Thursday, April 24, 2014

Conservatives: the anti-morons

by Z and Mustang

If we wanted to prove the absurdities of the American political left, all we have to do is study the things they say, and when we finish laughing, demand that they show us their proof. It is in their proof where we win the argument. Here’s an example: Leftist Greg Sargent pronounces “Tea Party Politics” a long-term loser. He makes this prediction based on the notions of another leftist by the name of Ed Kilgore, who says this is true because “... economic issues and polices that would strengthen the safety net are looking increasingly like effective wedges to use against Republicans over the long term.”

In other words, Americans aren’t working due to leftist policies, and so we need a safety net to save Americans from leftist policy. Let’s review:

• The American left elected politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and our country has taken a severe downturn.

• The American left then elected a community organizer who became a politician as the result of a robust affirmative action commissariat in the greater Chicago area (and who knows what other alien powers were involved), and everything turned even worse.

• By the term “turning worse,” we mean to suggest that Americans who were working suddenly weren’t, and that Americans who had health insurance suddenly didn’t. That can’t be too hard to grasp, can it?

The above examples of leftist policies and their results created a demand for a safety net which, as is most often the case, any program designed for people who vote for progressives, paid for by individuals who actually work for a living and are more often than not, conservative voters. Essentially, they are hard working people who don’t buy in to the hope and change meme favored by leftist morons.

We do not use the term “moron” as an ad hominem attack on anyone; it is rather a precisely accurate description of anyone who thinks that socialist nations ever actually succeed, socially, or economically, or that a minority of any population can long support a majority of that population. Doesn’t the money finally run out? If not, could you let us know how and we can apply that to our households, please? Clearly, then, one has to be a complete moron to accede to the above kinds of arguments, but it does get even better.

Here is a quote attributed to Ed Kilgore, a man whose parents were obviously siblings: “These are by any definition ‘wedge issues’ which divide Republicans and counter GOP advantages among independents. They also force Republicans to counter-arguments that expose the underlying radicalism of conservative ideology. There’s absolutely no reason on earth Democrats shouldn’t talk about them at every available opportunity.”

Forgive us as we continue to struggle with the proposition that conservative ideology, which is to say, the tenets of classical liberalism, can be regarded by anyone as radicalism —unless that person is a bona fide bonehead. Kilgore was joined by another of his persuasion named Jonathan Chait, who offered this inane connection: “I believe this because the virulent opposition to the welfare state we see here is almost completely unique among major conservative parties of the world.”

This could be true of course, maybe conservatives in other countries are just nuts about the welfare state but, given that the United States is unique in the world —and while it is true that we do have too many idiots (which is to say, those who identify with and support progressive programs), we have far fewer within our borders than at any other place in the entire world. And we wonder if Sargent, Kilgore, or Chait have noticed that socialism (e.g., the welfare state) is unraveling throughout the entire world. We suppose they didn’t get that memo. Still, the incongruity of the argument is this: just because leftists keep repeating in the popular press that conservatism is radical because we don’t support and champion the welfare state doesn’t make it so. By the way, contrary to the leftists in the popular press, conservatism also doesn’t champion having the truly needy and sick dying in the streets. But, that’s another post.

You with us?

Z and M



Ed Bonderenka said...

In the 70's, if someone came up with a way to break the hold of the Arab Oil Cartel, we would hail him as a hero, and a boon to the economy.
Today, Obama would get a court order against him.
As it is, he refuses to allow pipelines, allow drilling on Fed land (how much does BLM control?)
Can't have people working, independent of the government.

Just Sayin said...

"Sanctions". That's the ony word this imbecile knows.

Desert Fox said...

