Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Affirmative Action and the Supreme Court/a Win for Black America?

Eight states have outlawed affirmative action at public schools. Among them are some big states, like Florida, California and Arizona.  (Z: believe it or not)  I'm sick of hearing the lie that the Supreme Court just plain voted out affirmative action. Not true.  They ruled that States can ban it and that's Constitutional.  Both MSNBC and FOX are saying "Affirmative Action out"...both wrong.  I checked CNN, but they're still hearing pings.

What Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling means is that those laws banning affirmative action, some of which have been on the books for more than a decade, will stay on the books. It gives the green light to voters in other states who might be considering changing their laws to ban the use of affirmative action in public higher education.


How did the case come to the court’s attention?   In 2006, three years after the University of Michigan Law School decision, Michigan voters changed the state’s constitution to outlaw public colleges and universities from taking account of race in admissions policies.
The state challenged the constitutional amendment, called “Section 26,” in court. A lower court upheld Section 26, but a federal appeals court reversed the lower court an in an 8-7 ruling, setting up the case before the nine justices.Voting 6 to 2, the high court said Michigan’s Proposal 2 did not violate the US Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause as charged by various groups favoring the use of affirmative action in college admissions.

I echo Mr. Richard Kahlenberg's statement (He's a senior fellow at the Century Foundation in Washington):

“When universities are banned from using race, they don’t simply give up on diversity. Instead they try to find ways to creatively promote diversity by reaching out to economically disadvantaged students of all races, which is something I think they should have been doing all along,” says Kahlenberg. “Today, obstacles students face are more closely aligned with class than with race.”

I think that last line is exactly true.  Recently, I've been involved with high school seniors desperate for their college of choice and I've seen some White students overlooked for minorities who didn't have the same grades.  Some of those minority kids went to our same school and had the same classes but did worse (some did better, by the way) than some White students.

I watched Al Sharpton on his MSNBC show a little about this yesterday.  He was outraged, of course, as were all his guests (God forbid he should welcome diversity himself).   What's sad is that some universities in states where affirmative action was banned HAVE seen a drop in Black student participation.  One of them is Berkeley, in Northern California, where the enrollment of Black students dropped 6%.    That's not good to see.

My question is this:  Do you agree that it's more about class now than race?  And what's a fair way to protect White students and Black students?   Why can't it be strictly on grades?    A lot of other criteria is looked at by college entrance people, including clubs memberships, sports, etc.  Perhaps that should change since lots of minority kids might not have the money to participate in those extra curricular high school requirements.  That's an idea, no?

On the hypothetical level playing field of high schools across this country,  can't all teens succeed who want to succeed?  Yes.  We've seen plenty of great Black Americans who graduated from great school before Affirmative Action, haven't we.  Should Black students be given easier entry to the college of their choice than White students?  Why? 

I believe the end of Affirmative Action is a win for Black graduates who don't have to wonder anymore if an employer's interviewing them because of their color or because of their having graduated from a great college.  They'll have entered that school on their own and earned their degree fair and square.  And I believe EVERY BLACK STUDENT who wants an education CAN succeed any bit as well as ANY White student.

Why don't all people?  Affirmative action worked at one time;  I have no doubt about that.

Do we still need it?

let's talk..



Always On Watch said...

A few years ago, one of the magnet schools in Northern Virginia changed the admissions process and stated that the change was so as to admit 25 black and Hispanic students who didn't pass the entrance exam. Diversity -- and all that.

Those 25 substandard students have changed the tone of the school such that many students who did qualify are appalled at the resources and time spent to try to pull the 25 students up to par.

In the case of this magnet school, affirmative action has wrought an academic disaster.

T Krabby said...

I say to Sotomayor:

Sotomayor read her dissent aloud in the court, usually a sign of significant displeasure with the result.

Quit your whining. Your whole life has been one AA pass after another. If you hadn't been one of the preferred pets, you'd be unqualified to work at a holiday inn. It's clear you have no understanding or appreciation of the voters rights.

Reparations are finally over. If you're don't need AA. if your SAT's and GPA are average or above, you've shown you're capable of moving onto college. That alone should be the sole criteria for college admission.

And your behavior only proves what many people know. You can't stand on your accomplishments alone. You need the pity and benevolence of your new masters.

And not every white kid is "privileged", unless you dislike yourself. Many more white kids are underprivileged, middle class or poor and need the same help too.

