Monday, April 14, 2014

Powers...of the PEOPLE or the PRESIDENT?

I found this at our friend Average American's site...
Power, changing laws, decisions to selectively enforce portions of laws and ignore other portions..

He asks "What do we do?"

What do you think we can do that's sensible, effective and fair?

Z  (thanks, AA)~


Ed Bonderenka said...

When watching Holder talk threateningly to Gohmert ("You don't want to go there!"), it occurred to me what utter contempt he had for the representatives of the people.
He thinks as a member of the administration, he does not have to answer to congress (representatives of the people).
Then to go to a podium and complain of the disrespect shown to him (and the president)!

Duckys here said...

“I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general,” Gohmert said. “But it is important that we have proper oversight…”

“You don’t want to go there, buddy,” Holder interrupted, leaning back in his chair. “You don’t want to go there.”

“I don’t want to go there?” Gohmert said. “About the contempt?”

“No,” Holder said, pointing his finger at Gohmert. “You should not assume that that is not a big deal to me. I think it was inappropriate. I think it was unjust. But never think that that was not a big deal to me. Don’t ever think that.”

Who was showing contempt here, Ed?

Holder or that champion of the people, Louie Gohmert?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Hopefully the future Speaker of the House.

Z said...

Ed, Holder needs to realize not everyone thinks like he does; it is not all about race with most people.
Gohmert was absolutely right..they've waited for untoward lengths of time for the information Congress has demanded and haven't rec'd it and what is Gohmert supposed to do, just keep accepting that? They're trying to do the peoples' business and get to the bottom of what's going on. THAT is a champion of the people.

Odie; we can only hope. Someone finally has the guts to show what so many are thinking these days.
And all Holder can do is call the race card? pitiful

christian soldier said...

We US citizens must stand for and elect more Constitutionalists like Rep Gowdy -
- Cruz-
No more voting for the lesser of two evils on the R side--in other words- no more RINOS --
and- we must 'Mount Up' as did those who rode forward against govt tyranny - (Rancher)
Thank you Z and AA--

christian soldier said...

clarification- the rancher is / was - the victim --

T Krabby said...

Today is...

4/14/14...not to happen again in under 100 years.

Sam Huntington said...

We should probably assume that if the House of Representatives held Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, that Eric Holder was behaving dishonorably, given his oath of office. I do realize that such things as oaths of office and following the law has little meaning to the likes of ducky, but then no one ever claimed that Eric Holder, or ducky, are Americans. No, Holder appears to be an African-American, and duck appears to be a retard.

T Krabby said...


Holder appears to be an african. Hardly American. He'd do well in Liberia or Rwanda.

Duckys here said...

I remember when Ari Fleischer told a reporter, "You better watch what you say."
It was a much more serious threat than Holder's but it serves to illustrate the point.

Contemporary government's arrogance is the problem, not left versus right.
If you don't see this as some D vs. R problem then you're being played ... for a chump.

Baysider said...

How clarifying. Talk about voter suppression - Obama is king of it with his executive pen.

It's hard to work around that. You can't sue in expectation of damage - only after being harmed. Have to prove usurpation of powers delegated to another branch. We can see it happen before our very eyes. But the a-constitutionalists have so muddied the water for years (yes, I'm talkin' YOU Teddy Roosevelt and an army that came after him) how do we unwind this without unwinding the whole cancer?. Very worrisome.

T Krabby said...

Will holder file hate charges against Frazier Glenn Miller ...the Jew killer.

Or the Detroit mob who beat a white man into a coma?

Funny...I don't see any news about targeting Muslims...I'm sure holder would be all over that...but there are none.

T Krabby said...

A Jewish high school student at an exclusive British private girls’ school who tried to cut in line during lunch was reportedly reprimanded by a teacher who threatened to send her to “one of your gas chambers.”

London's Daily Mail reported. According to the girl’s father, who was not named, the teacher made the comment after the 17-year-old girl unhooked a rope barrier within the lunch line at her school dining hall.

“A teacher was passing by and she rushed up to my daughter and said, ‘Don’t do that or I’ll have to send you to the back of the queue or to one of your gas chambers,’” the father told the Daily Mail.

Thank God she didn't smear a Muslim in London! The empire would burn down. And the queen would get her knickers in a not.

Hail Britannia...

Z said...

Ducky, I'd suggest that every single day is a day when a Republican should say to Carney, or Holder, or even Obama,, "you'd better watch what you say.." because the lies and the misinformation, the inferences are EXHAUSTING to most of us.
Fleischer didn't make any threats like imprisoning for free speech against islamists, etc. No, he did not. Unlike what is happening now.

Your second paragraph is illegible. Which is it you're trying to sling?


Can we get back to the subject of the post? I think that's important enough without straying off into other areas.
Or are the left too afraid to address it?

Duckys here said...

You're right ,z .

It should read that "IF YOU SEE this as a D vs. R problem you are being played."

Republicans are no improvement over this current situation and I am really surprised at how often they get support.
Yeah, Gonzales was a fine one for enforcement.

