z "Dave's name clicks back to his blog....can someone spoof and yet get it to do that?"
Yes, and I concur with Ducky, that doesn't read like Dave.

viburnum said...

"Jeb comes off as a nice guy but I suspect he's steal inside;"

Freudian slip?

Z said...


Yes, Virbunum "Freudian slip," indeed. THAT is funny! :-)
Thanks for noticing that..I hadn't yet.

HOW the HECK can someone take someone's 'name' and have it click to their blog? That blows my mind.

Z said...

Viburnum; if you come back, let me just say I was finally able to comment at Western for months, finally got in, and now I can't even open the comments page...click and click and ZIP. Just won't open.
What format do you use now, anyway?

Rita said...

The "Dave Miller" comment is the exact same one, word for word (cut and paste) that was left a few days ago on another post.

It's a fake.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "let me just say I was finally able to comment at Western for months, finally got in, and now I can't even open the comments page...click and click and ZIP. Just won't open."

Western Hero uses Discus...which I can access at home but not at work, and it's a royal pain.

Liberalmann said...

Stewart says it all....


Sue Hanes said...

If Dave comment is word for word as it was on another blog , then how is it fake ?
I just don't get it, is it what he said word for word or is it fake , it cani be both .

viburnum said...

Click on your name and it goes to your profile, not direct to here.

Z said...

Z: "Ducky, I think you're right. But I can't IMAGINE it's possible to get that link to Dave's blog like that???"

Just for the record, it IS possible.

As demonstrated.

viburnum said...

We're still using disqus. IDK what the issue is. I was having the same problem with Firefox both there and at AOW's. Finally had to remove and reload my browser to fix the problem. Might be something in the settings but I never did figure out what.

Z said...

Sue, it's apparently not HIM who left that comment, that's all.

Viburnum, that's unsettling!
But, you sure did illustrate.

As for your blog; I miss commenting there. it's a good blog.
thanks, anyway

Libman, most people don't look at Jon Stewart as informative; but that you do says a lot.

viburnum said...

If you can't get in clicking on the comments link try clicking on the post headline. That should open the page, including the comments, and allow you to write.

@CI We all agree that Disqus is a PITA but it was that or moderation. I spent hours one afternoon and evening deleting an endless stream of vulgar diatribe from an obnoxious troll. Life's too short.

Z said...

I'm hoping all the liberals here are aware of the new Benghazi email saying that the CIA informed the WH BEFORE Susan Rice went on the 5 Sunday shows saying protests were happening due to the video.

They DIDN'T.

I know that particularly THIS WH can worm out of absolutely ANYTHING, so nothing will come of this, but at least Americans will know.

Z said...

Viburnum, I clicked directly onto the title and it's no go :-(

am going to be gone for a while...see y'all in a couple of hours!

Bob said...

"Now stop and think: what does that tell you about the American political system, and the American people who strive to maintain it?"

It is what it is.

Kid said...

A. No.
B. No.
C. No.
D. Yes.

TS/WS said...

Pres. Clinton (Bubba) was asked, can't *you* do something about gun control.
And, the next weekend that was staging a big gun show - Bubba shut down the FBI Computer system that did background checks; and blamed it on a computer snafu.
That effected not only the State that Hosted the Gun Show-and the Gun Show, but all Gun Stores across the Country.
Chrisy's Bridge shutdown only effected ONLY ONE Hwy.
Why the Commentators here, and the Talk Radio Host, and TV Talking Heads, never brought to light these two comparisons,
Is Proof that the liberals have an edge on the non thinking Conservatives.
And all of the Repub Candidates will be shot down because no one can remember anything that will stun the Left and their Media Propaganda Machine, and the Low Info Voters!

Kid said...

Rita, 'dave miller' is probably some 16 yr old girl that works for rachael maddow. Or one of the other maniacs.

Kid said...

Z, Big Jake, when asked whether the republicans are worth much said "Not Hardly."

Yet, as a Jedi, one must realize that the democrats:
-Say nothing that isn't a lie
-Do No Thing that isn't based on a lie for the intent of personal and group enrichment.
-Do NO THING that is intended to make any American's life better in any way.
-Do NO THING that would help the black person.
LITERALLY EVERYTHING that they do is based upon some scam. Not a Single Thing they champion has the slightest basis in reality.

They're like pedophiles, and their supporters are children who constantly clamor for the candy. Few get any but all get the pedophile action.

Kid said...

