Friday, April 25, 2014

Rich Leftists are fine... but don't be a Koch! :-)

Take a look at THIS ARTICLE.  You'll be amused.  Here are 'high points':

"On a crisp morning in late March, an elite group of 100 young philanthropists and heirs to billionaire family fortunes filed into a cozy auditorium at the White House.
Their name tags read like a catalog of the country’s wealthiest and most influential clans: Rockefeller, Pritzker, Marriott. They were there for a discreet, invitation-only summit hosted by the Obama administration to find common ground between the public sector and the so-called next-generation philanthropists, many of whom stand to inherit billions in private wealth.
“Moon shots!” one administration official said, kicking off the day on an inspirational note to embrace the White House as a partner and catalyst for putting their personal idealism into practice.
The well-heeled group seemed receptive. “I think it’s fantastic,” said Patrick Gage, a 19-year-old heir to the multibillion-dollar Carlson hotel and hospitality fortune. “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Mr. Gage, physically boyish with naturally swooping Bieber bangs, wore a conservative pinstripe suit and a white oxford shirt. His family’s Carlson company, which owns Radisson hotels, Country Inns and Suites, T.G.I. Friday’s and other brands, is an industry leader in enforcing measures to combat trafficking and involuntary prostitution.
“I was a little worried they were going to get a bunch of rich kids in the room and fund-raise for the Democratic Party,” Ms. Simmons said. “But they didn’t.”"
Z:  Isn't that wonderful!  Glad you didn't have to worry, Ms. Simmons, because the Obama crowd would never ask for contributions to their party or their ideology. (Smile), Ms. Simmons....the TRUTH IS that they can't ask you outwardly at the White House.  It's illegal.  :-)      And I'm SO SURE they won't ask you ever. :-)
I'm surprised no Koch kids/heirs were there, aren't you?   After all, this isn't about Democrat causes, it's just a bunch of rich kids being shown how to give back...........right?     hilarious.
Were YOU invited? !


Rottweiler said...

Didn't Chuckie Schmuckie Shumer take the Koch Bro's money and liked it enough to thank them??
Harry Reid is the worst living human being on this planet today. He's a bribe-taking scumbag. I think it’s time that someone finally acknowledges it.
Republicans should ask for a Competency Hearing for asshats like Harry Reid, Pelosi, McCain, McConnell, Dingle, and worse of all Rangel!!
Now, I realize that’s quite a statement to make, given the fact that Robert Mugabe continues to draw breath. Not to mention Kim Jung Un. And yes, you could also make a case that Vlad Putin isn’t one of Earth’s nicer creatures. Still, bear with me for a minute as I lay out some of the evidence.

Reid has asserted that the stories of Americans who lost coverage, or had to pay more, or had to find new doctors under the Affordable Care Act are all lies. Even for Harry Reid, that’s absolutely preposterous. No one has lost coverage, had to pay more or find new doctors under Obamacare? Really?

Harry, it’s been amazingly well documented, even by your allies in the media.

Anyway, from the Senate floor, Reid called all of the ads that are being run, lies. Every one of the ads that AFP had run, were lies? Obviously then, not just the Koch brothers you despise, but all of the people in those ads, were liars?

Later that day however, he returned to the floor, and said: “I can’t say that every one of the Koch brothers’ ads are a lie, but I’ll say this … the vast, vast majority of them are.”

For the unaware, both Reid and Romney are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (as am I), whose members are commonly referred to as “Mormons” or “LDS.”

Harry Reid is a man who claims to be pro-life, yet in 2001, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012 he received 100 percent ratings from the radical abortion activist group, NARAL Pro-Choice America. Now, his rating with NARAL has fluctuated over the years, but that’s at least six years of perfect scores with this fanatical abortion organization.

Now, if you really are pro-life, shouldn’t you always get a zero percent rating from an organization like NARAL? His NARAL rating last year was still a healthy 70 percent. For context, Sen. Dean Heller, also of Nevada and Republican, received a zero percent rating from NARAL.

Also Reid’s last three Planned Parenthood Action Center ratings have been 83, 89 and most recently, 88 percent. Really Harry? You’re pro-life? How is that possible? How can you be pro-life but vote with the interests of those groups so often? And that’s just one issue of concern, there are many.

Desert Fox said...

