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Constitutional Insurgent linked me to this and it is SO important that I knew you should read it.  Please not only read it but pass it to friends.  It's important to make note that we are NOT HEARING this stuff in our media and it's important for us to finally be getting all of the truth in any way we can.  I felt there was a missing piece of the puzzle because ol' Cliven seems like such an honest, good man who just wants to make a living for his family and I knew he'd not cheat or make a stink if he could avoid it.  As shown below, he COULD NOT:

Why Cliven Bundy Is Not Wrong- From A Fellow Rancher

bundy saga
There have been a lot of people criticizing Clive Bundy because he did not pay his grazing fees for 20 years. The public is also probably wondering why so many other cowboys are supporting Mr. Bundy even though they paid their fees and Clive did not. What you people probably do not realize is that on every rancher’s grazing permit it says the following: “You are authorized to make grazing use of the lands, under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management and covered by this grazing permit, upon your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this grazing permit and payment of grazing fees when due.” The “mandatory” terms and conditions go on to list the allotment, the number and kind of livestock to be grazed, when the permit begins and ends, the number of active or suspended AUMs (animal units per month), etc. The terms and conditions also list specific requirements such as where salt or mineral supplements can be located, maximum allowable use of forage levels (40% of annual growth), etc., and include a lot more stringent policies that must be adhered to. Every rancher must sign this “contract” agreeing to abide by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS before he or she can make payment.

In the early 90s, the BLM went on a frenzy and drastically cut almost every rancher’s permit because of this desert tortoise issue, even though all of us ranchers knew that cow and desert tortoise had co-existed for a hundred+ years. As an example, a family friend had his permit cut by 90%. For those of you who are non ranchers, that would be equated to getting your paycheck cut 90%. In 1976 there were approximately 52 ranching permittees in this area of Nevada. Presently, there are 3. Most of these people lost their livelihoods because of the actions of the BLM.

Clive Bundy was one of these people who received extremely unfair and unreasonable TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Keep in mind that Mr. Bundy was required to sign this contract before he was allowed to pay. Had Clive signed on the dotted line, he would have, in essence, signed his very livelihood away. And so Mr. Bundy took a stand, not only for himself, but for all of us. He refused to be destroyed by a tyrannical federal entity and to have his American liberties and freedoms taken away. Also keep in mind that all ranchers financially paid dearly for the forage rights those permits allow – - not rights to the land, but rights to use the forage that grows on that land. Many of these AUMS are water based, meaning that the rancher also has a vested right (state owned, not federal) to the waters that adjoin the lands and allow the livestock to drink. These water rights were also purchased at a great price. If a rancher cannot show beneficial use of the water (he must have the appropriate number of livestock that drinks and uses that water), then he loses that water right. Usually water rights and forage rights go hand in hand. Contrary to what the BLM is telling you, they NEVER compensate a rancher for the AUMs they take away. Most times, they tell ranchers that their AUMS are “suspended,” but not removed. Unfortunately, my family has thousands of “suspended” AUMs that will probably never be returned.

And so, even though these ranchers throughout the course of a hundred years invested thousands(and perhaps millions) of dollars and sacrificed along the way to obtain these rights through purchase from others, at a whim the government can take everything away with the stroke of a pen. This is the very thing that Clive Bundy single-handedly took a stand against. Thank you, Clive, from a rancher who considers you a hero.
-Kena Lytle Gloeckner

Thanks, CI...and thanks to Kena Gloeckner, who should be read by every American.



Жандос Курбаналиев said...

What the hell has happened to the USA? Russia has got much more freedom and democracy these days then I see here in the USA..These greedy bastards that ambushed you did many troubles to Ukraine, Russia and other countries (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Serbia and so on). I hope you win your battle against capitalistic imperialism. All the money of the richest state are against you. But you will win, because the truth is with you! And the federals are the double standards bastards that need to be put under the foot of labor people. The tyranny of capital should be ruled by the government of people! God bless you for your brave hard metal spirit!

What is wrong with you people in Nevada? Why are you allowing this low life scum Harry Reid to remain in office?

Always On Watch said...

Please watch this short video on the topic of the Cattle Battle at the Bundy Ranch.

Bring back Bush said...

Here we go again folks. Another Janet Reno at large.

NOBAMA said...

If Moosheel is allowed to graze in her backyard, so why cańt Mr. Bundy be allowed to graze his cattle in open space? how is this different than the Bundy situation?

I can almost guarantee that if Bundy were a illegal immigrant they would give him all the rights he wanted. He'd be granted amnesty, courtesy of President Obama. Just like Obama allows Moosheel to do and go anywhere she wants to.

As for Harry Reid, I wish that he'd crawl back under the rock he came from

American Jihad said...

Has anyone else noticed that the progressives, the left, and liberals who were all up in arms when Bush pushed for expansion of presidential powers, AND STILL ARE, but are silent now that a democrat is doing it. They are silent because they agree with the things. You know who you are, because you all read this blog and run to that “Other” one and make your insane childish jokes about what you read here,.

