Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Legal Status to illegal military family members?

Obama is now looking to give LEGAL STATUS (and all associated benefits) to families of American military and military veterans.   (I looked for other sources for more details but could only find it on FOX.  I'd have thought it was a pretty big story, particularly the continuance of Obama's serial-bypassing of the law?)

Here's one paragraph from the linked article: 

The exemption, called parole in place, came in the form of a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services "policy memorandum." It was not submitted to or approved by Congress, and the regulations were not published in the Federal Register, which allows for public comment prior to a rule taking effect.

Here's another paragraph, a quote from a Marine who was severely injured and has been recommended for the Purple Heart:

"I'm covered, my kids are covered, but the woman that runs the house, she's not covered. So that's probably the hardest part," Gonzalez said. "Now she'll be able to get a job, go to school. It would make her feel like she contributes more to the family."

Imagine being in the military and worrying about your illegal family members?  Not easy. On the other hand, I never believe that because someone's injured is a good reason for a spouse to get legal citizenship, etc.  I don't think McCain or Bob Dole can do nothing wrong because they're vets who suffered, either.  Let's judge the situation ONLY ON THE SITUATION.

Lots of ways to look at this newest Obama edict.    My biggest problem with it is that Congress wasn't even included in the decision and they ignored the Federal Register.  WHY?  The WH says it's because there is this existing statute called "PAROLE IN PLACE"...here's a description:

Parole-in-place is a status the United States government may choose to grant someone who is on US soil illegally, allowing that person to stay while filing an application for legal residency or citizenship. Without this permission, the undocumented person would need to leave the United States and attempt to apply for legal residency while in her home nation. Parole-in-place is typically available to certain classes of undocumented people in the United States. People confronting deportation can check to see if they qualify.
One example involves military spouses and children. Members of the military may marry foreign nationals while they serve overseas, and expect to be able to bring them back into the United States. While some seek legal permission to do so, making sure their spouses have legal residency and are on the path to citizenship, others do not, or face barriers making it difficult to complete the process. Parole-in-place allows an undocumented military spouse and any undocumented children to remain in the United States while they apply for legal residency, instead of breaking up families with deportation.  (Z: you see, this would have applied to war brides, and I'm all for that....the WH is tweaking it quite a bit, isn't it)

So I'm not REAL sure that this statute allows quite what Obama says it allows....they can stay while they apply for legal residency, the statute NEVER says they are afforded all the benefits of being legal.   Or are we reading it wrong?  (By the way, I'd be totally for the statute as written.) (Oh, but heck..maybe VOTING DEMOCRAT for THIS goodie has a little to do with Obama/Holder's interpretation????)



Constitutional Insurgent said...

I don't have a huge problem with extending family benefits to those who are serving, or who have honorably served. The problem I have is in making it retroactive to anyone who have ever served, for any amount of time...which is how I've heard it on the news this morning.

I do not know if this would be available to those who were seperated under less than honorable conditions, but honorable service should be a mandatory requirement for extnesion to seperated or retired service members.

TemplarKormac said...

I'm am SO sick of this administration’s always making the vets and wounded vets second class citizens. WTF is wrong with these people?
Why is that you just can’t reason with Liberals?... And why is it that they feel pity for the idiot on the street corner asking for a hand-out, or the illegal immigrant the illegal immigrant who feeds off of the public for free housing, medical, etc, or hippy pot smoking lazy bums that refuse to work but want the government to pay for everything or even the terrorists who get caught and sent to Gitmo! But they describe someone who is a hard working American for being “rich” as a bad thing! And support a politician who will not stop lying as long as he or she is a liberal/Democrat!!

I ask this of the supporters of ObamaCare, have any of you actually read the ENTIRE 2700-odd pages of the Affordable Care Act? That thing that Nancy Pelosi said to "vote on it before you can read it" Any law that needs 20-odd pages to define 'Full-time Employee' is f**ked right out of the gate. Incidentally, ACA defines 'Full-time Employee' as a person working 30+ hours a week. I always thought that full-time was 40+ hours a week. Come on, this isn't Greece. There's no European Union to bail us out (with Germany's money). So what’s going on here? Something is not right if the people that voted for it are exempt from it! You should know that! We may disagree but you have absolutely no right to spew your bile on us! To hell with these people in Congress, if we have to buy this crap then why shouldn’t they?