A prominent Japanese politician has raised hackles as Barack Obama visits Tokyo by claiming it́s an ́open secret́ that he and the first lady are headed for divorce, and that the president has been using Secret Service agents to cover for him as he pursues extramarital affairs. Kazuyuki Hamada, who sits in the upper house of Japańs parliament. One has to wonder why “The Moocher” spent all those millions going to China for her own pleasure and not official business, and then Barry spends millions going to the same region?
According to a bombshell new report, the First Lady and Barack Obama are sleeping in separate White House bedrooms. She’s preparing to move his clothes and personal things out of their million-dollar house in Chicago, the Voice of Russia reports.

"The smart money says the marriage is doomed," a source close to the President said.

"Barack and Michelle have had a rocky go for years and mainly stayed together for their daughters and his political career. But now Michelle is mad as hell. She feels violated in front of the whole world. She’s met with divorce lawyers and told Barack that she wants a life apart from him. Michelle will stay in the White House for the rest of Barack’s term for appearances’ sake, but she made it clear they’ll be leading separate lives.
For 8 years libs called Bush the chimp. So feel free to call Obozo the Baboon.

Desert Fox

TemplarKormac said...

Generally if you want the real scoop on dimocrap scum, you have to go to a source outside of the US.
British papers are generally pretty good for this kind of information on the dimocraps.
As for this one, I just don’t know.
But lets not forget that it was an unknown guy named Matt Drudge who broke the Lewinsky scandal even though other sources had it and decided to sit on it and it was the National Enquirer who broke the story on the John Edwards scandal.
The DISGUSTING FILTH in the dimocrap biais mediain this Country are paid whores of the dimocrap party and usually try to hide stories like this..
However, you gotta be a special kind of stupid to think that the Sasquatch and the Stuttering Clusterfucks in the White House have anything even remotely resembling a happy marriage.
Will they get divorced? Who knows? The Rapist-in-Chief Bubba and his wife, Hitlery, are still together, so who knows? However after that strange scene at the Mandela funeral, with that Danish blonde Prime Minster and that “Unhappy” look on Michelle Obama’s face, to pretend there is no relevance to this story is asinine.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, don't thesenitwit right-wingers have anything better to do but to write these insults about our president!!
They actually wished that there was something going on between Michelle and the prersident.
Shame on you all, you are all imbeciles.

Impertinent said...

Hey anon.

You...moron. Remember Bush and the out and out hate directed at him?

You're a pitiful, perfect example of the topic today.

Sam Huntington said...

I am one of those who more than think we are heading toward a civil war; I fervently believe we are already in a civil war. We cannot describe the exchange of such uncivil rhetoric in terms of anything but “civil war.” We are even on the verge, it seems to me, of exchanging gunfire, and so I have to credit the political left with bringing our country to this junction. And, if you read about things going on in the world outside the realm of social media and People Magazine, then you can see this same thing going on in Italy, where the northern provinces are sick and tired of supporting the southern peoples who exhibit all of the behaviors of Obama’s army, here at home. Presently, 90% of the citizens of Veneto are demanding the formation of an independent nation—they can no longer afford to pay the tab for those who simply will not work.

We should wonder about the kind of anger that would force people to such an extreme position.

We are living at a very dangerous time—both around the world and here at home, and what did the American left do? They elected a complete douche as their president. Some would argue we deserve whatever happens to us. So it is no surprise to me that people are very angry. In fact, deeply so.

skudrunner said...

It was a democrat president who started a house for everyone campaign. It was a democrat president who coerced banks to make unconventional loans to people of no means so they could own a house. It was a democrat controlled congress who pushed sub prime mortgages. It was three nitwits (dodd, frank and waters) who said there is nothing wrong with fannie and freddie.

When the housing market collapsed it was the democrats who blamed Bush and sold that idea to the American public.

Fredd said...

Pointing out the illogical premise of the liberal position accomplishes nothing in changing the political status quo.

The liberal power is based on emotion, and emotion trumps logic every time.

I am loathe to point out the Third Reich example to bolster my claim, but here goes: Josef Goebbels was able to, through his massive misinformation efforts, energize an entire population of Germans starting in the 1930's using nothing except lies. Emotion. Labeling a boogeyman (Jews) as such, and channeling the emotions of the population against them.

