Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another Obama-Care Delay ...

Obama delays the parts of ObamaCare you won't like until after election ... do you wonder why?

Another wave of health-care plan cancellation notices was set to crash on voters this fall. But the Obama administration found a way to shut that whole thing down. According to The Hill:
  • As early as this week, according to two sources, the White House will announce a new directive allowing insurers to continue offering health plans that do not meet ObamaCare's minimum coverage requirements.
  • Prolonging the "keep your plan" fix will avoid another wave of health policy cancellations otherwise expected this fall.
  • The cancellations would have created a firestorm for Democratic candidates in the last, crucial weeks before Election Day.
  • The White House is intent on protecting its allies in the Senate, where Democrats face a battle to keep control of the chamber. [The Hill]

Who knew that the Affordable Care Act could so conveniently conform itself to the changing political aims of the White House? The rule of law seems so much more negotiable now. - - Michael Brendan Dougherty

SO, you think Obama’s delaying this part of the healthcare mandate because he likes you or because of THE ELECTION?


Always On Watch said...

Synchronicity! I posted about the same thing today -- before I saw this post.

Answer to the question: because of the election, of course!

Ed Bonderenka said...

That's a rhetorical question, right?

Tracy Mills said...

Dave Miller said...
"Holy cow Z... you're being spammed by unidentified bloggers."

A suspicious mind is a sick one, and a paranoid mind is very dangerous. !
So remember: *every dog has its day just like every woman gets her own way*~* Flogging Molly

Rottweiler said...

The research on the cost of Obamacare continues to mount and it is catastrophic....
For young adults, premiums will increase 171% in Arkansas, 168% in Georgia, and 156% in Arizona

An adult age 50 faces an 81% increase in Indiana, 75% in Florida, 74% in Connecticut, and 72% in Kansas.

For a family of four, premiums will rise by 31% in North Dakota and 29% in Texas

So much for the liberal LIE that Obamacare will lower healthcare costs.

Great job Dumbocrats.

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.
~George Bernard Shaw

I love the ravings of Progressive lunatics in the morning...

Always On Watch said...

So much for the liberal LIE that Obamacare will lower healthcare costs.

And let's not forget the ripple effect.

My own policy premium went up nearly 20% (effective April 1). As a result, I will be spending less on other things. Multiply this effect by millions of people affected in a similar way, and what do we have? Another blow to our ailing economy!

Rottweiler said...

Only an idiot would deny the facts regarding the failure of Obamacare, even the Dumbocrats on these blogs realize it is suicide to attempt to deny it.

Obama is stuck in another failure mode, with no where to go. ObamaCare is the Messiah's biggest failure second only to Benghazi, IRS, NSA, the economy etc. etc. and etc...
But the Liberals-progressives will tell us that us peons and racists, just don't understand this "Non"accomplishment!

Larry the Conservative Cable Guy said...

As seen on a “Progressive” blog
”conservative pudits, pols, and bloggers are cheering for ex-KGB president and strongman, Vladimir Putin, here are the latest developments:”

But the Liberals-Progressive’s Have Got What They Asked For!

Remember this! When obama told the Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, Obama said that he would have “more flexibility” to deal with controversial issues such as missile defense, but incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to give him “space.”
Just how clueless does a person have to be to write anything like this? Then of course we are the racist, birther idiots, the people who say Obama is the worst president yet they have lived through.
The people should know what this pathological liar is doing! anyone that thinks he is doing a good job is either blind, ignorant, or is part of the problem. We as a nation must wake up.
One must wonder how so many left-wing kooks rationalize these extreme, bizarre, and ignorant statements, and still are loyal to this man!

Always On Watch said...

ObamaCare supporters have been yapping and bragging that ObamaCare has eliminated "bad apple" policies.

How will ObamaCare supporters yap and brag now -- now that "bad apple" policies are a-okay for a while longer?

Sam Huntington said...

Amazingly, Barack Obama has managed to redefine what Lenin suggested by referring to the American left as useful dupes. As evidenced by the previous two presidential elections, Obama has no intention of preventing the American people from slitting their own throats. In this case, the complete destruction of health care so that it may be replaced with a single-payer system.

Were it not a tragedy for many people, it would almost be funny to see the result of neurosurgery when the doctor and attending nurses are only getting the minimum wage.

Opinionated Me said...

Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Kiev this week in a show of support for the embattled leadership, as Washington and its allies strongly criticised Moscow for violating Ukrainés sovereignty. Mr Kerry led warnings from around the globe that Moscow risked being stripped of its coveted seat as one of the Group of Eight nations, and could face a damaging economic fallout for sending troops into Ukrainés Crimean

I just can not believe the comments that I have been reading on these blogs lately. This country has been acting more like the Amateur Hour in the past 5 years than the former Super Power that we once were.
Never in the history of the American Military has this country’s veterans been so embarrassed at that So-called “War Hero” John Kerry
A Fraud and a Self-proclaimed “Warrior”John Kerry thumping his chest and running off at the mouth.
God Bless the Swift Boat Vets for revealing the truth about a-holes like him.

Right-Winger said...

Don’t blame John Kerry, he’s doing exactly what he was intended to do, fitting in so perfectly with the rest of the IDIOT’S in Obama's regime.

SUAGMEABeet said...

You Conservatives are a dangerous people.
Mocking the President of the United States, and cheering for the Russian is pretty damn stupid.
You people are being anti-patriotic by undermining the POTUS.

Sherlock Holmes said...

The liberals and progressives are complaining about phony blog profiles and undermining the POTUS. And yet that that Childish and Insulting name caller JerkOff who runs Sleeping with The Devil - Blogg has been doing this on a daily basis over at the “other” bloggers cesspool.


Using another phoney name and Avatar almost every day. It’s not that hard to expose an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for that info Sherlock....So The Truth Comes Out! Now we will have one less Dumbass to be concerned with. That simpleminded person you mentioned IS a real idiot, and his blog is really Idiotic as well.

Emily said...

GeeeeeZ thanks for all these great posts,for all the effort you put into your posts.

You deserve the many accolades you receive.

Don't worry about the people who may oppose you or disagree with you, or the criticisms or concentrations of the blind, deaf, and dumb. We here all know that you are RIGHT, and that's better than left..

Keep up the good fight. You get people thinking. We need more people like you.

You get people thinking. We need more conservitives like you

Anonymous said...


AOW...I can't wait to get my computer set up so I can visit YOU as often as I'd like to. Doing it from work is almost impossible.. I have about 10 free minutes a day, if that, and barely can comment here :-)
Not amazed that our minds thought the same way today but I'm PROUD because you are ONE SMART COOKIE :-)
I will say, however, that Obama fans aren't 'yapping' because they still don't even know what was planned for their insurance and so removing those mandates isn't going to impress them one bit...think CNN or MSNBC is telling AMerica "Man, you'd have hated being fired for your healthcare because your small business employer can't afford it!"? WRONG! They'll find out after they stupidly reelect lefty liars.

CAN SOMEONE EVER TELL ME WHO IS 'CHEERING THE RUSSIANS'? please??? Tell us, stop lying and making yourself look moronic, please!

Sherlock, this blog's been in existence for, I think, about 10 years now, and I criticize (as we all do) Obama on a near daily basis for what he's making up anything here.
And, by the way, I've had a LOT of spammers and lefties try to take over my comments section by spouting really stupid anti-Obama stuff (very personal, about him and his wife) and I stop that here EVERY TIME. There is FAR and enough legitimate criticism without having to stoop to Michelle's anti Americanism, or Obama's lack of ability to lead...So when the libs come here picking for a fight, we ignore and delete.
I don't know a conservative site that does what you've seen the libs complain about ..


Tracy; maybe if you saw the Spam emails you'd be able to comment more cogently? Thanks for coming by. ?

Rottweiler: "Only an idiot". You got THAT right :-)

Larry, thanks for coming by! "pudits?" Sounds like a leftwing blog alright :-)
And yes, the conservative blogs and FOX are outraged at Putin and we're being told we like him? The fun never quits, does it.
THANK GOD for FOX because the American people wouldn't be hearing much without it.
Did you happen to see Dr. Emanuel on O'Reilly last night!? He was saying how clinics are the growing part of our health care system supported so perfectly by Obamacare and, this morning, the stats are money's going to hospitals, NOT clinics. Does he have a CLUE? He wrote the damned bill (some think he wrote it a year or two before Obama won the election because nobody writes a 2,000 pager that fast..this was all in the hopper)

Emily, I could reach thru this screen and kiss you! Thank you.
Mustang deserves a BIG THANKS, too, as he's written most of the blogs in the last two weeks since my computer at home's been down. I did offer this idea today, but HE WROTE THE POST, bless him :-)
Emily, please come and join in the conversations as often as you can; I appreciate you. I know Mustang will, too.
And check out my blog roll on my home page for FIX BAYONETS and MONTPELIER...Mustang's two 'real blogs'.they ROCK!