I also noticed that the blogs and the comments from the lovely left-wingers, the Progressives” and Obama lovers. Not just here , but on the “Progressive’s blogs” and they basically boil down into the following statement: We're right; you're wrong, stupid, and racist for saying anything against Obama, or any other one from the White House. especially if they happen to be Black and just watch the vile replies pour in, with all the name calling and attacks, especially from the Blog author. And say something about the lazy Gimmie, Gimmie crowd and boy are your called racists terms. Just wait until the dimwits find out that obamacare is not free!

If criticizing the President for his socialist policies I think are wrong and/or for his failures makes me racist, so be it. If calling me a racist because i disagree with his Chicago politics, playing golf, Obamacare, Hollywood and Las Vagas fund-raising when he should have been somewhere else that was MORE important, If Fast & Furious, his policies that include no work requirements for welfare, illegal immigrant amnesty, veterans are a domestic terror threat. That’s ok with me Except that they rarely call a terrorist a terrorist, they're afraid of offending the Muslims . It's okay to degrade Christians and Jews, but expressing a negative opinion about Islam is border-line hate speech, something is wrong there. And by the way, If you like your current health insurance plan, good luck keeping it."

The Way I See It said...

Well, he’s at it again, he has asked Congress to cut the military spending, pay, and benefits. I guess he needs the money to pay for Michelle’s vacations. I wonder how many people know that us taxpayers paid $1.4 BILLION on Obama’s family last year?

Ok people, it’s time for reality check. Obama is good for non-issues, like teenage girls wanting abortion, gays, African-American issues, Blacks and Minorities sense of pride, White bashing, Israel bashing, Catholic bashing, Jew bashing, Black History Month, and crap like that. For real big guys stuff, like containing superpowers from invading, dealing with worldwide diplomatic issues, economics and things of that magnitude, But when it comes down to the “Nitty-Gritty” real important issues like his approach to foreign affairs, and other little things like War, Obama and liberals are amateurs. Give them the "Miss congeniality" award and let's go back to real, powerful America.

Putin is playing Obama for a fool. Do we know what Obama meant that day when he whispered into an open mike? We don't know what Obama meant when he let the Russians know he could be more 'flexible' during his second term...we don't know what kind of a deal he made...but this is the outcome, whatever it was.

Sarah Palin was right all the time. All the time you Left-wing idiots made fun out of her. She tried to warn us about the Kenyan, and about Putin, but, Noooo! You jerk-offs didn't want to listen. Instead you listened to that asshole Tina Fey instead. Well who got the last laugh?
What FOOLS..you all were and still are. And oh yeah, now you jerkoffs are fixed on a traffic jam in New Jersey!

Sam Huntington said...

It may be a good idea to extend citizenship rights to the illegal alien spouses of our veterans. Ordinarily, I would suspect that the number of these people is small, but it would depend upon how the law was written and the extent of retroactivity. Let me point out that if PFC Jones marries a young woman in Korea, he still has to go through a bunch of legalistic hoops before Mrs. Jones can receive her non-quote immigration visa to the USA. Blanket authority granted to the illegal wives of veterans seems to contain few “hoops.” Last, we need to understand that a lot of men and women become “veterans” of the Armed Forces, but only about one-third of them ever serve in actual combat. Let’s not confuse the two when we are trying to do “the right thing” for our returning warriors.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Last, we need to understand that a lot of men and women become “veterans” of the Armed Forces, but only about one-third of them ever serve in actual combat. Let’s not confuse the two when we are trying to do “the right thing” for our returning warriors."

This is a good point, but an even finer disticntion exists. There are a great many servicemembers [speaking mostly of Army and USMC] who deploy to theater and draw chostile fire pay. The smaller subset of those, are the men and women who actually move outside the wire. It's also difficult to parse the two groups, given multiple tours, green on blue threats, IDF, and the like.

When it's framed as the Private bringing home a drinky-drinky girls from Toko-Ri, it certainly seems less important an issue. When it's framed as PFC Gonzalez on his 4th tour to Panjaway District [AFG], with wife and child at home....it takes on more gravitas.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Yes, our Veterans DO deserve better than the way Obama's been treating them. They deserve the best that money can buy, and they are not getting anything near that.
Liberals are boiling over with rage. They can’t think about how the Russian Bear is making their hero look like the weakling on the beach getting sand kicked in his face.
ou can tell the Democrats are in trouble when Sarah Palin comes out looking more intelligent than President Obama. And that is enough to make these Libs/Progressives as angry as hell.
Obama's priorities is to give the welfare gang and the illegal guy in the Mexican Restaurant kitchen a raise in their Food Stamps, and entitlements while he cuts the funding for our fighting men and women. Irresponsible cuts that would compromise our national security and that is insane, and totally unacceptable.
What kind of idiotic thing is this to do? We're fighting on 2 fronts, with bases stationed all over the freaken world, we are constantly under terrorist threats on the home front, on our borders, in our cities, on our Airplanes, and this goof is trying to do is weaken our armed forces?
We’ve gone from having the greatest Military in the world to the biggest debtor in the world. And we now have a record 30 million illegal immigrants running around and collecting assistance. We have our College kids so Dumbed Down that they can't read at High School level. American is slowly but surely becoming a Third World Nation! YES it’s very sad but true. And now our own president is slowing but surly killing our national defense! This nation will never be the same.