Right-Winger said...

Affirmative Action? Please don’t make my blood boil any further than it already is! But, where is the outrage? We see it all the time, almost every day these people in high positions ONLY because of Affirmative Action, so what do we get in our Government? Frauds, Crooks, Liars, and Hypocrites.... It's Racism, just Racism, there should be NO other word for it but Racism ... but we already knew that, it’s nothing new, the othe thig that’s new is the amount of it that we see in our Government since Barack Hussein Obama came into office!
And what’s even worse is the way and the fact that the Main Stream media is protecting Barack Hussein Obama’s incompetence. Also while we are on the subject of Racism, how about the fact that black people will vote for a black man only because of race and that fact led to some odd 93 percent of Blacks voted for the incompetent, inept, Barack Hussein Obama. Is that not Racism? But thats nothing new, look at how the Blacks feel about that Charlatan, and Swindler Al Sharpton! These people (the Black’ s) arte always supporting all the wrong people.

Joe said...

Discrimination on the basis of race is wrong. Any time you give a preference based on skin color it is discrimination. That applies to schools excluding blacks and schools who exclude whites in favor of people of color.

Reverse Jim Crow (also known as Affirmative Action)is still discrimination.

highboy said...

The larger issue is that we give tax payer public money to these colleges at all. Its not the federal government's business and college these days is proving more and more to be a waste of time and money.

American Jihad said...

This Left-wing racial rhetoric about "fairness" and "equality" and "non-discrimination" has been used to conceal the leftist agenda of anti-Americanism and anti-conservatism for over fifty years. Conservatives persist in stupidly taking this rhetoric at face value; hence, they always find themselves on the racial defensive.

Yes, these liberal-Progressive’s are immoral, they belong in the Hippy infested . The liberal- Progressive elite are Selfish, Hypocritical, Arrogant, Self-righteous, Filthy, Smelly Hippies and, worst of all, they are destructive to the country. These are the same bunch of drug-infested creeps who called themselves the Occupiers.
And the worse part is that these Liberal “do-gooders” are always coming up with their lovely Fascist schemes for redistributing other people's money and managing other people's lives. Like our First lady does.
Conservatives need to stop being suckered in by this Radical Leftist-Progressive, Fascist Con game, and they need to do it before the November elections..

Sam Huntington said...

I’ll have to challenge your supposition that “affirmative action” ever worked. It never worked. It only selected people for positions (in the job market or in colleges and universities) on the basis of skin color. In that process, it devalues the hard work and accomplishment of people and rewards instead some association with a racial or ethnic group. It is, as so many have declared, reverse discrimination. Any time you designate unqualified persons part of an affirmative action program, you make them part of a preferential group and offer them advantages they do not deserve. By the way, if you wonder why so many college graduates today are utterly stupid, part of this is that we admitted people of color to college when there was no intellectual basis for doing so.

Dexter said...

I Haven't seen it "12 YEARS A SLAVE" yet but I understand that it was SO popular that there is a sequel in the works chronicling the time since Obama arrived on the world stage. It’s going to be called "12 YEARS A SCHMUCK".

American Jihad said...

We really need to have this bunch of rich Hollywood limousine liberals cramming politics down our throats with their movies about Slaves, and Butlers and more crap with Oprah and her bunch of Racist’s. ...AND who watches the Oscars anymore...a bunch of wealthy people showing of their expensive clothes and jewels and slobbering all over each other as how, WONDERFUL they are!

Anonymous said...

Our "Wise Latino jurist":

She cites racism in others as her primary rationale for her decision; but seeing bad motives in others and ignoring them in yourself is tricky business.

Apparently she’s quite at home looking down on others, thinking ill of them, of questioning their motives and dismissing them as bigots.

But herself, supporting affirmative action for people who look like she does, favoring them over whites and Asians, apparently her motives are as pure as the driven snow."

Hat Tip HA.

Not in MY name. said...

Why Do we tolerate all this?
Isn't it enough that we have a Habitual Liar as our President!
How pathetic we are to just sit back and tolerate all this!

Ben Gazhi said...

Great Blog "Z", it brings out the best in Progressives.
If there is anything that can be concidered
The "best"

Anonymous said...

The definition of the word 'Conundrum' is: something that is puzzling or confusing.

