Thursday, July 12, 2012

I don't THINK Romney wants a Menage a Trois....

Do you think we should be 'scared' of Hugo Chavez, or do you think that he's ".. not had a serious national security impact on us," as Obama told a reporter in Florida recently.    Obama's calling Romney 'scared' of Chavez.....what do you think?  Romney countered with:
"It is disturbing to see him downplaying the threat posed to U.S. interests by a regime that openly wishes us ill. Hugo Chavez has provided safe haven to drug kingpins, encouraged regional terrorist organizations that threaten our allies like Colombia, has strengthened military ties with Iran and helped it evade sanctions, and has allowed a Hezbollah presence within his country's borders," Romney said.
"And he is seeking to lead — together with the Castros — a destabilizing, anti-democratic, and anti-American 'Bolivarian Revolution' across Latin America," the former Massachusetts governor said, accusing Obama of having "emboldened adversaries and diminished U.S. influence in every region of the world."

My opinion is that Romney got it right. "Scared," or is it really WISE (r)?  To my liberal readers, before you comment.....being aware of a threat does not mean we go bomb them off the face of the earth for the threat, so please don't even 'go there'... See, after four years of blogging, I can write your comments before you do. 

Is Obama that desperate to look like the BIG POWERFUL PRESIDENT that he's throwing words like SCARED around for the media to latch on to? "ROMNEY SCARED"....very cunning.......and effective if Americans don't know better.  Seems to me he's just playing to his base....who else is a fan of Hugo Chavez?


beakerkin said...

Hugo Chavez is Ducky's role model. He wants him placed on the ballot so he can organize mobs of Marxist thugs kidnapping Jooooos er Zionists
for social justice.

beamish said...

Having considerably more than a 45 IQ comes with the inherent curse of never being able to relate to a leftist, so I must ask...

does this mean Obama would defer to France to take out Chavez?

Speedy G said...

Seeing as how Hugo Chavez just got caught by Paraguay's Defense Minister trying to organize a coup d'etat to overturn Paraguay's impeachment of their Leftist president... and Chavez's oft stated dream of a "Grand Bolivarian Republic" consisting of ALL of South and Central America.... I wouldn't take my eyes off of him.

Always On Watch said...

Obama's calling Romney 'scared' of Chavez.....

What nonsense spewing from Obama these days! Sheesh.

Silverfiddle said...

Of course Obama is wrong, and probably naively so. What the hell does he know about Latin America or any other part of the world for that matter.

He knows Chavez is a leftist, so that automatically makes him a good guy in the Obama-Jarrett White House.

I pray every day for a Romney victory. He's no panacea, but it will restore adult leadership.

Always On Watch said...

FYI. What do you make of that?

Right Truth said...

Obama wants to BE Chavez, at least have the power that Chavez has. Is Mitt afraid of Chavez? I don't think so, but unfortunately we don't have anything to base our beliefs on. Romney doesn't have much foreign experience that I know about.

Right Truth

Liberalmann said...

First of all, the word 'scared' is in quotes. Show me where you think he actually used this word.

Secondly, Chavez is nothing. The GOP will use anything to make average Americans (which few brains) 'scared.'

Brooke said...

Romney is absolutely correct. I hope we hear more and more out of this, and LOUDLY, too!

Liberalmann said...

I'm scared of clowns like Joe Biden

Z said...

Beak, probably so.

I don't know, beamish.

Speedy, i was hoping you'd come by and share the knowledge you have. Nobody should take his eyes off of him.

AOW...Obama's handlers are so vicious and so cunning that I can't imagine what he's really like. They're all so nasty.

SF...I think an Obama type would just never consider a dictator bad if he was a leftist dictator...
Yes, Romney could restore adult leadership.

Debbie, Romney will pick people with experience, at least.

Z said...

AOW, Oh, my GOSH! BERETS on American Olympians...ya, the cowboy hats are too America; lefty administrations and Designers just can't have too much of AMERICA.

Now we'll have leftists come and say how 'chic' they are and we're out of touch :-)

This all just goes to the point, doesn't it...good catch, AOW> but how pathetic.

