Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Communism or Truth?

This is a very good example of what so many of us see every day:

I was reading up on Robert Taylor, interested because I'd just watched a film with him and Stanwyck and wanted to know if they were married during the making of the 1936 film.

This caught my eye:  "Taylor also labeled screenwriter Lester Cole "reputedly a Communist", while adding, "I would not know personally".[29] In consequence, Cole was sent to prison and was never able to write again under his own name."

Wow, makes one think "what a cad Taylor was...labeling Cole resulted in Cole's never writing again under his own name;  and Taylor said he wouldn't know awful for Cole.

So I clicked on the Lester Cole link, of course, curious about him, and found this.

"In 1934, Cole joined the American Communist Party. He became one of the Hollywood Ten, who refused to answer questions before the House Committee on Un-American Activities about their Communist Party membership. Cole was convicted of contempt of Congress, fined $1,000 and sentenced to twelve months confinement at the Federal Correctional Institution at Danbury, Connecticut, of which he served ten months."   So, wait...he WAS a Communist, but Taylor's said to have 'labeled' him 'reputedly a Communist?"

Paranthetically, Cole, as many blacklisted writers, wrote under another name and went on to produce the 1966 film, Born Free.   He did write.  He made a living.  He was a communist.  Is that Taylor's fault?   As a matter of fact, Taylor's bio includes something which might please most Americans; ""I'm afraid it would have to be him or me, because life is too short to be around people who annoy me as much as these fellow-travelers and Communists do".

Taylor, Stanwyck and Cole are all dead by now and this is such a trivial story these days;  but in the research, my having found that was so familiar, so typical of many things we all find on the internet and elsewhere.  Inferences abound.  Taylor is labeled pretty horribly when all Mr. Cole really was in trouble for was refusing to answer questions about his membership in the Communist Party.

Now we all know being a Communist today is no big deal, according to some on the Left, but some of us still do think it wasn't the best for America and we have all seen films where Hollywood attempted to influence;  films from the 40's against wars many would have found 'just,'  a marvelous film (it is good, no matter what the theme) made in the early Thirties about setting up a Socialist city  in the California Central Valley which touted this idea as such a great one!   At one point, while picking a leader, someone says "but won't we vote for a democracy?"  and the hero says "No, we won't vote!  That's what got our country in trouble in the first place!"   

Yes, films did influence...or tried to.    So, let's not be na├»ve.

Do you think Taylor deserves that inclusion about Cole on his biography on Wikipedia? 

Just curious.

By the way, I've mentioned this a couple of times before, but there was an astonishing article in the LA Times about 25 years ago by children of suspected Hollywood Communists.  The children were adults by then and willingly and openly described their parents as definitely Communists who definitely tried to influence the world through their writings.   I have Googled many times, trying to find it.  It disappeared.   Still can't find it, but just ran across THIS fascinating piece where one of the 10 (only 10) indicted, Edward Dmytryk  "..... realized that the Communist Party had little use for him, and his principles. His only value was how the party could use him for anti-American propaganda."



Bob said...

The age of McCarthyism is still in dispute. Some see it as some of the popular movies do, as a time of intolerance, and a time of knee-jerk reactions about communism.

Appearances are many times deceiving. I believe McCarthy was as ambitious as any politician, and many people he accused (or harassed) of being communist were, indeed, communist.

Now, you must understand that the threat of communism was real. Krushchev (somebody check my timing) promised to bury us. Eastern Europe was under Soviet domination, and we all know that the Soviet Commiunist regime was not only corrupt, but criminal.

In the USA as kids, we had to hide under out desks during atomic bomb drills. The threat was a real.

To make matters more interesting, in 1995 the Verona Project was de-classified. The Verona Project had been a top secret project during the Cold War, and our side had been successful in intercepting and decoding thousands of Soviet cables.

Many names of prominent people, including US government officers turned up in these cables. It solved many cases, and revealed that many US citizens had been on the Soviet payroll.

The McCarthy commission, or whatever it was called, had probably been tipped off about these Soviet spys and sympathizers.

It is easy for liberals to get their panties in a wad about the McCarthy era, but not all the work he did was out of bounds. The stooges in Hollywood, along with Alger Hiss, had to pay their dues.

Bob said...