Get off your high horse of thinking, and call a “Spade a Spade”
I wonder want you would say if some “Black” illegal from the Carribean did the same thing as Bundy! Or was pushing Heroin. The reason he is breaking any law is because some moron in DC hundreds of miles away made a law without taking into consideration the effects that law will have of citizens lively hoods and their family homesteads which are hundreds of years old. Thus overnight a otherwise law abiding citizen becomes a criminal law breaker for letting nature do what it does, forage off of land. Cows eating niblets of grass here and there is hardly devastating this land located in a desert.
The main issue here is that we have an inept president and administration that takes the side of people other that Americans. The same president and administration who calls Conservatives and Teaparty members DOMESTIC TERRORIST’S! The people along the Mexican border have been crossing our borders by thousands and these outlaws come into our country without being stopped, and are doing only God know what! , All for potential democratic votes.
The border states have observed governors and many police officials being put down or obstructed from doing their job.
So when a small army of federal marshals show up to bring down one cattle rancher, it begs the question of why our government is so concerned with grazing fees while totally ignoring the job it was meant to do, namely to SERVE AND PROTECT AMERICANS!

The federal government and all its departments have been killing off people’s lively hoods and forcing people into poverty and bankruptcy with their laws for far to long and in turn causing our economy to inflate to outrageous proportions because this government does whatever it can to stop or eliminate people from growing food or raising food here stateside for our citizens to eat. Due to the actions of our government dictating what, where and how and how much our corn, potatoes and every other food source is to be grown along with doing everything they can to stop ranchers from raising meat products to feed us whether it be chicken farms, swine farms or cattle farms causing our food to have to be imported and causing it to inflate due to their controlling the supply and demand. To inflate the cost of our grocery bills allows the government both state and federal to gain more money in tax revenue via the farmers and ranchers and grocery stores capitol gains as well as sales taxes in the super market with higher priced food items.

With this purported law that you claim Bundy is breaking, Is this law improving your life and liberty and freedom, What did you gain by this law? This purported law has not benefitted any ones life except for the elites in DC to line their pockets with bribe money. Grazing cattle out in the desert on that piece of land has no effect on your life or anyone else’s life by which causes you more or less security or taking your freedoms from you. It is all about money and power, most laws created out of DC are designed to give them more control and power and money by taking it from its citizens

Always On Watch said...

I think that this of the highest importance as we evaluate the Cattle Battle and the Bundy Ranch:

In 1976 there were approximately 52 ranching permittees in this area of Nevada. Presently, there are 3. Most of these people lost their livelihoods because of the actions of the BLM.

Our WorldAs We See It said...

This is NOT about a wealthy man, not about a plantation owner that owned slaves not about a man who is anti American. But that somehow don’t get through to these
useful idiot liberals. It doesn’t seem to matter to these deaf and dumb Libatard tree huggers that his family has worked this ranch in an area that no one and no one has ever before worked. It is pure desert. No slaves, no Indians (excuse me, I meant Native Americans), it’s not about the gays or lesbians, it’s about a man that ran this ranch his entire life until the government INCLUDING Harry Reid was set on taking it. Tell me I am wrong Mr. or Miss liberal.
So the bottom line is that if Harry Reid can get away with making a deal with a land swap to make money off land that belonged to us the American people, then I say Mr.Bundy can do so also.
Now we have a Rancher standing up to Big Government
Lets not let theses communists, fascists, socialist criminals and the assortment of characters who live in a fantasy world get away with doing this..

Duckys here said...

So he's still just a skip who won't pay his legally imposed fees or obey the law.

A Conservative Vermont Vet said...

Harry Reid has stated that all American Patriots who came to the aid and support of Clive Bundy, are TERRORISTS!

Or perhaps he was referring to people like Ducky Here!

I would like to know why Reid and son are not subject to investigation by the U.S. Attorney for Conspiracy to use his office, in conjunction with others, for personal gain, and host of other charges!

I for one, intend to continue to push this question to our "fearless leaders"!

Fred Baron said...

So, Duckman, if the federal government came into your house armed and forced you out and gave the property to someone else, you'd be cool with that?

That there is a legal dispute between Bundy and the federales is not in question.

Try to widen out your pinheaded focus and explore the larger issue of federal power and the individual.

Always On Watch said...

I'd like to call to your attention to this story, dated April 16, 2014: Philadelphia Artist James Dupree’s Studio Seized Via Eminent Domain To Make High-End Shopping Area.

This is not a matter of the BLM, but rather a consequence of the Kelo decision.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

AOW is right. It's not just the BLM. Every agency of our federal government us bending the laws of the land or taking them to extremes for the sole purpose being able to control all land, all water, and all citizens. This is no longer a "government of the people". It is instead a "government over the people".

Sam Huntington said...

Our nation is seriously broken. In the Bundy example, we have a clear case of government overreach ... and if we do not stand up to it, as Bundy has, then we forfeit our rights as citizens. The rights I am referring to must be evident to everyone except ducky, a statist, who believes that the American people should live under the despotic thumb of a runaway bureaucracy. We will either resist it with all of our abilities, or we will lose America forever.

The Kelo decision is prima facie evidence that we have chosen the wrong people to serve as president, who in turn selected the wrong people to serve on the highest court: Stevens, Kennedy, Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer ... all of whom are leftists, whose decision robbed from the poor to give to the rich. The leftist rich, I might add.

If we no longer have the protection of the Fourth Estate, no longer have integrity within our federal courts, if the people no longer have confidence in the federal government, then we are obliged to do as Jefferson suggested: we must abolish it. Sooner rather than later, of course.

Not in My name said...

You can blame this whole thing on the DUMBASS in the White House. and the DUMBASS from Navada

Bob said...