It was wildly successful. The only reason it was finally defeated was that the Western world mobilized squadrons of bombers, divisions of tanks, fleets of battleships, and divisions of armed soldiers against them.

Prior to this military defeat, the use of words to disarm the Nazis (remember Neville Chamberlain's 'peace in our time') was completely impotent.

Yes, I am sounding like a total wet blanket on this, but people are mostly animated into action via emotion, not logic.

Sorry, Z/Mustang.

It's the way we are. And currently the liberals are winning with their absurd lies, illogical positions and general skullduggery.

If you ask me how I know they are winning at this point in time, just look at the national debt ($17 TRILLION) spent on socialist programs, and count the number of branches of government in socialist/Democrat control (2 out of 3).

Of course, nothing is static. We may be seeing the good guys waking up, maybe.

Mustang said...

@ Fredd

No, you aren't a wet blanket. You are spot on. We are talking about the same thing, viewed from a different angle.

Fredd said...

Mustang: yes, I suppose we are looking at the same problem from different angles.

We're certainly on the same side, though.

Z said...

Ed, excellent point about the oil situation. I think of all Obama's done to STOP American success and it's staggering.
It's like he's TRYING to stop our economy...odd.

Just Sayin'...good point

Desert Fox, thanks, but I'd prefer we stay out of the marriage situation with the Obamas here. They'll do nothing real until after the presidency, so it doesn't affect us at all.

Templar....I, too, rely on the British papers to get more truth than our liberal media will reveal here.

Anonymous...No, this blog DOES NOT hope the Obama family is in trouble. DO YOU HEAR ME? No, we DO NOT. I hate to burst your bubble but I'll just remind you what you would have done had the Bushes had marital problems. I hate to think.
"imbeciles?" thanks for proving Mustang and my point of our post.

Imp; I swear had you not responded so well to this person, I'd have deleted Anonymous. Thanks, I'm glad you did.
You're right.

Sam, has it occurred to you that the Obama thugs could be dividing us on purpose?
Where does his hate and misinformation and even enabling the negatives above (poor, sick, black)end?
Interesting info about Veneto.

Skudrunner, you're right.

Fredd...Mustang and I both hope we ARE part of "waking the good guys up" through our posts.

Z said...

I was just at Fredd's blog and he's discussing Bundy over there (Yes, I told him to read the article I posted a few days ago because that shows what's really going on and why a good, law abiding guy like Bundy appears to have broken a law legitimately)...

I mentioned what Gov Perry of Texas is going on about now...that 93,000 acre land grab the BLM is trying to make NOW....

It occurred to me that it might be Texas which starts what Sam is suggesting here in this comments section (see above)...
I wrote to Fredd that, if the BLM tries to Mess with Texas, we might all be screaming "REMEMBER THE ALAMO" all over again!

Anonymous said...

Some of Bundy 's best friends are black 's, so how can he be a racist ?
But the lefties can't see it that way.

Z said...

From what Bundy said, trust me, the media, as you are, will use the remarks as racism.

ANYTHING to deflect from what our gov't is doing to him.

If they listen to the whole video, they'll see all he says is it's better for kids to see folks working, to see success, to see hard work and the contentment that comes from that. They're not playing the whole video.

And, of course, for him to use "Negro" is inflammatory to people with no context as to his age and sophistication.

It's going to be "sarah palin treatment" to ANY conservative person until the midterms.
2016 will be worse.

Isn't it just plain ODD that Dem Robt Byrd was a klan enlister but nobody cares? "Let's name ANOTHER bridge after him!" :-)
Or the comments Biden's made about how Obama speaks pretty well "for a black fella" (my addition...his inference)
Nobody cares.
Nobody barely hears about it.

Oh, ya...this video will go viral. It has to, the left has to hide what happened to him.
Let's find him out to be a supposed racist, then nobody'll CARE that our gov't is screwing him over. That's the ticket!

