Saturday, April 12, 2014

VOTING....are you against it?

I watched quite a bit of MSNBC yesterday afternoon.  Do you know that there are folks on there condemning all Republicans for trying to stop Black folks from voting?  I was stunned.

Apparently, it's nearly impossible for "25%" of Black Americans to get identification!  Do you know a White friend with no ID?  Do you have a Black friend with no ID?  I didn't think so.  I don't, either.

They talk about this subject as if it's just a fact EVERYBODY knows;  that Republicans are pigs who are standing in the way of those pesky leftwingers voting.   There is NO TALK about voting fraud, no talk about the many buses the Democrats drove around picking people up to vote or Black section of L.A. in an eye doctor's office where, as I've mentioned before, the Doctor would ask his patients for want of conversation around voting day "So, Esther, you gonna go out and VOTE?"   No, Esther (and nearly all his other patients) didn't have to go out; according to Esther (and Kathy, who heard them), "these nice young kids come and pick up my ballot and fill it out for me, isn't that NICE?"   

Ya, and remember the lovely Black girl I wrote about here at the last presidential election who I saw bounce into my voting place on a cell phone, voted there because "Well, my office is SO far from home, I thought I'd vote's OKAY, isn't it?  I'll sign the book" (The BOOK, by the way, NEVER EVER EVER gets looked at, did you know that?).   Then off she bounded on her cell phone for the next voting precinct.

Ya, the fun never stops.   It's we Republicans, we biggest fans of Democracy and freedom who are TRYING TO STOP PEOPLE FROM VOTING BECAUSE WE WANT LEGAL VOTING.




Thersites said...

When you don't have any real issues on your side of the argument, you've got to make stuff up!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

For all the hoops I'm made to jump through to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights.......I have precious little sympathy for those crying about showing their identity when voting. If you can't be bothered to get a state ID (or bring proof of address/residency).......why would you bother to vote?

Always On Watch said...

Do you know a White friend with no ID? No.

Do you have a Black friend with no ID? No. However, when Mr. AOW was working at an auto parts warehouse, a few of the Black workers didn't have any ID; none of those without a photo ID ever mentioned not being able to vote, but they did complain that they had trouble cashing their paychecks.

BTW, not a single one of the Black workers with ID voted. None of them! I'm not kidding! All of the Whites voted. Make of this what you will.

Here in Virginia, it appears that one can get a photo ID (walker's ID) for $10, and the ID lasts for several years.

A Tea Party Patriot said...

How can the Obama administration have any supporters left? What kind of industrial strength, black-hole filter is required to see this law as a good thing and to excuse the lame defenses, and lies that they offer time and time again? Im referring to that piece of garbage Kathleen Sebelius! That piece of garbage should be tried and convicted for all the lies she has spewed.
But given the way this country has been run, maybe you’ll see her again in the 2016 Presidential Election!

Ed Bonderenka said...

I assume they were referring to this: President Barack Obama attacked Republicans on Friday for what he depicted as moves to restrict voting, urging a raucous and friendly crowd to fight back in this year's elections.
and yet:
Blacks outvoted whites in 2012, the first time on record

Ed Bonderenka said...

AOW pointed out a $10 fee for ID which seems reasonable for 7 years.
I frankly see nothing reasonable about paying a fee for a government document needed to fulfill my obligation (or right) to vote.
Passport, Drivers License, OK.
CPL (not need in VA I understand) is $150 here in MI for 5 years.
Should not be a fee for a government document recognizing or facilitating my right.

Joe said...

Anybody can get a picture ID with little or no effort. The idea that blacks are discriminated against by the need for a photo ID for ANY reason is a bright red herring.

Duckys here said...

I found this interesting

... since I was accused on this board of supporting voter fraud. The supposed 35000 cases that were being reported on the right wing threads were used as an example.

Well it might be that there is no serious problem and the welfare deadbeats and illegals aren't stealing elections as the right would have use believe. And let's face it, that's what this is about.

So, I continue to oppose voter suppression until we have a clear idea that their is a problem that amounts to more than right wing hysterics.

Speedy G said...

Poor ducky won't be happy until 1/2 of US GDP goes to support the deadbeats of America's Welfare collectives.

Here's his Venezuelan doppelganger ...

Ed Bonderenka said...

"So, I continue to oppose voter suppression".
Should that be amended to:
"So, I continue to oppose [illegal] voter suppression"?
Who here is supporting legal voter suppression?

CnC said...