OK. Kruschev made his famous threat in 1956, and Joe McCarthy was doing his thing in 1950. Sorry about the lethargy of not googling for the fact.

Waylon said...

It sounds to me like Robert Taylor was one of the genuine "good guys" of Hollywood. He made a lot of films.

You made me go look up his bio on Wiki, Z, and I'm glad I did. Apparently is was smoking that ultimately did him in. It says he was a chain smoker.

There's lots we don't know about communism. It's influence in Hollywood is undeniable And I believe the way communism wedged its way into Hollywood was by appointing influential Fabian Socialists such as Aldous Huxley to important positions in the film industry.

Rottweiler said...

Obama rarely attends important meetings. In the past two weeks he’s skipped two national security meetings focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a crisis that could lead to World War III. Yet our President chose not to attend.

Do you think this is conservative propaganda or exaggeration? Hardly. Obama’s absence from both national security meetings was reported by many media, including Reuters.

Why did Obama skip the first meeting? He chose to attend a White House Film Festival. Just like his days at Columbia University, Obama had more important things to do. At least this time it wasn’t about attending a “Fund-Raiser”

This confirms once again what has been proven over and over and over - that Barack Obama is a naive, immature, arrogant, idealist who truly believed he was the special "chosen one" to unite communists (like him) around the world with the U.S. And while dictators around the world mock him and are doubled-over laughing at him, he continues to appease them in his quest to unite communists.

On Russian television, state-controlled television, the main state-controlled channel - Dmitry Kiselyov, a prominent Russian television anchor, posed in front of a mushroom cloud and warned that Russia is the only country in the world capable of turning the U.S. into “radioactive dust.”

Maybe our Lair in Chief didn’t know that with an Iranian warship off our borders they can launch a super EMP over the USA that will make it impossible for a nuclear response. It will knock out every satellites, power, elect. everything! I suppose you missed that.
And Maybe our Lair in Chief didn’t know that either, after all they don’t talk about that at “Fund-Raisers” or on the “Golf Course”!

Perhaps some of our token libs should inform him of the dangers involved, after all they seem to "know" so much about politics. It's more important than mimicking the comments that we write.

The2ndAmendment said...

Good post Rottweiler, truer words were never spoken!
A liberal lying about something we already have on record?
Who would have thunk?

Vicki said...

Bill Clinton is laying the groundwork for Hillary’s 2016 presidential bid. and saying Americans will get used to Obamacare. So we know where she is coming from. But it’s NOT going help her much, at least I hope not. Hillary cooked her own goose when she refused to supply our Ambassador more guards and again when NO help came to save his life! She cooked it again even before that by working for and along side this commie dictator in office!!! HELL NO WE DON'T WANT HER IN OUR WHITE HOUSE ANY MORE THAN WE WANT THE CREEP WHO ALREADY OCCUPIES IT.
Why do you leftists keep re-warming these same old Commie proven liars?

Sam Huntington said...

Don't write about communism in the past tense. It's still here; it is still doing its best to tear down America, and unhappily, many Americans have become its useful idiots.

Thersites said...

McCarthy, like Roy Cohn was probably gay. It would explain everything (paranoia).

Duckys here said...

Of course it should be mentioned in his biography that he ratted to the committee. Just what was illegal about being a communist?
You'd think the American film industry at the time was like Italy after the war only with inferior films. We could have used some leftists.

It should also be mentioned that he wasn't much of an actor. He never did anything that came close to Stanwyck's better films.

Lisa said...

it's not illegal Ducky but it should be

Waylon said...

The most amazing thing about communism is how a crack pot "economic system" that prohibits the existence of private property and money can be taken seriously as a viable workable social system. It's totally illogical as is clearly observed by the wreckage created across the planet in any country that has had this systemic tyranny imposed upon it.

Of course the pseudo-intellectual pipe-smokers of academia actually make a living selling this enslaving ideology to the gullible or the impressionable young. So on and on it goes like a stumbling Frankenstein monster across the landscape.

Z said...

Bob, excellent summary....thanks so much. It's important for everyone to know this.

Waylon; he does seem to have been a good guy.
It's sad that the liberals have twisted that whole period in time and, as you probably know, it was twisted QUITE QUICKLY: no time passed, no history...the nasty attacks on anybody who wanted to get rid of Communist messages in our entertainment began and really outweighed the truth of who did what. The old PC thing started quickly and that's one reason I wanted to publish this.

