Saturday, July 14, 2012

Olympics Clothing............what do you think?

I like these very much.....except for the Ralph Lauren polo horse on all the shirts...why's that there?  Can't a designer leave his insignia off even this large and important to the country?
I rather like the suit below but don't much like the hat.....why do they need hats, anyway?  I know some Americans miss the cowboy hats, but the Olympics aren't a rodeo, after all!)
The most upsetting thing is that they're made in China.   We couldn't make them in America?  HERE is the excuse.

What do you think of the clothes and why do you think they had to go to China?   If it's cost, REALLY?  We couldn't do it here for the same amount of money?  Or maybe we could have popped for a bit more if it's more expensive here?  This isn't mass production!



Always On Watch said...

I don't like the beret. For me at least, it channels Che.

Thersites said...

Private donations paid for the uniforms... or didn't they?

Joe said...

The hat is a joke. The suit is a suit.

Why China? Nobody gave it a thought...they just saw the money.

Mindless idiots run most "international" venues (venii?), of which the olympics is one.

Always On Watch said...

Off topic...Heads up!

Brooke said...

Well... The uniforms are ugly, anyway.

As for them being made in China, is anyone surprised? What actually gets made over here anymore? I guarantee that everyone (Pelosi) whining about the uniforms being made in China is likely wearing Chinese or other foreign-made clothing.

Anonymous said...

One article I read said without doubt the uniforms could have been made in America a lot cheaper. Could it have been a kickback? I don't like the smacks of military.

CnC said...

I Dont like the beret. as for why they are made overseas? Maybe if we didnt have a president who is so hostile to free enterprise things like this could change. Yeah part of that hope and change bullshit.

beakerkin said...

Burn the beret.

I would sooner wear a coonskin cap
than a beret.

How about dressing everyone up like familiar corporate logos. We can have atlettes dressed up as Chef Boyardee, Col Sanders and Tony The Tiger.

Did I say I hate the beret?

Sam Huntington said...

Do you mean to tell me clothing manufacturing takes place at locations besides China? Who would have imagined!

The US Army contracted with China for hundreds of thousands of their new “black beret,” but has since then reconsidered. According to ABC News, the Army intends to sell Chinese-made berets to military surplus outlets. Well, that’s what they said, anyway.

Meanwhile, the Chinese continue to manufacture replacement parts for high performance aircraft, weapons, and vehicles. The beret issue is objectionable on emotional grounds, but having the Chinese manufacture parts for top-secret aircraft seems awfully idiotic to me.

Maybe I’m just getting old …

Bob said...

I think beakerkin has something, there. Why not have the athletes dress in popular cartoon figure costumes?

Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Wiley Coyote, The Roadrunner, Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny, Smurfs, etc. would keep the crowd really interested in the games. Imagine The Roadrunner and Wiley in a relay race, or Elmer Fudd in the high jump. What a team!

Ed Bonderenka said...

They look gay.
Or worse, French.
Berets? Ballcaps!
Thanks for noticing the Polo horse for me.

sue hanes said...

Z - I'm glad you posted about this.

I wasn't very turned on by the outfits. But that's just my opinion.

I definitely think they should be made in the U.S.of A.

Have a great weekend - Z.

Ducky's here said...

Another ad for Ralph Lauren.

Glad the Olympics aren't commercialized.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hey politicians:

STFU and get to the REAL problems of this nation! This crap is window dressing meant to divert. This is a distraction move; a feint.


Z said...

AOW, the beret is awkward, I think...very weird.
Do they HAVE to wear hats?

Thersites....I don't know.

Joe, I still think the Olympics give people a great chance to train and compete and even stand proud for their country; so I'm thinking we won't be a part of it for long :-) (just a little sarc there!)
I mean, where else do we hear "TEAM USA" from teens anymore! :-)

Brooke...what's ugly about them? I think they're a tad too preppy but Lauren is a preppy designer.
Yes, I'm surprised because I'd have thought they might be a tad more sensitive than to have OLYMPIAN clothing made out of our country, too. And yes, who isn't wearing something from China right now, as I type? Only nudist bloggers!!

