Monday, July 30, 2012

Sometimes your own words can bite you in the derriere.......

Thanks, Ellen!


Silverfiddle said...

Now that's funny!

Lisa said...

How true is that. I love that!

Hey Z got my book and can't wait to start it. I really want to order the Amateur. Have you read it?

Lisa said...

Z - you know Eddie Lowenstein?
I only found out his last name because Lib outed his real name.
I know him on another blog.

Pris said...

Ah Yes, It's Obama, his czars, and his cronies, who are somebody else. His administration is determined to pick the winners and losers.

You can call your business private as long as you do as you're told!

Anonymous said...

Eddie Lowenstein??? Figures...a BloomTurd / Soros plant no doubt.

Z said...

Lisa, who the HECK is Eddie Lowenstein? No, I don't know his name and never had heard it until Steve or Libmann brought it up. I can't remember which. know that name?'re long as you pay higher taxes, pay for abortions via your insurance for your employees (starts Wednesday, by the way, when employers' insurance will have to support the way, Obama was against that in '09, I just read his quote AND he actually has the nerve to say now "well, it's better that the employer doesn't pay it but his insurance company will"...are you ready for THAT? And people don't BALK?!)


Law and Order Teacher said...

I wonder if she was wearing a blouse or clothing that was insanely expensive. She has a tendency to do that without being denounced by the MSM. Oh well, they're so objective right?

beakerkin said...

The best irony contains some truth sigh.

Lisa said...

Eddie is from a blog I frequent here that Lib trolls and cucheddie is the guy and lib somehow found out his real name and outed him . Him and Lib go at it over there alot.

Z said...

Lisa, but one of the nutty libs here, either little stevie or libdope accused me of knowing that their 'sock puppet' is really Eddie Lowenstein. Or something like...his name came up here, anyway.
Is he a lib? I guess not, if he and lib go at it, huh?

ANyway, I have never had an Eddie here at geeeZ and don't believe either Libmann or stevie are being pursued by sock puppets...I think they're off their meds.

L&O, you know that the outfit she wore to meet the queen a few days ago cost $7000, right? Now, I want a First Lady to look glamorous and well put-together, but SEVEN THOU for just the TOP, from what I heard? Whew!

And the leftwing media complained that Mrs. Romney had a $900 blouse on and that Palin wore a pair of $300 shoes. the fun/lies never quit.

Beak, that's total truth

Lisa said...

yeah they're just nuts. I assume the guy on the other blog is Eddie Lownestien but who knows with the libtards,maybe he made it up.
The guy on that blog is funny though the way him and a few others hand lib his head. It's fun to read. Eddie Lowenstien is far from a liberal.
If in fact that really is his name.

Lisa said...

I hope I didn't go into all that too much

Liberalmann said...

Yes, this other blog which includes cucheddie whom 'Reality' outed as Eddie Lowenstein are some of the filthiest wingnuts around.
Pris said...
"Ah Yes, It's Obama, his czars, and his cronies,"

Bush had far more cronies, most from his Dad's administration and they called the shots. And Romney has surrounded himself with most of these criminals. As for Czars, Bush coined the term and has far more than Obama. Nice try.

Liberalmann said...

Fox Edits Obama Speech on Business:

Z said...

CRIMINALS!! :-) Have you SEEN the background of your hero?
Ayers wasn't a criminal?

By the way, did you see that the DOJ has admitted that the Obama administration DID interfere with the New Black Panther situation! Ya, they lied. Now the DoJ has to pay Judicial Watch's legal fees because THE WH LIED.

lielielielie again.

that's all the left does these days is LIELIELIELIELIE

beamish said...

Here's an interesting observation:

If successful entrepreneurs didn't build their businesses, shouldn't Obama be raising taxes on someone else instead?

Liberalmann said...

Z said...

CRIMINALS!! :-) Have you SEEN the background of your hero?
Ayers wasn't a criminal?"
Really? You still need your discredited Ayers binky? I suppose your one of those who believe Hannity's loony premise that Obama's political career started in Ayers'living room,' lol.

Liberalmann said...

Z said: 'Obama administration DID interfere with the New Black Panther situation! "

Lol, no I haven't. Show me. Because the Bush administration threw this out.