Thursday, April 3, 2014

EPA making people sick on purpose?

Report: EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agenda

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can this be TRUE?   Had you heard about it?   I googled the headline information with "New York Times" to see if any leftwing information's out there.  Nothing.   Surprised?

Thanks to KID for the article....I'm praying it's DEAD WRONG, but..........



Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm reminded of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment.
CnC posted something about this and compared them to Josef Mengeles.
That would be one more comparison to the Nazi (National Socialist) Regime that liberals will deny.

Ducky's here said...

Did the people exposed in Tuskegee sign consent forms, Ed?

Ducky's here said...

The local rabies radio jock is spouting the same Mengele (oops he just mentioned Eichmann) meme. Seems that all the right wing nuts get the same memo.

"The first radical environmentalists were the Nazis. This is something the left wing doesn't ant you to know."
This guy (Jeff Kuhner) is a stitch.

Sam Huntington said...

I am shocked! Shocked to learn that Ducky is okay with human experimentation. Whether black people, or white people, or homeless people, or mentally disturbed people released from mental hospitals thanks to leftist Jimmy Carter ... it's all just ducky with that POS of the same name.

Okay, I was only kidding. I am not really shocked.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

What Did Obama Do After This Ft Hood Shooting And After Sandyhook Shooting?
Obama gave a short statement yesterday on the Ft Hood shooting...

Did he Fly to the scene? Visit all the families?

Sorry, but no.
And then continued on to his $550,000 fundraiser.
I just wanted to point out how important our soldiers are to this walking turd called the president.....
But then again, “What difference does it make”?
Just another example of the idiocy in our White House!

Ducky's here said...

Hey, Sam, how do you suppose drugs are tested?

What we have here is the fringe right over hyping a controlled test that was disclosed to the participants.
The local rabies radio talk show is running with it in true fringe right fashion.
He has people being made to breath diesel exhaust through a tube for days and also claims children were tested. In other words the fringe right media is lying.

Give this a little time to allow an accurate story to be reported.

Rottweiler said...
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Rottweiler said...

Nancy Pelosi said: "I'm not going to campaign on Obamacare"
While Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took an Obamacare victory lap Tuesday afternoon, she appeared hesitant to make the law the central plank in her party’s push to win in 2014, telling reporters that “while we’re proud of the Affordable Care Act, we now pivot to jobs.”

Lets be very clear about this! Democrats have killed off many of those job opportunities. These liberal morons have 'pivoted to jobs' so often that it appears they are wandering around in circles without a clue...
Maybe Queen Piglosi should have read the bill before they passed the bill !
This is not rocket science - when something is positive you campaign on it. When something is toxic, you avoid it like the plague.
Doesn't that just further illustrate what a catastrophic failure Obamacare is? If anyone can campaign on Obamacare with zero repercussions it's Nancy Pelosi - and even she won't touch it! What does that say!
Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have lied their asses off about Obamacare for 5 years now. But Pelosi's actions proves that she knows Obamacare is a shit-sandwich which they shoved down the throats of the American people.

On a side note, how hilarious is it that the Democrats have been saying for 5 years now that they are "turning their focus on jobs"? For one, I thought they already did this? For another, why have they been celebrating the "recovery" of the economy and declaring everything is "fine" if they know that the nation needs them to focus on jobs? Oops...

Lets face it, Obummer has surrounded himself with societal rejects and failures, Biden, Jarrett, Reid, Clinton, Holder.......turn over any rock and these bugs crawl out. But we can see through all their lies.

Sam Huntington said...

Hey, Sam, how do you suppose drugs are tested?

For starters, I would expect drug testing to be a task of the FDA rather than E P A.

A Tea Party Patriot said...

Obama takes a “Victory lap” as 7.1 MILLION have signed up to Obamacare

I don't BELIEVE a word that comes out that liars mouth. Everything he does or says is for the destruction of this country.
Of course people signed up, they were penalizing people who didn't with a fine. God, I just can't wait til this “man” is out of office!

Not in MY Name! said...

Now that Obama has taken a victory lap and popped the champagne cork over hitting the ObamaCare enrollment goal, it looks as if it might be time to put the cork back in the bottle.

