Saturday, April 26, 2014

Apology to Cliven Z

Cliven Bundy is no racist.  
Most of you know I was on the Fed's side at first;  I didn't know why a man like Bundy wouldn't have paid his BLM fees.   I felt that was wrong and I said so.
Then I posted the article (a few posts down from here) with an article by a rancher telling us what had happened to Bundy, finally, and I knew he'd been taken to the cleaners by the BLM, CLEARLY screwed in his contracts over the years, etc.  

Then Mr. Bundy came out sounding like a racist and I cringed, as we all did.  I was also very surprised because he does seem like such a good, solid man.  

I was taken in.

Please read THIS ARTICLE.   Evidently, the mainstream media, namely the New York Times, cleverly edited what he said about "Negroes" and I felt I had to include the truth here at GeeeeZ because that's only him, those who supported him, and to our country.   Actually, let me paste it here:

"A new, unedited version of comments by Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has emerged, and it sheds some light on the context of his remarks, universally condemned on Thursday as horrifically racist.
The 67-year-old Bundy, battling the U.S. government after federal agents stormed his ranch to confiscate his cattle in a dispute over grazing fees, said far more than what appeared in the New York Times and most other news accounts. While his grammar is pretty bad -- and his use of "negro" and "colored" considered politically incorrect (although they were both once preferred terms chosen by blacks) -- he actually was making a larger point, not simply deriding blacks.
In a YouTube video, he is filmed already in mid-sentence. 
... and so what I've testified to you -- I was in the Watts riot, I seen the beginning fire and I seen that last fire. What I seen is civil disturbance. People are not happy, people are thinking they don't have their freedoms, they didn't have these things, and they didn't have them.
We've progressed quite a bit from that day until now, and we sure don't want to go back. We sure don't want the colored people to go back to that point. We sure don't want these Mexican people to go back to that point. And we can make a difference right now by taking care of some of these bureaucracies, and do it in a peaceful way.
Those comments appear to change the context of the next section, which was quoted in the New York Times. One clear point the rancher made: America has progressed since the 1965 race riots and "we sure don't want to go back." 
Here are the heavily quoted comments from Bundy that followed the above section edited out by most news organizations.
Let me tell, talk to you about the Mexicans, and these are just things I know about the negroes. I want to tell you one more thing I know about the negro. When I go, went, go to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and I would see these little government houses, and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids -- and there's always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch. They didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.
And because they were basically on government subsidy -- so now what do they do? They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never, they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered are they were better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things? Or are they better off under government subsidy?
You know they didn’t get more freedom, they got less freedom -- they got less family life, and their happiness -- you could see it in their faces -- they wasn't happy sitting on that concrete sidewalk. Down there they was probably growing their turnips -- so that’s all government, that’s not freedom.
But Bundy went on after saying that -- and again, his comments were edited out of most reports.
Now, let me talk about the Spanish people. You know, I understand that they come over here against our Constitution and cross our borders. But they’re here and they’re people -- and I’ve worked side by side a lot of them.
Don’t tell me they don’t work, and don’t tell me they don’t pay taxes. And don’t tell me they don’t have better family structures than most of us white people. When you see those Mexican families, they’re together, they picnic together, they’re spending their time together, and I’ll tell you in my way of thinking they’re awful nice people. And we need to have those people join us and be with us not, not come to our party.
So, Bundy thinks Hispanics are hard-working family people, and laments the current plight of American blacks under the federal welfare system while saying there has been much progress and that "we sure don't want to go back." As always, there's more to the story than what the New York Times says."   (end of article)

I obviously, couldn't have known what the NY Times did;  you'd think I'd recognize what I called "Sarah Palin-ing" the other day when I realized there was a contingent of people so eager to make Bundy look as hideous as he possible could...........but I'm sorry I was taken in.

I think the New York Times should be forced to apologize, too, don't you?

Z  and thanks to my dear friend Elmer's Brother for always keeping it truthful.



Duckys here said...

Ooops, Charles Krauthammer didn't get the memo.

He dumped all over Bundy recently.

Duckys here said...

Yeah, z, that article about poor old Bundy getting ripped by the Feds is a beauty.
All it takes is some uncorroborated statement that supports your bias and you bolt.

