Saturday, March 15, 2014


...yes, it's decompression at GeeeeZ today.
Take a break.   And a few deep breaths.  Maybe don't even turn news on today.

have a great one.



Rita said...

Great idea Z. Right now I'm listening to our 7 yo granddaughter Facetiming Bob. It's so cute listening to her little voice, she carries on a conversation with him like a little adult.

Have a great day.

sue hanes said...

Z - You have a great break today.
I think it's a good idea not to watch the news. There is nothing good in it.

Moonbat Spanker said...

What is called “affirmative action” is one of the greatest American hoax. First passed off as compensation for discrimination, then as a means to achieve “diversity,” it is nothing less than official, government-mandated discrimination against whites. Why so you lefty racists understood than here in the USA EVERY one is supposed to be equal! Or are you admitting that Blacks are not as smart as whites so they have to have some advantage in the work place!

Z said...

Moonbat, your point about libs believing Blacks aren't smart enough is painful and probably correct. I believe Affirmative Action helped kick start whatever 'brains' kept segregation in the workforce going due to the their sheer hate and underestimation of some employers toward Black America, but, as my own Black friends say, "Time to stop"...
I know Black doctors who feel patients are afraid of them because they believe they didn't have to do quite as well in school and THAT is a typical byproduct of leftwing "soft bigotry of low expectations".

I'm not doing politics, tho ...heh heh.

Have a great day, everybody; Rita, enjoy that! And Sue, there is nothing good in it, that is FOR SURE>

Ed Bonderenka said...

@Z: I was waiting for someone like Moonbat to show up.
I doubt these clowns even check back for response.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

No white male, with a modicum of intelligence, would EVER support the Dem Party. We are not wanted, we are blamed for every ill on the face of the planet, we are despised by every minority in every inner city simply because of our gender and skin color, every government agency is aggressively acting to weed out white males from the government workforce and replace every one of us with minorities and women.

Feminists are teaching young women that men in general, but especially white males are evil creatures, and that men in general have no say in whether his child is aborted on demand or not.
If you enjoy the emasculation and drugging of young boys in school, who are being diagnosed as ADD in record numbers, or threatened with expulsion just for making a fake gun with one's finger , crayon or PoTart, then by all means, keep supporting the efforts of the current, biased, bigoted Democrat Party to your heart's content. But know that you are being played for fools every step of the way.

Ed Bonderenka said...

aaaaand, there's another.

Bob said...

Ahh. The racist have found your web site, Z. It is OK to be biased. We all are biased in some way. But, when it comes to ranking one race over another you are just barking up the wrong tree. Barking is the relevant term, here. Barking mad...

We all know that black people on average do worse on IQ tests than other races. We also know that Askenazi Jews on average have higher IQ's. Right up there at the top are those damned Asians. White people are next, with Hispanics just below. Now, isn't that terribly unfair.

The problem I have with those IQ tests is that I have worked with lots of black men and women all my life, and I do not find black people as being inferior intellectually or otherwise. As a matter of fact, in my recent experiences in a local tech college, I was impressed with the quality of young people, especially black kids. Just like everyone else, they do well when they want to.

What we must remember is that we are products of all of our experiences, including the schooling we received in our early years, especially at home. IQ tests and SAT's measure how fast we can regurgitate knowledge to which we have been exposed, and stuff our parents taught us.

Of course, there are people who are at the top of the Normal distribution, and those in the bottom standard deviation. As of now, we don't understand, truly, how the brain works, and how knowledge is learned. Even the academic fields devoted to analyzing this stuff is a "soft" science, and not very scientific.

If I were Moonbat I would keep my mouth shut. Too many of us know what kind of person Moonbat is, and have a suspicion as to which standard deviation under the Normal IQ curve he/she occupies.

Rita said...


It's a near perfect day here in Fort Myers. We have another month here before we return to reality. It's been a great winter to escape, our first ever.

We've gotten to know quite a few of our neighbors and made great friends. It's a completely different lifestyle living in a coach home and interacting with everyone.

We have preserves on three sides of the complex, with a gorgeous park of lakes behind us, just a short bike ride through a nice path.

Moonbat Spanker said...