If illegal aliens can get 4 or 5 ID's, what can't all black people get at least one?

Ed Bonderenka said...

"If illegal aliens can get 4 or 5 ID's, what can't all black people get at least one?"
Because it should be said more than once.

CnC said...

The leftists are just following the play book penned many years ago by neo-Marxist Saul David Alinsky. He taught his followers to lie if you can't win using the truth. Demonize your adversary. The race baiters have run the term "racist" into the ground. In this case they are using this lie to further their old tried and true method of winning elections. It's no secret that the Dems are dependent on fraudulent elections. There is no reason to oppose voter ID other than that. If you say otherwise you are either a liar or stupid or both, errr excuse me, that should read liar or low information voter.

Mustang said...

Once again, Ducky nailed it. What is the big deal with 765 provable cases of voter fraud? I mean, it isn’t 35,000 cases.

According to the Daily Tarheel, Bob Hall , executive director of the left-leaning Democracy N.C., said many of the 765 counts of voter duplicates were likely the result of clerical error. I think fraud needs to be stopped, but people shouldn’t get into a hysterical framework wanting to employ draconian measures that are inappropriate,” said Hall.

Let’s test this theory, shall we:

I think rape needs to be stopped, but people shouldn’t get into a hysterical framework wanting to employ draconian measures that are inappropriate,” said Hall.

I think murder needs to be stopped, but people shouldn’t get into a hysterical framework wanting to employ draconian measures that are inappropriate,” said Hall.

I think armed robbery needs to be stopped, but people shouldn’t get into a hysterical framework wanting to employ draconian measures that are inappropriate,” said Hall.

I think the knockout game needs to be stopped, but people shouldn’t get into a hysterical framework wanting to employ draconian measures that are inappropriate,” said Hall.

I think flash mobs needs to be stopped, but people shouldn’t get into a hysterical framework wanting to employ draconian measures that are inappropriate,” said Hall.

Yes, the theory seems to hold. Good call, Ducky.

Z said... bet. had to jump thru hoops to vote? I voted in Paris and that was no easy thing, but the consulate makes it all available.

Your point is excellent: if you can't be bothered to get an ID, why bother to vote, indeed.

AOW...thanks for that information.
They can complain all they want, but how hard was it to get SOME ID!, as you linked!??

Ed, that's exactly why I wrote this. If we have to pay for all other IDs, why not $10 for this one? I do believe some were trying to get the fees lifted; which I wouldn't disagree with if it proved to the rabid left we don't mean to keep people from voting.

I WISH all the commenters would READ THE POSTS AND COMMENTS before commenting.
WHO is suppressing legal voting?! man.

Mustang; bravo

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - " had to jump thru hoops to vote?" is insane easy...I was referring to the pains in being able to exercise my right to keep and bear arms.

Sam Huntington said...

Really Ducky? You poor abused child.

According to National Review, "North Carolina’s Board of Elections found that tens of thousands of registered voters from the state have personal information matching that of registered voters in other states, and appear to have voted in states other than North Carolina in 2012. In some cases, votes were cast under names of individuals who had passed away before Election Day.

"The review searched databases in 27 other states and 101 million voter records for information such as matching names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers.

"The review found that 35,570 North Carolina voters from 2012 shared the same first names, last names, and dates of birth with individuals who voted in other states. Another 765 Tar Heel State residents who voted in 2012 had the the same names, birthdays, and final four digits of a Social Security number as voters elsewhere."

So when such fraud results in a complete moron (not unlike Ducky) being elected to the presidency, shouldn't a responsible citizenry demand redress?

Craig said...

Sam, Those numbers are from Sec. of State in Kansas, Kris Kobach. He's a Republican political operative and certified hack. He came up with the cross check program that has supposedly exposed thousands of cases of voter fraud. He's got a little problem though,

When asked in October 2013, Kobach's office couldn't provide any evidence of a single instance in which the Interstate Crosscheck's data had led to an actual legal charge of voter fraud.

Then there's this from Ohio using Kobech's data,

But out of "hundreds" of potential instances of double-voting, as of last October the state had referred only 20 cases to law enforcement -- and none had resulted in charges.


Even if those numbers were true voter fraud, explain how I.D.'s would prevent it. If people are double voting under the same name, how would showing an I.D. make any difference?

Z, I hope you reported that lovely Black girl to the proper authorities. If not her, the poll workers who were clearly not doing their job. (The BOOK, by the way, NEVER EVER EVER gets looked at, did you know that?). I have to sign in next to my name in the BOOK every time.