Ducky's here said...

@skudrunner --- It was a democrat president who coerced banks to make unconventional loans to people of no means so they could own a house.
This is a good example of the "anti-morons" (LMAO).

It's hard to know where to start.

1. Were Ameriquest and Countrywide and the other purveyors of no-no loans under any Federal mandate?

2. Was Alan "Ayn" Greenspan under Federal mandate to keep the money spigots open and proselytize the self correcting market?

3. Was it necessary to quasi privatize Fannie Mae and allow it to act imprudently in order to maintain its stock price in the face of competition from unregulated wholesale lenders like countrywide.

4. Was there a Federal mandate requiring the American investment banking system to write trillions in derivatives that were simply bets that housing prices would continually rise. In other words, did the Feds mandate that the best and the brightest let it all ride on the over?

5. Was the bubble forming when R's were heads of the congressional finance committees?

6. You seem to believe that defaults by low income borrowers were so high that there wasn't sufficient liquidity in the American banking system to cover the defaults. Can you defend that silliness?

Yet when faced with a complex question and a broad list of culprits all you'll do is turtle and start crying "libtard, libtard, libtard".


Ducky's here said...

I'm waiting for one of the right wing blogs to mount a defense against Thomas Pinketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century.

He has the effects of trickle down economics thoroughly researched and it conforms to what the left has been saying about the formation of an oligarchy and the slowing of economic growth.
It raises more serious questions about the already flimsy right wing meme that the social welfare state is the main culprit in the current serious recession.

It deals some pretty serious body punches and rather than actually debating, the right wing response here will be to put your hands over your ears and start shouting, "libtard, libtard, libtard".

Oh, and the mandatory references to Hitler.

Ducky's here said...

Z, any comment on the documentation that Bundy has lied and he has only lived near the land in question since the 60's. Not since the 1860's as everyone was quick to believe?

Or is the lamestream media trying to smear this fine patriot?

Anonymous said...

Duckys favorite trite and redundant words: now oligarchy.

Anyone else notice others?

Ducky's here said...

Notice the standard substantive response.

Sam Huntington said...

Maybe Ducky will dazzle us with his brilliance by providing a list of socially and economically successful welfare states. No, you can't use Cuba, China, Laos, or Vietnam. No, not Bangladesh, North Korea, Sri Lanka, or Tanzania ... but besides those, go ahead a show us your dream state. No, it doesn’t appear to be working in France either, or Germany, or the Netherlands, or Belgium ... not even in Russia. But ... go ahead. Show us the error of our ways.

Unknown said...

Are there inequalities of financial outcomes? Most assuredly. The problem with bean head is that he somehow thinks that income redistribution to achieve income equality is what motivates the American people. Ducky (not being an American himself) doesn’t understand much about the American people.

Americans believe in and strive for equal opportunity, not equal outcomes.

By the way, Ducky ... the man’s name is Thomas Piketty, who achieved a PhD at the ripe old age of 22, following years of “free education” in the Utopia that people are moving away from. Go figure ...

Ducky's here said...

I would first say it's the wrong question. No state has ever been "successful" (if we define success as something akin to effective participatory democracy) by operating on extremes of the spectrum.

America wasn't "successful" in the laissez-faire days of the robber barons which the right seems to want back. Those excesses were moderated through significant injection of left wing ideas. To pretend that the left has not been a positive force in eras of our history is absurd.
Yes, the robber barons sure did build heavy industry. So did Stalin.
To moderate those abominations required moving away from the extremes.

And make no mistake about it. The current crop of Tea Partiers are a good deal more extreme than the current American left as well as being a good deal closer to the Mad Hatter.

skudrunner said...


You are aware that the democrats controlled congress when the financial crisis began. Did you read that dodd took financial favors from Countrywide. Were you aware that Raines was protected by the brilliant Maxine Waters.

Granted there was blame to be shared by both sides. In 2005 both GWB and greenspan warned against sub-prime loans but didn't go far enough bucking congress.