Results of a RAND Corporation study suggest that barely 858,000 previously uninsured Americans – nowhere near 7.1 million, as claimed by Obama – had paid for new policies and joined the ranks of the insured by the Monday night deadline. The study also indicates that only one-third of exchange sign-ups were previously uninsured.

I have big doubts that many support this shit.

We've been lied to since the beginning and the lies have only gotten bigger.

Obama and the Dems are bragging about over 6 million signing up and claiming that these people were previously uninsured, which is a flat out lie.
I wonder how many dead people who voted for Obama also are enrolled?

CnC said...

When I read this on FB, I thought Obama had appointed Joseph Mengele head of the EPA.

CnC said...

Haha I guess I should have read all the comments before I commented my redundancy, you already quoted me Ed, thx,

CnC said...

Im sure ducky wouldn't have made the same comparison had this happened under the Bush administration.

Silverfiddle said...

Sam: Ducky's attitude shocks me not at all.

At progressivism's darkest inner core (I refuse to call it a heart) is a hatred of humanity.

Anonymous said...

It's a diseased organ

An Angry, Old ,Rich, White Guy, who happens to be a Republican said...

Anyone that believes Obama's numbers for people who have regestered for Obamacare are either Nut-Cases, ignorant 5th grade drop outs, or Obama's Progressive Terrorist friends..

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

How could you possibly doubt it.

Frida Van der Wiener said...

Government has been sickening us for decades!

It is now becoming positively hazardous to our physical and mental health!

Ducky's here said...

@Silverfiddle --- Sam: Ducky's attitude shocks me not at all.
Well let's look at this attitude.

We start with an hysterical headline:

"Report: EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agenda"

So clean air is part of Obama's nefarious agenda. Nor has it been established that the exposure was deadly. So right away we are in the swamp of right wing hysterical reporting.

Here's what the report in fact says:
"The EPA followed applicable regulations when it exposed 81 human study subjects to concentrated airborne particles or diesel exhaust emissions in five EPA studies conducted during 2010 and 2011. However, we identified improvements that could be made to the EPA’s policies and guidance to enhance protection of study subjects."

Big difference between that and the insane claim that the participants were intentionally exposed to high levels of carcinogens.

The participants volunteered and signed release statements (... Because Freedom) and there is no indication that critical information was intentionally withheld.

So little Tucker and his Daily Caller are in fact lying which is something you and Sammy can tolerate as long as it feeds your need to check under the bed for big government before you retire at night.

Myself, I prefer honest inquiry in an atmosphere free of hysterics.

You sir are a fraud. I have a heart. Do you have a brain?

Sam Huntington said...

I have a heart.

No Ducky, you do not. You are a leftist moron and it is YOU and your ilk who cause the most human suffering in the world.

And you are not even ashamed of yourself.

Ducky's here said...

... not to mention the silliness of comparing this to Mengele without any sign of embarrassment.

Ducky's here said...

So far you've been punching outside your weight, Sammy.

Got anything but ad hominem.

Sam Huntington said...

No Ducky, there is no ad hominem attack in the foregoing. I knew that you would not know this ... but an ad hominem attack is (a) not always fallacious, and (b) one that involves an irrelevant fact. Contrary to your dodge, the fact remains: you are a leftist moron—which you have often admitted to, and therefore relevant.

And the fact remains that it is you and nitwits of your following that have caused most human suffering in the world. Don’t worry, though ... you’ll get yours one day.

JonBerg said...

Whenever I read something of this nature and it hasn't been made more public, I have to wonder why.

Z said...

Let's hear from the EPA:

"The EPA obtained informed consent from the 81 human study subjects before exposing them to pollutants. While the consent forms met the requirements of 40 CFR Part 26, we found that exposure risks were not always consistently represented. Further, the EPA did not include information on long-term cancer risks in its diesel exhaust studies’ consent forms. An EPA manager considered these long-term risks minimal for short-term study exposures. We believe presenting consistent information about risks further ensures that study subjects can make the most informed choice about participating in a study."

I'm thinking long-term cancer risks might be good to mention before people signed off, don't you all? Maybe add that the EPA considers this "minimal?"