It true the sweetheart of the left Harry Reid took money from Koch lobbyist! So I guess that the Koch Brose are just peachy as long as they give their money to the right people.

You Hypocritical SOB's should hang your heads in shame. But you don't have any shame.

Dirty harry Reid typifies the Democrats of today, nothing but lies, lies, lies and more lies!

Liberalmann said...

What? Politicians playing politics? Say it ain't so!

Heh, at least they weren't summoned to Las Vegas to kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson like the leaders of the GOP.

The GOP is buying an selling our democracy and destroying the middle class.

Crusader Frank said...

The entire Democrat- Liberal - Progressive, party is filled with slimy people like Harry Reid.

He's one of the most the UnAmerican corrupted POS in my book
I can not understand how anyone can belong to a party that has him as a leader! It’s beyond me...He's now taking to attacking YOU THE AMERICAN CITIZENS not just politicians. You blind and stupid people need to wake up to this party.

And on another note, The reason I suspect so many liberal / progressive posters here are sock-puppet accounts is that they all sound alike, they say the EXACT SAME THING at the EXACT SAME TIME under DIFFERENT NAMES or they post as Anonymous, or other stupid names such as George Cucumber, or A. Reader etc.
For example, check out all of the recent posts on yesterday’s blog. But whatever, God Bless them, they are doing the Lord's work and will help us restore the Freedoms this once great nation now takes for granted, by their stupidity.
When Libs talk about Intelligence, tolerance, and their ability to "think", I just laugh.

As for the blacks constantly voting Democratic, when will they wise up that Democrat programs have devastated the black family, since FDR, when will the blacks get a leader who can knock some sense into their community!

Opinionated Me said...

Did you folks here this story, AND IT’S TRUE, just look it up.
George Clooney and Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn were having dinner earlier this month at Wynn's resort. He was having dinner with Clooney and seven other people at a high-end steakhouse when the conversation turned to President Obama. When Steve Wynn called the president “an Ass-Hole” Clooney told Steve Wynn that “He was an Ass-Hole for saying that” and after a few angry words, Clooney who had a lot to drind by the way, got up and stormed out!

Poor Georgie Boy. Did he get that upset when his fellow liberals routinely spoke that way about George Bush and called him far worse things than "ass-hole"?
That hypocritical and pompous Georgie Boy is so impressed with himself, and he's such a hypocritical Lefty Loon just like most of Hollywood jerks are.
I don't recall George himself speaking in very civil terms about Pres. Bush.
I don't recall Georgie Boy ever speaking in very civil terms about Pres. Bush, or any other republican for that matter. .
So NOW, I am officially a Steve Wynn fan!

Ducky's here said...

The Koch brats are too young for the event.

TeaBagger said...

George Clooney is an entertainer, an actor. He gets paid HUGE amounts of money for what he does, and maybe he employs a small personal and professional staff to attend to his every need. Steve Wynn is a businessman and a builder, a financial opportunist and a creator of thousands, and thousands of jobs.

So is this a surprise ? George Clooney a HOLLYWOOD ACTOR who is a friend of Obama’s. And Steve Wynn a businessman who heads a vast financial empire that allows thousands of people to work is an opponent of Obama’s business policies, if you could call them that.

More than an eyeful on the relationship of Wynn and Clooney, which no one really cares about anyway, this little encounter is an example of the pathetic lack of economic leadership emanating from the White House. Five years of it have already irreparably damaged the U.S. Ah -- but not for George Clooney -- HE still gets millions and millions as a Hollywood leading man. Hey Barack -- how do you feel about THAT PARTICULAR "income equality?"

So who exactly is the douchebag or “ass-hole” who doesn't understand business finance again? I say good for Steve Wynn! I’m glad that somebody finally put that big mouthed hypocrite Clooney in his place

TeaBagger said...

Oh, I get it now Ducky, you hate capitalism. So in your retarded mind and blind, dumb eyes the Koch brothers are controlling Obama now? Or are they controlling Putin? Which is it?
Is that what you're trying to tell us in your ignorant socialist way?
It's hard to keep up with the Left Wing Nut Paranoia without a score card or a program.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I gave my invitation away.

Fredd said...

It's the exception and not the rule that kids of the super rich don't get the hang of how their old man and old lady got rich in the first place.

Most kids of the super rich usually pick up the ball and run with it (Rockefellers, Kennedys, Forbes, Trumps).

