Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Germany ...the truth from a German; future America?

This is from my adult stepson...For years, he was dubious about my husband and my warnings about what could face Germany and America ...... he didn't want to believe a lot of what he heard, he was more liberal ..... but he's reading more, listening more, and getting fed up these last few years, and he wrote me this on Tuesday:   (I have to admit to editing only very slightly to make it 100% understandable...his English is excellent):

You know that Europe is falling apart. Like the lefties in the US, the German government passes laws when everybody else is watching the European soccer championship to make sure that this happens unnoticed.   (Z: sound familiar, folks?)
They also want to pass laws that would transfer the sovereignty of unlimited financial powers to Brussels with a clause that says this can never be stopped!!!  (Z: more familiarity?)
The (educated and interested) people are pissed big time that the established parties (from Die Linke (THE LEFT), the Greens, SPD and the formerly conservative CDU) are doing everything they can to sell out and destroy Germany  absolutely on purpose with the unrealistic hopes of trying to save the Euro, with a major lack of reality in general and with the awful massive immigration we have now.

Some are writing that there will be a civil war in the future when even the dumbest people realize that they have been framed by the people betrayers call politicians and parliament.  Actually I think this is not so far fetched.

Even (a friend) Walter who studied social pedagogy (a study of which usually brings people automatically to the left) recently said that he expects major trouble in some time and made remarks that really surprised me. Whenever I said something against immigration and the crooks of politicians he always stood up for them.  Obviously, he has changed his mind to some degree which I consider almost a miracle because he was so far left.

I told my uncle to blow his money for things he enjoys - it won't be worth anything soon. At first he denied it, now he agrees to it. He has the same opinions like we do and he only watches the left on TV because what's always on is the leftist, politically correct media. It really speaks well for him that, in spite of the TV he has to watch, he has sensible opinions because he reads and hears between the lines, somehow getting to the truth in spite of the left's mainstream media. (Z: enter conservative blogs and COMMON SENSE?)

So, that's Germany today.  Sound familiar?  Our whole world needs a LOT of help.
By the way, my stepson also tells me that the level of violence from immigrants on Germans is rising at astonishing rates.........he's taking Martial Arts, etc......Germans have been killed in the subway system, etc....things are getting tougher and tougher in that beautiful country.  They've had muslims with their faces hidden on TV interviewed, saying they think Germans are a joke and thanking them for all the money they give to them, saying how stupid they are for doing so.  They have NO respect for the country and think their politicians are total's so sad.

Danke, Jungen..
Deine Steifmutter...


beakerkin said...

Actually, the problems are similar to our own but for different reasons. Western nations have taken
a series of damaging changes and not all of it good.

When your grandparents married there
was a great sense that this was a lifetime commitement. Unfortunately,
due to easy divorce and both parties
working this is no longer the case.
The real tragedy is people tossing marriages for jobs. No job is ever worth losing a marriage and in this week alone I can point to at least three divorces caused by job related

In your grandparents world there was the assumption you would work for the same employer for a decade or more and retire. Now people move around from employer to employer
and this creates more problems.

There is also the damaging abuse of psychology. Marital and individual therapy does in many cases damage the family. Marital therapy is an unproven practice that actually causes more damage than good. Would you take flight instruction from a person that has never been in a plane? There are scores of consumers
who pay for marital therapy from
people who have never been married.

The religion of psychology has never really told people that divorce actually makes people less happy. Women are told divorce is easy and there are abundant men just waiting for you. Women then run
to get a divorcer and are in for a rude awakening that this is a lie.
Rather than tell their patient suck it up and learn to have realistic expectations of marriage the answer
is run to divorce. 70% of divorces are initiated by women. Are these divorced folks happer than your grandparents? BS

Now that divorce is so common and easy there is an assumption that marriages won't last. People have
fewer children as a result and those remaining are more apt to be raised in single parent households.

All of the big government models were based upon big families. Smaller families mean less people
to pay for excess.

I do not know that the societal changes are all blamed on left and right. No politician will ever comment on the societal changes I described.

DaBlade said...

Z, your stepson sounds like a fine young man who's only mistake was originally being dubious to Mr and Mrs Z's teachings. I hope the prediction of "major trouble" and hyperinflation do not come to pass, in Germany or here. It will take some major reversals of policies to prevent this, and sadly there are so many leftists in this country who cling to their failed idiology like an anchor. God bless your stepson for his courage to see truth.

