Monday, July 16, 2012

Born Again American's Blog

You'll want to READ's a wonderful feel-good American success story with some first-hand wisdom thrown in!


Leticia said...

Okay, I commented on his blog!

Obama needs to have his mouth muzzled. Seriously.

The Born Again American said...

Leticia, didn't I just see you over at my place?

Thanks again Z, I'm getting my groove back...

Z said...

Leticia....muzzling would be good. On the other hand, let him blather till he loses in Nov. sure are! :-)

Lisa said...

Thanks for the link Z ,I commented there as well. I knew I would like him based on some comments I have seen of his.
I think Obama should take one of those "High Roads" that government built and don't pass "go" and don't collect 200.00
I can't stand his voice,it's like fingernails on a blackboard.

Z said...

Born Again American blogged and then stopped for a while; I'm so glad to have him back and glad to introduce his blog again.

Lisa..."high Roads that gov't built"...good one! Except they didn't; where the heck DID those 'shovel ready' jobs go?

Obama (and Axelrod, etc)'s lying SO badly now I can't listen at all to the news. Beckel's calling any conservative a 'whiner' for wanting the truth known.
I just watched two minutes of Rachel Madcow and how some vote today "must make Republicans mad because they don't want donations to be transparent" anymore, etc etc.

EVERYBODY's lying and mischaracterizing.

And the truth is that the Left has MUCH more money in groups working for Progressives and we just don't hear about it.

David Horowitz's book ...The New Leviathan is RIFE with leftist HUGE VERY RICH GROUPS..MacArthur, etc....and americans just don't HEAR ABOUT THEM and that's why the Left goes after the Koch Bros, for example; as if they were the only rich group giving money to a political party! to the Republicans.

It's just a losing enterprise and I have very little hope for America anymore....the Left is so untransparent, so secretive, so against giving people true hope and so FOR making them dependent on them(the gov't)

it's impossible. I shouldn't have commented right now because I just watched some TV and thought "There's really no hope for America anymore"..

And all anybody wants is Romney to show his tax records, as if that's going to be a big deal; does anybody think he'd have run if he had a problem in his past?
And REALLY? Obama's admitted doing DOPE, his mentors are communists, his wife's only barely proud of this country because her dope husband's in charge, he has a jobs czar who can't wait to send jobs out of this country, etc etc etc...and ROMNEY'S THE BAD GUY FOR HAVING BEEN SUCCESSFUL?

at least he EARNED it, unlike Kerry who SLEPT with it$$$

Leticia said...

TBAA, yep you sure did! :)

Z, even better!