Here are six Conundrums of socialism in the United States of America:

1. America is capitalist and greedy - yet half of the population is subsidized.

2. Half of the population is subsidized - yet they think they are victims.

3. They think they are victims - yet their representatives run the government.

4. Their representatives run the government - yet the poor keep getting poorer.

5. The poor keep getting poorer - yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.

6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about - yet they want America to be more like those other countries.

Think about it! And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the USA in the 21st Century.

Makes you wonder who is doing the math.

These three, short sentences tell you a lot about the direction of our current government and cultural environment:

1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works.

And here's another one worth considering...

2. Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money? What's interesting is the first group "worked for" their money, but the second didn't. Think about it.....

and Last but not least,

3. Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for our military and cutting our army to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping the payments or benefits to illegal aliens.

Am I the only one missing something?

skudrunner said...

People want equality unless preferential treatment better suites their needs.

I have to hand it to you for your ability to withstand boredom and abuse. You said you watched the rev Al. He should be the poster person for the lunatic crowd.

Not in My name said...

Scud, By the "Lunatic " Crowd , I guess you mean the Progressives!

Linda said...

IMHO, AA should never have been implemented. Because of it, many white young men were denied the privilege of going to the college of their choice. As for racism, I agree that racism is worse than it was 50-60 years ago. I'm not racist, I hate his white half, too.

skudrunner said...

It does seem that the liberals have no new ideas. The term liberal started to have bad connotations and they needed to change how they are identified. They though of Bat Shi_ Wackos but that was to descriptive so they Stole the name Progressive from the Republicans. It was conservative Teddy Roosevelt who first started the Progressive party.

How can a group set on keeping people in their place and demeaning success and independence call themselves progressive?

Z said...

AOW....I think that happens a LOT.
Tell me something: Did those Black and Hispanic students go to the same schools before taking that entrance exam that the White and probably Asian kids did?

T Krabby; I believe Sotomayor is really bright and would have got by without affirmative action.
But I thought her dissent was odd in that it seemed to show feelings more than how the Constitution approached the problem. Perhaps they all are like that; I'm no expert on dissent documents.

And no, NOT ALL WHITE KIDS are privileged, that is FOR SURE. And not all do better than minority kids, either.

Right-winger; it was amusing to watch Sharpton constantly say the supreme court had voted down affirmative action. He clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. Scary!

Joe, that's right.

Highboy, I think way too many American kids have got away from doing wonderful and well paying things with their hands (hair, cars, cabinetry, etc.) to the point we have little fine craftsmanship and they're going to college for zip....

Linda. I HONESTLY don't believe racism was worse until the last five years of constant 'encouragement' by Holder and Obama. CONSTANTLY taking the low road on it, starting with Obama's ridiculous conclusions about the Harvard prof, blaming the cops, etc., until he got the facts. SO ready to condemn whitey.
And you certainly are no racist from your beautiful family pictures!

Skud...watching MSNBC is kind of fun, to tell you the truth. It's become so ludicrous that it's funnier than anger-provoking.
But, I have to admit, sometimes it does make my blood boil.

Anonymous; I was going to post that soon ...oh, well!

Dexter, I have to admit that's pretty funny!

Sam; I have to say I disagree. I have always thought affirmative action smacks of really dangerous precedence, BUT I will say that while I disagree TOTALLY with it for schools (TOTALLY), I don't for jobs.
I remember driving through Westwood, California, near UCLA, a business district, and suddenly seeing Black Americans walking across the street, going into restaurants, coming out of buildings, and I thought "This is good." I believe that employers who might not have hired the right Black employee finally were because they kind of 'had to' and that this was a good thing for what we have now; a more mixed, fair work force.
It's not unusual to hire a black employee; it was years ago, and that's not right.
Don't you agree on this?

Z said... is said that liberal had become so full of negative connotation that PROGRESSIVE became the chosen moniker, you're right.
Also, you probably know that RED STATES used to be the leftwing states and that got handily changed because it was a little too close to the truth? Yup.
I understand that the media made that change. Not sure.

Z said...


I also want to suggest that the school affirmative action situation should be blamed on the schools kids are attending before applying to college.
Why AREN'T the minority kids doing as well? Obviously, a lot ARE doing VERY well, but we're generalizing here for the purposes of this discussion.

Why have our public schools, in general, fallen apart SO BADLY?

