Saturday, July 21, 2012

Make your day! This is Anita Montcrief; you MUST see this and send it around, PLEASE!

If you want to feel good today about the fact that people are WAKING UP, and to hear FIRST HAND the truth about ACORN, Obama, Democrats, etc., watch these, they don't take long and they FLY by, I promise!  She is'll make your day.

This is Anita Montcrief, who blew the whistle on ACORN (and, particularly, the Obama donors never turned into the FEC, which even the NY Times writer agreed with, by the way) and what she knows, first hand, about this group, community organizers, the Democrat Party and Barack Hussein Obama.   The videos take only a few minutes but fly by......PLEASE send them to friends, too!  People have to see this black woman explaining how she went from liberal to conservative after working for ACORN and seeing what Obama was really about........she also says Black folks are done with Obama and are just waiting for someone to help them vote Conservative...but she says they keep that quiet.  Get ready for the exposure of  COLLUSION between Obama, Project Vote and ACORN, first hand.

Let me know what you think.........I could listen to her forever.  Did you hear how the NY Times handled all the information she gave them about Democrat voter fraud?   UNBELIEVABLE!



Ed Bonderenka said...

Thanks for sharing that.
My sis-in-law has just moved in with us.
She recently said, "I had no idea. I didn't know it was like that. I know so many other people who are not paying attention." after watching some Bill Whittle videos and listening to us.
We need to try to explain this stuff in bite-size pieces that encourage other to ask for more.
It's working in my life, primarily with family on Facebook.
I've had one unfriend from my wife's gay-pro-Obama ex-husband. But he still talks to me.

Rita said...

She's amazing. What courage this fine lady has. Sad that she didn't realize that the left would begin to attack her as soon as she began seeing the light.

Pris said...

Z, what a powerful post! Terrific.

She's such a brave lady, and more power to her! It's such a refreshing turn of events.

I love her commitment to the truth, and her willingness to come out and fight for it! I'm sure this hasn't been easy for her, but she stuck her neck out, and did what is right.

The truth shall set us free, and we need more people like Anita Montcrief to speak out and lift that dark curtain of the media, and let in that fresh air!

I wonder, is there anyone in the state run media who has the courage this lady has? We can only hope there is.

Z said...

Ed, I SURE do hope you share these videos...

Rita, she SURE DID. I wish she was out there TALKING! She's raising a young family; DARN :-) But, at least she's raising that family to think with an open mind.

Pris, terrific, right!!
I SO wish she was speaking out NOW. Star Parker's close, and she does know her, but, like I said above, Montcrief is otherwise 'employed' with a family right now. What a pair those two would be.
Maybe Montcrief is even fearful for her family after what she's said? Parker sure isn't!

Rita said...

What's the scoop on Parker? I've not really heard anything about her since leaving The View.

I loved that MonCrief is so honest about her beliefs stating before a TEA Party crowd that she does not want to be a Republican, she just refers to herself as an ex-liberal. But she DID find out which group were the real racists.

Rita said...

Ooops, I was thinking Star Jones. lol.

Z said...

Rita, I used to get confused, too.
Did you see my post on Star Parker? A close relative was just invited to her Board and accepted, about a year ago, so I got to hear her speak and talked to her a while before the luncheon, too. WONDERFUL WONDERFUL woman.

Z said...

that's the link, Rita...I hope you have time to read it.

Rita said...

After I googled her I realized I had seen her before, must have been from your post.

Bob said...


I really hate it when a blogger posts a video for me to watch before I can comment on the subject. Yeah, I have done the same thing, but I am the lazy one.

Thanks for posting those videos. They were great. While watching them in our den, I turned down the volume on the TV, and turned up Anita's presentation. My wife listened with me, and love how the lady presented herself. An ex-liberal, indeed!

I have long posited that all the racist stuff hitting the media is generated on the left. When I meet someone, their race is the last thing I am worried about.

It is true that we can see different skin colors, and hear different accents. But, I learned a long time ago that if all you consider is a person's race or culture, you are probably deceiving yourself to your own detriment.

I really don't know anyone overtly racist, unless it is seeing them on tv as an anchor for MSNBC. Liberals seem to run around with a race microscope, but cannot read the label, "racist", etched on their own foreheads.