Moonbat Spanker said...

All this and the progressives chose to blog about the Koch Bros.! Who gives a crap about what these Progressive Socialist Idiots say about the Koch Bros?
Lets set the record straight once and for all.
As Joe Scarborough said, “You understand that it’s a misleading ad campaign, and to call them un-American is despicable. To say Republicans are addicted to Koch is despicable.” Co-host Willie Geist called the remarks “a little beneath the office,” and Scarborough added Reid’s screeds were the definition of McCarthyism. Even contributor Harold Ford, a former Democratic congressman, said it was out of line.
What’s ironic about this is that no matter how much the Kochs have spent, it’s a “drop in a bucket” compared with what unions have spent to support many positions opposed by the Kochs, Cohlmia said.

Nothing against unions, she said. Koch Industries is a prime example of how a successful corporation can work effectively with unions, she said. One third of Koch Industries’ U.S.-based workers are union employees, she said. Koch employs 3,051 people in Wichita and is actively hiring, with 295 open jobs in Wichita and 3,577 in the corporation.
Koch Industries, meanwhile, creates jobs, Holden said. Koch has grown from the small oil company the brothers inherited in the 1960s to a $115 billion company now, employing 60,000 people in the United States and 100,000 worldwide
“It is unfortunate that rather than focus on the many issues facing our country, Senator Reid chooses to attack Charles Koch and David Koch, who are proud and patriotic Americans that have devoted their lives to advancing tolerance and freedom in America. Koch companies proudly employ 60,000 people in the United States. Instead of waging war on private citizens, we encourage Senator Reid to work constructively to advance a free society where every individual is judged on his or her own individual merits and they are free to make decisions about their lives.”

Lisa said...

I love the way the dems act like "they care" If they cared so much why didn't they do single payer to take care of all those without health insurance. And why is it taking 6 years for the full rollout? Everything they do is for their political gain and every bill they put forth is nothing more than something they can Use to attack republicans so they can use it against them and they get all their supporters to use terms like "wild eyed" so they can't get passed the attacks long enough to look at actual issues The.dems depend on the uniformed. Just look at their voting base.

Z said...

If you're a liberal eager to slam conservative blogs, and you throw in how much conservatives LOVE PUTIN, you'll be deleted; fair warning. I know exactly what you're up to and that's not going to fly here.

It's stupid, it's incorrect, and you'll need to go back to your dirty little sandbox and throw your sand. Not here.

Simply said; we conservatives don't block liberal commenters in the amounts the liberal blogs do, so when you decide to comment here consider it a privilege and treat it as such.


Z said...

Lisa...single payer is exactly what they want. They had to make this a mess first so everybody'd be so sick of it they'd be screaming for it in the end.

If I could have recorded my insurance agent's call to me yesterday, you simply wouldn't believe it. He was one of the first certified on California's exchange "Covered California" and one of the first to ask to be Un certified.
The list of people he told me who are finding out their neighborhood hospital won't take their insurance, the docs who are quitting, oh my GOSH, the stories were hideous.
It's one thing to sign up and be thrilled if you're subsidized and can pay less premiums...but wait till you find out who won't take your insurance!

Honestly, I wish I could have recorded the conversation because the ACA fans would have freaked out.

Impertinent said...
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Constitutional Insurgent said...

Imp - Yep. 22 yrs Infantry.

Sam Huntington said...

Indeed, CI ... and so the numbers being finite allows government to solve this problem within the body of law, simply and succinctly, without a great deal of fanfare, without involving the entire “immigration reform” movement. Rather than Obama giving legal status (which could be rescinded by a later president), let Congress fix the problem permanently in law. Easy to do.

Impertinent said...
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Anonymous said...

How about you Dude, are you a Vet?