Our friend/commenter Pris is a conservative who raised her children then had a huge part in raising her grandchild; she SPOKE UP with other parents when they saw wrong being done in her kids' schools.
She's better able to explain it than I, and I hope she comes by today, but we need parents SPEAKING OUT.
You can't BELIEVE the anti American bias in textbooks!
We're letting that happen.

Where are our parents?
Too busy both working outside the home.
But, of course, both races have moms working outside the home.

what a horrid problem and how the rest of the world must be laughing.

We have a Chinese student at my school and he once told me "I see Chinese students not smarter than American, we just work harder."
They are in school about 10 hours a day, 6 days a week...
NO FUN. He LOVES playing basketball here, etc. They don't there, at least not during school.
And they are we're failing.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Z

No, Z ... I don’t want someone operating on my brain to remove a tumor that got his or her certification and position as part of an affirmative action program. I’d much rather that person was a bona fide brain surgeon. If that example is too extreme, how about nurses ... who a doctor friend assures me many are the beneficiaries of “Affirmative Action” and are, he says, responsible for 30 percent of hospital deaths.

But if medicine is too extreme of an example, let’s talk about the IRS auditor who has a reasonable sense of accounting principles, but is beholden to the Democratic Party for Affirmative Action, and is therefore willing to persecute conservatives. Is this still too extreme? Then how about the person who was able to get a teaching job based on Affirmative Action rather than what he or she knows about the field they are teaching in ... or maybe the individual whose job as a brake installer at GM was part of Affirmative Action, and who by the way, likes to smoke dope during his or her lunch break.

People always ask, what happened to our educational system? Why do we have such deplorable teachers, principles, and school administrators? The answer is simple: Affirmative Action.

No, I think Affirmative Action is a failure, so I’m sticking with my position on this.

Z said...

Sam, I understand and agree with much of your position, but in business, I think it did work to at least make things fair. Before Aff. Action, I'm sure quite a lot of companies were racist enough not to hire Blacks. When they first HAD TO, it wasn't a great start, but it got people used to Black colleagues and working with them just 'as another person', not a 'black person they have to fear'...and so we see more in the work place..obviously!

I also know black doctors and execs who feel people think they got there via Affirmative Action... that's BAD.

That's why I say doing away with it now is a WIN for hard working, talented Black Americans.

Duckys here said...

No, I don't think it's a win but time may tell.

Along with striking down the voting rights act it's clear this court has an agenda (my, my, conservative activist judges) that masks either a belief that the days of racial barriers in America are gone or a belief that, well, screw 'em.

We are resegregating the schools and locking up minorities for non violent nonsense drug busts at an alarming rate (good money to be made from privatized prisons) so I'm going to say it ain't the first option.

It is more properly a class matter, look at the recent new of how badly the American middle class is slipping) but as a society we are not close to being prepared to deal with that.

Train's still in the tunnel and getting closer, folks.

Duckys here said...

@z --
I also know black doctors and execs who feel people think they got there via Affirmative Action...
And who is responsible for that?

The black student who got through medical school, residency, boards and all to become a doctor or the bigot?

American Jihad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
American Jihad said...

The sad part about this whole thing is that the first black President will not only be remembered as our worst, but that his failures will reflect on the rest of the Black candidates in the future so that men like Alan West and other blacks of real achievement would feel the implications of having a black president.
But however,It will be generations before another Black is elected president.

John Jamerson said...

Great job on the blog Z

American Jihad said...

I also think that you did a great job on this blog “Z”. And as I have previously pointed out that the Blacks are going to vote strictly as a racial bloc....I have no problem with that...and to think otherwise is ridiculous, and not at all realistic. .
I am a political realist....they are going to vote overwhelmingly democratic no matter what, no matter where or whatever anyone says..
Let me summarize this as simply as possible...maybe then you can understand what I’m talking about. .....all other races vote for who or what they perceive will benefit their race...aka the blacks voted close to 90 per cent or even more for obama.....all I am saying is the White Working Class needs to do the same....look out for our for the candidate that truly has the interests of the White Working Class in his heart and more importantly in the republican party platform....aka getting rid of affirmative action, rejecting, illegal immigration, amnesty etc. and so on and so forth

Mustang said...

Affirmative Action gave us Obama. It can't get any worse than that.

Duckys here said...

@A. Jihad --- .all I am saying is the White Working Class needs to do the same....look out for our for the candidate that truly has the interests of the White Working Class
Elizabeth Warren appreciates your support.

