Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fifth Best President? A touch of humor?

Click on this to see it larger........I thought I'd lighten our Wednesday this week........enjoy.  I'm not even sure this really did come from Texas A&M, but I Googled and didn't find anything to the contrary;  and no leftwing blogs are carrying it, so it very well could be true.

I had to add this below because it came on a hilarious email of pub signs most of which I can't share with you :-)    enjoy!
Have a great day!    Salad or alcohol!


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Well, no right wing blogs carried bad Bush jokes, so it's as true as satire ever is.

The Political Chic said...

Don't blame me, I voted for Mitt Romney

Frida Van der Wiener said...

Russia takes over Ukrainian bases in Crimea and Obama dithers and Biden blathers.

President Obama is indeed an historic president. No one thought it was possible to surpass the dismal failure Jimmy Carter and take the title of worst president from him.

sue hanes said...

Z - I don't see Obama as the 5th greatest president. They usually don't rate them while they are still in office. And Jimmy Carter as fourth! I am a big fan of former President Carter but I don't think he was especially a good president.

I don't think this rating is bonafide.

skudrunner said...

My math puts Carter at 43 not fourth. I am not sure he should be that high. It took Obama to make JC look somewhat smart but I will admit, it is a toss up.

If it wasn't for the disappearance of 370, what would the media cover. They certainly couldn't cover the Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria or some of obumma's other great accomplishments.

Duckys here said...

What the hell does Venezuela have to do with Obama?

You upset, skud, that he didn't try a coup like Bush?

Or full scale slaughter in Central America like the hero, Saint Ronnie Raygun?

If you've noticed, Central and South America have served notice that they're tired of our act.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

How many ways can you say "worst"?

Silverfiddle said...

DUCKY: Not going to let you get by with your blatant, pro-communist lies.

Slaughter in Central America? Reagan's fault? How about Communist Soviet backed FMLN, Sandinistas, and other leftwing murderers?

They were all OK?

Reagan, helped those countries clean up their own messes, and they've been having free elections ever since, and the communist rebels you love so much weren't murdered by the US, but turned themselves into political parties.

Only a Latte Leftist who bases his world knowledge on The Nation magazine could be so ignorant.

JonBerg said...

Speaking of "worst" where did LBJ fall? If you ask me his Presidency created more disaster(s) than imaginable under Carter!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Slaughter in Central America?"

To be fair, the Contra's and ORDEN were guilty of exactly the same sort of atrocities as the Communists.

Silverfiddle said...

CI: So was Rios Montt in Guatemala, and ARENA and Roberto D'Aubisson in El Salvador.

You and I know that, but the Leftwing Duck likes to only tell one side of the story.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

SF - Quite true.

Z said...

CI, I didn't mean to say "blogs", I Googled and found nothing BUT blogs ...what I meant is news venues.
Yes, if a college like Texas A&M did this against Bush, conservative venues would have carried it. It's NEWS. It's certainly news about Obama, who's been such a favorite among indoctrinated college kids.

Frida...good point.

Sue, read the ratings again; you'll see why he's listed as 5th.

Skud...good points. Even Howard Kurtz, the lib on FOX's MEDIABUZZ, admitted Sunday that "CNN's almost ONLY covered the flight". And, of course, most of us saw that last week...we don't need Howie for that. This story couldn't suit Obama better, could it.

JB....excellent point; LBJ gets a pass quite a bit, doesn't he. Not sure why; he STANK.

SF...thanks for that. I was about to start typing to Ducky and saw your comment and knew we're in better hands than mine in explaining the truth.

I wonder if Ducky cares as much about the disaster HOlder and Obama made of the Fast and Furious program that DID go well until they twisted it.

Bob said...

European Missile Defense

It is hard to find any President who has screwed up as many foreign relations situations as Barack Obama. He either did the worst thing possible, or did nothing when leadership was required. In all cases he has been lacking.

Constitutional Insurgent said...
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Constitutional Insurgent said...

"It's NEWS. "

How is this news? It's a joke, yet proliferated as another internet meme.

Z said...

Bob, he's been dreadful. And people would vote for him tomorrow if they could!

CI..Please....let me just say it again; If students at Texas A&M DId come up with this, believe me, it's NEWS because most students are not conservatives. The STORY is news, get it?

Bob, by the forgot ISRAEL. Kerry can be sent to the AIPAC dinner and speak, but that's no substitute for the damage Obama's done, including insulting Netanyahu.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z -'s NEWS to you.

Have you ever been to College Station, by the way?

Baysider said...

As soon as I got to '17 tied for second' etc., I was in laughter. It's like Dennis Prager often says, "I graduated in the top 80% of my class" (meaning very low).

Z said...

CI. No, I'll bet it's REAL conservative, right? :-)

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Z - More than you might think. For generations, many of our Officers have come from the Corps of Cadets. The Aggies are not what I would call a generally liberal bunch. Certainly not to their faces.

Z said...

CI....just to think of a bunch of conservative college kids sure feels like NEWS to most of us.

Baysider; Prager is pompous, but he's otherwise EXCELLENT.
I wish you could have seen the emails back/forth with Mr. Z about 7 years ago...Mr. Z finally won an issue about Europeans, links and all, and do you know Dennis never even responded? But, I remain a fan!

skudrunner said...


I was going to respond to your misguided response but I was caught up in Obama picking his final four.
He does know what is important in this world.

Michelle leaves town and Barry gets to watch the NCAA tournament. Do you think that is the reason he sent he to China?

Liberalmann said...

Texas? Really? Lol!

T Krabby said...

"It is hard to find any President who has screwed up as many foreign relations situations as Barack Obama.."

No....Kennedy did the same and was another potus that was humiliated by the USSR trying his form of "detente / reset".

This one is getting very bad intel and info from his advisors that feeds his reticency and weakness.

And Oliver Stone says the military will do a coup and take care of the problem like they did with JFK.

Z said...

So, what happened to tame Russia after JFK, folks?


Average American said...

I think we ought to count Coolidge twice just so Barry would come in 6th!

Kid said...

What else can be said?

Kid said...

Sue - "I am a big fan of former President Carter but I don't think he was especially a good president."

I guess that says it all.

Kid said...

JonBerg, LBJ Was worst.

Kid said...

Bob, In my opinion, obama has alienated Each and Every one of our 'traditional allies' as well.

JonBerg said...


"JonBerg, LBJ Was worst."

Yes, but the insidious stuff that B.O. is doing may prove to be even more detrimental in the long run!!!!

Z said...

By the way, did y'all see Libmann
's slam on Texas?
See how the elitist Leftwinger thinks? remember they're the first to jump on the least 'elitist' thing they find among Republicans, but man, look how Ducky treats the South and now this?


Kid said...

JonBerg, it depends on how much sticks. Yea, we'll see some time later...