Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Dream Team

1. President
2. Vice President
3. Senate Majority Leader
4. Speaker of the House
5. Secretary of Defense
6. Attorney General
7. Secretary of the Interior
8.  anybody else you'd like to assign to another office of your choice who you think would take his work seriously and do it well?

Please give your choice for the titles above......

"Anybody but Obama or his minions" does not apply:-)

This should be looking forward to seeing them!

Thanks, everybody,



Ed Bonderenka said...

1. President Scott Walker
2. Vice President Paul Ryan
The leadership positions are political management positions and reflect the tenor of their caucuses.
We don't get to vote on them except by electing their members.
Even Boehner would fall in line to the right caucus.
McConnell too.
5. Secretary of Defense Mustang
6. Attorney General Bill Schuette

DaBlade said...

Lots of different ways to go. How about this lineup?
1. President Ted Cruz
2. Vice President Sarah Palin
3. Senate Majority Leader Jim DeMint
4. Speaker of the House Michele Bachmann
5. Secretary of Defense Allen West

Constitutional Insurgent said...

POTUS - Rand Paul
VPOTUS - Walter Jones
SecDef - Michael Vickers
SecEd - Vacant; agency dismantled
SecHUD - Vacant; agency dismantled
SecInterior - Brian Schweitzer
SecCommerce - Peter Thiel
US AG - Randy Barnett

I struggled to think of my desired candidate for SecState, and came up with nada.

Silverfiddle said...

I second CI's lineup.

Duckys here said...

President -- Bernie Sanders
Vice President -- Howard Dean
Senate majority -- Elizabeth Warren
House Speaker -- Keith Ellison
Treasure Secretary -- Joseph Stiglitz
Secretary of State -- Sherrod Brown

Frida Van der Wiener said...

Is your dream to finally collapse the system?

Duckys here said...

Frida if that were the case I would have picked something like DaBlade's team.

Sam Huntington said...

POTUS Trey Gowdy
VPOTUS Kelly Ayotte
SOTH Kevin McCarthy
SML John Thune
SECDEF James Mattis
AG Lindsey Graham
Dog Catcher Harry Reid

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ

Sec of Defense...Mustang....Great choice, Ed!

DB...Palin. Is this a real list?
Can you do one without Bachmann or Palin?

CI....good point about dismantled agencies..

Sam, Thune's terrific.
Dog Catcher's too good for the liberal who calls the hurting 'liars' for his own self gain.
By the way, a friend from Nevada says most people there say Reid's election was bought and paid for....bad stuff. I mean, who'd VOTE for that little worm? ugh.

Dave Miller said...

Z... Are you talking about Harry's win against Angle? Does your friend have any evidence? Angle lost her own county.

It was a race the GOP should have won but they chose wrong in the primary...

Frida Van der Wiener said...

Duckys here said...

Frida if that were the case I would have picked something like DaBlade's team.



Hilda Hightower said...

Dog Catcher is too good for Harry Reid.

Lisa said...

. President Ben Carson or Rand Paul
2. Vice President Allen West
3. Senate Majority Leader Kelly Ayotte
4. Speaker of the House-Raul Labrador
5. Secretary of Defense Mike Rogers
6. Attorney General Trey Gowdy
7. Secretary of the Interior ??

All those old white men.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

Lisa...I like your group the best, I have to say, though there are certain names on everyone's list I'd go for.

Dave, no...this is purely anecdotal from a guy who follows NV politics closely.
Angle was the worst choice ever

I don't believe NV will go Left again for a while as even centrist friends in NV think Reid's a little man who's extreme and unpleasant.


I believe it was at the RNC when Romney's selection was made that an EXCELLENT Hispanic woman spoke and was articulate and admirably conservative. I don't remember her name but I BELIEVE her family is in private security in TX? What's happened to her, if any of you remember?

I'm amazed that this post didn't get more comments; I was hoping to get a lot, but the title's everything and this wasn't my best bait :-)

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Frida, I think that's Obama's dream.

Liberalmann said...

Mel Gibson was right! Just yesterday the Jews (who have been interloping in Harlem for decades - called out brilliantly by the great Al Sharpton) blew up a black church killing dozens just to aquire more cheap property in Harlem and drive the brown people out!

Anonymous said...

Liberalmann, I don't think even honest liberals think as ugly as you do. WHY are so many liberals so anti-Semitic unless it comes to murderous islamists?

Dave Miller said...

Z... unless your friend is Jon Ralston, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Nevada to turn more red, than blue.

The red rural areas are losing population and conservative voters while the blue urban areas are growing again and registering dems.

Soon Nevada will have a much larger latino population and while Gov. Sandoval might appeal to them, and I think he will be a great Senate candidate against Reid, if a dem is Lt gov, I am not sure he'll run.

