Saturday, March 8, 2014

Is America Next?

Well, of course the answer is YES if the progressives have their way.


Always On Watch said...

Is America Next?

Where to go?

Sensitive Information For Your Eyes Only said...

The “good old days” Are GONE!

We still have a long way to go with this president. Unfortunately.

We have many more "Red Lines" in front of us..

DaBlade said...

New York's “progressive” mayor de Blasio welcomes all of France's rich expatriots, since his war on the producers has triggered a mass exodus from the city.

Anonymous said...

De blasio has a war on everyone who is successful

Mustang said...

I can't blame De Blasio. I can't even blame Obma or any of his henchmen. He told us what he was going to do, and the American people (and New Yorkers) voted for these communist POS.

Blame De Blasio or Obama? No way.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Mustang, I have wondered why God hasn't taken out Obama like He did Herod in the Book of Acts.
Wednesday night in my Bible Study, I joked that this long icy spell was a judgement of God.
I then realized that there is a self-inflicted economic curse on this nation.
"The people perish for a lack of vision."
God is letting the people have what they voted for.
I just hope He protects His remnant.
As for France, I see a rising Idiocracy (a la the movie).

Anonymous said...

Well you are right Mustang but I still blame them... Sue me!

T Krabby said...

And DeBlutto & Oblamer are the parasites in the horror flick that eats what's left of the brains they have?

Bat Masterson said...

Five years ago,I was one of the people celebrating the election of Barack Obama. However, today, if I was polled on how President Obama is doing,, I would say I he’s done as president in my eyes and that I disapprove of the job that he is doing in just about every phase. .

And I’m not alone. there were two new polls that came out showing President Obama’s approval ratings at an all time low. ABC News/Washington Post poll has his approval at 38% approval rating! President Obama has some real problems with running this country, and because of him America finds herself in deep Do-Do.

As much as President Bush’s policies can be questioned at least he knew he was the President and acted like it. Instead acting like the President and leading Americans, Obama tries to build consensus by giving speeches and delegates everything to Congress. Think about the debt ceiling debate, he implored Congress to get him a proposal instead of creating and fighting for his own plan. The same is true with his landmark piece of legislation, health care. Republicans mistakenly call it Obamacare, like he was the one who created it. It should be called Pelosicare

Rottweiler said...

It’s not like we needed this story to tell us, because even blind man can see that America’s falling down in the world’s opinion.
Even fewer Americans think obama respected on world stage, and a very small percentage of Americans still view us favorably

These RESULTS ARE BASED ON GALLUP'S annual World Affairs poll, conducted Feb. 6-9.
And believe it or not, Democrats and Independents are mainly responsible for the slide in Obama's ratings!
For the first time, more Americans think President Barack Obama is not respected by other world leaders than believe he is. Americans' opinions have shifted dramatically in the past year, after being relatively stable from 2010 to 2013.

Moonbat Spanker said...

He's not only a joke in this country, he's a joke in EVERY country. He will go down in history as America's BIGGEST embarrassment. The only people that respect Obama are the Zombies, that can’t think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

We've had some pretty corrupt administrations before, but radical Marxist Barack Hussein Obama is taking it to a whole new level. From his lies, propaganda, and soviet-style disinformation to his hit-list of Americans, and American Groups like the Teaparty for example.

Always On Watch said...

It is stunning and disheartening how much America has devolved since Obama took office in 2009.

Speedy G said...

Long Live the Rob-olution!

Duckys here said...

All history started in 2009, AOW?

Really, you can't be that naive.

Meanwhile we have the fringe right wondering why God hasn't struck him down.
The long icy spell is a judgement from God not a result of our actions or a natural cycle.
If you wonder where some of the insanity in this nation arises I think you have to accept that elements of the right have to take the beam from their eye.

Sam Huntington said...

I personally don’t wonder why God hasn’t struck Obama down; I think upon a full and frank examination of the facts, you will find that God loves everyone equally no matter how utterly stupid they are —even leftards. No, my question isn’t about why God hasn’t struck Obama down; it is why God hasn’t struck Ducky down.

Baysider said...

Ed: 'god is letting the people have what they voted for.' I couldn't say it better.

"For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.... Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts. "
(Paul also said it well - Romans 1.)

Baysider said...

Obama ... consensus? Must be joking. It's a smokescreen to cover a well thought out and deliberate agenda. True, he is not a leader, and shows few leadership qualities. He is not a builder. He is not an edifier. But one that tears down, an 'organizer' rousing rabble against the very fabric of our social order and legal structure. Using codes words in gentrified speechifying.