Well, the republicans have made it clear that they very much intend to pander to the loser class in order to try to win an election. At the same time they've made it much harder for any other party, libertarian, the beautiful non-racist, America loving tea party who are trying to protect everyone's freedom and personal liberties - to get their foot in the door for primary elections.

For this reason:
- I hate them
- There is no question, they will run who they think can win the largest portion of the moron class vote.
Having said this, I'd vote for rand paul or scott walker for the sole purpose of keeping that unbelievable criminal communist cackler hildebeast out of the news for at least the next 4 years following 2016.

I won't vote for any other repub. I'll write your name in instead if it come to it. See, the Kids liked Ron Paul. He won Iowa. The repubs and the media lied about that and stomped him right out of the race.

I wouldn't be looking for a better result this time. Alfred would frown upon that strategy. ;-)

Kid said...

The Nazi's, a series hosted by the American Heroes Channel (formally called the Military Channel), starts tonight on the East Coast at 10:00 PM.

On Time Warner in this area, it is channel 137.

If you want to get a bead on what is going on in America today, this is it. Not the hitler invading part, but everything leading up to it. The propaganda and hitler worship. Same thing with obama and our(cough) media.

Duckys here said...

@kid --- Yet, as a Jedi ...
These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Z: "I'm ticked as all get-out for the folks who didn't choose him for being a Mormon,"
On Bennett this morning, a guy calls in and complains how he lost his health care due to Obama.
I called in after and pointed out that he was a guy that wouldn't vote for Obama because he was a Mormon.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Obama's not a Mormon.
becuase Romney's a Mormon.

Kid said...

Gosh Darn It. The Nazi's. Not tonight. Tomorrow night.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Kid: "Liberal Fascism" really points that Weimar metaphor, especially in light of the harsher economic climate when it was written a few years ago.
All I could see was Weimar.
And Community Organizers.

Kid said...

Ed, For anyone that can understand German, here are some of the pivotal speeches.

Nothing gets people motivated like someone screaming German at you eh?

Check out the one the speech to the SA and SS.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Quite the motivational speaker.

Impertinent said...


I loathe gratuitous Nazi references as much as the next guy, but I find it more objectionable for conservatives to relinquish one of our most devastating arguments against the left -- namely, that the Nazis were socialists. In fact, the word "Nazi" is an abbreviation of the German word Nationalsozialist and the full name of Hitler's political party was the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Anyone who reads through the Nazi party platform will quickly notice its many parallels with the obsessions of the American left.

A question we should ask of liberals when the predictable Nazis-were-conservatives claim comes up -- after World War II ended, Germany was divided into halves: communist East Germany and capitalist West.

The Nazis, we're told by the left, had epitomized conservative capitalism, sometimes called corporatism. Yet of the two post-war Germanys, which more closely resembled Nazi Germany?

If what liberals claim about the Nazis were true, it should have been West Germany that was the totalitarian police state -- but it wasn't, as anyone who lived through the Cold War and looks back at it honestly is aware. East Germany was a direct political and cultural descendant of the Nazi regime.

Worth pointing out the next time a liberal parrots this most revered of their myths.

Impertinent said...


"Nothing gets people motivated like someone screaming German at you eh?.."

My Dad used to tell me that...plus a spiffy uniform and a marching band and a German will follow you anywhere.

Duckys here said...

Here you go, kid

Now all you have to do is touch the blood banner.

Duckys here said...

@Imp --- relinquish one of our most devastating arguments against the left -- namely, that the Nazis were socialists.
Yeah, that's why he put the left in his first concentration camps.

Don't be a rube.

Impertinent said...


Bullshit...the Jewish left is what he was after....as they obviously are still left now. And the Muslims are waiting to do the same as the new socialists. That's why the left can't tell the truth about Islam...they're aligned with them.

Duckys here said...

Paranoid delusions, Imp. Not even coherent.

Impertinent said...


Yea. Duck...talk to an Israeli...or ask a French Jew how safe he feels today in Europe. They're safer now in Germany for gods sake.

TS/WS said...

The left in Europe were the conservatives.
Everything political is opposite here.
Why do you think the DemocRats deny that they are lefty's.
The Oldtimers know the difference.
It wasn't til lately that the commies accepted the term Lefty.
Some still don't.
Liberal meaning is wrong here also.
Liberal means Nobel.
There is nothing nobel about the Lefty's here. They are snakes in the grass. They will not admit what their agenda is or they will not be elected; or not everyone will join (jump on) their bandwagon.
Imp I'm surprised you fell for The Wet Behind The Ears Statement.

Impertinent said...


"Imp I'm surprised you fell for The Wet Behind The Ears Statement..."