Anonymous said...


REMINDER: Please, let's see links of conservatives CHEERING ON RUSSIA in CRIMEA OR UKRAINE.. thanks.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"That's a rhetorical question, right?"

Exactly. There is no other rational reason [and no reason proffered at all that I've seen] to explain not only the timing but the basis for the repeatedly delaying of implementing this law.

I would suppose that it just goes without saying among Statists, that if you already have a sweeping Federal law that is so far outside the scope of the Constitutional role of the Federal government, that the implementation of said law can be haphazard and ad hoc. What's the point of following legal procedure at this juncture?

So good to see Congress standing up for their enumerated authorities......./sarc

Moonbat Spanker said...

I keep wondering, why in the world do “we” want a confrontation with Russia? Is there a gerbil up Obama’s ass? Why else would he even concider such a thing? Why don’t he stick his nose somewhere else?
He warned Russia not to interfere in Ukraine and threatened that if it does, “there will be costs.” Why should we (the United States) have any dog in this fight?
Obama and Kerry are making a stink about Ukraine because they are Soros lackies. The whole crisis was orchestrated by George Soros to install a puppet government in the Ukraine. Call me a traitor, I refuse to fight another Christian nation on behalf of Soros and his Nazis!
It’s all relative, right now we have more than enough trouble and BS right here at home. Maybe this is where John Kerry should be sticking his big nose! The fact that a president of the United States can go on national television and flat out lie about his corrupting of the Internal Revenue Service to his own ends in order to harass the opposition political party, and not have a call for his impeachment immediately ring out in Congress, after all the other lies, illegal and unconstitutional actions and racist decisions and appointments, makes clear that there are few, if any, real patriots elected to our high offices.

Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they’d go kill some Americans,” Clinton said. “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

Well, the difference is that you lied your ass off at that hearing, Hillary, when you knew from the very beginning that it was a terrorist attack. The question still remains, why did you lie? The difference is that you and Obama actually prevented any assistance from being sent to our Benghazi embassy. Those who tried to go help were ordered to stand down, and one general was fired for trying to override that order.

The difference is that four Americans including our ambassador were murdered because of what you did. Now, why did you do it? We STILL want to know.
Back to the subject of this blog. Geezis is spot on what will happen here. baring any War, Obama will pick a fight with Republicans to look tough. He knows with the media and entertainment industry at his back, he feels that he can beat the Republicans over and over again. If these Liberal Clowns are so concerned about the Ukraine, why don’t these clowns go send their own kids or volunteer themselves and join their Soros backed Nazis buddies in Kiev? They are cowards and want You and I and OUR kids to do it for them.

skudrunner said...

No one would believe these delays are political. After all when obama shut down the government instead of delaying implementation of obamacare, there was no way it was not going to go as planned.

Remember Ben Gazi said...

Obama and his goons Hillary and Susan Rice openly lied about the attack and covered up their mistakes not making sure the Americans there were safe, so that he could get re-elected.?
And the Progressive LOONS just can't stop Blogging about Chris Christie. Why would she do that?
The Leftist Lady of Non-Accomplishments aka The Butcher of Benghazi,is a clone of The Lair in Chief who left Americans to die: and the liberals want her to complete the Obama destruction of America’s domestic and international standard. Yep, that is why liberalism is another word for insanity.“ But, At this point, what difference does it make”?

Baysider said...

'Undermining POTUS'? He does such a good job of it himself, any 'help' from his right pales in comparison.

Back to your question, though. It's the elections of course! He's a straight, off-the-rack hardball pol. I was in the group of 'first fruits' of his disaster. With millions of us dumped off our policies and forced into pricey alternates with less coverage they couldn't stand to think of the noise when 100 million more get the shock just before they vote.

Duckys here said...

remember benghazi sits down to breakfast

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Now you're just teasing........

Anonymous said...

From Z of GeeeZ:

Ducky, do you mean that's the kind of food people eat whose opinion you don't like? it's the elitist thing again because he couldn't dislike this president and, at the same time, eat croissants and oatmeal with raspberries, or????

Moonbat...I don't see them now, but a lib or two were here in comments (Where'd they do?) telling us that Conservatives love Putin....gee, isn't it odd that nobody you or I know does? :-) Thanks for confirming that in writing!
Come by again.

Baysider...imagine anybody undermining this dope better than HE does!? You're right.