Want proof? Look at the priorities of his justice dept. (Or listen to his wife's many 2008 speeches pandering to the poverty pimps, envy and greed. They toned her down after that. But it shows how deeply they both marinated in the politics of envy.)

Obama reminds me of what the eloquent but often wrong Abba Eban's opponents accurately said of him: "He never has the right solution, just the right speech."

So what will happen? Look at California. When this nonsense gets a death grip on even the best and most desirable of places 'they' (the producers) LEAVE. When Michigan was its own, private one-state prosperity-proof kingdom under Jennifer Granholm .. they LEFT. The mass exodus of 25-35 year olds, the next generation of builders, was remarkable.

Duckys here said...

Baysider, can you list some of those sinful desires?

Medical insurance, what else?

Z said...

I finally had a minute to listen to Mustang's video he posted so wisely.
I was stunned at the similarities...remember Obama saying the rich ($250K??) don't need to get richer? See how our people have become so soft and accustomed to their freebies? See how we've treated illegal immigrants with open arms and open checkbooks?

I lived in Paris for four years; I knew many young entrepreneurs who wanted badly to leave France. One couple I know did move to Chicago to head a big French chef's corporation here...
People they knew, their age, are dying to get out.

At least the French have America to go to. But, then, we have our friend and commenter "FrogBurger" who's French, lives here, and is so totally disenchanted!

I honestly don't know WHERE I'd go to escape this nonsense in America since Obama.
Germany's being overrun with hateful muslims buying up land, threatening and killing people and escaping punishment...we don't hear THAT, do we.
France is a mess and broke (although they do everything so exquisitely :-)) Like us.
Spain is a pit. Food's not great, etc.
Italy's a joke. But delicious and still very beautiful.
Maybe SLovenia is a place to settle? Maybe Amsterdam if you can take the weather?

If you've got about five million and your health, you can go hunker down anywhere pretty comfortably. I allow that large amt because they WILL get you in taxes so you've got to have plenty left over! :-)

Ed Degorio; De Blasio is a TRAIN WRECK. Right.

Baysider, I believe the Obamas are a very 'small' couple of envy, victimhood and conceit. One ALMOST can't blame them for being like they are with the mentors they had and their university training of socialism and a disgust in anything American.
Then THIS FOOL becomes president?
Can we blame HIM or the voters? GAD

Z said...

Ducky? Please read AOW's comment again. Where did she say "all history started in 2009" ????

And, Baysider, please don't respond to Ducky's question.

Ducky, YOU respond: Tell us where she's wrong, okay? She owes you NOTHING in explanation to your comment which clearly shows you didn't understand her comment. YOU do the work.

No ENVY perpetrated by this president? Michigan isn't in trouble? Adherence to the Constitution by Obama? Good solutions like piling on more debt on top of the trillions he's incurred in our name?
You show Baysider how wrong she is. Best of luck and thanks.

JonBerg said...


"Can we blame HIM or the voters? GAD"

One can blame [him] all day long but, as you imply, the blame for this POS as POTUS rests, squarely, on the shoulders of the FOOLS who put him in office. Fools who put him in office not once but twice!!!!!! I suspect that many of them are too dense to yet recognize their fool hardy mistake or, let alone, experience the Cognitive Dissonance that more normal people would feel upon awakening to the reality of such folly!

Emily said...

Obama’s IRS minion Lois Lerner pleaded the 5th AGAIN when confronted about her targeting of Tea Party groups! Lois Lerner should tell the truth or be held in contempt of Congress!The only reason you plead the fifth is if you have something to hide. Coward!!

skudrunner said...

Unlike France, obama's first attack is on the middle class because they use to be the controlling force in the US. The rich take care of themselves, the poor are taken care of and the middle class supports them both.

The super rich are democrats so they are off limits as are the poor. It just makes sense that obama would target the largest productive group without the means ot fight back, the middle class and small business. Of course someone will bring up the Koch brothers but they are 50th on the list of political contributors and the first 10 give to democrats.

Z said...

Hi, Emily,
Isn't that astonishing? And then it's all blamed on ISSA for the Cummings flap he had?
It sure worked to get the public's eye off the POINT OF THE HEARING which happened because Lerner said she'd talk :-)
Her attorney didn't like what the Republican senators were talking about over that previous weekend on the talk shows. As someone on FOX said "What'd she think they were going to talk about with her once she agreed to open up, her favorite color?"