Ducky's here said...

Germany thinks it's the Muslim's fault? I thought it was the Jews.

Fredd said...

I lived in Germany for 6 years while serving in the US Army. This was 30 years ago, however, but not much has changed, apparently.

When I went back on vacation about 10 years ago, I found my old army barracks in Hochst, near Frankfurt: a homeless couple (Hanka & Willi) were living in the approx. 2000 sq. foot HQ building, and paid no rent, no utilities, no nothing.

The govt converted these old barracks to 'homeless shelters,' and heated them, provided water to them, and allowed the homeless to live in dignity. These two beggars, Hanka and Willi, were from one of the Balkan nations, and were not even German, but lived fairly comfortably on the German dime.

Just a microcosm of what happened to Germany, and what will eventually happen here if we don't start to regularly defeat liberals at the ballot box.

Always On Watch said...

Some are writing that there will be a civil war in the future when even the dumbest people realize that they have been framed by the people betrayers call politicians and parliament.

I have a few friends in Europe -- in other countries.

They're talking about revolution as well.

These people whom I know are not the revolutionary types! They've been pushed and pushed -- and are coming to the point of having put up with way too much.

Always On Watch said...

Beak makes a good point about marriages today.

When Mr. AOW was felled by his stroke, person after person -- and institution after institution as well -- urged me to divorce him. Realistically, the situation COULD come to that, I know. But to hear divorce mentioned early on boggled my mind!

Silverfiddle said...

I told my uncle to blow his money for things he enjoys - it won't be worth anything soon.

This is what government ponzi schemes, abetted by international bankers, brings us to. An inflationary environment where it is smarter to blow all your money than to save it. It's how the ponzi scheme stays afloat.

We need a revolution.

I knew the Dhimmi Ducky would focus in on the Muslims. They didn't create this problem, but it's just one more thing the German people have had shoved down their throats.

I lived there on the economy and I am still in contact with many, including Germans, who live there.

They are saying much the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that Germans will eventually lead the revolution and they will be right to do so.

Brooke said...

It is looking more and more as if a collapse is the only way to start fixing all of our problems.

Bob said...

Somehow, I think a revolution in Europe is not in the offing. Remember, they have no guns. At least, legally. Maybe there's a market for black market weapons for people to defend their freedoms from liberal, take everything governments.

Hmmm... Sounds kinda like 1776. It's deja vu all over again.

The framers of the Constitution were not dummies. The Second Amendment is there for a reason, and it is not to guarantee turkey hunting for future generations of Thanksgiving revelers.

Z said...

Beak, I think the obvious breakdown of the family's a huge problem ... in Europe and here.

DaBlade..he's a good guy, thanks.

Ducky, what a stupid cheap shot.

Fredd, actually, PLENTY has changed. I first went 25 years ago and when I went back only a few years later, I couldn't believe the changes brought on my immigrants...people had to now lock their doors, bikes have to be locked by the back porch, etc.. ..litter, attacks on Germans by Arabs in the subway stations...
Quite a change...and a lot of that's due to the HUGE money they give to're so right. have to divorce for aid is horrible...
Somehow, in the old days, people survived through their extended families and churches/synagogues.....somehow, that's not working so well anymore. Plenty of reasons for that.

SF...I'm so glad you've seen how MUCH the Germans have had 'shoved down their throats''s REALLY tough to see. It broke my heart to read my stepson's was the most upset I'd seen him.

CoFire, I hope it's a peaceful revolution.

Brooke...I've thought that for a long time. God forbid, but..

Bob, they sure don't have guns....I'm sure the immigrants and criminals have plenty of guns, though.
Switzerland, as you know, is FULL of guns; men leaving the army keep their guns and I believe their murder rate is still close to nil...

Z said...

by the way, what we all have to understand is that the minute Germans speak up, idiots bring up a "FOURTH REICH" IF.

For the immature, the attitude is that if they finally stand up for their beautiful country, they're intent on another war or want to kill those impeding them...
this is a terrible trap and our "Political Correctness to the Extreme" for them....very dangerous to Germany and to all of Europe.

We have a rather similar thing here. ... the leftwingers have taught our children that standing up for America is old fashioned, undeserved, etc...

This is something we have to overcome..and FAST. As does Germany.

Lisa said...

