Thursday, March 27, 2014

Leftist and Ridiculous

It occurs to me that many generalizations are developed from either stupidity or a desire to confound the American public by the American Left.  Or maybe it's stupidity and hoping to confound?    I have a list here and hope you can add to it in Comments:

1.  When a conservative says that climate change needs to be approached slower so it doesn't completely destroy our economy through regulations and taxes, etc., the liberals seem to think:  THE RIGHT WANTS DIRTY WATER AND DIRTY AIR.

2. When a conservative says that Putin is stronger than Obama and seems to be more pro Russia than Obama is pro America, we hear:  THE CONSERVATIVES LIKE PUTIN!  YOU PEOPLE SUPPOSEDLY HATE COMMIES BUT ARE BIG FANS OF PUTIN!  

3.  When a conservative says we should be more prudent in how we cut the military, it's read that WE ARE WAR MONGERS AND CAN'T BEAR NOT PUTTING EVERYTHING WE HAVE INTO DEFENSE BECAUSE OF IT.

4. When conservatives say we need to change welfare because it's destroying the economy:  WE HATE THE POOR AND DON'T WANT TO HELP AT ALL

5. When conservatives say the Affordable Care Act is, indeed, unaffordable for many and it needs repealing;  WE HATE THE SICK AND ONLY WANT TO SUPPORT THE BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES

6. When conservatives say we should lower the debt ceiling;  THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND ECONOMICS AND IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT IT'S THAT HIGH, ANYWAY

7. When conservatives warn against Putin, etc.,:  THEY'RE JUST EXERTING THEIR 'NEOCON' MENTALITY (like Romney did when he called it SO right in the last debates?)

8. When Mrs. Obama does things which don't represent the position in the best way:  WE HATE HER BECAUSE SHE'S BLACK.

9. When Mr. Obama ...well, this one would be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too long.   And, of course, we supposedly hate HIM because HE's black, too (never mind that we're constantly championing Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, etc etc.)

10.  You do the rest.   The list could get way too long for here.............

THIS is what the "low information voter" is hearing in America today, folks, and why we need a Republican who can tell the truth about the above, and more, and wake Americans up to the truth.

What do you think?  Anything you can add to that list?  How do we combat the lies and mischaracterizations? 

Maybe we can recommend to the Left that they start yet ANOTHER voting group; this could be called CONFOUNDING THE VOTE? 



Rottweiler said...

And Obama's Disapproval of
Obama hits 59 percent! Well Golly Gee. What a shocker!
It´s hard to believe that the other 41% of the American people are that stupid. But take out the 12% black population, the who knows how many Mexican's and what do you have left?

2 percent? If he's lucky!

Always On Watch said...

The "paradoxes" are too numerous to list, aren't they?

Orwellian Newspeak on steroids.

Fredd said...

Z: the answer is simple. Don't engage liberals anymore in debate. They don't play by the rules of honest debate (see above, each and every example provided by Z), and have not done so since the last honest liberal died (Hubert H. Humphrey). And that was a long time ago.

The time for debating liberals and expecting reasonable results has come and gone. It is now time to engage them. If you know a liberal, ignore them, shun them, minimize their position. If you are an employer and know of a liberal on your payroll, eliminate their position, or fire them for cause. If you have liberal friends, unfriend them. If you know of liberal companies whose executives or board of directors are engaged in funding liberal causes, boycott their products. If you can, demoralize any known liberals to the point that they don't vote, since their votes are destructive.

It's time to fight fire with fire. They do all of the above to conservatives, all of it.

It's well past time to fight back.

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm a Leftie and I don't think along these lines - that you have posted above - and I'll bet a lot of others don't either.

Sam Huntington said...

A friend of mine told me about a time when he took his family to the zoo. As he and his wife and two children stood looking across a moat into the cages of gorillas, the animals became ansy and started throwing their excrement at the on lookers. He said this was the last time he and his family showed any interest in primates. This is why I agree with Fredd. Try to talk to a leftist (Ducky comes to mind), and all you get is crap thrown at you. But let me say that I apologize to apes everywhere for associating them with the American left — nothing personal.

Lisa said...

This has been, and I believe intentionally used,in the election of Barack Obama.
We were led to believe how intelligent he was and he presented himself as Harry Reid said " light skinned with no negro dialect".
In light of all the evidence I have to wonder where the real racism stems from.