Sam: FDA instead of the EPA. Who can't understand that? I'm thinking maybe at least in conjunction? I guess the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY is now an expert on protecting the human body, too? (not)

John Jamerson; I hadn't heard that. I can't imagine partying when I've declared myself "heartbroken."
Now, we know that huge fundraisers that bring in that much money aren't easy to put together and it's tough for the guest star not to show up, but...ya...weird.

Don't forget, also, the left still slams Bush for playing golf and he stopped the minute soldiers were put in harm's way. And the amount of golf Obama's played's trumped Bushes by A LOT.
So, let's not expect an even playing field ...not by the left.

Yes, he should have flown there; but gee...he got more ammunition against guns (pardon the unintended but pretty darned good :-)) with this latest shooting, so he's happy! Why meet families? This served his purposes. I don't doubt for one second he didn't mention it when he spoke at his big fundraiser, either...."got to stop the military from having guns, too!"

Rottweiler; a little off topic, but worth commenting on.
I was thinking this morning how the hourly rate Obama wants now will cost the average business about $400 more a month. That's for one employee who works 8 hours and getting an additional $3 an hour.
Sadly, many businesses are lowering the hours employees can work for ACA reasons and the money.
It occurred to me that perhaps this hourly wage HUGE hike all at one time Obama wants is suddenly so desired by the WH to make it appear these people are NOT getting fewer hours and less money. just a thought.

Ducky...what do you think "all the right wing nuts" is but 'ad hominem'??? Yes, it began with you again. And then you attack SAM??

Mustang said...

I think the EPA is a great organization for the protection of amoeba ... but they suck at protecting the rights the American people. Also, aren’t these the same people that imported fire ants so that they could be studied in the United States and then didn’t say anything when several queens escaped from their top-secret laboratory?

Ed is spot on ... and in my mind, only a fool would trust a government capable of such things. No surprise, Joseph Mengele was also a Democrat, who along with EPA director Gina (I’ve never seen a naked woman I didn’t like) McCarthy, subscribed to the notion that you can’t make a regulatory omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Silverfiddle said...

Ducky: You quacking, flapping, pathetic attempt at an attack on me was another canard.

My comments had nothing to do with the article in question, and everything to do with progressive thought, which at its core is anti-humanity, anti-liberty and pro-collectivist/hive.

Bob said...

@Ducky "Nor has it been established that the exposure was deadly. So right away we are in the swamp of right wing hysterical reporting."

Ducky, this is either ignorance at work, or a malicious misapplication of ethical, moral, and physical science.

As Z pointed out, the victims were not appraised of the long term effects of breathing carcinogenic polutants. I am sure that this is lying, and an unethical approach to any medical study involving people. Plus, the reasoning is reminiscent of big tobacco saying that tobacco smoke didn't cause problems. We know that diesel fumes, etc, are carcinogenics, definitely in the long run, and possibly in the short run depending on the state of health of the victim.

This brings up a couple of other questions. 1) Why is the government doing science?; and 2) Why did not the EPA fund a credible study at a credible organization, preferably not an advocacy like Sierra Club, or the WWF?

The whole thing smells (pardon the pun), and is likely the result of a runaway government agency drumming up fake evidence to extend their regulatory powers. It's not hard to do things right, but it is hard to accept what the real science may tell you.

Unknown said...

If the Supreme Court upholds the power of the EPA, this country is majorly screwed.

Ducky's here said...

@Bob -- As Z pointed out, the victims were not appraised of the long term effects of breathing carcinogenic pollutants.
Not according to the report the EPA needed to improve certain controls and reporting. This was not a case of exposing participants to life threatening levels.

"We recommend that the EPA establish procedures for obtaining HSRRO approval of significant study modifications, ensure consent forms consistently address pollutant risks, update its guidance to include the EPA’s clinical follow-up responsibilities, and address a number of other recommendations. The EPA concurred with all recommendations and provided planned corrective actions and completion dates that meet the intent of the recommendations. All recommendations have been resolved."

Sounds less menacing than the absolute hysteria comparing this to Josef Mengele implies.

You can compare this tempest in a teapot to the situation with the GM ignition defect which DOES put people at risk and was apparently winked at by regulatory agencies.
I assume you support that since you don't want the scary government trampling anyone's freedom.

Z said...