Wow Z reading he conversion of your step son sounds like a much needed awakening by the left here,but I have little hope for them as long as they continue to follow Dear Leader down the European Path to insolvency.

Z said...

Lisa, he wasn't an extreme goofball Lefty, but more "live and let live"...just a great guy who never puts others down, etc.
But, over the last few years, he's seen so much crime and so many threats from Muslims to Germans...even just little things like pushing in front in a line at a store as if they're entitled. The Germans are sick of it.
Obviously, all muslims don't act like that, but the ones who do are REALLY ticking Germans off...
Imagine a face-covered Muslim on TV here calling US stupid and 'push overs' for giving them so much money and that, in return, they're taking our country over? THAT is what they've heard many times on TV, radio,'s insane. And the far lefties STILL aren't even leery. "If we're nice to THEM, they'll be nice to US" can you imagine??

Lisa said...

That's a shame Z. More liberal PC policy. The crazy thing about th lefties is they say that about those on the right and they are so blinded by ideology they can't even see that it is them who are having their way of life destroyed by this. Take Libdud for instance.
e see it here as well with OWS mobs and gangs and the attacks on white by violent black youth mobs.
All escalated since Obama took office.

Z said...

It has escalated since then, Lisa....HUGELY, you're right. WHo even thought of race relations still being so bad until his election?
THEY made it an issue.....a black president wins and we're MORE condemned? One would have thought that would show something, no?

Of course, he happened to be the wrong black man, but I guess I'm racist for saying so. Though I'd vote for Allan West yesterday if I could. STrong, America-loving, unafraid, faithful....quite a man.

Yes, we've got more division since Obama......with our own Atty Gen even saying we're racists, didn't he? Something like that...unbelievable.

But they know our youth hear this and will make sure they VOTE OBAMA...VOTE AGAINST RACISM. It's nuts, but I think I'm right.
as are you

Lisa said...

I can't believe we are even at this point in this Country Z. And the sad part is so many people are complacent about it.

Average American said...

If civil war does break out here, or in Europe, it will be started by the dregs of society, you know, the ones with outstretched hands looking for the government tit. It will however be ended by the ones paying the bills, you can take that to the bank!

I just hope that the racist in the White House is gone before that happens.

The Born Again American said...

Isn't multiculturalism the answer? Hell no it's not the answer and we have our own POTUS bringing the new president of Egypt a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Whitehouse... I guess tha't so they can chat about the release of the blind sheik... Europe is toast, and it's getting increasingly more difficult to ward off their onslaught here... I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think it's time to start playing "Cowboys and Muslims"...

christian soldier said...

His 'about face' brought a smile- thanks for sharing-

Kid said...

I wonder what Germans were thinking when the European Union was put together. A couple of strong host countries and a collection of socialist parasite countries. Where did people think that would lead?

It's exactly what I thought at the time. It's just like merger and acquisition activity. M&A. When business get tough, the weak look to merge with someone. Maybe they just want to share their profits? ;-)

I can see war over there Easily. As Comrade Brezmenov said "When they see what their beautiful dreams really mean in reality, they will revolt."

Socialism is a parasite's game. liberal/progressive is a parasite's game.

Kid said...

Ah Geeez. correction "When they see what their beautiful dreams OF EQUALITY really mean in reality, they will revolt."

Kid said...

And the sad part is so many people are complacent about it.

And the sadder part is so many are cheering it on.

Kid said...

Z, the Blacks are Racist.

NAACP. is there a NAAWP?
The Black Caucus in Congress? Is the a White Caucus?

Some guy named Zimmerman shoots some guy named Trevon (An unnecessary tragedy) and Whitey is out murdering the Blacks.
How about when the 40 something black men rape, torture, murder 10 years old little girls in Cincinnati? Doesn't even make national news.

The blacks are the racists. Not all -but of Course Mademoiselle!

That should fire things up, - but I'm being honest.

Z said...

Born Again...That "cowboys and muslims," i have to admit, always cracks me UP. I hope it never comes down to a big war but I was reading today that Islam is calling to conquer far, so good. It's WE who are cowed and stepping back, allowing mosques here to go unchecked because "those are HOLY places our feds can't listen in on"....
makes me so mad. Who knows what they're fomenting?

