Monday, July 22, 2013

Congratulations, Kate and William

The baby heir is born.   He may never see a throne, but he's still the newborn baby of two people who love each other and I celebrate their happiness!

(don't miss the cartoon below........:-)


Ducky's here said...

I've heard the baby's name is going to be either Muhammad or Trayvon.

Z said...

Well, you heard wrong again !

Pris said...

Yes, congratulations to Kate and William! They do seem to be very happy. How lovely.

Z said...

Isn't it nice, Pris? As a normal couple with affection for each other, it's a very happy day.

One thing that struck me as odd was when all the news people are saying they waited four hours to tell the world the baby'd been born "so they could have a few hours of privacy" if, suddenly, now that we know, their privacy's spoiled?!
It's not like one thing needs to change if you let the news out and keep in the hospital in your own rooms. BUT, maybe it was a kind of sweet secret for a while!?

I'm glad everybody's healthy! I'd kind of hoped for a girl, not sure why, but I love all this stuff.
I was stunned to see Bob Beckel enjoying this all, and how much he enjoys the Royal Family, etc...very surprising. On THE FIVE, most of the conservatives were mocking them a little unkindly and he was upset at them! ??

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good for them as a couple but aside from that the attention gets on my nerves. Especially when it's given by the mainstream leftist media who are so concerned with equality and fairness.

Rita said...

I assumed Bob was being ironic.

Z said...

Rita, he was absolutely furious at Greg Gutfeld and Dana Perino for giggling when he said "they're not going back to the castle until..."

They started guffawing and saying "CASTLE!? what year is THIS?" Which REALLY bugged me, too, by the way.

No, Bob was TICKED OFF! who'd have known he'd feel like that!?

FreeThinke said...

Many today regard the British monarchy as "silly."

It's not silly at all. The monarchy with all its ceremony and brilliant pageantry is the very thing that gives Britain whatever may be left of her character and sense of identity. There is never anything "silly" about TRADITION -- Dignity, Grandeur, Beauty, Solemnity, and Reverence. Throw all that out, and you neatly and completely dispose of Civilization, itself. Without an official focus for public attention, love and respect for one's native culture there'd be nothing left but the howling mob.

The Royal Family may not have all that much to offer as individuals. They are not intellectuals, scholars, artists, writers, inventors or scientists, but what they stand for -- Constancy, Survival, Continuity, and Hope for the future -- is vitally important.

Unfortunately, because of the character flaws in Victoria's son, The Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward, and the weakness of the man who fell prey to the wiles of a spectacularly unattractive, married American Temptress, abdicated his responsibility as England's King and assumed a pointless existence as The Duke of Windsor, the behavior of the Royal family became more and more Common and less and less Royal. Naturally this led to the immense lack of respect and mockery we've seen in their treatment by the gutter press and the paparazzi.

Queen Elizabeth II, herself, has behaved admirably throughout her life in the performance of her official duties. So has her Royal Consort, Prince Philip. Their children have not been much of a credit to their parents, but WIlliam and Kate so far have been a refreshing exception. I wish them and their new baby great happiness and the very best of luck in adding greater appeal to the monarchy through their personal charm, good character and renewed sense of purpose .

FreeThinke said...

I usually enjoy the antics of Greg Gutfeld very much. He's generally an impish, puckish little fellow with an engaging sunny disposition, but I have to agree with Z in this case.

I did not see the program yesterday evening, but I have gotten to the point where I am fed up, sick and tired with mockery, sarcasm, and all other signs of overt disregard and disrespect.

Western culture has lost just about every semblance of dignity and solemnity it once had. We have all but trivialized ourselves out of existence.

I never thought I'd say it, but "Good for Bob Beckel!" -- in this one instance. Maybe his recent brush with death has shaken him sufficiently to give him renewed respect for life. Who knows, it might even lead him to the gift of faith.

Let us hope.

Z said...

FT. actually, Beckel IS a believer; I believe he's a rather strong Catholic!

And yes, Gutfeld started out well (I really liked him) and has lowered the bar of good taste (Particularly on RED wonders if they thought that to compete with the libs, conservatives should talk smut, too?)...he's still a staunch conservative libertarian, but there are times I really can't take his silliness....sad.

FreeThinke said...

There's a link to video of the baby prince's first public appearance at Western Hero. Do take a look at it, if you haven't seen the young family yet. It's very beautiful because of its obvious sincerity, simplicity and unpretentiousness.

I feel great affection for this young Royal Couple. Their charm and sweetness is real.

It's so good to have something wholesome, pleasant and attractive to contemplate for a change.

Bob said...

Kate and William have a baby boy? Wow. Let me get my breath, a cold beer, and ponder the cosmic meaning of this wonderful event. Was there a star shining over the hospital? Too bad we have run out of wise men.

Z: I know that the females among us love to see these happy little vignettes with fairy-tale princesses and princes living happily ever after. There is just no way I can get excited, though.

Average American said...

Thank GOD the future King of England was born. I haven’t seen anything but that in the news over the last couple of days. Not 1 single peep about that guy from Florida, I forget his name now (not really), that we were force-fed since the verdict came in. So go ahead, news peeps, keep focusing on the baby with no name!

Bob said...

AA - I haven't thought about things that way. Yes, thank God the press has something else to fascinate them.

Tiara said...

This is gorgeous!