Impertinent said...


"It is now time to engage them..."

Maybe starting with Paul Ryan who was slandered yet didn't posses the testosterone to call out the racist POS who called him that?

Fredd said...

Impertinent: you make my point. Exactly. Former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been way to polite and restrained in the face of brutal attacks on him poltically and personally, and has suffered every kind of insult known to mankind and yet only turns the other cheek.

Nuts to that.

Remember him throwing the old lady in the wheel chair over the cliff ad?

Way past time to debate liberals. Time to take them head on, and we have yet to do so. Unfortunately nobody listens to dumb ol' Fredd. Too bad.

Fredd said...

Sam Huntington:

It's too bad that only you and three other conservatives agree with me when I state that we have to take on liberals tooth and nail.

And it was very gracious of you to apologize to all apes everywhere for that loathesome comparison of their kind to liberals.

You gotta get in front of that kind of stuff....

Z said...

Rott: It's discouraging to me to have someone like him in Europe representing us. Have you noticed how, when he's speaking, he gets kind of lost? There are no teleprompters at the conferences with other diplomats and he'll hesitate...hold 'aaaaand' for a long while to think, then clip the sentences once he's got the thought so it sounds so sure and true. At least he's not in Europe slamming Bush as badly as Clinton did when Bush first took office. I will NEVER EVER forget Clinton doing that. I was living in Paris, watching English TV during a LIVE Labor Party convention, and even Tony Blair, sitting behind Clinton, looked pale and curious that ANY past president would be that awful. It never made the American news, at least not internet news, which is all I could read.

AOW...good point.

Fredd....Well, I like to think we're kinder and better than them but why NOT do what they do?
I'm not sure I'd fire anybody, except if I was a Hollywood bigwig; I'm pretty sure no smaller companies fire conservatives. Let's not forget that conservatives don't voice their opinions too much at work, etc.....funny, when I have, from time to time, it's been interesting to note others who were afraid to say so, agree!

By the way "only three conservatives agree?" Where does THAT come from? man.

Sue: I'm going on the media and talking heads. I'm glad you haven't noticed it as much as I have. You should come back some day at the end of your evening and see the liberal comments; maybe then you'll realize what's going on as portrayed in my post.

Sam: I am still hoping for others to complete my list. I know I'm right; we see it here and on the news so frequently.

Lisa..I don't wonder :-)

Imp and Fredd, Ryan did back off, but very little....and he's cemented his claims on other shows since then.

Z said...


FOX covered it. CNN covered nothing but the Malaysian plane through the whole press conference FOX showed. MSNBC covered it and tried hard to insinuate to AMerican dopes who watch MSNBC for news that the huge and prestigious law firm of GIBSON DUNN would lie in the 350 page report which says Christie did NOT know about the GW bridge closure and that Mayor Zimmer was lying.
MSNBC's saying "well, Gibson Dunn was hired by the Gov's office...and they're still involved and the guy who did the press conference is friendly with Giuliani." So, I guess, if you're that fallen yourself, you WOULD consider that Gibson Dunn, after examining 250K bits of evidence ...........lied. But, really?

CNN's still on Malaysia...studying every bit of debris, inch by inch, I guess? I can't imagine being a news person on those shows "How much more CAN we say?" to the producers!

The Christie case isn't over; others are investigating. looks like it was all trumped up against him and that the bloom will be off the rose no matter how he's shown to be totally innocent.
Good job, Democrats...really good job!

I'm no huge fan of Christie, but this dirt bugs me.

Bob said...

"The "paradoxes" are too numerous to list, aren't they?"

We had a pair of weenie dogs one time. Dumbest dogs I ever saw. Their mentality was much like that of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. If they couldn't eat it or screw it, they would piss on it.

Sorry to drag your comment down, AOW.

Z said...

Ducky, GOod job! You did EXACTLY what I am accusing the Left of in my post by slamming Fredd ...saying that he'd suggested liberals should be in camps or something (I deleted you quickly and don't forget quite what you say he said)...

You see, he made an excellent point advising conservatives to 'give it back' to the left like they do to us.
If he DID say anything about camps, it was a tiny hyperbole and one not worthy of denying all the truth in his posts or his comments.

Thanks for the graphic illustration for my post.

Duckys here said...

The censors are hard at work.

What a bunch of cowards.

skudrunner said...

