Friday, July 20, 2012

The media's even using these Colorado awful

The definition of a "nano-second," says Mark Steyn subbing for Rush Limbaugh, "is the time between a mass shooting and some guy from the left blaming it on talk radio, or Sarah Palin, or Fox News."

HERE is a story about ABC jumping the gun and reporting that the murderer, Holmes, was a 52 year old, year-long member of the Colorado Tea Party.  Of course, we knew differently pretty quickly, but ABC's guy said this was the only James Holmes he could find and, brother, how he knew he was a new Tea Party member that fast is beyond me, and something we should ALL wonder about, but he reported it.  This James Holmes had to disconnect his phone because so many people were calling to blast him, of course!

Meanwhile, the site, run by conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, has been collecting tweets between liberals Keith Olbermann and staffers for the Daily Kos debating the appropriate amount of time to wait before using the shooting for political gain.

Yet another moment that, at the time of grief and shock, the media has to use all of this for political gain...against Conservatives.   By the way, MSNBC and CNN have already  included GUN CONTROL in their stories on this nightmare. Remember, millions have guns, but if one lousy nut does this, all those people must get rid of them.    Man.


Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Awful? Well, awful is dipsticks like George Stephanopoulos who tries to assign political blame as soon as he can and human crap piles like Steyn who are happy to make this a political debate.

That's how much these scum respect the dead. Can't wait to get their own faces out front regardless.

Why shouldn't someone discuss how much time they are going to give this event? It is a significant news story.
Malkin will certainly use it to boost her street image. She is beyond contempt.

The coverage of this is sensational and a little sick.

Z said...

Ducky, you're so biased you can't see what you said.
So how about the guy who released the wrong identification and then included he's a member of the Tea Party? And how the heck fast can anybody get that information?
That's a little worrisome, if you ask me...DHS?
Who is or is not a member of the Tea Party or OWS, for that matter, is not a matter of public record; though it's no secret, it's a little tough to imagine how he got that info.

So, Malkin is "beyond contempt" and Steyn is "human crap" but George is just a dipstick and the guy who actually did it is fine with you?


Rita said...

Greg Gutfield just gave a great monologue on how people should not be using tragedies for political gain. He finished his words with, " And I'm going to take my own advice and just shut up. ". Regardless of who is misidentified by the inept media, their actions to do so is irresponsible and shameful. Anyone who "guesses" about the identity of mass murderers in the media should be fired immediately. No apology would suffice for me if some jerk reporter gave out my information as a guess on something so horrific.

christian soldier said...

If someone had had a gun-and was trained and willing to use it--this would not have escalated into so many deaths and injuries--
You ALL KNEW that the oppressive govt operatives would call for gun control-
Please tell me that you all saw it coming-

Z said...

Carol, good point. Someone could have put him out before he murdered and hurt so many. But, alas..

Rita..How do YOU think ANYBODY'd get information on who or who isn't a Tea Party member within hours of a shooting where everything's completely in an uproar?\

I sincerely hope this question comes up.

Rita said...

He said they found the name on the local TEA Party page. So, I'm sure they googled the name and they decided to use the one that fit their agenda given that there were several people in the local area that had the same name.

Sam Huntington said...

Progressivism is a mental disease. This goes a long way in explaining Ducky, who we might regard as pathetic were it not for his vituperation. As it is now, he is merely repugnant. Michelle Malkin isn’t doing anything beyond illustrating the depth of leftist filth. This leaves us with only two possibilities regarding Ducky: either he seeks to emulate Stalin, who was famous for shooting the messenger, or he lacks the capacity for recognizing the obvious.

Anonymous said...

"No apology would suffice for me if some jerk reporter gave out my information as a guess on something so horrific.,,"

Liberal scum and loons love to do this...remember that black oaf and toad Spike Lee who never apologized to the wrong Zimmermans?

Ducky's here said...

z, know exactly what I said.
One man, George Stephanopoulos ( a slimy little goober) said one stupid sentence.

Other outlets like Democracy Now! didn't say a thing about the right in their coverage.

However the fringe right dirtballs like Steyn and Malkin whip up this fake issue out of nothing to keep the fringe right proles in line.


Ducky's here said...

Christian soldier, you want a bunch of goobers targeting movement in a dark theater?

Yeah, that would keep the casualties down.

Do you people ever think?

Anonymous said...

Actually Duck....more people need to be armed...legally. Colorado is very much a shall issue state. No one should ever think they're safe anywhere or immune to crime because they don't carry.

I believe that one person who was armed and was proficient ( as many are who carry ) would have stopped this POS from shooting more people.

And you can't say otherwise because no one was there to stop this animal.

They Say/We Say said...

I heard there were mostly military members in the seats. Trained just for this- but were told could not be armed.
Some think that when people are armed that there will be collateral damage, go figure!