And, of course, I'll never believe all muslims want trouble but it sure would be good to hear more from those who don't; there are some voices and the Canadian media does highlight them. We haven't much here except Dr Jasser and Brigitte what's her name...'s one thing Mr. Z and I really disagreed with politically...he thought the EU was a good idea and I HATED the whole idea.
And now look. He did admit I was right shortly before he died...I hated the Euro, too, and he finally agreed they'd have been better off without it.
Germans are SO sick and tired of paying French subsidies, for example, that he'd hoped that would stop with the EU.

And yes, I had to laugh at Donna Brazile on CNN straight-facedly saying how the NAACP welcomes Republican members and mentioning that ONE of their Black administrative types happens to be a conservative.
No, no NAAWP. They'd be arrested. And you know what group would be the first up at arms.

If it were only balanced and I felt that group really DID believe in equality for all, I'd say "go ahead..have your group"

But, I'm the kind of nut woman who says to men "Go ahead and have your private club...I don't care"


Kid said...

Well Z, you know it's against federal law to be a libtard and not lie 90%+ of the time. Serious consequences too. :)

I have a private club. It's called, Over 21, never asked for a dime I didn't earn,never got one, fairly good looking white cracker productive taxpaying machine.

I'm starting to think it's a private club anyway.

Anonymous said...

"allowing mosques here to go unchecked because "those are HOLY places our feds can't listen in on"..."

I problem. It'll be a hell of a lot easier to find and target them when the sheite hits the fan...and it will. Take a look at Dearbornstan a few weeks ago....Christians being virtually stoned for professing their beliefs. Rocks thrown at them....garbage...jeered. And then they were told by the shit eating cops...they'd ..THEY"D be arrested for being a public nuisance?

Me...I'm not going to apologize....I despise muslims....I hate them as much as I would any enemy of my country, way of life, of my Christian beliefs and heritage....we've allowed a stinking 4th world political ideology as dangerous to our Republic as communism and Nazism were not that long ago to infest our country. To pollute our country.

To set up an Islamic government and caliphate on in our backyard.

We're idiots...stupid, diversity blinded morons that can't see what a threat these POS pose to our 236 year old Republic.

Unfortunately my last war was Viet Nam and I'm too old now to get back into fighting Islamic scum....

And the last 30 years or so have produced "citizens" who'd rather just get along...Idiots....pure idiots we've become.

When the push comes....when the violence comes....from them....for it's all these barbarian savages know...

Who will fight back to free us of these anti American terrorists and scum?

Germany...Germany....the 4th Reich is just around the corner. Germans will never...NEVER..EVER allow themselves to be governed or enslaved by 4th world savages.

They're just to god damn smart to allow that. If the war does start....Germany will be in the lead to bring us to our senses.

Kid said...

Imp. allowing a celebration victory mosque to built in New Yoik. The pinnacle of manure for brains. The Zenith of ignorance.

Anonymous said... we need more proof that we've become very weak kneed?

What really freaks me out is...Bloomturd....a Jew that thinks if he shakes hands with those savages who deep down despise...JEWS...and want to annihilate them and pick up where AH left off...actually is behind this on a freedom to build bullshit?

They keep allowing themselves to be herded onto the cattle cars...amazing.

Z said...

we are definitely becoming weak kneed...with the help of our 'open minded leftists' who think Islamists are holding up signs saying "We will end Christianity" for a joke.

I suppose this was all planned...if Political Correctness gets truly ingrained, and it has, you're in HUUUGE trouble.

I was living in Paris for the almost four years before 9/11 and was there for that awful day...

when I saw CNN International and found out that PHil Donahue and Tom Brokaw were smugly commiserating on the silliness of having to prove your patriotism with flag pins, I was stunned.
I hadn't realized that our country had changed so much during my absence and it's only gone downhill since.
I really was surprised at the sudden "cool, hipness" of dissing America by Americans.

Of course, on CNN, I watched (LIVE) Bill Clinton speaking to the Labor Party, with Tony Blair sitting behind him blanching at the inappropriateness of his comments. Honestly? I got teary-eyed because it was SO painful to watch him slam Bush so badly in public...a past pres slamming a sitting pres...I was literally stunned.
So did Blair seem to be.

I got off subject, but not much!?:

Z said...

My point is: You can't have a country survive like ours has over the years without most of its people loving that country and standing up for it and fighting those who do not.

now what do we do?

Kid said...