@Ducky: "So he's still just a skip who won't pay his legally imposed fees or obey the law."

Dude. I thought you were all about civil disobedience. The Bundy's have a case in that the US government took property from citizens without recompense, and continue the practice at the point of the gun.

Actual human lives are on the line, and the Bundy's need just consideration about the way they have been trapped into certain bankruptcy because of an out-of-control government.

There is no logical reason why BLM personnel have firearms in the line of their duty. None. The whole show smacks of political action on behalf of the Reid family.

Dave Miller said...

Fred... you said "That there is a legal dispute between Bundy and the federales is not in question."

Actually, there is no legal dispute. Bundy has been found in the courts to have violated the terms of the FLPMA that was extended indefinitely by Ronald Reagan in 1986.

Here's how Breitbart News puts it... DOI’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM)--which was created in 1946--administers 245 million acres [down from a peak of 450 million acres] of public land nationwide. This includes grazing rights on 155 million acres. The Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978 created the current system of charging rental fees for ranchers to use these acres to feed their private livestock, and was extended by President Ronald Reagan in a 1986 executive order.

Bundy is currently operating against the law. Period.

Now, did the feds over react? Certainly they did, and Obama should be canning someone for such a stupid way of handling this. A lien could have been put on all of Bundy's assets, insuring that when his cattle go to market, the government would get their rent, peacefully.

As I've said before, I have a number of very conservative friends who are western ranchers and cattlemen. They are totally aghast that Bundy is not paying his fair share and worried that he will bring about a very negative backlash against their industry. Like Bundy, these are people who use both family and BLM land to graze their cattle, the same land their families have used for over 100 years...

All to say, the legal issues regarding the overdue rent, have been settled. The Obama Admin overreacted horribly, and ranchers and cattlemen are split in their opinions of Bundy and his plight.

Mustang said...

Illegals are operating against the law, period.

Anonymous said...

"and Obama should be canning someone for such a stupid way of handling this..."

Is Bundy Black? see...nevermind. He has no rights. And we'll never hear ( my people ) Holder or Obongo speaking the mans name.

Anonymous said...

Dave Miller?

Z said...

Mr. hope WE win our battle against capitalist imperialism.
And you wish us luck and can't stand Reid? HUH?

AOW...that is a fantastic link but never make me watch Chris Hayes again :-) He wasn't totally off , and at least they covered the story (even if he didn't have the details of my posted article) and MAN, can THAT WOMAN ARGUE!! She's grammatically a mess, but she really stood her ground. Bravo

American Jihad..are you suggesting I'M saying Bundy's breaking a law? I was saying that BEFORE I READ MY POSTED ARTICLE.
Now I see the truth. I wish everyone would.

Ducky...Like I expected YOU to understand the article. MAN.
Some people fight for a cause; I think that's important.
He has NEVER EVER not paid taxes, by the way. Sorry, your buddy Reid lied. And, by the way, how would Reid KNOW if someone paid their taxes or not, anyway?
A little more IRS scandal, maybe?

Dave, your rancher friends aren't ranchers if they don't know the details in my posted article. Did you even read it?
I totally thought Bundy was breaking the law and said so. I do not anymore. I applaud him.
SOMEONE needs to speak out.

Mustang; It's okay with illegals break the law, but let a good ol' boy American rancher who was born here, loves this country, and is fighting for his rights try it, and there is HELL TO PAY, dontachaknow. Right!?

Anonymous...No, they won't weigh in on this. They're afraid to. After all, imagine what would have happened if ONE trigger happy Fed killed someone at that standoff? They're scared to death of this situation. And have no backbone.
THey need to read my posted article.


Great comments. I think we all agree that it's not just the BLM who's doing this kind of thing.
Let me remind you again about the Gibson Guitar case (pardon the pun!)..

I hate to even think that someone will have to be killed by someone Holder went out to rile before Americans really wake up to what this government is doing to us.

It's the BLM that's unethical, NOT BUNDY.

I WISH more AMericans got the details of this story...or even heard of it! I'm pretty sure CNN was too busy covering the latest pink in Malaysia 90% of their shows....maybe that's why they didn't touch this one with a ten foot pole?

Anonymous said...

Let me this guy Bundy gay?

Is the BLM accusing him of humping his rump roasts out there on the hoof? That'd be animal cruelty right? It's OK for humans but not for the beef. he's not gay or lbgtbabcdefgcmaabc? I see....nevermind. No rights...just a dirtbag who supplies people with food. Oh...OK....wrong food too...I see.

String him up. He must be useless.

Anonymous said...

This once-great country is in greater danger than it has ever been in my lifetime, and I'm 75. We are neither respected nor feared anywhere in the world, and the rights of legitimate citizens are being trespassed on in this country. The only reason this ended without bloodshed was that Bam-Pot had a November migraine that it could turn into Ruby Ridge redux. Hopefully the good voters of Nevada will have memories long enough to kick Dingy Harry out of office when he runs again. I only wish it was in the upcoming election. If this country can survive these Chi-town thugs & their minions we will be fortunate.


Duckys here said...

@Bob -- Dude. I thought you were all about civil disobedience. The Bundy's have a case in that the US government took property from citizens without recompense, and continue the practice at the point of the gun.
According to the constitution of the state of Nevada (1864) the land is federal land.
According to executive decree (Ronald Reagan et. al.) there is a set grazing fee schedule.