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm surprised that this is taking so long to become ideological. Gun control people leap on any situation to make their point. Europeans are without a doubt the foremost purveyors of gun control and that hasn't cut out their murders.

I once investigated a murder where a son beat his father to death with a telephone. That was obviously not a cellphone. Anything is a weapon to one who wants to kill.

BTW, Ducky, I trust my ability to shoot through almost any circumstance. Between the military and the police I can shoot. There are a bunch of us goobers who can shoot. After all, we cling to God and our guns, right?

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, I can see it now, Law and Order pulls his weapon and some other schmuck figures you for a perp and fires.

In the dark, complete chaos.

Anonymous said...

"n the dark, complete chaos."

As usual..the monday morning QB has not a clue as to what the actual circumstances were there. Face it Ducky...all those men who bore arms to protect your silly white ass and make sure you could see all your frigging art films weren't necessary right?

And not the least bit necessary to ensure that you could sit there in judgement hoping for a green planet, all men to love each other ( they do in San FranFreako and Assachusetts ), condemn war...and live on bean sprouts and tofu hoping for a perfect planet did so in vain, right?

STFU..OK. Call us all jingoists...we're the ones that make the sacrifices...not shit heads like you who never have a dog in the fight.

Anonymous said...

BTW think every one of us who was in combat....did so in ideal circumstances?

Do you think we all had perfect visibility...perfect weather...the enemy never challenged us at night? They all stood out in perfect sunlight and said.."here I am...go ahead and shoot me".

You think all cops don't have challenges too when hunting down a fleeing perp? You think they all throw up their hands ( in your silly perfect nirvana world ) and say..I'm sorry me / shoot me / chase me?

You're such a hopeless, naive idiot...never accepting reality...always making it the way you think it should be...which is always...crap.

Anonymous said...

"ABC News reporter Brian Ross committed what used to be a fatal mistake to a journalist’s career: He blurted out a wild, unsubstantiated, speculative observation that hadn’t been vetted by anyone and was explosively political at the same time....

Here is the exchange between ABC News chief investigator Brian Ross and host George Stephanopoulos about apparent suspect James Holmes:

Stephanolpoulos: I’m going to go to Brian Ross. You’ve been investigating the background of Jim Holmes here. You found something that might be significant.

Ross: There’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now, we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes. But it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.

Stephanolpoulos: Okay, we’ll keep looking at that. Brian Ross, thanks very much.

Thanks for what? Ross just tried to connect the Tea Party to the murder of 12 innocents based on the thinnest of speculation: that the name on the website almost matched the name of the suspect.

The political implications of the attempted smear were dynamite. And yet, the casual manner in which Ross reported this “fact” — even with a fig leaf caveat — was shocking. No attempt was made to confirm anything.

ABC News has now issued a correction and Ross has included an apology."

Hey Duck...they're looking for a new sidekick for this asshole...I think you're supremely qualified....go for it.

Joe said...

Ducky: What happened in that theater is a DIRECT result of your type of thinking.

You prefer that a dozen people die than one or two and then the perp.

Keep the people defenseless. Wait until the police get there before any action is taken.

Then dozens and dozens can be wounded and 12 can die during the wait.

You are a moral-less piece of pond scum.

No. That's an insult to pond scum.

Z said...

Rita, Tea Party membership is on the net?

Sam " Michelle Malkin isn’t doing anything beyond illustrating the depth of leftist filth"
exactly. I said (not anything about GS...) what about the guy who FLEW THIS INFORMATION that GEORGE STeph. ran with? Focus.
The Ed Show did nothing BUT cover gun control tonight...nice timing from the vile scum left, huh? Nothing about victims, just complying with THEIR AGENDA. Blame the right, DUcky.

That the Right reacted is something you have a problem with because you hate them. Nothing else. They have every right.
I hope you watched Piers Morgan tonight. One guy DARED say "how about not talking about gun control till after the funerals" and that JERK Morgan says he's patronizing him and never asks him another question.
Your side is VILE, Ducky..>VILE.

They Say...some military are among the dead or injured, I'm not sure, but I know they're involved, sadly.

Law and Order...I think they'll have a KNIFE CONTROL commitment, this crazy left, after they rid of us of our guns.
I was thinking that as I choked watching Piers Morgan.

And, I turned to msnbc, and, SURE ENOUGH! ALL about gun control...ALL.

Imp and Joe..thanks :-)

Kid said...

What has this country devolved to Z ?