Impertinent said...
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Fe Adamsonn said...

I am sick to things that the government do and don't do when they supposed to do it. The budget cut is a big thing for us and now they are having such thing? Vets have given their life and service, they should get a good and proper treatment they supposed to have.

military spouse support

Dave Miller said...

Z... it seems you are caught in some sort of blogger vortex where you get canned spam responses that have nothing to do with your subject.

i loved the way Sam handled it... he just ignored the comments that are not even relevant.

You could delete them and once people figure it out, they will change, or leave. Either way, the problem will be solved.

Lisa and Z, Regarding single payer, yes, us libs wanted a single payer system, means tested and funded by ours, and your income taxes.

But we did not arrive at the system we have today, because of a desire to trash the system so bad that there would be no other options.

We arrived here because Congress would not pass a single payer system.

Is it possible that, like Republicans, the Dems have America's best interests at heart and that we have legitimate differences on how to achieve those goals?

Or, does only one side really care about America?

Aren't conservatives who believe that Obama and Dems are out to destroy America no different than liberals who posited that Pres. Bush got up every morning happy to send American soldiers to their death in Iraq and Afghanistan?

I'm sure you remember the Code Pink/Cindy Sheehan crowd.

Ed Degorio said...

Ed Degorio said...
"How about you Dude, are you a Vet?"

The Debonair Dude

How They Really Think said...

The TeaBagers can't stop applauding Putin for making OUR president look "weak" .
It is rather curious, given the conservative movement’s long history of anti-Communism and anti-Russian,, that so many on the right are NOW speaking about Russian President Vladimir Putin with such admiration. And accusing the president of "Weakening the military"! The conservative bobbleheads are gay for Vlad, and that's ironic (but predictable), since they love him for being antigay. So much self-loathing in the GOP, and so much for Hypocrocy.
Paranoid, tyrannical, Anti-democratic, anti-gay, and stuck in the past… who better than a former KGB agent turned Russian Czar for the perfect Conservative role model!

JonBerg said...

" Putin..... making OUR president look "weak" ."

It sure as heck doesn't take "Putin" to do that, although the contrast is striking! "Bathhouse Barry" is a complete joke; albeit not a funny one!

Z said...

Dave, No, sadly. What I said about spammers holds. I know exactly where they're coming from and have a good guess at why.
But, you know, we conservative bloggers are just 'insane,' aren't we. You never know what we'll come up with :-)
"Congress would not pass a single payer system" you say? Maybe they don't WANT IT, maybe they don't AGREE WITH IT. Do Leftwingers ever understand "NO"??

And, no, if the Left thought anything of America and the right to know our business, they'd have balked when Pelosi said what she did you wouldn't have been able to force the bill to go through with no one really knowing what was in it, and it wouldn't be constantly changed by a president overstepping his bounds.

Conservatives are careful and deliberate, particularly when a bill this enormous is going to change the American landscape and morality; the idea of crossing borders to buy insurance was a good one which we pushed for; 'no go' from the left... we also discussed at length the problem of preexisting conditions but it wasn't good enough for the left.

You see, we also care about our economy; we care that the debt is so high and we have a president proposing going still higher. We don't believe in buying votes in this manner "You give me the freebies we're ENTITLED to, and I'll vote Democrat, you betchy!"

I think the word ENTITLEMENT is almost as silly and improper as the term PROGRESSIVES.

To How They Really Think:
If you really care about how conservatives think, stick around and get an education.
Please PLEASE link us somewhere that you saw Conservatives applauding Putin and not bemoaning the fact that he does have more dignity and apparent strength than Obama could ever muster up.
That's all...we want a strong, powerful, honest and reputable president; I don't think that's too much to ask for.
But, no, we don't ADMIRE PUTIN's ideology and ugly character....almost as much as we don't admire Obama having told Russia he'd be more FLEXIBLE after his second election. What do you suppose that meant? How's that workin' for you?

Crabby Old Man said...

With this laughing stock Obama as president the US is in fact weak and getting weaker. We may not survive his stupidity. The people in this administration are over their heads.
And this laughing stock "president" (if you can call him president - I can't) is disarming the military, and making them “look weak”!
We don't look weak, we are weak. No matter how valiant and strong the American people are - it is the President and his "chosen administration" that make the decisions and represent us. Not until Obama is out of office will America again be strong.
The fools out there who still support him, including the traitorous media have obviously not been able to comprehend that Obama is making this once strong country vulnerable, and if he keeps it up, unable to defend ourselves. What is wrong with our Congress - has patriotism completely been lost in the Halls of Congress?
And for heaven's sake, STOP blaming George Bush for all Obama’s Mistake’s, Failures, and Weakness.