One of the latest examples of this is a supposed gaffe of Ann Romney when she used the phrase, "You people...". Liberals pretend that this phrase is racist in origin, but I well remember when it was first perceived that way when spoken to a meeting of the NAACP by a Republican who was being honest with black people. There is nothing wrong with using collective terms when addressing a collecive group of people as advertised by the name of their organizatin.

The phrase is a collective term, just like ya'll, you'uns, you folks, or other similar terms. Racist, indeed! This is just another simple minded utterance of liberals, and we should use the term everyday with everybody until is loses its meaning, althgether.

Z said...

Bob, I hadn't heard it labeled as racist, just 'imperious' was the impression I thought the lefties were making ..but "you people" is usually used to differentiate YOU from MY, isn't it? Mrs. Romney meant it?

I once had a relative say she had to sit with "THOSE people" on an airplane (she usually didn't have to fly coach but FIrst Class was full) and THAT was pretty nasty, I thought...
But' YOU PEOPLE'? Was Romney talking to a black crowd??

And what does your first sentence mean about posting videos? I'm confused :-)

Z said...

Bob, also, I'm really glad you and your wife liked the Montcrief as much as I did; I was stunned as I listened, and it gets more and more revealing, doesn't it, as she talks.
She saw hypocrisy and unkindness and socialism/communism, and lies and just knew she couldn't be a left anymore, though RAISED with the Black Leftwing mentality/experience.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Outstanding post. That takes a lot of courage to go against the grain. One of the more upsetting things I deal with as a teacher is the powerful influence of groupthink in the black community. It's crazy to think that doing well in school is "acting white." I could go on and on.

As the for the "you people" controversy, one of the many tedious race relations, cultural awareness, BS sessions I was forced to sit through as a cop addressed the "you people" "these people" phrases. We were told that these are racially charged phrases and should be avoided. In reality, it's just another fake outrage thing to keep Sharpton and Jackson in a job.

I remember thinking that there's no way I can remember under pressure how to talk. So I'll just have to risk getting my ass kicked.

I find it ironic that some blacks don't want to addressed collectively and see it as demeaning, when, as this video shows, they are expected to act monolithically.

Z said...

I just GOogled "Romney YOU PEOPLE" and most are saying she said ALL PEOPLE< not ALL YOU PEOPLE..interesting. I don't feel like watching the video; I suppose I should before talking here!

I still don't understand the racist angle...she was on GMA, not BET!!! WHAT THE HECK??
How's it RACIST? dawned on me that, if the left's calling it racist, maybe she was talking to Robin Roberts and she was, and I did finally listen just now, halfway through typing this comment. Man, this is SO LOW. AND you can barely tell if she says "ALL YOU" or "ALL"...

This is ridiculous.

By the way, Roberts was obviously not insulted because she introduced the previously taped interview glowing about Mrs. Romney and saying "she had no questions out of bounds, we could ask her anything..." Blah blah blah...'wonderful woman' etc..


Kid said...

There are a lot of black people wising up. Most of my friends at work can't stand the guy. Will they go vote for the other side?

beakerkin said...

Of course the media misses this story and any story that might be unflattering to the messiah

Bob said...


The words "you people" became a racial address in 1992 when Ross Perot used them in a speech to the NAACP. His use was interpreted as referring to black people. Of course, he was, and I didn't see the problem with using regular English when addressing a group. Apparently, the NAACP members will jump at any reason to be victims.

I listened to the interview with Ann Romney, and she did use the words, "you people". Like you, I cannot think of a way to make that a racist statement, or an arrogant statement. I interpreted the words in the context of you people being the media.

Z said...

Bob, since she said it to Black Robin Roberts, maybe that's the flap? Roberts sure obviously took it well, she GLOWED in her introduction of the previously taped interview with Mrs. Romney, who is QUITE an intelligent, lovely woman.

You're right..they'll look for ANYTHING to be offended by, the NAACP folks.

Beak...exactly right...she'd never make the news!
I had Ducky here constantly telling us Breitbart failed in revealing ACORN in spite of Breitbart's having got ACORN shut down. You can't make the Leftists up, can you.