1. The ABC reporter knew that the perp was 24 not 52 and was in custody when he 'reported' the 52 yr old after doing a mastubatory high five to himself when discovering a person with the same name who could be connected to the Tea Party. Yea Baby!
1a. - That ANY American would celebrate turning another Innocent American's life into a freakin nightmare.
1b. - That afore mentioned ABC POS probably won't suffer any consequences.
2. That obama who ALWAYS jumps on news items like this wouldn't even Consider admonishing said ABC reporter for going off on an American without some serious;y strong evidence that this 52 year old was the same 24 year old CS/er that killed a bunch of people and will now live for far too long on our news pages with his smiling Fing face staring at us. FU media and FU Very Much You POS ABC "Reporter"
3. That no one in the imbecile obama's administration, be it AG or DHS chief, will come out against a media personality with national influence adversely affecting the life of one of our law abiding innocent citizens with an incredibly irresponsible 'news report' at best and a pre-meditated attack for political gain on said person MOST LIKELY.
4. That libtards support this sort of disgusting behavior on the part of the media, the White House, and obama's collection of clownish corrupt incompetent asshole administration members. FU Libtards.

A word for the libtards. You're loving this. You're creating this disgusting fascist world and guess what? You're going to have to live in it. You assholes think you're immune. Surprise. And I hope it's sooner than later.

Anonymous said...
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Law and Order Teacher said...

In every situation that calls for a gunfight there are bad circumstances. Mostly you look for something called ambient light and use that to your advantage. Silhouettes are killers.

As police we trained in just those situations. You learn to use what's to your advantage. It's called survival. Also gas? Been there, done that. It stings, but you can see through it.

My friends on this site get it. Experience and training are great teachers.

Kid said...

Mass Murder only happens in Gun Free Zones, which police call Criminal Enterprise Zones.

Before you come from my gun, you better convince me that you can keep drugs away from 3 year old's all over the country.

If you think you can keep guns away from people who want to do these kinds of things, you're stupid beyond description. I can make guns in my shop and load ammo.

Utah Universities allow weapon carry by students with conceal carry permits. Wake me up when some coward POS shoots anyone in a Utah University.

Anonymous said...

Well said Joe....and to add to his feckless, wimpy, loser, surrender insanity..I offer this:

"The right to bear arms is one of the very few that citizens still generally interpret the same way, can locate in the US Constitution, and – whether they are for it or against it – understand to be a uniquely American guarantee.

I believe the meaning of our Second Amendment rights is more solidly understood by the populace than even our right to freedom of religion.

Only the freedoms of speech, press, and religion – and the right to remain silent – are as sacred and identifiable to most Americans as the right to bear arms.

I know Obama and his advisors move in a climate of urban-elite leftism, but it would be remarkable if they were so out of touch as to dismiss the electoral significance of appearing to override the Second Amendment."

I pray...that this low life chicago hoodlum, anti American, apostle of Jeremiah Wright, son of a Kenyan, student of Saul Alinsky, boyfriend of shy / composite white girls....student of Indonesian Muslim madrassas, exempt from Selective Service via a false SS ID...recepient of a bogus Connecticut SS number....recipient of a Yale / Harvard / Occidental / Columbus / Law School degree / one term Illinois Senator / and half term as a US "senator"...without ever holding a real job....

Will be having his skinny useless ass from ever staining our White House again.

Ob-crap is a lesson to us all. Never again will we allow some POS / SOB to hijack our constitution again.

Z said...

Law and Order.."Experience and training are great teachers."
It's clear to see that so are YOU.

Kid, that's right! He had to have had known his age! This was purely for GUN CONTROL AMMO...
good comments!! Excellent information and synopsis!

"Utah Universities allow weapon carry by students with conceal carry permits. Wake me up when some coward POS shoots anyone in a Utah University."
That'd prevent any nut shooting at a classroom!! HOLY COW! gets worse EVERY SINGLE DARNED DAY, doesn't it. And WHERE IS THE MEDIA? LOVING THIS GUY and HIDING HIS STUFF FROM AMERICANS.

IMAGINE if ANY Republican journalist had called out the wrong guy on television? OH MY GOD!!!

Rita said...

I'm assuming that the Aurora TEA Party had a website and that's where they picked up the name.

And quite frankly I am sick of pansy-!$#! people who have enjoyed the freedoms bought for them by people like Imp and my husband complaining about Americans owning guns.

It's in the freakin' Constitution. If you hate the freedom America has, you are perfectly free to go live somewhere else. No one is stopping you.

George Zimmerman shouldn't have had a gun. If we outlawed guns, this mentally ill movie goer wouldn't have killed anyone. If we didn't have jets, the 9/11 hijackers would have been content and never plotted to kill thousands of innocent people.

The left's answer to every madman is to take away the rights of every normal citizen or disarm the military.

The problem is our inability to find a solution to mental illness, it is NOT about access to guns. Timothy McVeigh didn't use a gun. Maybe we should outlaw U-Haul.

Anonymous said...

I forgot....a "chooming" cocaine using, pimp and distributor of cocaine from the magic Negro made him popular among the frat boys who needed a connection...Obummer was their connection to the urban drug scene.

Come on..refute it. Back in 96 we accepted Clintons... I never inhaled today we accept...I never snorted...I was just a dealer?

Typical from a low life "Lucas" type dealer. It's no wonder that the privileged white boys of Yale / Harvard welcomed him ....he passed as a "Negro" to get them their drugs.