The numbskull rich kids, though, always make the news when they piss away their riches on stupidity, (such as political contributions to Obama): Paris Hilton and Penny Pritzker come to mind.

Sam Huntington said...

I notice that libdip never quite gets around to giving specific examples to back up his claims. I also note that libdip must think that there is a Republican in the White House. Lastly, I have to imagine that Libdip thinks that we still have a middle class. This is exactly why I don’t give my money away to the United Negro College Fund.

Ducky's here said...

H. M. Stuart, that was incoherent.

Ducky's here said...

Obama isn't an old school Republican?

Could have fooled me.

Mista Anonymous said...

This brings to mind some very interesting points and I understand where you are coming from, but why should you or I worry or care?
This is what they mean when they say that “charity begins at home and justice begins next door”!!
If someone is a scammer or a genuine person in dire need, when you are only giving them a nickel, a dime or a quarter?
And how can you tell who is a scammer or a person with legitimate needs? True, there are always opportunists in every group of people, but why should the rest suffer because of a few rotten apples among them, when it is only costing the giver a nickel or a dime?
Charities do a lot of good work, but no amount of charities will ever reach everyone in need and when they are in need and where they are in need?
What if you lost a nickel to a scammer? Would that adversely affect your life or anybody's life?

Whether you recognize it or not, we have institutionalized "charity," and every taxpayer contributes to feeding and housing the poor, sheltering the homeless, paying the unemployed, and treating the injured and diseased. The super-rich (depending on how you define that) are generally paying a King's Ransom in federal, state, and local taxes every year, which - like it or not - pays for the bulk of the Social Safety Net. We've all seen the numbers, the top 10% pay more than half of all the personal income taxes that are paid to the various levels of government. High earners in New York, New Jersey, California, and some other states are paying more than half their gross incomes in taxes, much of which funds what would historically be considered "charity."
There are many working poor people who hardly make enough, to save anything and live from paycheck to paycheck, and God forbid they lose their job, they won't be able to pay the next rent and other bills, so if they can't find another job soon enough, where do you suspect they may wind up?
But charity starts at home. We are all obliged to help our immediate family members, relatives, friends, fellow-church members, and those in our immediate community through food banks, clothing drives, and whatnot.

The people who remain in a wretched state can fairly be said to have "fallen between the cracks" of the extremely-costly social safety net. Handing them cash is problematic. Often the people begging on the streets are scammers. Many homeless people are in that condition because of mental problems or substance abuse, and giving them cash solves nothing. We can never tell if they are scammers, dope addicts or whatever. People are usually homeless because of other vices and the same reason they break your car window for ten cents is the same reason you shouldn't pay them ten cents. You are supporting their habit.

Anonymous said...

All libs, Dems social, progressive assholes need either wise up or get the hell out of this country. Or we all can kiss this country good-bye.
They are traitors to the constitution and the US, and need to be dealt with as such. They hate America. They need to go somewhere else where their beliefs are embraced.

Opinionated Me said...

Where is all the news about the protests that forced Eric Holder, and Michelle Obama
to cancel their speeches? Why hasn’t that made the front pages of the Lame Stream Media?
Well for those of you who missed it, here it is.
This week two prominent administration members -- including First Lady Michelle Obama -- were forced to cancel planned speeches there in the face of protests and even a high school student petition opposing her scheduled graduation speech. Obama himself is in Asia for a week of toasts and visits to a few countries we haven't borrowed billions from yet. His job approval rating hovers at or just below the mid-forties with disapproval 10 points higher. Obama's credibility still suffers from his misbegotten serial untruths about ObamaCare

Lets hope it’s because of the fact that people are sick and tired of this pair of Bull-Shit artists, but thats just wishful thinking. But whatever the reason, it’s about time that the public has got wise to the shenanigans of this bunch of communists who are going overboard trying to bring the United States down! And people are sick of being told they are racists and idiots by these two Cockroache Pinko’s, and arenn't buying what they are selling..

Z said...

Rottweiller, have you seen the Reid ads against Republicans? I heard one of the GOP Operatives go one by one, explaining how they were absolutely either a lie or gross exaggerations...unreal.
See, the Left, and NOT THE RIGHT, has figured out that lies are HEARD.
Years ago, I heard a talk radio show say "but that's a TOTAL LIE, how can they SAY THAT!?" Mr. Z agreed with him. I said "Honey, it doesn't matter...people HEAR IT and they don't get the update...they don't look into it."
We just don't have the ability to lie that well. damn.