Ducky...PLEASE PLEASE read carefully everything you comment with because my quote is FROM Wikipedia.
He didn't 'rat', he told the truth. Reading does help when blogging, truly. I don't know how many times I can mention this.

And, SO CLEARLY, Taylor was a fine and popular actor but his abilities have absolutely NOTHING to do with my post and it's profoundly silly to even bring that up unless one is grasping at straws to discredit facts.

And you had PLENTY of leftists left, don't worry. And you know it.

Z said...

Please keep on topic. I'm getting the same writers here so often with nothing to add to my posts; you're interesting, so I'd hate to start deleting, but the purpose of today is to discuss my post. Thanks.





Z said...

Ducky, by the way, the whole highlight of my post was how it made Taylor look like he ratted....
I left that out of my comment above to you.

Bob said...

Z: There's no telling what I will write about at 4:00AM. Got a virus with cough, and couldn't sleep. That is where my "fried chicken makes me happy" blog came from. Got the crave about that time. Also, went to Chick-fil-A and got a chicken biscuit for breakfast. Feel better, now.

@Ducky " Just what was illegal about being a communist? "

Context, Ducky, context.

We are talking 1950's, and communism was a real threat. As you know, thousands of people were corralled into camps just because they were Japanese during WWII. It is not surprising that people espousing communism were considered to be traitors during the 1950's when communism was on the march to proselytize the world.

Gee, wasn't that about the time that we were in the process of defending South Korea with the lives of 38,000 US military who paid the ultimate price?

Being a communist should have been illegal in the 1950's and beyond. But, that's now who we are. Too bad that Jane Fonda was never prosecuted for aiding our Vietnamese enemies. Was that war so different?

Bob said...

Z: OK. I finally read you comment. Robert Taylor committed no moral or legal crime. A great deal of what liberals claim happened in the McCarty era was just plain deflection.

No, Robert Taylor did not deserve those lies. He was a patriot, an actor (such as they were, then), and he was a pilot, a hunter, and a fisherman. What was there not to like? Barbara Stanwyk (spell?) liked him for a dozen years.

Duckys here said...

@Bob --
We are talking 1950's, and communism was a real threat.

You may be. I'm talking about censorship in American film history which, thanks to the right, has a long history and has prevented American film from dealing with ideas. You seem to feel free expression is dangerous.

I still don't she why z is so upset. I'm sure she thinks ratting to the committee is a positive.

Liberalmann said...

Facist Taylor should be dug up and killed again!!!!!!

Z said...

Bob, honestly, I wish I knew you in person. I KNOW I'd want to come visit all the time !
So, crispy or extra crispy, my friend???

Do you know I have never been to a Chick Fila? We don't have them nearby but they're coming. My nephew's best friend is their real estate guy here and they are starting in LA.

And, you're right about the article on Taylor; there is no way he deserved the inference that this guy never worked again because of him. It's just phony lib lies again. And they should be ashamed of themselves.

Ducky, We seem to feel free expression is dangerous? Do you read this blog? Have you seen how many times I and AOW, to name only two, have shown such amazing hypocrisy on the left? She's got a piece up now that might wake you up. Or how about my piece on Brandeis university that I might post later or tomorrow morning?
We could all go on and on and on.

American film's done just fine; ideas are expressed. Ya, they're mostly leftwing ideas now, but that seems to add up to 'open free expression' to that shouldn't bother you.

And, of course, if you'd read the piece, you'd know Taylor was called in and told the truth. That's not 'ratting,' Ducky.
How is it you're COMPLETELY ignoring the point of the post again? Taylor takes an undeserved hit, Cole comes out looking pro American. Unbelievable.

Z said...

Libmann. You do that, okay?

Mustang said...

It isn’t so much that anyone on the right wants to repress other ideas; we simply do not have time, or the patience, for failed ideas. Now for Ducky to come here and pretend that communism is a force for good is to insult the millions of victims of communist ideology ... and his assertions tell us all we ever needed to know about the kind of man Ducky is.

Notice, too Z ... that the communist left is a great supporter of the notion that if you keep telling lies long enough, eventually people will begin to accept them as truth—and the liberal man appears to bear this out.