Kid said...

IMP, I've heard oblabber on audio testifying to the fact that "he spent the last two years of high school in an alcohol and drug induced haze and that he did drugs Enthusiastically."

But you know, that kind of action will get you into Hahvard. And make you one Very Cool President later on.

Kid said...

Ob-crap is a lesson to us all. Never again will we allow some POS / SOB to hijack our constitution again.

That'd be nice. Unfortunately there are too many people like duck and libtard who LOVE government oppression.

You know. They were pissed when the liberal GW Bush listened to cell calls to Pakistan, but they LOVE it when oblabber listens to ALL Calls.

Bob said...

I am really sad with this shooting incident in Aurora, CO. It is another case of somebody, for whatever reason, deciding to kill a bunch of people. Whether this person is psychotic, schizophrenic, or an Islamic jihadi, it will never make sense to me. I believe that all the above have basically the same problem. They have no moral grounding in my opinion.

Maybe they can't help it, or maybe they can. James Holmes had reasons that made sense to him, and he would probably have done this deed, or something very like it, without guns or other military like weapons. Molotov cocktails would have done the job very efficiently.

I don't think there is anything we can do, legislatively, that we have not already done. Guns are illegal all over the world, yet mass murders seem to get what they want when they want it. It is still illegal to commit murder, but that doesn't seem to mean anything to Islamic radicals, or love sick mental patients.

ABC chose to make the killings a political thing, and there are lots of people who love to believe the garbage the network news organizations publish. It will be interesting to see if they fire the lying idiot that originated the Tea Party lie.

But, the person who did is just like the mentally challenged person who commits mass murder.
They have no moral grounding.

Z said...

Rita, I've been trying to Google all sorts of ways to find out how anybody could even find a list of Aurora, Colorado Tea Party members....from that angel, or his name...nada.

Rita said...

Not sure. I know Ross referred to the TEA party website and that was how he ( or they) came up with this guy's ID. It could be that TEA party group pulled their page after ABC's slanderous "report".

beakerkin said...


There is no link to DHS in any of these eroneous reports. We have our own issues to deal with.

The media ignores actual links of OWS to terrorism and the most rabid
forms of bigotry at OWS while trying to link the Tea Party to every criminal act. Usually some idiot like the Duck will say something about trying to blame an entire group of people based on the actions of a few when the subject is OWS. They say the exact opposite about the Tea Party.

Actually, the media itself shares a part of the blame. We will learn every detail of the wasted life of the shooter. This sick and twisted
need for publicity is a factor in these shootings.

The debate about changes to how we report the news or this element of the crime never gets discussed.

Anonymous said...

Liberals never let a good tragedy or crisis go to waste!

viburnum said...

Z:"I think they'll have a KNIFE CONTROL commitment, this crazy left, after they rid of us of our guns."

And since large numbers of serial killers strangle their victims, they'll then go after the right to bear fingers.

It's just indicative of the left's unswerving tendency to blame society instead of the actual perpetrators.

viburnum said...

Z:"I think they'll have a KNIFE CONTROL commitment, this crazy left, after they rid of us of our guns."

And since large numbers of serial killers strangle their victims, they'll then go after the right to bear fingers.

It's just indicative of the left's unswerving tendency to blame society instead of the actual perpetrators.

Anonymous said...

The Ann Romney’s ‘You People’ Gaffe Goes Viral
Ann Romney defended her husband’s decision to not release any additional tax records during an interview on Thursday morning, saying that “we’ve given all you people need to know” about her family’s financial records.

The “you people” remark immediately sparked a outpouring of responses on Twitter, eventually leading the "You People hashtag to become a U.S. trending topic.

Twitter users upset with Ann Romney’s comments generally fell into one of two categories: those that believe the Romney family should release tax records because of their extraordinary wealth, and those those took offense to the phrase “you people,” which has historically been used with an air of racism.

This is one reason why I hate liberals. they are suck disgusting animals...they want to be treated with respect and know that even though they are scum most conservatives will treat them that way.
They of course having been raised without manners of even the concept of manners do not have to treat other human beings that way.

It is all part of the liberal zombie agenda.
They are the most vile of humanity. Totally without souls, putrid, evil twisted morons. There simply aren’t enough adjectives to describe slime like this. There is something seriously wrong with them. And as for the the Colorado theater tragedy, Liberals never let a good tragedy or crisis go to waste!
My heart goes out to all the victims of this horrible, senseless tragedy.

That being said, I can hardly wait to see how long it takes these Progressive bloggers, talk-show hosts like Piers Morgan, George Stephanopoulos, or some other POS liberal talking head on CNN or PMSNBC to try to blame this on the TEA party, , or some other Conservative group.

Nothing Wrong Obama With Politicizing A Tragedy.. But then again, they'd use anything to change the topic from "you didn’t do it Yourself" speech!