We all know that black people on average do worse on IQ tests than other races. We also know that Askenazi Jews on average have higher IQ's. Right up there at the top are those damned Asians. White people are next, with Hispanics just below. Now, isn't that terribly unfair.

If I were Moonbat I would keep my mouth shut. Too many of us know what kind of person Moonbat is, and have a suspicion as to which standard deviation under the Normal IQ curve he/she occupies.

So if we all know it, why is everyone who is replying totally ignoring that fact? Why is everyone so afraid to say it? Deal with it!

Rita said...

Let's see.

"...yes, it's decompression at GeeeeZ today.
Take a break. And a few deep breaths. Maybe don't even turn news on today.

have a great one.


Anyone have any GOOD things to talk about today instead of racist rants?

Baysider said...

It's a good day to thank you for keeping such a lively and interesting salon. And to share this John Wooden quote that reminds me of you, today: "Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books - especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day."

(Now he also said Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who'll argue with you" but this seems to fit the mood better today!)


Leticia said...

I hope you enjoy a wonderful respite from everything.

Be blessed my friend.

Moonbat Spanker said...

@ Bob, You definitely have a point, the problem is, I can’t seem to find it!
No, Bob, I won’t “keep my mouth shut. Sorry, but my opinion and voice is just as important as yours, like it or not!! If you want to call me a racist, go ahead, No problem!
I've been called a racist by a number of people here because I registered my opposition against constantly talking about and posting about Slavery. And trust me, it doesn't bother me in the least. The fact that I am willing to say that I am sick and tired of the Black liberals bringing up the subject of slavery and crying a river over it, gets my goat. The fact that I am willing to point out the problems in black society and recognize how their culture seems to be detrimental to themselves and others doesn't make me a racist, it makes me a realist.

If I saw the same problems happening in white communities I would bring it to light as well. I wouldn't do as most blacks do and blame the problems that happened to people they don’t even know and that happened 150 years ago on someone else or on events that happened over 150 years ago.
The last I checked, nobody in my family ever owned a slave, and I surly didn’t. Get over yourself, your rhetoric is ridicules.
At some point blacks need to take responsibility for what happens within their communities now! And Today! Like these people who are responsible for that disgusting “Knock Out Game”, or the random shootings, and killing of kids playing in the playgrounds! Or saying that anyone who is against this president is saying it just because he is black, and that they are a racist !!
96,9% of Blacks voted for Obama, are they Racists? Are rappers who sing songs about whites racists? Why isn’t anyone talking and writing about that?
No, I'm a realist. There are 67 percent of black fathers who don't live with their kids. That is a fact, is stating that fact racist? Well then I guess I’m a racist. By the way, am I also a “Cracker”? People like Kanye West and Spike Lee, Jay Z , complain about Racism, and then rap using the “N” word and calling whites Crackers!. That my dear friend is call a double standard!
And how about all you people that voted for BHO the last time to prove you weren't racist, are ya’ll happy now?

Duckys here said...

@z --- ...your point about libs believing Blacks aren't smart enough is painful and probably correct.

Every so often your guard hand comes down.

Emily said...

Moonbat is absolutely right. I never met any Whites who own or owned a slave either. My Great-grandparents came to America in 1904 from Europe and they never owned any slaves either. In fact none of the Black people I know have been a slave or had any ancestors that they can trace to have been a slave, so it’s time to get over it. people should put slavery behind us, what was done was done and its not happening again. African-Americans must move forward, or they will be stuck in the past. Blacks are not owed anything for reparations, it’s not going to happen, they were enough entitlements given in the past 5 years. So lets forget the past.

Emily said...

I have traced my family tree on Ancestor dot come , my mothers parents came to the US during the Irish potato famine so it is very unlikely they had the wealth to own a slave, In fact they were likely to had been slaves themselves. Also, I do not feel ashamed of what some people may have done many generations ago, its foolish to do so You can not judge people on their ancestry. Also I’m not going to let someone else's stupidity and ignorance make me ashamed of my race..

Baysider said...

"Every so often your guard hand comes down."

Ducky - that's a pathetic comment. Your shiv missed her ribs by a mile. Do you work hard to twist so much out of context ... or does it just come naturally?