Z said...

Mustang; NEVER in the history of the world has communism been a force for good, but they'll fight till it fails and ruins us here, too, won't they, these liberals who don't understand.

Liberals want everyone equal. And, because they say that, it apparently means we do not.

Here's where we differ:

We don't want men and women to become one weird new gender, which is apparently already starting.

We don't want those with higher iq's and better earning power to be reduced to those who do not. If we say that, we're hateful and elitist, of course :-)

We have never, since we finally got the Civil Rights Act signed, believed Blacks are not equal, so at least we don't have the guilt liberals should feel.
By the way, the anniversary of it s signing is today and you can bet it'll be all about the Democrat president, LBJ, who signed it after years of barking against it with his senatorial comrades.

There ARE MEN and WOMEN.
There ARE the weak and strong.
There ARE better IQs and lesser IQs.
There ARE the lazy and the hard working.
There ARE those born here and those who've broken the law to come in.

NOT EVERYTHING IS EQUAL, NOT EVERYTHING IS THE SAME...and the engineering the Dems are going through to change that GIVEN are scary and dangerous.

viva la difference!

Bodecea said...

I love it when libturds demonstrate their total ignorance of economics.

Duckys here said...

@mustang --- Now for Ducky to come here and pretend that communism is a force for good

I said free expression is desirable.
Robert Taylor was a hack actor who didn't have the courage to stand up to HUAC. He was considered to be in the same group of friendlies as Reagan (another hack actor) and Gary Cooper.
Bogart tried initially but later gave in to pressure as did many. Ingrid Bergman is one thing, free speech quite another. Not Bogie's finest moment.

So American film continued to be somewhat dumbed down for polite consumption. Still one of the most tepid of world cinemas becomes "leftist" with contemporary bullying from the fringe right media.

I'd be curious to know if you consider American film of the period superior to what was happening in Europe.

You ever watch a film directed by a communist? They might surprise you.

Duckys here said...

By the way, z, I see the HUAC hysteria to be similar to the hysterics that forced Brendan Eich out at Mozilla.

He had never been responsible for discrimination at Mozilla and he was entitled to his views.
The people denied employment and hounded by HUAC were no different.

Z said...

Ducky, so you feel "polite" consumption is that without communist or socialist themes? Really?

How did our films in ANY WAY change after the HUAC?
Perhaps a little less socialist/communist leaning? Probably didn't notice it much.

What you're not understand is the times. Communism was only the sugar daddy of the far leftwingers in those days....and it used them like Dymytrik said, if you'd bothered to read the link on my post about that.

Yes, I'm sure the SSR wasn't too happy about the HUAC.

Why do you even consider the acting capability when that is not what we're talking about? WHY do you feel so weak in your presentation that you must insult actors who put America first?
Why's that always bother you so much?

Oh, and I'm SURE many communist-made films are sooo sensitive, Ducky. Bravo for the sensitivity. Gee, I thought communists would only make films pushing their agenda? (sarcasm here).

Oh, and so the leftist filmmakers were pushed to leftist messages because of rightwing pressure?
That is HILARIOUS. And that's what you teach your poor students? :-)

Is that kind of like how Christians never gave a damn about muslims or atheists or pushing our faith into any public scenario until muslims, atheists and secularists starting trying to wipe it from the face of the American landscape?
Ya, probably. Except, in our case, it's true.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Bob - "Being a communist should have been illegal in the 1950's and beyond."

I'm not sure how this would work. Beyond banning the CPUSA [perhaps this is what you mean], you can't stop someone from believing an ideology anyone than you can a religion. As destructive as Communism is in practice, unless you find a way to codify thoughtcrime, you can't penalize it.

Banning the party merely means they couldn't run for office under it's banner or have bake sales.

Thersites said...

I think that the best thing that ever happened to film was the Hays Code.

Limits are what transform the chaos of "freedom" into the ordered tranquility of "Liberty". :)

Thersites said...

ps - I think that a "voluntary" and updated Hays Code should be adopted by industry, and that civic organizations and families should only patronize those film production companies that adhere to it (aka - "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval")

Duckys here said...

Ducky, so you feel "polite" consumption is that without communist or socialist themes? Really?