Always On Watch said...

I have to go along with this statement you made:

The coverage of this is sensational and a little sick.

Of course, you also know that this is a sort of tradition in America. Fall River, 1892-1893 is a case in point.

You have made an important point as well:

So how about the guy who released the wrong identification and then included he's a member of the Tea Party?

BTW, James Holmes isn't the only one caught up inside a movie (if that is actually what happened). Remember John Hinckley (sp?)? And what about Joshua Cook (2005)? The latter was also covered by the Boston Globe. Not enough dead and wounded to get much attention from all the media, I guess.

Always On Watch said...

I have a question.

Why is it that the mother of James Holmes so readily knew that her son did the deed? It is my understanding that she responded in that manner when the police started phoning people named Holmes.

Maybe I have my facts wrong. Please let me know -- on this thread or via email.

Always On Watch said...

You have made a VERY IMPORTANT point:

The ABC reporter knew that the perp was 24 not 52 and was in custody when he 'reported' the 52 yr old ...could be connected to the Tea Party.

The mind reels!

Ed Bonderenka said...

You do not have the right to yell fire in a crowded movie theater.
They do not however forbid you to have a tongue, lest you might.
You do not have the right to fire in a crowded movie theater.
They may not however forbid you to have a gun, lest you might.

Ed Bonderenka said...

"The right to bear arms ... understand to be a uniquely American guarantee."
Actually, it's not.
Better than that (more universal)
It's derived from British law, which at one point MANDATED private ownership of weapons, distinctly outside of government military.
Later it was relaxed to "MAY have arms for their defense, suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law."

Donna said...

And what My Conservative Thoughts said is absolutely! We shouldn't let this go! The media is going nuts with this election trying to back Obama any way they can even outright lies!
It's the same thing they did (are still doing) to George Zimmerman.
One has to wonder if most voters aren't getting a little sick of the Conservatives and the Tea Party being unfairly blamed for every death. And George Stephanopolis can take some of the blame as well.

This kind of stuff must stop!

beamish said...

Though I don't know if this shooter was a member of the Tea Party or one of its fellow far-left entitlement junkie "movements" for Romney, I wonder why Obama and Romney pulled their smear ads in Colorado over it.

Weren't their smear ads offensive BEFORE some twerp with a gun went ding-dong?

Z said...

Beak, I didn't say there was a connection to DHS but that's truly about the only way a lib reporter could have got this information.
YOU Google and find James HOlmes' name on any list...Or, for that matter, ANY list of memberships of Tea Partiers.
Obviously, I'm only guessing but HOW DID HE GET THAT INFORMATION SO FAST?
Might have been pulled by now, as RITA says, but........??
And yes, the media shares's like when they give terrorists information by exposing how they found one. "Well, Mohammed, let's not buy plastics are hardware stores anymore, they're on to us on that one".
It's maddening; the media will sell our country and our lives for a great story.

Viburnum.."right to bear fingers" Exactly!

AOW...I hadn't heard that the mother reacted like that. I suppose we'll find out what he was like. A shrink on TV said there is NO WAY this is just a normal guy who suddenly snapped; he assured an interviewer, as the interviewer kept saying with such confidence that "he was totally clean", that we WILL learn things, this could NOT happen out of the blue with no 'symptoms' beforehand.

ED...thanks for that input, very interesting!

Donna, thanks for commenting and you are SO RIGHT! (in more ways than one!) :-) Welcome, Girl!

beamish said...

I don't understand all the pseudo-conservative outrage about Obama smearing Romney and his family.

Can you think of more deserving people to smear?

I can't.

beamish said...

After all, we're talking about Obama smearing a guy who spent nearly $300 million smearing Newt Gingrich and Sick Rantorum.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, more guns, please.

Fact is that this culture consumes violence like it's mother's milk.
Many are so deformed that they use religion as a cover.

Well, it's going to get worse before it gets better, if it ever does.

Meanwhile, more guns.

Donna said...

Please don't blame the USA and its racist, barbaric gun culture? Don't worry, the MSM has already done that - within an hour of the shooting. At about the same fast and furious speed it took them to blame Sarah Palin for Tucson. Oddly, gun scandals involving mass murders and Eric Holder have yet to be reported by the international MSM at all, after nearly two years. Talk about being UNBELIEVABLE!

Always On Watch said...

THIS makes my blood boil! Check it out.

Always On Watch said...

Remember the question that I asked earlier in this thread?

I just stumbled across THIS:

His parents still live in the area in a white two-story house on a quiet suburban street. A white Mitsubishi SUV was parked in front of the home on Friday.

Plastered across the back window was a sticker that said, "To Write Love On Her Arms," the name of a nonprofit group that, according to its website, is dedicated to helping people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.


When not in school, Holmes would sometimes hang out on the stoop of his building, located in a part of Aurora where drugs and gunshots were not uncommon, according to one neighbor....

