Wednesday, April 16, 2014 his best

Great intro....and it only gets better.   In 2013, in Cologne, Germany. 

We can all get by better with FRIENDS.

Thanks, Mustang, my friend.



Anonymous said...

I love this song.


Craig said...

Nice. Everything is better with a Hammond B3. I still like my Cocker this way.

Bonus piano player for you, Z.

T Krabby said...

Let me see. So I made a comment not exactly favorable and it gets deleted. I said I thought he's seen better days. I've actually seen and heard him in his golden days too. Which is why I can compare him now to then.
I feel the same for all old rockers over 65. Please, retire gracefully.

What was so objectionable about that?


Z said...

T Krabby; I didn't delete you.
Sorry you thought so. I don't know where your comment went.

I will say that I think Cocker older is better than most old rock stars when they're older.

Craig, as you know, there IS no bigger Leon fan than I.
Chris Stainton is very good, too.
Thanks for CRY ME A RIVER

FrogBurger...I can barely listen to that tune without so many memories coming up.

T Krabby said...

Z:'s a mystery then.

Z said... it again. This isn't the first time this has happened with a couple of my commenters. Please do; I'd like to hear your viewpoint about aging rock stars:)


T Krabby said...


I said that I thought he wasn't up to his former self. Although I admired him at his age for giving it a shot. But the band and backup singers were the real act.

I just don't know why old rockers don't retire gracefully when they're over 65. I think they look silly trying to do what they did when they were in their 20's.

Oldies groups fare better when it's ballads or doo wop or the tamer songs from yesterday. Like the Platters, the 4 Tops...etc.

Anonymous said...

T Krabby,

When you're an artist, you don't operate like a guy who goes to a regular job. Most of them are passionate and it's they live for it. Without it their life is purposeless.

Plus it's still better than Justin Bieber


T Krabby said...


Aren't we all?

And I'd rather be tied to a chair listening to Hillary Clinton speeches than Bieber or tweaked by Miley.

Z said...

"tied to a chair listening to Hillary CLinton speeches"..that's FUNNY!

As for Cocker; I think I liked this rendition so much because I thought he looked better than he ever has, frankly!, and the arrangement was terrific, including the background people.

But, in general, I usually agree with you. I don't like seeing the STones look as old as they are..etc.

Plus, it makes ME feel old!

But, then I watch those "Doo Wop" thinks on public broadcasting and see how old THEY look, and I feel better. But the music's fantastic, I have to admit....just a tad before my time, but I know all of them. Mostly!