No, however, quality cinema does not preclude those themes.
You everything from a presentation of left wing politics in Visconti or Marker to a serious criticism of them during the Czech New Wave or late twentieth century Chinese films.
An analysis of Nehru in Satyajit Ray's films and a critique of 60's counter culture in Godard.
America sat it out largely because of the Hayes code and HUAC. Didn't do us any favors.

American cinema has rarely dealt with serious ideas. Hollywood certainly hasn't.

The fact that a script writer is leftist shouldn't preclude his employment any more than Eich's contribution should have disqualified him from running Mozilla.

Thing is, I oppose both. You oppose only when a right wing cause is involved.

Z said...

Thersites, I love watching films from the Thirties, and I'm surprised at the promiscuity portrayed, the near-nudity, etc.
I wonder sometimes where we'd be had the Hays Code not come into being. Of course, it's only slowed things down and I suppose it doesn't really exist anymore because complete nudity in sex scenes is almost there, if you've seen films lately.......
but, was needed then.
This was a time when America was still a God fearing country where most young daughters weren't boffing every punk pimpled kid in their high school yet....this was not art copying life.

Z said...

Ducky, can you show me where I've ever said a leftist film maker shouldn't be employed?
Please tell.

We cover plenty of important themes in American film and I'm saddened that you don't recognize them.
The HUAC and Hays did very little to thwart ANYTHING except perhaps frontal nudity in the Forties.

Are you going to tell me that only there were no leftists working anymore after the HUAC got their 10 who wouldn't testify?
Why do you think they wouldn't testify? :-)

Oh, please....

Bunkerville said...

Good post and comments. We had and have much to fear. Call it whatever name you like. The end result will not be pretty if "they" have their way.

Duckys here said...

Well, z, you seem to be sympathetic to HUAC.
Taylor is widely recognized as someone friendly to the committee and you seem more concerned that the face be known rather than questioning the likes of Taylor and Reagan hounding people like Yip Harburg, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles ... you know, artists with ideas.

Z said...

Which of these American films do you feel don't deal with "serious ideas"?

The truth shall set you free. said...

And how about libertarianism? Do you hate libertarianism?... I do! In fact I despise them ALMOST as much as I despise Liberals. Like the typical liberal, the average libertarian is virtually insane, in other words they are basically Nut-Jobs. Period. Libertarian candidates like their supporters are crazy enough to think they matter. And despite EVERY election, NO presidential candidate has even been in even close to winning an election. Ans almost every issue they have supported has gone South.
Also trying to debate a libertarian can be a little like debating with a sociopath.. And don’t you just hate how they tend to think of themselves as ultra-rational, when they really don’t know their ass from their elbow.
If a young libertarian wants to smoke pot and do drugs and claim they should be left alone because they're libertarians. The hell with the law!.

If a old libertarian wants to have sex with young women he will claim it's his right because he’s a libertarian, again, the hell with the law..

It's hard to see much difference between liberals and libertarians.

Z said...

Taylor is "WIDELY RECOGNIZED?" (ya, right) as "friendly to the committee" because he wasn't celebrating the promotion of communist messages in film?

Orson Welles and Charlie Chaplin (the one who violated the Mann Act? The one who got young starlets pregnant and deserted them? Wait, he has a lousy history of bad character but you find him more talented than Reagan and Taylor so it's okay?), ...and nothing happened to Chaplin, by the way, due to the HUAC.
As for Welles, he worked afterwards, but his work wasn't too good and all Welles fans blame that on the HUAC stuff instead of his never having risen again to the likes of Citizen Kane (which I find dark and dreary, by the way...and I generally love film noir).

Some also suggest Reagan wanted to join the CP but they wouldn't let him because they thought he was infiltrating them :-)

By the way, Ducky, you DO realize this was years ago and that most people don't stand by this kind of commission these days...including me. I don't think people should be black listed... any more than I think they should have to leave jobs because of their opinions, like Eich.

Baysider said...

The Wikipedia entry is clearly meant to impugn with a sideswipe that, out of context, gives a bad impression. It's as much a lie as 'if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.'

Read the transcript of Taylor's testimony. For one thing, he was a reluctant witness. In his own words: “These investigations, the way they’re being run in Washington at the moment, remind me more of a 3-Ring Circus than of a sincere effort to rid the country of a real threat…..

