Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nighty Night! Do let the bed bugs bite :-)

"Lights out for the Democrats?"  according to Robert Gibbs?

Do you think so?  He's worried it's all about the Affordable Care Act.  If the Democrats continue to think that's the biggest problem, we could be in.



Ed Bonderenka said...

At CPAC, liberal Mickey Kaus was on a panel with Ann Coulter.
At the end, he was asked what might happen should the Democrats lose the Senate.
He pretty much laughed and said "If?".
When pressed, he said they have no chance of keeping it.

Always On Watch said...

Interesting that Obama's former White House Press Secretary has stated this.

ObamaCare is seriously flawed and hitting a lot of people in the pocketbook. Affecting people's pocketbooks so negatively is a reality check!

The ACA originally held out so much hope for relief from some of the long-standing flaws in the health insurance structure of the past several decades. Mr. AOW and I have long been caught in the health-insurance web, and we know firsthand what the problems have been. Many of those problems are still continuing under the ACA -- with more problems added.

Silverfiddle said...

Making political predictions is a quick way to end up with egg on your face. I know from past history that I am terrible at it.

Here are some additional factors to consider:

1) Never underestimate the GOP's ability to shoot itself in the face with a cannon. A couple of creepy old white dudes talking about female sexuality and women's bodies is all it will take to collapse the project.

2) Whole grievance industries sit ready, eyeballs to the microscope eyepiece waiting for the next GOP transgression, no matter how slight (hence the microscopes)

3) The press is the liberal-progressive halleluiah choir, Democrat house organ, and official watch dog of the Republican party. Any Democrat failing is swept under the carpet, and any GOP sin is trumpeted, talked about and scolded over for weeks.

4) Finally, sadly, What the hell does the GOP stand for? What makes a repub politician any different from a democrat one? What is the Republican Party philosophy? Does it have anything to do with real people and real issues outside the bloated beltway?

I'm not wishing ill on the Repubs, just trying to keep the enthusiasm from becoming irrational. We are dealing with an electorate that voted for a shallow, untested empty suit from Chicago that had never even run so much as a taco stand.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.
-- H. L. Mencken

One more by Mencken, since we're discussing an upcoming election:

Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.

sue hanes said...

Z - We have more problems than the Affordable Care Act - wouldn't you say? We need to concentrate on some of those.

Duckys here said...

I hope you don't have much riding on Scott Brown. Shaheen's going to kick his ass.

I notice that most of the Dems threatened are conservatives like Mary Landrieu (D - Oil & Gas) who cut and run constantly.

The landscape won't change much at all. The suckers are still complicit in their own destruction.

Z said...

Silverfiddle; not getting excited, believe me. Just IMAGINE the media's complicity with the White House until November!! It gets almost impossible for conservative blogs and for Conservative talk radio as sudden new voices appear with "I used to be a Republican but I could NEVER vote Republican again because.." Most of the hosts are so experienced and astute they play them along them remind them they called yesterday and they're on to them, but...
it's going to be VERY tough.
Plus, I always say Republicans eat their young. And they will this time, too.

I'm a tad tired of suggestions that the GOP's done nothing other than echo the Dems, because that's just not true, but it's a big meme by the left.

AOW and Ed, I think more and more lefties will be saying it; just to scare more lefties into making sure they vote. I don't trust Gibbs as far as I could throw that putz.

Fredd said...

Silverfiddle's right. Don't start counting those GOP eggs until they hatch.

I am also terrible at predicting GOP victories, since GOP losses are constantly getting snatched from the jaws of victory. For the last several election cycles, you could make omelets for an entire infantry battalion using just the egg on my face, which at one point were the eggs I was counting as chickens.

Just watch liberals ramp up the 'war on women,' and 'income inequality' to trump anything else going on in the Zeitgeist. And watch it work. To what extent, time will tell.

And Silverfiddle is spot on when he warns against creepy old GOP white guys ogling all things feminine, and the cameras will all be rolling.

Duckys here said...

z, who are "we"? Is "we" representative of the entire right wing platform?

In that case you'll never be "in".

1. Culture wars -- You've lost and the longer you harp on it the more you push the center away.

2. Economic policy -- If further austerity is implemented it will be short lived. There will be a push back. Any change will be damaging and short lived.

3. Presidential election -- You don't have a chance. You don't even have a candidate. Talk of the likes of Ben Carson or Ted Cruz is simply crazy talk. Face it, your farm system is worse than the Yankees'. Time to start drafting more wisely or forget about the presidency for a generation.

4. Foreign policy -- I don't know what you expect to do except try to keep a lid on things. Taking Krauthammer's advice and sending the fleet to the Black Sea is going to steam of more than Russia.