I'm reasonably sure that more information will be coming out soon.

Kid said...

AOW, Not to mention Hasan hasn't even been dealt with yet. Not branded a terrorist even tho he was yelling alluha ackbar the whole time he was shooting soldiers.

Is he even sitting in a cell somewhere being served his favorite islamic meals?


Kid said...

AOW, Actually my mind isn't reeling. It is what this country has devolved into. An entire MSM in servitude to the democrat party. How would that be different from Nazi Germany?

People think they're living in America

Z said...

Ducky "Fact is that this culture consumes violence like it's mother's milk.
Many are so deformed that they use religion as a cover."

Perfect description of Islam.

beamish; grow up. Politicians smear and they need money to smear.

AOW, I'm confused. Holmes' parents live in San Diego and he was raised somewhere in So Cal, too, from what I heard.

Kid, he won't shave the beard so he can't come into the military hearings which prohibit beards... because they don't have the guts to SHAVE HIS BEARD FOR HIM.
I don't think I'm living in America...but, you're right, some do.
I'm living in a country whose left is leading it away from every value it ever had.
(now I'll get lefty comments about how I consider war a value and homeless a value..wait for a lefty, if everything isn't perfect, nothing can have value)

(you may quote me) (smile!) !!!

Z said...

AOW! Tell us THAT isn't campaigning!
It took Obama 24 hours to order the flag at half mast with Ft Hood and five minutes for the Colorado shootings?

One can say so much about that on so many levels..

I wonder how many more would have been killed had Hassan not been shot and paralyzed.

Kid said...

Z, I suspect the beard thing is just a BS excuse thought up by the likes of a holder...

Guess my main point is it doesn't seem like any of this bothers anyone. It's like they wait for msnbc to tell them what the issues are and how to feel about them.

AOW, hope I didn't come off too flip. What I meant to say is my mind isn't reeling Anymore. The media has been dreaming about giving dem politicians BJ's (and probably does) for a long time.
Ever notice every pictures they take of a politician (or remember the one of Putin on Life or Time?), is from the angle they would be at if they were on their knees ready to go to work. I'm sure getting tired of staring up their nostrils. :)

Bob said...

"Fact is that this culture consumes violence like it's mother's milk.
Many are so deformed that they use religion as a cover."

The inanities just keep coming. Come on,Ducky. You can do better than recycling all this anti-America BS. That's pretty well simple minded stuff.

Always On Watch said...

AOW, hope I didn't come off too flip.

I didn't take it that way at all.

FreeThinke said...

A net friend just emailed in reference to this terrible event -- and the enemedia's predictable attempt to make "political hay" with it:

"How come when someone drowns, there's never any attempt made to ban water?"

I thought that was both funny -- and very sensible -- and certainly worth passing along.

Even in the face of the starkest terror, it's not a bad idea to find something you an still laugh at -- or at least I think so.

~ FreeThinke

mistaanonymous said...

You are 100 percent right, The Liberal creed is , Never let a crisis go to waste.
It never fails. The only thing more certain than the pain and suffering caused by this deranged shooter is the deluge of deranged progressive bloggers (and you know who) trying to make political points from it. Doesn't even take a few hours.
Anyone who would exploit the slaughter of innocent children for the purpose of political power
deserves a special place in the lowest part of hell.
These are the same progressives and the same media who played a huge part in getting BO elected. Are they now so disillusioned with their "chosen one" they can't admit they were wrong.

These lefties have been blaming conservatives and Christians for the violent acts of left wingers and non-believers since JFK. Their knee-jerk reaction is predictable and, unfortunately, it won't change.
It's time for us to start calling these people what they are..

viburnum said...

FT: "...and the enemedia's predictable attempt to make "political hay" with it..."

It's an age old problem FT. They just can't abide the thought that we could possibly survive without doing things their way.

"The curse of me and my nation is that we always think things can be bettered by immediate action of some sort, any sort, rather than no sort." Plato

Z said...

FT....Did you read a few comments up? I figured that when guns are finally banned, the Left will be going after knives, too.
Viburnum says "then they will say there should be a law against bearing fingers!" in case someone's strangled. I thought that was very well said, too.

mistaanonymous...welcome and AMEN TO THAT! I hope you come back for my SUnday Faith Blogs, too.

Viburnum "They just can't abide the thought that we could possibly survive without doing things their way."

That's why Obama and his thugs do things late Friday nights when the media's not around, etc...they're passing things we'd never EVER know about if it weren't for Conservative talk radio and blogs.
And then they have set it up that anything FOX says is wrong...and they've maligned Beck, Limbaugh, Levin, Malkin, Coulter, Sowell, as if they're all uneducated and hate blacks, the poor and anybody else.
These are very rough times.

I blame the media 99%, too, because if we had an honest one, they'd have been digging into Obama's past, realizing the names above DO get it right most of the time, and we'd have straightened the birth cert. problem in two minutes instead of two YEARS. et etc

How’s that Hopey-Changey Thing Working Out for Ya? said...

