Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of way, including a SEDER? Advice from a Christian girl? !! :-)

So many soldiers died, or were gravely wounded, for America.  I remember them today with this post, on the Fourth, as symbols of our freedom; each of them.
In 2002, as we flew from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo, the airline pilot suddenly said "Ladies and gentlemen, for your information, we're now flying over Vietnam."   I was stunned and looked out the window, and then I was more stunned by the tears that flowed down my face.  I never expected that reaction but I remember thinking of the thousands of Americans who lost their lives there as the tears fell.  I still remember thinking how lush and green the very dense treetops were as I looked down, lost in thought.  "that is Viet naaaaaaaaaaam" was the oddest, saddest feeling,

Probably in the same year, we were driving through France on the way back home to Paris and I saw a sign which said "Argonne Forest"  and it also stunned me.  "The Argonne, Mr. Z...of the war?" (I just hadn't expected to see that) "Yes,"  he said.  And I stared at the fields on both sides and the boulders and trees and wondered if an American soldier looked at that same tree or boulder many died there.
And we must honor and respect them and never, ever forget.

This might be a better Memorial Day post than one for the Fourth, but we celebrate today with firecrackers and hamburgers and beer and a day off from work ALL BECAUSE OF THEM.We owe it to THEM.

Have a great day.  And remember those who died so you can.  And remind your kids as the mustard squirts out the other end of their hot dog or the hamburger's juiciness runs down your fingers asyou take a bite. That's an order :-)
A FOURTH OF JULY SEDER:  Please try THIS, a friend sent it to me and I think it sounds like a good idea.


sue hanes said...

Z - You are right to say that we should honor our troops on the 4th.
If it weren't for them we couldn't celebrate today.

Have a happy 4th - Z.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Happy Independence Day!
may we soon step up to the bat and Declare OUR Independence from this government.

Always On Watch said...

Let us remember today Lou Gehrig's words spoken on July 4, 1939 during his farewell words at Yankee Stadium:

“Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.

“I may have had a bad break, but I have a lot to live for.”

Law and Order Teacher said...

Happy Independence Day! I hope we hold together as a country.

Marine4Ever said...

Happy 4th, Z!
And don't forget -- "REMEMBER BENGHAZI!"

Impertinent said...

Happy Independence Day...July 4th is merely a date on a calendar....

Impertinent said...

And today is the day that two of our Founders and greatest statesmen died after serving our country all their adult lives.

On July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died.

Z said...

Bette Midler ‏@BetteMidler 2h

Happy Independence Day! Just think, if we hadn’t won that war, today wouldn’t be a holiday AND we’d have health care.

A friend alerted me to that...actually, his email said "don't look at what Bette Midler Tweeted" So, of course, I HAD TO.
Now I wish I hadn't.

Marine4Ever said...

Thanks, Z. We all needed the Bette Midler contribution to bring us back to reality.

Waylon said...

Yes, indeed Happy Independence Day to the United States of America.

I among many others around the world look upon the country as it was founded as a beacon of light in a mostly dark and dreary world history, a country that was something unique and something which we need more in this world.

Not sure exactly when she started sliding off the rails, and there are likely many diverse opinions on that, but today, sadly, the country hardly resembles what she once was.

Always On Watch said...

Bette Midler is an a$$.

Pris said...

Happy Independence Day to all of you.

I pray that we all stand up for liberty, and for our history which always made us proud Americans. Now, it's our turn to leave our children and grandchildren, the American future we inherited from those who sacrificed, and loved this wonderful country.

God Bless America.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

I wish everyone a happy, yet introspective Independence Day.

Take this day to remember what our Republic is supposed to stand for, and start working tomorrow to make it so.

Z said...

I'm hoping some of you watch the Delta Honor Guard video down below; it's stunning and does give one hope in this country again.
sort of.

Bob said...

This was a big day in US history. Today is the day we celebrate not only our heroes, but also their sacrifices.

Kid said...

I'd say there is nothing wrong with remembering these people on July 4th as well as Memorial Day.

I have similar thoughts too Z as I come across historic places. Hope it's a great day for you and yours and everyone who values freedom for that matter.

Kid said...

Most celebrities are drivin by marketing demographics in what they say, but I also believe most of them have kaka for brains. Living in their fantasy worlds, they have as much in common with real people as does a chunk of Pyrite rolling down a hill in Bisbee Arizona.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Z! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! HUGZZZZzz!..xoxox
Have a patriotic weekend my friend!:)

Average American said...

One of Reagan's best speeches! Thanks.

I hope everyone had a great 4th and that you all flew your flags, and remembered why this holiday exists.

KP said...


Happy Independence Day!

Warm regards.

Marine4Ever said...

@ Kid -- Your analogy is great, Kid. I need to take lessons from you.