Anonymous said...


"Anonymous; I was going to post that soon ...oh, well!.."

Sorry...Michael Savage just read it on his show! I sent it to him after I got it..LOL

Liberalmann said...

White people SUCK! I wish I was black.

Z said...

American Jihad; I don't think that's the case. anyway, I hope we have more and more Black politicians who share OUR AMERICAN VALUES. I feel like other Black politicians (except a few, of course, those like the one who thought that island would sink if we sent too many troops to it? Who was that? :-)) are so stellar in comparison to what Obama's been doing that he'll only make them look SO much better :-)
It is a shame that the first Black American president's done so much damage and had such scandals....really sad.

John, I appreciate that. What are your thoughts on the Court's decision?

Ducky, One can't legislate not hating people. Those left in this country who still hate for someone's color are sick people and no amount of meds will help that. Same for JEWS, Ducky.

John Roberts was right when he said "The way to end discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race."

What leftwingers don't seem to grasp is racism works both ways.
It's humorous to consider that leftwingers think racism only exists on the Right...really it is.

I remember a couple of Black girlfriends one day said " haven't heard racism until you've sat in a Black beauty shop or barber shop for an hour or two!"
Or how about this? A niece of mine married a Black young man a year or so ago..people were asking "How's your mother on that?" (meaning her grandmother)...and my answer was "fabulous! But he's got an aunt who's not too happy about this!" Folks forget it works BOTH WAYS.
And this president hasn't helped.
is that racism? No, it's just differences and it's about time more and more folks of good values and character intermarried, in my opinion.

I stupidly thought Obama might take his bully pulpit opportunity to talk to young people across the country and encourage education and encourage putting guns down, quitting gangs....getting lives where they feel successful; a good fulfilling education and day's work. Instead he's promising free cell phones and reminding them life's tougher for Blacks. awful.

very sad.

As for CONSERVATIVE COURT? You hadn't heard that Justice Breyer, a reliably liberal vote on the court, voted with the majority, I guess. Ya, he did. So much for that 'conservative court,' Ducky.

That you don't trust Black Americans to do better than you think they can is sad...I have full confidence that taking the Sharpton-like fools out of the equation, we'd have REAL equality and White America would see what Black America could do.
I believe the CEO of the largest pharmaceutical is a Black man...very smart, very inspiring.
MUCH more would be like that if all our kids good take advantage of the VOUCHERS you leftwingers are trying to prevent them from having.

Z said...

anonymous...that's okay! Had to tease you. It's a very good one, but I thought it needed to be a POST so more could read it.
Hopefully, our good readers here have! Thanks.

Mustang...sublime comment, as usual.

Ducky..Elizabeth "my high cheek bones make me a native American so I get free stuff?" Warren?

By the way, folks; I truly do believe this "middle class is shrinking" stuff is BS. Most of the folks I know are middle class and they're all doing fine, thanks. The poor will ALWAYS be amongst us, as a man FAR FAR wiser than I am said...
Lowering the bar for food stamp attainment doesn't mean the middle class is shrinking. But it sure makes it look like that.

We're being taken to the about a train in a tunnel...thanks to this president.

Liberalmann, I just wish you were GONE.
And I think a LOT of white people suck, too, by the way.

American Jihad; you don't think we HAVE voted for those with our viewpoints in the past?

I think if I were a leftist it would bother me GREATLY that the Black population votes SO unanimously for says so much about how they're not really giving our country much consideration, that they want a nanny state. I'd be ashamed.

skudrunner said...

Your comment about busting black kids for minor drug offenses is true but then we should just legalize all drugs and cut down on crime.

What are there a disproportionate number of minorities in prison. Maybe because they commit the crime and got caught.

Elizabeth Warren is for saving the middle class, something the current administration is against so I am surprised you would support her. Of course she could be lying but she wouldn't do that after all she is a politician.

Duckys here said...

@skud --- Your comment about busting black kids for minor drug offenses is true but then we should just legalize all drugs and cut down on crime
And cut down on a lot of corruption in the process.

Yeah, a disproportionate number of minority kids get busted for lame ass non violent drug offenses. Thanks for stating the obvious.

Duckys here said...

... then they get denied jobs based on some lame non violent crime and the fringe right goes medieval on them for being unemployed.

I'd say our drug policy isn't well thought out ... or is it?