Imp, and bloomturd has a financial stake in it being built. That's got to be against the law in some universe.

Generally I really don't understand the Jewish people, support obama who has spawned radical muslim governments in the ME. And the Jewish in Israel against taking action on Iran, who openly state that they are going to annihilate them. Weird.

Kid said...

Z, no you're not off subject at all.

Anonymous said...

"now what do we do?.."

You're not going to like it...I assure you. It will never be what it hoping for it to be is...well...delusional and ...hopeless.

We've crossed that line in the sand which is a NO GO BACK sign.

Kid said...

Imp is right. Not in our lifetimes. This is a cycle. A long cycle. Not everyone was patriotic during WWII, or after. In fact, afterwards you had massive communism insurgency in America. Joe McCarthy.

Not enough people will get a clue until they feel the pain. Words are useless to idiot libtards. In fact, words probably drive them deeper into mental retardation. Won't stop me though! I figure that's a good place for them!

1969 was the last best year in America. I plan to do a post on it on July 20..

Anonymous said...

"1969 was the last best year in America..."

Kid....scuse me Ms. Z..but God're right man. It was 1969...the last year of that decade. The year I got married. Even though I married in October of was none the less...a momentous time in my life.

I had served my tour in the Air Force....I got separated....I came home. I wanted to live again. So..I got into the Bullshit...until I heard John Kerry.

Then...I knew that we vets were at war again....a war to this clear our names and regain the honor that that Jerk off denied us of.

Anonymous said...

We now....have a country that's made up of two warring factors...

The "Right" and the "Left". It's like North Korea and South Korea...North Vietnam and South Vietnam...

Taiwan and China.

The North and the South during our Civil War. We are at war in this country..a war of ideas and ideals. A war against deviants and a war of principles , morality and wrong or right.

A war where one side will never concede and force us to accept decay. decadence, immorality and the destruction of the family...and Christianity.

Think not? Look around.

Kid said...

IMP. 1969. I'm glad to hear you say that and more importantly, I'm Inspired. I gotta start working on this post, because, I believe from stem to stern, from soup to nuts, 1969 was the last best year. It deserves better than I can do.

I hear you on the j fing kerry. Let's hope A's get their due.

98ZJUSMC said...

Z, it looks like your stepson is coming away with the correct lessons from all of this. I only pray that a great many more do.

Z said...

Great comments, guys, so interesting to read, honesty...

I have to ask, though, isn't it the Sixties that got us into this mess? I feel like the Sixties were the first years after the Cold War (when we thought we'd won and didn't yet know that Communism had come in, probably via the USSR directly into our classrooms and finish us off more effectively than a nuclear bomb! it has now via indoctrination)
...Hippies, "free love", "America's the awful country"..etc.

The Sixties, no?

I thought the Eighties were pretty good :-)

Kid said...

No Z, in the 60's we were started building trillions of dollars worth of Nuke subs in the weapons buildup game. Ronald Reagan finally put an end to the cold war in the late 80's.

Z said...

Kid, but you said 1969 was the last good do you mean that?
If you're talking in general, the Sixties were the years that started us into free sex and

I'm not reading you, mon ami!

Kid said...

Z, Ok Mon Amie.

I said I was going to do a 1969 post on July 20. I've decided to do more than one leading up to a last one on July 20 cause there's too much for one. I'll have to ask you to read and weigh in on those.

I wish I could be more illucidating than a final season Dallas episode, but..

Z said...

I'll look forward to reading them...

Average American said...

Yep, 1969 was quite a year alright. January 5th, 1969, this old geezer (20 at the time) got off the plane from the Republic of South Vietnam and bent over and kissed the U.S. ground beneath my feet. After another flight or two, I finally arrived in Boston with a Navy guy I met on the flight from the Great Lakes. He put me up at his folks house because I had missed the last bus to Northern New Hampshire. A nice start to the rest of my life abruptly ended the next morning at the bus depot. It was there that I got spit on for the first time. I'll tell you what, it SUCKS when the worst part of going to war is coming home! Nope, 1969 was NOT a very good year.

Z said...

AA, so you were one of our soldiers who got spit on; that people could do that is so disgusting and dishonorable and unkind it defies belief.
Far leftists are fascists who don't understand anything beyond what they feel.
I'm SO SORRY.....I can't imagine how that felt after all you'd done.

Thank you for your service.

Michelle said...

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