Anonymous said...

The Right-wing hair-brains pretend the Conservative love-fest for Putin isn't real?
What do these warmongering Republicans want?
These are the same people who thought Sarah Half-Wit was qualified to be vice president.

They are too lazy and slow to find out for themselves because what people have been saying just might be factual, and facts, as we all know, have a liberal bias.

This nutter just won't take her blinders off, it's so much better not to see:

"Oh, I just Googled and, you know, there's a smidgen of truth there....
Huff Post and the LA Times both suggest Conservatives admire Putin's toughness in contrast to the remarkable weakness of our president. I have to admit, they do have a point.

But admire Putin or Communism for their actions or ideology?
LINK LINK LINK! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!? The GOP is making the U.S. look stupid to the world.

Impertinent said...
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Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "Conservatives are careful and deliberate, particularly when a bill this enormous is going to change the American landscape and morality"

I think there's some truth to that....once you set aside the Patriot Act.

Ema Nymton said...

People don't understand, that simply because some people hate Obama It does not mean they don't love America. Some People Dislike Him Because He’s Black. The same is true about Oprah.
That's how to alienate and irritate African Americans”

Ema Nymton

Z said...

Hard to know what to say here.

We've never had quite as ugly a leftwing crowd (imagine having the time to quote a comment I made yesterday? Copy/pasting? :-0)

I expected this to start happening, it never fails... but not this early before the midterms in November.

And, it's amazing, but I guess I just have to ask one more time...for a link, please?
Yes, we know Putin makes this president look weak, but Republicans don't like having a weak president like this one; it's embarrassing and, frankly, really dangerous.
Yes, we know Putin is making himself look like president of the Mensa society while Kerry looks like an idiot..
we're not happy about this; we need strength and resolve...not a president who whispered to Russia about how "flexible" he would be....what did that mean and, I'll ask again, how's that working for America today?

Ya....I suppose the lefties will keep coming.....and I'll delete some of those who insult my other commenters because it's not polite and I have rules on my home page about it, but mostly, we're not a leftwing blog here which doesn't take conservative bloggers...we welcome all thought.

But, first..make sure you're really THINKING, okay?


Z said...

Some people don't like Obama's COLOR? WHO? I've never had a commenter, or a friend, say that? I'm sorry you do!

CI...I am not as against all of the Patriot Act as you seem to be. I think the line of protecting ourselves and having our wonderful freedoms is thinner than the wire in a high wire act and walking it is nearly impossible.

Z said...

The Washington Post has just announced that Obama Care enrollment dropped in February...'not making the expected 6 million by the end of March'...except Obama's people were clear that they expected SEVEN MILLION.

You've just got to love this media :-)

Although, I MUST ADMIT, the Post , as lib as it is, has been doing at least a little reporting that's truthful and actually informative and admitting Obama's shortcomings. Surprising, but I have to admit the truth when I see it.

Dave Miller said...

Z... I think CI's point was not how good, or bad the Patriot Act was, but rather how "careful and deliberate [conservatives are,] particularly when a bill this enormous is going to change the American landscape and morality..."

Conservatives also pass bills that have unintended consequences, or that do not work so well.

That is not a value only of the left.

Regarding single payer, Lisa asked why the Dems did not pass it... I just answered her question.

You are the one that said the Dems "had to make this a mess first so everybody'd be so sick of it they'd be screaming for it in the end."

Do you really believe that the Democratic plan was not to pass a single payer system, but rather, craft a horrible system that would totally piss off America just so they could fix it and look like geniuses?

Because that is what your comment sounded like.

Dave Miller said...

Z... regarding preexisting conditions... the most recent plan offered by a few GOP Senators, which was immediately rebuffed by GOP leadership, did not call for insurance companies to do away with pre-existing condition denials if the person was not currently insured.

It only said that a person could not lose coverage they already had, based on pre-existing conditions. Nothing would have been done for people without a current policy.

Lisa said...

Z yes I know that single payer is the goal. My point is if they are so caring they should have just passed it being they had the majority.
All they kept saying was how people were dying due to lack of healthcare and here we are 6 years later and we must still have about 30 million or more uninsured ,being they kept saying it was 40 million.
I was just trying to use their silly logic

Impertinent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Z said...