Here's an excerpt from Forbes (a real commie organ):

Across the west, the BLM and U.S. Forest Service manage 13.3 million AUMs (Animal Unit Months) on 250 million acres of public land. One month of grazing one cow/calf combination or five sheep (the definition of an AUM) costs $1.35—a fee that’s substantially below the present-day cost of $16-$20 per month to graze livestock on private land (BLM evidence of this disparity is noted here.) The direct loss to taxpayers, according to Wild Earth Guardians’ interpretation of GAO data, is huge: at least $123 million a year. Indirect but related costs push the total to as much as $1 billion, all to produce less than 3% of the nation’s beef supply.

Yeah, 'ol Bundy is a real bargain and a "hard working" rancher.
The guy is nothing but a skip.

Of course there are all kinds of reasons why this doesn't represent his racial attitude.
"They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never, they never learned how to pick cotton."

Lisa said...

Everyone is a racist . Something else the left wing race baiters missed

Bob said...

I saw a video of Bundy on Fox News, and he was certainly out of his league. I don't believe he is racist, but he certainly doesn't hesitate to put his foot in his mouth.

So, Z, I think you are better off defending someone else. I agree that he can have a case against the feds because they have taken his property without compensation, but he will have to pay his fees.

The real wrong in this case is the Federal Government intimidating US citizens with guns. That is the real sin.

Crusader Frank said...

Bundy is getting the treatment reserved for Reagan, Palin and anyone who dares to hold these idiotic name-calling Progressives accountable for their failure and devastation....maybe a bit off topic, but I'm just trying to put the lefty concern with Bundy's so-called 'racism' into perspective....

Duckys here said...

So Lisa, if you can find that one minority that isn't offended then all this flap over Bundy is just the "lamestream media"?

Please, get a clue.

This nose picker is such a loser that Ailes sent out the memo to back away from him.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I listened closely to the edited comment he made, not the expanded ones you quote, and still I was upset at Krauthammer, et al, dumping on him. I'm used to listening to tortured English and could detect po animus in his speech.
I think it was wrongheaded of him to pontificate like that at this time, as many would be looking for any excuse to dump on him.
Call him a "skip" Duck.
It's a poor management tactic to spend a mil to recover a mil.
somebodies head should roll.
More than one, in fact.
Not Holdering my breath.

T Krabby said...


Something tells me that 4.5 billion per year, stolen by illegals filing false returns regarding 20 dependents ( all in Mexico in one case ) is some serious grazing by these bums. But a guy has a few cows that chew up grass that'd make your mouth a crook?

Anonymous said...


Any careful reading of your comment makes it abundantly clear you never stick your head outside the liberal thought-bubble located in the center your cottage cheese textured rump.

Z said...

I think Bundy is not a man of high education and sounds like a complete hick. I CRINGE when I hear him and his timing about weighing in on minorities was odd....or did he say that in the past and the media finally found something to make him sound even worse? I'm not sure.

I do understand what happened to him and how the BLM screwed him over.
I still believe he shouldn't have said what he said, but I'm sorry we don't seem to understand here quite what the NY Times did here...who's the guilty one? Shouldn't we recognize when we're given only news they want us to get upset about?

Do I think Feds need to show up with 200 armed agents over cows? Na. Do I think they lied when they said they only undid his irrigation to 'clear the land,' when they left all the broken irrigation he'd laid all over that land? Obviously.

I don't condemn anyone for being inarticulate. By the way, his wife's as articulate as they come and, if you pay close attention when she speaks, she's the brains in the family.
I also don't think anybody with that many head of cattle can be quite as stupid as some of you'd like to think.

I'm sorry Krauthammer and Hume, both men I greatly admire, missed it on this one.
The BLM situation is very detailed and close reading shows he was definitely taken advantage of.
And it doesn't seem to be stopping in Nevada, either.

Z said...

To a commenter I just deleted;
Could you please link here where one person's mentioned anything about any particular bloggers by name here?'s never happened.
But thanks for coming by.
And good try. really!

Anonymous said...


Are you this upset about the fact that illegal aliens trespass upon the land of others, while the government refuses to lift a finger to enforce the law?

Or do you only care about turtles, and who cares if real harm is done to living human beings?

Actually by grazing his cattle there, if he's doing it responsibly, he's improving the land rather than stealing.

Grass is healthier when it's mown or cut, and cow manure is the best soil additive known to mankind for improving soil structure.