Never debate a liberal because you will want to put forward facts and common sense which will only be met with innuendos and attacks.

When the republicans said to wait on obamacare for a year because it was not ready, obama said no delay, and I will shut the government down before we delay, he did and blamed the republicans. We are now into the 36th delay. Everyone has to have insurance with no exceptions. Now big business is exempt as are unions. Only small business owners and middle class workers have to purchase insurance they don't need but it is the conservatives who love big business and hate the middle class.

Liberals a minor should be able to get an abortion W/O parental knowledge but it is the conservatives that are against women and families.

If you don't like what obama is doing, it is because you are racist not because he is totally incompetent.

If you argue with a liberal leave out facts, reason and logic because it will confuse them and they will have to attack.because

Z said...

Bob, did you see where Harry Reid suggested that millions of people can't get into the ACA site because they aren't good with computers? Four years and they just can't manage, huh? least not as well as his 'grandchildren'.

Yes, it just keeps shutting down....just like it has since it opened :-) But it's OUR FAULT!

Z said...

Ducky "Cowards?" For what reason?
No...not cowards, you didn't say anything that should make anybody shrink back!? But you did insult again...which I clarified it in my comment to you.
I always tell you! It's best to read the comments first!!

But, if it makes you feel better to think so, you do.

Skudrunner; you make such sense, and your list is excellent.
How does our country come back from the lies and insults?

Z said...

Ducky, I just checked and the ones I remove are also removed from the list of ALL COMMENTS opn a different page of my blog, which I didn't realize.
I was going to post yours again.

Please go ahead and write what you want and stop linking to other blogs, please.

You go right ahead. Sam insults you, you insult Fredd....and just about everyone else.

what a happy little world.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Bottom line? It can't be fought. We have lost the demographics. Too many people now want their own Free Cheese and will KEEP voting for Free Cheese even though, of course, cheese is NEVER free and it comes at a terrible price: one's dignity and one's independence.

We won't be pulling back. We will simply be tanking with time. The luggage cannot be re-packed.


JonBerg said...

10. When a conservative says that we need school choice, such as in the Voucher System; WE HATE TEACHERS, WE HATE CHILDREN,WE HATE UNIONS...YADA,YADA,YADA-BLA, BLA,BLA!

Q: What do Liberals and spoiled little children have in common?


Z said...

BV; I used to think so, and I do agree mostly with you, but the polls are showing we could take the SEnate in November...
Can we get our country back with even Republican Senators? Maybe not, not as we knew and admired it...that freedom's gone in so many places, but...??

JonBerg; Even liberal educators are coming out against Common Cause, yet our tax dollars sponsor that ad on TV, have you seen it:?...teachers touting that mess?
And you are absolutely many inner city parents want vouchers....another case of racism by the left. Those kids whose parents CARE about their education DESERVE better schools every bit as those parents who are paying for them!

Sam Huntington said...

@ Z

I don't know how I insulted anyone. I did apologize to the apes for linking them to leftists.

I don't know what more I can say.

Duckys here said...

Sam, the monkeys playing with poo meme is one I've used (for better or worse) for a while and you really should work on original material.

I also pointed out that Fredd makes discussion impossible. How he imagines that his lunacy can demoralize anyone but his ward orderlies is beyond me.

It's unfortunate that we spend so much time trying to tell each other what we think the other side believes rather than trying to listen but the lines are drawn.

"Low information" voters. And you aren't even referring to people who listen to Coulter, Rush, Palin, Hannity, O'Reilly, Bachmann, Perry etc. It is truly sad.

Z said...

Sam...I didn't say I disagree with you :-)

Ducky, the 'low information voters' can only be those who only watch CNN and MSNBC and the networks; THAT is truly sad.

People MUST start understanding again that this post of mine is true and those ridiculous lies and mischaracterizations must be stopped or our country will get nowhere. Please read it again if you have to; if you think it's wrong, you're not conscious.

And, when you can comment here without insulting or denigrating everything you can, maybe then we can all talk over the lines you say are drawn.

Impertinent said...

Liberals are heavy duty racialists - they are identity freaks. They are the ones who divide the world and history itself into people of color and whites, which is a completely false binary. It is liberals who only see white colonialism in history and purposefully ignore all the rest.

This is not rocket science. Simply be a baseball umpire and look at what individuals make it their business to obsessively single out human beings according to their race, gender and gender preference and then portray them in the negative or positive 100% of the time.

