Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another GOP Gift to the Dems?

On the eve of President Obama's budget proposal for fiscal year 2015, the top House Republican on budget matters has released a harsh assessment of federal poverty programs – and a promise of a major overhaul plan.  (Source)
In the House Budget Committee report, chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin agrees that some programs provide crucial aid to low-income families.  He also grants that the decline in the labor-force participation rate, now at a 36-year low, is not solely a result of welfare programs steering people away from work.  Changing demographics and slow economic growth are also factors.
“But federal policies are also discouraging work,” says the report, called “The War on Poverty: 50 Years Later.”  A large problem, it says, is the so-called poverty trap: “There are so many anti-poverty programs – and there is so little coordination between them – that they often work at cross purposes and penalize families for getting ahead.”

Because the programs are means-tested – that is, the benefits phase out as recipients make more money – poor families may find they are better off staying on public assistance.  “The federal government effectively discourages them from making more money,” the report says.
The report itemizes 92 programs: dozens in education and job training, 17 food-aid programs, and more than 20 housing programs. In FY 2012, these programs cost the federal government $799 billion.


We want to know what you think about Ryan’s plan: A much needed reform, or a gift to Democrats in the 2014 Election?


Ed Bonderenka said...


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Ed's right. There's just enough in this plan to make everyone unhappy.

The Absolute Harpist said...

Just as Shaw said, who would have thought one would see the day when the Conservatives would be cheering for the aggression of Russia? It seems that if they think that it might in any way be a detriment to our President, they are for it. Even to the extent of cheering for the re-instatement of the old Russian and Soviet empire.

There is a name for this, and it is called HIGH treason. To work against the interests of the United States and the wishes of our President, indeed, this, is treason of the highest sort. These are the people that would have joined the Bund. The Conservatives are an embarrassment to our nation, and an embarrassment to humanity.

And they have the chutzpah to call us Liberals commie’s!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Who knew that not supporting the policy desires of a President was "high treason". Why don't we simply dissolve the Congress and POTUS can rule by fiat. I suppose that sounds good until the other guy gets in office......

Harpist, thy name is hypocrite.

Always On Watch said...

poor families may find they are better off staying on public assistance

Aye, there's the rub!

Even if the recipient of aid is not lazy or not defrauding the system, financial realities set in. One's belt can be tightened only so much. Changing demographics and slow economic growth are also factors -- true statement.

I don't know the specifics of Ryan's proposal.

How will the mentioned 92 programs affect taxpayers overall? More tax funds into poverty programs?

WomanHonorThyself said...

welcome to the welfare state..phones and EBT cards and free goodies for all including criminals..YAY...not so much! have a great day darling Z:)

Liberalmann said...

The GOP is to blame for with their obstructionist polices blocking jobs and infrastructure bills.

And god forbid we help those in economic crisis with any form of assistance. Thanks for cutting food stamps GOP! God forbid we increase the minimum wage to help people make ends meet. Thanks for always caving to your corporate overlords, GOP!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Even if the recipient of aid is not lazy or not defrauding the system, financial realities set in."

True. But along with a desiring a comprehensive reform review of financial entitlement programs, I would like to see an analysis of the spending habits of those on public assistance.

Receiving taxpayer funds should come with adequate safeguards to ensure that it is used for basic subsistance needs, as opposed to leisure and lifestyle pursuits.

Sam Huntington said...

I'm very curious why Libby thinks that welfare programs should be a function of the federal government.

The Absolute Harpist said...

What do you expect; he's Republican, I keep hearing about how Ryan's gonna balance the budget, pay off the debt, and restore America's standing in the world from family members in Texas. It's like talking to a brick wall when I start in how about he literally voted for everyone of Bush's free money giveaways. Just what does it take for ppl like you to see what's right in front of them.
The Right is FULL of hypocrites so it's no surprise they have nominated two the the biggest ones they could find like McCain and Romney, I guess that another dummy like Paul Rayan will fit the same bill...

Mustang said...

Not only is Harpist a hypocrite, he/she/it is stuck in a time warp. Beyond this, most people who comment here may vote on the GOP ticket (ours is a two-party system, you see), but they are not Republicans--a fact that renders moot anything written after the term GOP.

Neither are most people who comment here "right wingers." At best, such a term is only relative (to left wingers, I suppose), but it also invalidates 99.9% of anything ducky writes here.

Another problem from the left is their inability to focus on the question, which was Ryan's plan--not Ryan. These, I fear, are the Ritalin babies who may one day become Congressmen.

