Monday, July 30, 2012

The Red Tape Killer Bill? Check this out

A friend sent the following email to a liberal friend of his...He cc'd me, knowing I'd like it, and DID I.  I thought I should share his words AND the BILL that the House passed on Thursday, a terrific Bill I am sure the Democrat-controlled Senate will kill.  I hope sincerely that the Romney folks use the killing of the Bill in the campaign....but I won't hold my breath.  Here's my friend's email:
"Here is an example of what a Republican controlled House of Rep is doing.  This is just common sense and basically goes along with Republican philosophy, that being letting the private sector do what they do best and getting government off their backs.  After all, isn’t it the private sector that pays the taxes that the idiots in D.C. spend or fritter away?  Ever hear about killing the goose that laid the golden eggs?  Well the big Obama government and all the agencies, all of the regulations, his bullshit executive orders and bureaucrats trying to justify their phone jobs are killing the goose.  Guess what, the 172 that voted against this bill, all Democrats.  So please do not ask me why I am a conservative Republican, this is just part of the reason.  You are so concerned that Mitt Romney does not have any personality, I am deeply concerned about the country surviving.  Watch this bill get killed in the Senate or vetoed by His Majesty.  If the Senate or Obama kill this bill, it will send a strong message to the American Voter.  Just keep voting for big government, higher taxes and more government involved in our lives, your grand kids will thank you."
Good, huh?  Here is the information on the Bill:

Government Affairs Committee
Environment Committee
Tate Rosenbusch, Director, Government Affairs
July 26, 2012
House passes H.R. 4078, the “Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act”

Today, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4078, the “Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act,” by a vote of 245-172.  The passage of H.R. 4078 will help streamline the federal permitting process, prevent agencies from proposing or finalizing midnight regulations and impose transparency on the sue and settle process abused by the agencies and environmental groups.
The package includes prohibiting the promulgation of any new major regulation until the unemployment rate is equal to or less than six percent.  The bill also includes major time restrictions on agencies while conducting an environmental impact statement, environmental assessment or the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  Also, an amendment offered Rep. McKinley (R- W.V.) was adopted that would lower the maximum cost threshold to the economy on any proposed rule or regulation from $100,000,000 to $50,000,000. 
In supporting the legislation and advocating on its behalf, the National Mining Association (NMA) joined 142 organizations in sending the attached letter of support to the Hill.
Attached also find a copy of the legislation.  To see how your delegations voted, click here.
Please contact Tate Rosenbusch at (202) 463-2621 or for additional information.

Contact your senator, GeeeZ readers!  Maybe we can do some good..... 
 (thanks, J)


Always On Watch said...


Regulations have ramped up under the Obama regime -- and, yes, under GWB to a certain extent as well. We see the results every day.

Joe said...

Proof that if we vote right (pun intended) in November, there is hope for good change.

Retired Marine said...

What a inept man who is totally in over his head.

Silverfiddle said...

Obama and his coterie of socialist professors and professional government leeches know noting about economics or business.

We need economic liberty, where people can open and expand businesses without jumping through a thousand fiery bureaucratic hoops.

It's not that hard to understand...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is hard for some people to understand, if they are Zombies,,,,,

The Born Again American said...

Did you see Rep. Mike Kelly's speech on the house floor??? He got a standing ovation when he made his case for why this bill should be passed... I posted it over at T.N.B.C...

Z said...

Born Again, I blogged the was fabulous. They might cheer for it, but the Dems won't vote for it. Wait for it.
Then Romney can use that in the debates.

Everybody, there's a book that might interest you. George Bush put it together.
Here is a NY Times review (make sure you see the unflattering picture they illustrate it with though the author of the piece is not as negative as usual, which is nice)

Here's TOTAL conjecture with absolutely no evidence, but...I thought you should see that:

"It is also the next step in a gradual return to the public stage by a president who has largely remained out of the limelight since turning over the White House to President Obama."

If he was planning a 'next step', I'm thinking he'd have been coming to the Republican Convention :-)

This part was surprising from the NY Slimes:

"To the extent that Mr. Bush has been part of the dialogue this year, it has been as a whipping boy for Mr. Obama and other Democrats. They have warned voters not to support Mr. Romney because he would revive Bush policies that they say led to the 2008 financial crisis and the problems that linger today."

Sounds like worthwhile reading.

Pris said...

"If he was planning a 'next step', I'm thinking he'd have been coming to the Republican Convention :-)"

Yes Z, too bad he isn't. I'd like to see him stand up and be counted, but he probably feels he'd be the focus and it would hurt Romney because as you said Z, the media would use Bush as their "whipping boy" and take attention away from our candidate.

I just heard this morning, that Bill Clinton will give the keynote address at the Dem convention to help Obama with, and I quote from the news, "the white male vote". I guess that's not racial? Why not?

We can only hope that Clinton will make Obama look small and ineffectual.

Here's a reminder from me, that it was Clinton who loosened the reins on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac!

So who was it who contributed to our economic downturn besides Barney Frank and his cohorts?

There's plenty of blame to go around, and Clinton was a big part of it! At least "W" tried to get those reins pulled back, but to no avail!

Furthermore, as Clinton put it, the end of the cold war created a "peace dividend"! So he cut our defense big time!
Ummmm, a "peace dividend"? Not for long eh Bill?

Jack Whyte said...

There are two reasons for red tape. The first is that there is no gainful employment for politicians: they sit around most of the day thinking up ways to spend our money. They do this because it makes them look good in front of their idiot constituents, and so that they can impress people with all the good they do for America. The second reason is bureaucrats. Have you ever known a bureaucrat coming up with the idea that would result in reducing his or her department? That’s because they get paid for sitting around most of the day thinking up ways of convincing Congress they need more money. By all means, let’s reduce the red tape. Let’s reduce spending. And after we reduce our spending on stupidity, then we can reassess tax policy so that revenues meet our “constitutional” demands.

Z said...

Pris, I remember Clinton's Daniel Mudd promising the Black National Congress (Obama's in attendance) that EVERYBODY CAN HAVE A HOUSE!
Sadly, in typical leftwing fashion, it's those people who were promised goodies who most have suffered with losing their homes ........'s like grants/ if you don't spend every penny, they lower the grant money the next year. SO, people pump the stuff UP.

I like so much about this bill...I'm afraid it will go nowhere. DOn't forget, according to the media "the Republicans have no ideas"

Which is true if they don't talk about them, of course.!

Law and Order Teacher said...

How can this possibly pass? The Dems won't let it because it strikes at the very heart of their power. Confusion, midnight legislation, 2,000 page laws, promising something from the government funded by those of who work, all ways to keep the class warfare going.

They can't pass it and keep their power. Truth is like "Raid" to these cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

Now that is the kind of legislation we have been needing for a long time. Romney can score points with this if he is willing.

Kid said...

obamacare and uncertainty about tax rates next year are also huge impediments to hiring. Hundreds of CEO's have testified to this.

Uncertainty is business's greatest enemy.

You're not going to hire people if you have to potentially toss them back short of a year. The co-founder of Home Depot said it would be impossible to create an HD in this environment.

Z said...

Law and RAID...perfect!

ConFire...I hope Romney really takes the gloves off but maintains some kind of likable demeanor. so far, not so good.
He stands funny! I think it's very small shoulders or something..something's just not right and I hope they fix his suits or something before the debates.
I KNOW these things aren't important.
But they are, let's face it.

Kid, I absolutely agree...uncertainty is a killer to any economy. And Obama's kept everybody on their toes in uncertainty...and so's the Senate...horrid.

They Say/We Say said...

Have posted this and linked back here.