Friday, July 27, 2012

NO Dream Act Enforcement; you will want to see this

Please send this around to everyone you know.   Americans need to know we're being lied to about our borders.  They are NOT safe according to top immigration officials.

This is quite a lot of first-hand information and imagine what it took for officials to speak against the DHS and this administration?  That is very rarely done;  not unless they are FED UP.
And here they are.............

I suppose we should all be fed up.   Would that the truth behind so many American issues was finally revealed like this is.
Is there anything we can do to make sure the laws ARE enforced by this administration?  HOW?



Always On Watch said...

Ye, gods!

This is surreal.

Always On Watch said...

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viburnum said...

Hmmm. Create new policy in contravention of law and the Constitution, and then ignore even that? How much more efficient can government get?

The only thing to do is get rid of him come November.

Jeff Sklar said...

Liberalmann said...

I'm the real Liberalmann and I'm a Socialist

You may be a Socialist, but your also an IDIOT!

Joe said...

This entire administration is a crooked as a snake in a maze.

They lie and call their lies truth while reiterating the lie.

I know of no reason to have a LEGAL immigration policy under this administration because even illegal immigration is legal.

Anonymous said...

Ooph! That is a powerfully devastating message that the Romney campaign should put to good use.

CnC said...

Dreamer or nightmare?
Isnt it wonderful that America finally has its own king?

Ducky's here said...

This entire administration is a crooked as a snake in a maze.

For Joe's next trick he'll name a recent administration that wasn't.

Silverfiddle said...

The democrat coalition is an unstable amalgam of disparate interest groups that have little in common.

Every now and then something like this happens, where government unions come out against a fellow coalition member, in this case illegal immigrants.

I love it and I expect more of it as the liberal democrats spin out of control.

Sam Huntington said...

Obama’s policy is to release “dreamers” no matter how violent they are. Oh, say it isn’t so! Imagine that, from an administration that concocted operations that resulted in the violent death of thousands of Mexicans and US federal agents, right? My question: do most Americans even care?

Liberalmann said...

Mr. Ducky will now explain his solution.... chirp chirp

Z said...

SF "I love it and I expect more of it as the liberal democrats spin out of control."
I see that from time to time, too, particularly now that even the Wash. Post is writing some truths about Obama that only we knew before from Conservative media. The big MESSIAH stuff seems to be over at CNN, but MSNBC is still in full worship.

Sam...I don't think most Americans KNOW. Most are told FOX is wrong, 'don't watch' and, really, FOX articles are now being followed up by the Post, etc...interesting, isn't it. Plus, a very large viewership of FOX is Dems and Indies. I admire them; they haven't drunk the Kool Aid.

Liberalmann....well, that would be good!

Yes, all administrations are crooked, but to watch this Obama admin. go behind the scenes and pass bills at midnight on Fridays, pass Israel bills the day before Romney arrives, etc etc etc..."pass this bill before you can know what's in it" has been the Obama mantra, and AMericans don't even know that, for example, their HOUSE tax if they sell is much higher now because of HEALTH CARE (go figure)

Z said...

and no constructive comments from the leftwingers. They sure know which posts to stay away from, don't they.

Liberalmann said...

Click the name Liberalmann and you will see the imposter joined July 2012 and I joined January. The creep's name is Eddie Lowenstein from Orange County CA. What his phone number?

Z said...

Jeff, thanks for coming by.
and right!

ConFire, I think Romney's people need to use it, too..good thinking. (but they won't) duhhh

Z said... think I know that name and his PHONE NUMBER?
I clicked, no name comes up.
what the heck is wrong with you?
just man up.

Elmers Brother said...

Who the heck is Eddie Lowenstein? Did he graduate with you from 2nd grade last year Littlemann? The sitemeter doesn't show phone numbers bit it does show IP addresses. Yours and this so called imposter have the same IP address

Kid said...

We should open our borders to everyone !
And we let them all in.
And we take care of them.
And there will be world peace !
And we live happily Eber After!

beakerkin said...


It is rare that I speak about this area. The truth is the Obama policy makes sense.

The agency has shifted its resources to cases of public safety and cases that are clear. In reality we have a
conversation with ICE and look at the whole picture.

In the case that the person is a public safety risk all efforts are made to get this person out quickly.
Example a person is a convicted drug dealer the case moves fast. In one case I had the conviction in three hours. Management cleared time to send the person packing. In a second case there was confusion over if the
person had a pending arrest it was resolved shortly.

Despite the rhetoric the reality is frequently person a bought a fake passport and is in the USA with a US citizen wife and two kids. A child in the USA because the mother is messed up in Europe.

What we need to do is shorten the process of endless appeals. Cases that take two decades are not uncommon. On Jerk day the cases average 12 years. Most of these Jerks are there because they refuse to hire lawyers. Of course telling people who refuse to hire lawyers that they should pay for the additional work they create. The fee structure is based on minimal time.
It is not politically correct to state that people who file without accredited lawyers should pay a 30%

Z said...

Beak, he's breaking his own law.
If they want to let everybody who's not murdered someone to just run free and continue to take advantage of our country, they need to enact that law.

How long, with this letting everyone go, do you think it'll take for that convicted drug dealer ousted in 3 hours to get back in?
They can't tell from looking at anybody if they're illegal or law breakers and they just let them GO seemingly unless they're standing there over someone who's died of a knife-inflicted wound with a bloody knife IN their hand.

Do you think it's a good message for all illegals to know we can't ask for papers?

beakerkin said...


True reform is good. However we need an honest look at the system and need to clean out the cases.

Obama is not capable of true reform, but neither is Mitt.

I ask for papers all the time, its my job. If someone is dangerous ICE does not play games. Even if the link is tenuous they do not sit by when public safety may be in play.

Dangerous criminals first as we have limited resources.

The drug dealer I booted is in the DR. Her fingerprints are on file and if she is encountered she will be booted again. We do take a variety of biometrics so if we see her again she won't be here long.

I can tell you first hand if ICE spots a dangerous criminal they don't
play games. The first question is what did they do and then what can we do about it.

Always On Watch said...

There are a lot of decent illegals. No doubt about that.

However, there are also quite a few who are not decent. They should not get to run all over the country with impunity.