“If I am subpoenaed and I sincerely hope that something can be done to pigeon-hole that subpoena—I shall, naturally, go. .... I will feel utterly ridiculous and shall resent every minute of the whole thing. Moreover as a “friendly” witness, I shall be friendly to the cause; as far as being friendly to the Committee itslef [sic] is concerned that possibility went out the window the last time I was ‘crossed up.’”

"Friendly" is in quotes because the committee publicly labelled him such for their own purposes. But he would not come without a subpoena.

He was an active member of the SAG board and noted "at meetings, ... there is always a certain group of actors and actresses whose every action would indicate to me that if they are not Communists they are working awfully hard to be Communists. I don’t know. Their tactics and their philosophies seem to me to be pretty much party-line stuff."

He gives examples, sans names, and goes on like that - namely, I don't know whether or not [all] these disruptive people are communists or just quack like one.

Faced with a contempt of Congress citation (how funny is that these days of Lerner and Holder!) he responds with the names of 2 offenders who fit the behavior pattern he had just described.

Both were Communists. One of them, Howard da Silva, was a man who Ronald Reagan saw 'menacing' another actor who would not toe the party line. Evidence his 'party line' behaviors weren't Taylor's imagination.

Cole himself wrote that he wanted to go public as a Communist long before the hearings, but the party axed the idea. They wanted him to keep working covertly in the industry where he would be more effective.

I'd put a similar tag on the Wikipedia author.

Z said...

"the truth"...I'm not sure I agree with all you say, but you're 100% about the ones I know thinking they are the only ones who are "ultra rational" . well said.

Z said...

Baysider; you're right.
And it implies that Cole wasn't too fond of realizing the CP was only using him, either.

Finally, maybe ONE of them woke up.

To impugn Taylor is a little insane, but we do have commenters who don't read all the posts and links and then comment on them...never a great idea :-)

Duckys here said...

Years ago? Then it was okay I guess.

Dashiell Hammett?

James Cain?

Jean Seberg?

In Seberg's case they hounded her to suicide.
Help me out, did Breathless promote communist ideals or a revision of film grammar?

Hammett? Don't tell me you aren't a fan of Nick and Nora (seriously, I'd be surprised).
Bogie in the Maltese Falcon didn't strike me as much of a commie.

But hysteria wins regardless of who it hurts.

Dont Taz Me Bro said...

Libertarians argue, we shouldn't have our military all over the world trying to keep the peace, we need to be isolationists and cut our military down to size. Well, what are we going to do when the world devolves into inhumanity?
Here we go with the isolationist bullshit again. And that we should legalize Pot. Happens every time like clockwork. Do you know what isolationism is? Apparently not. Because showing good diplomacy and trade is not isolationist. Good grief both Libertarians, and Liberals get dumber by the sentence.
Freedom comes with risk and responsibility!

Libertarians spend most of their time in airy discussions and come off as wackos!

Duckys here said...

Although it's hard to see how the bucked the Hays code ...

Z said...

Ducky, yes "years ago" you understand that things were far, far different then toward Communism?
it's only recently that we in America are subjected to people who actually prefer it over capitalism and are championed for doing so.

Jean Seberg: Please link where it drove her to her suicide.

Didn't I JUST SAY that I don't believe all Communists make Communist-messaged films? Why do you ask questions I've answered previously so many times?

Of course I love Nick and NOra....there's no communist message there. WHO SAID THERE WAS?

STOP with the ridiculous making up of MY mind and commenting on's wasting my time and those of my good readers who stumble upon your comments.
Thank you.

What 'hysterica?' ....nearly all WERE communists. That's TRUTH. Not HYSTERIA. They didn't all promote communism in their work; nobody said they did.

AND, I just said I don't approve of these kinds of committees....not like this was done.
so just STOP.

PLEASE, EVERYONE: Ducky's again done a FINE JOB of deflecting off the point of my post which is incorrect inferences about the Right and championing and feeling sorry for the left no matter HOW egregious their behavior is.

Can we get back to that?

Or read my newest post...I think you ought to, of course :)

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Interesting that the writing style is the same as the previous, but differently named, poster. Smacks a bit of intellectual cowardice and general spammy-ness.

