Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Please treat yourself to Mustang's latest post at FIX BAYONETS.
It will show you what a real man is like....humor, humility, honor. 

I was amazed and had to share it.........GeeeeZ had to have it in its archives.

You will enjoy the read...if you read nothing else, read his numbered points.  But read everything :-)

Thanks, Mustang.



Ed Bonderenka said...

That was well worth the time.

Z said...

I'm so glad you agree with me, Ed. thanks for letting me know

Impertinent said...

One hell of a talk…one hell of a Marine. And just what I would expect from a leader like him.

Baysider said...

Incredibly inspiring.

Mr. B served 10 years in the army and as a reserve officer. He occasionally did classroom training with Marine officers. Boy, he still talks about the exceptional quality of the Marine officer corps. The kind of quality and integrity you hear in this speech.

Kid said...

As I said at Mustang's, I enjoyed it very much. Meaning I enjoyed reading about a man who loved what he was and is doing that hard and that what he is doing Is hard.

What a Lucky Man he was.

Z said...

I'm so glad you all felt like Mustang and I do about this man.
WHAT honor, what dignity, humor....

Bob said...

That was a good read, Z. Thanks, Mustang for publishing the speech.

The Korean War was treated as the war that never was. There were some 38,000 US casualties in that war. The conditions were brutal, but the cause in Korea was the same as Viet Nam, and other conflicts. World Communism was on the march, literally.

Anti-war people say that Viet Nam was a dirty war. Maybe Korea was, also. Some revisionists say that World War II was not necessary, but I don't think you can choose your war. Sometimes, you have to fight for principle, and thousands of lives that could disappear if you lower your standards.

Soldiers don't make a decision on which war is righteous. The marines and other military heroes don't get the choice of which war they fight. Their world is defending our right to oppose war, or anything else.

Kid said...

Bob, how many N Korean lives could have been saved between the cessation of hostilites in the early 50's and 2014 if we'd have dropped the bomb again.?
How many people wouldn't be eating grass in the dark and cold in NK for the last 60 years. How many executed and tortured.

Just guessing a multiple of 1000 times or so to what would have been killed with maybe even one bomb over Pingpong, NK.

How much longer will the vermin leadership in NK continue the death and suffering?

Jobs have to be finished.