And the media,and the government wonders why no one trusts them?

beamish said...

"How come when someone drowns, there's never any attempt made to ban water?"

Because fighting wars in Islamic countries will create terrorists among people we shouldn't profile at the airport.

beamish said...

"How come when someone drowns, there's never any attempt made to ban water?"

Because fighting wars in Islamic countries will create terrorists among people we shouldn't profile at the airport.

beakerkin said...


From the description of the killer some have deduced the Killer was a depressed fan of the Great Gasmasked
Patriot searching for the internets greatest philosopher. Unfortunately left wing thugs using Blac Block tactics have stolen the symbol of gas mask. There was the time when true conservatives could don a gasmask as our answer to those idiotic Che Berets but leave it to Anarchist fools to ruin our symbol.

Actually, there is early evidence placing the killer in Jewish camp in LA in 2008. Ducky's anti semitic friends have tried to spin this into a Jewish angle.

The links to OWS are murky at this point.

Z said...

Beak..Jewish camp and OWS?
I haven't heard a thing on that...


The fact that Ross so QUICKLY jumped to the rolls of membership of the Tea Party says a lot about our media...and the media's given him a pass.
IMAGINE if a rightwinger did THIS?

beakerkin said...

The Jewish camps is factal. Holmes was employed at a Jewish camp in LA in 2008. Neo Nazi types are trying to find a Jewish ancestor . The fact that he attended Churches in SD
does not alter the obsessed.

There are indeed very murky claims that Holmes was tied to OWS. These ties are flimsy but he does fit the profile as an unemployable student
with mounting debts.

The media ignores actual links to crimes by OWS while creating links to the Tea Party off of LSD flashbacks.

The media is in protect Obama mode 24/7

I was waiting for the Duck to use the gas mask link to claim that this jerk was a follower of Mr Beamish. Mr B only kills enemies of the USA with heavy weaponry accompanied by the appropriate alcohol. Lets see four Taliban clowns sent to Allah via Daisy Cutter goes with Jack Daniels out of the bottle.

Z said...

Beak, I think he wore the gas mask for nothing but the fact that he let some 'bombs' off in the theater.

And are you kidding? What do Neo Nazis have to do with James Holmes and who cares if he was Jewish himself?

beakerkin said...

Nazis have a running theme that all Jews are mentally ill and by virtue of inbreeding have produced all serial killers. There are hysterical claims that Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy were Jewish. There are certainly some killers who were clearly Jewish like Joel Rifkin, David Berkowitz. The idea that Dylan Klebold had some Jewish ancesrty that accounted for his killing spree is common among these types.

The Gasmask was used in the manner you suggest. Were Powers a fan of the greatest philosopher, Mr Beamish, he would restrict his violent impulses to enemies of the USA. Only Communists kill their citizenry in peace time.

Always On Watch said...

Ye, gods!

I was reading Beak's comments about some trying to connect Holmes to Judaism and found THIS, one of many hits when I Googled James Holmes Jewish:

James holmes is a jew, why is the media failing to mention that?

So was Loughner. A coincidence I suppose.


Z said...

Beak, according to Beamish, if Holmes was a Republican, HE's a communist, too....GREAT philosopher :-)

I know all that about Neo Nazis disliking Jews, but GAD, how many more killers AREN'T Jews?

I just don't get this.

AOW...that CAN"T be a widespread thing and it ISN'T! It just can't be. what's implied there is the media is Jewish so they're covering for Jews.

beakerkin said...


What amazes me is some of those answers. In this case the evidence shows he is not. However, mere employment in a Jewish Camp run by a philanthropic organization serving the under privalaged makes this person Jewish.

The fact is that almost none of the immigrants served by HIAS are Jewish
and few of the blind served by the Jewish Guild for the Blind are Jewish. Many Jewish charities serve far more non Jews than Jews. Even Yeshiva Universities Medical, Law and Graduate facilities educate plenty of non Jews.

This obsession is sick.

Thersites said...

The truth shall set you free...

Thersites said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thersites said...

...or send you so far down the rabbit hole that you'll never find your way back.

Z said...

Beak, no the TRUE FACT is that this is INSANITY. And I don't believe this trying to make HOlmes a "Jew who by his very Jewishness kills" is a widespread belief!
Who's ever HEARD of the importance of a Jewish connection?
I have never heard the camp was a Jewish camp.

Thersites...'odd' that Bryan Ross didn't check the OWS membership first, eh? :-) (AS IF)
TYPICAL disgusting.

Z said...

and ya, Thersites, believe it or not, a relative of mine sent that to me ... I believe he believes some of it.
That really IS 'rabbit hole' thinking! amazing.

Always On Watch said...

Holmes was OWS??? Is this for real?

Thersites said...

Every good conspiracy theory has its reflected version...