Ducky, tell really believe this?
"You can compare this tempest in a teapot to the situation with the GM ignition defect which DOES put people at risk and was apparently winked at by regulatory agencies.
I assume you support that since you don't want the scary government trampling anyone's freedom."

If you do, it shows you don't know the people here and that, maybe, you're insane. (no offense, of course)

And, please read the comments; and absorb the information.
If you want YOUR relatives not to be told the whole story as far as what ramifications they may have if they sign a consent form, that's fine.
We don't.

Don't forget; Conservatives are for freedom.

Bob...Google Patrick Moore/Green Peace..........even advocates are now going against the overly zealous, uninformed 'green fools'...
and you and Sam are right: Wouldn't anybody think that the FDA should do these experiments and not the EPA?

Mustang; we can't trust the government which does this.
All they had to do was fully disclose...any fool who'd say 'yes' after that, has my blessings.

Z said...


A dear, beautiful friend of mine is expecting her second daughter and is five days past her due date.
She asked me to pray that the baby comes very soon and on its own, without being induced.
Could all of you just offer a quick prayer for K? It'd mean a lot to me.
And if you MEN saw her, you'd give it a couple of prayers, trust me! (HA!)

Thank you.
blessings, me

Z said...

Robert Sinclair, by the way...imagine if Justice Stevens had voted NO for the Affordable Care Act?
What a better country we'd have.

Imagine the left and right getting together and using all the GOOD ideas and discarding the crap we've got now?

In England's papers, they're saying there's NO WAY we've reached that 7 million mark the WH is least not PAID 7 million. We're not getting the truth.
I fear this country's turned a dangerous curve.

Sam Huntington said...

You can compare this tempest in a teapot to the situation with the GM ignition defect which DOES put people at risk and was apparently winked at by regulatory agencies.

Yeah ... Government Motors, brought to you by the communists in Washington. Thanks for reminding everyone, Ducky.

Z said...

SAM...that was my thought, too.
Thanks for eloquently stating it.

Z said...

By the way:

Are the KOCH BROTHERS running for something? That seems to be the new and hilarious meme from the leftwingers.

I guess they just don't know how much Soros has given to the left?

All we're hearing is KOCH BROTHERS these days and I'm guessing that's the thing they hope to win voters over with "those rich evil Koch Bros"....but, but...where is the right and their constant complaint about Soros?

oh, that's right! The media doesn't let out anything they know about Soros (NEVER EVER mention him); most Americans don't know the Tides Foundation is Soros, and it's just better making him a secret and condemning the Kochs.

Not a good way to run an election.
SOME Americans still DO think it's great to have made big money and spend it as we want.

That's FREEDOM, leftwingers...try it

Impertinent said...


"I guess they just don't know how much Soros has given to the left?.."

His son manages a slush fund where he's given out over $58 million to the left...and the Koch brothers donated $100 million to build a new wing on a hospital in NYC. But the loons were out in force protesting that gift. Can you imagine?

And of course the crazed / insane bandit crook from Nevada thinks they're enemies of the state.

Z said...

Imp "protesting the gift" because it's the Koch Brothers!??

Did you see how CAIR is fighting that film about the way Islamists treat their women? They say it's because they don't like the Jewish group behind the film but they support the film :-)
And, of course, colleges are now backing off from showing it!
Something about free speech bugs those leftarian academics and their indoctrinated dopes SO much, huh?

So, for the left, it's WHO GAVE it and WHO MADE IT....not "Hey, that's good product...let's see it, let's have it!" geeeez

Impertinent said...


"Imp "protesting the gift" because it's the Koch Brothers!??"

Swear to God Z...they're objecting to their names on the new wing.

Totally insane eggplants.

Impertinent said...

FireFox / Mozilla's CEO has to speech and all that nonsensical, bourgeois crap, right? His crime ( he believes in man and woman marriage So...he's a horrid, bigoted man )...he donated $1000 to Prop he must go.

"That’s the core of it. Eich’s free speech didn’t serve the cause of equality, therefore the company didn’t feel obliged to defend it.

Free speech is valuable only insofar as it serves the right politics, an attitude shared by people far more influential than Mitchell Baker.

Frankly, given that logic, why the company permits its users to access traditional marriage sites on Firefox is a mystery to me.