Z said...

I just wrote a huge long comment in response to most everybody here and then I saw Bayside's, Leticia's and Rita's comments and thought "I'm not even going to respond"

thanks, ladies; what IS the point.

I will say this, however; Please, folks....let's realize that most Black Americans are every BIT as clever, talented and good as most of us White folks are....STOP the name calling; stop the soft bigotry clothed in ridiculous PC liberalism; it hasn't worked and it'll never work.

Thanks,'s an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in LA and I'm going to watercolor and enjoy it :-)

Baysider, Rita, Leticia....bravo. Thanks for the reminder.
And Baysider, thanks for the MARVELOUS quote which I'm going to keep right here near my computer. It reminds me I haven't been much of a friend to you lately; let's have lunch soon. I'd like that. Z

Z said...

Baysider; just saw your comment to Ducky. I think he simply didn't understand the sentence.
He knows very, very well how I stand on race, it was just a good jab for him again.
Ya, if ONLY liberals would regard people of color as equals, that would help us all SO MUCH. That "Soft bigotry of low expectations.." Was that Bush who said that? Yes, in a speech by his speech writer Michael Gerson.
Here's a leftwing blog's reading of that quote... "the preconception that disadvantaged folks won't ever succeed,"

Nowhere in "soft bigotry of low expectations" does it even imply that; thinkers know that what was meant that it's bigotry to consider that some folks can't succeed" but the left just gloms on to whatever makes them feel self righteous... so SAD!!

You see? Many people simply don't understand it. Ducky, included. DARN.

Duckys here said...

@Baysider -- Ducky - that's a pathetic comment.

I think not. But your analysis is shallow.

To imply that the purpose of affirmative action is because minorities "aren't smart enough" has nothing to do with the origins of the law but it does give insight into a certain perception of minorities.

Like I say, the guard hand came down for a moment.

Z said...

Thanks for clearing that up! So you don't understand Affirmative Action, either....Now I'm seeing why you think like you do.

Affirmative Action was to make sure that minorities got the same chance to the same job. It distinctly means that they ARE smart enough but moron racists couldn't/wouldn't hire them.
I hope that helps.

affirmative action

Houghton Mifflin


1.A policy or a program that seeks to redress past discrimination through active measures to ensure equal opportunity, as in education and employment.

See!? There ya go!

Sparky said...

I'm "decompressing" today too. No news, no way. Hope you enjoy your "day off". ~:)

Bob said...

I think I owe folks on this blog an apology not because I called Moonbat a racist, but because of my rambling, no point comment.

The point is that even though historical IQ tests show differences in the races, it probably means bupkus. Racism is silly, especially if you base it on IQ scores.

I am sure that Z, Ducky, AOW and other teachers can talk about cases when a kid tested low in the IQ scale, yet achieved much more that was expected with that score. The problem is that we don't know how the brain works, or what intelligence really is. Since I have worked, and recently been in classrooms with black and Hispanic kids, I can tell you that they do well when they wish. This includes upper level math.

I don't feel guilt about the enslavement of black people. I was not around then, and cannot be held responsible, legally or morally, for that repulsive institution.

However, what we see is the descendants of those slaves in many cases aren't doing as well as other racial groups. This is due to many things, and racism is a diminishing reason.

I believe the biggest reason is that most black children are born into one parent families. All the successful black people I know had stable childhoods with both parents present.

Being a racist must be a disappointing thing, especially when you see so many black and Hispanic people being successful, perhaps more than the Moonbat. Think of all the stomach acid that must bubble-up when he figures out that pretty much everybody else is smarter than he.

Baysider said...

“though historical IQ tests show differences in the races, it probably means bupkus.”

Well, it’s going to be long to wade through this one, but PLEASE STICK WITH ME. I promise you it’s worth it! If these are the early 20th century IQ tests oft cited by racists for years to claim ‘blacks are dumber’ they were accurate and, from what I can discern, not racist.

It’s the story they tell that’s so fascinating. I don’t remember exact numbers on the details, so don’t pick nits or cite them elsewhere, please. General figures will amply make the point. We’re talking in groups here.