BTW, you said you're friend said most people here believe Reid stole the election... that's not even remotely accurate. Most people? A majority?

Really, apart from Sharron Angle and her family, there might be a few. Not even the RJ alleges that.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Dave! Let it GO! This friend in politics is well connected and has a lot to say on the subject.
Gad....don't knock yourself out.
REAL sorry I repeated something that's said there.
"not even remotely accurate?" :-)

No, I can see that NV is going mostly Blue, when the immigrants can vote, you think they'll vote to save America's economy at all costs, to refuse 'entitlements' they have absolutely no right to? You don't really expect them not to vote the Goodie Party, DO YOU?
Don't be naïve.
Just remember that Harry Reid is not well respected, liked, or trusted in large groups in NV.
And no, Dave, I didn't ask every Nevadan personally... you got me there. GOOD BOY! :-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Liberalasshole, screw you, Mel Gibson and especially Al Sharpton. And you can throw in Barack Obama as well.........

Eric said...

Whether one supports or opposes Obama, it's hard not to wonder why he's so enthusiastic about appearing on television programs, especially "fluffy daytime TV shows". For some reason, the president is unconcerned with the fact that everybody thinks that he’s making a schmuck out of himself.
Like when Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh was hammering the President for taking part in the “SELFIE” that he took with that Danish Female president, and shaking Cuban President Raul Castro's hand at the same event. Obama, Limbaugh argued, was trying to make the memorial service all about himself.

My Conservative Values said...

I believe the president's behaviors were immature, inappropriate, and self centered. He was at a state funeral for a respected former leader. You do not take "sellfies" at a funeral, for God's sake.. Obama acted in very poor taste. Not to mention that he is flirting with another woman in front of his WIFE. He would have made Bill Clinton proud. Hopefully, this will not reflect too badly on our country- we already have too much damage to repair to America's reputation. Shame on Mr Obama for displaying such juvenile behaviors. This was totally inappropriate behavior – self indulgent when the day belonged to Mandella and honoring him. This was totally embarrassing. And apparently Michelle wasn't impressed either. He looked like he's flirting with the Danish Prime Minister with his wife sitting right next to him! What a joke of a president we have!

Z said...

Dave, I'm wondering; you speak for "Hispanics" or "those below the border," etc., as if you've spoken to them all and speak for them, but when I tell you about an acquaintance in politics who speaks for all those HE knows, I'm queried and challenged?
I don't think so. is definitely embarrassing. I think more than representing the people of the United States, Obama's still real proud of himself and enjoying all the accolades. Clinton was a lot like that, too, but at least the most undignified thing HE did (other than 'not' have sex in the Oval Office with a kid) was play the sax on Arsenio Hall...this new president is just plain embarrassing.

Bob said...

President: Marco Rubio
Vice-President: Bobby Jindal
Senate Majority Leader: Ted Cruz
Speaker of The House: Tom Price (R-GA)
Secretary of State: Jeb Bush
Secretary of Defense:
Arnold Schwartzenegger
Attorney General: Fred Thompson
Secretary Interior: Ted Nugent
Sec Education: Prescott Bush

Bob said...

@Ducky: Your lineup looks like the granola party. It's a bunch of fruits and nuts.

Sparky said...

I third CI choices with Rand Paul as President. Trey Gowdy could be in there somewhere also. I can tell he's a good guy.
Right off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone with good foreign negotiating skills. Also, I recommend eliminating HUD, DoE, EPA, the FED, the Department on Aging, Surgeon General and anything that starts with "Department Of ..."

Dave Miller said...

Z... Alleging voter fraud is a pretty big charge to be tossing around without any real facts or evidence.

Which is exactly what you did in repeating non sourced accusations.

It's one thing to day a lot if Nevadans don't like Harry... that's not a crime. But to accuse a sitting member of Congress of election fraud, with no factual basis is terribly irresponsible.

As for Mexico, I speak from over 2 decades of experience spanning all areas of the country and socioeconomic classes. Sometimes I'm right, other times I am wrong.

But I don't accuse people of crimes that go to the heart of a democracy without evidence.

I've seen voter fraud south of the border first hand. It does not exist here in spite of the desires of many on the right, and left, to wish it did to explain why they don't win every election.

Lisa said...

Z- Susana Martinez is who you are thinking of.

I am honored you like my list

Robert Sinclair said...

I'm certain Harry Reid is guilty of something. Probably something on the order of premeditated liberalism ... a capital offense. And maybe we could hang all those nut jobs who profess Christ while sneaking in illegal aliens to suck our limited resources dry. I think the Lord would call that stealing.

Impertinent said...


"It does not exist here in spite of the desires of many on the right, and left, to wish it did to explain why they don't win every election."

Nah...all those SEIU and ACORN get out the vote thugs were a figment of our imagination, right?