Unknown said...

And make no mistake about it. The current crop of Tea Partiers are a good deal more extreme than the current American left as well as being a good deal closer to the Mad Hatter.

You are seriously delusional.

Ducky's here said...

skudrunner, when did the crisis "begin"?

Z said...

DUcky, are you challenging skudrunner about Bush and Greenspan warning about subprimes?
I'd like know. The media's kept that pretty secret, haven't they.

As for Cliven Bundy: I'm not sure I really care; I still don't think the gov't needs to have 200 feds with guns and tasers aimed at them, do YOU? ...he's now also shown himself to be an old fashioned racist, though he was right about a good day's work and how everybody should know what that's at least have the opportunity.
MY GOD, your people are "sarah palin'ing" him, aren't you! GO THROUGH HIS TRASH, that'll work.
FIND SOMETHING to divert from our government's actions, okay? :-)

His mother's family was in that area since the early 1900's, so I'm not clear that he lied at all, frankly.

Robert Sinclair is correct about your stupid remark about the tea party; You ARE seriously delusional.
The leftwingers want to destroy our way of life with health insurance we can't control, with illegals coming in easily so they can become citizens and vote Leftie, with lies about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, GOD, I'd not even venture a remark about the Tea Party if I was a left winger. I'd be just plain damned ashamed I didn't get their aspirations.
Talk about EXTREME? :-) MY GOSH! That is HILARIOUS

Ducky's here said...

I am challenging skudrunner's ridiculous assertion that the house of cards started being constructed in 2006.
The private insurers (who were NOT under any government mandate) were already tipping at that point and the derivatives market was in distress.

Bush and Greenspan could warn all they wanted but they DID nothing and Greenspan had he authority, NOT congress.

Z said...

What do you suppose he should have done to save the economy, Ducky?

Do you place ANY blame EVER on your beloved Liberals? like DODD?

Do you ever wonder that that head of Fanny Mae (I've forgotten his name and haven't the time to Google...Mudd, I think it was?) would look like a sick chicken, a deer in the headlights, at a Black Caucus meeting and tell them, basically, EVERYBODY SHOULD GET A HOME AND WE"RE GOING TO ARRANGE IT?

that's IDIOTIC. Life happens...not all CAN HAVE homes they OWN.

YOu blame him at ALL, DUCKY?

Z said...

wondering if you're all hearing about the big Democrat get-together next week.....they're going to decide if they're going to go only as left as Hillary or very far left.
All hugely rich (yes, don't believe what the media tells you; the stats say there are more rich Dems than Reps, believe it or not), all hugely influential and all hugely into giving our FREAKIN' COUNTRY AWAY.


Z said...

oh. but don't let the Kochs have a party.


WomanHonorThyself said...

I don't waste precious energy on libs anymore hun..have a beautiful weekend my friend!:-)

Kid said...

Just like anything where people become obsessive on both sides of any issue, I triple guarantee you the effects (pain) of this will go parabolic (max pain) before it comes crashing down.

Visual aid. Stock Market Bubble of 2000 on your charting software of choice. Enter the starting period as any date and the ending date as March 31, 2000.

Kid said...

Fredd, +50 with that huge brain of yours !

Kid said...

Z and Mustang, +50 as well but of course Monsieur and Mademoiselle

Kid said...

Woman, that's a good plan.

Kid said...

How many agree that we are at war with the left. They have mobilized and literally like an army, bring us the bombing raids 24/7/365.

There is nothing from the left that isn't a scam, BS, lies, insults, damn lies, propaganda, and * lies.

They spend 99.999% of their time stealing money and power and .001% of their time opening the peep door to their bile environment to whisper to their moron libtard believers that they must hang on lest 2/3rds of the USA will be under water. Or some nonsensical BS.

To listen to them is like standing in front of a million gallon per second pump that spews raw sewage on you.

Z said...