ConFire, you read they could have been made CHEAPER? Then what the...? Ya, I hate the hat.

CnC, it sure is BS

Beak! Great comment! I remember when ice skating rinks became ad-laden. There's a famous ice skater doing gorgeous moves, floating with her leg up behind her and her hand outstretching in front of her as she passes SANYO SEIKO FLY UNITED BANK OF ENGLAND, etc.etc... I remember hating that when it first got like that and hating it even more now.
The trouble is, I guess, that everything has become so expensive and what other than ad dollars can afford it all?
I say pare the whole games down to the basics and let's actually see SPORTS>
(Though Mr. Z wrote excellent articles explaining why, as a HUGE sports fan, he'd not be watching anymore. The Euros are much more aware of the doping than we's disheartening and we should be aware of can't compare records when the shot putter from 1940 wasn't doped and today's IS.)

Beak...tell us what you think of the berets, though! :-)

SAM...idiotic, to say the least. I hear about CHinese products harming our children (Toys, crib paint, milk, etc.) and others and keep wondering if, by our ignorance of these situations until it becomes too grave to ignore, they're not taking to "Killing us softly"

BOb, I had to laugh at "coon skin caps" Little Davey Crockett's out THAT's AMerican :)
That would be hilarious and you KNOW other countries would love it!!
(and the moms could make the costumes at home like they did for the competitors when they had Halloween costumes to wear!!!)
"The Roadrunner". Bob, that's hilarious!

Ed, you're talking to a girl whose best four years of her life (other than those days spent at Grandma's!)were lived in Paris, France. Yes, I had great folks, a wonderful life if not without challenges like everyone else (I think I"ve had fewer until Mr. Z's death), etc., and THAT is how fabulous living in Europe was.
Having said that...the berets certainly make them look more French than AMerican...and more Hugo Chavez than George Washington, too!!

Sue, I agree with you....some of the costumes I didn't show are a little Metrosexual (they look like they're out of Brideshead Revisited) but, in general, I like them (except for Lauren's horse) and the berets.
YOu have a good wknd, too.

Ducky....when things get that expensive, it's a good thing we have corporations to pick up the tab, even if it's for advertising.
But, in general, I'd kill the costs and start over, set an example to the world, not the donor.
I'll be American Olympians would get a LOT of money if we did a good ol' American national fundraiser. Screw the company names all OVER the place. Which, of course, is why the Lauren horse is on their$$$
If he got a fee for designing the clothes, it shows a lack of integrity to add the horse to his designs, too.

Z said...

AOW...thanks for that link:
EVERYBODY, please check out AOW's link four comments down from the top.

Think it's the left or the right doing more voter fraud!? :-)

Let me remind you of the story in S. Central LA>....every word is true and happened every election cycle in that very Black area of LA>

Eye doc's office: election day: Doc asks patients if they voted, just to fill the time while he's checking for glaucoma , etc.

"Oh, yes...some nice young people came to my house and helped me order an absentee ballot, then they came when I rec'd it and they helped me FILL IT OUT!" Isn't that NICE?

Every year for the 35 years my friend worked in that office.
THink she or the doctor did anything about it? no.

DOn't even get me started on PROVISIONAL BALLOTS. Sure! You vote..the ballot goes in with the others and then you sign a book so the voting people can check that you didn't vote before elsewhere... the problem is, they DON'T CHECK. NO, they don't. You voted. Everywhere.
Which I've personally witnessed...girl on cell phone going into precinct...enters "Hi! I live really far away and don't have time to vote at home, can I vote HERE?"
SURE! "sign the provisional ballot book" ...

THen a very old woman gets wheeled in at the Old Age Home my precinct was in for a few years, the woman can't hold her head up and her tongue's hanging out of her mouth, but the black attendant votes for her. "NO problem!"


Ya, I"ll bet that was ALL Republicans.
But the left here will come up with links to Republican fraud. Get over it.

Obama .. check out the 2008 fraud in Houston against Hillary! I've posted enough on it..Google, people!!