Always On Watch said...

the TRUE FACT is that this is INSANITY

But is it insanity?

I did some online research yesterday and focused on other similar crimes. Most of the perpetrators were not nearly as well organized -- not by a long shot. See THIS, for example. It's a jawdropper.

My guess: if Holmes IS insane, it's not schizophrenia per se, but rather mental illness brought on by use of mind-altering drugs. How deeply involved was Holmes in research on that topic?

beakerkin said...


It is not a widespread belief but an illustration of a type of sickness and mental gymnastics some people have.


The links to OWS are very murky. He does indeed fit the profile of a student with a high debt load and no job prospects. In his case it was not a useless degree, but a lack of social skills that gave some people the creeps.

Right now the evidence is mixed with a photo in SD OWS that supposedly is him and a confusung statement on the Web that Occupy Colorado dennies.

Don't be shocked if it does appear that he was at several OWS events.

Rita said...

To Beak's point, ultimately I believe that the majority of the hatred expressed today IS an underlying hatred of the Jews.

I do not believe that is what snaps young white men into mental illness and mass murder, but the "acceptance" of some type of blame to those of Jewish tradition is frightening to me.

To those of us who believe there will one day be a true Armageddon, it should not be surprising. There was plenty of talk among the OWS crowd about some big conspiracy of the Rothschilds and banking. I had never heard of it before, so when I researched it, sure enough, it was some stupid conspiracy theory regarding the Jews taking over the banks. When people cannot find actual reasons to hate those they wish to hate, they'll invent some lie and spread it around to convince others.


Thersites said...

Does any of this sound familiar?

Thersites said...

They say that the gunman had a red shirt on under his black body armor...

Thersites said...

The villain in the new Batman movie is "Bain" (Bain Capial?) and the movie was partially filmed on Wall St...

Kill cops?

Thersites said...

I guess you had to be there...

Thersites said...

OWS... looking for terrorists to Ocuupy...this.

Thersites said...

The OWS and "Dark Knight" parallels were being drawn even BEFORE the Colorado attack... so why would the MSM suspect the Tea Party being behind the attack? Projection.

Thersites said...

The OWS and "Dark Knight" parallels were being drawn even BEFORE the Colorado attack... so why would the MSM suspect the Tea Party being behind the attack? Projection.

Thersites said...

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth...

Always On Watch said...

There are so many rumors flying around now. **sigh**

FreeThinke said...

I've avoided this subject so far, but feel something ought to be said here.

Given the bizarre nature of this spectacular -- actually THEATRICAL -- exercise in apparently mindless violence, it strikes me as entirely possible that this individual (about whom, very little is known other than his having earned a degree in Neuroscience in 2010 with highest honors) could very well be like "Raymond" -- the "Manchurian Candidate" in the 1969 movie of that same name.

Just as Fast and Furious has been exposed as an agenda-drive GOVERNMENT PLOT to drum up anti-gun sentiment, so may the incredible performance of this young man. He may not BE a "lunatic." He might VERY WELL be a CIA operative -- or someone USED by the CIA to further promote the UN Internationalist One World Government Agenda to deprive ALL citizens of ALL weapons EVERYWHERE.

I'm not saying this IS the case, but I have no doubt it's a likely scenario. He acted like someone who had been drugged and systematically brainwashed -- a quasi-robotic figure chemically deprived of his soul -- chosen to carry out a carefully plotted, well-funded operation.

Over twenty-thousand dollars worth of weapons were found in his apartment, which he -- very oddly for a homicidal maniac -- voluntarily told the police to whom he surrendered peacefully without the slightest show of resistance, was booby trapped with enough explosives to destroy a full city block.

The authorities in Aurora are working feverishly right now to defuse the apartment. apparently the explosive devices rigged are so complex and sophisticated it may take DAYS to render them harmless.

~ FreeThinke

Z said...

FT, we've all rec'd that article from friends who read NATURAL NEWS.

The bombs are now being said to have been highly unsophisticated, tho the wiring was complex.
We've had nuts throughout history crack for no obvious reasons.
He could have charged most of that stuff on the internet via credit cards so he didn't need that much money.
And it probably didn't cost that much, anyway.

The apartment was defused as of last night, from what I have heard and neighbors might be moving back in tonight or tomorrow.

Nobody knows for sure, but you forgot to mention the UN vote for gun control and how that article suggests this was done to promote a higher vote against American sovereignty.

who knows the truth?
The REAL problem is that we are so mistrustful of this gov't that some of us actually think the Natural News information could be true.
WOrst than that is we have no way to fight because the leftwingers will call us crazed..

this is a really tough situation. Little did Alinsky know he'd done THIS WELL in his hopes of destroying the Right.

Thersites said...

Destroy the Right?

Never happen! ;)

Liberalmann said...

Clip from HBO's Newsroom a few weeks ago. The show is fictitious but the facts aren't: