Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Fence.............

and YOU know it.



Anonymous said...

I have no doubt what so ever that what you said is true.

Silverfiddle said...

So true!

On a more serious note...

If we had a worker verification system, and handed out social services only to people legally entitled to be here, people wouldn't cross the border.

With the system we have now, there ain't no fence high enough and long enough, with apologies to Ike and Tina...

Ed Bonderenka said...

If someone self-deports, and I'm being serious here, do they take a bus home, or do they have to sneak back across again to get back?

Z said...

Cons on Fire.....absolutely.

SF...As I read "ain't no fence..", I started humming. But I think of Diana Ross when I hear that :-)

I agree, particularly about social services. SO MANY make money here and send it back to their families in Central America, too, having not paid taxes on it. What a drain to our economy. And, as my post picture says ...if they were going to vote Republican, I'm thinking social services would be dropped and worker verifications would be enacted! just crack me UP, tho you say you're being serious :-)
That's an interesting question about getting back...but it must be simple because I personally have known people who've gone back frequently to visit and they're not legal here.

Z said...

Ed, the fact that they can get back IN so easily every single time is troubling.

FreeThinke said...

LOL! Probably true, but very frankly I do not trust the propaganda that comes from OUR side much more than I do the bilge pumped out by the left that passes for new and information.


Sory, but in the long run tha will do great HARM.

I would agree with Kurt, but does he not realize ll these "bennies" were put in place DELIBERATE by D'RATS with the express purpose in mind of LURING illegals across the border?

D'RATS really WILL do ANYTHING to WIN -- they'll even BANKRUPT the ENTIRE COUNTRY if necessary.

They're so crazed with the desire for POWER, they will literally bankrupt THEMSELVES in order to gain it.

Liberalism really IS a mental disorder.

FreeThinke said...

"Ed, the fact that they can get back IN so easily every single time is troubling."

Sorry to be the one to say it, but that is not really true, Z. I, personally, know of a case where a married man with two children left the USA and went to Mexico, because his mother was dying. That was more than six months ago, and so far, despite several thwarted attempts, he's been unable to return to his family.

Now get this: He had been here for fifteen years, had bought a house, WAS working very hard to SUPPORT his family, and had never tried to get public assistance of any sort.

Just because he went home to see his dying mother at her request, he is now trapped in Mexico. Meanwhile, his FAMILY lost their house because he was no longer here to pay the mortgage, and they are now dependent on -- guess what?


Our wonderful government at work!

Does this make any sense to you? The CHILDREN are AMERICAN CITIZENS. Their mother is a decent person. Their future is now very grim, indeed.

You could argue, of course, that they had no right to be here in the first place, and those children should never have been born, of course, but we MUST deal with REALITY in a HUMANE fashion, or we do not qualify as DECENT people.

This whole stinking mess is OUR fault for not having taken proper care of it DECADES ago.

If you doubt me, please reread The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery paying very close attention to what the author has to say about "THE BAOBABS." It's a GREAT allegory of whose point NO ONE should remain unaware.

Z said...

FT..what a terrible story that is and yes, talk about a screwed up gov't when he could be home supporting his family but now WE are paying. Obama must be completely delighted; it's right on track for his plans of completely ruining us.
Did you hear his ridiculous speech this AM? More of "WE"RE DOING GREAT!"... And, all you can do is shout to the TV "Who's PAYING, you dope?" and, honestly, I HATE calling an American president took me a long while, but heck...............

I'll pray for your friend.
See, I'll bet he traveled back as a legal, not hiding I right? Then he gets caught!...Ed and I are talking about the illegals sneaking back and forth, I think?

Liberalmann said...

Fewer crossing in the past 5 years, Obama has deported more illegals than Bush and has in place more Border Patrols. Oh, the fence is up, too.

But to your point, people who are concerned with the treatment of individuals as opposed to allowing corporations run the show and further destroy the middle class will always vote Democrat.

JonBerg said...

"Did you hear his ridiculous speech this AM?"

I heard as much as it took to scramble into the other room and grab the remote!

Z said...

Well, Lib...we'll just celebrate how wonderful Obama is, then, okay?
The numbers are down because people can't make LIVINGS HERE as easily as they did. That's one thing Obama DID do well, joblessness is up...illegals are supposedly down.
By the way...if Democrats were REALLY concerned about the treatment of individuals, we'd have a thriving community of helping people instead of having to be forced to go to the government. I do hope you heard the speech this morning; anybody asking "And how will we pay for this?"
And, by the way, he keeps harping on THE RICH. How rich does that have to be, and is HE the arbiter when he says "some people are RICH ENOUGH"? You honestly think THAT's legal OR American? Or that the rich are bad?
The leftwingers are counting on people like you.

JonBerg...i can't blame you; it was painful to hear. I could only listen to about 8 minutes. He makes so little sense and never says how we're going to SURVIVE all the's AWFUL. He's just not smart, but he sure knows how to beguile with goodies, doesn't he.

Impertinent said...


"What a drain to our economy."

$17,000,000,000.00 a year...second largest to their 'economy'

Impertinent said...


"Fewer crossing in the past 5 year.."

Cause.....their economy is doing better that ours!!! And that 17B a year that they send back...helps the mexis tremendously.

JonBerg said...

Liberalmann is a great example of the reason why we employ semi-retarted folks at the check-out stand. It's not my place, to say, but instead of deleting him/her/it; why not let the rambelings stand? He/her/it makes such a good case for those who are perceptually handicapped who, nevertheless, persevere to make their points. Let's show a little compassion.

Liberalmann said...

JonBerg (and others) exemplify wingnut's need to resort to invectives and insults (and threats of censorship) when their lame premise is shot down with facts.

Average American said...

Who actually believes that the unemployment rate is under 8%? How about 15%? That seems to be the numbers most often cited as the "real" number and the "official" number.

Do you remember when the illegal immigrant number was 20 MILLION? I actually think it was considerably more than that, but lets just use that for the HELL of it. What is that number now? It's 11 MILLION! Remember the excuse given for such a drastic drop? Here's a hint--it was because there weren't any jobs left for all those poor illegals, so they HAD to go home.

And NOW for the reason for my comment-------THAT IS 9 MILLION LOST JOBS NOT EVEN BEING COUNTED!!!!! So, things aren't really getting any better, are they?????!!!!!!