Pris said...

I'm with you all! I don't like the beret either. It makes them look European. I'd also prefer to see USA in big letters too.

Having said that, I've lost my appetite for the Olympics ever since they allowed professional athletes to compete.

We'll never again see, or get as excited about a win, as we did when those American kids beat the Russians in that hockey game years ago.

To me, the Olympics have become Ho Hum.

Elmers Brother said...

I agree with you Pris, I lost interest long ago.

Ducky's here said...

You bring up an interesting point, z.

This is a relatively new phenomena. I don't remember Bob Hayes being a walking advertisement.

Did the expense come with the corporate underwriting or the reverse?

Z said...

Just looked at your column about the Ol. uniforms. The berets are dumb, & the outfit looks like a weekend wannabe yachtsman at a seaside resort trying to impress some real sailors. In other words, laughable.

From our buddy SilverLady! via email

Z said...

Mr. Z's piece on the Olympics....a great sports fan who stopped watching.
Give him a read :-)
Actually, I'll be publishing some of his other pieces on other topics from time to time; when I looked for this one, I ran across a lot of good stuff that was kind of prophetic and you'll be interested in seeing that, I hope!

Z said...

Ducky, you ask a good question.
I would imagine the Olympics were costing more and more and more and some ad agency decided their client should pay for some of it..IF they got a call-out..then it became ridiculous.

I also DESPISE how community sports arenas are called company names now.
THE STAPLES CENTER, for example. I REALLY hate that.
But, if they bought it ....

what a cesspool

beakerkin said...

The outfits are fine but the berets
and the idiotic logo needs to go.
Berets are not American. Coonskin, Cowboy and Porkpie hats are American.

The Olypics are a bore.

Acutually LL Beamish designed Nascar based suits with the trademark gasmask logo. The outfits
were not selected because of our corprate motto "Outfits for those who kick @%$%.

Silverfiddle said...

I like the outfits in the first picture, but I hate those foppish suits and the berets. It's not American.

Whoever is responsible for this should be run out on a rail.

Z said...

Beak, that's great!

SF....that's how I feel. The top pic's clothing looks great (except for the Lauren logo, in my opinion)

As I wrote above, some of the other clothes look a little Brideshead Revisited on the guys, a little foppish, but all in good taste and, at least, all in RED WHITE AND BLUE!

Always On Watch said...

I like certain of the summer Olympics: swimming, diving (better yet), and women's gymnastics, that last one because my sister-in-law would have been in the Olympics that one year except that the U.S. boycotted. Maybe 1980.

Jan said...

I think they look like some kind of private academy uniform. The beret definitely doesn't look right.

The only positive thing about it, is that at least it has the designer's logo, and not Obama's.

I wouldn't have been surprised to see that on them.

Not surprised that they were made in China, either...their steel is being used in our new bridges.

DaBlade said...

Don't know about these uniforms, I just hope Obama shows up at opening ceremonies in the box seats wearing his oversized cowboy hat..

Kid said...

Well, first off, this is the summer olympics. The women should all be in Bikinis - Red, White And Blue but of course.
The hats are very European and look pretty gay as well.
Considering the UK has said Nyet to the Euro, who are we trying to appeal to?

Having the Polo thing on there just tells us we paid 5 times more for the stuff than we needed to.

Most American flags come from China also btw. They got screwed back in 08, when they listened to an oblabber campaign interview and put 57 stars on the flags and had to eat em.
They were none too happy about that.

Probably why obama acquiesced and used the GM bailout money to have GM build new plants and R&D centers in China using bailout money that was supposed to save American jobs, but resulted in 7 out of 10 GM vehicles being made in China - according to the GM CEO.

Anonymous said...

It's a bunch of bs.... Everyone knows that all Ralf Lauren's things are made outside of the U S A so why the sudden shock!

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Frankly I’m having trouble with all of this, it's all so absolutely absurdly that I can't stop laughing at all this Hypocrisy

Harry Reid said, " is so disgusted that the U.S. Olympic athletes will be wearing uniforms made in China that he thinks the outfits should be burned.