George Zimmerman said...

Great blog Z and Mustang. Now if I may, I'd like to address Rudy Giuliani's latest statement in regard to Putin and the situation in the Ukraine.

Giuliani is absolutely right. When someone criticizes Obama, or even calls him a communist or a stupid [insert racial epithet here], Obama just puts up with it like a wimp. Putin, on the other hand,
has the resolve and strength of will to throw the offender in the slammer or send him to Siberia.

I hold no problem for President Vladimir V. Putin, who is steadily eroding the last vestiges of democracy in Russia. But the outraged reaction of the Obama administration and members of Congress to his sending troops to the Crimean Peninsula seems the ultimate in hypocrisy, when OBAMA did not hesitate to invade Egypt , send troops into LYBIA, and other American Presidents played an active role in the fighting in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and wage full-scale wars in Asia and Indochina. and didn’t Reagan invade Grenada, so the Russians have reason to be concerned.
When it comes to foreign policy, Obama’s a total washout who can't hold a candle to the likes of Putin.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

When did Obama invade Egypt?

Moonbat Spanker said...

Actually he didn't invade Egypt, but the Muslim Brotherhood demanded that brother Obama and NATO invade Egypt and destroy Egyptian Army
Muslim Brotherhood leader, asked the United States, and NATO to send their armies to Egypt to fight against the Egyptian army and destroy it

Obama said that he would give the request serious consideration, and he DID join in on the "invasion".

Constitutional Insurgent said...

So substantiation of Obama's "serious consideration" can be found where?

Robert Sinclair said...

Federal welfare will be with us for as long as the wind blows, the grass grows, and the sky is blue. Why? Because it happens to be one of the most successful industries in the history of the US.

The way it works is you take stupid, lazy people, promise them something for nothing for life, and sit back and watch while they line up to vote for you time after time. A vote for a democrat is a vote for welfare benefits forever and ever.

Conversely, discounting those who are physically unable to work, of course, if you cut off the gravy train, you suddenly find hungry people who are (cough) willing to work for an honest wage.

Amazing how that works, huh?

Impertinent said...


Stop with the multi Syllable words!!

He'll get confused.. .


skudrunner said...

The entire welfare system is broken and no politician has the guts to change it. Both sides are culpable and the only way to reform it is to start over.

Since LBJ's Great Society the percentage of poor has changed little even after trillions of dollars spent. Instead of doing something sensible like supplemental welfare it goes all or nothing. Take a job and earn a living and you lose your benefits so it is better in many cases to stay on public assistance.

No matter what the GOP does or says the democrats will turn it on them. One thing is certain, the Republicans will shoot themselves in the foot in 2016. We now have a four party system and two of them are republican.

Impertinent said...


I ran some of that too in my career, Captain.

Dave Miller said...

CI, I tend to agree with you regarding the "high treason" charge. The problem is that people from the GOP, political right, extreme right, and conservatives all claimed some sort of moral high ground and used that term themselves to describe those who criticized our responses in the Middle East and here at home after 9/11.

Here's how Dana Milbank of the WaPo put it... Why is it acceptable for supporters of a party to condemn critics as near-traitors when their side is in power and then embrace the right to dissent when the other guys control the White House? Freedom is freedom.

Dave Miller said...

Mustang... Why do these questions always seem to be phrased in a way that advocates for a zero sum gain?

I think as we consider politics and real solutions to this nations problems, if we stay in a constant state of "if I don't all I want, the other guy wins" and "any win for them is a loss for me" we never move ahead.

Anonymous said...

Dave Miler, if you look at ALL of the stupid posts here, they ALL seem to come Crome Lefty extremists . And you seem to always complaine about the things said by Republicans! Funny, isn't it!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling, this iPhone speller has a mind of its own.

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

Did you all see that Obama missed the meeting of his national security gang on Ukraine? Ya, TIME MAG is very magnanimous about it because, after ALL, he IS being "briefed." :-)
I'm laughing at what TIME would have done had BUSH missed a meeting of this much importance :-)

And I have to laugh at anybody thinking criticizing a president we disagree with is HIGH TREASON :-) Man, just how fascist can the left get???
THe left's nickname ought to be KIRSTALLNACHT.

Regarding our post subject today; The 'gift' all depends on how many getting the goodies vote. clearly.
There are those who understand that people need help at times but, if they can, they ought to at least strive to make their own way.
There are those who think people are entitled to livings.

Both vote. Sometimes. Let's hope the first bunch grows and grows because, if not, AMerica's dead in the water.

Mustang said...