But we Libertarians do love the comedic value of unhinged, off base, and off topic rants.

Z said...

MY GOD. STOP, Ducky.

I don't personally consider the drinking in Nick and NOra as immoral; I regard it as FUN.

So sorry to pop your bubble.

Duckys here said...

You misjudge, z.

Huge fan. Glad to find out your are also.

Duckys here said...

Of course I love Nick and NOra....there's no communist message there. WHO SAID THERE WAS?

HUAC. They blacklisted Dashiell Hammett.
Must be a communist message there somewhere.

Z said...

I don't think it was for Nick and Nora, Ducky.

Z said...

If that were the case, they'd be arresting the writer of Charlie Chan, Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes, ........!

Z said...

by the way, the only thing they found him guilty on was contempt of court; including the fact that he wouldn't even admit a signature was his.

Z said...

Ducky, have you seen WATERLOO BRIDGE with Robert Taylor (coincidentally), and Vivien Leigh?
This has NOTHING to do with this post and Robt Taylor, trust me.

Just asking if you've seen it and if you liked it.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I personally find the Nick and Nora films good entertainment, in that I'm entertained, but never by their drinking.
No one could drink like that and function as they do, yet I wonder how many drunken husbands pointed to Nick and said, "See? It's normal."

Ed Bonderenka said...

"Reagan hounding people like Yip Harburg, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles ... you know, artists with ideas."
Reagan was amazed at the communist influence in Hollywood when he became president of SAG.
and did his best to cleanse it.
He rightly saw it as a propaganda outreach.

Z said...

Ya, Ed...the alcohol surely isn't the high point of Nick and Nora, but it's levity.

I agree about Reagan......Wikipedia says he wanted to join the communist party but they were afraid he was just a shill.

REALLY? Duh. :-0)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Not in his biography.

Duckys here said...

Ducky, have you seen WATERLOO BRIDGE with Robert Taylor (coincidentally), and Vivien Leigh?

Not a big Robert Taylor fan at all but he and Leigh had some sparks going in that one.

Production values are pretty strong all around. One of his few genuinely good films.

Z said...

putting Taylor aside...

I hate films with a theme that hinges on someone just saying "But I HAVE NO MONEY!"

Vivian kills herself and she could have had a wonderful life with him if she'd only just told his mother at the Tea Room that she was flat broke...instead of not telling her and turning to prostitution.

There are SO MANY scripts which hinge on someone's not speaking the very obvious and they drive me crazy.

I wonder if I'm describing it correctly enough where anybody'd get what I mean.

I KNOW! Here's another example: Vivian Leigh (Funny that it's her again) doesn't tell Rhett that she loved their night of passion that time when they'd made up.......she starts to but he gets nasty and she clams up....she COULD HAVE, but the rest of the movie goes downhill for them and all she had to have done was TELL HIM.

By the way, what you don't realize is how dishy Robt Taylor was to, he could act just fine. It's not always Hamlet that a man has to play well to be a fine actor.
ANd it's not always such a fine actor he has to be to be in big films because all it takes is the ladies to like them!

T Krabby said...

Robert Taylor:

Born: 1911 - Spangler Arlington Brugh...

Died: 1969

Who names a kid Spangler???

Joe Conservative said...

The Hays Code was a mess and it did result in some pretty ridiculous scenes. Watch any movie made from the late 30s to the early 60s and you only on the rarest of occasions see even a real-life married couple sharing the same bed. Pretty lame. But at the same time, the Hays Code accomplished something it certainly never intended. It allowed filmmakers to stretch the limits of their creativity in presenting highly charged erotic scenes and thereby helped film reclaim the power of symbolism that it lost when the talkies killed the silent film. One of the most outrageously sexy scenes in movie history contains not a single glimpse of forbidden flesh or even human contact. It is that scene in The Phantom Lady when Ella Raines is listening to Elisha Cook, Jr. play the drums. The look in Cook's eyes is as realistic a depiction of male ejaculation as you could hope to find outside an adult theater. It is impossible to say, of course, if the scene would have been written and filmed any differently had the Hays Code restrictions not been in place, but it is very difficult to imagine the erotic tension rising to an orgasmic explosion done any better.

More on the "Pervert's" Art (cinema).

-FJ said...

...or on the Phantom Lady! :)