Constitutionally speaking, the BLM is NOT allowed to own the so called "Federal Lands." If the land is not owned by individual people then it is owned by the state where they are located.

Bundy used the term "Negro". You know, just like Harry Reid when he described Obama as a light skin African American with no Negro dialect.

Bundy also praised America's progress in the civil rights movement and said we can never go back. But you didn't know that because you just read the NY Times selectively edited quotation.

I understand the remark he was trying to convey. It was either a poor choice of words, or maybe just the fact he talks like I expect an elder person to talk and that is without any kind of a filter and using terms that may not be acceptable in the political corrct society of today. He was making the same basic comment many others have made though.

Black people are expected to vote Democrat and get their checks. End of story. If they vote Republican and have a job they are a "sellout". They are still slaves to the Democrats no matter what.

They just live on a financial plantation now and anyone that goes wandering off it looking for prosperity and a better life is going to be called a traitor. Just ask Allen West of Florida, or Tim Scott of S. Carolina.

Duckys here said...

@ED --- It's a poor management tactic to spend a mil to recover a mil.
The BLM was responding to a court order.
This wasn't some offhand action.

Bob said...

"Everyone is a racis"

Lisa, there is truth in what you say. Many people, however, would rather criticize you for some mis-spoke remark than admit they see the world in racial lenses.

Bob said...

"This wasn't some offhand action."

Ducky, I believe it was more than off-hand. It was a cowboy, shoot from the hip action like the Branch Dividian debacle in Waco. I don't know if the BLM has law enforcement power, but the local law should have been used. This is a clear case of the government over-reaching.

Lisa said...

No Ducky that is someone who knows him personally. Bob I agree this whole thing got thrown off of proportion. The original point was the excessive force used.
Ducky were minorities offended when Harry Reid saud Obama is a light skinned black man with no negro dialect?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

NBC tried to kill Zimmerman with video editing.

NYT trying to kill Bundy with editing.

Bundy should sue everyone for slander and libel.

Duckys here said...

@Bob -- I don't know if the BLM has law enforcement power, but the local law should have been used.

Duh! I'd use the BLM since they have JURISDICTION and it was a FEDERAL court order.

Think, man.

Rita said...

What is the obsession with that other blog that someone keeps posting the crap they spout there? NO ONE CARES!!!

Lisa said...

Here you go Ducky. Someone who is "Thinking"man

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Sadly, just like leftist rallies attract every flavor of protest...from 'free Mumia' to 'save the sea turtles......the Bundy event is attracting every fringe right conspiracy seeker as well.

The message of federal overreach is being drowned by Bundy's rhetoric and Bundy supporters.

A Conservative Vermont Vet said...

Bundy is an old man using old man terminology. I don't believe he's being hateful. Just old fashioned, Not the racist that the progressives are making him out to be..

Z said...

Rita, I'm trying hard to stay out of whatever she's up to and just deleting those constantly mentioning "the progressive blog" (as if there's only one!?)...let's just not mention it. It doesn't exist to me.

Z said...

Vermont Vet; I completely agree with you. Good call

Always On Watch said...

Mr. Bundy is a cattle rancher -- not an academic. And, yes, he lacks "sophistication." So what?

His knowledge of cattle ranching allows up to buy beef in foam trays in the grocery store -- so that we can remain "sophisticated."

Always On Watch said...

Furthermore, just because a man is wrong about one issue doesn't mean that he wrong about another issue.

Anonymous said...


Funny.I didn't see any "fringe right conspiracy" signage or protesters at Bunkerville.

Unless you think signs with God, Freedom or Liberty qualify for your asinine assertions.

Nothing near the leftist stooges and loons craze to free mumia, kill the Jews or whatever political POS and treason they believe in.

Get off your high horse you pro fence sitter.

LOOK close.

~Dr.Who~ said...