@ Dave Miller

The question posed came directly from the article, which was linked.

American Jihad said...

"Another GOP Gift to the Dems!"

At the same times as Obama's approval rating hit’s a new low (below 38%) It seems that Members of the Senate rubbed salt on the wound by rejecting Obama’s nominee to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division in an embarrassing rebuke of the president on the choice of a key legal adviser and one that left senior White House officials “furious” with members of their own party.
And by the way, that just goes to prove to me that %38 of the people they asked are imbeciles! Anyway, a major defeat was handed to the Obama administration, the Senate voted 52 to 47 to block the confirmation of Debo Adegbile, President Obama’s nominee to head the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department. Every Republican Senator opposed the effort, and they were joined by eight Democrats
The nominee, and “THUG” Debo P. Adegbile, who is also a Cop-Killer Advocate was litigation director of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund when it represented the Murdering SOB Mumia Abu-Jamal on an appeal of his death sentence for killing a Philadelphia police officer decades ago.

Dave Miller said...

Z... perhaps you forgot the responses many in Congress and politics had for those of that dared to question the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, or utter critical words of the past administration regarding war policy.

Here's a tidy list showing that distaste is not just a liberal fascist bent, as you seem to imply.

Now lest you think I am saying because it was done before, it's fair game to do so now, NO!

I do believe either side can be critical of a Presidents policies. That to me is fair game, provided those being critical have a reasonable solution.

Anonymous said...

This POS Debo Adegbile's nomination was shameful! It was appropriately rejected! I wouldn't vote for 'Mr. Racial Discrimination' for dog catcher! This guy's not a real American and is nothing but a thug! The man is a POS, so he would have fitted nicely into Obama's Department of INjustice, run by an even bigger POS. Reminds me of “ If the gloves don't fit, you must acquit.” More Bull-Shit!

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

Dave, My husband and I both questioned the Iraq war....
I'm not sure how many times I need to comment that I totally disagree that anybody disagreeing with anybody on anything should have a better solution.
Disagreement starts discussion.

Titan, you're Famous! said...

You republicans should hang your heads in shame! You are telling the whole world that the President of the United States is weak, and therefor the United States is weak. It is totally anti-American and treasonous. It's worse than Snowden's revelations. Playing politics with America's reputation for the sake of partisanship , shows that the right wingers will do anything to make Obama look bad. If the voters of this country don't vote the republicans out of congress this year, they are as dumb as the GOP hopes they are. Maybe with your latest Martyr the blockhead NON-Citizen Mr. Cruz you’ll ge more than the 25 percent of the votes that you have been lucky enough to get. Dumb doesn't even begin to accurately describe what idiots on the right are doing. You Cons think that this TREASON will help you this fall. Nothing like showing voters what Dumb-Ass treasonous, Conservatives will do. So stay angry and hostile, like your spokesman Rush Limbaugh, maybe, just maybe, you’ll regain the White House some day, but I doubt if any of us will ever see that day! Your party is dead meat!

Jack Whyte said...

@ Titan

Republicans should hang their heads in shame? Really?

You idiots on the left are the ones who experienced tingles running up and down your leg, and used that weird response as an excuse to elect Obama, who has no legitimate claim to the presidency.

So here's an idea: why not just sit down, shut up, and enjoy the show?

Jarhead said...

Hey Sparky, or Titan, or Famous Amos.....You, sir, are a moron.

Putin and the rest of the world do not need to hear what the GOP says to determine the strength or weakness of our President.

The fact that you think they do is humorous in itself.

PS.. If you want to have an intelligent conversation.
Get back to me when you lose the attitude

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Jack..thanks....who do you suppose in the media's using this sudden term TREASON? The magazine "The Nation"? MSNBC? Alan Colmes?
Every once in a while the leftwing commenters start using some ridiculous term that doesn't at all describe the truth and one wonders why they're all using the same one. Do they get a memo from the WH or the DNC? :-)

Jarhead; you stated the obvious. Does a leftwinger think Putin and the rest of the world are listening to conservatives ? Or is it that they can't bring themselves to blame Obama for this utter MESS he's got us in?
Let's ask the lefties this question:

"What "COST" do you suppose Obama meant when he threatened Putin with a "COST" to pay for his recent actions?"

And what IS it with this TREASON thing?

Was it TREASON when the left insulted Bush to the point of leftwing Hollywood types and Clinton slamming Bush IN EUROPE? I saw Clinton live in London at a Lib Conference with Tony Blair while I lived in Paris; Blair's face was ashen and he looked so stunned at the insults Clinton was bestowing on Bush in was humiliating and I doubt that the world felt good about an American of his supposed stature insulting a sitting president.