If you mean more crazy mumbling about balanced budgets and freedom then your effectively stymied and we continue to watch power being ceded to the financial class which really does not have your interests in mind.

Z said...

Fredd, it never helps when Republicans stay home instead of voting "to show them". Who they showed the last two elections was their kids, who'll have a terrible price to pay.

Ducky, ridiculous.
It'll be a leftwinger because they care less about America's health and fixing our economy, adhering to the constitution, etc., and only about themselves giving goodies away for the vote. Your people have softened our kids in schools and made them so politically correct we aren't America anymore. We get that; you need no reiteration.

But people FAR more intelligent than you disagree with you. (ouch! :-0)) you're so smug you make me laugh. Thanks!

Sam Huntington said...

So many years, Z ... and Ducky still doesn't get it. We generally don't give a damn what he thinks. Why does he keep coming around?

It must be a case of abject stupidity.

skudrunner said...

As bad as the democrats areand as much as they have going against them, the republicans will find a way to screw it up and lose.
Start with 10 candidates who spear each other and set the stage for a democrat victory.

After all, it is all about free stuff.

JonBerg said...

"Why does he keep coming around?"

They say that if you [quit] feeding a stray cat it will finally go away.

Z said...

jonBerg, I didn't build a blog to be a conservative echo chamber; will NOT block the liberals. Not unless they're profane or so utterly ridiculous (like Libmann) that it is an embarrassment to THEM to leave their stupid comments up.

I see leftwing blogs that leftwingers admire and they're closed to conservatives...and they call US fascists, right? :-)

Skudrunner...don't underestimate the media. Any time a republican gets a toe hold, the insults, the digging thru trash, the mischaracterizations...it all starts from then left. It's all year long, but election years are unbelievable.
Don't forget, that author who just died went to his grave saying Palin was ridiculous for accusing him of moving in NEXT DOOR TO HER (in ALL of Alaska :-) to get stuff on her while he was writing a book on her.!!

SAM...Ducky asked "who's WE?" ....from my post, I think. You just have to wonder if he was really confused :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Why does Ducky come around?
To be around smart people.
Even if, or despite that, he'll never be as smart as they are.
I say that tongue in cheek.
Ducky is very smart and well informed.
Just has a predisposition to a political view point that blinds him.

JonBerg said...


Who said anything about blocking liberals? My comment concerned the sustenance that the person in question gets here and elsewhere from the [negative] attention he SO craves. I wasn't suggesting that you "block" anyone. Why would I? My comment was meant to be a humorous response to Sam's interrogative and it was directed to everyone.

Z said...

Jon, you mentioned 'feeding a stray cat' (which basically means "don't respond") and a LOT of conservatives think we should ignore Ducky and the other leftwingers....that's all.
Sounded like what you meant was to totally ignore, or block them, which I'm also advised to do...and I won't.

I have, MANY MANY times, wanted to discuss really serious problems with the GOP, etc., and other stories I may not appear quite so conservative on, but can't because the Left I get here can't 'go there'...they just pile it on with "I told you so's" which doesn't help anything and helps me to remember NOT to talk about ANY slightest thing against Republicans. I just won't give the entrée, sadly, because, as we all know, we're a MUCH bigger tent than leftwing ideologists.
Still, I think we allow the leftwing media/ talking heads to define us and THAT is why we lose...a large part of it.

So, the leftwing comes here swinging, mean and nasty, accusatory, demanding links and not responding to OUR questions...sort of like this government and the new media; it's working here on the tiny microcosm of my blog (and other blogs) and working even better in the macro.

Ducky is smart and well informed but so insulting as to completely negate anything helpful in his comments... sad

Kid said...

A server at our favorite lunch place today told us of her brother in law. He was making $250 a week working. he got fired, and now he's making $500 a week.

I don't think he's going to look for a job, or vote for anyone that the propaganda machine convinces him will make him look for a job.

There are 91 million of him out there.

This whole 'democrats are going to lose', 'obama will never get a 2nd term' - reminds me of Heimi in The Godfather, who was always "this close" to dying of his bad heart. That kept many a hit man without a contract. Why bother eh? Forgeddaboutit.

Kid said...

Z, Maybe this is a future post subject but since it was brought up...

How many lefty commenters are:
o being paid
o stupid
o mentally incapable

Personally, I'd put it as about:

TS/WS said...

If Kid is in the ballpark the Dems may not lose the Senate. If the Conservatives stay home that will help, of course the mid term elections never bring out the voter in mass.

Z said...

If one conservative or libertarian comes here and tells me they didn't vote, "to show them!", they'll be deleted here at geeeeZ so fast their heads'll swim.

They SURE showed "them", as if WE aren't included in this nightmare created by their not voting?