Surely far more money has been donated to social conservative causes online, using the Firebox browser, than Brendan Eich donated to Prop 8. Why not block disfavored sites completely? Free speech is, after all, but a means to an end."

Each and everyday we get closer and closer for Totalitarianism and fascism. Sad isn't it what sewer we're swirling around in.

Z said...

Imp! I just turned on Chris Matthews' show and he's telling two Democrat Congresspeople something like:

"Hey, the Supreme Court has just released the floodgates of money to the RIGHT! What happens in counties where it's blue and red and all that red money comes in...The right wins, right? What's becoming of democracy in this country?"

I SWEAR he said that.
So, those who watch him are so uninformed as to think only the right has money when the stats show more wealthy Dems than Reps?
Or do they think the Supreme Court voted so that ONLY Republican money can be donated!? That's what HE sounded like!

You will NEVER hear SOROS from the media.

Sam Huntington said...

Who is it lining up to curtail freedom of speech? America’s political left, of course. So as the left seeks to reduce freedom for Americans, that is, being able to make personal donations to the candidate of your choice, the left doesn’t mind getting massive donations from the Soros machine.

If you think Matthews is an idiot, Jeff Toobin at CNN said, “The decision gives rich people more power to influence campaigns.” Really? Do rich people have more power now? The first amendment protects everyone, rich or poor ... so how is this decision slanted in favor of wealthy people?

Beyond this, more than 35,000 people participated in voter fraud in North Carolina ... so why isn’t the leftist media talking about that? Answer: because the majority of this fraud was perpetuated by black Democrats.

Bob said...

"Further, the EPA did not include information on long-term cancer risks in its diesel exhaust studies’ consent forms. An EPA manager considered these long-term risks minimal for short-term study exposures. We believe presenting consistent information about risks further ensures that study subjects can make the most informed choice about participating in a study "

This is from the same source as your quote, except you qouted out of context in that you copied the recommendations, and not the findings.

Comparing the GM ignition switch recalls, that is not a decent comparison with the EPA's deliberate actions. GM is a private corporation, and may have broken certain laws. On the other hand, the EPA put people at risk by design.

There's a lot of difference in these situations. In one case it is a cover up of a bad design which is an essential part of a safe automobile.

It is something else when you government takes you into a study and does not reveal all the risks.

Come to think of it, both organizations think they are above the law.

Kid said...

Z told me about posting this early this am. The first thing I replied was won't it be interesting to see how far the libtards will twist int he wind to excuse their masters for this most heineous crime against citizens of the USA. Sure enough eh?

I'm willing to bet real cash, that obama could send his goons to ducks (or any other libtards) apartment, drag them out into the street, beat them to a pulp, take their possessions, and the lib would find some way to explain it all away with no hard feelings to the good squad. Seriously.

Kid said...

Z, reading your comment. Excerpt - "An EPA manager considered these long-term risks minimal" !! Lol. EPA managers are most likely useless, worthless recipients of nepotism and wouldn't know their entire body from a hole in the ground.

Just to do a little translating here.

Ed Bonderenka said...

@Z: "In England's papers, they're saying there's NO WAY we've reached that 7 million mark the WH is least not PAID 7 million. We're not getting the truth."
Everything I hear Obama say, I append (in my mind): "If you like your health plan..."

Seriously though, any political organization that can get dead people to vote for them, can get dead people to sign up for health care.

Kid said...

There is no way the 7 mm number is the truth, and of the people that have singed up for it, they would consist of people on low income being subsidized (not paying) - people who didn't have any choice because they couldn't keep their current plan for whatever reason, and lastly Morons.

Impertinent said...


"people who didn't have any choice.."

And now they're forced to cause they'd be breaking the law if they didn''s been forced on people by the threat of fines, or the IRS knocking at your door. Voluntary my ass.

Ed Bonderenka said...

and still, ONLY 7 million.
That's something to brag about?

Kid said...

IMP, should they rename the IRS, the Gestapo?

Why not right? The IRS targeted groups unfriendly to the current administration, just like the gestapo did. And did the IRS woman who tossed her 5th amendment rights either talk or end up in jail on a contempt charge? Naw. The political opposition is Nonexistent. The crimes of the current administration are pardoned before they're even presented. The naked emperor and his assigned wife go on separate multi-hundred million dollar vacations and the media have homo-erotic parties to celebrate while irresponsibly speculating about a missing airplane for weeks at a time with people aboard that many others care about and grieve.