TREASON? Let's talk about how the left treated a sitting president during a war.

And they STILL say Bush called the war OVER and how stupid they think that was...when he meant a BATTLE. But, they have no objection to Obama's saying Al Qaeda's not a big threat anymore, do they.

Dave Miller said...

Z... I was not speaking about dissent aimed at the Iraq War. Surely you must remember that people that opposed the war, in some case were called traitors.

A simple search of the Dixie Chicks would bring a treasure trove of of right wing hysteria branding them as treasonous.

My point was that the charges you leveled at the Dems and leftists, that of being fascists, for the sake of consistency, should also be made against those that made similar charges during the previous administration.

You have asserted many times your right to just make criticisms, or disagree without positing any solutions. And I 1005 support that as this is your blog.

But, I'd ask what's the point? You've said it spurs conversation, but does it really? Or does it spur just more criticisms, absent any attempt to find, or seek reasonable, attainable solutions?

As CI has pointed out, it may make people feel better to vent and have everyone agree and then insult those who do not, but, does it solve anything?

Always On Watch said...

Receiving taxpayer funds should come with adequate safeguards to ensure that it is used for basic subsistance needs, as opposed to leisure and lifestyle pursuits.

I agree. But who will watch the watchers (those who do the overseeing).

Impertinent said...


"Does a leftwinger think Putin and the rest of the world are listening to conservatives ?"

I think they can't help but noticing his plunging poll down to 38% "favorable" and still falling. And Vlad sure sees them too...and his own polls that are 100% behind mother russia.

He's no dope and he knows we don't have the will to do any thing more than push verbal "threats".

Constitutional Insurgent said...

AOW - "But who will watch the watchers (those who do the overseeing)."

Aye, there's the rub. As Sam pointed out early, entitlement programs aren't an enumerated function of the Federal government. So the ideal would be for the States to manage any reasonable program.

I realize that's a pipe dream, and the watchers will always be suspect.

Impertinent said...

Want to know what Russians are saying about this mess today?

Tune in...

Impertinent said...

The Crimean parliament voted in favor of joining Russia on Thursday and its pro-Russian government announced that a referendum would be held on the decision on March 16.

Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Askyonov said all state property would be nationalized, the Russian ruble adopted as the new currency, and all Ukrainian troops forced to either leave Crimea or surrender to the new government once the decision is finalized.

The news of Crimea's potential return to Russia has been well-received in Ukraine's pro-Russian organizations, but Kiev and the international community have begun questioning the referendum's legitimacy.

"Crimea wants to be part of Russia," said Alexander Svistunov, head of the Russian movement of Ukraine, at a press conference in Moscow. "We want to live with our people, and our people are in Russia."

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

DAVE, First, leftwingers are lucky to comment here; we can't at many (most?) leftwing blogs.

And my blog isn't here to solve problems; the White House is there for that. So far, not too good on that count.
Yes, my blog is to help other conservatives feel like they're not alone in the screaming leftwing media fog. And yes, very often we do hear good suggestions we wish our gov't might employ.

Again, as the left is want to do, my point about Bush and the insults to him, and other points, go uncommented on.

By the way, what do YOU think Obama meant about "costs"? :-)

Did you all hear that today PUtin's threatening retaliation for sanctions?

You DO all know where this is leading, yes? I can't believe our kids'll be having drills to get under their desks again after all these years of not having to.
Or whatever the high-tech drill will be.

IMP: It's not only the conservative media talking about O's plunging popularity. Oh, wait a minute..maybe it IS :-)

I believe entitlement programs should be called something else and I believe the States ought to run them. That'd dry them out except for those in true need, wouldn't it$$$

Bloviating Zeppelin said...



Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

By the way, Dave, you seem to demand a sort of equanimity here; a kind of "be fair" attitude when I, only once, went by a blog you frequent which is rabid leftwing and you were the star of the commentary that day.......I hear that there is absolutely nothing kind, fair-minded or constructive there.....what's up? Why demand it from us?

Frankly, I'd almost believed your "I'm just a little left of center" persona you like to portray HERE. Seeing your comments there was, frankly, kind of a blast! :-)

Political Junky said...

Definition of a left winger A selfish, and stupid individual who isn't paying attention

Kid said...

Like Ed said Both.

The losers are enjoying this country like a shark feeding frenzy. I can't imagine any of the 91 million people out of work and not even looking are going to vote to have their forever unemployment cut off. Let alone all the other loser classes.