Dave, I completely understand what CI said about the Patriot Act; no need for definition.
We may be "insane," as you've pointed out when you're at blogs where you feel the most safe,
Conservatives didn't pass that bill on their own, by the way. Our presidents still go through the Congress.
And nobody here has ever said Conservatives pass perfect bills.

It stuns me that any American would find the Single Payer situation could or should work here. But I do believe there are those who still think Single Payer is free in Europe, so I can't really blame your thinking too much.

Not sure if it was planned or not, but it's sure not working.

I so wish I had written down what my insurance agent has to say about the ACA....the horror stories he told me on the phone yesterday were disheartening. He's the first agent ever to ask to be Uncertified and he had very good reasons. For Harry Reid to even think that those who are hurting are "liars" is unsettling and so ugly, isn't it?

Impertinent said...
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Lisa said...

Ema did you know that some people hate Tim Scott,Daneen Barelli,Allen West,Alan Keyes,Clarence Thomas,Condaleeza Rice,Herman Cain,David Webb and Ben Carson because they are black?

Z said...

Dave, by the way, you don't know the full story. Not ALL are overlooking preexisting conditions in this bill, either; did you know that?

Maybe I'll try to get my insurance agent to write what he'd said down. That might help.

Did you know that you can't buy catastrophic if you're over 30 years old? No, not many do.
He said there's so much hiding in that bill that comes out only when the catastrophe hits the 'buyer' that he's leaving the industry. Almost as fast as the docs are...44% in NY alone :-)

Lisa....no worries. You just stand strong on your commitment in your comments. Don't let them get to you. It's going to get worse and worse until the Midterms, then they'll ramp up for 2016. the conservative blogs become a cesspool of liberal invectives before elections...it just started early this time.

Z said...

Lisa..no no, dear. It's because they're Black and NOT LIBERAL that they're hated by leftwingers. Right?

Can't go too far off the victimhood train! (You should hear my conservative black friends on THAT subject!!!!)

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Dave - "I think CI's point was not how good, or bad the Patriot Act was, but rather how "careful and deliberate ......"

You are correct. The much bandied line by Pelosi of "we have to pass it to see what's in it" should have come out when it was overwhelmingly passed by those who admittedly did not bother to read it.

I think more effort was expended on renaming 'freedom fries'.

Z - "I am not as against all of the Patriot Act as you seem to be."

I'm not against some specific provisions, but the omnibus legislation was an emotional response, when measured actions were most needed.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Sam - "Rather than Obama giving legal status (which could be rescinded by a later president), let Congress fix the problem permanently in law. Easy to do."

But would it have been so easy, with immigration as one of the current political footballs?

Z said...

Thanks, CI, and thanks SAM, for bringing us back to the subject....
I'm going to try hard to lasso all of us back to the subject, particularly in the future when we'll be dissuaded and red-herringed to death in the coming months. THANK YOU.

I agree about the Patriot Act, CI.

And I wonder what CI and SAM would do about illegals here in this country?

I think the point of the military families in this post is an interesting one and I have never thought an 'army wife' should not get easier citizenship; it just makes sense. I do believe this new law goes to lengths to provide it for about any living relative of the military person, however, which I disagree vehemently with.

Also, the original statute clearly does not cover the situation in this post......it seems purely FOR "spouses met in areas where soldiers are living while on duty outside our country" not those we married here and now can become legal...or cousins, or parents of the soldier, etc.

And it clearly says the 'military spouse' has the right to STAY HERE WHILE HE/SHE IS BEING CONSIDERED FOR CITIZENSHIP. NO AUTO CITIZENSHIP~

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - "I do believe this new law goes to lengths to provide it for about any living relative of the military person, however, which I disagree vehemently with."

Agreed. It should be restricted to spouse, children and anyone who would already qualify as a dependent of a service member.

(Secondary Dépendants - Parent, parent-in-law, step-parent, parent by adoption, or any person who stood ‘in-loco parentis’ (in the place of a parent) to you for at least five years prior to your emancipation.)

Sam Huntington said...

@ CI
But we aren’t really talking about immigration reform. We are only speaking of a process that changes the classification of someone from “illegal alien spouse” to that of “resident alien.” A change to existing law would require a corrigendum of less than a full paragraph.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Sam - I got that, but this sort of measure would still be kicked around in the broader argument. That's my sense anyway.

Dave Miller said...

CI... that's a fair, and generous interpretation...

I for one would fully support that.