The IRS travesty and its threat to our democracy is, in my opinion, only surpassed by Holder telling State Attorneys General that they should only uphold laws THEY like, so to speak.
And I think that story got half a day's coverage.. And not in the mainstream media.

It's like we're living in 1935 Germany. Who'd have thought Obama's thugs would be THIS bad for America and that the media would be so complicit that Americans who don't pay attention to conservative media wouldn't get the truth?

Z said...

skudrunner, I am SO glad you came by with that information.
IT NEEDS TO BE HEARD: I think you're totally correct on all you said.
(are you an airline pilot, if I can be so bold to ask?)

Duckys here said...

How can this be misinterpreted, z: "It is stunning and disheartening how much America has devolved since Obama took office in 2009."

I will continue to ask what is especially radical about Obama administration?

Environment? He's doing more "drill baby drill" than Palin ever could.

Health insurance? More consolidation of the control of for profit insurers as promoted by The Heritage Foundation.

Economy? Robert Rubin still reigns supreme and we will bear the brunt of the inevitable wealth transfer that start in seriousness with Reagan

Foreign policy? Have you noticed that the one nation that seems to have made genuine progress in the several years of troubles is Tunisia, a country that has been left alone by both Russia and the "freedom and democracy" hucksters?

So what's the big deal about Obama? I know, gay marriage. Well he got pushed into that by an American populace that is, to it's credit, coming to understand that gays aren't threatening and we are not under Old Testament law. Quite reasonable.

In fact, Obama despite what he says and lets look at what he does is a conservative in a line of conservative Dems that have flourished ever since the progressive left was broken in this benighted country.

And don't come back with the ridiculous deficit argument. Reagan and Bush were far better deficit creators.

So I ask again, what is so radical about this guy other than the fact that he isn't Ted Cruz cuckoo bananas and what is the Tea Party doing, other than yapping about gay marriage, that has helped middle class Americans?

Jack Whyte said...

Cuckoo bananas? What is that, a 3-year old frame of reference? Unlike the Bolsheviks in bad old Russia, our founding fathers didn’t create a new nation so that political parties could “take care” of the people. This is a fact that seems lost on some people, who prefer America to fail rather than to succeed. Isn’t that right, duck?

Z said...

Jack, sorry to have deleted Ducky's ridiculous insult to skudrunner, which you just responded to.

Ducky, see..the problem is that you see everything through a socialist lens. You might be the only person other than in the Communist Party membership which considers Obama conservative, so it's a really kind of ridiculous leg you stand on here and I think you very well know that.

Wasn't it Obama who's fought the pipeline?
And you might also be the only person who feels pushing freedom and democracy is the action of 'hucksters'.

You need to pursue leftwing blogs and feel a bit more comfortable and, maybe even admired.

Robert Sinclair said...

Only progressives (aka communists, leftists, retards) could transform Paris into Detroit, and then brag about it.

The Lone Voice said...

Most of us responsible citizens have taken out our Medical insurance plans when we were healthy and well so as to take care of our needs if we were to fall ill. However, when the irresponsible people who, all of a sudden, want to get insurance only AFTER they become ill are forced upon the insurance companies, don't think that the expense of their care won't be shared, by way of drastically increased premiums, by all of the rest of us who have been paying in all along.

Totally unfair! Sort of like paying taxes so that illegals who have never paid in can get welfare, food stamps, free medical care and education, etc.

My friends, it's time to defend and protect the Constitution vigorously or this Country is lost to Socialism and continued bankruptcy -- which is exactly what these Marxists want.

Duckys here said...

z, I didn't insult anyone.

I merely pointed out to skudrunner that picking between D & R means picking between two flavors of oligarchy that do not give a damn about anything except the upward wealth transfer.

Again, you can not give a concrete response.

Duckys here said...

Wasn't it Obama who's fought the pipeline?

Has anything stopped the pipeline from proceeding.

I said pay attention to what he does, not what he says.

And why are supporting the use of limited refining capacity to refine oil for China? That's all Keystone is.

It's actually going to raise the price of gasoline for the American sucker.

The Gallantwarrior said...