Robert Sinclair said...

Ducky reveals his racism. Encourage blacks to use drugs, huh Ducky? So what if blacks ruin their lives, right Ducky? And besides, it is a leftist industry, right Ducky? Operated by people who like you, voted for Obama. Talk about immorality.

T Krabby said...

"minority kids get busted for lame ass non violent drug offenses."

Yea...while their busting someone's ass with a cap or two on their rival drug gang enterprises. Sure...lame ass it.
They're all just sweet undocumented pharmacists right?

T Krabby said...

Yea duck...that's what every employer wants..a few felons to add to the diversity of his work force. Got it.

Maybe they can't get jobs cause they don't have an education? Or refuse to get one?

Don't think you'd feel the same if they popped you with a Mac 10 to get some drug money, would ya?

Liberalmann said...

Mustang said..."Affirmative Action gave us Obama. It can't get any worse than that."

Heh, this post says all that is needed to express the true view from the right. Riiight....racism is over.

highboy said...

There's no correlation whatsoever for blacks being locked up for non-violent drug offenses and the black unemployment rate.

But the fact remains that the federal government can solve this problem by simply not giving public tax payer money to colleges at all. Colleges can then decide for themselves what their own criteria for admission is. That's how a free society is suppose to work.

T Krabby said...

@Lib dipstick:

"Riiight....racism is over."...

You see...a huge mistake was made in electing Obama. And it may not ever happen again. He was elected for racial reasons period.

Since when are we forbidden to criticize a sitting POTUS cause of his race? That's what's wrong with you ass clowns. You never dare find fault because he's black...and that just doesn't sit well and must be Raccccccccis. He can't be faulted....he's what? Holy? Immortal? A god?

6 years later and with an "approval" of 38% , proves he's not as gifted and untouchable as you'd wish. He's not too swift and shamefully incompetent. A joke to the empty suit and chair. That's not racism you twerp.

highboy said...

I have yet to see Liberalman post a verifiable fact to make a point. Like ever.

Always On Watch said...

Did those Black and Hispanic students go to the same schools before taking that entrance exam that the White and probably Asian kids did?

For the most part, yes.

highboy said...

So basically Liberalmann is a teenage troll. Got it.

Jack Whyte said...

Rational Nation: what do you care what other people think? Are you some kind of fascist that believes only their opinion matters?

Z said...

Ducky, sorry, but your comments to skud make you sound like a lunatic. Stop putting ridiculous words in peoples' mouths. It does nothing but tick people off and make you look silly.

How the heck long can you read conservative blogs and not understand nobody wants people jobless, or without good educations, or in prison, or ....grow up

Robert Sinclair; the very idea that minorities are in prison because white folks don't like them and not because they did bad and got caught is so dumb it sometimes makes me wonder why we even engage with liberals.
Is there corruption? Of course....will it always exist?
of course.
And now we're letting them out...of course. :-)

highboy; let's not even engage .. I'm deleting a bunch of those comments because I'm really tired of folks who spend so much time here and say they hate it!

Now that is TRUE "GENIUS", isn't it :-)
(glad you came by today)

Z said...

I'm leaving one of Libdope's because the one about affirmative action shows how nonthinking he really is.
I have to admit; some of the comments from libs ARE fun to leave around :-)

Pris said...

First of all, liberals must have thought minorities were inferior, and needed affirmative action. To me, that was just another way to keep races separated. I thought it was wrong at the time and I still do. The Supreme court is right.

As for my children in school, and my grandson, I kept up with what they were taught, and made sure when they were in elementary school, that they got the best teachers.

My grandson brought home a list of crummy books for him to choose from to give his first book report. I told him we would go the the bookstore and pick him a book that he would like, and it would be a classic. I bought him Huckleberry Finn, and Call of the Wild. I told him to tell his teacher that his Gigi want's him to read one of these.

I also told him to be polite and tell his teacher his grandmother want's him to read one of these, but if she didn't want him to, I'd be happy to talk to her about it. She actually said, "she thought these were good books and it was fine." He chose Huckleberry Finn, and I told him if there's a word you don't know, ask me and I'll tell you what it means.

I could go on, but I don't want to be a bore. I'll just say, I wasn't shy, but I knew what I wanted for my children, and my grandson, which was true learning and not a waste of time!

Z said...