If you are an American, the value of free speech is one of the most valuable rights afforded to you a citizen of the United States. Freedom of speech. It has been throughout history tested and tried, but it stood the test of time. People say, "My government infringes on my right to freedom of speech!" well, I would count my blessings if I were you. China does not value that right, and will without hesitation take it from you. It is getting to that point here, with the NSA watching what you do on the internet and who you call on the phone. Our freedom of speech is now in danger, in China it's gone. A chilling reminder of our future if we allow it to happen. Look at things that have happened in America just in the past few years alone. Affirmative Action, The Paula Deen thing, the Bundy thing, the George Zimmerman thing. these are ALL things that have been caused by taking away our FREEDOM’S!
So Bundy made a racist statement. Big freaken deal, So did Obama -- lots of them
So did Joe Biden, and so did Elizabeth Warren when she pretended she was an Indian. How many racist statements, and songs and jokes, do these Black Rappers , and Black Comedians make! They do it all the time. We all do from time to time, its 2014 it time to grow up and move on.
There's a bill now deciding who really deserves freedom of the press and who is just a mere blogger. That is chilling in an of itself, but remember last year when it came out that the DOJ was tapping the phones and computers of the press?
Are you familiar with the latest from the Congress, where they are going to define who is a journalist and who isn't? Who has 1st Amendment protection and who doesn't.
That censorship is very much closer than we like to think..... If our freedom of speech is seriously threatened, you nutters on the left need not worry. Your liberal countrymen will tell you differently. It is the sort of thing they do. And this is a post reminding us all of how the left is willing to put up with almost anyone as long as the name has a "D" after it.

T Krabby said...

Bravo Cr. Who.

T Krabby said...

Dr. Who ...sorry

John Jamerson said...

I second that "Bravo"

Liberalmann said...

Riiiight, Bundy is not a racist;

Bundy: "If people are 'offensive' by what I say, Martin Luther King hasn't done his job yet."

Why did you delete this before? Oh right, it proves your whole premise as stupid.

The Political Chic said...

Back in 2008, as I watched the run-up to the election, I recall being disappointed when Charles Krauthammer, speaking on Fox News, refused to identify Obama as a Socialist.
He would not even use the term.
1. Charles Krauthammer: “Obama Has Never Been a Mystery” Where was the “Mystery” every other conservative was clearly able to see through him)

2. Charles Krauthammer is typically held in the highest regard by some media personalities on the right.... Krauthammer revealed to Bret Baier of Fox News that neither he nor George Will knew a thing about “the real” Barack Obama back in 2008 prior to the latter’s election to the presidency.

3. Let this sink in: Krauthammer and George Will , veteran media commentators—self-avowed “conservative” commentators—admit, and think nothing of admitting, that up until his election, they just couldn’t figure out what kind of president Obama promised to be. This is amazing.
Among those amazed by Krauthammer’s and Will’s professed ignorance was Rush Limbaugh.

4. On his nationally syndicated radio show, on October 28, Limbaugh remarked: “I am convinced that all conservatives know a statist and a big-government redistributionist when they see one, especially people like Krauthammer and Will.” In disbelief, he added: “It doesn’t compute with me that they didn’t know [who Obama really was].”.... Limbaugh understood him all too well.

5. At the time of the election of 2008, there was no conceivable justification for anyone, much less seasoned right-leaning commentators, to have had any doubts whatsoever about Obama.

a. His relationships with an array of radicals from the political cesspool of Chicago, radicals like convicted terrorist Bill Ayers, were well established.

b. ... two memoirs....revealed for all with eyes to realize it that Obama’s had been a lifelong preoccupation with racial identity—and racial politics.

c. ...Obama resisted efforts to provide legal protection for those infants who had survived botched abortions,...

d. ... on record for lamenting the fact that the United States Constitution makes no allowances for wealth redistribution—or what Obama and his ilk call “positive liberty.”

e. ... months before Obama was elected to the Oval Office, the name of Jeremiah Wright became known to the nation.Wright is an impassioned advocate of “Black Liberation Theology” and a close friend of Louis Farrakhan and the late Muammar Gaddafi.

f. For over 20 years Obama sat in the pews of Wright’s church, a church in which the congregation was routinely subjected to sermons chock full of racially-charged diatribes.... in which he memorably remarks that “white folks’ greed runs a world in need”—a line that Obama would approvingly draw upon himself.

6. And yet, we are expected to believe, Wright had no influence over the development of Obama’s worldview. Apparently, Krauthammer and Will did believe this.

7. ... if Obama had been white and had a track record of allying himself with neo-Nazis or Klansmen, or even had he been a little too close to “isolationists” like, say, Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul, Krauthammer and George Will would’ve wasted no time to judge him for what he was .

Not in MY name said...