Kid said...

This is how they did it in Germany in the 1930's

Kid said...

Sam, and all they have to do is fraud in the 4 or 5 'swing states'. Why bother with the northeast for example, when the vast majority would vote for a dead squirrel if it had a -D after its name.

Z said...

CI..I"m sorry' SECOND amendment..gotcha.

Craig...your signing doesn't mean anybody's looking at them. I've spoken to Dems and Reps who work downtown here and the books aren't opened.
"Certified hack?" I know...all Republicans are, right? :)
And NO Leftwingers did ANYTHING like what I've described many times, first hand. Thank GOODNESS....I'm so relieved
If you think voting should be done by folks, Black OR White, OR BROWN, who just can't manage to get an ID, good luck to you.
I want people who CARE and who've done their homework voting. Call me silly. I'm good with that.
Heck, call me a HACK! WONDERFUL~!

Kid, no matter HOW the GOP complains at voter fraud of the Left, it'll never be believed.
THis is the new America we all have to get used to.

BY THE WAY: BLM has called off the Nevada stand off.
And, after having listened to the Bundys last night,knowing the elitist left would be slamming them as "bumpkins" (and, as the left does, deflecting from the point in their insults), I got a taste for why the Left stood up thru their embarrassment for the filthy, drug and bug infested OWS hippies supporting their cause.
I'm thinking the cowboys suddenly looked great to me.

Anonymous said...


CI said he had to jump through hoops for his second amendment rights. Not voting.

I assume for his carry permit?

Z said...

Anonymous; I mixed up the first and second amendments...see above.

Ya, maybe carrying permit; maybe just getting some kind of gun? I don't believe it's ever easy.
Except for the liars who then go out and murder.

Anonymous said...

So what's next? Why don't they require that all voting machines zap you with a taser if you try to push the 'R' button? Current rule: R = Guilty.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"I assume for his carry permit?"

NICS, state processing fees, concealed carry application.....all for an enumerated Constitutional right.

Anonymous said...


Truth be known...a God Given Right (not a privilege) shouldn't require a "permit" or a fee for one. Like a drivers license, which is a privilege...yet kills 50,000 ppl per year with that privilege.

Imagine if that were applied that to all the other Rights we have?

The second amendment is that right and all one should need. A copy of in their wallets is enough IMO.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

If blacks cannot get ID, why is it that no one realizes, then, that it is the GOVERNMENT that issues IDs and, therefore, the GOVERNMENT that is discriminating against blacks?


Anonymous said...

@BZ:'s only all those white conservatives that work for the government...those that haven't been purged or fired yet.

Ask Eric the RED perennially aggrieved racist puke Holder....Al Sharpton would nod his fat head.

Z said...

Anonymous...that comment about the "R" button is hilarious. sad, but hilarious!




going to watercolor this afternoon at a friend's....see you later.
talk amongst yourselves :-)

I LOVE to read your stuff when I'm back home.

THANK YOU for being here.

Baysider said...

@Z - WHO is suppressing legal voting?

All those perps who want to dilute my vote with illegitimate ones. Everyone knows there's a 'situation.' Like the 1,000 votes registered to an empty storefront in Venice, Calif. that helped elect Jane Harman to congress. Those who oppose truing the vote, support suppressing mine.

but then you knew that. :)

Sam Huntington said...

@ Craig ...

You’ll forgive me as I struggle to reconcile, on the one hand, your demonization of citizens who simply want to know that their local, state, and federal elections are fair with the leftist campaign to perpetuate fraud at every opportunity. Your source, as a first cousin of the Southern Poverty Law Center, lacks objectivity and credibility ... but we at least understand where your brains are located, anatomically.

Duckys here said...

You'll pardon me, Sam, if I insist on pointing out a subtlety here.

There has been a failure by the fringe right to demonstrate any significant voter fraud (please don't be foolish and bring up matters of VOTER REGISTRATION, although that hasn't been demonstrated either). However, they insist on pressing forward with ID laws.
Why? Because their true goal is voter suppression.

Now all that you, Joe and any one else here says about ID's the facts remain that your concern is not voter fraud but voter suppression.
Just because the left understands this and can call you on it is no reason to get snippy about cranial location when you are so vulnerable.

Joe said...

Ducky: "...voter suppression."

Where did you get your mind reading degree?

I'm in favor of every single (and married) American voting in every election...once and only once. And I want them to prove they only voted once. That's my only reason for supporting a picture ID, and if you say otherwise, you are badly mistaken.