These tests showed that something like 90% of blacks were ‘below average’ with only 10% above. Whites’ numbers were more evenly arrayed along the bell curve. So if you break them down by race blacks don’t fare well.

BUT … if you break them down by geography you get a completely different story! If only I could draw a map for you.

The 90% low scoring blacks have more in common with the roughly 40% low scoring whites than they do with the 10% high scoring blacks. The LOW scorers all tended to live south of the Mason-Dixon line. The 10% high scoring blacks lived in the north, and they not only scored better than southern blacks, they scored better than most southern whites. Ditto for northern whites.

BUT -- and this is fascinating— there were tiny pockets of high scoring blacks in the south. These did not go the typical poor (and especially for blacks) southern school. They were educated in schools that had been established by white northern education ‘missionaries’ who came south during reconstruction to set up good schools specifically to help blacks get in the game. These IQ tests were barely 2 generations later – but their schools showed the worth of their founders’ Intent.

Yes, racism is silly, especially if you base it on IQ tests. It’s much worse when you frame your facts to elicit a pre-determined answer, and an answer that wouldn’t fit the facts otherwise. (Hmmm ... a little global warming anyone?)

Rita said...

I will agree that IQ tests mean nothing. Scoring on tests mean nothing.

You want a better indicator of success? Try responsibility. Going into work everyday, not spending more than you save, saving toward the future. Some people learn that from their parents, some are born with it and some learn it through hard knocks.

Those that spend they entire lives being immature and irresponsible will end up losers.

Sure, culture plays some part of it, but there are many success stories from irresponsible culture because of the drive.

I know of a very successful military female who was raised in a generational tornado of welfare. She decided very young she wanted better.

That is why I will never understand those people who believe we should dumb down standards because of race, gender, etc. Those who do are the real racist. It's no longer "soft bigotry", it's very definitely true bigotry.

Z said...

Bob, you needn't apologize, but I appreciate that and I think your last comment is one of the very best I've EVER had at GeeeeZ and I thank you for it.

I have learned from being with high school kids these last 3 years or so that if you BELIEVE IN THEM, they can do astonishing things and they will never, EVER forget your support. They will remember an encouraging remark you made 2 years earlier, that you had completely forgotten, and they'll give it to you verbatim.
If we BELIEVE in ALL colors of kids/faiths, etc., they WILL learn, they will be good people, they will be so proud and want to prove you RIGHT for believing in them.
They need good parents, and many don't have even two parents let alone one GOOD one, but ANY ADULT IN THEIR LIFE who believes in them WILL (not can) make a difference; I totally believe this now.

BAYSIDER: Your information about WHERE Black kids live and how they score is utterly fascinating. It got me almost weepy because I believe in them SO MUCH.
Where I am, we have a lot of Black students who are tops in their classes....right up there with Whites, Asians, etc. Actually, for some reason, many of our Asian kids are not extraordinary students, sadly. Some are.
We had two Hispanic boys who graduated last year and one has a full scholarship to Case-Western and the other to Carnegie Melon! FULL Scholarships and I KNOW none of their four parents graduated high school...just poor, hard working, wonderful parents...who sacrifice everything for their children. Those kids were smart, they worked hard and look what they achieved! Of course, our school took approximately 30% of the tuition the full payers pay...and I am SO PROUD of us for having given these kids that leg-up~!!


Rita...good point about soft and very TRUE BIGOTRY. Bless you for that and bless that female who wanted OUT of her situation. BRAVO!!

I wish I could share every wonderful story at the school I am associated guys would be crying with happiness .
By way, our minority parents ROCK. They're marvelous people who volunteer a LOT at the school, etc...fabulous

BELIEVE IN KIDS, folks..that's ALL THEY WANT. They do NOT want Jesse and Al's victim certificate, they want a graduation certificate THEY EARNED.

Kid said...

Bob, great point and that's right.

I regularly test to an IQ of about 63. I don't watch the news. I can't understand Anything those scholarly geniuses toss out. My head just spins. As a result of this, I poke around and oddly enough, am pretty sure I actually know the reality of the various situations here on this crazy crazy world of ours.

People think I'm smart. Little do they know.

Kid said...

Anyway, Here's some decompression

It's long, maybe tomorrow, petting a cat and having some coffee and chocolate covered strawberries.