Kid said...

1. President - You Z
2. Vice President - Impertinent
3. Senate Majority Leader - Sam Huntington
4. Speaker of the House - Ed Bonderenka
5. Secretary of Defense - Mustang
6. Attorney General - Lisa
7. Secretary of the Interior - Bob

Unfortunately, a sufficient number of positions were not listed for me to assign those people who should be given this great responsibility. I hope no one was slighted and apologize if you were.

Positions are available however for all other Conservatives, Send you resume to

Kid said...

Robert Sinclair. Democrat politicians are not guilty of something. They are guilty of Everything.

Kid said...

Dave, one l;ast comment to you before I assign you below decks on the Good Ship Ignoramous.

I'm betting you've Never been conservative eh?

Realize that the vast majority of conservatives were liberal at one point in their lives. They like me, realized the fairy tale, lies, and BS of liberals and moved up to the next level.

We've been where you're at. You've yet to be where we are at.
That Should be self explanatory.

Personally, I view liberals as kids who act like grownups and Conservatives as grownups who like to act like kids from time to time.
Here's an example. Geedle Gaddle Fiddle Faddle, meow, Purrrr.

No big ting.

Bob said...

Dave, I hate to seem like I am piling on, but voter fraud has been an American tradition as long as we have had elections.

Do I personally know of any fraud? Only anecdotally in that my neighbor says both of his parents voted Democrat in every Florida presidential election in spite of Alzheimers ( and death of one parent), and he got this from the manager of the nursing home!!

It seems to me that it is inevitable that there will be some kind of election fraud in almost every election. Maybe somebody will lie about their address, using an old drivers license as ID because they did not notify the local election commission of their move. This happens regularly. Then there are well organized efforts like ACORN who have been doing it on a wide basis for decades. The ACORN escapades are not secret, and they had several indictments across the nation for voter fraud during the last Presidential election.

Impertinent said...


Priceless....Posts of the Day...Period.

Lisa said...

Lol kid. You always get me laughing.
"They are guilty of everything" haha

And thank you,I accept your nomination 😉

Bob said...

@Kid: "
Blogger Kid said...

1. President - You Z"


JonBerg said...

Harry Reid

It's an interesting to note that Nevada has the, reported, lowest High School graduation rate of any of the 50 states. So now we know!

At this point I haven't made choices for the various offices. Suffice it to say, however, it would be difficult to get a worse bunch than we have now!

Impertinent said...


No need to be disappointed have a job. And do I..LOL

Anonymous said...

Dave Miller could be CIA Director ... he's a lying POS.

Sam Huntington said...

Robert, I should like to remind you that only Democrats routinely violate the rights of our citizens, in the name of liberalism, of course. I hope you haven't turned to the dark side.

Kid said...

@IMP, Thanks Imp.. :)

@Lisa, Thank you. Now All need to do is get Z in the White House. Shouldn't be That hard.?

@Bob, (suck up) you say that like there is something wrong with it. ;-)

Rita said...

Kid: can I be Ambassador to Italy?

Kid said...

Rita, You got it baby. No strings.

Rita said...

Pres: Dr. Ben Carson
Veep: Condi Rice
Sec of Defense: Allen West

Oh wait, I just realized that I can't pick those three because that would ruin the left's preconceived notion that all conservatives are racists.

I still want Mike Pence to run. I think he'll wait another four years to finish out eight years as our governor.

Love Trey Gowdy. Let's get him in there somewhere. Walker's good, but I think the unions would ruin his chances.

And let's bring back Dana Perino as Press Secretary.

Rita said...

Thx Kid. I knew there was a reason I loved you so much.

Kid said...

I love you too Rita.

Rita said...

I'm sure we all appreciate Dave M "schooling" Z on what she can and cannot say on her own blog, as his opinion is so much more important than anyone else's here.

Rita said...

Hey Kid. Where are you in your administration? Wanna join me in Italy? Wink wink.

Rita said...

You could be da Pope.

Kid said...

Rita, I'm in covert operations.

Italy? Absolutely. Tuscany perhaps.

Do you have any recommendations?

Kid said...

Rita, I actually like the current Pope. Down to Earth is what is needed I think. Aloof and untouchable is not the way to go these days.

Z said...

Dave, for goodness sake. I'm telling you there are RUMORS, BIG TIME, about the Reid election. I'm not giving some statistic with facts and figures. RUMORS....stop with the self righteous smugness, please!!!
"most people there say.." is what I said. Would "2349872349877 people say, because I ASKED THEM"? ... What my friends says is the truth to the rumors there...that's all...don't get so upset. Not MY surmisal, HIS.

Don't tell me you REALLY believe there's no voter fraud in the states? :-)

Lisa, it was just a plain great list, YOU deserve the credit :-)
Thanks for that lovely vote of confidence.