That is a rather simple rule one cannot twist or squirm away from and can be equally applied to conservatives and liberals.

It's not even a close call. The Left pillories whites, heterosexuals and men from dusk to dawn and puts everyone else on a pedestal with naked identity advocacy they pass off as social justice. The truth is more like anti-oppression movements are excellent hiding places for bigots, and they feel invulnerable - and they are. What white Presidential candidate could've survived being in a racist cult for 20 years? Easy answer: none.

This is not a question of each side calling each other racists. Invoke the umpire's principle I have stated - establish the balls and strikes zone for both sides - THEN call them out, and live by it yourself.

Liberals don't live by the Constitution, they cherry-pick it. Feminists will pie-chart the hell out of literature but never pie-chart American war dead by gender. They will moan about diversity but never in Vet's Hospitals. They will laugh about male privilege but never call for a Million Woman March on the Selective Service Administration for a truly co-ed draft.

The Left have no principles - they are true Orwellians. Their right and wrong is in their race and gender, and that is the same general "principles," and intellectual and philosophical space of the KKK and neo-Nazis. The Left has institutionalized racism, bigotry, sexism, and hypocrisy.

Sam Huntington said...

Actually, Dookie ... I simply recounted an actual event told to me by a friend. I promise that there is nothing about you worthy of emulation and I would never intentionally borrow any of your idiotic witticisms. Beyond this, you should refrain from suggesting that people are lying, especially given your performance on this and at other blogs.

Kid said...

Z "How do we combat the lies and mischaracterizations?"

How do you educate a 3 year old brat about complex adult concepts? Figure that one out and You Got It Baby !

Kid said...

Fredd, Agree 100%

Kid said...

Fredd, maybe don't fire them, let them work and pay taxes since taxes are highest in blue states. But definitely shun them in every other way. Don't do business with them, etc. Let them live in their leper colonies with each other. Maybe a few will break free from the stench.

Kid said...

duck, I been using monkeys and poo throwin since you were in diapers. Or are you still? anyway, you didn't build that !

Now get ahold of yourself.

Liberalmann said...

Well, finally a post you got right!

Duckys here said...

@z -- the 'low information voters' can only be those who only watch CNN and MSNBC and the networks; THAT is truly sad.
z, you forgot one.
It has a viewership of about three million, mostly elderly.
Now am I to assume that Fox viewers have access to revealed political truth just as evangelicals have sole legitimate access to revealed religious truth?
Its absurd on its face.

Worse is when William Buckley welded religious dogma with laissez-faire economics.
The result has done a lot of mischief.
But that's the origin of the present far right.
The origin of the cult that calls Obama a communist still alludes me.

Not in MY Name! said...

I´m really starting to wonder if it´s better being uniformed so I can merrily go along and not know about any of this horrific lawlessness of Obama and the destruction of our beloved country. Of course it´s made worse by the fact that absolutely no one is stopping him, not the Senate, not the media, NOBODY!

Impertinent said...

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.
C. S. Lewis

Z said...

No, Ducky, it's not revealed's ALL the truth; both sides of every story; it's refreshing. You should give it a try if it's not too threatening.
I listen to all the leftwing crap to see what turns them on; why not you getting a dose of reality?

CNN is 98% Malaysian Air...even according to Lefty Howard Kurtz. FOX is talking about that, the Christie report, the Washington landslide, the ridiculous comment Ried said about how most Americans can't operate the computer and that's why they can't get into the ACA websites..
You should try it, really! :-)

Imp; why the heck did lefties get the PROGRESSIVE moniker, anyway? It's utter hogwash. Socialism is regressive; it's never worked but they keep trying!

Impertinent said...


"why the heck did lefties get the PROGRESSIVE moniker.."

Cause Number 43 made it a dirty word?

Duckys here said...

Really, z, what's your fascination with cable news?

Only a small percentage of the population watches it.

Myself, I don't waste money on cable so I really don't know.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

Impertinent said...


"what's your fascination with cable news?.."

Cause CBS, NBC, ABC are full of Schei├če?

Or mierda?

JonBerg said...

"why the heck did lefties get the PROGRESSIVE moniker, anyway? It's utter hogwash. Socialism is regressive; it's never worked but they keep trying!"

Good question! I've been asking that for a long time. "Regressive" is the valid term. "Progressive", in this case, is just a corruption.