I have know idea what you mean by threatening imprisonment for free speech against the scary Muslims. When did that happen?

Pris said...

Ducky, I gather what you mean by
D vs R is, "Dictator vs Republicans?"

Pris said...
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Z said...

Ducky, you don't remember the treatment Gonzalez got or Ashford, in Congressional hearings?
That's my point.

Anonymous said...

D vs R?

Yes, in a nutshell:

In this new era of “hope and change” ushered in by the Obama Administration and cheered on by the allegedly objective news media, race has been used repeatedly to silence dissenting political voices or beat down principled differences of opinion. Promotion of photo id to protect the integrity of the ballot box from fraud? That’s rolling back the clock to the days of Jim Crow and poll taxes. Republican opposition to Obamacare? Racism.

Rather than champion issues of genuine concern to ethnic minorities in this country, many Democrat leaders in Washington D.C. today are content to treat those they claim to be fighting for as nothing more than ignorant, hapless and incapable of surviving in our society without the help of the federal government.

Z said...

You know, everyone...let's get to the POINT of the video.

If anybody here thinks Holder and Obama are correct in what they're doing..FINE.
Some of us do not and want to discuss it and find out how this can be avoided at least in the future.


Z said...


Pris, GREAT to have you back! XX

Ed Bonderenka said...

“You don’t want to go there, buddy,” Holder interrupted, leaning back in his chair. “You don’t want to go there.”
That's contempt.
And it's contemptible.

Liberalmann said...

Holder (to Goobert): "...good luck with that asparagus." LOL!

LA Sunset said...

I think Gowdy would make a great Attorney General.

BTW, I am back to blogging. New blog is here:

WomanHonorThyself said...

there is no more civil discourse Z..what a world.........

Pris said...

Hi Z,
Thank you!XX

T Krabby said...

Trey Gowdy for POTUS.

Kid said...

Well, Scooter Libby spent some time in jail and paid 250k Fine for lying about a conversation with Dick Cheny, regards a fake 'outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA "operative" that Richard Armitage freely admitted to doing..

By this standard, the entire obama administration should be sentenced to 18 lifetimes on jail and 2 trillion in fines each.

Kid said...

Ed, Yea, the AG or anyone shy of the president Must answer questions from Congress, declare the 5th (legally which lerner didn't do) or be held in contempt. holder is in gross contempt. He is in contempt for withholding of documents that everyone knows exist related to fast and furious, and for his verbal abuse of a congressman.

Kid said...

Z, it's about Race for Most black folks because it is a lever they use to gain advantage that they do Not want to give up.

Baysider said...

Well, Rep. Gowdy DID do something that's fair and sensible. And congress passed his legislation - the ENFORCE the Law Act.

ENFORCE the Law Act puts a procedure in place to permit the House, or the Senate, to authorize a lawsuit against the Executive Branch for failure to faithfully execute the laws. The legislation also provides for expedited consideration of any such lawsuit [so it doesn't sit around for 8 years worming its way through the court system].

This protects the separation of powers, something woefully trampled down in recent years and essential to continuing as a free people. And it cuts both ways. Totally non-partisan, except that the party that lives to break the rules (ends justify means) likes it less, of course.

So Harry Reid will kill it. But you have to keep battering away. Add allies in the Senate. Remember the Fabians! They thought in terms of generations. Too bad we don't have that long.

Duckys here said...

Strictly Kabuki for Rollo.

Z said...

Baysider; Reid's the worst thing to happen to DC ....and to be able to enable Obama is even worst.

Ed .."contemptible" is right...just awful. He and Obama are so thin skinned and vindictive. Hard to see in adult politicians. Most all of them are rotten in some way, but we don't often see this hyper sensitivity and childishness...the stalling, the lying...ugh. Filthy.

TS/WS said...

.good luck with that asparagus.
Holder just said he is a school kid compared to Gohmert.
Gohmert made Holder look like a FOOL.
Ya, Gohmert schooled Holder.
A very famous lawyer said many times in an open courtroom [I object, he is casting aspersions on my asparagus].
Percy Foreman a liberal Attorney would say this anytime the other lawyer or prosecutor would question his credibility.

Z said...

TS/WS....Holder wouldn't know anything that didn't apply to HIM and you wonder if he thought Gohmert had had a stroke or something, using that expression.
Thanks for clearing it up for us.
I'm thinking Holder's only really bright on things that apply to HIS realm, like besmirching Whites, whining at being a victim, and insulting others.
Thanks for this info...I have to admit I didn't know what the expression was but I did know Gohmert didn't pick it out of the clouds OR have a stroke, thank GOD!

Average American said...

Thanks for passing this on Z. I'm glad more than a few people saw it here. It is rather obscure at my blog. I've been really busy lately with an ailing father-in-law and now a bad back on top of that so this is the first time I've seen your comment at my blog and this post. Keep up the great work.

Quite a few good comments from the rest of you too. I guess we all knew Ducky wouldn't agree that this is important. He sure would though were the shoe on the other foot!