Kid said...

Here's a short one if you're still up.

Bob said...

Baysider: Interesting comment. Yes, my data comes from my memory of reading "The Bell Curve", a controversial book on the results of IQ tests from early in the 20th century through about 1970. They included tests from schools, military tests, and tests from all sorts of sources. There was only one chapter on race, but it got the most attention. The point of the book was about how American society was changing, and the top echelon was composed of those with the higher IQ's who lived in enclaves in large cities. The point of the book had nothing to do with race.

I have intended to research the subject more fully, but for some reason have not taken the time. Your information is revealing, but is probably not complete. How about all the white kids south of the Mason/Dixon line, raised in poor families in poor neighborhoods?

I don't begrudge black people anything, but also realize that I and millions of southern kids like me were educated in schools that were substandard compared to schools in other states. This was a direct result of policies resulting from the age of reconstruction. In the process of punishing the people in the southern states, black people were punished, also.

Bob said...

Kid: Thanks for your comment. I can tell from your comments that you are intelligent, and articulate. Language is a very good indicator of intelligence, and you do well.

Your situation is a case in point. Our school systems tend to ignore kids with test scores that are not up to a certain threshold where those above are considered "gifted". In many cases these kids are gifted, but there are others just as gifted who didn't score well on the tests. Of course, this is my opinion buttressed by my teacher wife's opinion.

Some kids test well, and I am one of those. Some people I know did not test well, but I consider them as being pretty smart. Our academic world is off on a tangent, with only a partial solution to education.

Z said...

Kid. You're one of the smartest people I know. 63?


Impertinent said...


Trust me Z...Kids IQ is even lower than that...he's just showing off again.

And all us below that Mson - Dixon line? Well according to one poster the stereotypical redneck / cracker type dominates? Good God.

Kid said...

Z, Take it from Imp, We talk sometimes. He gets very frustrated.

Kid said...

Bob, Thank you. I have to have a little fun on the blogs time to time.

Oh, I couldn't agree more on the dysfunction of the school system.

My bosses wife is a teacher, and my lunch buddies are teachers who removed themselves from teaching 30 years ago for these very problems, and got a couple Masters degrees each and headed off into private industry.

Mostly what I hear these days is that No Child Left Behind, leaves the smart kids behind from the sheer torture of moving at the slowest pace possible.
Beyond that, it's a target rich environment of problems. It would take a thesis to address it properly but there is little going on that is a positive in public school. Hit and miss on the privates. Common Core is a cancer.
The teachers unions are a cancer.

You have teachers removed from the classroom because of sex abuse and other problems sitting in that are called Romper Rooms, still on the payroll, but running businesses and such out of these places. I read about a guy in California that had been removed from the classroom because of sexual problems with student(s) and has been sitting at home pulling in 68k a year for the last 20 years.

Like the government, I don't see how it could be 'fixed'. It needs a reboot.

Impertinent said...


That's not true you lying low info IQ sack of Bolognese sauce!

You make me LMAO....dats the true...word up nosain'?

Rita said...

Did someone say Bolognese?

Kid said...

IMP, Well, lease I'm good for sumptin

Kid said...

Rita, here's one that's -you know- really good.


Turn down the salt. Add crushed red pepper flakes, oregano, basil, and if it's too salty, you can add basalmic vinegar while it's cooking.

Kid said...

Rita, Donna forget the Parmigianna Reggianno to top your favorite pasta, grated with one of the hand crank drum style graters. Aw yea.

Impertinent said...


Take my word for it...I made Kids recipe tonight for 8...killer meal...I mean...good LOL.

Impertinent said...


"IMP, Well, lease I'm good for sumptin"..'ve redeemed yourself again.

Rita said...

The recipe used by our Tuscan hostess was a large onion, two carrots, a couple stalks of celery minced and cooked in a bit of olive oil for about five minutes. A couple of pounds of ground chuck thrown in (don't drain). After browning, about 24oz of tomato sauce, simmered for a few hours. Salt thrown in with the veggies to extract the liquid.

Nothing else. No garlic (I think that's southern Italy) and no peppers. I wouldn't touch it with peppers.