Robert; AMEN to that.

Bob, good with the fruit and nuts. Not quite so big on your list as you are....I've gone off Bobby Jindal..and I can't remember why right now!
And just what do you MEAN by "Suck up"? :-)

KID! What a great list!!! (I accept the nomination! (as IF)
YOU should be on the top of that list; I approve of all the rest! Good nominations!

Sparky, Gowdy does have something about him that's so real and so in earnest. I like him, too.

BEN CARSON! YESSSS! What a fabulous candidate he'd be.

Rita, thanks....please read my original comment about Harry Reid. The Left here throws out all they like against anything we revere, but when we say anything it's built into a huge deal ...
Amazing hypocrisy..

I'd definitely nominate you for something in "my" (or anybody but a lefties') cabinet; you ROCK! Smart and tough and good.

Imp...what would you like to be? I'd like you in some position.

and yes! DANA PERINO as Press Sec again; she is SOOOO GOOD.

Kid and Rita....share the LOVE :-)

Rita said...

Kid in covert operations? That sounds so James Bond-y.

And yes Kid, I could show you a fabulous agriturismo in. Volterra that was once a 12th century monastery. I can also whip up a mean bolognese with fresh pasta.

I'll add Z to my list as Speaker of the House.

I read the comments Z. It always amazes me when someone is so arrogant to come into your "house" and then insist you must adhere to THEIR rules.

You certainly have had more than your share of distractions lately.

Rita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kid said...

Z, Isn't it so ************** how libtards demand posting of some document like it could be found in a filing cabinet somewhere clearly displaying Voter Fraud.

Meanwhile, Trunks full of votes for 'stuart smalley' show up at the 12th hour and they all happen to be for him.

Allen West is ahead by 2400 votes in Florida and at 1minute before the close of the voting 4000 votes for his opponent just happen to
show up.

Black women testify/admit to voting multiple times in swing states.

Swing States happen to have votes of dead people, and or More people who are even living in a particular voting district and that has to be discounted because someone can't pull a piece of paper out of a filing cabinet clearly showing it actually happened.

Yea, That's the ticket

I hate libtards.

Kid said...

Rita! "And yes Kid, I could show you a fabulous agriturismo in. Volterra that was once a 12th century monastery. I can also whip up a mean bolognese with fresh pasta."

Oh Bellissimo am I going to be Dreaming Tonight !

Rita said...

Voter fraud? What voter fraud?

Move along, nothing to see here.

DaBlade said...

Z, That is absolutely my real list. I guess we don't have to agree on everything. Sarah Palin is a brilliant woman with an outstanding track record. There is a reason she is a Tea Party favorite, and she knocked it out of the park once again with her speech at CPAC. The side benefit is that she drives the loony left progressives bat $*%t crazy (which admittedly is not a long drive). Or should I say 'duck $*%t' crazy.

Impertinent said...

This post has been one of my all time Favorites...

And R I T A...I'm crushed...

Rita said...

The more the merrier Imp. ;)

Z said...

Jon, that's very funny and very sad news about NV but it sure explains things, doesn't it :-)

I wish I liked the new pope, folks... I haven't much from the start because I believe he's robbed the office of the regal decorum in his desire to be ONE OF THE PEOPLE. He is NOT one of the people...he's THE POPE and while many Catholics I know adore his liberal social leanings, I'm not too big on changing scripture to fit exactly what the scripture advised against when it was given to us. (end of sermon!)

Imp; fave post? Ya, I see what you're doing. You just like to FLIRT :^) And Rita's worth flirting with!!

Rita said...

Actually Z, the media is spinning what the Pope has said. In Italy, the term he used for civil unions refers to those marriages performed outside of the Catholic Church, he was not and never has condoned gay marriage. He has maintained a marriage is between one man and one woman.

He has not endorsed any changes to the. Catholic beliefs. He just has a softer tone.

DaBlade said...

Rita, that is exactly right.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave , I think that "South of Da Borda" is exactly where you belong , and I hear that there's a Banana Bost leaving early tomarrow morning. So why not put on your jeans with the holes in the knees and go for it !

Hosta Mañana Bsby!

Rita said...

Imp was flirting? Gee, I didn't notice that. I was perfectly innocent in suggesting Kid go to Italy with me.

Z said...

I don't quite agree with you on the Pope....and I was joking about Imp's flirting! And, I didn't even notice you teasingly asked Kid to go to Italy...

it's all fun!

Rita said...

I would agree with you about the Pope, except I read this later.

Z said...

Rita, I don't mean just the civil union situation.
I loved his sermons at the Rio Youth Conference some months back, but I don't much go for what everybody like his taking the subway, buying his own paper, so "normal" be 'one of the people'....he's POPE.
No worries; most people don't agree with me and I'm okay with that~~