A hieneous crime in itself eh?

But as Comrade Brezmianov explains, "They won't understand until a military boot crashes into their fat bottom".

Kid said...

Ed, yea, exactly. 2.1 % of the population, and heck I even forgot about the illegal aliens who must have signed up for obammycare with the help of a 'navigator' who is making 6 figures a year !

People like duck must be in permanent states of nirvanna-like elation over this.

Kid said...

And there are 25 million Plus illegal aliens. Which means they couldn't even sign all of THEM up. LOL

Mustang said...

It's good to see ducky getting his ass kicked (still). Some things just never change. Good work, everyone!

Lisa said...

The republicans need to play the same game the dems play. They should say things like how rich Hollywood dumps millions to the democrats and how Billionaire George Soros bought the democrat party Under the guise of all these small 501c groups. And how workers in the unions pay union dues and it's used to support democrats when those dues are supposed to be used for themselves.
They need to get organized and get on the same page like the dems and the left wing media does.

Lisa said...

Sorry off topic Z. I was just responding to IMP about the Koch Bros

Z said...

Lisa, no apologies necessary...good comment!

Ducky says it's 'embarrassing' to have Mengele come to our minds when we hear our own people are putting others in jeopardy by giving them poisonous substances....tell me something, folks; if you know a LITTLE about history, how could you NOT think of him? What better way to describe the situation?

No, Mengele did not get signed consents, it's QUITE a difference in SIZE, but it's ....very similar, isn't it. Government-run poisonous materials given to innocent people. wow

Kid and Ed, I thought about all you've both added, but you're more eloquent!
ya 7 million out of 350 million, is it? WOW :-)
Plus, you're right...much is subsidized$$ and MANY were put on Medicare.

This is a NIGHTMARE>

Z said...

Some of you might have seen my request for prayers for my friend who's having a child. Up in the comments way above all of these.
She did go into active labor a few hours ago and all is going smoothly!
She mailed me from the hospital!

Thanks to those of you who prayed she wouldn't need inducing...the prayers worked and they worked FAST :-)
She should have a new daughter by morning!

Kid said...

Z, You just made me so happy to be a man again, once more. :)

I'm very happy this is going well for your friend.

Lisa said...

Congradulations to your friend Z. Si happy all is going well

Impertinent said...


"ya 7 million out of 350 million, is it? WOW :-)"

No Z...this POS was dreamed up to provide "health" care for 30 million that didn't have it. So the entire system is trashed, wrecked and now...there'll still be 30 million or more, in the end...without it. What they have is..."7 million" out of those 30...and 6 million of those had health care policies cancelled and had to sign up again.

Impertinent said...

Bravo for the friend and that baby Z.

Impertinent said...

Funny...O'Reilly says the word of the day is...Impertinent...!!

"Stop being impertinent" he says. I can't...LOL

Lisa said...

Lol I just heard that too Imp. His teacher told him William do not be Impertinent

Lisa said...

Check out this Opie and Anthony segment about Obamacare

Z said...

Kid, Imp, Lisa...I love you guys! Thanks for your kind words about Katarina. She's lovely and such a good mother and I'm praying all continues to go well with the delivery of this new little girl!

Imp...I know, but Obama acts as if EVERYBODY has free health care now. I honestly do think HE thinks it IS free!
This is 'backdoor single payer' as Nina Easton and others are saying; no doubt about it.

Imp..don't stop being IMPERTINENT! I'm going to watch the end of O'Reilly and hear that in about 40 minutes! What a crack up! :-) Never stop!

Impertinent said...


Never, Never will I stop. Alas..I do get confused sometimes if I'm Impertinent or Obnoxious?

Oh...damn...silly me..the latter belongs to I know I'm OK.


See....I'm now infamous too!

Impertinent said...



Now a gorgeous name. It's like poetry...timeless and elegant.

So is..."Z"...Z-best.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Good about your friend.
If my son had been a daughter, the name Katarina was waiting.
My Granddaughter is Katya.