Friday, July 13, 2012


Anonymous said...

Geez....Z...where did you get that "cartoon"?

If that isn't the right on damn straight opinion if I've ever seen one. I just wonder if they're practicing safe sex...since they're all so far up his butt....Oops...that's to gay isn't it?

Wonder if Anderson a pitcher or a catcher....he's in there isn't he?

Kid said...

Where's msnbc? and the washington post, the most liberal of the rags.

Kid said...

Oh, they're under the blankie?

Liberalmann said...

Yeah, watch the Sunday morning MSN shows and tell me about the 'liberal' media.

Liberalmann said...

Study: Conservatives Dominate Sunday Shows

Z said...

Imp, a friend emailed it...with some other really good ones.

Kid, under the blankie, yes :-)

Libmann, what's MSN? And isn't that great!? Your link includes "A new study by the liberal watchdog group — which looked at ABC’s This Week, NBC’s Meet the Press, CBS’s Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday from August 2011 to February 2012 — claims that the Sunday morning shows have become “extraordinarily friendly terrain for the right.” Seventy percent of one-on-one interviews on the shows featured Republicans, according to the study. That’s 166 Republican guests to 70 Democrats. For the roundtable discussions, Republicans and/or conservatives made 282 appearances to 164 by Democrats and progressives."

You DID notice that only Fox News is Conservative and the left has FOUR Leftwing shows. (I know, you don't think they're leftwing, but you KNOW FOX is biased :-)

My guess is this is a winning situation for the Left because they attack the Right so hard in this majority of interviews. Why would they have Lefty guests on? And the Right's constantly attacking itself so that's a much better show for the Left.
The lefties never question their people. Although, it's odd, because even some on CNN seem to be questioning a lot of the president's moves these days. WOW

Liberalmann said...
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Z said...

I hope some of you watched a panel (left and right) of columnists and party strategists on Hannity tonight...I watched a bit and was amazed to hear that Evan Bayh's spouting the ridiculous thing I paraphrase here:

"I think a lot of people don't want the Health Care bill but it's time to move on and put that behind us..."

I have heard that now from about five lefties in the last couple of weeks and wonder if you see a lack of logic in that that stuns your mind, too? WHAT?? Since when did American EVER put something behind them that they don't like as a rule?

Okay...other than the last 3 1/2 years.

And, did you hear the insulting way Obama addressed the 33rd vote by the House? He's beginning to sound, more and more, like a street punk...insulting as if he's in high school.
I hate the precedent this president has set; Clinton lowered the bar; this president's playing limbo.

Liberalmann said...

Opps I meant MSM (main stream media-networks) They're all conservative on Sunday talk Shows.

Right and Early
Sunday Morning Shows Are GOP TV

All the news is owned by mega corporations and mega corporations are GOP. Even MSNBC has that toad Joe Scarborough on every morning spewing wingnut lies.

Anonymous said...

Yep Z...even the mutts at CNN can't hide Obummers crap any longer if they want to survive...they have to tell the truth.

Let alone to even be considered as unbiased and truthful.

I was hoping they'd get down to 12 of libermanns relatives as their only surviving and stubborn viewers. They're not doing much better.....remember when CNN was the network to watch?

Until we all figured out they're lying scum?

Liberalmann said...

Hey, the right loves denying the obvious so be my guest and believe what you want. Even after I've given you the study.

They Say/We Say said...

Even the fox will say that the security is to good for him the get in the hen house---with feathers hanging out of his mouth.

Z said...

Libmann: We love 'denying the obvious' when the piece YOU LINKED says THREE OUT OF FOUR SHOWS ARE LIBERAL SHOWS?
THat makes conservatives dominant? REALLY?

Conservatives are just more interesting because the Left hammers them so hard. WHy would Bob Schieffer want a bunch of liberals who never disagree with each other and whom he loves on? That doesn't make good TV.
Republicans eat their young, thinking, discussing, tearing points apart to come up with the best one. That the MSM doesn't expose it isn't our fault and it's to America's detriment.

As for Joe call him Conservative? :-)

Imp...FOX has the most viewers now and a huge part of it is Indies and Dems.