Mr. Bundy has consistently lost court cases and refused to pay a legal fee. Nothing is being taken from this skip except to pay a legal obligation.

Mr. Bundy doesn't recognize the federal government and we have all these yahoos with him waving American flags and yapping about their 2nd amendment rights.

If you wish to make the right look more farcical and irrational you are going to have to move in pretty mysterious ways.

That goes for "Fred Baron" who conflates this with a home invasion. Tight reasoning is never a strength of the right.
But relax, Fred, I'm on a few bad boy lists and it could happen.

Z said...

Please, everyone, read the link.

"he broke the law!" "he broke the law!" "worse, you conservatives, you broke a REAGAN LAW" :-)

We disagree.
PLEASE read how ranchers are being treated and how much they pay for foraging..

He certainly recognizes this is federal land....he believes it should be state land; who cares?
nothing to do with it.

When you figure out why 200 feds came with rifles over cattle, let us know.
When you decide a tortoise is more important than livelihoods of human beings, let us know.

Thanks. man

Liberalmann said...

Yeah, these guys are reeeeal heros:

Allies Of Lawless Rancher Planned To Put Women ‘Up At The Front’ If Showdown With Feds Turned Violent:

Former sheriff: Women ‘need to be the first ones shot’ by feds in Bundy Ranch standoff;

Ema Nymton said...

This guy owes a million dollars in fees, he’s just typical of the rich Conservative who wants to use other peoples property without paying for it..

He gets No sympathy from me.
The government should either throw him off that property or put his ass in jail, or both.
I pay taxes and fees I don't agree with. Who the fuck does he think he and why should he get a free ride on what everyone would agree are very very low grazing fees?

I always thought that Republican believed in obeying the law and paying their taxes

Ema Nymton

Duckys here said...

z, why doesn't he have more rancher support?

It isn't tough to find responsible ranchers who completely oppose his position.

Even Ann Barnhardt (the Koran/bacon lady) who has been in the livestock business and is no liberal doesn't support Bundy.

Opinionated Me said...

A two-decades-old battle between a Nevada rancher and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has resulted in officials armed with machine guns surrounding the ranch and forcibly removing the owner’s cattle, according to the rancher’s family. They have 200 armed Nazi's in place. I just hope that history records the fact that Obozo started this, and adds it to his BIG list of accomplishment. .

Obama’s private civilian army is now just as heavily armed as soldiers on a foreign battlefield, and they are beginning to assert themselves and make their presence known. Enough is enough you Son of Bitches. What is playing out now in Nevada will be soon be coming to your hometown very soon.
All this because one man dared to take a stand against the Obama administration!

In this NEW America, anyone who has love for this once great nation is an enemy of the Gulag!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

It's ironic that leftists seem to support an ironclad obeyance to 'the law'....except when it conflicts with their agenda.

A Proud Liberal. said...

The right's hero, Bundy, is refusing to obey an EXECUTIVE ORDER that the right's hero, Ronnie Reagan passed. (EXECUTIVE ORDER! Did you notice?)

Oh the humanity!!!

Anonymous said...

@Hey Ema:

"This guy owes a million dollars in fees..." she screeches hysterically.

BULLSHIT. And if it was a million...should it be collected by armed "federal cowboys" with auto weapons, tanks, armored vehicles and swat reams to collect it? Hell NO....send Lois Lerner out there to collect it I say.

Meanwhile the IRS sends 4.5 BILLION every stinking year to thieving illegal grifters for their "relatives" that don't exist or do exist in MEXICO.

Then the illegals send back 58 BILLION a year to their homies back in the shitholes they left. But you have a problem with a lousy "million" that the feds piss away on snail darters or the flight of geese studies or why do cows about 3 seconds every minute of the day.

Fred Baron said...

Dave Miller:

I love you you libs make sure and emphasize that Bundy is breaking Reagan's law.

Despite what you say, this is a legal dispute, but Bundy is on the losing end. It is documented that the federal government changes the rules and the terms of the contract. That is what they did in this case.

Does it bother you that they relocated turtles to his area to make way for a big Google solar project?

Pay to play government.

Ducky: It can happen to you. See Kelo.

Dave Miller said...

CI, It's ironic that right seem to support an ironclad obeyance to 'the law'....except when it conflicts with their agenda.

Cuts both ways...

Anonymous said...

Examples us...enlighten us. And Bundy doesn't count.

Duckys here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duckys here said...

Hey, Fred Baron, latest Radical Redneck manifestation, Kelo has no relevance here.

Bundy has NO OWNERSHIP whatsoever. He doesn't even claim ownership.

He just claims the right to leech off taxpayers like the skip that he is.

Sam Huntington said...

He just claims the right to leech off taxpayers like the skip that he is, such as the leftist, communist, progressive, Democratic apparatus in these United States ... leaching off the American taxpayer since 1829.

Sam Huntington said...

BTW Dave Miller, aren’t you the hypocrite who stops by occasionally to remind us how you work tirelessly to deprive the American people of their tax dollars so that it may be redistributed to illegal aliens? Talk about leaches ...

Kid said...

Well, that puts a different light on things. Godspeed Mr Bundy.

Kid said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sam Huntington said...

@ Proud Liberal

I’m laughing. Why would you be a proud liberal? Is that part of the gay pride movement, or what? By the way, the Bureau of Land Management came into existence in 1946, during the Hairy Ass Truman administration.