These Liberals want to create the idea that Bundy is a racist but in reality he really isn't but if they succeed in getting that thought across, then he would deserve to lose everything he has and it would go to the government. That would be wrong and I don't agree with that. But the Lefties wouldn’t care, in fact they would be delighted. Three cheers for government, they outed another right-wing Racist! A "common criminal” String him up, let the Black Pant6hers do what they wanted to do with George Zimmerman! If you read the Progressive blogs they have already found him Guilty, tried him, and sentenced him to Death by Hanging!

Anonymous said...

Political Chic:

It's easy to be weenie, yellow political cowards when your $10 mill a year sweet cushion / deal is on the line. Except if you're a low life like sharpless or jerkson.
Those 2 POS take in more money the more racist they get.

In 2008 they were all too willing to bend over for their BS AA and diversity and amateur tryouts for the highest office in the land. PC demanded that you couldn't even whisper the guys middle name, Hussein without being snarled at or accused of being racist even though it's Arab.

Electing this joke is like allowing your doctors semi skilled PA to do surgery on you while the real doc is out playing golf. Even if he's totally unqualified...what can go wrong?

And as we've seen...plenty and we're still counting them up.

Anonymous said...


I've concluded that you're arrogant snob.

There are many different and valid viewpoints on the issue of race. Bundy, clumsily and badly stated some things that I consider absolute truths.

First, the welfare state has done far more harm than good. A very legitimate argument can be made that it has done no good at all, but has done only harm to people.

Second, any kind work available today is better than idleness.

Third, stable families are the source of happiness and fulfillment.

Fourth, dependence upon government welfare, not poverty, has, in fact, led to increased incarceration, out-of-wedlock pregnancies and, as a consequence, enormously increased abortions, killing millions of black and white babies, and destruction of traditional families, particularly among blacks.

Oh, yeah, conservatives who believe these things are just "...radicals..." and "Hopeless utopians, romantically wedded to an imagined age of purity who see sin all around them."

You have an utterly incorrect, preposterous, and prejudiced view of rural Westerners.

You're a bigot and ignorant blowhard. The work ethic, values, morality, and discipline of these sturdy, honorable people and their like across the nation and throughout its history built the civilization in which you live and from which you bountifully benefit.

You're an ill-informed hypocrite and you sound like every other ignorant and snotty liberal.

Frida von Hot Dog said...

"You're a bigot and ignorant blowhard...You're a bigot and ignorant blowhard."

But people like Anonymous who make absurd generalizations about cultural groups and who are sneeringly condescending to all libers are not?

You're just the other side of the coin, Anon. And not very bright.

Z said...

AOW...the 'so what?' was keeping his subject on the one at hand.
What he did about race (and I still haven't checked on when he said that....if it was new now that he has a pulpit and they probably asked him, or an old thing they pulled up)

What IS happening ,however, is the media rejoicing in the supposed racism (even Howie Kurtz this morning hadn't learned about the editing the NY Times did, and that really bothered me) Bundy's shown, the facts are gone.
Literally GONE.

200 feds with guns to move cows...and it's forgotten.
Even a lib ought to be upset by that.

Frida just did the same thing.
What anonymous said is largely true; but then he gets insulted for insulting a group she likes.
Does that make what Anon said not so?

Of course not.

Always On Watch said...

Not in My Name typed in: if they succeed in getting that thought across, then he would deserve to lose everything he has and it would go to the government. That would be wrong....But the Lefties wouldn’t care, in fact they would be delighted.

And many Conservatives will continue to distance themselves from Bundy for fear of being deemed racists and, thereby, marginalized.

Let us assume for a moment that Cliven Bundy is indeed a racist. Then let us consider the fact that the vast majority of Americans do not have any understanding of certain logic fallacies:

4. Part-to-Whole: Where someone asserts that what is true of part of something must also be true of the whole thing together.

Child: “Mommy, why is this feather pillow so heavy? It only has feathers in it and little feathers weigh hardly anything.”
If I can break this bunch of sticks, one by one, Mommy, why can’t I break a bunch of sticks together?

5. Whole-to-Part: Where someone asserts that what is true of something as a whole must also be true of each of its parts. This is the reverse of the part-to-whole fallacy.