According to Pew, 53 percent of MSNBC's viewers identify themselves as Democrats, compared to 47 percent at CNN and 21 percent at Fox News. Applying those percentages to the August Nielsen ratings, it means that the average number of Democrats watching Fox News is 214,200. MSNBC has 199,810 Democrats, and CNN 179,070.*

The other interesting thing in the Pew numbers is the way the audience of politically independent viewers breaks down. Predictably, higher percentages of Democrats watch CNN and MSNBc; higher percentages of Republicans watch Fox News. But all three networks have similar percentages of independents: 31 for CNN, 30 for MSNBC and 28 for Fox News.

Read more here:

Liberalmann said...

I believe in tooth fairy's and that Rachel Maddow in another life is my wife.

Elmers Brother said...

There's only been 2 votes to repeal Obamacare. One after the 2010 election and this last week, both of which were to demonstrate where our representatives are before this next election...the 30 or so votes were to repeal parts of Obamacare like The Class Act and the 1099 requirement most of which were supported by Dems in Congress and the President.

Elmers Brother said...

and when it comes to the total number of actual viewers FOX kicks one else even comes close.

Elmers Brother said...

All the news is owned by mega corporations and mega corporations are GOP. link for this doosy. The truth is businesses are opportunists. They back whoever is in their self interest...just like individuals...dumbass. The top 5 wealthiest Congressman are Democrats...and BP was one of the top donators to Obama.

and looky here:

As of January 2011, the Democratic Party-affiliated Public Policy Polling reports that Fox News Channel is the second-most trusted television news network in the country, with 42% of respondents reporting they trust the network, compared to other major news channels.

Elmers Brother said...

Hell even O'reilly is no conservative and he makes Scarborough look like Joseph Stalin

Z said...

Elbro, great way to describe Scarborough there :-) WHat a Michael Steele, who I'd ADORED. I still think he's a great guy but he's sold his soul for $$ and popularity amongst lefties..WHY?

Great info on the repeal votes and FOX.

Libmann....rachel madcow? SHUDDER. Only YOU'd want HER for a wife (and good luck with THAT!)

DaBlade said...

I think he's screwing "Uncle Jim" just fine.

Z said...


Liberalmann, I'll be deleting ALL your posts anymore. YOu have the frickin' NERVE to come where you're not wanted and insult and mischaracterize and spout your CRAP here that we are VERY well aware of anyway?
WE KNOW the stuff; Conservatives read ALL else the hell do you think we make the better decisions than the left.

SO...don't waste your time. Elbro and I'll both be deleting everything from now on.

Have fun!
I won't resort to calling YOU names, but they'd be doozies if I could.

Kid said...


Liberalism = Mental Disease. Main characterizations are pronounced mental development retardation and violent tendencies as a result of the frustration caused by the inability of its victims to operate successfully in a mature intelligent environment.

Hence - Libtards.

DaBlade said...

Z, i was refering to this...

Kid said...

Isn't it interesting obama's enemies All seem to be Americans ?

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Lovely picture, so accurate, an old socialist with a bunch of old tarts selling themselves.

Z said...

DaBlade, one gets the feeling that Obama really LOVES slamming Middle Class White he detests it....and, how can he NOT? Just read 'his' books! And he was raised by communists, his mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, he went for 25 years to Jeremiah Wright's church, he went to Harvard, lived in the CHicago thuggery and married Michelle Obama, who had the same apparent hate until her husband came into office, remember?

Honestly, I don't see how we can blame Obama with the background he has.........
but, you'd think he'd be advised to keep his loathing under the radar screen. He must laugh himself sick every time he pulls a late Friday night wool over our heads.......

awful..I hadn't heard that UNCLE JIM thing. thanks for the link.

Z said...


RWT....well said.

Kid said...

Kid - ???

Z, Who has obama vocally attacked n the last 3.5 years?

Limbaugh, Hannity, FOX, Uncle Jim, Joe the Plumber.

Yea, he's killing some bad guys (according to him) with drones and Hellfire missiles over in Pakistan, but the overwhelming Enemy to obama has been Americans.

Picture Family Feud.

Survey SAYS?

Z said...

Oh, ya...I read your comment a tad differently, but TOTALLY see your point now...I guess I thought you meant those who don't like HIM are Americans (which is also true) but you mean who's HE look at as his enemies.
You're so right.

And I believe he sets the bar really low for future matter what we thought of a president, we didn't really think he hated us if we didn't agree with him.

THis is new poison for America...he's nothing BUT poison for our country