They're smokin weed and breeding democrats.

Kid said...

CI - harpie must have forgotten when the hildebeast cackled at the top of her ugly lungs at Bush "I'M AN AMERICAN AND I HAVE A RIGHT TO DISAGREE WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION (burb) (belch)(scratch scratch scratch)"

Impertinent said...


Do fingernails on a chalk board.

Kid said...

Mustang another POS that is soon to become congresscritter is sandra fluke. A moron whore who demands thepublic pay for birth control devices and substances because she can't go without her sex and oddly it never even occurs to her to think that the guy should maybe pay for it.

She'll be in congress in california.

I think we've finally one upped Rome when they started electing horses as Senators. At least horses have some sense.

Kid said...

Dave Miller "I think as we consider politics and real solutions to this nations problems, if we stay in a constant state of "if I don't all I want, the other guy wins" and "any win for them is a loss for me" we never move ahead."

Dave, you tell us.

Why after 50 years of the democratic war on poverty has poverty gotten larger and worse ?

Why after 30 years of the democrat federal takeover of the eduction system has the national education system gotten so bad that someone just needs to know jiggle the handle and flush it.? 2a How did Thomas Edison ever get an education?

Why after 30 years of the creation of the department of energy by the democrats and its mandate to eliminate the need for ME oil, are still so ever reliant on ME oil?

Why after lbj stole social security funds and put them into the general fund so he could create the welfare system remarking at the time "Well have those niggers voting democrat for the next 50 years" does it not occur to democrat supporters that it was the democrats that ruined the social security system and caused it to be bankrupt today as well as create a permanent open wound on society and commit many millions of poor blacks (and other races) to modern day slavery in the process. Why does it not occur to democrats that their programs suck? That they don't work? That not only don't they work, they make things exponentially worse?

Why is that?

And finally why will you run off and avoid answering ANY of these most valid questions?


Mustang said...

Great, Kid. Just when I was getting ready to make my move on the Fluker ...

Kid said...

Z -"And my blog isn't here to solve problems; the White House is there for that. So far, not too good on that count."

Fantastic. Bravo ! Encore !

Impertinent said...


What the hells gotten into you today? Obama cut off your coal fired heater?

Kid said...

IMP, I'll take the blackboard.
Over the other thing.

Mustang, Sorry... Maybe if you take her to McD's for a happy meal.

Kid said...

IMP, Am I being too ?

All I can say is I can see clearly now the rain is gone.
I can see all obstacles in my way.
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind. Nothing but Blue Skies my friend.

Kid said...

IMP, PS. obama did cause my propane to go from 3.66/gal to 4.54 /gal

I know he is working ever so hard to help the middle class, and I'm sure this helps me somehow, I just am having a hard time figuring it out. Maybe pelosi or dave miller can splain it to me. I know pelosi could, she explained how every dollar we give a loser libtard returns 2.56 or something like that in ROI.

If I was only that smart.

Impertinent said...


If that increase in an essential commodity like fuel for heat hurts you or any of us...think about how every time this arrogant asshole craps on....the real poor. When a gallon of gas goes up 20 cents in a couple days. Or that it's cost is damn near double what it was before this "savior" of the poor got into office.

So...the moron raises the min wage? And it's eaten up by his hate for coal fired power...then it's eaten up by a few gallons of gas to get to a crummy job at Mickey D's?

Meanwhile...he jumps on AF1...humps off to a vacation at a 5K a day resort?

Then off to another vacay after the last one two weeks a cost of a few million along with 57 SS agents and 100 Burbs or so.

Yea..he feels their pain.

Impertinent said...

What the progs and leftists really want to say:

I don’t understand why the republicans insist on this racist witch hunt to destroy the first black president!

Does it really matter that the president is doing nothing that the republicans haven’t done in the past?

Does it matter that Benghazi was a republican set up to frame the president and that they were behind the attack?

Republicans are guilty of MURDER and they better remember that the folks that voted for the president will die for him too!

If they push too hard, the blood will flow in the streets and will give new meaning to the term “heckler’s veto”!

Do they not understand that capitalism is dead and it is now time for a government based pure social justice of the many over the individual?

The problem with our system of government is that when you get one of the greatest presidents in history in office, they can only serve two terms.

All of the issues Obama is being blamed for were inherited from GW Bush! Why is he still not in prison for crimes against humanity?

It was George W Bush that sent paid killers to murder people in Iraq and Afghanistan! That’s right I said paid killers! Our military are volunteers that are paid to murder!

When will the GOP and Tea Party be outlawed as terrorist organizations and their leaders put on trial and convicted for war crimes and treason against the people?

They are all intolerant rightwing Christian homophobe nutjobs that hate women.

Sam Huntington said...

@ Kid

The problem, it seems, is that you just don’t get it. You see, Dave (not the computer) knows better what is good for Amerika, and this business of you telling everyone you have an opinion that is not the same as the national socialist party illustrates how far off base you really are. As for Brother Dave, he knows what is in your heart and it isn’t good. You are a lock-step, pissed off, angry blogger that only claims to be a true conservative. So, just so that you know you’ve been found out. You are not a conservative after all. No, you’re a wookie. And a lousy one at that ...

Kid said...

Sam, Damn, I was afraid of that...

Impertinent said...


" I was afraid of that..."'re a cat lover...LOL

Kid said...

IMP, Yea, anyone pining for an increase in the minimum wage should acquaint themself with the 'Inflation Spiral'.

And if people don't want to work for minimum wage, they should acquire more skill and get better jobs.

Then if McDonalds can't find enough people to work at their outlets, they'll increase the wage.

Regards today's attitude, back when I was a 16 year old, I wanted a Z28. I couldn't afford one. I should have demanded society buy me one. I guess I screwed up.

Of course, these days, I now want and deserve a Bentley. I won't make the same mistake. I'm going to post myself on "gofundme" and demand everyone pitch in to buy me one.

Kid said...

Imp. meow...

Impertinent said...


sad...just so sad. A mans best friend for a reason.

Impertinent said...

Adios....Imp has left the building.

skudrunner said...

Minimum wage was a starting wage for menial and part time work. Until this administration the minimum wage was never designed to feed a family just get gas money for Saturday night.

With the obama war on the middle class, minimum wage may be the new middle class.

see and be seen only works if both are looking.

Impertinent said...


Ain't that the truth!

FXE & TMB, the worst.

Anonymous said...

I see our token Lib Dave Miller blaming Bush once again for oblaber mouth's failures.

I like the ravings of lunatics ...'s a weakness of mine

My Conservative Values said...

When a Democrat President is in office and he is a weak, cowardly wimp like Obamba is, then I think that it's justified if a Republican were to make the comparison And it's NOT( fawning over Putin), everyone despises the tyrant, it's simply drawing a contrast between their Captain marvel and our Peewee Herman.

Moonbat Spanker said...

Hillary’s Accomplishments? What Accomplishments?
It’s very entertaining..about what Democrats and progressives think about Hillary Clinton. whenever you ask the question, NO ONE seems to mentioned anything about Benghazi....why?
If the Democrats said she didn't know and handled the situation properly...wouldn't this be an accomplishment?

Maybe she should write a book in the next year and tell the people just what her “Accomplishments” have been ....Obama did that in order to brainwash the sheeple. But then she doesn't need to brainwash the sheeple....they are easily lead into the pens by the media’s BS..

Gee, I Wonder, Just How Many Hillary Accomplishments People Can Name?
Humm, I just can’t seem to remember any at all... But "what difference does it make"!

Mista Anonymous said...

Our Dear First Moocher, Michelle Obama will be visiting China from March 19-26 – and IT’S ALL FOR THE CHILDREN!

Which children, I’m not sure. Chinese children I think. But she’ll be looking to educate American children and promote interconnectedness and other great buzz words.

And she’ll be doing some fantastic sight seeing on behalf of the children! Also, her daughters Sasha and Malia and mother Marian will be coming along on this important mission, which will no doubt cost taxpayers hundreds of thousand of dollars, and probably well north of $1 million.
And guess what? it will all be paid for with borrowed money from . . . Yes, you guessed it, China!

Michelle announced her trip in a blog post today:
My husband and I take the time to visit countries like China because we know that today, more than ever before, our lives here in America are connected to the lives of people around the world.

Thank you for taking the time. Please, while you’re there, get in a little tine for yourself. Oh, wait, you’ve got that covered:

I’ll also be visiting various historical and cultural sites in China, and I look forward to sharing with you the stories of the students I meet, as well as the interesting facts I learn about Chinese history and culture.

Oh God, thanks, because we never could have found that stuff on the Internet. She’ll stop of course in Xi’an, where she can try to talk education with the terrocota army:
Michelle will not only be speaking to Chinese students about them, she’ll be telling them about Michelle:
“ I’ll be talking with students about their lives in China and telling them about America and the values and traditions we hold dear. I’ll be focusing in particular on the power and importance of education, both in my own life and in the lives of young people in both of our countries.”

Michelle and her entourage – Guess What again? the cousins coming on this one too? – will also stop in Beijing and Chengdu.

Michelle will be do a daily blog “complete with videos and photos, and answering questions from “kids across America.”

Michelle in 2011 took a similar exciting excursion to South Africa. Somehow she never tours Canada.

Meanwhile, President Obama will be visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia. (What? They won’t be vacationing together?) What’s going on here? But that trip wouldn’t be quite as important, so those countries won’t get a first lady.

I mean, who cares about Dutch kids? And does Belgium have terracotta soldiers? I think not. All they have is a Lousy Dyke! (Whoops, can i say that word?

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

And I'm glad you liked my line about the WH; true, right? I'm supposed to fix the world here and never criticize unless I CAN? WHAT?
A little immature on the part of the commenter.

Michelle's going to China, huh? I wish our lives weren't quite as 'connected', don't you?
And like she's going to help?
Most First Families do traveling, but she's moved it up a notch $$$$. IMAGINE, JUST IMAGINE if the Bush family had taken these trips with extended family$$$??

Heck, they got bashed for going to their own darned ranch which cost the taxpayer little....and at the ranch, they usually had visiting foreign dignitaries and cabinet meetings.. and they constantly got harangued for so much vacation.
How the heck much more has Obama played golf than Bush now, after they bashed Bush for TOO MUCH GOLF?
The hypocrisy NEVER EVER QUITS :-(

Imp...what a rant :-)

Dave Miller said...

Wow kid, lots of stuff there...

I'll answer your last question first... you typically comment at the end of the day, so after a barrage of your comments, it can be pretty late.

I usually do this stuff in the morning, if I can and then let it go.

Also, as I travel often and serve and work in areas where there are no telephones, much less an internet connection, I can't always get a chance to reply, as much as i would like to.

You've raised some good points, and like many for example, I cannot explain why a place like Detroit, which has become a cesspool of dysfunction, continues to vote for the Dems.

One must logically wonder what it would take to give the GOP a tryout there.

SInce the johnson Admin, we saw a pretty steady decline in the US poverty rates across the country. In the early years, the expansion of Medicare and Medicaid was a significant reason for a huge drop in the numbers of elderly poor.

Since the crash of 2008, those numbers have either gone up, or leveled off, depending on the report you read and the group surveyed.

I think by and large, it would be hard to deny that the GDP and the relative wealth of Americans has not increased since then.

I share yours, and many others feelings about our school systems. But I am not sure you can attribute it all to the Dept of Education that was established by Pres Carter. There is still a lot of local control for school boards in the way their schools operate. With that said, how come the lowest graduation and education rates are centered in the mostly conservative south?

Clearly, this is a bigger problem than the Ed Dept.

As for our Energy policy, that too has many facets, which stretch across administrations. The Dems have consistently favored policies that look to alternative energy and the GOP consistently looks towards fossil fuels as their preferred method.

I am not sure how we as a country should advance with this reality. We seem to be stuck in a 'drill baby drill" vs "NIMBY ever" mentality.

The bottom line on energy, at least for me is this... we could drill over every inch of the US and find zillions of barrels of petrol, but tell me why an energy company would then willingly lower their price?

It is in their interest, indeed it is their fiduciary duty to make as much money as possible for us, the shareholders, even as prices rise.

The only way to depress prices in a supply side economy is to reduce demand for the product.

How should we do that?

For the record, in 2013 we had more domestic oil output than foreign imports for the first time since 1995. And yet prices rose.

These are tough issues. Issues that require complex solutions because they themselves are so complex.

Sure, we could say lets eliminate the DOE and the Ed Dept, but what would be the result of that?

Would education get better or the price of oil suddenly drop?

If we look around the world, the countries that now exceed us in educational level simply invest more in their kids. Would you be in favor of that? If not what?

Contrary to what some have said, I've never said gov't has all the answers, is perfect, or should make all the decisions for us.

What precipitated all of this was my statement countering Z when she called leftist dems fascists for calling conservative treasonous for their criticisms of President Obama as he was in the middle of an international crisis.

All I did was show that when those same leftist dems were critical of President bush when he was in the same type of situation, that conservatives leveled the treason and comfort to the enemy charge against them.

If it is fascist to condemn criticism against a president, is it always so?

Dave Miller said...

Z, certainly I comment at other blogs... I doubt any of those folks would ever characterize me as the star of the day. I certainly never comment at the level of some of your commenters here, and you'll never see my comments on a daily basis.

Anon, you'll be hard pressed to present any factual basis from m comments that iI have blamed President Bush for anything. But of you can show me the quote, I'll take a look.

The Truth hurts said...

Hey Dave, I've read your comments many times and there is hardly ONE where you don't mention that Bush "did it also " or something like that, so please kiss us before you try to screw us.

Anonymous said...

From Z:

Dave, trust me, your comments were so much farther left than they are here that it literally made me laugh at the thought you expect such 'reasoned thinking' only from us at GeeeZ!

Also, you forgot to mention why you'd hold us to a different standard than the leftwing blogs you are at? I hear some of them are horribly biased and the one I saw YOU commenting at is a particularly crazed blog.

But, whatever....believe what you want!


Just Sayin said...

Good reply Z, I agree. Dave seems to have a bad memory , and a short one.

Kid said...

Dave, Thanks for making the effort. I can dig time of day and accessibility issues. We all have them in some form. I comment after work, or later in the day even on weekends.

Well, I didn't say anything about Detroit, but wth, Ok. Voting for a GOP mayor won't do them any good whatsoever. The entire legislature requires a change and the people have to accept a different way of life other than the democrat way. Can you see what I'm saying? Self-accountability, strong family units, hard work, capitalist/non-socialist work ethics, etc, etc. You're right it is complicated. And I don't see the GOP as being an answer to anything these days as an aside.

In fact, I just hit on a few of the bigger issues. Education, Energy, Racism, Family Units.

What you wrote on poverty cannot be accepted, Here is a a Bloomberg/Businessweek source that supports my claim
Where ever you're getting your information is not a good source. Do you google stuff like this or where does the content in your reply come from?

Education, It is common knowledge that children's level of education upon leaving high school is lower overall than it was 30 years ago. Today's college grad is generally considered on a par with yesterday's high school grad.
I've met many of them and believe me, I believe that.

Plus the national teachers union which makes it practically impossible for defective/low performance teachers to be removed ads to this, so yes,localizing the schools with non-union would improve the process greatly. I'll let you go to the net to make your opposing case. I know teachers today, and those who were teaching 30 years ago, and they testify this is all true.
We spend an unbelievable amount of money on education. That's always the lib cop out tho. "We didn't spend enough money". No your ideas suck and they don't work.

Here is what I asked about Energy "Why after 30 years of the creation of the department of energy by the democrats and its mandate to eliminate the need for ME oil, are still so ever reliant on ME oil?" Your reply doesn't address any of that.

In reply to you, I will say, yes I read recently, the output of the USA's oil actually exceeds that of the imports. Why are we exporting it then? WHy does this increase come Mainly from drilling on Private land such as N.Dakota that obama has no control over. Why does obama stomp his foot on any oil drilling where the federal government does have control and why is obama doing everything he can to eliminate a pipeline? It is not the democrats who can take credit for any increase in oil, it's those darn conservatives up in N Dakota and down in Texas for the most part. Being the main theme here is democrats versus capitalists. notice I didn't say GOPers.


Kid said...

Part 2

In reply to your comment..., alternate energy will now always have a niche purpose, it has gotten effective in many small ways to supplement. It will not be used in a major way until it is economically feasible to leave fossil fuels by the wayside. That is going to take a good long time. One exception being Thorium/Molten Salt Reactors. 100% safe, look it up. Had one running in the 60's, aren't using them today because they don't produce weapons grade nuclear fuel byproducts. I'm all for replacing every coal plant with these.

Your statement that countries who's education quality exceeds ours 'invests more in their kids'. That is a gross lie. You may believe what you wrote, but it's a lie. Their education is better because they do it right. They have students that live in poorer standard of living situations and those kids know getting a good education is the Only Way Out. That's totally lost on American kids. All generally speaking of course. You can find an article about a high school student that created cold fusion in the lab. Exceptions for everything.

I don't know why Z called them fascists. I call them fascists because they are. Watch a documentary on hitler's 1930's Germany and you will see so many parallels it will make your head spin.

To summarize, you didn't address anything I asked you to address. You responded purely with opinion and threw a bunch of statements out that lead away from the point that democrat programs and ideas Never result in improvement.
If you really feel they are the answer, then I feel sorry for you. What else can I say to a lib. If after all this talking and nothing accomplished you still hang on to the fantasy, the only thing that will help is hand over flame.

I don't think you all are going to have to wait too much longer.

Kid said...

Dave Miller. PS