Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Obama call for campaign money.......

I believe THIS is an excellent way for Obama to raise campaign cash...... Just have the media get the news out that he's fearful of being outspent and needs more money.  It's a terrific way to squeeze  money out of his base without his campaign spending any money, don't you think? 

I also got to thinking about how Obama can pretty much say what he wants about all of this and nobody's really checking, nobody holds his feet to any fires.

But, my main point here being his mentioning the Koch Brothers with the clear and obvious disdain all leftwingers show while the best kept secret ever is  George Soros' probable enormous support of Obama.   Yet, when Conservatives mention George Soros and any connection to Obama, the Left goes into overdrive ridiculing, asking how we're sure of any connection, etc., etc., etc.   (I even have to say 'probable' because very little information comes out of Soros or the leftwing causes he supports with very big money....with the groups Soros is known to report, it's not a leap to think he's not supporting Romney!)

A troubling thing is that Obama, in that linked article above,  mentions the Koch Brothers by name...Does that strike you as unseemly and a little unpresidential?  He also knocks FOX fairly often and particular conservative pundits by name, which seems like a new 'presidential habit' and one I think which demeans the office of the president.   In italics are particular sentences I wanted to address:

"We just can't be outspent 10 to 1," Obama said. "That's what happened in Wisconsin recently. The Koch brothers and their allies spent more than the other side's entire campaign, our side's entire campaign.

Z:  How about admitting that maybe the people who voted gave a lot more money in pursuit of success?

An Obama campaign official confirmed the veracity of the recording to ABC News, describing the meeting as a "routine finance call." (Obama uses a non-taxpayer-funded phone for political calls from the plane, the official said.)

Z:  If it's "routine," why the article?  Using a non-taxpayer-funded phone is the appropriate thing to do.  Is it the Obama campaign officials who should 'confirm the veracity' of that or is this more of Holder assigning his own guys to investigate himself?   These days, the media hears anything from Obama's White House and says "oky doky!" 

The Romney campaign is expected to report raising more than $100 million in June. Obama campaign officials said they don't expect the president to match that number, but declined to offer specifics on their monthly haul.

Z:  But they'll mention to the penny what Romney has brought in and, remember, Romney raised a heck of a lot of money in the first few hours after the Supreme Court decision......Obama's saying his numbers went up then, too, but his campaign won't say how much.    They're never accountable but they'll hold Romney to it.

"We might not out-raise Mitt Romney," Obama wrote Saturday morning in an email with the subject line "This is important." "But I am determined to keep the margin close enough that we can win this election the right way."

And then there's THIS article which starts with:  George Clooney has signed on for another special guest appearance as the Barack Obama re-election campaign takes its summer fundraising tour across the Atlantic in pursuit of Euro-cash.   By the way, will Palestinians be operating phone banks for Obama this time around, too?

Is THAT what's meant by "the right way?"    Right way versus..............???



Bunkerville said...

Right, he is determined to keep the election close. What an understatement.

Z said...

Well...it'll be close alright...I expect he'll be happy with it as close as possible that fraud can tip it over in his direction?
The media will be in overdrive for him; I'm hoping most AMericans see that for what it is.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I don't normally donate to candidates but I'm am giving him as much as I can. Hopefully, he uses it wisely. I'm a Tea Party member and I'll volunteer for him. BO motivates me.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

oooooooh, the George Soros boogie man.

Why doesn't he just buy Faux News, he can control everything if he wishes.

Ducky's here said...

z, I'm going to pick a swing state like North Carolina and pack in plenty of booze, smokes and cash to pass out to the homeless and get them to the polls. I'll have plenty of company.

Soros is the least of your worries.

Z said...

Ducky's here said...
oooooooh, the George Soros boogie man."

You don't think HE's problematic but you slam the Koch Bros. every single chance you get...Thanks for proving my point.

You might want to do that in the swing states but I think the Democrat party's got all of that planned ahead of you....

Soros is not at all the least of this country's worries...sadly, our media just won't cover that story, but they love to talk about Koch on CNN, trust me.
I don't know why I keep referring to it as MEDIA anymore...silly, really.

Z said...

L&O...I don't usually contribute, either, but I just did...a little more than I should have, frankly.

Z said...


Ducky's here said...

No, z, I think money in elections is a big problem and frankly I can not understand the fools who think they aren't going to get reamed no matter who wins.

We are a bunch of pathetic sheep who are owned lock stock and barrel.

Liberalmann said...

Soro's contribution to the Dems pale in comparisons to the tens of millions pledged by Koch and Sheldon.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Did you write Faux News? Really? I wish I could read Arabic so I could communicate with people who write Faux News. Psuedo-intellectualism is so stimulating yet still intimidating.

Silverfiddle said...

Obama is unseemly and unpresidential

Z said...

Law and Order...I have lately been clicking back and forth from CNN and FOX....
Libs might not think there's a story with Fast and Furious but 17 Dem senators do. I guess they're shills for the R party, right? :-)
I have yet to see a bit on F&F on CNN...
On Fox, they have both sides constantly represented...and I believe that's what Americans deserve, tho I'm getting more and more convinced most don't WANT it: THE STORY FROM ALL SIDES.