Duckys here said...

It's like this, Joe. You and Sam are Constitutional scholars so you are probably at least acquainted with other aspects of the law.

In the matter of the ID, is it legal to burden someone when the burdening supplies no countervailing relief?
The voting rights act said no. Now you managed to get your stooges like "Tough Tony" Scalia, "Slappy" Thomas, et. al. to lift the voting rights act without objecting to its content. They only objected the scope of its enforcement.

Now in this so called uber liberal administration you'd think they would just pass the act and make the conditions universal. We aren't as liberal as you pretend?

Dave Miller said...

Z, why should Bundy get to graze his cattle on federal land while thousands if other law abiding ranchers willingly pay for that right and for preserving the quality of those areas?

I've got some very conservative friends who are ranchers in Iregon and they would call this outright theft of federal resources and blatantly unfair to those that choose to play by the rules.

Bundy refuses to pay his federal grazing fees. Why should he have access?

Anonymous said...

Slappy? Come on really want to say "nigga" don't ya?

Yea ya do.

Anonymous said...

"Like the 1,000 votes.."

Like the ones found in the trunk of a car that got al freaken elected too?

Anonymous said...

New loyalty test to be administered by the intolerant leftist stooges:

"Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Republican Party?"

Baysider said...


Yep. Same deal. Her opponent squeaked in a win .... then PRESTO! More votes put Harmon over the top. They never expected a white Republican to canvass door to door looking for vote fraud in a 'scary' neighborhood. Imagine. A thousand voters all living in an empty storefront.

Anonymous said...


" A thousand voters all living in an empty storefront..."

Why not?The IRS sent 1000 refund checks to one trailer occupied by one illegal and family...who claimed all his relatives in mehico as dependents.

viburnum said...

Requiring ID is suppressive? In what way? It's a perfectly legitimate step in a hundred processes that you can easily name, and no one thinks it the slightest bit amiss. You're making an assertion without proof.
The countervailing benefit you ask about is in preventing the disenfranchisement of legitimate voters through the negation of their ballot.

Bob said...

Just in case anybody is interested:

In Georgia we have a reasonable requirement of a picture ID for voting. This ID is usually a driver's license. Having recently had to renew my DL, I can vouch that it is necessary to have recent documentation that you are a Georgia citizen.

My five year DL cost $20. An ID just for voting is free.

Note that there has never been one case of voter suppression shown using this system. Arguments to that effect are just straw men.

Efforts at voter fraud are rampant at ACORN. Fraud is part of there DNA. Interesting that the only job Barack Obama ever had was being a trainer for ACORN. The problem is that our top attorney will not prosecute lawbreakers. Eric Holder is a bitter, misguided little man.

Besides having rights and privileges in being a citizen, there are responsibilities, also. These include jury duty, payment of taxes, etc. In Georgia the ID lists are used for jury selection, and other purposes.

As to voter fraud:
Voter fraud has been a time honored sport throughout US history. Tammany hall, anyone? Democrat Party of Illinois? ACORN has been indicted dozens of times, but not prosecuted by the Feds. Answer - Eric Holder.

Democrats have shown a particular talent for voter fraud throughout history. They may not have invented it, but they wrote the book on it.

Some people on this blog claim there are no cases of voter fraud. This is not only incorrect, but it flies into the face of history and fact as being either carefully crafted lies, or intractable ignorance.

There are thousands of cases or voter fraud in each and every national election. They usually go unchallenged because resolution of every case would not change the election outcome.

Or, as in the case of Al Franken, the true-up of the voters with eligible voters would have negated his election, and was thus suppressed for political reasons. Now you understand why the Dems want illegals and felons to vote.

When somebody claims that there is no voter fraud in the United States, they are either lying or extremely stupid.

Z said...

I truly do wonder, always have, about people who don't think Americans should have some ID before they vote.

Is it because only liberals are trying to vote illegally, more than one time..? What?

Or are the lefties really sticking up for Republican voters, too? :-)

amazing. what? The topic is VERY complicated....too complicated to go into here.
I often will repeat a headline in comments. I took no side one way or the other, did I.
I'm not going to even attempt to go into Bundy's side; it's worth consideration and I don't have time.

Anonymous; I remember all those ballots stuff in a car trunk .... but, stop it; if it's the left screwing up, we'll barely hear about it.