Desert...Or to the "left people," right? :-)

Liberalmann. You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Thanks for coming by :-)

Crusader Frank; I've noticed. I'm pretty sure they don't think so, but they're all from one blog, too. so silly

Opinionated...of course we've IS funny, isn't it. Apparently, ol' Clooney has a little drinking problem, too.
Wynn is a hero in some ways; my husband met with him several times and he said he's nearly blind...and you sure wouldn't see that watching him. But he's clinging to a woman's arm at all times...maybe his wife, or friend, I don't know.
Very nice guy, apparently.
And very acute politically :-)

Ducky...and you think they'd have been invited, right!? Hilarious. You honestly don't get it?
H.M. isn't incoherent; read it again; you just can't read it for the blurriness his words cause you.

h.M. Stuart; thanks for reminding me....there have been stories of Wynn fighting hard for the health care of his employees; he's supposedly a good guy to work for.

Odie; mine, too!

Fredd; If you mean they don't really NEED this 'meet and greet' ruse the WH put on this big meeting because they are well aware of where to give their bucks, etc., you're right.
It's such a TYPICAL liberal BS thing; "let's get them all together and play on the heartstrings of the rich and guilty!"

I love the naivitee of the woman who said "They didn't even ask for MONEY!" :-) As if they won't!

Mista Anonymous? WHAT? Supporting what habit?
My point is that the Obama folks are looking for BIG BUCKS as they slam any Conservative rich guys....
Are you suggesting we don't believe in helping those who need it? I really truly don't see your point; eloquently written as it is.

Sam, nothing personal, but I'm so tired of hearing the Middle Class is over. Who's buying all those homes and items corporations make that's improving the real estate mkt and driving stocks up?
Of course we have a middle class....are any of your friends destitute or living in mansions on their own islands? They're all Middle Class.
I just don't get that whole thing and, because you know I respect your opinions, tell me more; how I'm wrong. I truly want to know.

Anonymous; trust me; each time you mention any other blog, I'll delete you again.
ODD it's the same one every time, isn't it? I'm surprised you don't leave a link.
And NEVER think we haven't noticed what's going on with certain commenters...WELL aware of it, and thanks for caring about geeeeZ. You are otherwise always welcome here.

Z said...

Opinionated Me: the only reason Michelle apparently pulled out was that the kids thought she'd get all the excitement and take it away from the seniors' accomplishments.
They had been very excited she was coming then they rethought it.

I don't know why Holder cancelled.

Ya, I wish it was ideology, too, but the left will ALWAYS win with our kids who want freebies and love a cool jive president and his wife.

Sam Huntington said...

Z ... I was sarcastically wondering how the GOP is destroying the middle class when Obama policies have already done that. I guess you missed it.

Bob said...

Libmann says "Heh, at least they weren't summoned to Las Vegas to kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson"

No. Obama deserted his post while people were being killed in Benghazi. Obama flew to Las Vegas to kiss the asses of rich donors.

Z said...

Sam..sorry..."still thinks we have a middle class" got me curious...
I see your sarcasm and humor now!

But, we DO hear 'there is no middle class' from the left and I always wonder if all they do is hang with bums under freeway overpasses or something.
Oops...sorry for 'bum'...I hate to be unPC.

Z said...

BOB...BaddaBING. Exactly so.

Gee, it's just SO WRONG that Adelson and the Kochs got rich and help Conservatism, right?
Apparently, it should be illegal or something.
But the Left? Let's have another big Hollywood party $$$ and Obama can COMPLETELY SCREW UP THE TRAFFIC in LA for a WHOLE DAY DURING RUSH HOUR and we don't care (much). :-(

Ducky's here said...

How can you screw up the traffic in L.A. any more than it is?

Anonymous said...

Can you screw up building a tunnel for 20 years in boston?

Ducky's here said...

Republican governors

Z said...

Ducky, the same Republican gov you rave about for doing such a great job with Mass. healthcare?
That one?

Sam Huntington said...

Can you screw up building a tunnel for 20 years in Boston?

Yes, but it takes a corrupt labor union, corrupt city officials, and an entire city of communists. And 20 years, of course.