Z said...

I'll just put it this way:

I don't really care what some of you think. Sorry! I actually DID read the posted and am 100% with Bundy now (wasn't before). I mean, I have a blog to hear what you think, but after you keep saying the same thing, not answering our questions, and hammering over and's a little time wasting. You enjoy, but geeeZ, pardon me if I don't agree with you...even if Reagan is involved!? !!

Also, I'm hoping someone discusses the firing power of the 200 FEDS over cows, if turtles which have lived with the cattle for over 100 years should win over peoples' livings, the growing incidence of this firing power with Gibson Guitars, why Reid lied about Bundy not paying his taxes (not the fees, he mentioned them separately in the same insulting press conference), the screw job poor Bundy got (you really CAN read it in the article if you'd like to inform yourselves), etc......
Might help you all come to a different conclusion. If not, nobody on the Right's surprised...this is about an American whose rights were trampled in that contract and other ranchers like the author of the post....they get it.

I do, too....

Z said...

Kid, Glad you agree after reading that... kind of fun to watch the libs try SO HARD with "it's the LAW", isn't it?
Pssst...someone remind them "it's the LAW to come into this country LEGAL!"

Sam....can you imagine?!!

Opinionated Me; they put more fire power on Bundy than they've put on any one illegal alien coming over the border$$$$
This is telling...and probably why the feds backed off when they did. Someone got smart and said "Get them OUT of there...what the........?"

good call

Kid said...

type in that last one.

Sam, it does occur to me to realize that obama is probably 1000 times smarter than the duck, so it's no wonder duck holds him up as his master.

Kid said...

Z, to get your libtard card, you must first prove your tireless ability to be maximum hypocritical, even when it goes against yourself.

Liberalmann said...

Opinionated Me; "they put more fire power on Bundy than they've put on any one illegal alien coming over the border$$$$"
Yet the have been fewer illegals and more deportations under Obama than his predecessor. Get a clue.

Opinionated Me;"All this because one man dared to take a stand against the Obama administration!
You do realize this a law is a result of Ronald Regan.

Opinionated Me;"Obama’s private civilian army is now just as heavily armed as soldiers on a foreign battlefield"
Ok, I'm done here, you're friggin' nuts, lol!

Bob said...

@Ducky: "According to the constitution of the state of Nevada (1864) the land is federal land."

No, the action was on the part of the United States Congress which specified that most of the land in Nevada was to inure to the United States government. The reason for this was for the land to be sold to people who wanted that land to help pay for the Civil War. The land sales never happened. Now we have the US government releasing only small parcels of land for development, driving housing prices and the price of pretty much everything else up in the State of Nevada. The US government owns 80% of the state, and is strangling the state's economic growth. Excuses like protecting tortoises are just excuses.

"According to executive decree (Ronald Reagan et. al.) there is a set grazing fee schedule."
So what? If the man is breaking the law, it is simple to remedy the problem. Call the sheriff. The BLM has no business trying to enforce the law, chasing citizens around with their assault rifles.

As a matter of fact, the BLM has created a real problem with letting Bundy go 20 years without paying the fees. They have created a contract by not enforcing the fee schedule. Bundy might just have an argument.

Z said... PROMISE "you're done here?"
Honestly, I don't mind your silly comments, but when you haven't read the posts or the actual comments and respond like you haven't a clue, it's frustrating to read your stuff! have a good life. well said.
Don't you love the libs with "Reagan did it, it must be right!"? Suddenly, he's the guru of correct? I mean WE have always known it, but it's nice to see them waking up 30 years later :-)

By the way, 8 cattle have been found shot, one 7 times...they were tortured, too, run down by helicopters until they dropped from exhaustion. The cattle going to market are killed quickly and painlessly.
The Feds also undid a lot of irrigation piping ...they say they wanted to clear the land. Except if you want to clear the land, you don't leave all the pipes strewn everywhere you left them....

And, of course...those tortoise. .. :-) Got to save those tortoise! WHY are animal lives more important than humans to so many liberals?

Kid said...

Z, Doesn't matter what the subject is. If it's anti_conservative, libtards are on board.

T Krabby said...


"WHY are animal lives more important than humans to so many liberals?"

Perhaps they detest themselves and know they can never be truly human? They believe that mankind is a pestilence...I'm in agreement....they are. Probably why they're so gung ho on gays....because they can't reproduce? Mass suicide through sexual dysfunction and an inability to have biological offspring?

It's just a theory.

Z said...'s true.

Krabby...well, could be! SOMETHING's wrong with people who'll approve of closing down the California Central Valley because of a smelt that's not even extinct in the Pacific NW~!

And then to be treating Bundy like this and have to throw in tortoises to make their point? Talk about a cheap shot.
Since when did cattle bother tortoises in the last 100+ years? Or likewise!? nuts

T Krabby said...


Let's try this. Compare the OWS scumwads that got the blessings and reverence from Piglosi and Obongo. Destruction of property...rape...public defecation...overt drug use ...occupying illegally...private and public land.

Were they allowed to do this and given the blessings of those who were supposed to protect these places...because they didn't "oppress" a turtle? Or meat eaters? Or a stinking bait fish?