I hope you all read the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about my friend working in the Black eye doc's office and what she heard every voting year for the 35 years she worked there "Oh, ya...Dr...I voted! Some great kids came by and got my ballot and marked it and sent it in"
Every year. But, that's not fraud, right? :-)

Z said...

Bob....what would this country do without you? thanks for that.

Always On Watch said...

An ID just for voting is free [n Georgia].

I think that we have something along these lines on the way here in Virginia too.

Craig said...

I remember all those ballots stuff in a car trunk .... but, stop it; if it's the left screwing up, we'll barely hear about it.

Probably because it didn't happen.

In 2002 John Ashcroft's Justice Dept. ordered AGs across the country to root out voter fraud. In 6 years and with all the resources of the federal government they couldn't find more than a handful of cases. If all that fraud existed, they would have found it. They were invested in finding it.

I'm still curious, Z, to whom did you report the voter fraud you witnessed?

Anonymous said...


" why should Bundy get to graze his cattle on federal land..."

Cause his family has been on it and using it since 1870? Or long before there was a heist by an agency called the BLM who stole 85% of well as other states properties...without compensation?

Maybe the dork feds should have grandfathered this man in as he was a long time settler?

Anonymous said...


" In 6 years and with all the resources of the federal government they couldn't find..."

In 4 years the government can't find who in the IRS committed a crime...more years and they can't find who was responsible for F&F? And 3 years to find the guilty in our own government that covered up Benghazi?

Ice can't find 15 million illegals or who overstayed their visa..but anyone driving around any major city can see them on street corners or at a Home Depot.

One would think that the least capable one of finding their own asses with two hands is anyone in Congress or the Federal government.

Silly man.

Duckys here said...

Even uber rightist Ann Barnhardt ...

... a favorite of Joe's thinks that the Nevada welfare queen, Bundy is way over the line.

If this were a minority grifting an extra 20 bucks on an EBT card rather than a militia loon grifting a million the tone here would be different.

Bob said...

@Craig said...
"I remember all those ballots stuff in a car trunk .... but, stop it; if it's the left screwing up, we'll barely hear about it.
Probably because it didn't happen."

Craig: Stop making an ass of yourself. The Franken election was one of the most contentious elections in the last decade, and it is acknowledged that there were cases of voter fraud. As for as ballots in the trunks of cars, that is one of the most often little tricks we see as in the 2000 election in Volusia County, Florida when a box of ballots were found after the election in the back of a van. Democrat territory.

I think you are trying to be defensive in cases where there may be no defense.

Voter fraud is extremely difficult to prove as (I believe) intent must be shown. Mistakes at the poll do not make the indictment stage, and almost everything can be disguised as a mistake.

There is no wonder Ashcroft's office couldn't prosecute successfully. The difference between then and now, Ashcroft was an honest AG, whereas, Holder is an ideological pimp.

So, get off that holier than thou stuff. History is not your friend, here.

Duckys here said...

Well Bob, there certainly were accusations of voter fraud in the Franken election.
Nothing proven but the fringe right only requires accusations don't they? And you start giving people the tone?

We've even had hints here that voter fraud gained Obama the win over McCain (Romney also I imagine). Really Alex Jones stuff.

Now why not whip up some stories about the New Black Panthers throwing the election for Obama and entertain us.

Duckys here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duckys here said...

Ed, remember when the left was going all nuts over the accusations Bev Harris was making about rigged voting machines?
Do you hear much about that any longer?


I wonder why. Well it's because it was all a pant load and the left knows how to act like adults when they find out they've been had and drop the issue?
No such maturity on the right.

Baysider said...

Who can forget the boxes of ballots suddenly appearing from a [Democratic stronghold] indian reservation in the last election Tom Daschle won? And how hard he fought to keep election monitors away the next time when he ran against Thune.

He would have succeeded (in a late night last ditch effort before a judge, his pal and golfing buddy) to obtain a fraudulent injunction but mid-proceedings someone got the judge aside and pointed out a blogger in the courtroom, silently tapping word to the outside world on his Blackberry. Word was, when the judge learned it had just been published online in the San Jose Mercury News (this was 7:30 at night) he backed off and refused Daschle the illegal injunction. Thune won.

In my case, when we discovered it going on in our own property Mr. B reported the 6 cases directly to the registrar and had them removed from the roll.

Kid said...

a person not paying grazing rights? Whoa there's a major issue in America today ! Someone get on the horn !

Never mind we're talking about voting.