Kid, there are a LOT of Americans buying the sewage...sad to say.

I was thinking about Cliven Bundy tonight as I've watched MSNBC and it's curious to me that the Feds bringing rifles and tasers to his ranch and killing his cattle and destroying irrigation systems didn't get much coverage, but his video of saying "Negros" would be happier picking cotton has suddenly catapulted him into someone the Left finds worthy of hours of discussion. :-)

Kid said...

Bundy's a plant Z. A BS story to use as leverage in the next election.

Z said...

I don't believe that, Kid. Not for a second.

It looks like a complete set-up, and I'm sure they've done this in the past, but there are too many people involved with this to have that be true.

Kid said...

Z, I certainly don't insist that it's true. But only Bundy would need to be on board and everyone else believers.. ?

Ducky's here said...

Ah, the kid conspiracy theory du jour.

Bundy has been planning to get Obama for the full twenty year he's withheld his fees.

More, please.

Kid said...

Why would you assume 'witholding fees' is an accurate statement when all the other statements are conceded lies?

Another lesson in critical thought provided free of charge.

Z said...

Harry Reid is one of the richest men in the senate and everyone wonders how...

I suggest you all read the POlitico article about how he's finagled investments.

It's getting a little hot for Harry; why else would he weigh in only after the Bundy kerfuffle was pretty much over? He was silent through the standoff...suddenly, Harry's lipping off?

Craig said...

DUcky, are you challenging skudrunner about Bush and Greenspan warning about subprimes?
I'd like know. The media's kept that pretty secret, haven't they.

I'll challenge it. Here is an excerpt from a speech Greenspan gave on April 8th, 2005 at a Federal Reserve conference,

Technological advancements have significantly altered the delivery and processing of nearly every consumer financial transaction, from the most basic to the most complex. For example, information processing technology has enabled creditors to achieve significant efficiencies in collecting and assimilating the data necessary to evaluate risk and make corresponding decisions about credit pricing.

With these advances in technology, lenders have taken advantage of credit-scoring models and other techniques for efficiently extending credit to a broader spectrum of consumers. The widespread adoption of these models has reduced the costs of evaluating the creditworthiness of borrowers, and in competitive markets cost reductions tend to be passed through to borrowers(yeah, right). Where once more-marginal applicants would simply have been denied credit, lenders are now able to quite efficiently judge the risk posed by individual applicants and to price that risk appropriately. These improvements have led to rapid growth in subprime mortgage lending; indeed, today subprime mortgages account for roughly 10 percent of the number of all mortgages outstanding, up from just 1 or 2 percent in the early 1990s.

As you can see, he was touting the success of expanding the sub prime market. Read the whole thing. Greenspan was a champion of deregulation of banks, easy credit, sub prime loans, and the the secondary mortgage market (securitizing junk loans). It wasn't the CRA that caused the housing bubble to burst, it was the banking and lending institutions who were making bad loans, then bundling and selling them on the secondary market for huge profit.

The Mpls. Federal Reserved did a study that showed less than 5% of sub primes originated under CRA guidelines.

Bush was pushing for independant oversight of Fannie and Freddie but it had nothing to do with subprimes. He was only concerned with their accounting.

He was pushing for more home ownership throughout his tenure. This is what Bush was doing in 2005,

So Mr. Bush had to, in his words, “use the mighty muscle of the federal government” to meet his goal. He proposed affordable housing tax incentives. He insisted that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac meet ambitious new goals for low-income lending.

Concerned that down payments were a barrier, Mr. Bush persuaded Congress to spend up to $200 million a year to help first-time buyers with down payments and closing costs.

And he pushed to allow first-time buyers to qualify for federally insured mortgages with no money down.

Skudrunner is dead wrong.

Ducky's here said...

Have you got your copy yet, z?

This one is a game changer.
We all knew that trickle down economics is nothing but a golden shower for the middle class but here is some well researched proof.

David Brooks is already making a fool of himself in the Times.