Now...look at Mr. Bundy...has he shit on a BLM cop yet? Have they killed his cattle? Have they ever sent swat teams to the OWS crud? Which was a simply a lame attempt to resurrect WoodStock..IMO.

Anonymous said...

Now look at Chicago over the weekend...Hats off animals....45 shot. What a place huh?

Maybe Mr.Bundy ought to hire them to face off the BLM?

Why the hell isn't the BLM or the National Guard in Chicago? Where are the real threats to law and order?

Anonymous said...

OOPs...82 shot...13 dead.

Now...that's a way to celebrate Easter. And of course...the black "leaders" say it's GUNS. Or poverty..or dropouts...or single parent "households...Hopelessness...drugs.

Same old shit after 50 years.Of one can get one to protect themselves in a city where the scum can get them easily.

Black "leaders" are either perpetually stupid or totally ignorant. I'd vote for both.

Kid said...

This is all a result of lbj stealing social security to create a welfare state, resulting in today, an exponential number of females being paid to pop kids out like pieces of toast into zero opportunity, drug and crime infested environments.
It can only get worse until they stop rewarding child abusers.

Bob said...


Obama did 26% fewer deportation cases last year than in 2009.

Anonymous said...


Less than 3% of the population...doing their thing....60% of the violent crime. Huh? That can't be, can it?

TS/WS said...

The Cattle were rounded up and transported to Utah for sell at a auction--but the Gov of Utah stopped them in their tracks.
The transporters were the brother in law of which Politician, Harry Reid?

Why The BLM May Be Afraid To Go To Court--Bundy Has The Upper Hand

So, just raid his place and make him to scared to fight back.
But he did not scare to good.

TS/WS said...

The link is part 2 of this article from the same blog--CI forgot to give you this link,too.

Kid said...

Anon, 3%, 60% ? I lost ya.

Dave Miller said...

Anon, why? Isn't Bundy enough?

Sam, have I ever used hateful or profane language in addressing you? Why do you feel a need to do so when addressing me?

And where have I ever worked tirelessly to deprive American citizens of tax dollars for redistribution to illegal aliens?

I do work tirelessly in Mexico providing jobs, food, medical care, Christian love and support and community development in the hopes of giving young men a reason to stay in the country of their birth and with their families.

And while I can understand the reasons behind illegal immigration, as can Jeb Bush, I do not support it, nor do most people with whom I work.

Duckys here said...

What problem, Bob?

Nevada accepted the enabling act in its constitution.

Bundy has no case and he has lost in court on at least two occasions. It is federal land.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I'm watching Turn on AMC.
Tories, statists, neighbors of freedom loving patriots, turning on them, selling their birthright.
I'm reading Ducky, Libman, et al, wondering when it will end.

Duckys here said...

Excellent article explaining why Bundy has no claim

Z said...

Krabby; I spoke about OWS the other day; You're absolutely right.
Filthy, drug addled creeps peeing on peoples' front door steps folks are FINE to the left...NO PROBLEM.

Let a hard working rancher who, if everybody'd read MY ARTICLE would understand, is disgusting to them; particularly when he holds up the flag with a Southern accent.

Dave, you don't think we understand the reasons behind illegal immigration? :-) really?
So, if you understand the reasons, then breaking the laws okay, or...? Then you pull Republican Jeb Bush out like you did Reagan earlier? :-)
"Oh, dear Dave..a REPUBLICAN understands? Well , what the heck are we doing not going along with the REPUBLICAN? " :-)
Sorry, but it does crack me up.
Some of the kindest, sweetest people I know are the Hispanics living in L.A., so please don't go to that "I understand them and you don't"'s silly.
And, please sit down for this:
By our saying we don't want to welcome law breakers and give them a living, doesn't mean we hate them, we're NOT CHRISTIAN, or we don't think some way should be developed that helps them in America. Okay?
We think Bundy deserves the same consideration.

Look folks....the difference is Americans who have a heart for illegals who break the laws and then go on welfare and we give it...nothing but love and support...
And a man who's worked his whole life, been treated like crap (PLEEEEASE read the article) and having his living jeopardized, now with dead cattle and irrigation pipes broken and left in the dirt...he is guilty without giving a second thought.

Thank you, Conservatives....this whole subject is telling...

Z said...

why didn't 200 Feds pull rifles on the OWS bunch? hmmm

Duckys here said...

@Z --- Let a hard working rancher who, if everybody'd read MY ARTICLE would understand ...

Your article doesn't square with the established FACT that Bundy attempted to pat the state of Nevada.

This is not a matter of some rancher being bankrupt by the nasty government but a whackjob who won't pay his legitimate bills.

Your article is nothing but unsupported allegations which do not square with what is known about the case.

Anonymous said...

Z, thank you for this information. You are right in that the liberal (and dominant) media has been silent... but when it comes to giving illegals free reign of our country, they sure make a ruckus. Maybe Mr. Bundy should have been an illegal - he would have been excused. Touche to Mr. Bundy.

Always On Watch said...

Uh oh: "BLM Eyes 90,000 Acres of Texas Land."


The BLM is reviewing the possible federal takeover and ownership of privately-held lands which have been deeded property for generations of Texas landowners.

I have a friend who owns property there! The property has been in her family for generations. Mineral rights income.

Not in MY name said...

Aren't YOU the guy who runs over to THAT other blog, the "progressive" one and reports to YOUR leader, as to whT is said over here!
And why do YOU work SO tiredless in Mexico for those people when there are Millions of people right here in America that need help?