If our bag of potato chips won’t float when I throw it in the pond, why will one of my potato chips float by itself?
If I can’t break this bunch of sticks, all at once, Mommy, shouldn’t I be able to break each individual stick?

6. Either-Or: Where someone asserts that we must chose between two things, when in fact we have more alternatives.

Either you’re an American or you are a Communist. You aren’t from America, so you must be a Communist.
Either you believe in evolution, or you are totally irrational. You say you don’t believe in evolution, so you must be irrational.

Always On Watch said...


200 feds with guns to move cows...and it's forgotten.

See my comment of April 27, 2014 at 9:52 AM.

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

Poor Bundy and anyone else who disagrees with, or dares to stand up against, the Big Bro. I really feel sorry for him. He probably doesn't realize that the devil (government & it's followers) is clever and quite good at taking our words and convoluting them to any meaning he wishes. It takes the power of God to fight such evil.

Thank you for fighting the good fight Z. Hope you have a blessed Sunday.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

@Anon - "Funny.I didn't see any "fringe right conspiracy" signage or protesters at Bunkerville."

And of course, you've seen them all....Look close indeed.

Education over blind ideology, keeps one from making asinine assertions.

And, WTF is a 'pro-fence sitter'?

Frida von Hot Dog said...

"There are many different and valid viewpoints on the issue of race. Bundy, clumsily and badly stated some things that I consider absolute truths."

Explain "the absolute truth" in this statement from Bundy:

"...I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things..."

Here's the reality of slaves and "family life:"

"Back in 1860, marriage was a civil right and a legal contract, available only to free people. Male slaves had no paternal rights and female slaves were recognized as mothers only to the extent that their status doomed their children’s fate to servitude in perpetuity. To be sure, most slaves did all that they could to protect, sustain and nurture their loved ones. Freedom and the love of family are the most abiding themes that dominate the hundreds of published narratives written by former slaves.

Though slaves could not marry legally, they were allowed to do so by custom with the permission of their owners — and most did. But the wedding vows they recited promised not “until death do us part,” but “until distance” — or, as one black minister bluntly put it, “the white man” — “do us part.” And couples were not entitled to live under the same roof, as each spouse could have a different owner, miles apart. All slaves dealt with the threat of forcible separation; untold numbers experienced it first-hand."

Anonymous said...

Hey Frida....Get over this...OK....It's not 1860 for God's sake. Nor is it 1954.

Bundy's unsophisticated and old school. He used the term's still in the dictionary. He spoke extemporaneously and metaphorically. Most likely not knowing what the hell PC is all about anyway. So...go ahead, lynch an old man.

How about the reality of today??? WTF does 1860 have anything to do with an ability to marry or not today?

How long do have to keep hearing this and doing mea culpas for "transgressions" 99% of us have never committed?

Holy God...we thought we'd be over this with an election of a black man...and many voted for him for that reason alone. The rest...because of his skin color...NOT is spite of it.

Trillions of dollars later to provide help and reparations...and the majority of the people in this country have to hear every damn day that they harbor "animosity" or are "Racists".

Z said...

Frida, sorry you missed the entirety of his talk; One of my posts below shows how the NY Times edited for the liberals ...

And, even the quote you pasted here from Bundy is right; ALL minorities are better off WORKING at SOMETHING than being on the government teet.
WELFARE (I'm sorry, you call them ENTITLEMENTS now...very clever, by the way) doesn't improve one's lot...THAT enslaves. Get it?

Shocking concept, I know.

Thanks for coming by.

The Liberated Conservative said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Liberalmann said...

The Political Chic said: "I recall being disappointed when Charles Krauthammer, speaking on Fox News, refused to identify Obama as a Socialist. He would not even use the term"

Maybe because he isn't? Unless you can give me examples? Is it becasue of Obamacare where insurance companies still make billions? Is it because of the banks who were bailed out? Get a clue. It there is any 'socialism' it is corporate socialism. Well, more like 'welfare.'

Billy said...

Republicans are clueless when it comes to fixing the economy
Isn't it a little pathetic that the only economic solution republicans have for fixing the economy are tax cuts for the wealthy?

Rita said...

You mean like NY is now advertising new business get a 10 year tax break? Funny. If tax breaks don't generate business why is NY offering it?

Lisa said...

The lefties think the
only way to improve the economy is for the feds to keep pumping money into it

Rita said...

One word. Detroit.