Dear Mr. and Mrs. progressive: Thank you for sharing your nonsensical concerns. Thank you for calling George Bush a liar, and for posting all those pictures of a chimpanzee and using his name in the caption. Thank your for calling Glenn Beck a a**hole. was very typical of your leftist behavior. And for calling Sarah palin all those stupid names and for calling her Daughter a Whore.
I have read you blog and I noticed the YOU were one of the people that praised the Glenn Beck boycott. So you must have ben threatened by him weather you wish to admit it or not.. And that, nonsense that this commie creep led was something that people like you would grab on to as well as anyone that mentions the word "black" and turn it into a race issue.
Glenn Beck has done his research and no matter what color the president of this country is, this administration's policies are leading us away from the freedom that our founding fathers spelled out for us in the US Constitution. The USA has a Constitution granting us the right to free speech, an unalienable right, and THAT is what should be supported and encouraged by the likes of, not the silencing of opposing opinions. I trust that you will stand with those of us who support free speech as well, and reverse your decision on pulling your advertising on* the Fox Network and Glenn Beck's program. *Sarcasm* I know you wouldn’t support the FREE SPEECH for any right winger. I know your type. Hence your last post calling him that name that you do so often. And I want to thank you for your list of the sponsors that pulled their ads.
Because of that blog of yours, I wrote a e-mail to GEICO to inform them why I will no longer being doing business with them if they canceled their support for Glenn Beck.. I have great tenure with Geico and I will switch insurers if they did so. GEICO wrote me back assuring me that they have no intentions of dropping him.
I believe that Glen Beck has played a very important part in starting the Tea Parties, which led to the 912 project, which has informed hundreds of thousands of people what is really going on with this administration. I also believe as people continue to watch his show, the dissent from the Obama administration is growing bigger every day. The leftys are causing him a lot of trouble by accusing him of being the biggest reason for us, "the mob". I also feel that he has been seriously threatened. He was asked to speak in Washington on 912, but said he wanted to bring it to everyone on TV. This may be true or maybe he feels he is endanger. For all the truths, he tells day in and day out, for all the research, for all the smiles and tears you can tell this many really loves America. We need to stand by him in groves, so he can keep up the good work in keeping us informed.

The Gallantwarrior said...

Thanks Glenn for exposing the Corruption in this administration. Also kudos to Sarah Palin for standing up for America. I don't feel like this administration cares for anything only advancing their left-wing radical progressive agenda. Their followers are forth coming about their agenda. Too bad the White House isn't.
And what was Van Jones? Frankly, this self-described Marxist ideologue was very likely the most rabid racist ever appointed to a top position in a presidential administration:
Van Jones is a man who proclaimed that "white people pollute black neighborhoods."
Van Jones is a man who angrily came to the defense of Mumia Abu Jamal, the black nationalist death row inmate who cold-bloodedly gunned down a conscientious Philadelphia police officer.
Van Jones is a 9/11 "Truther" who believes that the United States intentionally bombed our own Twin Towers in order to justify an attack on innocent Muslims.
Van Jones is a man who declared, "Most of the people who die in police custody die not from drugs or some mysterious syndrome but from police abuse"
If any of that sounds familiar, it may be because Van Jones preaches the same sick gospel of racial hatred that Barack Obama eagerly sat under for more than 20 years as a contributing member of the Wrong Reverend Wright's Church of Black Separatism and Marxist Dogma.
It may be because so much of it echoes Barack Obama's own denunciation of "typical white people" and "people who don't look like us" during his presidential campaign. And it may also be because of Barack Obama's ugly attack on a good and decent police officer for "acting stupidly" simply for doing his duty.
Most Americans tell the pollsters that they don’t like ObamaCare. But they detest Republicans, the very people who unanimously voted against it.
They voted for Mr. Obama because he promised he wasn’t going to play the old polarizing game that politicians have always played. Today he’s the most polarizing president in memory, and thanks to the American people, his approval ratings, though not as high as they once were, are still the kind W would have killed for.
They voted for Barack Obama because he said he would bring us together. Knowing what the American people wanted to hear, he said he would respect the other side’s point of view. During the showdown over the debt ceiling and the government shutdown, Mr. Obama and his acolytes used the language usually reserved for terrorists to describe Republicans. They were hostage takers and people with bombs strapped to their chest, in the words of one of the president’s top political advisors. Or they were like wife beaters, according to Senator Barbara Boxer, one of President Obama’s most loyal allies.

Z said...

There you go again, Ducky...

I'm all OVER the upper wealth transfer, BELIEVE ME...poor people don't HIRE people.

We need to stop the insults to Capitalism and start helping those without a way to help themselves, and stop that ridiculous use of the term "ENTITLEMENT". NOBODY is ENTITLED TO SQUAT in this country.