Just asking!

Opinionated Me said...

Dave Miller is the quintessential poster boy for two faced liberal hypocrisy! He sees the faults of everyone but himself and those who he believes like he does.
He follows the constant drumbeat of the extremists on the left,radicalism, reactionaries fundamentalism, and fanaticism, and call us Conservatives “racists”. We're not racists! We walk the walk and talk and the talk as we see it. I read of the lies of the liberals, and wonder why I do not understand, nor will I ever understand the garbage these race hustlers like Dave Miller, Liberalmann, Shaw whats her name, Ducky Her and the like Al Sharpton and especially Barack Obama and company. And like someone before me said, why would a “Missionary” decide to “tirelessly work in Mexico “ Why would an American work so hard for illegal foreigners?
Why would an American work so hard to pave the way for illegal immigrants?
Right now, we desperately need the American people working for other American people!! Illegal immigration is Wrong I don't blame anyone wanting to come here But Legally I am Tired of Funding For Them! This is ignorance at it's highest level. Remember how your fore fathers, and mine got into this country. They did so LEGALLY.

Rheticus said...

"...a “Missionary” decide to “tirelessly work in Mexico “ Why would an American work so hard for illegal foreigners?"

How can an American missionary be working for "illegal foreigners" if he's working in Mexico?

Do you ever stop to think before you let go of the nonsense you write?

The Screaming Eagle said...

Ridiculous said...
"...a “Missionary” decide to “tirelessly work in Mexico “ Why would an American work so hard for illegal foreigners?"
How can an American missionary be working for "illegal foreigners" if he's working in Mexico?
Do you ever stop to think before you let go of the nonsense you write?

Perhaps by working so Tireless here at home for Americans who need help, instead of doing Missionary work in Mexico.
And by Giving Aid to THEM and Helping Americans Getting Out Of Poverty!
So, please go away and stop bothering us with your incessant liberal loving whining. And take you “Missionary” Taco Loving friend with you.
And I say that with love, you Jerkoff!

Liberalmann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T Krabby said...


"The BLM is reviewing the possible federal takeover and ownership of privately-held lands which have been deeded property for generations of Texas landowners."

And they will have their asses handed to them. You think Nevadans are the only ones who have the guts to stand up to the feds?

The very independent minded Texans have a very proud history of resistance to foreign influences since they were once a sovereign nation. That spirit hasn't left any real Texan. And a state that's seriously considering seceding wouldn't need much more than this to declare holy war on the BLM.

I have a good friend, that's a retired LEO in Texas...he agrees that the BLM will rue the day they try that crap there.

The Debonair Dude said...

Liberals like the one above live in their own world where they think that its 'cool' to hate your countrymen who love this country and want ONLY the best for her and side with the enemy no matter what, they seem to always make your countrymen look bad, call them names, and fight with everything they say. but everyone that hates America is the good guy. with the rise of the ILLEGAL Mexican population in the US, its gonna get alot worse. Mexicans are more loyal to Mexico then they are to the hand that feeds them right here in the USA. And that’s when they send their pay check every week. BUT they love the hand-outs and Freebees.

Mr. Conservative said...

"Black "leaders" are either perpetually stupid or totally ignorant. I'd vote for both."

Well said and the truth!

Always On Watch said...

T Crabby,
And they will have their asses handed to them.

I hope so.

You think Nevadans are the only ones who have the guts to stand up to the feds?

I would hope that there are lots of Americans with the fortitude to combat tyranny.

The above said, we should consider another possible consequence of resistance: the imposition of martial law by the POTUS.

T Krabby said...

@Debonair Dude:

Ever notice how the loudest amnesty pimps are always rich people? People like the Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, Gateses, Zuckerbergs, Slims, etc.

People who know they will never have to live in neighborhoods overrun with foreign gangs, or send their children to public schools with over-crowded classrooms in which the teacher can’t pay attention to their kid because she’s too busy trying to interpret a remedial lesson into Spanish for all the below-grade-level-performing, non-English-speaking illegal kids.

People who know they’ll never have to wait 10 hours in an ER before they are seen by a doctor, because all the ER physicians are so busy providing “free” health care to dozens of illegal aliens injured at their off-the-books jobs, or about to drop their “anchor babies” so they can qualify for expedited visas and even more welfare benefits.

No, these self-righteous amnesty pimps all live in gated or otherwise inaccessible wealthy enclaves, safely protected from the havoc and violence their stupid policies wreak on the rest of us.

Their wealth and privileged status insulates them from having to experience the consequences of their idiocy.

I’d like to see a few of them forced to live in East L.A. or South Phoenix for a few years, without the benefit of their millions of dollars, or their Secret Service protection, or their gold-plated, taxpayer-funded healthcare plans.

I bet at the end of that time (if they survived it), they’d be talking about something other than “acts of love.” Lousy hypocrites.

T Krabby said...


"the imposition of martial law by the POTUS."

Some would welcome it and say bring it on. It'd prove that Obungo's wish is to stomp out freedom loving people that don't want his lousy change. And I'd say he'd be on the road to impeachment and many states would defy his illegal orders too.

So does he want to risk it all and bring on a splitting of this country into resisting factions utterly opposed to his mandate?

Liberalmann said...

Jon Stewart on Cliven Bundy: ‘Sean Hannity has now made Glenn Beck the voice of reason

T Krabby said...