Me too. It's late...I let my guard down in the tall grass, I got careless & lazy. And a snake bit me.

TS/WS said...

I meant The Wet Behind The Ears incoherent ones Statement.

Impertinent said...


Oh...see? I'm off a bit.

Z said...

Ducky and Imp; let me just say that Imp's 100% right about Jews in Germany. They can't BE in a safer place. There's an ENORMOUS new synagogue in Munich (which is actually a little overdone in size, etc., but there you go...). Jews also pay NO TAXES.
AND, the Germans have their hands REALLY FULL of problems with muslims, which you're not hearing about except here at geeeeZ.

Sadly, the situation isn't quite the same in France. There isn't much threat to Jews in France, BUT there is still anti-Semitism. I got whiffs of it too often in Paris living there....My dearest friend was a Jewish woman who had been in the couture business..new Yves St Laurent, etc., and she told me stories, too.
And my French tutor told me HORRID stories of how the French screwed their Jewish friends during WWII...and got RICH.
I'm NOT SAYING all French were like that, but it's still not great for Jews in France, believe it or not.
By the way, the LePenn business was HIGHLY exaggerated....he was 100% pro French, but not the anti semite the libs in France or the rest of the world tried to make him. And his daughter certainly isn't.

TS/WS...in Germany, at least, the names ARE different. Everything is slightly more left than here. A liberal is VERY liberal...a conservative is more centrist.

Impertinent said...


"Jews also pay NO TAXES..."

Dieu dans le ciel ... je voudrais espérer des thats le moins l'Allemagne ferait. Après tout, ils soutiennent les ennemis des Juifs, n'est-ce pas?

(God in Heaven...I'd hope thats the least Germany would do. Afterall, they're supporting the Jews enemies, aren't they?)

I've been to France about 10 times between 2001 and 2009. Twice with my family and then the rest of the times on chartered flights ( Jet butt and a very stressful trip over lots of water and Ice...LOL )

With the family...we spent two weeks or more traveling with close friends all over France. By a nice yacht too. Over the Doubs with frequent overnight stops along the way. An incredible way to see France from its backyard, it's system of locks and it's smaller cities.

We spoke passable French..and we shopped alot. In many, many places we met shop keepers who were terrified...they were Jews. They wanted to leave too.

On my charters...we stayed in very good hotels....and I went my own way because our layovers were from a couple days to a couple weeks.

I heard the same from waiters in restaurants...from bar tenders and hushed locals. Z... I think the anti semitism is a real hold over from WW2. Germany turned France upside down chasing all the Jews out.

That's enough for now..LOL

Impertinent said...

I had to post this...maybe it's not for today's topic....but WTH?

If a Republican doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one.
If a Democrat doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.

If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn't eat meat.
If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.

If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life.
If a Democrat is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.

If a Republican is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation.
If a Democrat is down-and-out he wonders who is going to take care of him.

If a Republican doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels.
A Democrat demands that those they don't like be shut down.

If a Republican is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church.
A Democrat non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced.

If a Republican decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it.
If a Democrat decides he needs health care, he demands that the rest of us pay for his.

Imp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Imp said...

Guess I missed last call???

I hate when that happens.

Imp said...


"If I HAD a gun, I'd be shaking too hard to pull the trigger!"

You think you're alone? Ask Mustang if he didn't get a tad nervous.

I get twitchy on the range for gods sake.

Political Junky said...

Z said...
Sue, it's apparently not HIM (Dave) who left that comment, that's all.

After a little bit of investigation work, I found that it's true it was not Dave that left that comment.
HOWEVER it WAS a copy and paste job of a post that DAVE DID post on another blog.
So the bottom line IS that HE DID write it but on another blog.

Anonymous said...

Just To get The record Straight!
Dave Miller said...
One of the behaviors we frequently see on some of the conservative blogs we both visit are frequent cut and paste diatribes that have nothing to do at all with the current post.
Many times, the people doing this, are voicing a point of view that is agreed with by the blog "owner."
I do not frequently see much of that here from the more liberal side of the aisle.
Do you?
As best as I can tell, the majority of commenters here are regular people who are known folks.
Am I missing something?


Kid said...

IMP, You look around the web it's hard to find a definitive description for Fascism. However it can be easily described as having an obsessive single minded view that allows no tolerance and yearns to be forced upon everyone else.

Sound like libtards to you too ?

As far as Germans in spiffy uniforms, I'm picturing a buxom blond with a riding crop......

to use on hairy reid.

Z said...


what a BS artist.

Thanks for linking.