Brooke, I hope Romney continues to talk like he did to the NAACP yesterday...that took guts; the big secret is that the standing ovation he got was barely covered but the 10 seconds of boos for "Obamacare" was all over the place :)

Liberlmann..the Obama camps called him the links.
But, I know....when anybody speaks for ROmney, it's all Romney's fault. When Obama handlers speak for Obama, it's just GOPers making stuff up :-)

What scares you about Biden so suddenly? Biden scares you but OBAMA doesn't? unreal

Anonymous said...

" Romney doesn't have much foreign experience that I know about..."

I disagree....he ran Massachusetts...a foreign country in my book.

Anonymous said...

AOW, at least the arrets are not red, althogh they and the entire US olypic uniform are made in red-China.

If Hugo lives, he has cancer, he is dangerous. He has zero common sense.

Z said...

ConFire...the uniforms were made in CHINA? Is that right? We couldn't handle that HERE?

Imp...good point!

Liberalmann said...

"'m scared of clowns like Joe Biden" Ah the mental midget is still hijacking my name.

So, Obama kills Osama, most of Al Queda and Khadaffi and you're all ok with Romney investing with terrorists?

"Did Bain serve as a tax haven for foreign criminals? As Shaxson explains, “Private equity is one channel for this secrecy-shrouded foreign money to enter the United States, and a filing for Mitt Romney’s first $37 million Bain Capital Fund, of 1984, provides a rare window into this.

One foreign investor, of $2 million, was the newspaper tycoon, tax evader, and fraudster Robert Maxwell, who fell from his yacht, and drowned, off of the Canary Islands in 1991 in strange circumstances, after looting his company’s pension fund.

The Bain filing also names Eduardo Poma, a member of one of the ‘14 families’ oligarchy that has controlled most of El Salvador’s wealth for decades; oddly, Poma is listed as sharing a Miami address with two anonymous companies that invested $1.5 million between them."


Z said...

Liberalmann said...
"'m scared of clowns like Joe Biden" Ah the mental midget is still hijacking my name."

Why are you HERE, liberalmann? Can you tell me that?

It was bad enough when you were only leaving stupid quotes and blathering your liberal junk....
stop the games.

As for Romney:

HE IS RICH. HE IS SUCCESSFUL. ON HIS OWN. BAIN ISN'T HIM. AMERICANS RESPECT SUCCESS (or did, till the left got so noisy for entitlements and class warfare)..

Because YOUR SIDE gets to screech and condemn and ours gets ignored by the msm is helping your side, but it's INSANE. And dangerous.

Do you think Romney killed Maxwell now, by the way?

Stop quoting from THE's not respected here IN THE LEAST. (Oh, I know, it's not biased, but FOX IS! :)

Bunkerville said...

Too much for this small head. Obama must go. Bye bye Obama. End of story.

Speedy G said...

First of all, the word 'scared' is in quotes. Show me where you think he actually used this word.


"Hugo Chavez has become increasingly marginalized and his influence has waned," Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a statement. "It's baffling that Mitt Romney is so scared of a leader like Chavez whose power is fading, while Romney continues to remain silent about how to confront al-Qaeda or how to bring our troops home from Afghanistan."

Speedy G said...

Let's examine this notion of the Obama campaign...

"Hugo Chavez has become increasingly marginalized and his influence has waned,"

from Armed Forces Journal

Overshadowed by America’s strategic distractions with the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and with terrorism, and nettlesome nuclear troubles with Iran and North Korea, to name a few, Chavez is all but flying under the threat radar.

But threats there are: From his ties to terrorist groups and rogue regimes to his military modernization and nuclear ambitions, the Venezuelan caudillo is becoming a real reason for concern on the security front.

To ignore what is happening in Venezuela under Chavez’s hand, potentially affecting broad swaths of Latin America, the Caribbean and the homeland, would be a big mistake – and done only at our peril.