@Liberal quack:

Do you actually believe you'd ever be taken seriously when you quote a comedian as your "news" source? Grow up you little, little IQ deficient kumquat.

Why not quote someone with a bit more respectability...say Al the Jew Murdering Pimp Sharpton?

T Krabby said...


That was a very interesting article on Bundy...Prescriptive Rights.

T Krabby said...

"Undocumented ( ILLEGAL ALIENS ) Immigrants ( Border Jumpers ) Are Lawyering Up"..

What did they say about 5000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

Bob said...

@Ducky: "Bundy has no case and he has lost in court on at least two occasions. It is federal land."

No argument about it being Federal Land. However, having been involved in similar commercial cases, the Federal Government has created a precedent, and a contract with Bundy by allowing him to use the land without fees for 20 years.

Bundy family has been using the land for free for over a hundred years, and therefore a legal precedent for that has been created. All the feds had to do was to call the sheriff's office in the last century or so to settle the problem.

I don't believe the issue is cut and dried. Now, it has entered the realm of politics.

The situation also points out how Harry Reid and his family got so rich in Nevada real estats. The supply of land is limited to whatever amount the US government will release, and that's where Harry's influence comes in. The federal land is the Reid family's golden goose, and Bundy is in the way.

Follow the money.

Leticia said...

I still can't believe that we are seeing this kind of tyranny on American soil.

But with a socialist/communist POTUS in office, as well as some of his radical cronies running in high positions, we should have known this was going to happen.

If I could, I would be out there supporting and standing with Mr. Bundy.

This could be the beginning of a revolution.

Dave Miller said...

Geeez Z, why all the hate coming forth? I stated i did not agree wit the response of the Obama Admin and that it was stupid.

I stated that I did not support illegal immigration.

I stated that I did not work to get money to illegal immigrants.

I did state that I am working in Mexico to provide jobs so people can live a good life there and not feel a need to come here.

Aren't those all conservative positions?

Z, as a fellow Christian, maybe you could explain to some of the folks here who are asking, why some of us believe we are called, as the Apostle Paul was, to share about Jesus and his love in other countries.

Why do we do it? because we are being obedient...

T Krabby said...


I'm not one to ever question someone's purpose or faith driven motivation.

Political, yes. Spiritual...NO.

Z said...

p47...well said, and thanks. think what you want. As I've said 30 times before reading this post, I was totally on the Fed's side on this. After hearing how he's been treated; how his contract ruined his living, how the tortoise is more important to the feds than a human's livelihood...No, he's paid his taxes, he hasn't been able to pay the fees and he's trying to fight it.
There comes a time when someone has to take a stand and I'm with Bundy now.
You believe what you want.
And, no, this is not unsupported; it's just not a truth THE NATION will report.

Oh, then put as much linking/commenting efforts as you've made on this subject to besmirching islamists and illegals, who really are hurting us all. Thanks.

Sorry you still can't answer for the fire power I've mentioned, as also happened at Gibson Guitars...or the fact that turtles are more important, or that cattle were killed by our government and property was destroyed. Hideous.

Dave....your duplicity disturbs me; perhaps it's not true because I've gone only once to "THE" progressive blog (as if it's a popular one and the only one!? that makes me laugh and the comment by others is so transparent I'm surprised the followers don't leave links!)...Anyway....I have seen what you say about us here and that's're entitled, but please don't act as the one who's misread.

I've said for years and years that I'd rather take our tax dollars and, instead of giving welfare to illegals here and putting them in front of our construction workers, for example (I have a construction mgr friend who had a heart attack under the pressure of illegals attacking him and coming to his home in their nasty threats to hire their friends), etc., let's send money THERE to let them STAY HOME where they should be and want to be, anyway.

Good for you on that. The rest? You can say all you like...When I've heard what you say elsewhere, you, who masquerade as 'so fair and balanced,' then I know you're disingenuous and I don't believe much.

Also, I believe there are enough of my own American citizens hurting in our country and I have always hoped that more church youth groups would go to those areas in our country where we need help. Not that I besmirch anybody helping anywhere else, I have family and friends who do that, but I'd vote for our country first.

Bob...the leftists will NEVER buy into even a rumor about Reid, and you have to be brain dead not to wonder how he got so very rich, don't you. But they'll ignore him and Pelosi's wealth and Soros and Stirer's billions spent on leftwing causes and damn the Koch brothers till the cattle come home.

Duckys here said...

"Why Cliven Bundy Is Not Wrong- From A Fellow Rancher"

Any evidence she's really a rancher?

Darth Bacon said...

Dave talks through both sides of his mouth.

Z said...

Ducky, I keep forgetting that everyone on any side of a story you don't like is lying, including me, from what you've implied in the past.
I'll try to do better.
So will half of America.
THanks for that reminder.

Z said...

there are probably at least a thousand progressive sites....and all of them are more popular than the one people keep wanting to mention here.
Let's try not to. No reason for it.
It's of no consequence to this blog and, as 'anonymous' can see, I'd said that exact thing in my comment..

I'm closing the comments down now.
Thanks, everyone.
Tired of the fighting. Tired of the ridiculousness of it all.

We're in trouble in this country when people can go to lengths to link and otherwise insult a man like Bundy and applaud OWS dopers. Much more I can say, and have, but I think that's about enough.