And yes, you insulted skudrunner and you have no right or invitation here to talk down to ANYBODY. NOT AT MY BLOG you don't. And brother, did you talk down to him.

Always On Watch said...

I never said that all history started in 2009. I used the word devolved, by which I implied that the devolution began earlier. It does seem to me, however, that the devolution I meant has sped up since 2009.

Also, devolution is multi-layered and not restricted only to the political sphere.

What seems to have bothered you is that I picked the date 2009.

Z said...

AOW, you needn't have explained. Your comment was very clear and it's absolutely irrefutable.
Things HAVE NOT got worse since 2009? Who has a brain and can suggest that?
World Reputation?
Constitutional Adherence?
Border Control?
Dignity in our people?
etc etc

ANY of that BETTER?? You could probably add 30 items to that list, right?

You never suggested it started in 2009 but who can deny it's sped up SO DRASTICALLY since OBAMA?
Just how much more clear could your comment have been???

Always On Watch said...

Thanks, Z!

Bob said...

@ Ducky: "If you wonder where some of the insanity in this nation arises I think you have to accept that elements of the right have to take the beam from their eye."

Ducky, my fine feathered friend, to me the Biblical reference is, Galatians 6:7-9 : "for whatsoever as a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

We elected an idiot, now we have to gather the fruits of our sins.

As for the drill, baby drill thing you mentioned, obama had nothing to do with the currently improved petroleum supply in the USA. As you know, Obama has refused to allow drilling on many federal leases.

The gains in supply are mostly attributed to drilling on PRIVATE LANDS. I don't know where you got the goofy idea that Obama's policies have improved the energy picture in the USA. That's just WRONG!

Duckys here said...

We didn't elect an idiot, Bob. We elected a DLC stooge just like Bill Clintoon who has carried on the work of Reagan.

There's a continuum from Reagan through Obama that has deviated very little in policy with the exception of Bush's fondness for unfunded unwinnable wars.

No, I'm afraid you have to look at the entire continuum and admit that nothing on the right offers anything but more intense insanity.

Then there's the idea that if we impoverish enough people and stifle demand the oligarchs will "create jobs".
Pure voodoo. The transfer has been going on since Reagan and the job situation is dismal. But the right won't learn.

So you want federal land open to more drilling, Bob? How much of the stuff can we use? WE DON'T HAVE THE REFINING CAPACITY. Again, Keystone is being built. The southern portion is nearly finished. When it is finished it will transport a highly volatile form of oil to refineries for export to China. The free market(LMAO) will ensure you keep paying through the nose.

Sam Huntington said...

I'm afraid you have to look at the entire continuum...

What a hypocrite!

Z said...

Ducky, I really hate to continue to be a little rude to you but here's the situation:

To read and enthuse about your comments, we must agree that you're the only one with any information that the rest of the country hasn't.
We have to agree that you believe ANYBODY thinks that impoverishing ANYBODY creates demand.
We have to agree that only you understand Keystone (and believe that it's a good thing for foreign countries to pipe Canada's oil instead of us$$$).

Etc etc.

Oh, and we have to admit we just don't SEE the "entire continuum" but YOU DO.


Ed Bonderenka said...

You have to have to have a really strange world view to interpret the landscape the way Ducky portrays it.
And Duck, if I'm "fringe right", why are there so many of us?
It's a large fringe.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"It's a large fringe."

Indeed it is. Even I've been bestowed with the title of 'fringe righty' by the Duckster. He's that label.

Duckys here said...

Ed, you are calling for God to take out Obama and you call my world view strange?

Duckys here said...

As someone said recently, "If you want to live the American dream, move to Denmark."

Bob said...

@Ducky: Gheeez! How many old canards can you resurrect. The interesting thing is that you barfed out a bunch of talking points, but no evidence. This is where we are fundamentally different. I (and many like me) try to make decisions based on empirical data (facts). Those who rely totally on talking points are just out in the intellectual weeds.

It is a fact that Obama had nothing to do with increasing the supply of fossil fuels. This is a matter of record. If I have to furnish links, well, I will have to gather them. Let's see, how about the American Society of Petroleum Engineers?

Insanity? Maybe. I have often thought we are in an insane world with the government dead set on killing the geese that laid all those golden eggs. yOu seem to be ignorant that socialism in any form has failed in all its iterations. How about China, the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, etc. Compare those economic basket cases to Taiwan (Chinese), South Korea, and a plethora of western hemisphere nations.