Kid, I'm so not surprised..why the heck would any weak creep want to work when they get twice as much as a gift from us? "let's see...stay in bed till 10Am and watch TV all day, read...and I can afford to go out for a meal now, too!" or "Get up at 6:30AM, go to work, use my gas money, live on a tight budget..."


Thanks, America!
By the way, this is also what Germans are doing for the immigrants threatening VOCALLY to take over their once-beautiful and clean, now FILTHY and full of criminals, country. By the way, I've been wondering how liberals explain away the fact that their country was safe and GORGEOUS and clean UNTIL the immigrants started coming in? hm...I guess liberality IS a mental disease.

Look forward, America...even the libs won't like it here once their PC dreams are met ...jerks.

Finntann said...

"It must be a case of abject stupidity."

The worst cases of abject stupidity I have ever witnessed generally involve people who surround themselves with "yes-men".

Z said...

Kid, you could be right on those percentages; I've always thought a lot of libs are paid to try to disrupt conservative sites.

I have mentioned here a couple of times how funny it is to hear the calls on talk radio suddenly become "I used to be a Republican, but I just can't VOTE for one anymore, because.." :-)
They start in about September...the hosts are too astute and very often say things like "Ya, sure, you USED to be, but.....and didn't you call every day last week?" And it's usually true.

I have a hunch this year will be made as ugly as possible by the left and whoever pays them to do so won't be mentioned. Another humorous thing is how Soros gets a pass and the Koch Brothers are apparently the ONLY ideological money people :-) IS the left that stupid, or is that lie so important that they can't even see the truth themselves?

Kid said...

Z, the evil has been on a roll since 2007 (2006 elections). They've since discovered they can say anything, do anything, photoshop images, alter and edit video, completely unencumbered. I mean, Lie like there is no tomorrow and the losers lap it up like ice cream.

And all they have to do around election time (as Silverfiddle pointed out) is stick a mic in front of some repubs, or repub imposter and let them say the most asinine things about every social issue know to man or beast.
No, sadly, we're going to be stuck with that ugly(ok whatever), Seriously criminal, pathological liar, evil communist POS hilrod clinton. Bank on it. If the repub voters weren't motivated to come out last time, they sure aren't coming out this time after the repubs clearly illustrated they intend to appeal to the loser class and do everything they can to remove a voting choice from the American public. Seriously.

You can't work a problem that hasn't been properly defined.

95% of the evil of obamacare hasn't even hit main street yet.


Duckys here said...

If the repub voters weren't motivated to come out last time, they sure aren't coming out this time after the repubs clearly illustrated they intend to appeal to the loser class and do everything they can to remove a voting choice from the American public.

Boy, I wish my prose was that clear.

Z said...

Kid, and a Dem can say the same asinine thing and nobody'll ever hear it. NOBODY thinks Repubs are the only ones who say odd things when a mic's pushed into their face, right?

My insurance guy tells me that nobody will know just how bad Obama care is until enough time has passed that people are starting to need it. He says they'll start finding out what he's already seen; the neighborhood hospital won't take you, the doc won't take you, etc etc. He says they're in for a big shock.

Ducky, just keep working at it.

Duckys here said...

Help me understand, z.

The neighborhood hospital and the doctor will take you now when you don't have insurance but they won't take you when you're insured?

Whoa, I think that's the tilt light flashing.

Z said...

Ducky, what you don't understand is that people think they're as well covered as they have been and they think they're getting a real deal when they're paying a little less than they had been.
they're in for a very rude awakening.

People who haven't had health insurance haven't ever thought they could go to St John's or other excellent neighborhood hospitals; they expect to go downtown and the hospital there will take them in. It always has.

But you keep thinking the ACA is a real boost for America :-)

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"If one conservative or libertarian comes here and tells me they didn't vote, "to show them!", they'll be deleted here at geeeeZ so fast their heads'll swim."

You can rest assured in at least one instance, this Libertarian always votes. Of course, I did 'used to be a Republican'....

Kid said...

Z, obamacare.. Yes, that's the problem, today's dumbass kids won't get tagged until they actually start needing health care, which could be 25 years or so for them.

By then it will be too late, and I'll put a grand on the fact that they'll believe it was the repubs that messed it up by then. Hell, a bunch of them do already.

Average American said...

From Ducky: "The neighborhood hospital and the doctor will take you now when you don't have insurance but they won't take you when you're insured?"

EXACTLY!! The hospital in my town announced a month or so ago that starting next year, they WILL NO LONGER be providing free services. They WILL still take insured people, but because they will be getting reimbursed much less from Medicare and insurance companies because of obummercare, they won't be able to afford free services any longer. You WILL be seeing this more and more frequently as the pieces of that crapola law come into effect. Just a speck of common sense would tell you it's probably true!