Pris, I mentioned you above because of your work with the PTA, etc., and I forgot to include that!
My point was you were very involved not only with what he read but the workings of the school, to make sure things were going right.
I honestly believe it's when moms all went back to work and couldn't be bothered that things started slipping in our public schools.

Could you weigh in on that, if you're still around or come back?

Huckleberry Finn...excellent choice. But maybe it's considered racist these days, huh?


Kid said...

Personally, the vast majority of non-black people find themselves having to walk on eggshells to avoid being labeled a racist. Point being black folks get every consideration and more than other people do already.

Black folks who can't succeed to the point of achieving a level of performance to get into college, aren't going to get anything out of it if they're given a free ride.

In the end, it can only be good to cause all people to realize that if they want to accomplish something they must put the effort in.

Kid said...

Yep Sotomayor had 65% of her decisions that were submitted to the supreme court reversed. Don't that just reek of competence?

Kid said...

Pris, There are not enough of you to go around. xo

Kid said...

Let me be Clear ! heh Anytime someone says they should get something more than anyone else has/had, they are a Loser.

Don't like your life? Too damn bad.

Z said...

Kid...ah, the voice of reason :-)

As always.

Kid said...

Z, Geeeeeeez, thanks ! :)

Impertinent said...


Relax...don't let it go to your head cat man.

Impertinent said...


"Don't that just reek of competence?"..

Bbbbbut...she's a "wise" Latino, no? So what didn't get reversed? Her...ummm...nevermind.

Kid said...

Imp. Purrr baby

Duckys here said...

Sotomayor's reversal rate

Channeling the Vulgar Limbaugh, kid?
And you're the voice of reason?

What does The Blaze have to say about it?

Kid said...

duck, did you notice I said Of the cases that were referred to the supreme court?

"Using five as a denominator, the rate comes out to 60 percent."

Factcheck? Geez, may as well be

I say it's 65%, not 60.

And the rest of her cases? If they weren't reviewed by anyone else, then it's absurd to suggest the decisions were all righteous. Wouldn't you agree? heh

Z said...

"....60 percent of the cases the Supreme Court has reviewed is not a particularly high number. In any given term, the Supreme Court normally reverses a higher percentage of the cases it hears. During its 2006-2007 term, for instance, the Court reversed or vacated (which, for our purposes here, mean the same thing) 68 percent of the cases before it. The rate was 73.6 percent the previous term.

In two of the three Sotomayor reversals, at least some of the more liberal justices dissented, agreeing with her holding.

But only five of her decisions have been reviewed by the justices. Using five as a denominator, the rate comes out to 60 percent."

Anyway, who cares? The Conservatives keep trying to smear liberals as all politicos do on both sides and it just doesn't work...
I WISH that the media'd work as HARD at proving all the liberals wrong as it does the conservatives...what a day that would be. To have an honest media again.

By the way, folks...HOW many articles did Obama write before he somehow became Editor the Harvard Law Review? hmmmm

Kid, you are definitely the voice of reason. Thanks.

Kid said...

Z, Thanks !

I maintain that obama never wrote ANYTHING, never did ANYTHING he is attributed to having done at Harvard or Columbia beside protest whitey.

Someone prove me wrong.

Rational Nation USA said...

Fear certainly runneth deep in conservative (constapative) blogistan. It certainly appears as though a mass enema is in order.

Just Sayin said...

RN USA, you are full of yourself, as usual.

Rational Nation USA said...

Just Sayin... I understand truth bothers you. No matter, no sweat off my brow. Carry on as you will.

Z said...

We DO have fear....fear of losing the country we love so much with the amount of debt Obama's put us in, with the amount of bad investments he's made, with the ruination of foreign respect, with the amount of division he's creating, with the racism he's propagating,...
If you don't fear those things, and more, I envy you and guess you've moving to an island in the Pacific.

Rational're very smug. I wish you the best.

Rational Nation USA said...

@Z - "We DO have fear....fear of losing the country we love so much with the amount of debt Bush and Obama have put us in, with the amount of bad investments they've made, with the ruination of foreign respect, with the amount of division that exists between brothers and sisters...

There fixed for ya. On the above I whole heatedly agree!

Rheticus said...

Re Z's comment on Obama: "...with the ruination of foreign respect..."

POLL: Obama Still Most Popular World Leader

Hmmmm. Facts are either stubborn or stupid things in this forum.

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