Oh, I forgot the resounding success of Chavez's Venezuela (not). Venezuela has to be the only oil rich country in the world that has forced itself into poverty. Yes, socialism is the cause for the downfall.

One of the things liberal thinkers are afraid of is the power of the market. The market has shown the ability to not only make nations rich (Taiwan, South Korea, etc.), but to correct some of the sins of socialism in China. The Chinese prosperity is the result of their market reforms and more liberal trade policies in the last few decades.

Oligarchs? Yeah, I hear that there are Oligarchs in Russia. There may be a couple in the USA, but they do not control the economy. If we are honest and efficient in our regulation of banks and financial institutions, this bail-out crap will stop redistributing money to the finance market vultures.

Those self-same financial markets are helping furnish me a decent retirement. Millions of people like me benefit tremendously from those financial markets. It is the markets that let us be free, free from bureaucratic nere-do-wells false wisdom telling us where to put our money. I think you have profited in those same markets. Haven't you?

Ed Bonderenka said...

Duck: read it again. I wondered why it didn't happen.
I did not ask for it.
But if it happened, I would not mourn.

Bob said...

Sorry, Ducky. I agree that we didn't elect an idiot in Barack Obama. However, for a man that is supposed to be brilliant he sure does some dumb stuff.


So what? When is the last time you tried to build a refinery? Your beloved government and whacko enviro-bobble-head friends have conspired to stop that particular process. Admitedly, I wouldn't want to live next to one, but that's why most places have zoning laws.

It make take a few years to build a refinery, but if it were your capital being used to build one, would your want to do it given the political risk of such a venture? If Obama and his pay-masters were to have their way, there would be no refineries or even petroleum markets.

It's not physically difficult to build refineries. We know how to do that. If international refining capacity can backstop us, that's ok.

Kid said...

Sam, Isn't it interesting, maybe fascinating, how truly good people are taken [from us if I dare] so early, leaving such evil POSs to impose upon society for seemingly ever?

There must be something to that.

As far as God doing something about obama, I view that as my talking to my son until I'm blue in the face and he still wants to put flesh over flame. At some point, I say, Go for it.

Kid said...

Don't move to Denmark, those people are seriously anal.

As far as duck, he just needs to be allowed to put flesh over flame. Soon I hope.

Duckys here said...

If we are honest and efficient in our regulation of banks and financial institutions, this bail-out crap will stop redistributing money to the finance market vultures.

Have you been asleep for the last decade? Banks are not going to accept regulation.

Unless your interested in President Warren.

Duckys here said...

A Recent History of the Democratic Party

... or why Obama is not a radical.
I know it's the Nation and that's like garlic to vampires here but it is a good article. Should help you understand the folly of thinking there is a progressive movement left in the US (but you need to create one to blame it).

Check out Bill Greider's piece beating up on the Federal reserve. Good one also.

Liberalmann said...

The GOP has been bleeding this country with its obstructionism for the past 6 years.

Nancy Kay said...

The liberals aka, progressives, aka communists) that protested the Vietnam war, were dedicated Marxist who wanted to see a Communist victory in Vietnam and supported the Soviet agenda. Most of them were kids who turned out as antiwar protesters were just stupid liberal idealists. They had their heads stuck up their collective butts, and didn't understand what they were supporting. But it’s different today, the liberals aka, progressives, aka communists know or think they know what they are doing. They are misguide assholes, supported by a huge base of ignorant idealists who cannot think beyond the simple sound-bites, that they read or hear on their dumb liberal radio talk shows or rags the closet Marxists, are still feeding them this propaganda today. As we see in New York with de Blasio and in Hollywood or on TV late night Talk shows. They ARE on the side of the communists...just as today they are on the side of the Muslim terrorists. You can call them Communist sympathizers!! Look at people like Sean Penn,Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Dannt Glover, Harry belefomte, Martin Sheen, and the leftist post boy of them all, Ed Asner.

Great Blog by the way.

Z said...

libdope; thanks for that amazing comment...what you need to learn is how HARD we're trying to "obstruct" the complete bleed-out of our dear country due to leftwing stupidity.
grow up, libdope; you just must.

skudrunner said...


There is only one thing that has prevented obama and slimy reid from being truly radical
It is called the House of Representatives.

You are against insurance companies making a profit yet it the democratic signature tax, obamacare, that guarantees them a no lose system. Obama can't stop oil exploration but he has stopped transportation from Canada.

You seem to be somewhat conflicted in your opinions.