Not in MY Name! said...

Hypocrisy, such as criticizing others for doing things you do yourself, is like the pot calling the kettle black.
However it seems to be written in stone in the Liberal's handbook.

Bat Masterson said...

Why would anyone want to support the liberals, handouts aka freebies for all programs! We did not have all these problems before FDR started giving handouts to the lazy no good losers in life that want to sit on there rumps and beg for things they are to lazy to work for and it has snowballed into letting illegal’s be citizens and gays marring each other thats just sick and then you got blacks running around knocking up lazy fat white girls and selling crack to each other that is why we need to wake up before they take all our money and our guns elect Tea Party Leaders that have the balls to say NO MORE get a JOB or else because we will no longer give you these dang handouts

Why should lazy people get any help with Healthcare all these lazy girls running around getting knocked up and then sitting around letting their already fat rumps get even fatter while they sleep with every black guy that will stick it to them and their nasty kids will turn out the same way i am sick of all these handouts to the lazy people others just because some people of their color had been slaves well over a hundred years ago others because they are gay and lazy it is these people that are ruining our country so vote tea party and then we can kill social security, SSI, food stamps, medicare, medicaid, obamacare, gay weddings and all these other free handouts that these lowlife lazy scum so eagerly take. I hope all you that voted that Allah loving Muslim into office get exactly what you deserve.

Rottweiler said...

Z said...

I believed him from the very start.
Another liberal witch-hunt.

Rottweiler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rottweiler said...

I doubt very much that the left wing nutjobs here will ever believe him, but I refuse to explain anything to liberals, until they explain BenGhazi, ...or Fast and Furious. or the IRS scandals, etc, etc, and etc.


Z said...

Rottw: I believed him from the start, too, but it was kind of hard to, I have to admit.

New Jersey politics isn't much more dignified or honorable than Chicago politics! Thugs, Inc!

Christie's not my type of politician, and I think he's a weak conservative on most subjects, but I'd prefer him over any liberal, sadly.
I usually like to be able to pick SOME Democrat I wouldn't hate being my leader; but not so much anymore. Maybe Evan Bayh isn't such a leftwing loon?

Anonymous said...

All the Lefties are "loons "

Fredd said...


'only three conservatives agree with me (that we need to engage liberals outside of debate);

So it seems, at least to me. The majority opinion of the conservatives I see in my personal life, the media and in Congress is to debate them.

And you see what you get: nowhere, other than winding up in Frustratedville. What I suggest is defeating them, using every tool in the box, every club in the bag. Don't invite them to dinner, have them eat your food and then have them call you a Nazi. Being congenial with liberals doesn't pay, and never will. We need to defeat them, shun them, marginalize them.

Not engage them in dialog. That simply doesn't work. How much progress have you made with Ducky, Z? Is he coming around to your way of thinking, despite your every effort over the last several years to convince him of the error of his ways?

Not only no, but hell no. Ducky represents every liberal out there: he's out to destroy our philosophy if he can, and no amount of debate will win his heart over to our philosophy. No amount of dialog with him will accomplish anything of value. He is convinced we are his enemy, and will stoop to every low to forward his agenda. We should do the same, since what we are doing now is getting us nowhere.

Only Kid and Sam Huntington have agreed with me. Nobody else, though. Maybe when I say three conservatives, I am exaggerating things. Two?

Z said...

Fredd; yes, maybe only two in the whole world in your opinion if you can read my blog and think I'm not fighting tooth and nail.

I will always think it's worth engaging in conversation AND doing all else your prescribe.

Ducky? I don't know. I'm not sure why he even comes here except to insult and think he's going to teach US something.
I keep stressing how only FOX shows all stories and all SIDES of those stories but, no, the leftwingers won't even look, they're happy buying the Kool Aid on MSNBC, the networks and CNN.
Go figure.

I just watched a film called ACT OF VALOR and couldn't help but think how the Leftwingers have weakened America, and the whole West, to terror, etc. Welcoming in illegals, honoring and respecting islam over Christianity, teaching our children the wrongs of America and skipping over the good....

I could go and on and usually do here at Geeez.

Anonymous said...

Condoleezza Rice accused Barack Obama of dramatically weakening the United States' position in the world, drawing a straight line between Obama’s ever-yielding foreign policy and the increasing troubles around the world... She should have been president.

But at this time, "what difference does it make"!