SUAGMEBEET (what the...?): I'm glad you said that. As a good Conservative America-loving woman, I couldn't insult Obama for months after his presidency. I criticized what he was doing but couldn't bear to call him or Mrs O anything like "stupid" or "LIAR" ...Liar, particularly, because while I know they DO all lie, it's so degrading to the OFFICE to call a Pres a liar.
HOWEVER>..I've changed and HE's the one who forced the question, NOT ME. He IS a LIAR, a clear and present danger to us all in 100 ways, and a JOKE on the foreign stage.

BY THE WAY...who leaked that Angela Merkel said Putin is living in a different world? She told OBAMA that, is it helpful for him to tell the world? How would Mrs. Merkel feel? WHY do OUR POLITICIANS in this ridiculous administration tell the media ANYTHING like that?
Did any of you consider that?
And can you PICTURE foreigners watching our senators and congressmen debating Russia and Ukraine and Crimea? WHAT A JOKE>

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for the compliment.

I hope that your computer woes are solved soon! I've been down that road, and it's enough to make one go over the edge. So much to do to get a new machine set up!

Defenders of ObamaCare will continue to defend ObamaCare until, as that line goes in Jaws, it "swims up and bites [them] on the ass."

Liberalmann said...

And now for the truth:

This is old news the right is using as political fodder. It was you guys on the right who had a hissy fit over 'You can keep your plan.' Plans which didn't cover such things as emergency room visits and certain disease which did not meet ACA standards required YOU the taxpayers to pay for these people. You made such a fuss Obama months ago, decided to allow them to continue for a year. And thanks to the right we get to pay for these crappy plans with out taxes for another year. Geez!

Duckys here said...

Oh come on, z.
It was pretty funny.

TS/WS said...

This is Hillery Care-written in the 1980's-1990's, and tweaked in the 2000's; awaiting the Day the DemocRATS regained the Congress.
And ToDay Hillery Called Putin- Hitler.
She is not in Official capacity, but had some sort of relations with the Russian Leadership.
Trying to start more tensions for her own run for the Imperialship here, or ...

Impertinent said...

I have this not so grudging, reluctant admiration for Putin, I must confess.

I see him doing for Russia, exactly what we've done countless times for the US. For his geo political interests, for his nation, for his nationalistic pride...and to bring Russia back as a world power. He's guilty of being a "Reaganite"? Russians admire his machismo. Why not? We see our pansy 'leader' swinging a 9 iron everyday?

And..he's winning in the court of public approval. He sure as hell as bette press and PR than the boy...wonder.

Kid said...

IMP, I don't protest anything you said at all. I do winder if this is part of the overall communist 'active measures' strategy. I'd say most patriotic Americans see Putin as more of a leader than the effeminate imbecile residing in the white house. If you know what I mean.

For anyone who doesn't know.... You get 3 purple hearts you can get shipped back home from Vietnam. Only one of kerry's purple hearts needed so much as a band-aid. This is why the people he served with know him to be a POS and said so when he was running for office.

Liberalmann said...

Wow, you're actually harkening back to the Swift Boat liars? You WILL believe anything, lol!

Anonymous said...

From Z of Geeez;

Ducky, I never find your elitism funny when you're constantly spouting your socialist credentials. It's hypocritical and amusing but I don't have time to waste opening links to that kind of thing....
plus, all I could think of was how many BLTs I could have made :)

Libjerk....please inform yourself and, if you MUST, come back. thanks

you idiot (Oooh, that felt so good)

Liberalmann said...

GOP Trashes Obama For Health Law Fix They Demanded

Kid said...

Swift Boat testifiers. Show us where it's a lie libgirl.

Explain why kerry never sued them for slander then. Explain why kerry never even came back himself with his version of the story. Explain why kerry never produced any military documents backing up his claims. If someone receives a purple heart there is sufficient documentation of the details.

Or are you saying kerry is a stupid wuss?

Oh the web we weave when we're (you) an idiot.

Are you for real. We need a new adjective. Pathetic doesn't even come close.

Liberalmann said...

Kid said.."Swift Boat testifiers. Show us where it's a lie libgirl."

I'm always amused to find people so...I don't believe the swift boats liars. As a vet I condemn them for trying to discredit a veteran who fought and in this case was wounded.

Here ya go,lapdog:

Swift Boat Liars exposed

Kid said...

libgirl what is wrong with you.

What in that piece by dailykooks is anything more than someones opinion and fabrication? No wonder you people believe so much BS.

Show me some Documentation. DD-214 for example that was Locked away by Kerry. Kerry has never submitted/released Any documentation of anything. Why is that lib?

Would he have it sealed if it supported his position? Of Course Not.

No cigar.