Lisa, there was never a super majority that could defeat a filibuster, thus no single payer system. But that's okay... after the GOP recaptures the Senate to go with the House, libs can harp about why conservatives, with "full control" of Congress are not passing bills to fix things.

Take it to the bank...

Z... of course a European system is not free. I've met and talk with lots of folks from Europe and Canada in my travels across Mexico. I've yet to meet a one who does not understand that they are taxed very heavily, yet they appreciate that through those taxes they get a pretty range of benefits like health care, multiple weeks of holiday, or vacation, enough $$$ to travel abroad, etc. And the majority of these folks are working stiffs like us.

I'm sure it is not evil, it is just different.

if you can point me to any GOP/Republican/Conservative plan that's currently being bandied about, I'd appreciate it. Also, any links to the people who want to cover preexisting conditions would be great too.

Regarding the Patriot Act... no, conservatives and the GOP did not pass that bill on their own. But they were in charge then so they get the credit, or the blame.

Regardless of that, you said conservatives do not do exactly what they did. I merely pointed that as a matter of fact, they do.

Like libs, they are politicians, for better of worse.

As for insanity, I think I've reserved that for specific policies and very few GOP leaders. Most people who read me, at least the 5 that I'm aware of, know that frequently I reside in the middle, and seldom resort to the name calling seen in many of the comments on both liberal and conservative blogs.

Maybe one day when I'm on the Westside, I'll treat for coffee... sometimes face to face breaks down walls...

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Dave - "CI... that's a fair, and generous interpretation..."

Generous perhaps, but it's the current allowance for gaining a Military Dependent ID card, with accompanying benefits. I think it would be a proposal more sound than the new Administrative order.

Z said...

Dave, you're quite a different person at different blogs. Please stop with the centrist stuff...
I don't only read my own blog. Thanks.

Re Preexisting Conditions, the Republicans are doing all they can to keep their PCIP running...very interesting stuff. I hope the WH listens to them.

The point of my mentioning how Republicans alone didn't pass the Patriot Act was that Democrats clearly were behind it, too, or it couldn't have passed. The bigwig Dems all voted to go into Iraq, too.
I'm not sure how many times I can say here that I don't agree with everything Republicans do.

As far as 'sanity'..you're the one who wrote that Conservative bloggers were 'insane'...of course, it's the second time I'd seen that blog, prompted by the flurry of what you call spammers (a close observation will show you they're not and it's clear where they're coming from)...
frankly, I don't care, but I think your posturing isn't necessary. Be a DUCKY, what do we care?

CI, I agree with you on who should get legalization consideration.

Kid said...

Lisa, Great points all. Especially pointing out that libtards Don't Care About the Issues.

It's obvious. All the things they complained about with GWB in office, go totally under the radar with obama committing the same to the power of ten. Seriously.

I don't think they even understand the issues. An issue to them is something they hear on wolf blitzer's romper room that they can go beat up on Conservatives with. Again it's obvious because when you challenge them with relative facts they slink back into the woodwork, because no one has yet given them the counterpoint. Then like dutiful vampires, they're back the next day with more kaka they don't understand to throw on the wall that they can't see.

Bottom line. They Don't Care about the issues. Unfortunately, the evil little children are in charge at present and there is no alternate political avenue to explore.

Kid said...

Dave, you made a couple decent points. The GOP had the white house, and the senate and house for 6 years and accomplished Jack nothing.

Meeting for coffee and talking can be an enhancement. Anyone in business knows if you have a business disagreement with say another department, once you go 3 or 4 email round trips with no resolution, it's time for face to face.

The problem I have with you is your seeming preference for the purely evil communist, racist, anti-American democrats.

Bottom line, we have a one party system, with the republicans being useless at best and the democrats being pure evil.

ie. the dems have been in control since Jan 2007. It's 2014, we have 91 million people out of work and the entire health care system is being flushed down the toilet. It will cost an increible amount more for each individual who is actually paying for it and it will deliver an unbelievable amount less.
This you can verify easily by honestly examining single payer systems in any other country.

I mean, what are we to conclude other than liberals are truly afflicted with a mental disease.

I mean, is your liberal preference putting money in your wallet or something? That I could at least understand.

Remember Ben Gazi said...

Z said...Dave, you're quite a different person at different blogs. Please stop with the centrist stuff...
I don't only read my own blog. Thanks.


Dave Miller said...


You seem to think I have a "preference for the purely evil communist, racist, anti-American democrats.

Like a lot of folks, I certainly lean in one direction and that direction is left. I've never claimed differently and never run from that.

