Monday, July 23, 2012

If you don't get this book....I swear... will be missing the FUNNIEST, most terrific book I've read in a long time for pure Conservative entertainment.  If you have a friend with a birthday coming up, you just have to get it for that friend or relative. 

I'd written about DON'T MESS WITH TRAVIS by Bob Smiley before and our blogger buddy Viburnum got it and LOVED it.  Well, I finally read it and I swear, I who almost never laughs out loud while reading anything, guffawed several times during this terrific romp about Texas seceding from the Union.  It is FABULOUS! 
As I read, I feared the ending, thinking "it's bound to fall apart......where's he going with this and how's he going to make an ending that stands up to this terrific story?"  but, HE DID IT, I'm glad to say!

DON'T MESS WITH and buy it!  If you don't love it, I'll send you the $16.00 you spent...okay, that's a lie, I won't do that,  but you can get a used copy for $7.50 and you trust me that I'm not telling you to spend your hard earned money on a dumb book, right!?  You'll be amazed at the VERY clever lines and the fun story line as Bob Smiley weaves around an Obama-like president, a Soros-like puppet-master and all the other delicious ways he skewers leftwing thinking.  And Smiley's a prophet because you'd think he wrote this yesterday instead of last year in that all the inferences are SO fresh and true.

GET IT!   It's an order :-) !!



Leticia said...

What if I just check it out at the library?

I could use a few laughs. Thanks, Z.

Z said...

Of course, it's worth a try, Leticia.
Honestly, I LOVED this book. Was so sorry when I was finished :-(

Bob said...

Well, they the Kindle price is on the high side, but I just might buy it. I read some of chapter 1 on Amazon, and it looks pretty good.

Lisa said...

yes maaam!!!!

Z said...

Bob, you'll HOWL.

Lisa, DO SO :-) Gosh, it's so good
(i like the sound of 'yes maam'!!) HAHA!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I have a pretty tight reading schedule, but on your recommendation I'll get this one.

Z said...

LandO..I"m SO glad.. can't wait to hear what you think./
what a fun book!

I'm reading the LA Times neighbors keep the Thursday-Sunday comics for me because the CROSSWORD PUZZLES are there! And I can't believe the overdrive Gary Trudeau's in spinning against Romney...
and there's a strip called LA CUCARACHA which is , literally, a daily anti-Conservative, REALLY insulting strip........

we have nothing.

The book helped me feel a little better! Just think, a BOOK that's not leftwing and is a NOVEL!

cube said...

How can I refuse after reading this post!

BOB SMILEY said...

Thank you, Z, for finding my book and sharing your love for it with your readers! I agree that a book like this is long overdue.

If any of your fans want a signed copy, happy to do so via

Bob Smiley

BOB SMILEY said...
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Lisa said...

You will be happy to know I just placed my order on Amazon
13.00 plus 3.99 shipping

What is your percentage Z?

Z said...

Lisa, GREAT!! I promise NO PERCENTAGE!!! me out there about the percentage :-)

Thanks for coming by; I'm thrilled that you did, and delighted with your offer to my readers.
And doubly delighted to see your mention on the book website. Thanks a lot.
you really are a VERY VERY clever and funny writer.