Kid, that's absolutely true....BUT, they might just stay HOME. That's good enough for me.
And, they MIGHT just start to at least listen to Romney and he needs to start talking about a platform and soon.

EzzZee said...

What a farce this one sided right wing story is.
It only goes to show how Right-wing bloggers, talk radio hosts, and other conservative media outlets distorting the. facts and the truth.
And as for the shooting in Colorado there are millions of people that LEGITIMATELY think the shooter was a right-wing nut job. History has shown that most mass murderers are, especially in heated political climates. Perpetrated by the right-wing lies and propaganda of Fox News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and other and Hate Radio talk shows. I would like to see a debate about this issue. .
The democrats would wipe the conservatives all over the floor, if such a debate or debates occurred.

Rita said...

Great. You're drawing in the freaks. Hey EzzZee, why don't you google FEMA camps? That's more your style of loonacy.

Sam Huntington said...

“I never saw a coon at a clan party …” That had to be Ducky.

EzzZee tells us, “I'm just a simple hard working family man that wants the very best for my family and my country. And wants[sic] to see an end to the racism and bigotry.”

I guess it is possible that James E. Holmes is a right wing nut; after all, most people affiliated with the OWS movement are right wing. Everyone knows that. But then I suppose it is also possible that EzzZee is a progressive hack and perhaps the dumbest person on planet Earth, next to Liberalmann and BD …

Z said...

Sam, Liberalmann IS bd...

And yes, don't you love the left when confronted with VIDEO and call something a farce as if we all made Anita Montcrief, Lib turned Conservative, UP! :-)

This shows the desperation.
Ah, well! Elections get people very anxious

Ticker said...

EeeeZEEE, You must be as stupid as Libturd . But then you libs wouldn't know the truth if it smacked you in the mouth. You are in a permanent stage of denial and when a Black turns conservative you really crap your pants.
Looks as if she is smarter than you and libturd put together.

Bob said...

EzzZee said "a right-wing nut job.... History has shown that most mass murderers are, "

EzzZee, why do you make it so easy to call out and debunk what you say.

History is very clear. The biggest mass murderers in history have been socialists, left-wingers. Yep, that includes Hitler (National Socialism), Stalin (Communism), Mao Tse Tung (Communism), and Pol Pot (communist). All told, hundreds of millions of people paid the price for an Obama like government to bring change.

Good luck on finding a right wing cause for killing people. Right wing guys don't want to take money or freedoms away from other people, and that is the basis of a mass murderer, power over others.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Thanks for portraying yourself as you truly are.

Readers and commenters here at GeeeeeZ, please note:

EzzZee makes no comment on the credibility or veracity of Anita Moncrief. EzzZee says "we distort the facts and the truth." And then dissembles by bringing up a completely UNrelated event and topic with no facts or statistics to back up her claim.

This is nothing more than a feint, a DISTRACTION --

And it is what the Left utilizes when it has NO facts or cogent arguments.

Thank you ever so kindly, EzzZee, for displaying yourself so nakedly for all of us to see.

Not ONCE did you write that Anita Moncrief is wrong, nor cite reasons and facts as to why.

You've been "outed."


Kid said...

BZ, Yea, I love it [well], when the libtard operatives drop by and say "I'm a conservative but I do have dust bunnies for brains, so bla bla bla.

Pretty comical actually if you ignore the lying, deception, and adolescent libtard tactics all directed at gaining power over anyone who values individual liberty.

Z said...

I guess all my good readers who've commented on EzzZee have noticed HE HAS NO BLOG.
Liberaldude says he does, but we can't see it :-) planned, the kooks are suddenly commenting on blogs and doing as much negative 'campaigning' as they can.

There can be almost no doubt they're getting paid for this.
As I've said 100 times before, too, they'll be calling in to Talk Radio starting about early October, with "You know, I USED to be a Republican, but I just CAN'T vote that way anymore.."

The good news is they'll have a hell of a time explaining to the talk show host what they think's so great about Obama this time :-)

Lisa said...

I finally sat and watched these videos Z nd I am impressed with this young woman speaking the truth about what is going on. It just goes to prove everything we have been saying is true and the left wing media has too much invested in him to show themselves now for the fools they really are and how they are being used.
Really sad for our country that we can't even have intelligent debate without the media attack dogs going after really good people.