Russia has developed a budding friendship with Venezuela that keeps getting tighter — and worse for America. Now, Moscow could be putting Chavez on the road to developing a nuclear capability. While Moscow has already sold billions worth of arms to Caracas, the latest deviltry came at a Moscow summit last February, when Russia offered Venezuela assistance in building a nuclear reactor. During the visit, Chavez said: “Russia is ready to support Venezuela in the development of nuclear energy with peaceful purposes, and we already have a commission working on it.”

Peaceful purposes — right.

Speedy G said...

...let's see, who could Hugo talk to to get a leg up on the nuclear weapon development front...???

Leticia said...

Hugo Chavez is a cruel and heartless socialist dictator. I don't see how anyone can admire him. In answer to your last question: I don't like him one bit.

I agree with Romney and I believe he is correct.

Elmers Brother said...

Littlemann first of all the reasons quotes are used is to show that someone ACTUALLY said something...English 101

Secondly I'm asking you to man up. Z has a sitemeter, we can see who is making the comment and the IP address. Z has been patient with you and you still act this way. Its rude, childish and well you've worn out your welcome. Now man up or shut up.

Teresa said...

Obama is weak, weaker than Jimmy Carter and that's really saying something, so now he's attempting to look tough, quite pitifully I might add.

CnC said...

libboy has possible mood disorder and multiple personalities

Teresa said...


I just wanted to let you know that I added your site to my blogroll. God Bless.

Kid said...

That picture was taken after the 08 election. After chaves went to the UN and called the then President of the United States "Satan", saying he could still smell the sulfur from hell around the podium where Bush just spoke.

Another reason obama is a POS.

Kid said...

Beamish, obama loves chavez, he helped obama win the election- Venezuela style. Banana country style. Germany in the 30s style.

beakerkin said...


I am disappointed in you.

You missed such an obvious point with the moron. If he wants to play guilt by associaton we can do this with Obama. Bain is a group of investors and having merely invested
in something shows nothing.

Fact Obama had a Communist mentor.
Fact Obama had a close relationship
will Bill Ayers and was on several boards with him and was in the Ayers

Fact Obama was a member of a racist
Church that stoked the worst forms of Joooooo hatred for two decades and feigned ignorance.

Fact Obama was a pot head and his grades are sealed tighter than the secret of Coca Cola. If he didn't run around feigning imagined brilliance this would be no big deal.

Fact Hugo Chavez arms and directs terrorists. Fact Hugo Chavez thugs target Jews in Venezuela for criminal abuse.

You are free to join Hugo anytime.


Your earlier rant made my point about Romney. Every point you made was anti Obama.

So just who is voting for Romey???

Romney will not win by stating I am not Obama alone. You can dream all you want but he has to establish reasons to vote for him. Thus far he has failed to do so.

Unlike my friend the Great Gasmasked
Patriot I am not a conservative and Romney should appeal to me but doesn't. I do not see ideas or vision and his message has been I can beat Obama. He doesn't really have ideas or has not bothered to place them out there.

Getting rid of Obama care is tougher than you think.

Elmers Brother said...

I'll try harder Beak

Z said...

Kid...excellent reminder...this pres sucked up to Chavez in photos AFTER Chavez was so ugly to another sitting president.....but, of course, Obama couldn't care less because he agrees with Chavez on that one...and this is the OBAMA SHOW..not the AMERICAN SHOW anymore

Beak...If people listen to Romney, they'll see he has said a lot about what he'd do. He'll get to details soon, I hope!

Elbo's 'joining Hugo'? That'll be the day!

And yes, it'll be much harder to to get rid of O Care than any of us thinks. And his side knows that.

and, really, we're barely fighting it.....lame attempts by the House to vote for the 33rd time don't count, obviously

beakerkin said...


Elmer missed an obvious chance to
use the same tactic as Loserboy.

Guilt by association with Obama is not an argument anyone should make.

Robert Maxwell vs Bill Ayers. Marxists have spent lives crying about guilt by association.

Speedy G said...

Hugo Chavez say's that Obama is a nice guy and that Venezuela is a threat to no one...


Right Wing Theocrat said...

If Romney is scared of Chavez then obama is an ass kisser of Chavez. The later us actually true.