I think, as I've said many times, that there many on the left who are insane, and many on the right who are insane.

I've defined those insane folks on the left as people like Code Pink/Cyndy Sheehan types who are just nuts. I favor a lot of the principles of many leftists, but abhor their methods.

To me, burning down the house to get rid of a problem in the basement is just nuts, but that is what some extremists on the left wish to do.

On the right I've tried to ask for someone/anyone on the right to define an extremist view from their "side." To date, no one has stepped up. The latest response is that essentially one cannot define the right, or it does not exist, so i can't get an answer. Is it that, or is it that the right does not want to offend the extremists?

I was even told one that there was no such thing as an extreme right because right is right, as in correct.

I think these responses are not only insane, but inane.

I do believe, passionately, that both the blue and the red in our country need to figure out how to get along and work together, or we are in big doo.

I know you guys as conservatives love America and want to see her grow and prosper and for her people to do well. There's no question about that, at least for me.

I also believe that libs love America too, although that is a view not shared by many here.

Z... and of course Remmber Ben Gazi... I'd sure like to see any links where I'm constantly beating on conservatives at all these other sites.

I think even some of the conservatives here who I've interacted with at other sites, like Skud and Silver, will attest to the fact while yes, I am a partisan, rarely, if ever do I serve up pure disrespect for people.

Z said...

well, Dave, you win the award for MOST REASONED AND MISUNDERSTOOD BLOG COMMENTER. :-)

You've asked for a rightwing 'extremist view'?...
I'd say Fascism, but the definition mostly indicates the leftists of today with the way the media's not covering so much that gets in their way of their Obama love fest.

I'd add that it's rightwing extremism to expect all muslims to leave America...and I think many have been pushed to feel that way.
It's probably extreme to think all should be Christians. Some feel that way.
It's probably extreme to believe the Right is the only protector of our Founders' goals but that's understandable these days, too.

I can't read certain sites like Free Republic or World Net Daily...ridiculous assumptions from the Right, and unresearched inferences and surmisals. It's AWFUL stuff.

ya, I don't know why I haven't responded to you, if I've seen your question before....

Libs might love America, by the way, and some, maybe most, probably do, but I see so much ignorance of our founding, and so much silly political correctness standing in the face of our laws.....like sanctuary cities which work against our economy and our laws.
I think it's not understanding or loving America to stand against capitalism.... or vote for people because of their color....or working against profit and the success of individuals thru restrictions and regulations like Obama's doing.
It's not the American way to refer to people as 'liars' when they have stories about how the ACA has hurt them, or for Pelosi to say we need to pass a bill before we know what's in it.
I could go on and on.
Do they love America, these people who seem to hate her freedoms and her essence?

I think not.

Kid said...

Dave "Like a lot of folks, I certainly lean in one direction and that direction is left."

It IS a free country. Your choice.

You don't see the dems the same way I do for whatever reason. I've posted many times about the damage they can take responsibility for. Most of it they use to gain sympathy for their programs which amplify the problems even more.

Crystal clear to me.

I'm to the point I can't see a red vs blue. I see a totally dysfunctional government bought and paid for by -fill in the blank- Lobbyists, which can include corporate, political, insane, and enemy interests.

We're posting opinions here, so I really try to not make it personal myself but I'm also to the point I give no quarter to liberals anymore when I talk to them. They're responsible for destroying not only my country but the rest of the world. Look around.

Bottom line, we're not getting anywhere until we hit rock bottom and people put a few ounces of effort into finding out what went wrong. Too many people think they're being informed by 'the media'.

Kid said...

PS, Dave, Extremists on the right?

I guess I'd say people who think they're conservative but spend all their time and emotion on social issues.

Conservatism means for the Constitution. I don't know of any text in the Constitution that talks about black, gays, mexicans, abortion, victimless crimes, religion, drugs, not wearing seat belts, etc etc. yet look at what the daily din is always about. But I wouldn't call thee people extremists. Extremists DO extreme things. Tell us things you see people on the right doing that can be considered extreme.

Extremists on the right. I'll give you, outside of some insane rednecks, KKK people or whatever I don't know that extremist is a label that can be applied to many 'on the right'.

Not that long ago about 2.3 million people on the right marched on DC. It would have been many millions if most of us weren't busy working.

Those folks didn't cause any trouble, laughed and scratched with the police, didn't even leave ANY litter behind. Compare that to any march or protest you see from the left. This is the kind of physical evidence that is hard to overlook.

Tell me extreme things that they do. Honestly