It's like we discussed regarding teaching ... conservatives want to teach TO THINK...not indoctrinate.

FAUX NEWS isn't Ducky's, by the way...a lot of Libs use it; I think it assuages the curiosity when they can kill the messenger.

Z said...


Libmann...please get the truth about liberal donations.

Sam Huntington said...

Liberal man: because there's no such thing as too much stupid.

Ducky's here said...

LAOT -- أقول تور، يقول احلبوه.

Z said...

Ducky! I do NOT allow that language at my blog...NO MORE, do you hear?


Speedy G said...

Egyptian Arabic

اقول تور, يقول احلبوه. (a'ūl tūr, yi'ūl iħlibuh)
I say, "It's a bull"; he says, "milk it."
[edit]Usage notes

Used when debating with someone of a different agenda who will not see or respond to reason.

Bob said...

"like North Carolina and pack in plenty of booze, smokes and cash to pass out to the homeless and get them to the polls"

Good read on Obama's strategy. Don't forget the cash for illegal aliens to vote, too. Illegal aliens are a core constituency of the Demos. That is why liberals cannot stand the idea of picture id voter identification.

Kid said...

Oh yeah, it had to be the money right? It couldn't have been voters in Wisconsin finally getting fed up with public union members afforded the luxury of ignoring recessions as they sit around making lasagne waiting to go on a field trip to watch someone's house burn down, or speed to that next fender bender and try to get a date with the girl who rear-ended someone while texting or sexting on her phone instead of actually piloting her 3,000 lb hunk of steel traveling 65 mph down the freeway.

Yea, voters are all morons sitting around waiting to see who spends the most money before deciding how to vote.

Slightly OT, but while we're talking about cash, I noticed an opinion piece labeled as news talking aout Mitt Romney's Massive Cash Horde, Locked Away in Off Shore Accounts that are "Impossible to get at". Get at for what? one wonders.

Anyway, I also noticed they failed to mention nana pelosi's Massive Cash horde of 450 mil, not to mention many other sitting democrat politician's Massive cash hordes, and where did THOSE PEOPLE get the money ? ;-] Eh? Stolen from tax payers Perhaps?

It's like getting news from a kindergarten class full of evil little children.

Anyway, on a more serious note, I do find it interesting that obama is having trouble getting funding this time around. he spent a Billion last time, no doubt donated by unions, socialists and other ner-do-wells that -it would seem- no longer wish to supply the imbecile with funding. So that's on the good side of the ledger this time.

And it would seem the libtards are equally desperate to keep the imbecile afloat. All I can say fellows is take a 2nd Mortgage on the Trailer if you have to! You gotta keep this loser in the White House if you want any chance of staying on the Dole !

Z said...

Bob "Illegal aliens are a core constituency of the Demos. That is why liberals cannot stand the idea of picture id voter identification."

Well said.

Kid, I am laughing out loud.."the imbecile". You slay me.

And, oh, BROTHER, did you capture the situation with this...

"It's like getting news from a kindergarten class full of evil little children."

it's stunningly well said. Holy cow.

Z said...

Kid, by the way, you are so right and I tried to say that but apparently failed miserably...the point about money in Wisconsin, for example, is not that the money was SO BIG from CROOKED REPUBLICANS and THE RIGHT OVERCAME THE LEFT BY BLINDING THE FOLKS WITH MONEY!!..

Remember, what I said when all that went down is that the BIG MONEY didn't do a damned thing....BIG MONEY is for NAME RECOGNITION and who the hell has better name recognition than a governor who's already run a race and won AND who's being recalled?
The MONEY didn't win that, the PRINCIPLE of his platform AND the idiocy of a recall.

Kid said...

Thanks You Z! ;-) I call it as I see it.

And yes, they don't report (correct me if I'm wrong) the money the unions spent.

Factor that in and you Know what was going on - on voting day up there.

Z said...

"...they don't report (correct me if I'm wrong) the money the unions spent."

Doesn't matter if you're right because America will never hear it; at least not enough Americans.

We are getting the information out but we're singing to the choir! :-(

They Say/We Say said...

Now I see the evil little children news makers.
The Kid rides again!

Kid said...

TSWS, Hi Ho Florin Silver and Gold!

Bob said...

"Soro's contribution to the Dems pale in comparisons to the tens of millions pledged by Koch and Sheldon."


Somebody make sure Liberalmann gets some medication, or gets off the booze. The guy has actually quoted an article about the KOCH brothers written by the Center For Responsive Politics, an organization funded by George Soros.


Why would anyone trust the most liberal, anti-American Nazi in the world to tell the truth about their competition? How about some real references, and some facts for a change.

Z said...

Bob, that's how they think. Quoting on that subject from that rag which Soros funds is like HOlder picking his guys to judge HIM, isn't it.

Liberalmann said...

Sam Huntington said..."Liberal man: because there's no such thing as too much stupid."

Yes and you prove it with every post.

Elmers Brother said...

Nice response pee wee Herman (libdude)