“I am so upset,” the Nevada Democrat told reporters Thursday. “I think the Olympic Committee should be ashamed of themselves. I think they should be embarrassed. I think they should take all the uniforms and put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again.”

I think that they should take EVERYTHING that's in Harry Reid's house that's not made in America put it in a BIG Pile and Burn it all.
Then let's see what this Hypocrite Harry Reid says. Let's see if Harry Reid applies that to all his clothing etc, etc. etc.!!

And as for berets, Our Soldiers of the Special Forces, our airborne units, and the Ranger Regiment have been wearing berets for as long as I can remember.In fact I did when I was in the Service.

And another thing, the USA Olympic team has always worm Adidas and Nike clothing and sneakers, ALL made outside of the USA, why wasn't there an outcry all of those years?.
98 percent of the clothing purchased in America everyday is made in Asia. Yes it's a travesty, but this is far from anything new.

I see all this as another distraction from America’s real problems, the failures of our Dog-Eater-In Chief.
Congress and Harry the Hypocrite Reid should be finding more important things to get angry about, other than the U.S. Olympic Uniforms being made in China.

Z said...

AOW, I DO like to watch, particularly the things you mentioned...I think we all do, but the doping thing's bigger than we know and we only get the big scorers on TV here...I liked the European coverage because you got pretty much every entrant...same as for Tour de France, etc...not just the top guys.

Jan, great point about the Obama logo at least not being used.
And yes, our folks are unemployed but we buy steel from China.
Sorry, Pittsburgh.
SOrry, America...what the..??

Kid, I'm laughing here! Yes, by all bikinis (not!) As if there's anything left to the imagination in the swimsuits they wear now !!?

And particularly the "Brideshead Visited" look I didn't post is VERY Metrosexual..almost creepy.

Gad, I'm trying to pick highlights of your comment and respond and I can't...they're all too good!! (and upsetting, of course)

Darth...You hit on it; I hadn't even considered that. oF COURSE Lauren's stuff's probably made in China, so why would he even have thought of making them here? Man...that ticks me SO off.

DebDude, this is all Harry Reid's "Fight for America BS"....he's a poseur. LIke he cares. If he cared, he'd realize his hero president's JOBS CZAR sends hundreds of jobs to China...
no, he only appears to get self righteous over a relatively small order of Olympic clothes. creep.
As for berets....I like them on little old artists up in Montmartre...notsomuch in the military, I must say.
But, you wear what they give you; i know.

I wonder if they have army issue nursing bras now, come to think of it? #$(*&@#(*&@#

Kid said...

Z, I hope we'll always be able to employ our imaginations in any bikini situation. :)

Z said...

I don't know, Kid...I hope so, too....but, lately, there really isn't much space for the imagination in bikinis! Or in gymnast's bottoms, either! man!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Should not have been made in China, ours are too, perhaps it really costs that much more. Some one ought to ask all the lefties why that it's so.

Z said...

RWT: "Some one ought to ask all the lefties why that it's so."

Bravo...exactly right

Anonymous said...

Obummers hopeful concession speech in 2012..

"Good afternoon subjects. I mean, um, ah, my fellow Muslims.

I mean, um, ah, my fellow Americans. I am hereby resigning from the office of your God, I mean, um, ah your Supreme Ruler.

I mean the, um, ah, Presidency. [Be sure to scratch your nose with your middle finger].

I will spend some of my remaining time on Earth trying to forgive myself for making Kenya, I mean, um, ah, Venezuela, I mean, um, ah, America worse off when I could have made, um, ah, America better off with the same effort and I will spend the rest of my life living in a hut with my half-brother whats-his-name in Kenya studying the Holy Qur’an.

I mean, um, ah, studying golf, I mean, um, ah, studying horticulture. Allah willing.

I mean, um, ah, God bless you. [Be sure to scratch your nose with your middle finger again]"

Z said...

Imp, don't hold your breath!

But YOU can keep your middle finger least to the TV! Horribly disrespectful to a president; maybe, when HE's respectful, we will be again, too?

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