And its a known fact that black folks in Cincinnati get bussed around
and vote many times because they get started during early voting. They're categorized as provincial votes don't ya know. Gee, I'm sure they're not counted in the heavy democrat districts where the votes are made either. wink wink

Kid said...

Also consider very few entities are at the level where the votes roll up into totals. I wouldn't bet my life the final tallies aren't just made up.

Z said...

Craig and Ducky;
None of us has anything to prove to you. Your leftwing sites will win EVERY TIME. We get that :-)
You should be ashamed.
No fraud on your side. NONE.

And, yes, Ducky....lots of maturity on the 'fringe right' trying SO hard to get people who can vote to vote.
Getting legal folks to vote; getting people who can figure out HOW to get an ID to vote.
We think that'd help.

Sam Huntington said...

Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act prohibits states from imposing literacy tests and poll taxes, and other voting prerequisites resulting in the disenfranchisement of voters on the basis of race. Now if all citizens are required to provide proof of identification, then there is no discrimination. Ducky’s lack of comprehension doesn’t surprise me, though. In truth, lacking common sense and the understanding of a first grader is the least of his problems.

Bob said...

Ducky said: "Nothing proven but the fringe right only requires accusations don't they? And you start giving people the tone?"

Surely, Ducky, you are not as stupid as you sound. There's ample evidence of voter fraud in the Franken election, and dozens of others. It is extremely hard to prove, but the numbers show it to be true.

In any particular election there is voter fraud, either intentionally or mistakenly. I know of incidents (personally) where dead voters were not removed from the rolls, and others voted for them.

It is almost impossible to get someone removed from the voter rolls in Fulton County, GA. When my voting age son died, it took almost 4 year to get his name removed. In the meantime I don't think anybody used his name, but his was one of a couple of hundred thousand stuck on the rolls. Nursing homes in the area have a reputation of voting senile and dead senior for Democrats. That's why we have rational voter ID laws in Georgia.

It seems preposterous that you jump into such empty intellectual positions to claim there is no fraud. History and facts are against you.

Liberalmann said...


Z said...

Bob; he'll never EVER hear you. But thank you so much for your comment.

Craig; I have posted it here a couple of times, but I'll mention again the time I was standing waiting for my neighbors to vote at the local precinct.
A young man came flying in and told them he'd moved and wasn't on the list. They said "Just sign the BOOK!"
No questions, no addresses requested.
Now, instead of the 75 yr old neighborhood folks who had manned the precinct for the last 25 years I remembered, there were suddenly some Jimmy Buffet types, no socks, Hawaiian shirts, earrings....I thought that was odd to start with. Something's changed.
Then I finally said "You're letting him vote with no information?"
the Buffet look-alike "Mr Cool" said "what, don't you think EVERYBODY should vote?" :-)
I said "EVERYBODY who's legal, yes...everybody who shows his information."
Didn't matter.

And now I'll answer Craig's question about the big book you sign if there's an discrepancy on your address, etc.
Even in a town of only 10,000 (I am proud to say I live in L.A.), as my friend who worked downtown voting night and told me "nobody opens them," can you picture someone in the room screaming "Jim Johnnson!...anybody got HIM voting anywhere but at 2123 Main st.?"

Grow up, Craigy.

Z said...


we conservatives listen to ALL the news because we kind of have to. All the networks are Left...CNN's Left...and many of us listen to those. Much of our local news is leftwing, too.
We read all the news because most newspapers lean left.

Now, if Liberals don't have the curiosity to listen to FOX or conservative talk show hosts, and don't have the curiosity to at least consider their points....(and they're viable points or, clearly, half the country'd not be on their side) how would any of US be anything but unthinking, unlistening, indoctrinated liberals?

I think my point makes sense, don't y'all? These people always say they'd NEVER listen to talk shows, they'd NEVER watch FOX, and the president (can you imagine a sitting president?~!) slams FOX on a pretty regular basis (man, is he scared, or what?...and oh, so thin skinned, poor guy!, so how can WE expect them to believe anything BUT what they're so enamored with?

Mustang said...

You're right Z ... but I'm willing to wager my children that NO ONE on the right regards The Daily Show as a news source.

Z said...

Mustang, I know...I saw that and had to laugh!

TS/WS said...

The voters on the left are so stupid that they think that Mr. Bundy is using Federal Land for his cattle.
NOT, it is Nevada State that owns the Land-Why did Harry Reid's Son Have to Broker the Deal with the Solar Company (besides being Chinese).
The only fee Bundy is accused being delinquent paying - is for the turtles that have a Federal Claim (illegal of course), however I never heard the Congressional Bill Number Sited.
Regulations of some Department in the Government is only a wish list until the Congress passes such a Bill.
Only Congress Shall Pass LAWS, not some Bureaucrat.
Voter ID Laws in National Election.
Humm That would be presidential.
As Senators and House Reps are a State's Voter concern.
So if one has to have a ID to Vote for their State Rep or U.S. Rep or Senator, then they would already have the ID to vote for their choice for a President.

Duckys here said...

Hey, TS/WS the only source pushing that line is Alex Jones.

I bet that NO ONE on the left regards Info Wars as a news source.

Duckys here said...

Now, if Liberals don't have the curiosity to listen to FOX

Pant load alert.

Want to bet I listen to Fox more often than you listen to Democracy Now! (or any other left news program).

So is it the deal that any one who disagrees with Fox news doesn't know the truth? Stunning.

TS/WS said...

What line

Craig said...

There's ample evidence of voter fraud in the Franken election

Sam, I live in MN and I am familiar with what happened. Your accusation of "ballots in a trunk" is bogus, it did not happen. Pointing that out to you is, somehow, making an ass of myself. There is no evidence of voter fraud and Coleman's lawyers said as much in court.

There was an outside conservative group, MN Majority, that alleged 341 votes cast by convicted felons who hadn't had their voting rights restored. The issue of felons voting was brought up by Franken's team during the recount, challenging a vote for Coleman. That opened the door for Coleman's lawyers to do the same, they didn't. An investigation of MN Majority's claim was done by Ramsey Co. (St. Paul) prosecutor, Phil Carruthers. His conclusion, "Overwhelmingly, their statistics were not accurate.”

Sam, your argument seems to be, fraud is rampant but we can't find it. This thread started with someone bringing up the Crossmatch project. If people are voting more than once, it should be pretty easy to find and their intent would be clear. No cases have been found, Crossmatch admitted it.

I have never said voter fraud hasn't happened. The amount of fraud is so miniscule that it doesn't justify the expense and hassle of ID requirements. I'm not even opposed to voter ID, per say. If it were truly free, no problem. Many people don't have a state issued ID for various reasons. The elderly, students, minorities. Even where IDs are "free", the supporting documents needed to get one aren't. $20 in MN to get a certified copy of my birth cert. For many elderly, there is no record of their birth, especially for blacks in the south. Paying for an ID or supporting docs to vote sounds an awful lot like a poll tax.

ID isn't the only issue. Limiting voting hours, absentee ballots, shorting voting machines in Dem precincts, voter roll purges, caging. All meant to suppress the vote.

Z, when you first brought up the BOOK, it thought you were referring to the voting register. I'm sure the BOOK is for provisional ballots. Someone voting provisionally would have a certain number of days after the election to go to the registrar to prove their residence to have their vote counted. If the BOOK never gets opened, those votes aren't counted. So, what's your beef?

BTW, I listen to Dennis Prager and Medved nearly every day. They're a hoot.

Rita said...

Does anyone else ever wonder why there are only Republican "political operatives"? It's like we have a bunch of undercover spies helping us suppress the vote.

I just smile when I see that kind of twisting of the truth simply by changing a couple of words.

And again, why is it that some people believe that blacks are not capable of getting an ID should they want to vote?

Did anyone read where Bill Clinton suggested having picture ID on your social security card? Bill Clinton.

Wouldn't that imply voter ID? Wonder why Clinton's trying to suppress the vote.

Sam Huntington said...

Well Craig, that wasn't me that talked about ballots in the trunk of an automobile.

But even if it had been me, I have no desire to dialogue with someone as stupid or as dishonest as you are.

Craig said...

Sorry Sam, I meant Bob. I may be stupid but what did I say that wasn't true? Heaven forbid you dialogue with someone who disagrees. Z gave me the impression all you geeeezers were open minded and listened to both sides.

So much hostility here.

Z said...

Ducky, you really didn't get my point?
First, no I do NOT think you listen to FOX on any regular basis, but nice try.
Secondly, I never said what you infer; I said NOT GETTING BOTH SIDES OF EVERY ISSUE IS STUNTING AND UNINFORMED. Don't put words in my mouth anymore.

Craig...sure, the Franken thing NEVER HAPPENED :) And you live in Minnesota and you know. You were there opening the trunk; we get that. Thanks.

yes, of course it's the provisional book. And you think people go and prove their eligibility? What planet do you live on? No, the provisional are utter BS. And that could definitely promote fraud.
But, don't worry, people in Afghanistan can get voting ID cards, but it's too hard for everyone here to, so that sits fine with this president who doesn't think authenticity in voting is important either. Nice job.

And yes, Sam is TOTALLY entitled to his opinion of any subject or you.
As I've said frequently, many liberal blogs don't allow conservatives to comment but let someone disagree with a lib here, and the inferences are hilarious.


Z said...

"ID isn't the only issue. Limiting voting hours, absentee ballots, shorting voting machines in Dem precincts, voter roll purges, caging. All meant to suppress the vote"

Man, those NASTY Republicans...doing all that? PURGING voting rolls? Caging?
Thank GOD we have Democrats amongst us who'd NEVER EVER do anything like that.

By the way, if America was serious about everyone voting, which every Republican wants, by the way, LEGALLY that is, we'd have voting on weekends like they do in Europe so everyone could vote near where they live and we wouldn't see people running from precinct to precinct voting and signing provisionals.

Craig, you live in a VERY scary world, don't you.

Why not check out Sheryl Attkisson's stories about this administration contacting her and CBS in unhappiness over certain stories? How about CBS telling her Benghazi's over?

To most Americans, all of THAT and the likes of it with others, is SCARY.

Or IRS employees telling people to vote for Obama on the IRS help lines or having his picture on their screen savers at work.
Or IRS folks like Lerner saying "we're working on denying them tax exemption" when it should have been "working on looking into it.."

MY GOD, and stories like this are ignored and politicized "it's a bunch of crazy Republicans"
THAT is shameful.

Wait till it's your turn; though as a Republican, I'd NEVER EVER condone a politicized IRS.

Craig said...

yes, of course it's the provisional book. And you think people go and prove their eligibility? What planet do you live on?

The planet where provisional ballots are NOT counted unless the person casting it goes back and proves they are who they said they are and live where they said they live. Why is that so hard to understand?

I agree with you on weekend voting. Many states have early voting on weekends. States like Wisconsin, Ohio, N.C. are cutting back on weekend voting. All Republican controlled.

As to Sheryl Attkisson, every administration has contacted a reporter they think has misreported a story. It's nothing new. Sheryl can blame Laura Logan for putting that phoney, Dylan Davies, for CBS not wanting to touch Benghazi again.

Thersites said...

How soon the Eric Holder's of the world forget...

*shakes head*

Z said...

Craig, no...."hard to understand?"
The friend I know who's very involved in voting, etc., said that doesn't happen. But, I hope you're right.

As for Sheryl Attkisson; this is a perfect example of not having the information.
The interview this morning, by Howie Kurtz on FOX, was informative. She's been in the business for 20 years and she's a centrist and hasn't ever seen this kind of behavior by any White House.
Laura Logan? One-off. And she wasn't totally wrong, either, of course.

As for Attkisson; sorry, she's not a hack for either side, she's an investigative reporter who had her Benghazi story shut down, her ACA information shut down,...
you live in a dream world that the liberals are perfect.
You need to get over that.

Z said...

You know...Holder uses the race card (have you heard "No he did NOT" from the left? When they're asked 'what DID he mean?' . quiet)
If he meant that other AGs are not treated like HE was, we need to remember how badly Gonzalez was treated, the jerk who went to prison for Watergate, and John Ashford, and many others. MUCH worse treatment and most of us remember that.

If he meant HE AND THE PRESIDENT ARE BLACK (which it's pretty clear he DID), it irks me to see that he can say that they're victims when all they've done up to now is PLAY on THEIR supposed victimhood...using Black to divide and conquer, shut up any fair thought, etc.
Man, if "you can't have it both ways" doesn't fit HIS situation, It fits NOTHING. bum

Z said... just occurred to me; I have NEVER heard anybody tell a provisional voter they have to come back and do ANYTHING.
I was standing there twice; if I didn't hear it, 2' from the conversations, they sure didn't hear it.

Thersites said...

Bum, indeed!

Divide and Conquer...

...and put chains upon their children

Average American said...

The same people that are supposedly being "suppressed" at the polls because of the lack of a valid ID sure in Hell can get their grubby little paws on one in a BIG hurry if they need to show it for the EBT card, food stamps, or any of the other hundreds of freebies the left is always handing out. You leftards are quite a piece of work, kind of a "SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID!!!

Liberalmann said...
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Mustang said...

@ Liberal dork

Let's keep guns and reduce stress by banning idiots such as yourself.